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The Madison Journal from Tallulah, Louisiana • 4

Tallulah, Louisiana
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I'' FRIDAY MAY 21 193' JUDICIAL ADVERT iSEMILNT the said sum of $100000 should be placed in escrow with John I'scrotion of the Court II UK WES President BENJAMIN Secretary pastor the Rev Gipson and members extend a cordial invitation to the public to worship with them at both the day and night services Kates rf 1 Buckner Robinson years old on the Chestprfield Plac in Ward 8 of this parish Owner of above cow may hav same by proving ownership an paying costs Unless said owne calls for said cow within ten (10 davs from date hereof said coi wifi be advertised and sold as th I' ESTRAY NOTICE i No i avi tic is h- by given tak up one unmarked indcii pale red cow on right hip about more inviting front to industry it becomes obvious that any excessive or unreasonable tax on an existing industry especially one whose uses are so deverse in other industries as those of sulphur will severely counteract the beneficial ecects of a advertising of its physical advantages and of its progressiveness in policies where the attraction of new industrise is that I andIaw directs some A ANDREWS three Tallulah La May 7 1937 26-3 3 BUY THE Why risk discomfort and faulty shaves? Prolcdc Jr product of the world's largest bki-'t maker positively guarantees comfort aid economy sells at 4 for 101 This double-tcie blade is automatically ground honed and stropped by special process It is made to -a bisk through dense stubble without pull or irritation Enjoy real shaving comfort at low price Buy a package of Probak Jr from denier today Prof Winbush principal of the Newellton Rosenwald School was a visitor here last Saturday The Talla Bena rural school of which Amy Parker is principal held its closing exercises last night The rendition of recitations songs drills and playlets were exception' ally well done and very much en joyed by a very large audience of JUUU mm residents of the Talla Bena community and Tallulah Club No 1 of New Morning Star Baptist Church will meet at the church on Monday night All members are requested to be present and the pubile is invited CURING SPEEDERS Can reckless driving be curbed? While this free nation debates the question and casts around for a successful formula dictatorial Germany has decided to get at the roots of the matter by curbing the speed Knowing the psychology of the wild man behind the wheel the Nazi officials have reached the conclusion that the temptation to is reduced to a minimum at 30 miles an hour And so after a man has been convicted of recklessness his car is given a mechanical adjustment to prevent him from driving at more than a 30-mile rate Furthermore the machine carries a police seal to prevent tampering and one can imagine that the penalty for violation would be something to remember Nashville (Tenn') Tennesseean Tallulah Defeats Little Rock 8-5 Last Sunday afternoon in Lake Village Ark at the Moberly Park the Tallulah Owls met the strong Dubbisson Tigers of Little Rock Ark and defeated them to the tune of 8-5 before the largest crowd of the season Finney was Manager choice and for six innings the big right hander had the Tigers puzzled with his tantalizing screw ball The Owls chased Carroll from the mound in the fourth inning The entire Owls squad played head-ups ball BOX SCORE Colored Notes Prof Robinson of Monroe was the house guest of Emily efc-e Parker last week-end After teaching a successful term at the Madison Parish Training School Veola Franklyn left for her home Monday in Yazoo City Miss Harris attended the colored Funeral Association Vicksburg Monday He reported a very interesting meeting Club No of New Morning Star Baptist Church will meet at the home of the Rev Henderson Tuesday night All members are asked to be present and the public is invited Georgia Washington is rapidly improving after a prolonged illness Sarah Thompson has returned from the hospital in Shreveport where she has been receiving medical treatment Her friends are glad to see her up and out again Turner and Pierce of Monroe visited Hams on their return trip from the colored Funeral Association held in Vicksburg- Club No 2 of New Morning Star Baptist Church will meet at the home of Everline Hale Sunday afternoon at four The public is invited Clordy Wright is on the sick list It is hoped that he will soon be up and out again Ida Louise Jackson daughter of Willie and Carrie Jackson was the recipient of a large number of very beautiful and useful presents complimentary to her graduation in this class of the She extends her very hearty thanks to all of her friends and admirers for their lovely compliments A wedding of unusual interest will take place at the Auditorium on Thursday May 27 when the Rev Simmons and Olevia White will join hands in happy wedlock The Mansford rural school Mabel Flowers principal rendered its closing program last week The recitations dialogues songs and one act plays were well rendered and very much enjoyed by a capacity audi lienee composed of citizens of the Mansford community and a number of residents of Tallulah Murphy and Lillie Knox of Delhi are visiting their mother Sallie Johnson who has been very ill but at present is improving Sunday is pas to rial day at the Travelers Rest