Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 2, 1931 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE fttamct Your Easter Hat Is Here "Where You Feel at Home" More new hats have come into our stock this week in time for the Easter Parade of Fashion — attractive, distinctive models which would be a credit to any Michigan or Fifth Ave. shop. You'll like the new hats because they are so different—a little hard to get used to perhaps, but very chic and becoming after you have tried on a few. Come in and let us sell you an exclusive, moderately priced hat; we pick our hats with the same care and painstaking selection as we would a $59.00 dress or coat. The price of our hats is no indication of the style and high quality of the models. Come in and buy your Easter "bonnet" where you have learned to expect service and courteous attention. Priced $3.95 $5.00 $5.95 BOY SCOUTS HAVE CONTEST ON FLAG AND ITS MEANING Uy Bohby Dew.pl. The Boy scouts in Troop 31 'held their regular matins: Monday night at the Legion 1ml!. The Scoutmaster IK P. A. Danson. A contest was given on the V. S. Flag and the ra- Npcet clue It. Contests have bs-en held for the :ast four or five weeks. The first contest, which was made up of questions on Washington and Lincoln, wns \\-< n by these patrols: Beaver, first; Flying Eagle, second: and Wo'f. third. The second contest, on Tuols, was won by these patrols: Wo.f, first; Flying Eagle, second; '•'.•aver, third. The third contest, \vhioh was on bandages, was won by Beaver, first; Wolf, second; and Flying Eagle, third. The officers of the. scouts are: Scoutmaster, P. A. Danson; assist- I nnt, Milton Norton; senior patrol ".'eadcr, .lames Bishop. The buys of the Flying Eagle are; Richara Norton, patrol leader; Robert No:te, Walter B'jardsly, William Turner, Par! Worster, Charles Paxson, Fred K r.t, and Wayne Moore. In the Crow putrol there are; Vernon Kohlhaas, patrol leader; William IDaughnn, Din-wood Baker, Wesley Behhner, John McBvoy, Merlin Little, Robert Se'.xer, and William Barry. In the Wolf patrol are Fernley Nolle, patrol leader; Harlan Sigsbee, Morris Michel, James Chubb, Junior Long, John Spencer, and Stanley jMnckey. In the Beaver patrol are Shuckelford, patrol leader; , Ijiit-turre, Thomas Bruns, Brims, Orvillp Hanlgan, Sands, and Eugono Thissen. In the Fox patrol, organized recently, there are Robert Richardson, patrol leader; Bob Dewel, Russell Hutchins, jack Homphlll, Lawrence Hutchins, and Charles Beardsly. Another patrol, called the sixth patrol (it hasn't a name yet) was or- Kani'/.ed 'Monday night, - and in it are Harlan Franlcl, patrol leader; John Spongberg, Carl Spongberg, Jos. Ellcins, Albert Lichter, Roger [ Michel, and Byron Smith. | A troop hike was taken yesterday morning. It started at 6:110, and all .scouts took breakfast with them. Mr. Danson .was in charge. TOURNETwllERS GIVEN PRIZES AT V. S. Bobbie Darrell Russell "Where Service and Quality Meet" Whittemore's Champion Basketball Team CAHILL TO SPEAK AT LAKOTA MEET Dakota, Afar. 31 — Maurice^ Co.- hill, stftto' Legion commander, wlVf «p6ak here this week Friday oven- Ing at a joint meeting of the Legion and Auxiliary organizations of Kossuth' nnd Wlhnebago counties. Tho meeting which will be .held In the basement of the Presbyterian —Courtesy VVhtttomoro Champion. R EADING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, the names are: standing—Lucile Rclmers, Verdcll Lauritzen, Grace Carlisle, Supt. F. J. Rochford, coach, Lillian Heidenwith, Bernice Balgcman, Roberta Wollenhaupt; sit- ting—Liydla Meyer, Linda Roeber,. Geneva Langerman, Esther Behnke, Josephine Langernmn, Ruth Carlisle. The Langerman girls are ,twlns. . At the Cz ' A Review of the Recent Talkies by T. H. C. T HE EASIEST AVAY, written by Walter Eugene 15 years ago, was one of the most talked-about stage successes of that day. In the stage version, if our rather uncertain memory fails us not, the heroine, in the final scene, going out ol the door of her apartment, answers the question of her room-mate, "Where are you going " with these immortal words, "I'm going to hell!" In those good old days, B. S. (before sophistication) this was the last word—nothing more daring had ever been presented to the public gaze. Nowadays we merely yawn, fold hands, settle back and relapse into mental .stupor. At that the producers, afraid of the censors, no doubt, have put "hope" into the final fadeout, for «omc kind friend assures the wayward heroine that her lover will "probably come back to her." A competent cast, including Constance Bennett, Robert' Montgomery, Adolph Menjou Anita Page, GIVE A $1 AND GET A KAY S E R BLOOMER* © A KAYSER Bloomer of Run-proof (rayon). This is an offer we like to make for the values Kayser gives are superior in every way . . . • These bloomers have the same workmanship, full cut and perfect fit of their more expensive sisters—in