Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 2, 1931 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
Page 5
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Custom Hatching EGGS AttE CHEAP NOW I The outlook Is gbdd for fair poultry and egg prices next winter. It will pay you to have us hatch your [eggs for you. Now $2.00 per 100 Eggs We have some leghorn Pullets for sale. A.W.Behrends [BAST S'TATE STREET PHONE o-j FREE! BABY CHICKS With each 14-ft. Brooder House sold in April we will give, FREE OF CHARGE, 125'baby chicks. With each 12-ft. brooder house we will give 100 baby chicks. Just pick out your favorite breed. Botsf ord Lumber Co. M. J. POOL, Mnngaer Phone 256 lenlsay 'Howdy neighbor! 9 • . I mean it" • "My neighbor and I both take our butterfat, eggs and poultry to the nearest Swift & Company produce plant and get spot cash for them, It makes no difference how much we raise, Swift & Company takes it at the going market price as fast as we can deliver. "Swift & Company employes give me the same treatment as they do my neighbor. There are 200,000 of us who deliver our produce to the Swift & Company plants. "it makes a smooth-running, cooperative system which works for the best interests of producer, manufacturer and consumer. Because; "l. The producer (that's me) doesn't have to worry about local gluts or shortages. He always has a market based on national demand. He always gets his money. "2, The manufacturer (that's Swift & Company) has a tremendous source of supply -* (Setting the best that's produced. Swift also has a gjre^t distributive system that supplies retailer? all over the country. "3,The consumer (that's you) gets the finest quality foods, in a fresh and sanitary con- ditipn, much pf it grown and prepared right here in ypijr p wn home town by your own taaljty BrookfieW and Golden West KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALCANA IOWA WESLEY WOMAN ORGANIZER FOR RY, PEJSIONS Wesley, Mar. 31—Mrs. Ben Hopkins went to Brltt, Garner, and Ventura Saturday, nnd has recently been to Sanborn and Spencer, as an organizer for the National Railway kmploye*' Pension association, which hns headquarters In Chicago. She had good success. Local clubs are organized, which hold meetings- Ragle hall, Mnson City, being the meeting point for this locality. The organization Is to promote a plan for having the employes' pensions under government supervision, since such railroads as now pay pensions may arbitrarily discontinue them at any time. Efforts will Bo towards the passing of a national law, under which funds would be collected and distributed by the Inter-state Commerce commission. The plan would Include the payment by employes of a certain proportion of wages Into a common fund and It would thus partake of the nature of Insurance. Mrs. Hopkins has received a commendatory letter from the national secretary. I'nstor Preaching n t Klcnimo— The Methodist Aid met last week Wednesday with Mrs. Raymond Hanson, and there was a large attendance. Seven dollars was taken in. The Rev. C. H. Moore will go to Klemme Thursday, and In the even- Ing speak at the Rev. Mr. Whyte's church, where special services are being, held during Holy week. Easter S. S. Program Planned- Services were held at the Congregational church Sunday morning. Communion services will be held :hls week Thursday evening. An "aster program will be given by unday .school pupils after Sunday school next Sunday morning. There will be special Easter music at the Methodist church. Mrs. Albert Miimma Going Home— Elson Braley Is expected home this week Wednesday from Iowa ~!ity, to spend his spring vacation. Mrs. Albert Mumma and her little son will start this week Friday for Long Beach, following a three months' visit with her parents, the Harry Braleys. •arsnimgo to be Repainted— The Methodist Aid is to furnish lew paint for the parsonage, and board members and other members or friends of the church are this A-eek engaged In scraping off old paint. It Is thought local men will tlo the painting also. Club Told of State Parks— The Study club met with Mrs. Bleich last Mrs. Alfred son, on State Parks of Iowa. Mrs. Thursday afternoon. Erdman gave the les- Mumma gave two one-act plays. Mrs. Bonnstetter and Mrs. E. R. Swanson were guests. .Juniors Flan One-Act Comedies— The Juniors are trying an experiment this year, and will give three one-act comedies, Instead of one play of three acts. The titles are: Crossed AVlrea, Mother was Right, and Sardines. They will be sented In about two weeks. pre- Euster Services at St. Joseph's— Services will be held at St. Joseph church at S a. m. Thursday, and 7:30 Thusday evening, Friday 'and Saturday at S a. m. Easter Sunday, services will be set ahead one-half hour, and until further notice will be at 7:30 and at 10 a, m. Felts Will Come Home Soon— . Mrs. Ben Felt writes friends from Rockledge, Fla., that she, her husband, and their granddaughter are enjoying themselves and are In good health. The fruit crop In that region Is splendid. The group will start for home in seven weeks. for at 7. Epwortli League Rally Here— The Epworth v League" rally this sub-district will be held Wesley Tuesday evening, April The local League puts on the program and serves "eats." Games will be played in the basement. Shower Honors Edna Loebig.