The Columbus Ledger from Columbus, Georgia on April 13, 1949 · 22
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The Columbus Ledger from Columbus, Georgia · 22

Columbus, Georgia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1949
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s The Columbus Ledger Columbus Go Wednesday April 13 1949 Dial WGBA: AM 620 M 951 Page Twenty -Two New York Stock Prices Price 4-6 13 30 27 9 and prices: 38 9 5 : Tobacco Stock 56 SafewaySlrsl 20l Lin nv rrMttnr nf th' “ GCJSUl in pMJlDK wC RBMJ DOlC M1 A?n cJa ndkil deceased that said deUuU havai continued without payment Ann (ranaan deceased mat said A rrtnr- thn tntrtv hai hav and tha 52 S 31 3 1 3 4-S IX 20 27 10 33 34 11 R Jh 1 M 13 fl 3 6 9 10 384 10 39 3 f5 RV 22 h Ifl3 10 14 3 37 69 flfl Younrv sh&T 10 32 3 5 SflK 33 dav 560 000 9 15 22' Jan 15i 8 the follow inc table 5 Pct of Auto Wrecks Blamed a s! BOND 'DOC DIES 4-8 13 20 27 TWO-OR-ONE SALE! 13 — criti- a m 5 8 sold -ib’ect SAVE 49' REQUENT GR ot Muscogee County My Term Reptile j 2i s p Todd H Slade S E O E N E N S b H the above S S E A R Don't miss this ONCE-IN-A-LIETIME SPECIAL 4:00 5:30 4:00 5:30 PHONE 3-1881 1327-1329 BROADWAY GREYHOUND Satisfaction Guaranteed 49c you r of 81 3 Buy one 49 tube at the regular price 183 18 20 36 6 2 9 14 1 3 5 35 tract or parcel of land Mtuate heinc in the State of Georgia Muscogee and City of Columbus and recorded in the office bya of 3 13 & 113 8 f4 9 5 a 7 1 fl 14 “55 fl 11 6 5 3-i 7 J? 11 3 fl fl 3 2 fl a JOAN TOMPKINS 5 1 9 13 17 13 12 33 16 19 16 10 4 13 40 83 33 10 flG 13 Hunter Jr Hunter Jr Ordinary !PacGasA?!cc2 Pael arrtMotor’g 38 23K 19U li TO WEST Ad- Ann the' 55 io 3 Axlike tool 4 Silver (symbol) 5 Be borne 6 Entrance 7 -Pace 8 Covering 9 Bey’s nickname -n Mrs Edith R Slade Edith R Slade Catalins Boulevard Baa Diego 6 1 1 Whole 12 Endures 17 Note of scale 20 Pennant 21 Defames 24 Church festival 26 Waken 182 --a 20 4’$ Wr'’nrlecia WhitrMotorL60 Willvs-Overland WilsonArCo’-’ e WorthinuPiM 1 g this year ro action r-Declared HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted reptile 7 Its body is covered with 4 4xd Get another 49$ tube J AT NO EXTRA COST! 27 13 125'- 18’ 9 29 31 31 23’ 17 3 24 3 26 4 18 13 lo- 45 Regrets 46 Thaw 49 Obstruction In river 51 Consumed 53 Diminutive o! Susan 55 Measure of area BEST SELLER NEW YORK — (INS) — The American Bible Society say that 6 12 10 15 1 6 10 a 17 26' GEORGIA MUSCOGEE COUNTY: L H Hubbard Guardian ot Constance C Massey has applied to me for a dischsrg from his Guardianship ot Constance C Massey this is therefore to notify all persons concerned to file their objections if any they have on or before the first Monday in May next else he will be discharged from his Guardianship as applied for H H Hunter Jr Ordinary in the Trade-name of irs Shop is owned by John L nature of said business transacted by said firm la T HICKS this the 3H son io 99 U 15' '40 Cannibalistic Killer the event They insisted thel whole thing was taken in stride Ot 2 Boys Doomed BREMEN Germany April 13 — (AP) — The death sentence was imposed yesterday on a 39-ycar- iold ship’s steward Bodo ries for the murder of two young boys He was convicted by a German court after testifying that he slew the youngsters in 1945 and 1947 while possessed with “the urge to kill someone’’ ries also told the court he cut up the body of one of his victims and served some of the flesh to his family telling them it was pork 1 BUSES DAILY TO MONTGOMERY -MERIDIAN Lfeave 7:20 10:45 AM 1 :30 PM 4:00 5 :3C 8:00 11:40 PM All that lying and Count v tit and known and designated ns all of Lot Numbered SIX 61 and the SOUTH HAL ot Lot Numb-red TWO 2' in Block Numbered THREEl3i of DeLAUNAY PLACE SURVEY according to a map and plat ot said Survey recorded in Peed Book 81 folio 32 in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Muscogee County Georgia said tract or pared being more particularly described as follows: Beginning on the north side of fiteenth Street al the southeast corner of Lot