other words, they are an excellent buy in every respect. ...» W. A. Barry, of the Hub bowling alleys, entertained -10 members of bowling teams and fans at a banquet at the Silver Gray cafe at 10 o'clock last Thursday evening. Prizes won in a winter tournament and medals for the winning team were presented. The Standard Oil team, Ralph Donovan-, Lloyd Phillips. Andrew Godfredson, H. M. Vlnson, William O'Brien, and Ed McNeil, won the tournament, with If) games won to two lost. Each member was given a bronze medal, and the names of the players will be engraved on a bowling cup. The Deep Rock team was second, with 17 games won to four lost. This ti-am consisted of W. P. Homphlll, 1C. P. Roney, O. F. Towno, H. E. Lai-upright, R. L. Robinault, and D. P. Smith. There were six teams in the tournament, and prizes and donors were: Individual strikes, 196, Ralph Donovan, ]i> gallons gas, Elbert Garage. Individual spares, 170, Andrew fiodfredson, $5 pen arid pencil, F. W. Wehler. Individual splits, 02, Donovan, ?5 fishing rod, Nelson hardware* Team strikes, S52, Standard team, five teeth cleanings by Dr. C. D. Schaap. Team spares, 741, Standard, supper at State's ca,fe. Team splits, 2-iJ, oyster supper at Silver Gray. Individual high average, 190, Henry Johannsen, $4 billfold, A. H. Borchardt. Individual high game, Johannsen, box Specials, Smoke Shop. Individual high three games in one night, Donovan, 225, 234, 212, bedroom slippers, Brownell Shoe company. Individual high three games in tournament, Johannsen, 25S, 239, 241, case Blue Ribbon, Glen Stubbs. Booby score, Dr. H. L. McCorkle 7S, J2.no gold piece, Kossuth County .State bank. Mr. Barry presented the prizes and Doctor Schaap responded on behalf of the winners. gives the screen presentation a sincerity and plausibility which makes it easy to overlook minor defects of plot and direction. In fact The Easiest Way, is one of the milder dramatic triumphs of the talkie. Constance Bennett contributes a piece of outstanding work in her" delineation of a girl who sold her soul. We have never ween the suave old rascal, Adolph Men.iou, in a part better suited to his particular talents. Robert Montgomery, a serious and enthusiastic youth, plays the role of the lover conveniently steps . . I Engagement and Wedding jj 1 N Gr S •• For forty years this firm has specialized in engagement rings and wedding rings. Here you have the advantage of very large assortments and complete range of sizes. The customary lettering is done by our expert engravers without charge. Diamond Engagement Kings. $25, $50, $75, $100 and upward. Wedding Kings in 18-k White Gold $7.50-$15 ; Fred W. Wehler & Co. 1 Jewelers and Optometrists Pine Repairing and Engraving. Pfcone 240. Algona, Iowa •••••»»»»»»««»»»»»«»»»»»*««»««»»«»»»»»»«»»«»»»»« Sdi It by Advertising in the Wants "out of the picture" when he learns that his sweetheart has gone back to her "old life." The Easiest Way is gorgeously mounted, with sumptuous settings, which only serve to emphasize' the tremendous advantage of the talkies over the legitimate. The view from the windows of the rich old bachelor's apartments overlooking the city is one of the most beautiful indoor "sHots" we have ever seen in the movies. Arid the outdoor scenes, taken, supposedly in Colorado but, we siiKpect, actually filmed in the Yosemite, California, have a grandeur that fairly stuns you. By a curious trick of dropped into the Call Dance, Fools Dance are the scene in the stock cxch.in.70 is realistic; the slapping of the young hero by the gang-leader is highly dramatic; the swlmmlrg episode on XOTICK OP SALE WHEREAS, James Coady on the first day of September, IflSO, executed and delivered to M. M. Morrow a certain contract or order wherein and whereby he purchased from said M. M. Morrow one John Deere G. P. Tractor, Serial No. 222731, and one John Deere Tractor Plow, agreeing to pay therefor the sum of Nlhe Hundred Thirty Dollars (S!)30.00), and executed and delivered to the the yacht is daring—after you'vetsaid M. M. Morrow his several writ- said that you have said everything there is to say about Dance, Fools Dance. r ' YOU DON'T THINK Manager Rice is doing a neat job of getting only the best for his Call patrons, witness the change of program for Saturday. He books Gloria Swanson in What a Widow, screens a few reels, pays for the film, and ships it back to the company with his regrets. "A flat picture; I wouldn't run it for a loyal Saturday audience," he service. Now, that's D ETEC1 a smti iTECTIVE STORIES play only all part in the literature of the world; Westerns play about the snme part in their relation to H the "stupendous features" of the bifj producing companies of Filmland. Personally, we'd rather see a good Hoot Gibson or Buck Jones film once n week than the dreary run of Gloria Swan.sons, Joan Crawfords (minus eyebrows), and the rest of the fast-fndlnec movie