— A miscellaneous slfower was given for Edna Loebig Sunday afternoon. The Ed Loebig family moved into the A. A. Studer day. house last Thurs- Seniors Observe "Senior I>ny"— Last Friday the Seniors went to Mason City for their "Senior day," and they had pictures taken at the Russell studio. Arthur Ward Reported Sick— Arthur Ward, Algona, who has many relatives at Wesley, Js-report-: ed sick with Intestinal flu. Arthur's son John called Friday on W. P. Giddings. Aid to Have Bake Sale — The Methodist Aid will hold a bake sale at the Kraus store this week Saturday. Other Wesley News. Mr. and Mrs, Ellsworth Hutchinson,, Madison, S. D., came last week Tuesday to visit his parents, the Wm. Hutchlnsons. The senlpr Mrs. Hutchlnson accompanied them to Fort Dodge, where her daughter Mary Joined the party. ^.11 then went to Laurel to visit Mi\ and Mrs. Curtis Benskln, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Falrcloth, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hutchineon. The Methodist W. F.'M. S. met Friday afternoon with Mrs. Fred Dlekman. The meeting was well attended and very interesting. Half of chapter four of A Cloud of Witnesses was studied, and Mystery Box questions answered. The next monthly meeting will be with Mrs Moore. Harry Hultgren, Kenyon, Minn., accompanied, by a friend, visited Saturday and Sunday at John Hutchison's.- The boys will also visit Wallace Donovan and Mike Gahen before returning. Harry formerly lived here. Palm Sunday was observed at the Methodist church with appropriate services. The choir gave a special number. The Palms, Mr*. Lawrence Hansen singing the soprano as - eolo. * -. , A.newly organized Young Peoples society wUl hold services at the Congregational church next Svw evening, an* will continue to 4o on/ alternate weeks, when there are regular ehujrch services. s. Robert Kirschbaum, Miss Kyle ias returned from Burt to her position at Hugh McCutchln's, and Mrs. John Ormshy Is thus released. Mr. and Mrs. Guy C. Glddlngs and AVO daughters, and Mrs. Fred Ringsdorf, Burt, visited W. P. Old- dings Sunday. "Grandpa" Is slowly mproving. Mrs. Bertha Looft, her daughters, 3rnoo and .Tohnette, and Mrs. Schutter visited Sunday afternoon (it the M. A. Plngle home, Ledyard. Audra and Irma D. Benton, both Minneapolis, came Saturday evening to spend the week-end with their parents. Mrs. E. Goodnow, Algona, came Sunday afternoon to visit relatives and friends a few days. Mrs. .lorgen Skow went to Claremont last Thursday to visit her father, Mr. Nelson, who was ill. Mrs. Fred Amesbury and her daughter Clara, Algona, were Sunday guests at John Amosbury's. Mrs. John Hutchison returned from New Providence laet week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Glddlngs drove to Kanawhti Monday. Michael Wlngert has 'been sick with flu for the last week. WHITTEMORE GIRLS' QUINT IOWA'S BEST Whittemoro, Mar. 31 Whitte- Into the contests :ome extent, for more's girls' team defeated Gllmore 28-27 In a basketball district tournament at Plover a week' ago Saturday. Winning this tournament entitled the locals to a free trip to Des Moines to take part In state championship contests last Saturday. Nearly 300 teams had started in contests Cor the honor of playing in the state championship rounds, and to be one of the eight survivors in elimination contests was an honor that Whittemore does not hold lightly. In the tournament at Plover, Whittemore drew Seneca for her first game. The teams were to have played a week ago Thursday, but for reasons best known to the Sen- e.ca coach the game was postponed till Friday. Whittemore then went handicapped to one of her star players, Ruth Carlisle, had been ill and was able to play only a few minutes. •But drawing Seneca for the first game\lid not bring tears to the eyes of the Whittemore girls, for both they and their coach felt that they had better than an even break, even though handicapped. At the end of the game Whittemore was ahead, 24-17. Whittemore has a clean group of basketball players, and can thank the coach, F. J. Rochforcl, for good playing. When it comes to coaching, he has no superior i n the county. Wlilttemore is proud of her girls. As for Seneca, if that school wants all the breaks it will have to play just a little better. Whittemore has only 14 girls in high school. Two are unable to play, but the other 112 are on the team; including