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The Madison Journal from Tallulah, Louisiana • 6

Tallulah, Louisiana
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FRIDAY 3 4'i PAGE SIX THE MADISON JOURNAL TALLULAH LOUISIANA list Friends wish for her a speedy interesting business session a two course luncheon was served Minnie Barksdale was hostess to the recovery best schools of Ameik rope The boll stop this soil from ghn? fits Only once has ltAAti rklorlrrl a HMl been pledged club last Thursday South wholly practical the New brought up to date and adapted to modern needs without destroying what was good in the Old Glance at the ancient dairy in the rear located very near the residence for Grandmother must make every step count Dumpy and squat fifteen feet square its bricks were burned on this property and laid by slaves Grand- News of interest to the younger set was the marriage of Webster and Mary White Saturday Their friends wish for them a long happy prosperous life Allen of Monroe Superintendent of the Unity Insurance Company is a business visitor here this week to make i subsequent financial laid no mortgage upon Through lean seasoiu 1 seasons there it standi old sign-board pointing may haunen if ntfc a may happen if other Beatrice Wallace former supervisor of this parish and Harris of Winnsboro were business visitors here Tuesday Mansford school closed Wednesday with a program which was Lillie Rounds is still on the sick list Friends wish for her a speedy recovery low the First Law Sp if self and then plant cottjpl enjoyed by a large number of mother procure ice to keep patrons and friends a Anderson Boykin a loyal and well-known citizen of this parish was fatally injured during the week by a mule which became excited and ran away with him He was rushed to Clinic where he died irS Ida Louise Jackson a student of Tuskegee returned home Friday to the delight of her friends Polly Smith of Alsatia last Wednesday with Clint who is very much improved Mary Dawson Read of Mansford will join her husband Edward Greenville Miss Martha Mae Simmons has turned from Little Rock where she attended school Sutton is on the sick list Friends wish for him a speedy recovery SunSay 'where they will make their future home temational-trade conditions Therefore we carried over 13000000 bales enough to supply the world for one full year And except for the plowing up in 1933 we might have carried over 17000000 quotations in Liverpool Bremen and Le Havre are about the same as they were one year ago the difference being in the value of the dollar commodities that the Southern farmer must buy a bale of cotton exchanges for less today than it did in 1933 i may pass what laws you please and enforce your acreage restrictions yet 55 per cent of the variation in our crop depends on Old Man Weather During one 1 season the huge properties man aged by Mr Oscar Johnson at I Scott Mississippi averaged 476 i pounds of lint per acre Next sea son under precisely the same care and cultivation the same lair1 yielded an average of Table talk drifts hither and yon like leaves that are tossed around on gusts of laughing wind new plays politics books with the ease and graciousness of our Old South What getting at is this: A complete answer to farmers who growl that if they fool with vegetables and chickens have no time to ramble in their cars and go to picture shows For more than a century Prairie Plantation has tinkered with garden sass and setting hens and has churned its own butter During that time the property has survived a devasting war It has risen out of recurring submergence by the Mississippi River Overcoming drought and starvation prices it has sent successive sons and daughters to the Willie Brantley and Jas Johnson were visitors to Monroe Monday i her milk and butter fresh so eva-1 poration was created by a trench spent of running water that flowed all King around her dairy on the inside When refrigeration became available the obsolete dairy was abandoned and a tall brick chimney Ark erected which converted it into a furnace room to heat the residence I Prairie has new barns with the latest conveniences yet one old-timer that may outlast them all Its center is of squared cypress logs mortised and fastened together with wooden pins This veteran may still be serviceable long after more recent buildings have rotted down The altered status of labor makes a vital difference between Yesterdy and Today Before the Civil War Grandfather could only say to his people must raise of was a Baptist Susie Washington of Greenville Miss is the guest of her sister Mary Lemons