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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • 22

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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rr- rTr' r.TTTTTKt'X1 mm mm -j- 1 SUNDAY, Dacembar 8, 2002 2 LOCAL THE OAKLAND TRIBUNE I i COMMUNITY iv Calendar preservation partners for- honored s. -II h. Chances to LEAritf J- Today D6CUS90N ThaMagnaa Muaaum ''I Malay proa am Vaaia aid Main-. iaa on Hnv fcaa w4h muMum ackniaainn; S4aduteC3aarionandaludanninuaaum i. -v- hance the 018 heritage.

We wish to hooor projects both? downtown and la die neighbor- mantel and cNkftan unda 12 Hi; 2011 Rum St. 15)581-80001 Ongoing hoods," ays Pamela Maguuwn i years swards Peddle, head of this committee. We fed the special ef-fiarts of the fidks involved In these projects enhance our combined his- to. TJU tt exxl ame of yrer ce8scs The awards were announced at Friday's OHA Annual Meeting, Shirley Gee was honored fitf 7 yarliMriliig Hi PaHfnma Inter11 tlonal Dragon Boat Festival, now in Its sixth year, and lor hosting the Merritt. U.

nationals at Lake cuLTURALHERiTAGE survey- oka AWARD vvbiner Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California was merly the Scottish Rite Temple, built In 1908 on Madison Street in dorn townOakiand. i hlblt with a View," an instaUa- Utm were the Wakefield Building on tkm now located at Portvlew Park. 17th Street In downtown Oakland; -Also the Reglllus Apartments near Lake Merritt; the Linden Homes Project In West Oakland; and the Islamic Cul- people haye contributed Jo the Bowing success of this project hut the driving force from the beginning dltlon to extensive street Improve- has been Ms. Gee. says Magnuaon ments and neiriy Installed light Peddle.

Mandardsscolorfiil banners alone the a fcvent produced by Allea Temple Bap- by tkm for a series of street-art posters aqactlng Oakland kffpd. tnral lanomaritt. itoccimig on Dmair. sriwy pardiff. Bnicc Lm a cfthe team that oversaw the $5.4, Uvraan million project to completion was project manager JqrMusante of Oak- A land's house dll 1th Avenue brought back to life by new pwner Sam Cohen re- cetved an award lor successful reha-bllltatlan.

'v f-'' Other buildings receiving recogil- flaagitlBii mwiih Betty RaHUng-conceived of reviving the gospd amigjplay by Langston giugjbes some years ago. What started as a small performmffe tjfilb hMiicnisdc cort nines has pwn to indude several rhflilrwi nnH aiTiilf riamwa and AS atngers. Alao.honored for his leader ship in bringing the nattvlty back to Hegenberger Road from Inter state 880 to Oakland International Airport aa an award winner. In ad acknowledged were Terry Um, aphlc designer for the project his- torlan Woody Minor and Ross A local artist oi Called the received recogni- and JiiUa C--) tural Center of Northern California on Madison Street, formerly the Scottish Rite Temple built in 1908. Last but not least, our committee honored former Landmarks Board Secretary Helalne Kaplan ftentlce for 28 years service In the dts Planning Department," says Magmison Peddle.

"Her work la ahrays marked with ln-' telllgence, wit, grace, humor and a generous dollop of diplomacy, ales an Inspiration toall of more Informatlou an Oils years winners, go to OHA's Web site, www.oaklandhrrltagr.oig. or call AWARD, from Local 1 A1LBI LAIIPKI ARKS life was aenlor pastor, the Rev. Dr. Allred Smith Sr. retain Iren-' sures: the Studio One art center and die historic OaremontHotd.

adilch recently achieved landmark designation, thanks to strong com- munlty siqiport IheHegenberger Corridor project, conceived as a gateway design to revitalize Investigator on cases, solving 75 percent of them. One was a 1998 case where the body still has not been found the killing, beenhla asm hla time In omlclde has Is best experience. and being able to call (foe victims) fitmily with an. wpfannHn. and gtva fliMii isiiis toUtoimto fomsome closure.