three freshmen. Josephine Langerman was picked as all-star jumping center on a state team at Des Moines. Following are the games In which Whittemore played at Des Moines: Whittemore 19, Centerville 20; Whittemore 23, Ida Grove 8; Whittemore 24, Lament 12. PAQBnVB Twenty Years Ago Advance, April 0, 11)11. Frank Nlconlln had died suddenly of heart disease on the eve of departure for the South, t t t Hunting licenses had then been required only a short time, and a Ledyard tiler was the first victim of the new law, when he was Caught hunting without one. C. II. t t t Hutching, representative, had Introduced a bill calling for senatorial redlstricting. The 1910 census had revealed glaring misrepresentation. Today, 20 years later, the state has not yet been redistrist- ed, misrepresentation is worse than ever, and the constitution continues to be flouted by the lawmakers themselves. ' t t t E. O. Ilowyer and Jos. W. Wadsworth were principals In a, dramatic incident at the opening meeting of a city council meeting. Bowyer claimed election, though Wadsworth received the most votes, the claim being based on Irregularity In filing the ticket on which Wadsworth's name appeared. When the council assembled Bowyer took the chair and rapped for order. He was then Informed that W. M. Galbraith, newly elected councilman from the Second ward had not arrived, and that the rest of the council was waiting for him. The situation was tense when Galbraith arrived. After he had removed his coat and hat, Wadsworth rose from another chair and asked Bowyer to give up the mayor's seat. Bowyer inquired the reason, and Wadsworth replied that he had been legally elected mayor and had qualified. Mr. Bowyer disputed the claim of legality and announced that he was determined to organize the council. Wadeworth then turned to Marshal Hackman and ordered the offi- der to remove mayor's chair. Bowyer from the Hackman started to DR, GLEN NAUDAIN IS MADE MAJOR IN OFFICERS CORPS Dr. G. G. Naudain, Rock Hill, s. C., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Naudain, has been notified that he has been promoted to major in the Officers' Reserve Corps, chemical warfare division. Doctor Naudain took a written, .oral, and physical examination for the rank some time ago. He was commissioned captain some years ago. The doctor is head of the chemistry department of Winthrop college, a girls' school at Rock Hill; Wins Scholastic Honors. Winona, Minn., Mar, 31 — In recent examinations at the College of Saint Teresa, Winona, Frances Zen- cler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Zender, Algona, received honors in the following subjects; liturgy, Spanish, paragraph writing, public speaking, college algebra, history of music, music.methods, and harmony, * obey, but Bowyer surprised everybody by yielding peaceably and leaving the room. A huge crowd which had. packed the chamber to see the battle then broke up. t t t A. B. Corey, formerly of Kossuth, was to retain his post as acting secretary of the Iowa State fair through 1911. The secretary had died. Later Mr. Corey was appointed secretary, and he has retained the position ever since, t t t The Methodist Brotherhood in a formal resolution, approved closing of the carriers' windows at the postoffice on Sundays. It had been customary for the carriers to sort their mail and hand it out on call every Sunday morning, t t t . The Elk Puntatorium had moved into quarters vacated by the Worster & Shilts barber shop, which had been moved to a new location in the former Anderson & Bailey meat market. The barber firm had purchased new furniture, t t t Robert TJ. McGetclile, brother of the late Roy McG'etchie, had died at Ca&selton, N. D. A sister, Mrs. James Taylor, and Roy attended the funeral. t t t A'entiira was being boomed as an ideal spot for an Algona summer colony. A petition asking that Milwaukee trains stop at the station was being circulated by Mrs. Nan- Dickinson, F. S. Norton, and W. H. Burke, graveling of roads into Algona. t t t Helen Cowles .and James Le Cron had been married at Des Molnee in a notable wedding. The pair had met while both were attending Northwestern university. Mr. Le Cron was secretary to the governor of Wyoming. t t t Senator Chubb had been sick abed. Me had been in poor health for some time. t t t William Korrect, Swea township farmer, _had bought a 3 h. p. gasoline traction engine for use In plow- Ing. This was the start of the tractor In Kossuth. t t t Kd Hinder, Wesley railroad grading contractor, had shipped horses, mules, and machinery to Moosejaw, Sa.sk., where his crew was to 'be employed on a Canadian Pacific railroad extension. t t t A new town had been Incorporated nt the Minnesota tip of Spirit Lake, and several saloons were to be operated. t t t Two Germans who had just come to the United States discovered that they had been