MAYTAci SALES AND SERV) 1 parts OIL WASHERS $8950 upSiI! After a successful school term as home economics teacher in the West Carroll Parish Training School Emily Parker is at home for the summer Carrie Jackson still remains on the sick list Friends are anxious for a speedy recovery Willie Wright and wife motored to Vicksburg Monday They were accompanied by Ida Wright ie Wright an Eddie Wright and Bessie Collins A and Henry Williams of Lake Providence were visitors to Willie and Nellie Brantley Sunday The Talla Bena school closing was quite a success and largely attended by white and colored Parker teacher and Amy Prairie Plantation was an isolated community that could live apart from the world remote and self-sufficient The remoteness now is gone just a few steps to the telephone and company runs out for a game of contract or afternoon coffee with a chat upon the porch Friends reach the plantation with less delay and annoyance than if it were in New York City Twenty-five miles over excellent roads is not so far as five miles on Manhattan no red lights no traffic jams no football tactics in the subway Dinner guests assemble round a table that is quite correctly set lights napeiy dishes and service being little different from any well-ordered city home The men and women however may prove far more interesting Most of their table talk very naturally is about what I have attempted to convey in this article what Japan is dong in the manufacture of fiber drive for cotton culture in her colonies From that to ships and shoes and sealing wax always harking back to the Negro Once a cook in the kitchen asked a small black boy who waited on the table what is dem white folks in 'bout he grinned Mr Charles Clark remarks with a smile "people Bpeak of cotton as a lazy crop but just take a look at my Mr Clark is a planter of mathematical mind ana explains his calculations An acre of cotton contains seventy rows of 210 feet each 14700 linear feet to the acre Suppose Wash Johnson tends fifteen acres To make his crop he must go over it twenty-two times So that if Wash starts on one straight line in a northeasterly direction from Memphis Tennessee knocking down stalks plowing dragging chopping cultivating through Tennessee Kentucky West Virginia Pennsylvania and New Jersey then Wash would pick his last cotton boll just about the midde of Brooklyn Bridge He would travel more than 900 miles on that fifteen Another guest at the table gives the reason for low prices: twice in the history of cotton have we seen two freak years of overproduction that occurred in succession And these exactly coincided with the very bottom of in Louise Moore is on the sick list Friends wish for her a speedy pupils were elated at the attendance and conduct Leonora Comist President the Department visitor to Zion Pilgrim Church at Bozeman Sunday and BO many hogs to feed yourselves and vegetables chickens while there organized a Home Elizabeth Jefferson still remans on the sick list Friends wish for her a speedy recovery Mission for that church Rev Richard Scott preached the sermon for the day Rev Howard is pastor of the church Lb and Essie Harris and Vera Parker were visitors in Delhi on Sunday srrzi He was master and they obeyed Our planter do that now he manages as best he may Grandfather never spent one single penny PHONE 7 West of Court Ho Mary Brown is on the sick nc- fOUN MC- tb i Julia Evans a student of Tuskegee returned home Friday after a successful term there for meat and present plantations jiy as bountifully if Wash Johnson could now supply their tenants just Ella Davis has been a visitor to relatives and friends in Little Rock Arlc Chas Vandawott Prof Simmons and A Brooms of Winnsboro wre business visitors here Saturday uni HOUSEWARES 31 fu Street Phillips who underwent an operation in Vicksburg Sanitarium recently is very much improved and is at the home of her parents Joe and Emma Phillips on Montrose Plantation Prof Davis and Harris were visitors to Monroe Monday JEWELRY GIFTS tan le wt nee I ne because of a freight-car famine The government took none of the produce so they ground it at home Pretty good flour whole wheat unbolted The plantation was smothered in flour buried under mountains of flour choked with flour which they were able to sell The Big House ate sponge cakes batter cakes layer cakes rolls pop-overs pies hot biscuits and cold light bread but Wash Johnson refused to touch it as part of his rations He insisted upon having white flour "store-bought and the whole-wheat flour found no market After taking their loss without a murmur they sold five thousand worth