Tbe excltemait ami iulmdlne bf Tu knowing what foe dqrle going to holer Is what he likes shout being te PatroL Even though his main job ls to su- pervlseaaquadofoffloersiltlaitetnfr common for Jpyner to be foe. first to spot a wanted suspect or stolen car i he couldnt find huge documentation. Pitt became totrtened. I realised 7 Ihe-awardJoynet 8ldiJtSeaifebut two people have Non-chalanceCollectlve XtL The first time came goon alter he became an ofllcer when a gunitght between subjects resulted in his car waste when he was hfan ufidereover' role and knocked on the door of a sus pected drug dealer who-. fired a shot foe door, missing Joyner but another offloer In foe leg.

And during Us brief hiatus from foe homicide unit te September 1999, he was nearly hit by a bullet fired by a homeowner Bs he was diaslng a parole tolator Mimndh MmAtivV mnla vtolator foroughstmie back yards. te May. he ahot a paroled klller he was te arrest who was trying to wiegt his gun away from hhn. Despite foe occasional danger, Joyner eaya he loves Us Job and has no jdiui8'- foe departmenL Hls pride te bdng an Oaldandoflkxr IS ob- vlous. iSSHSs2ta peat reputation nationwide among law enforcement" It's sn honor being recomized by your peers for doing goodjob.

He also welcomes the respect he has gtuucu frwn the community and even sue- pecte." work, flie camara-, Tand nofldng ls Ukethe Born and raised In Oakland, Jcyner of the attended Bishop OTXiwd Hlgh School view room with a (suspect's) confession deriefe before actuating from tfolco High School where he transferred as. a witor senior. He jollied fim In vember 1991 and spent of foe first five yearatetheedal Duty tlhtt where he frequency worked nnAr- pover buying narcotics from dealers. u. inon to a- s' 788447 or floor, S75 Hack! I'- ADULT EDUCATION -fiae oompum phpdte fcaa man for add 50 and ddv, ValayAduft School Oatend 8794008 ll ill lE-' PEACE WALX-la Manta Naigftea Ckganaad fer Pnoa had waaMy around LAa Maria 3 a thaoot- urnna batman Grand and IMoi ava-J- num naar kanMa 580 and Grand Uka 7638712.

DBTORS AN0NVM0US -Mm? ft to pjn. Mile Cantor, 2712 Talagnph Aw, OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS. Maafogferpacptanhoancompitealy.7 tolam. Mandana Houa3B68 HomSt. Oakland 6648088 I KDS A PARENTS Today FESTIVAL Tha Fata Mbytorim Church lyto I hofctoyawntwlhdtoptoyi J- fcrKiMnaaHanulaMMnMrSoMoaand Ramadan; 6 par pm $10'P plnaa bring a poiuck dta.

5 to 8 pjn. 438 l49tfiSt.aakiande6M752. CONCERT Tha Pladmont Choira Jbyftd Saaaon at tha CSkta Skn- mona Theatai; $12 gmnL $10 toudantol antes; 3 pm, 10 Tarth St, Oakland 547.. 4441. a.

CAMRQNSTANFORO HOUSE Ihd Int aunAtag Victorian houn on UaMar- -U- LdaadaDr. Oakknd a' -m r. 'OPBt STUDIOS- "S' 100 Batatoy ad-am opan dub atria a taa'hap swlatte a2547 Eighth St 24A Boririay, 846-2812: Ongoing HAIL OF HEALTH VMS 8m ftaa -hanfcon haatfi muaaum and adanos pa a ft a a h.i a qmorioDyiwvmnoqttiM Caaa, am to 4. Tun, 2230 Baritatay, 549-1564. anKaMtihadOiOqii- OODRfSAflT-McBBumofChid-iaTa Art faataaa daa eihUlara Id tool ml krAmaLM UBJa no pHnuDoiwi CaMOTMiV sMono Tbaatoy to Saluritoy.