No 5 in said Block No 3 of DeLaunay Place Survey and thence running east along the north ride ot said ifteenth Street seventy-five t75i feet to the southwest corner ot Lot No 7 STATE O GEORGIA: COUNTY O MUSCOGEE: In Re: irst Avenue Record Shop 1029'1 1st Avenue Columbus' Ga Personally appeared before me the undersigned officer empowered to administer oaths in and for the State of Georgia at Large appeared John L Ausban whose address is 8803 2nd Court North Birmingham Alabama and who deposes that the busi ness conauctea Avenue Record Ausban The genera! intended to be that of retail merchant engaged in selling phonograph records needles and accessories as Agent or Dealer John L Ausban ILS) Sworn to and subscribed before me this Sth day of April 1949 Eulamae Segers Notary Public Georgia State at LargeSeab 4-13 20 age gan Ac Ch'cago ‘P Wirphmo SHADOW ON THE MOON Pictures taken through a 12-inch telescope in Los Angeles show the various stages of the moon eclipse last night the first since 1945 Picture at upper left was taken about 24 minutes after eclipse began lower right several minutes before totality was reached In Columbus the eclipse started shortly before 10 p m reached a partial blackness and then cleared to a reddish circle with a dark center $33285000 and you voted down the minimum fund for education If you had saved that money and put it in a pot you would have had more than enough for education” “People are not hogs or rabbits along the highway They Are people — human beings who have the right to live They have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” I 40's 23 S 30 to 33 61 '-y 64 Va 35 3iy Sales 1 pm GEORGIA MUSCOGEE COUNTY TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Notice is hereby given that the undersigned filed on April 9th 1949 In Superior Court of Muscogee County Georgia petition praying for change ot following names ot and from first Mr and Mrs Archag John Kumjlan to Mr and Mrs John Archag Golden second from Mfcheline Kumjlan to Mlcheline Paulette Goldin and third from Lillian Kumjlan to Lillian Mary Golden Any objections to granting of said petition must be filed on or before first Monday m August 1949 the date set lor hearing of said petition Mr and Mrs Archag ’John Kumttan for themselves and for and In behalf of their minor children Micheline and Lillian Kumjlan By Roserstrauch & Rothschild Attorneys for Petitioners Pub: 4-13 20 27 5-4 HURRY! This doesn’t happen every day! Two 49f tubes of America’s shampoo sensation for the price of one! Today buy it try it and then— tonightshow him how much lovelier your hair can look after a Lustre-Creme shampoo Not a soap not a liquid Lustre-Creme is a rich-lathering lanolin-blessed cream shampoo Leaves hair fragrantly clean free of loose dandruff soft manageable sparkling with sheen and natural beauty It’s the buy of the year! You save 49? Hurry! Offer good for limited time only Snap it up today before dealer stocks of tills special “two-for-one-bargain” are sold out GEORGIA MCSCOGE COUNTY: LIBEL roil DIVORCE in tn- superior court 1943 Zonffrproding N Y stock sales Approx 1 p m ‘0 Mrs 810 California: Yon arc hercbv commanded to be and appear at the next term of the Superior Court to be held In and for said Muscogee County Georgia on the first Monday in Mav next men ana mere the Plaintiff s complaint in stated case WITNESS the HONORABLE ORT Judge nt said Court 26th dev of rhruarv 1949 H G 'Suggs Deputy Clerk Pub 3-2 9 4-6 13 reduction in traffic Lt E S Burke supsafety education for said the 16-1!) traffic caused five per cent 10 n Noon 56i Sunset today 7:08 p m Sunrise tomor- j pm arow r-iz a m IKMI’IHAll RIS IN OTHER CITI I S so stock dividend or split-up k-Dcclarrd or paid this year an accumulative sue with dividends in arrears p-Pald dividend ommttted deferred or taken at Iasi dividend meeting 1949 pavable in 1950 y-Liquidatlng dividend a-Payable In stock exact cash value under'ermlned on declaration date H H Hunter Jr Ordinary 4-6 13 20 27 PanhardlePAR20g raramPi'difresS ccrned to Hie their