hoodwinked when they tried to change a $50 Confederate bill at the bank of Llvermore t t t Jj. H. Mayne, Emmetsburg, had spoken at a meeting of the local Methodist Brotherhood on the responsibility of man to man. CREAM SCORING WILL HAVE A YEAR'S TRIAL AT WESLEY Wesley, Mar. 31 — In accordance with a vote taken at the Wesley Farmers' creamery meeting in February, scoring of cream by an Ames expert has been intrpduced. Printed cards are given patrons, having blanks for the insertion of figures on various points, such as richness, flavor, etc. The scheme will be tried one year as an experiment, and during that time no difference will be made in prices for various grades. It is announced that the Ames representative will come once a month. Modern Plumbing Fixtures With summer just around the corner, you should have your plumbing thoroughly looked over and repaired. If you need new plumbing fbo tures, or if you wish to modernize your bath room, laundry or kitchen, you will find our prices distinctly lower. Let. us estimate on your plumbing needs, without obligation. Laing&Muckey Phone 274. . nie Setchell, who owned a there. Lots on Ventura cottage Heights were also owned by D. J. Mitchell, Elvira Seastream, Ida Anderson (Leffert), and Lettie Matson. t t t Duck hunting' had 'been especially good. Barbers Carl Wauge and Ross Stebbins had brought down nine in one morning, and Chester Ward had shot 12. t t t . Fred, Anderson, county treasurer, was laid up with appendicitis. . t t t Six' Inches of snow had fallen in a blizzard. • t t t Commercial club committees included M. P. Haggard and W. K. Ferguson, county automobile club; the Rev. O. H. Holmes, J. F. Overmyer, Dr. M. J. Kenefick, and Dr. Walter Fraser, Boy Scouts; L. J. • STATEMENT OF CONDITION OF People's Savings Bank organized under the laws of Iowa, located at St. Benedict, In the .County of Kossuth, at the close of business on the 25th day of March, A. D. 1931. -RESOURCES Loans and Discounts, Bonds and Securities .-•- Overdrafts Banking House —. ,...-.. —| Furniture and Fixtures ___.. Other real estate owned Due from banks and bankers, cash and cash items Other assets (including expense in excess of profits). Tax Receipt acct.— 1,000.00 2,000,00 142,100.47 120.22 3,000.00 43,981.35 16,891.68 5,267.89 10,000.00 7,500.00 1,012.60 i.opoloo 80,269.57' 2,897.97 $ 211,361.61 17,600.00 2,012.60 186,849.01 None ' None' Total Resources -J—,-- : LIABILITIES Capital Stock _,-._ .__. .— Surplus fund •— Undivided profits (after deducting expenses) — TT.T Reserved for depreciation ,..'— .individual deposits subject to check Time certificates of deposit---— —— 103,681.47 Demand certificates, certified checks cashier's checks & unpaid dividends Due clearing house _—•—---„ ; , Bank overdrafts -— T —-- T ,,.-_-—-. Bills payable with Federal 'Reserve Bank Bills payable.other than with Federal Reserve Bank, _,_.,_— , Rediscounts .—————————. Total Liabilities , STATE OF IOWA. KOSSUTH C.OUNTT, BS. We, Martin Rahm, President, and E. F. Bahm Cashier, of the bank above named, do solemnly swear that the foregolns statement la full true and correct, to the bee); of pur knowledge and belief. (Bank Seal) MARTIN RABW, Present, B. F. RAHM, C**hl«r. Bworn to before we *n4 iubwribed In my pr»»enc« by Rahm and E. F- Rahm, this 8Q,th day of March, 1951. B. A,, SCHEME!,,, tw K by, J(^. l^lim and Joh» L. Rajjkopf, Director,. MONEY TO LOAN —on— EASY TERMS READY CASH . SERVICE We loan you money on a few minutes notice, in amounts from $50.00 to $300. Phone or call on ue, as our method is quick, courteous and confidential. We lend on household furniture and automobiles, and allow you to repay in 20 small monthly payments. HAWKEYE FINANCE CO. Represented by CUNNINGHAM & LACY 107 W. State Street. Phone 598 ANTHRACITE A BITUMINOU5 YO' KIN BE SHO DAT DE LUMBER VO E&NOOTON&SON AIN'T DE KINO USED AAAKIN' FENCES ^ BALLPARKS/ Lumber is not the only material sold that is afflicted with knot holes, but you will find the building supplies carried by F. S. NORTON & SON remarkably uniform and free from blemish. Call at our yards or phone No. 229. F. S. NORTON & SON Algona, Iowa Phone 229 Condensed Statement of Condition • I KossuthCounty | State Bank | Algona - Iowa • , , • ^j . * . , . = as made to the State Banking Department at the close of business | March 25, 1931 ' RESOURCES Loans to our customers Overdrafts Banking House, Furniture and Fixtures- Other Real Estate , State, Municipal, and Other Listed Bonds Cash in Bank and Due from Banks Total quick assets. Total Resources $494,728.29 578.64 30,737.95 69,261.99 67,077.75 291,461.07 Capital Stock Surplus Undivided Profits and Reserve TOTAL DEPOSITS 50,000.00 20,000,00 4,215 69 879,680,00 Fifty-eight years of service and safe banking in Kossuth County. The Pioneer Bank " .

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