Baptist Church The i JUNIOR BLADES 05 THE WnrMV IABAEST 5LAOI MAKERS a pso: FOR PROOF OF 3 Vfc pj Bass then Sheriff of the Parish of East Carroll ponding an investigation of the title to the said land and Whereas a check has now Ik on issued for said sum drawn to the order of the Carroll" Land Company Ltd and this Board and the matter of the title to said land has been submitted to the Hon Jeff 15 Snyder and his assistant Philip Watson who have rendered to this Board opinions to the effect that this Board has no title whatever to the said above described land Now Therefore Be It Resolved that this Board disclaims title to the said land above described and Young President of the Board is hereby authorized and directed to endorse the said check in the name of this Board and deliver the same to the Carroll Land Company Ltd which company in the opinion rendered to this Board by the District Attorney and his assistant has a just and lawful title to the said property On motion of Commissioner Webb seconded by Commissioner Ratcliff the following resolution was unanimously adopted: Be It Resolved that Commissioners Hill and Kilpatrick be appointed as a committee to make examination of the northeast quarter of the southeast quar ter of Section 11 Township 19 North Range 11 East and determine whether ocnot it would be to the advantage of the said Board to sell the said land and the price it should charge therefor and report back to this Board at its next meeting On motion of Commissioner Hill seconded by Commissioner Ratcliff the following resolution was unanimously adopted: Be It Resolved that Young President of this Board be and he is hereby directed to appoint one member of this Board to confer with General Ferguson Mr Harry Jacobs Chief of the Board of State Engineers Attorney General Gaston Porterie and the President of this Board at such a date as may be hereafter fixed in an effort to Becure proper modifications and explanations relative to the width and design of the Eudora spillway and the proposed contracts of option to be submitted to the land owners for their execution Upon the adoption of the above resolution by unanimous vote the President of the Board appointed Commissioner Hill On motion of Commissioner Ratcliff seconded by Commissioner Hill the following bills were approved and payment authorized: Standard Office Sup Co Cleaning typewriter 700 Telephone Company Services at Lake Provi dence Tallulah Newellton St Joseph and Ferriday 6637 Watson Travel expenses as time keeper under theWPA 2700 Testa Bar Material used for Kempe levee 2500 Kempe levee Hill 2100 Kilpatrick 3000 Ratcliff 1200 Expense of trip to Baton Rouge to confer with Gov Leche on spillway Hewes 1221 A Palmer 1780 SchneiderJ 785 Expense of trip to Baton Rouge to confer with Gov Lecher on spillway guest of this Board Ed Strickler 10800 Jimmie Graves 10800 Guarding levee 30 days 360 per day Thereupon the Board adjourned YOUNG President Attest: EILEEN MONCRIEF BROOK MAYS RELIABLE I I ri tt 0 A phone call will bring you the interesting facts to prove the extra value of any GMC truck that fits your needs Or better still come in and see them inspect them thoroughly and compare them critically Tens of thousands of truck buyers have already proved that an investment in a GMC is assurance of extra value Tin is paymnnh through our own YMA Plan at lowest available rotas YOU WILL FIND If 8b TOTALS LITTLE ROCK Rouse lb Hawkins cf Roberson rf Cole 3b Pickett 2b Peat Johnn Johnson sa Carroll Freeman Score By Innings: Tallulah 501 200 Little Rock 000 101 Sunday afternoon May 23 the Owls will cross bats with the strong Shreveport Tigers who won the championship of Louisiana last year The game will be called at 3:30 Come out and see the locals battle the boys State Press Urges Taxes Be Equalized A powerful new influence has been added to the movement for legislative reconsideration of the Louisiana severance tax on sulphur in the form of a resolution adopted by the Louisiana Press Association in its annual convention at Bunkie urging downward revision of the severance tax The formal action of this influential group climaxing a short week in which the movement gained statewide interest and won virtually unaimous chompionship by individual and group business and professional-leaders was regarded as one of the most significant of all the many official expressions The Press resolution noting that is now on the verge of an unprecedented era of industrial progress and much headway has been made in attracting new industries and payrolls to Louisiana as a result of the constitutional amendment adopted last November which gives the Governor authority to exempt new industries for a period of 10 years1 goes on to take cognizance of the conspicuous flaw in the attitude of fair treatment and welcome industry and that is the existence of a severance tax that is out of line with that of other In the week since public demand for this readjustment began to make itself felt open letters and resolutions have been prepared and adopted by such other important groups as the New Orleans Clearing House Association the Traffic Club of New Orleans the All-South Development Council the Young Business Club 'of New Orleans and the Louisiana Retail Lumber and Building Material Association Advices from Baton Rouge indicate that in addition to these communications