10 am to pm; SUntoy, noon to 5 pin, 538 Ntadi St, Sklto 2ia0ddavL4B5ffi7a Today BAZAAR Tha Uhltod MaOndht a -J wofiMn Qi owuny Ronooi ujm Church hoU tfwir annual Chritoitoi baaa, hdudng cnlto mudeand food noon to.2 i pm, 1710 CariMonSt, Barfcatoy, 8484888 I. BQATRDES-ThiCdSdhgQuboiL Mdaa todnat ridaa dh a fntoma.lM-; aavad bnk' Paddpanto diouM wav wvm wataproof gamanto and bring a changa of ckahaa and dnaa 1. pm, to 4 pm Cd Saing dubhount Bahriay Ma- pm Cd Saing dubhoi ipwwxniora. Todaiy SATE Tha Batotoy Podaa GuU od-i Slat yav wlh Ito amud hold ada Panafata Kingdonv 10 am to 6 pm da 731 Jonaa St, Bahdaa 8247031. FARMERS MARKET-CadMtonnaa malat JaA London Squad praduod bdadgoodb and tadxut Iowan fcrnld nbi ddid 10 am to 2 pm Broadway Ongoing BERKEUEY ART MUSEUM ftaa arfMofld cuntorii toud ty danoa damoraftadona and poafty 2625 Durant Am, 6420808 SEEHEi ssttSSSW He has been shot at three fones White to homicide, Joyner was kad during Us career.

763-9218, i says I tf. i L- i JOYKEI Illustrate tiiat lu sald he and Oakland SgL Robert Chen'ault teach cliwnca- ca Interviewing techniques all, over foe coimtty for foe fedoel AtebhoL Tobacco Ftrearms bureau, "As soon as foe students finid out we're- om P1 8 testant respect and altentton.w KDOl. Todays teogwrinfoB on Oakland Mb SchbaV iducadarel coaa atadoiv Chamal 18 (Chanml 27 on A7TDtoM h- KTOPTyi TodaYa local programnfog an Ote-lanA gaMmmnt sooaaa channal (Chamal lOlIndudBK GO aia HoAocaap 8 am Rulaa ft LagiriaSan 1254)2 10 sm local PTaaa tearta' dr Ho Ao-caaa and CoundAmauncariiaraa Xfcte sat Sms ft RoacL" pra-aantadbyfiaCateniliUghMyMal 11 sm FTnanas ft lAanagamaid Cam- ndftasIWtt UJO pm Communky aid Eoonomic OMriopmanCommlBas 12302 2M pm Pubic Woria Oommlnaa WOW 4 pm j- FUblc Safely 12302 2001: Manta Homaa ft Frianda I pm Condunint 4aa4ng: Oakland HadaMhpmant Aganey ft piy CPund W302 Poasca4onM raSouLBEATTVea j. Rtt wrote book LYDOW, from Local 1 reaQy isn't venr good, certain not good enough to read tills book. LucUty.

Its filkd with many many pictures. And filkd with many many pictures, what I didn't know, I wanted to know ew 1 Qmnwly rentes pngnra oniSoul Ban TvinWon KSET-TY, Chiml .27 at 25M 7M Am. 63837H an Worid VMdaWabatltfpMiwwJabLooinilncludK 4ant SoulBaatGcUHfta 8 aim; nd nooa Maaaaga to tis Bhck-Mari; LouaFantotoa NaSon of Uamr Im Goapn BaatMthYoungTumar erything, he says. So photocopied these photos and went around frying te find out what foe photog-apher had seen. To m-YDOLNawnal laia.

-BOutorca Laaming Igat-KDOLIndtoHour 4 pm Oakland Talant Shonwaas Igm-KDOLNawal -iV I tea Tftna Madc ktowmart JKuSBlSSSl. wAhBartiaraRouaaalaiidMadUa Grogan Miunaawuarimu- ajaandlfpiaRavalaiionaGoapat lIpja-KDOLkidtoHaur MuafelteteawMiObandtenniSandan Fr." WMMLRQDLOVQ thereto hanfp stale. 'In 1963, Plttwhphadgrownupte Detroit went to Paris to stixtymtme with noted teacher Etienne Decroux. He foouit hewould stay cmlyflveorstx months. He ended iq string seven years.

He lived Tn a real garret," he sm, on Avenue de rOpera, where he did dildrens theater, worked for a (xieuined photographer. did odd Jobs and tried to stay alive." Tsold the New York Ttmea on the streets for two years a la Jean Seberg to Breathless. he didnt know any of the stuff for the book. There were huge parts of Paris that I never explored, which I around with these old photos and come across die same view. It was stun-, nhtf.

