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The Madison Journal from Tallulah, Louisiana • 4

Tallulah, Louisiana
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PAGE FOUR THE MADISON JOURNAL TALLULAH LOUISIANA FRIDAY AUGUST 28 1938 be and Owls Defeat Colored Notes Oree Dorton left Wednesday for: Vicksburg where she will spend: several days with relatives and 1 friends The croquet court made possible eniuak fko (vonovAsitv nf HarVfiV a ne croquet tuuit mauc through the generosity of Harvey Lexing Sr has been practically AAMwUfA1 TKo oAiirt Se 1 APIlt OTl ijexing or im uctn The court is locatxi have been beautified with shrubbery and flow- rs In pr of construction is an outdoor ItaZ room It centers around tetue large shade trees and is partisn inclosed by banks of j-hrubbeiyt the rear and one side Ths appearance of this place ig 0aZ peace and contentment all of which shows that the Moore famiu is living as well as working accumulating worldly goods ngers Of Liltue ItOCK Arc completed on'sjlort game and the Owls defeated the vacant lot next to the Eiks visitors 1-0 The game was call-1 ed oil' in ti'e first haif of the sixth 1Kel-8 of Little Rock Ark in aj -1 a 1 xLa Alt a i WlJ VU All 10 Maranza Cooksey left last week New Oilcans where she will re-j for New Oilcans where she will re-j ccive further medical treatment Her friends wish for her an carly return and a speedy recovery Four Master Farmers ft I tally in the second Tucker rrosper in LOUlSiaRSlUd off with a eingle to center and to center let These winter legumes have doubled his corn yield and increased the cotton yield by a third Turning under one crop' of Austrian peas on a piece of ground that would not pioduce more than 20 bushels corn ptr acre resulted in a 43 bushel yield the following season he said Sell Baby Beeves The beef herd consists of 50 head of Polled Ilerefords The calves a iv sold as baby beeves when about eight months old Coming in early spring Mr Moore is able to sell them before winter comes and therefore escapes the expeni-e of feeding and caring for them in cold weather Letting' them get their feed from pasture and selling at this age brings the most net prpfit is the belief of Mr Moore For the beef cattle and work stock 20 head of mules and horses there are three different pastures containing a total of 100 acres available This is well kept permanent pasture made up principally of bermuda carpet grass white clover lespedeza and hop clover This along with the grazing furnished by the corn pea and bean fields provides an abundance of good grazing for all the livestock from 9 to 10 months in the year which greatly reduces the cost of feeding them Fruit and Nuts Aid An acre home orchard of various kinds of fruits so selected as to give fruit over a long period of time is one of the valuable assets of this farm Mr Moore has 60 large paper shell pecan trees from 20 to 28 years old He said that one year he sold over $700 worth of pecans from these 60 trees This of course was a year when good prices prevailed Home Quit Livable The Moore home is a very livable one being equipped with every modern convenience The grounds (Continued From One) opportunity and h-- began to da some heavy thinking After carefully studying the situation over aujja he determined to start the dairy business as he believed the dairy cow would do better by him than cotton had He started with six cows eight years ago and built his herd up to 20 head in two years He now milks 20 to 25 head and has reduced his cotton acreage by half Riding Cows Through College He is paying his land notes as they come due has had one girl in college three years and a boy one year They will continue until they graduate and the other child a boy will also be given a college education Surely these fine young i education oureijr Uicsc mi: folks are riding through college on uAiua a farwlir snv he i dairy cows as Mr Gandy says he Lou Birds and friend Janie Archie of Vicksburg spent Monday visiting their sisters Mary Thomss ana Kittye Snow Kittye who has been sick for several days is greatly improved Candis McIntyre of Sicily Island is visiting her parents William Atkins and wife She is en route to New Orleans where she will spend several days with relatives and friends Club No 2 of New Morning Star Baptist Church will meet at the home of Jane Albert Sunday August 30 at 4:00 Refreshments wi'1 be served free The public is invited Mattie Sharpe returned from New Orleans Tuesday where she has been receiving medical aid She is very much improved and her friends are glad to see her home again Annie Mae Pree of Vicksburg is visiting her brother Herman Free for a few days Lucille Chambers who has been visiting her relatives and friends for two weeks in Alexandria and Oakdale has returned After visiting