of machinery for junk While gathering material for this article I visited several properties now being operated by our wisest planters My clearest impression is of a practical patriotism with no Fourth -of -July bunk Every man and woman of them is a born conservative as all land-owners are Give any radical an acre and he promptly turns conservative They believe that the best-governed land is the least-governed land and that public power should not engage in private enterprise As a matter of principle few of them agree that Washington should tell the farmers what to plant and how much to harvest Or fix the price of a wares and a scale of wages for clerks their general feeling Nevertheless these apparently socialistic regulations they accept as war measures to pull us out of a hole and loyally obey After we get out of this hole our planters trust that American genius and common sense will lead us back to safe old roads Everywhere our people are considering their situation at the one-horse fireside at the country store the banks are even daring to speak aloud of heresises that have never before been whispered: that our Cotton Belt should stop fighting for supermacy in the markets of the world? Instead of continuing our efforts to clothe mankind at prices that keep us impoverished might it not be wiser to plant only for our own spinner in America and let the international market get its supplies elsewhere I do not mention this with indorsement but merely to illustrate how our South is casting about and weighing the possible effect of all contingencies Southerners are thinking more earnestly and thinking more nationally as to what seems best for the whole country If every big planter every small farmer and every wash Johnson should produce as he undoubtedly can produce his own foodstuffs what would become of Northwestern farmers with their wheat corn oats and hay? Feeding ourselves might become a boomerang for if the South no longer buys from other sections of this Union how can we sell our cotton to them? Part of the answer a selfish part lies in the fact that the South can feed itself while the North cannot clothe itself The plantation Negro forms a curiously sentimental factor in our one that cannot be worked out wholly in terms of dimes and dollars Because of the plowing up of 1933 with drastic reductions of acreage under the Bankhead Bill we will have so much vacant land that one planter tells me he has 60 families that he does not need Yet they continue to occupy his cabins and he must find a way to provide their maiin-tenance If these helpless people were put off his property where would they go? No other planter wants them and they are fit for nothing except cotton Look at old Aunt Sally sick and sitting on her gallery the planter cannot turn her out and will not At the beginning of things Rufus Hawkins has returned from the Charity Hospital in New Orleans much improved He is able to be on his farm at Talla Bena IIIMUH flW mmm oug FOR EVERY GRADUATE Mi lUUiMtfUUUiUilUiUUittb mmm MUUl Thomas Washington entertained day ni a party Monday night fiple inar Kir 1 inf with honoring and Mary Webster Prof and Amy PParker have announced the marriage of their daughter Emily to Prof Robinson of Monroe La Amy Parker handles the colored news for the Journal and Robinson is principal of the West Carroll Parish Training School at Pioneer He is a graduate of Dillard University of New Orleans and is held in high esteem throughout the state for his few years of contribution in the field of education among the race Emily Parker is a graduate of Southern University of Scottlandville and Business College of St Lrfrois Mo Clifton Bozeman a student of Tuskegee returned home Friday to the delight of his friends MAKE THE DINNER PERFECT! his head agin Rations are issued on every other Saturday at the store in a fixed alowance The Negro will buy anything that he can get on credit but in bad years planters hold them down to strict necessities On ration day tenants flock around the commissary chattering as happily as blackbirds The A1 Fresco Beauty Shoppe is a featured attraction for gents to have their kinks marceled They make a gala occasion in the dance hall where a perfumed thumps a piano that sounds like brickbats pelting a tin roof At the rear behind a screen is the crap table on which dead-game sports may plunge a worth In the adjoining store the manager already has their doles weighed out and sacked for quick delivery This is the only place on earth for Wash to get a pair of galuses or a bite of chow Nevertheless he often refuses the very same bacon served