queons. This may be evidence of depraved fate, we Wednesday night to catch the actor's name who played the rather incidental part of Nick, brother-in-law of the heroine. After we learned that the gentleman's name was Clark Gable, we lingered for a reel or two, and ended up by seeing the entire production again. And we were amazed that so many details could have escaped notice at the first viewing: the tremendous realism 'of the opening scenes of, the Murdock family life, the funeral on the East Side, the acting of Marjorie Rambeau, the final scenes where lover and Menjou meet, even the touching finale, with Christmas music, tears, 'n everything. We hope it won't be -4- FORMER ALGONIAN PASSED ALASKA Mrs. B. E. Norton received 'a message Monday that her brother, Bert Edmonds, Ketchikan, Alaska, had died. The cause of death Is not known here, but he had had heart trouble many years. Mrs. Norton was not notified when or where burial would take place. Bert is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. U- Edmonds, oldtime Algon- ians. The elder Edmonds was a carpenter. Bert was born in Wisconsin May 28, 1S71, and was graduated from the high school here. Soon after graduation he went to Des Moines, where he was employed a few years. In 3900 Bert entered government service, and was sent to the Philippine Islands, where he spent three years in the lighthouse service. On return to the United States ho was employed by the government at the World's fair at St. Louis. Thence he went to Ketchikan, where he again served as lighthouse keeper a few years. He had been selling real estate in Ketchikan during the last 15 or 20 years. Mr, Edmonds, who would have been 61 in May, is the first of the J. L. Edmonds children to die. He is the oldest of the children. He is survived by two sisters, Mrs. B. E. Norton, Algona, and Mre. L. E. Thomas, Gary, S. D.; also by a brother, Ralph, of Alaska. taste, but at least we have the audacity to admit the truth, which is somewhat of a virtue in itself, in these days of "grand-standing" and hypocrisy. Hoot Gibson, in the Conccntratin' Kid, fits into the usual western groove—with a plot which follows outlines of the erstwhile dime novels of the late nineties, with tho triumph of virtue over vice as the central theme. There Isn't much else to say, and we waive all further rights to the good folks who prefer a little intelligence in their pictures. But we mourn the passing of tho Saturday western much in the same way as we deplore the disappearance of the old-fashioned Nick Carter; what chance has the modern youngster, with nothing but sex magazines to read? 'TpHEIJE'S A STRANGE mixture J- of comedy, pathos, tragedy, and good singing in The Southerner. We tiling the ne\\- title, The Prodigal, fits the picture much better. Lawrence Tibbitt, as the carefree, vagabond black sheep of a southern family, plays an entirely new role and brings to the screen a comedian of no mean ability. He is ably supported by Cliff Edwards and Roland Young, but the rest of the cast is rather negligible, including the erstwhile bathing beauty, Esther Rawlston. Miss Rawlston contributes a lovely figure but her face IS rather against her; she isn't a good screen-type. The plot is rather inconsequential, necessary to go to the talkies j having to do with an unhappy wife TWICE to catch all t,he finer de-1 and two enemy-brothers but there tails, but just this once we enjoyed are some gem scenes in the picture it. And we pronounce it a great which lift it out of the ordinary show. And that's that. I singing production. We recall one in I particular in which Tibbitt tells TF THEY CALLED the last decade' Antonia the story of his life; it is a •*• "mauve," what will future histor- i choice bit of comedy, deftly handled Inns have to say about the cblor of j by both parties. The fishing scene the present one; if they called them j is another piece of excellent comedy, the "gay nineties," will they name we ll done 1 to the minutest detail. church, Is .sp on!m ,, efl , vice men of Uknu, T M Past nnd tho Auxin,, fttlo Center. lly In addition to'c-nm, persons on the ,,,^™ m ' Mrs. Madeline, a,-" ? ? district Auxiliary "J Frnnch, Tltonlc, ,." der; Mrs. Nol« Ji, bago Auxiliary ^ Thompson, Wlimol, ° n nnd Mrs. ]<\ !t .."