for a month to the Centennial in Dallss and Fort Worth and Houston Texas Ellen Dyson and Florence Hawkins have returned and report a wonderful trip Rose Govan of Sondheimer died Sunday and was buried Wednesday Clovis Harrison and Web- ster were visitors to the Centennial Exposition in Dallas Texas Rachel Dunn is on the sick list Her many friends wish for her a speedy recovery Earl Lapice of New Orleans who has been visiting Vera Parker returned to his home Monday Alcene Holloway of Duckport died Monday Interment was made Thursday at Duckport Henrietta Cobb who is seriously ill was taken to Sanitarium Tuesday Her many friends wish for aher a speedy recovery The Madison Parish Sunday School Convention will meet at Travelers Rest Baptist Church August 27 28 and 29 The public is cordially invited Mary Brown adult night school teacher at Madison Parish Training School left Monday night for New Orleans where she will receive medical treatment Her many friends hope for her much good results and an early return Jessie McGehee of Memphis Tenn left Sunday night for her home after spending several days with hr mother Eliza Weathers Luther Jackson who was called here on account of the death of his father Clem Jackson left the first of the week for his home in Chicago HI Ike Johnson left Monday night for New Orleans where he will receive medical treatment Leola Macon and little son Leroy Jones of Helena Ark are spending a few davs visiting with her father Moore Rev George Hankins is still on the sick list His many friends aca the end of seven years or 28 years ago he bought the fatm and has since owned and operated it With 400 acres in cultivation this farm is now one of the best in the community although it would not fit that condition when he first took possession of it Cotton the Lender Cotton is and has always been the main cash crop although in the neighborhood of $1000 is received annually from b-ef cattle syrup lespedeza hay soybeans hogs and cowpeas The acreage planted to cotton is not more than a third of the total thus enabling Mr Moore to propel ly diversify his crops and build up the land by rotating the crops In addition to 160 acres in cotton his main crops are 100 acres corn and peas and beans 40 acres oats four acres sugar cane six acres potatoes and truck crops and 50 acres lespedeza Bean end Pee With Corn Mr Moore plants his com in seven foot rows with a row of soybeans and cowpeas planted in each middle He plants a mixture of a third Biloxi soybeans and two thirds whipporwill cowpeas putting in a solid stream or about a third of a bushel per acre These are planted just after the com is up and worked out This plan of mixing beans and peas is very much liked by Mr Moore and this plan is followed in all his com The peas are ripe in August and are picked before cotton picking starts The beans remain green and shade the ground until October which Mr Moore considers a valuable point Some of the peas arc picked green for eating purposes but most 6f them are harvested after they are mature and sold for sued or used for planting the following year Enough soybeans are picked to supply the home needs the cows and mules eating the remander after the com is harvested Much good feed is secured this way in fall and early winter by the livestock Oat Seeded Heavily These 40 acres of oats are seeded heavily 2 to 3 bushels per acre This heavy seeding pays says Mr Moore Planting is done with a grain drill in the fall Lespedeza is sown on 20 acres of the oats in February or early March and the remainder is flat broken harrowed and planted in 2 V2 foot rows to whipporwill cowpeas This is harvested for hay Mr Moore likes the row better than broadcasting this time of year One or two cultivations are given which results in hay that is almost entirely free of weeds and grass Legume Double Yield As has been the case with so many other farmers Mr Moore has greatly increased his crop yields by growing and turning under vetch and Austrian winter peas For more than six years he has been planting two-thirds of all his cotton fields to these winter legumes Formerly he grew mostly the winter peas but he has almost entirely given them up now in favor of vetch as he believes the latter the best Because the common vetch seed costs much less than Hairy vetch he is now planting the latter and will probably continue to do so He says it does just as well as the Hairy for him The Hungarian has given him fairly good results but not so good as the common he believes es but despite them this wild grass is a great help Beef Cattle Harvest Their Own Little or no feed is ever given the beef cattle The abundance of pasture available the year round keeps them in a well-fed at an times as they have the run of the com bean and pea fields in the winter from which