to appreciative guests at The Big House Most of our planters are now making earnest efforts to provide their own food which they eat themselves while Negroes grumble In presperous years when there was a keen competition to get and hold their labor no plantation owner dared to issue home-cured meats His tenants would simply shut the door call the dog and move leaving him with fields to grow up in weeds Now they have nowhere to go for nobody wants more labor yet Wash Johnson continues to obstruct the path of plantation economy the same objec enii ried eg th litou lion ioui intei Dudley Bell teacher of Omega school and pupils entertained with a program and picnic Thursday to the delight of the patrons and friends fciiL it COUPON BOOK TALLULAH OWLS DOWN LITTLE ROCK The success of every meal depends as every woman knows on the pots and pans and dishes It is impossible to serve a perfect meal without the necessary equipment Come in today and inspect our grand selection of beautiful dependable and durable housewares OWNERS Nellie Brantley teacher of Stockland school and pupils entertained with a program Thursday It was a success and largely NO GIFT gives a graduate more pleasure that fine watch It is at once a lasting keepu from a memorable occasion and yet a practical i ful item for everyday use Select one today! nltf spare name Ezi Alice Booth is on the sick list Friends wish for her a speedy Tallulah Hdw Your Coupon Books are not transferable Tickets tom out will not be accepted nor can a book issued for one car be used for another This is a recent ruling of the Receiver of the Bridge Company te 17-JEWEL WALTHAK White gold rolled-gold plate case with brig polished stainless steel back Gold $25J numeral dial Special at Furniture Co Everline Robinson entertained the Aid Club of Mt Olive Baptist Church Thursday After an These books were designed to accommodate frequent users of the bridge and the ruling is for your protection as well as ours 7-JEWEL HARMON Same as above but has a $10 7-Jewel movement YOU WILL FIND tion to canned goods put up at home Our fertile soil produces Last Sunday at the Fair Grounds Park the Tallulah Owls defeated the Dubbisson Tigers of Little Rock Ark for the score 6-4 Manager Clark presented several new faces in the lineup who were Armstrong at first bace Mc-Add third base Cole shortstop Holloway second base Jackson catcher Lefty James and Threadway pitchers Cunningham pitched a fine game for the Tigers holding the locals to 12 hits Lefty James the Owls new southpaw held the roaring Tigers to seven scattered hits for seven innings giving way to Threadway in the eight The visitors scored two runs in the second and two in the seventh The Owls scored two runs in the third three in the fifth and one in the eight Buckner Jackson and Manager Clark were the only Owls who collected more than one hit off the delivery of Cunningham On Sunday June 6 the Owls will journey to Port Gibson Miss to cross bats with the strong Port Gibson Adds 15-JEWEL WAL Coin-gold 14-karat solid gold case with gold erals and hands Stylishly slender $45 with modern design IN $250 AND $500 DENOMINATIONS Buy your own book passenger car and all occupants may cross for one 50c ticket 7-JEWEL $14 17-JEWEL $30 We Recommend WATCHES For Graduation! Vicksburg Bridge Terminal Co uqqqG CARSON imnEAUD PROCLAMATION ARCADE BUILDING Medical Surgical Dental Clinic TALLULAH I By virtue of the power vested in me as Mayor of the Village of Tallulah Louisiana and in accord- ulah THE BREAD Telephone 880 405 Franklin St Natchez Miss DOCTORS WHITTINGTON GAUDET GIESENBERGER MEDICINE ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY IN THIS BREAD TERRITORY rosy tomatoes succulent roasting ears okra beans peas berries lg On a bright may see the mis-House out in her yard under a tree with tables full of cans preserving her winter food Competent Negro women help at the job and receive a pen-erous share Then what happens invariably happens Last week the mistress put up dewberries dozens and dozens of cans of which Aunt Hannah toted home her liberal portion That evening Hannah fancied a dewberry pie but she would not waddle across the road and pick her berries ripe from a bush Not much Hannah not when she could repose in her rocking-chair and open a can So the mistress will have dewberry pastries at Day while are gone before Thanksgiving Planters consider it practicable to establish a community garden especially at this time when everybody has idle land A sufficient acreage might be devoted to vegetables which the cotton Negro has plenty of leisure to cultivate But here we strike