I wanted to read book that would explain to me what Paris was about, but it didnt cxlisL so IJiad to write tt. It took five years. Pitt went back to Paris two, three or four tlmes.a year. Aa foe Bln0e father of an adopted son. Stephen, a student at Berkeley High, he had to keep Us trfpa short: He (fog deep tato the photo-grfolc archives of the city of Paris- "ITS a photo-driven book, he sqys.

He found 8 Frendi pubUaher and eventually had foe Idea to set the book up as a series of Two are unlquriy HaUswnann's work, hesays. One begins with Haussteann and 1 winds bade to the 13fo centmy. The fourth I' 1 1970s, BOb and TXk. Huge sections of foe city were 118 am. Evarkwaaakig Fate wfth tw MFrodlLPrioa It am.

Baiawn BUa Chriadah Oudi wh Mar Alan McNair Naaa-Gaapditeh Hawarito sm4 katJoycsTMum'-1 1 pm Soul Shoaacaaa aaldi Al BaM 3 gm- Sod Ban Spate 3 pm Goldan Goipd Muaie Vktooii wmmnreaanMaret 4 pm TTa VUaak Rteaav aakh ChauncayBajayandMarigaOnro I pm Hadth Baat ariti Dr. Gaotoay WalaonandGaofgaMaon j-. 8 Shoppaa Ban aafo Rami SandaroandHalantaafa! pm Trua Satutioria aatoi Dr.YW tey rVy.V-' ItOpif. RntofDaradiyMdGhas According to Pttt, "there are central Faria, what I call foe Parte of foe postcards. andbuter Parte where tourists lorn bewgo: I used to think Avenue delQpera tetotedta BerMqFfiom 1970 was so beautifid, but It only dated from 1879." Pttt learned this from a book of photos -he found of the Paris that existed in the, -1850a and 1860b; "Between 1853 and 1870," he way, about 20,000 Pitt was formerly known best te the Us Sdiool of Physical The' to 1988.

He has taudit at ACT and a 1991, he created an Greatrakes, who was born te 1628. So he's no stranger to obsession. envl Tfs nre nature that If I learn something 1 have to team everything about It." he says. a geat history. huffv It Is also Us na- tore, he says, to turn whatever he teams toto a performance.

He te currently doing a' aeries of lectures and dkte shows on the Parte research that consumed him. j. I did this book because I had to, he sqn. "Thta to a work of loye and THE OAKLAND MUSEUM I of adiite hebna pm oMUMoni sio orar mrang hnitoa WMmMtoys to SundR $BB8 QAKMUSEr -vt Haas a MfoB for tto daly cs4 v- sndarTSsndltwoiMsksinadMnoa toEitoBraznlkaf at ths Community Lead Vcouiat Soiwriter Perfonnii Ardat fa four lining pleasure! konmbulltall the trig boulevards you build nice wide streets so you can move troops around and constructed close tp 40,000 bufidtega George-Eugme Hans- -smann was the name attached to this transformation. It was the greatest urban Vy', y' "Much of the city's history was lost," Pttt wrote, as some of foe oldest quarters te Parte dating back to medieval and Renate- sance times crumbled." But Hanssman uT- hired a pbotoffapbn to lake plctiires of w- eryfolng be was tearing down, so theres a VhUtngt, LundwaM, Scmbun.

V. Bar fimfacrinfiiniMtiaa call 925456-0207 f. o-aMaqrnduadwtagibcalotlxem 1. and 22. Cal 841-0688 for mssrateons, ft 11 C8yscsps(unsonThuredsyssnd8undsysln Local and on 8alunlsys in Bay Area LMng.

Ctosndar Dssfc, tfit Oakland Trtxins, 401 13th SU Oakland 04612, or cal 20B4451. Fa 20M477. 1 1 i' A ytS' Jj. 'i -'jl. -'T -X.

C.C. I'-j-. -ny V. 'v. 7.

1 1 7 i i. i i I 1 1 i'J'-w i gV AsdM fo eM.

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