they obtain much of the very best of feed Another crop that aids much on this farm is 10 acres of alfalfa from which an average of five tons per acre is cut per year This along with soybean and cowpea hay made gives an anbundance of good legume hay for the dairy cowa and work stock Grow Root Crop For Dairy Cottlo For winter use for the dairy cows Mr Marmande grows five acres of rutabagas carrots and sugar beets These are planted September 15 to October 1 and are ready for use in about 90 days All of them are relished by the cows but the rutabagas seem to rank first and the carrots second The material provides green feed for the whole winter To feed these root crops are put in the feed trough and chopped up with a cane knife Much of the com and beans grown are run through a feed grinder for the dairy cattle This is then mixed with some cotton seed meal shrimp meal brewers grain and wheat bran to form a thoroughly palatable and nutritious grain mixture Irish Potato Crop Important Cash Source The Irish potato crop which is grown regardless of price prospects every year is one of the important sources of cash income They are planted on the regulation cane rows which are six feet wide An application of 400 pounds per acre of a 6-10-7 fertilizer is given before planting and 125 pounds of nitrate of soda when the plants are two to three inches high On an average Mr Marmande gets a yield of 12 to 14 bushels for each bushel of seed planted This is reasonably good although when the season is especially good he has secured as much as 20 to 25 to one The new varieties of cane gives Mr Marmande an average of about 20 tong per acre Only two crops one from the plant cane and one from stubble are grown before ploughing it up and starting another crop Cane never follows cane It draws very heavily on the ground and one or more crops of soybeans or other legumes are grown on the old cane land and turned under before it again grows cane This ig essential to success with this grass feeding crop Land Becoming Richer Each Year By diversifying his crops as he does growing legumes on nearly all cultivated land each year and adding a large quantity of manure from the livestock to the land is reason enough for this land becoming richer each year And that is what is taking place With it all Mr Marmande is living well He has five children and his home is a very comfortable one being equipped with modem conveniences including a mechanical oil burning refrigerator From Renter To Master Farmer After working several years as farm manager for someone else Moore of Ouachita parish moved on his present farm of 580 acres 85 years ago as a renter At tests could not possibly have financed these youngsters in college without the cows Mr Gandy says he go to milking cows because he wanted to but because he felt the cow route was the only way out for him Now however he says he has become accustomed to handling cows and mind the work at all Of courae the fact that these cows have made money for him is the reason for his changed attitude toward handling these animals First Sold Sour Cream When he first started milking Talluiah Owia 10 cows he sold sour cream After 12 Little Roc months of this method of marketing I Umpire Armstrong a 1 1 Yomup Aire SAFE! he sought and found a place to sell livAl in MAMVSA whole milk which brought In more money At this time he built a iiivmw waaw vrouu prices prevaucu avi ocvcacs dairy barn which permitted him toyearS but gradually the point was comply with the city health laws reached where he and many others of Monroe La where he had found selling on the market were not satis-a whole milk market He is still fied with the prices paid In July 1i: LU AVava Fanil 9 his there Each Good prices prevailed milk cows is reduced to half or less than winter requirements while on this pasture The dry cattle and heifers get their entire food supply from the pasture except for the three or four winter months when hay is fed them In addition to the hay cut from the pasture about 15 tons of oat hay is produced for the livestock It is cut in the dough stage and baled right in the field usually the third day from cutting Also four or five tons of cowpea hay is saved During a good hay season there is usually a surplus which is sold On this farm is 10 acres of 12 years old paper shell pecan trees Light crops have already been produced and they are now at the point where the production will soon be sufficiently large to bring in an appreciable amount of cash Growing Own Work Stock Because mules were getting so high in price about four years ago Mr Gandy staited raising his own supply He now has four mule colts nearing two years of age and one horse colt nearing three His definite plans call for producing all the work stock he needs and enough more to sell