the same old snag: Wash Johnson do that even in a crisis of his acute distress And in prosperous seasons there be a for him to prank with garden truck when he can step on the gas Early settlers in our delta found water to be one of their knottiest problems At first they dipped it up from stagnant bayous that were foul with decaying vegetable matter Then they had a roof a rain barrel and a plank gutter to catch the drip Underground cisterns huge sunken jugs of brick and cement were unsatisfactory because Mississippi River overflows would fill them with mud Artesian wells now furnish a flow of pure water and houses are so thoroughly screened against mosquitoes that they have practically got rid of jnalaria In time if she wanted to give a party she must reckon with the of her cronies On Sundays Sally come and Maria would be shaking on Thursdays Hester 'Htvw Do You Ifib fen Olitrayi lpnifTtcr jo Jpe SURGERY ALLERGY DENTISTRY X-RAY LABORATORY Eye Ear Nose Throat Clinical Laboratory GIVE IITT A TRIAL ance with law I do hereby declare and proclaim that a general election will be held in the Village of Tallulah Louisiana on TUESDAY JUNE 14 1928 for the purpose of electing municipal officers as follows: Mayor Marshal Three Aider-men and Five members of the Democratic Executive Committee for the Village of That said election will be held at the polling places prescribed by law namely Precinct No 1 in the Office at the Court House Precinct No 2 in the Police Jury Room at the Court House in the said Village of Tallulah said polls will be open from the hours of 6:00 a to 7:00 Given under my hand and seal thfog 81st day of A 21-llt ALLEN Mayor Planting Seed For Sale bs 4 a rjii IGT-- IfS LIMITED QUANTITY PDL 11A State Certified 100 Pure 60 to 70 Germination IF INTERESTED SEE THE FIRST LAW OF FARMING Continued From Page One) About the place there dings a flavor of the Old South its ease its grariousness of living like half-imagined whiffs of lavender yet a HALE Delta Hardware Furniture Co Tallulah La OR MONROE HARDWARE CO MONROE LA We Like Visitors! was laid up every Tuesday Silly as this sounds it was near true COTTONSEED MEAL fed tvitb cerm mr emit th rfidf nctM of hand md nbi heavy work will lower mi coata Two poumb tf CattotaJ Mal will toplaca (oar pouJ mi praia FmJ COTTONSEED MEAL aaj MULLS whn idle me at light mrmrk SHAVING VALUE HKTE like them not only from a social standpoint but from a sound business standpoint as well We have found that a personal visit by a customer frequently enables us to serve him better more completely and more satisfactorily Have you a financial problem on your mind? Pay us a visit and see if we help! FOR RENT Residence owned by Campbell located behind Gilbert residence 2000 Call Adams Phone 886! 19-tf THIS TOPS THEM AIL FOR RENT Unfurnished isnea ap-LEEVES 28-3 COTTONSEED HULLS A a raghaf far hartvo ad wli Hllo ar claa ad fra frm dwt aad dirt Eaop ia ad ftd with Now we have less malaria alone the Mississippi River than is re-ported along the Hudson Screens and artesian wells have turned the trick Sis says Parson Wiggins as he drapes across her gate Ida de boss is done one dem artillery his fat parishioner grunts say he sont dat water off to git scan-alized An Sis Ida lemme tell you Dat artillery water is nigh 200 per cent For commercial wheat our delta lands canot rival the Northwest yet at a pinch Prairie Plantation may eat its own flour During the the United States Government feared a shortage and farmers to grow bread-stuffs Prairie withdrew a considerable acreage from cotton and grain Had luck It: the hai harvesting required FOR Boston Bull Pups six weeks old one male one-female Priced MRS at Miller Residence 29-lt-p Save money without ing comfortl Probak Jr Blades give you TALLULAH STATE BANK TRUST COMPANY ANTED Ambitious known quality at a record low price Specially processed to remove stubborn beards smoothly and cleanly these famous double-edge blades are priced at 4 for only 10 Buy a package today Tallulah Oil Mill Ghf Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation reliable man or woman wanted to sell Watkins Products in Tallulah Excellent opportunity for the right Party Write JR WATKINS COMPANY 70-84 Iowa Ave Memphis Tenn 80-lt-p throve but World War asked our owed the COTTONSEED PRODUCTS LOUISIA! TALLULAH TALLULAH LOUISIANA 1 rtcro i outlay of more than five thou- At or near Baer Lake! sand dollars for machinery one brown fishing tackle box with though were made Reward for plantation stored uu Quantities of ixeturna 80-ltp wheat UaSSu Vbt AtypSi.

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