and others from community Chambers of Commerce many individual business men have addressed telegrams or letters to the office urging thorough consideration of the effects of the $2 tax raised from 60 cents in July 1986 on vigorous bidding for new industries with a view to modifying it to remove this in the taxation picture A point made in the All-South Development open letter was that: addition to this tax inequity (compared to Texas where the sulphur tax ia $108) Louisiana sulphur production has natural disadvantages arising from unfavorable location extreme geological difficulties and the presence of contaminating oil in the extracted sulphur which means either that the sulphur must be sold at some discount or put through an extra and very costly refining process to bring it to a degree of purity comparable to that of sulphur produced in Thus there is need the council said in a press statement accompanying the letter for assuring Louisiana sulphur developers that they will have at least no more governmental handicaps put in the way of expansion and exploration than do producers in Texas The Clearing House resolution set forth that summarization of factors both immediate and of future importance nvolved in the obvious inconsistency of this tax leaves no doubt the minds of forward-looking persons and groups that it has had discouraging effects on outside capital which Louisiana has been seeking to At another point the statement said is the consensus of this association that allowing this tax to remain at the present figure stands in glaring contrast to the theory of tax-exemption for new The open letter by the lumber association said in part: the factors affecting the success of the movement current throughout the south to present a Stat' of Louisiana Parish of Madi-im Sixth District fouiL Succession of Salo Decease Probate Docket 1S3 to 'a ivii'li-r the re si aa i Succession May 10th pu: lie notice is pyn application iy 're 1 Furti Abreii Aioini- this Sucre -'i to a i-' en pnierf lit icintiy with cic I'oi ti Ai i ir a will M'il sUl-Vlig proll-t munity of t'- d- Ileli no Kahn ail! construction Finan i in i the proportions of iut i i the total in -rtgag ind lit dn resting on ii full ati-l- -i and payment of th nnimic du said Mrs Mel K-h and th-' Rcconsti uclion Fin rn- CiMporn- -o-iai tion rccuivd by a mortgage on the property i jin the inventory of said Sure'' ion to-wit poition of with a the buildings and iniprovem thereon ami ail of the right privileges sen ituib i-ppurt ia -ces and advantages th -r t'no lolling or in situated in the Sixth In-tiict New Orleans in Square 33 ui i-J ed by Lowerline hn and Hickory St designate' -I by th 1 1 -ter on plan of A t'rr dated Jan 3 192-1 anm-v- i() an act of Benedict da January 21 1924 ii'-inc -1 feet on Pine St by pth of fet between aiall 1 lie front on Cohn St (cormri Th-improvements thir-rm rue dg kp-j ed by the municipal No I c32 See inventory mad by 1 Heller Notary Public in and -r Orleans Parish on 9 193G for a more det ile-l description Let all those whom it may con- cem including the lu-ir- make op-1 position if they think lit to the granting of said application wit in ten (10) days from the date wh re- on this notice first appears Witness my hand and ofilcid seal at Tallulah La this day of May 1937 (SEAL) IiAUVEY Clerk Sixth Judicial District Court Madison Parish Lit A true copy of the original Attest: HARVEY 28-3t Clerk Sixth Di-trict Court MADISON PARISH POLICE JURY ORDINANCE Ordinance No 134 An ordinance regulating the oper- ation of coin or check controller machines and other machanical apparatus played for pleasure skill tokens or merchandise in Hie Parish of Madison Louisiana levying a tax thereon and providing for the destruction of ichi any machines operated in violation of this ordinance Be It Ordained By the Police Jury of Madison Parish Louisiana in regular session convened: Section 1 That all persons or firms operating coin or check controlled machines and other mechanical apparatus played for pleasure skill tokens or merchandise doing business within the territorial limits of the Pari of Madison Bhall pay an annual privilege tax of $100000 for each machine operated Section 2 Be It Further Ordained that there be and there is hereby excepted from the above tax levy any such above scribed machines which are operated by the American Legion the recipts of which machinis is used for charit-: able purposes Section 3 Be It Further Ordained that said license tax for the year 1937 is due and payable on or before the 15th day of May 1937 Section 4 Be It Further Ordained that any machines found in operation after the 15th day of May 1937 upon which said license has not been paid shall be seized tiff by the Sheviff of Madisorn Parish and destroyed instanta and the owner or operator of such machines shall be subject to a fine of not less than Ten ($1000) Dollars or more than One Hundred (10000) Dol-' lars or 30 days in jail or both at COMPANY PIANO Company MONROE LA Mississippi Telephone 138 Delta Olds-Pontiac Company PHONE 44 TALLULAH LA GENERAL MOTORS TRUCKS AND TRAILERS LIMITING AUTO POWER NEXT A report submitted to the accident prevention conference organized by the department of commerce is a' straw in the wind giving a clear warning as to the direction preventive efforts may be forced to take if present efforts fail to get