objections if any they Lave cn or before the first Monday in May next else he will be discharged from his Guardianship as applied for H H Hunter Jr Ordinary 4-6 13 20 27 99 3 6 6 15 7 : n f I equipment from box cameras on- 13 Slow (music) 14 Ability 15 Texas (ab) 16 Small portions io Sheltered side ISGreeK letter 19 Babylonian deity 20 Mexican shawls 22 Preposition 23 Printing term 25 Animal fat 27 Rip 28 War god 29 Symbol tor selenium 30 Negative reply 31 Tantalum (symbol) 32 Dutch (ab) 33 Entry 35 Jacob’s brother (Bib) 38 Infrequent 39 Remainder 40 Giant king Bashan 41 Improves 47 Pronoun 48 Bow 50 Worth 51 ruit drink 52 Expunged 54 Click beetle 56 Decorous 57 Strain VERTICAL 1 Most recent - Think 33 Pressed 34 Hindu poet 36 Stage whispers 37 Says 42 Always 43 Wilt 44 Chemical suftix 16 io 13 46 24" lvi4 GEORGIA MUSCOGEE COUNTY WHEREAS The ourth National Bank of Columbus as Administrator of Estate of! Wm H Odom d-ceased represents to the) Court m his netitlon duly fUed and entered on record that he has fully administered said estate: This is therefore to cue all persons concerned kindred and creditors to show cause if any they can why said Administrator should not be discharged from his administration and receive letters ot Dismission on the first Monday m May 1919 Rates of dividends in are annual disburw nients based so the last quarterly or semi-annual dec!ara-lon Unless otherwise noted special or extra dividends are not included cld-Called xd-Ex dividend rr-x rights a-A!o extra nr extras b-PI-is stock dividend d-Cash or stock e-Pald last year f-Payab’e In stock estimated rash value on ex dividend date g-Dcclarcd or paid H H and 20 rcs- Xavv Rillv K V- t v A J V 41 — W ’ a w w- - - - is stationed at arris Island S 118751 feet to a point: thence gunning west through raid Lol No 2 in said Block No 3 seventy-five 75i feet to the east line of Lrt No 1 in said Block No 3 and Uiercc running south along the east lines ot Lots No 1 and No 5 in said Block No 3 ore hundred eighty-seven and five-tenths il875 feet to the point of beginning I-oeated thereon is house No ’409 ifteenth Street according to the present numbering ot houses :n Columbus Georgia Said real estate will be sold subject tr unpaid ad valorem taxes as the property ot Mrs Lillie D Harrison SUBJECT and second tn that first scctirify deed from Mrs Lillie D- Harrison to irst ederal Savings and Loan Association of Coi-im bus tGeorgial dated September 14 1948 and recorded ia Deed Book 300 folio 324 In the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Muscogee County Georgia for the purpose of satisfying the indebtedness and obligations secured by said security deed and remaining unpaid unsatisfied and due said I C Hicks by said Mrs Lillie D Harrison and the proceeds of said sale will be applied as in the aforesaid security deed provided and a deed conveying said real estate in ee Simple will be made to the purchaser by the undersigned subject to the said first security deed outstanding to irst ederal Savings and Loen Association of Columbus (Georgia) This April 2nd 1949 t 11 r is- rv WADwmnv iBy: L C Hicks as her Attcmey-in-act 14-6 13 20 A27 1949 6 25 35 3 3 19 3 20 3 53 15' IRS 10’ 30" 10-j a nt 52 a m 52 j rainfall to date 1721 a nt 52i Yesterday's lo'-v 56 at 11:30 pm High a m 53)74 at 4 p m a in 54l Relative humidity at 7:30 a m 89 per a m 56 cent 56 GEORGIA MUSCOGEE COUNTY: LIBEL OR DIVORCE In me Superior Court of Muscogee County Ausust Term 1959 Mrs Ne”!e Atkins Vs Nelson Atkins To Nelson Atkins Box 49 Cross South Carolina: You are hereby commanded to be and appear at the next term of the superior Court to be held In and tor said Muscogee County Georgia on the first Monday m Auguvt next then and there to answer the p'aintifl s complaint in the above stated cave WITNESS the HONOR ABLE T H f c k a ort Judge ot said Court this the 1st day of Apr! 1919 H G Suggs Deputy Cierk Pub: 4-6 13 5-4 11 I12i in Block Let-SIDE ANNEX SVR-msp or plat of said full C E and re-83 folio 175 in the Previous day 850000 Week ago 