one or two each year A sufficient number of hogs is kept to produce all the meat needed for home use and to sell about $100 worth each year Cotton has not been abandoned It is still the leading cash crop in the amount of money brought in but the net profit is not nearly so great as from the cows Mr Gandy feels that his experience shows that the two can be made to work well together despite the fact that many do not think so He knows they are working well for him and that the cows have brought him a degree of prosperity that cotton never brought alone Living As A Master Farmer Should Livo As a result of the cow-cotton combination Mr Gandy is not only giving his children a college education but has equipped his home with medern conveniences including running water bath room and electric lights The electric lights in the dairy barn he says are almost as great a convenience as in the house Mar Cows Logumss Pastures and Crop Rotation Bring Suecoss Though no fault of his own Marmande of Terrebonne parish found himself staring bankruptcy in the face abut 15 years ago It was about this time that the then best varieties of sugar cane lost their productive powers because of disease This crop had long been the main source of cash income on this farm But resourceful farmers like Mr Marmande are not so easily put out of business He turned to dairy sattle as one of his main cash sources He did this despite the fact that some of his friends already in the dairy business had not made it pay out very well But Mr Mar-nande had to do something and he determined to pin his faith to the dairy cow and she has not failed him He now milks 50 good grade Jerseys and Holstein has a strictly modem milking bam and milk room and is doing well in the business Cash From Several Sources Mr Marmande however kept on growing sugar cane for in the meantime disease resistant varieties had been developed by the experiment station He now depends not only on dairy cows and sugar cane for cash income but grows 30 acres of Irish potatoes per year on an average and sell an appreciable number of beef cattle and hogs and is making a real go of his farming operations As has been the case with so many others it was the dairy cow that came to the rescue Mr Marmande gives her credit for being a laiye part of the show in putting his farm income back on a profitable basis although the other crops and livestock mentioned helped materially Feed Growing On of Main Jobs With 100 head of milk cows heifers and calves 70 head of beef cattle 80 hogs and 17 head of mules and horses on the place it can be readily seen that one of the main jobs on the Marmande farm is that of growing feed To produce the feed requirements 130 acres of com are grown and every row of it is inter-planted with soybeans or cowpeas The land is naturally fertile and these beans and peas produce an enormous amount of good feed In addition 15 acres of oats are grown for grazing supplementary to the permanent pasture during winter The permanent pasture consists of 50 acres already well established and 40 additional acres now being built This permanent pasture is made up of bermuda grass carpet grass lespedeza white clover nj some native grasses It provided some grazing even in the mid-winter months There are also available 800 acres of paillefine grass a marsh grass which is fine bladed palatable and highly nutritious Even when a freeze nips the top leaves there is much green materiel available down near the ground nd the cattle know to root around to get it This wild grass is excellent as supplementary pasture in summer and winter Of course the main drawback is in the flies and mosquitoes that infest these marsh When Policeman Edward Sholbo dropped a roll of $400 in a polig t-tation in New Y'ork City hit periors suspended him while the investigated the source of hig ig come The Journal is the best advert ing medium in Northeast Louiini Mu4y OPPORTUNITY Good cron and prices assure Watkins Deakq in rural sections big money tha tall Opening now in Parish lor reliable man with eg who can furnish references Writ Sales Manager Keene care of 11 Watkins Company Memnhii Tenn 40 FOR SALE One General Ela trie Refrigerator small size tei ice trays procelaiu about tsi years old Cost new $19300 id for $140 Cull at THE JOURNAL OFFICE a WANTED Messenger boy Hog be at least 14 years of age at WESTERN UNION Tallulah La Doy nod OFrGij AVAILABLE AT ONCE-Rt Ieigh Route of 800 families (hty reliable men need apply Can eui $25 or more weexly No od required Write today Dept LAH-159-Z Ke phis Tenn 4Mt MODERN Way! LOUISIANA ST HBJ TRANSPORTATION YOU WILL FIND Dubisson Tigers On last Sunday afternoon at the pair roun(is park tail UrOUnCIS Dig JL rain jackson puzzlid the Dubissun! due to tie downpour of rain locals threatened to sci