adequate results in the reduction of useless slaughter on the highways The government committee asserts that high speed and poor lighting account for the major part of the highway accident deaths of last year The reason often assigned for the present high speed construction of cars is that it enables drivers to extricate themselves from hazardous situations But if they are used to create still more hazardous situations for the innocent as well as the reckless something will have to be done about it Dayton (Ohio) Journal FIFTH LA DISTRICT LEVEE BOARD HOLDS SPECIAL MEETINGS At a special meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Fifth Louisiana Levee District held at its office in Tallulah La on May 11 1987 the President having called the meeting to order all Commissioners were present On motion of Commissioner Ratcliff seconded by Commissioner Webb the minutes of the preceding meeting were adopted without being read On motion of Commissioner Ratcliff seconded by Commissioner Hill the action of Young President of this Board in agreeing to pay for any damage to crops resulting from the operations of the dredge by the Government making a fill for the protection of the Vidalia levee is hereby ratified and approved On motion of Commissioner Hill seconded by Commissioner Crothers it was resolved that this Board appear before the Hon Richard Leche Governor of the State of on a day to be fixed by him and discuss with him matters affecting the proposed options for the Eudora spillway and It was further resolved that a committee composed of the Presidents of the Police Juries and of the School Boards of East Carroll Madison Tensas and Concordia parishes be requested to join this Board in the trip to Baton Rouge for the discussion with Governor Leche and It was further resolved that General Harley Ferguson be advised of this meeting and be requested if he so wishes to attend the same or send a representative On motion of Commissioner Hill seconded by Commissioner Ratcliff permits to construct fences across the levees in this District and th grazing of cattle thereon were granted to the following named persons to-wit: George Carbone Bravenac On motion of Commissioner Webb seconded by Commissioner Shields the following bills were approved and payment authorized: Hornsby Service Station Supplies for General car Fleming Insurance on Inspector car Hill A Son Insurance on Asst State Engineer car inn: Standard Office Sup Co- 18361 62 66 Monroe Office Equip Co fn Supplies for office Concordia Bk Trust Co byCom Shields! Dave Goodfellow Guarding sand boil Lipscomb 17167 2268 ense of trip to Washington attending National Rivers and Harbors Congress as a guest of this Board 15855 Amacker Cleaning State line canal 24000 Thereupon the Board" adjourned YOUNG President Attest: EILEEN MONCRIEF At a special meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Fifth Louisiana JLevee District held at its office in Tallulah La on May 17 1987 the President having called the meeting to order all Commissioners were present except Commissioners Yerger and Shields On motion of Commissioner Hill seconded by Commissioner Webb the minutes of the preceding meeting were adopted without being read On motion of Commissioner Hill seconded by Commissioner Webb the following resolution was unanimously adopted: Whereas some years back there was sold by this Board the timber on the east half of the southwest quarter of Section 20 Towndiip 20 North Range 11 East for the sum of $106000 and Whereas the title of the Board to the said land was questioned by the Carroll Land Co Ltd! and an agreement was made between the Board and the paid company that Auoimtt 2 't 'J I 1 Vs 1-' I i i "LEADS THE BREAD IN THIS BREAD TERRITORY in? A 3TEULAIL More People VACATION The Brook Mays Company dealers in fine Pianos for half a century can give you the best instrument obtainable for the price you wish to pay fail to see and hear the wonderful Knabe Grand or the lovely new Musette and Betsy Ross Spinet Pianos before you buy or if you want a good used piano for a small amount of money and on easy terms write us at once and we will arrange for you to see them right in your own home without obligating yourself in any way THE pleasures and benefits of travel and relaxa ADDRESS Brook Mays if cotton and cam could talk say exactly the same thing tt 'NATCHEL Sody ease suh Unde Natcl tion are enjoyed each year by thousands of Americans The ytravel in a manner that kings of an earlier day could not command on sea by rail over super-highways in the air Money makes these vacations possible from research to develop new transportation to the purchase of a ticket that opens new worlds to the individual FREE STORAGE FOUR HOURS FREE STORAGE ANY TIME BETWEEN SAM And 6 Plenty of nitrogen quick-acting more than 30 elements in Nature's own wise balance and blend Your money will buy a vacation for you bring you more than ever before dollar dollar Realizing the difficulty of parking down town while in Vicksburg shopping or on business the risk of bent fenders and inclement weather we are offering this four hour FREE parking to all automobile owners of Madison Parish TALLULAH STATE BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation TALLULAH LOUISIANA Storage Garage Vicksburg 1413 Walnut Street.

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