° Kossuth A. IX |,.ar y Next Sunday Is Easter Sunday We will have a fine line of fresh garden stuff fresh fruits: Carrots Lettuce Radishes Mushrooms Spinach Parsnips Sweet potatoes Cabbage Green peppers !; Rhubarb Celery Apples Oranges Grapefruit Lemons Oranges Bananas Marachino Cherries We also will have a special in meats, such as roasts, pork roasts, lamb roasts, and Hamburger al sausage. Ellis Runcheij FOR GROCERIES AND MEATS HOME BAM PHONE 237 WE DEL1VE ten promissory installment notes, and. WHEREAS, said notes were duly assigned to John Deere Plow Company, of Mollne, who are now the owners and holders thereof, and, WHEREAS, one of said notes became due December 15, 1930, in the sum of $100.00, and nothing was paid (.hereon, and on the 21st day of March, 1031, said John Deere Plow Company, of Moline, under the provisions of said notes elected to declare the whole sum on said notes due and payable, and there is now clue and payable the sum of SIX HUNDRED NINETY-SIX DOLLARS (?G3G.OO), with interest at eight per cent from September 1, 1930, and, WHEREAS, said John Deere Plow Company, of Moline, did take possession of said property for the purpose of sale as provided in said notes ar)d contract to make the amount thereof and the costs. NOW, THEREFORE, Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of the (statutes in such cases made and pitivided, and the express language of the notes and contract, the above described property will be sold at j public auction at the front door of j the Court House in Algona, Kossuth ! county, Iowa, on the 23rd day of! April, 1!>31, at 10 o'clock a. ni. for, cash to the highest and best bidder • in order to satisfy in whole or in j part the sum due on said notes, in-1 tere.st and costs, including- an attor- ; ney'a fee as provided in said notes. ! Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 1st •' day of April, 1031. j JOHN DEERE PLOW COMPANY OF MOLINE 29-30 By L. T. GRIFFIN, Agent. CANDY FOB EASTER is a tradition everybody observes. Polks who want something in the way of a S Gift Package will find Martha Washington candie| .will fill that want. " ' Chocolate Covered Cream Center Fruit and Silt Eg: are not only good to look at but delicious to eat i as well. Cnnrty ami Other Easter Noveltics___5c, lOe, lac,2s| Large Chocolate Ostrich Eggs, filled with Chocolate Creams, 50c and $1.00. Everything in Candy for a Joyful Easter. —at the— ' 101 E. State St. J. F. BEHLMER Algoim, Ion these the "thrilling thirties"? No matter what they call our age, when they dig picture reels and newspapers out of some dusty vault In the year 2000, the writers of our histories will probably wonder whether every business had its racket. It is not surprising, then, that we have The atmosphere of the south is well portrayed, ending in a climax of Negro spirituals led by the melodious voice of the versatile Tlbbltt. As the mother aptly puts it in the final scene, "This is the twentieth century" and we are moving along at a rapid pace in our movies. It pictures like Dance, Fools Dance! | sometimes almost leaves you gasp- FOR SALE — NEW BUSINESS building and lot.—Phone 44 or call Advance. 12p29 This latest starring vehicle of Joan Crawford's is based on two gang killings — the famous cold- blooded murder of seven gangsters in a garage some years ago and the equally notorious shooting of one Lingle, reporter for the Chicago Tribune, some months ago. We didn't wait to see the triple killing at the end of the picture, but our wife reported that a good clean job was done. Number of deaths actually shown — four; seven additional ones merely mentioned — grand total for one picture, eleven! (Pardon, we forgot the death of the father from heart failure in the second reel, which brings the sum total up to an even dozen, making it easier to remember.) Joan has done something with her eyebrows that irritates ug excessively ; . it gives her eyes a glaring, unnatural look which is decidedly grotesque. She raises and lowers, squints and postures, opens and closes her Ijrowless orbs till we almost want to "walk out" on the old gal. If this is acting heaven help us! Oiir newly found friend, Clark Gable, played the part of gang-leader with great gusto. We really Uk«d the Incidental role he had In Easiest Way much better, however. The settings ana photography J« ing. -*FOSTER WINS SECOND WARD COUNCIL RACE (Continued from page one.) Second ward; and Chas. H. Taylor, Third ward. Mr. Specht said Tuesday that he contemplated few changes in the personnel of city employes except in the police force. One of the two positions on the police force he had almost definitely decided upon, but he had reached no decision on the other. According to law the mayor has the appointment of the city police, health physician, an d street commissioner. The council appoints the city clerk, solicitor, engineer, and auditor. BETTER SHOE REPAIRING—Cost leas at Algona's Steal shoe Shop.— Lewis Bike, Shoemaker. 12p29 i ri." G o o d Housekeeping J fo r Apr ZION Curtains and N«t| are reaJy for you] . . . and so are SUGGESTION^ ior vp*wj J^ecorati There's no quicker, more I economical way to 3 lvs J , your rooms a {resh«=as« April appearance, than J ' by hanging filmy ZION curtains or nets. We have all the various; styles and types of A' 0 " Curtains and Nets- , tailored, fringed, smart!/ designed or smartly plain .--And they're in an ex-| tensive price range • "J $1.00 to $4.75 "Where Senrfc* ^ Jj^^y n^jw

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