locals threatened to score in tjle inning alter Prosser had nrst mning alter grosser nuu gi-oundud out to the pitcher Clark (singled to center went to third on SlllgICU IrU tCltbCI WVIIK wu il oiio single to left Mays fouUd out to the catcher and Kates ate scored on triple Alien popped to the catcher and "Big went out on strikes Prosser wslked and Clark1 out to center retiring the 1 side Tie Owls other big chance --J-- SftSZ then the rain began and the game had to be called off The local led the Tigers in hitting getting seven to the four On Sunday afternoon August 30 at 3:30 at the Fair Grounds Park Manager Clark and his Owls will take on the strong of Chicsgo Mill Lumber Co This is the game the public has been waiting for and a good crowd is pxpected to see the battle to a finish Box Score: Tallulah Owls Prosser lb Clark cf Kates rf AB 2 3 3 2 2 0 1 2 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 Holloway Mays ss 2b 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 4 3 2 for 20 cents per hundred pounds fl VI Cooperated For Better Prices for several 1935 fifty-two dairymen of which Mr Gandy was one organized the Cooperative Dairies and bought the two milk plants in Monroe paying $28000 for the complete plants These are now operated as one plant and the cost of distributing the milk is between 19 and 20 cent per gallon It is retailed for 12 cents per quart and wholesaled to restaurants hotels etc at 10 cents per quart Three cents per gallon is set aside for depreciation on equipment thus leaving 17 to 25 cents per gallon as gross profit to go back to the members and to pay for the plant Money to purchase these plants was loaned by the Bank of Cooperatives at New Orleans at a comparatively low rate of interest Repayment is made from a fund secured by deducting 20 cents per hundred pounds milk handled In this way approximately $10000 paid off the first year and if all goes well the entire amount will be paid off by the end of 1937 or before Even though each member having 20 cents per hundred pounds deducted from his milk check he is receiving more net cash for his product than formerly received Mr Gandy who is one of the directors of the Cooperative and the other members are naturally very proud of the success they have made and are making in selling their own product Believes Present Herd of 20 to 25 Milkors Sufficient Mr Gandy does not plan to increase the number of cows he milks saying that he can handle his present herd with the regular help If he adds more cows more help more feed and more of several other things will be required He knows he ia making money on his present basis and says hi does not know wliat he would do with a larger herd and more cash outlay In addition to selling $150 to $200 worth of malk per month Mr Gandy sells from $600 to $750 worth of cows each year He is building up his herd He grows all of his heifer calves and as they come in he sells off old cows By following this method he is generally increasing the amount of milk gotten from his 20 to 25 milkers and is receiving an average of $50 to $60 per month from sale of surplus cowt Hundred Acre Fine Pasture Built For these cows Mr Gandy developed 'lOO acres of permanent pasture on the low part of his farm Even though the drouth was rather severe especially during last June much of this pasture was still giving an abundance of fine grazing It is made up of bermuda lespe-4eia carpet grass white clover and dallis grass This pasture provides good grazing for nine month in the year from March 1 to December 1 and some even later Not all of this pasture is needed for grazing and usually around 25 tons of hay is cut from that portion not needed by the cattle The grain ration for Protected This When you rent a Tallulah State Bank Trust Company's Safe Deposit Box you know that it is protected by the most up-to-date and scientific equipment Yet this extra protection costs you nothing extra Safe deposit boxes are surprisingly reasonable Inquire about one today iuranatt TALLULAH STATE BANK TRUST (XX TALLULAH rO THE BREAD IN THIS BREAD TERRITORY AT GIVE IT -s a selling products morning the milk is picked up by a milk truck and hauled the 60 miles Btttys A TRIAL to Furs VICKSBURG MISS Hie Tunic Frock Dame Fashion's pet of the fall styles and one that you will adore Lovely shades of rusty dark green wine red brown and black HESE big sturdy Chevrolet trucks will haul full capacity loads over short or long routes over smooth or rough roads without coaxing or coddling Because they have the greatest pulling power of any truck in the entire lot price range And they will haul these loads at savings which will surprise you Because Chevrolet is the most economical truck in the world today for all-round duty! 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