92O?35 Year ago 1031X30 Two tears ago 900610 l to date 0X11834 aeo 7254-9 667 Tao tears ago 78261620 THREE INDICTED NEW YORK April 13— GP)— Three men were indicted by a Now York county grand jury yesterday in its investigation of an alleged plot to tap telephone wires 12 190 5 40 Bank Head 'Critical' After Shooting 2 Held INDIANAPOLIS April (AP) — assett Hinshaw 51 -year -old Shirley Ind bank presi dent remainea in tHdx'i 6 36 GEORGIA MUSCOGEE COUNTY WHEREAS Ruby S Myrick as Administrator ot Richard Joiner Myrick Jr rip-revent to the Court in her petition duly hied and entered oli record that she has fully administer'd said estate: This is therefore to cite all persons concerned kindred and creditors to show cause it any they can why said Administratonx should not be discharged from her administration and receive letters of IHsmtssKin on the first Monday in May 1949 H H Hunter Jr Ordinary 4-6 13 20 27 to unpaid ad valorem taxes as the property of William I ec Webb for the purpose of satisfying the indebtedness and obligationssecured by said security deed and remaining unpaid unsatisfied and due said Asw-clation by said William lee Wrbb and the proceeds of said sale will be applied as in the aforesaid security deed provided and a died conveying said real estate in ee Simple will be made to the purchaser thereof by the undersigned This April 2nd 1949 WILLIAM LEE WEBB liv: irst ederal savings and Loan As sociation of Columbus Wv- t: 7 Adams PrsMnL As Hl At tomey-in-'act April 6 13 20 & 37 1949 “Dnc” — Columbus's 1943 Vic- torv Dog — is dead lie died Monday ir- a veterinary hospital one of his masters ’said today “Doc” was the great Dane who traveled the streets in 1943 I with his masters Billy and Tom Wages of 1408 Thirty-first street rn4 Rillv Cone of 1427 Thirty - ifiru efroof ns thov sold War I Savings bonds and stamps “to j everyone we could contact” i Mrs H Wages made “Doc” a red white and blue saddle bag I in which he carried bonds stnmns and a hums on one Side nnd around town In the er Sept pictured he aided “the dog At t h e time the Isold thousands of dollars worth lof bonds and stamps ! They said thej- doubled an original $30 loan by Billy C o n e’s uncle in the first hour of the f drive In five hours they had sold an undetermined amount includ-l ling one bond for S2000 As they ’made larger sales the money was taken to the post office where the bonds were purchased Young Cone now’ 19 is with! the Merchant Marine Billy and I Bond-Selling Pooch Victory Dog of '43' Dies RV KN ROCG C and Tom is with a unit m ban Diego Calif Billy now home on leave says -Doc" will be given an appropriate funeral And after all w h y i shouldn't he? S1U1 1 pm (HOSl 33 10 GEORGIA MUSCOGEE COUNTY WHEREAS Mn Lillie D HrrRon by security deed dated September 14 1948 and recorded in Deed Book 302 folio 343 in the office of the Cleric of the Superior Court of Muscogee County Georgia con-veyrd to L C Htcka the hereinafter described real estate to secure the debt la said deed specified: and ' WHEREAS said L C Hicks Is now the diner and holder of said security deed and of the promissory note tor 700000 evidencing the balance of said indebtedness secured by said security deed and due and navable on January IS 1349 and th pre has 1 bet n a default in paying the said note said tor more tnan tnirty t30 day and the enure indebtedness secured by said security detd having been declared due and payable by L C Hicks as authorized in said security deed and note NOW THEREORE under and by vlr- ' tue of the authority and powers conferred by said Mrs Lillie L Harrison by and under said security deed and in said security deed recked said L C Hicks In the name of Mrs Lillie D Harrison will sell in a single parcel at public outcry belore the Court House door in Muscogee County Georgia the usual place for bolding Shcrilt's sales tn said County to the highest bidder for cash on the first Tuesday In May 1949 within the legal hours ot sale the following described real estate to-wit: IftBUSES DAILY TO I U ATLANTA AND POINTS EAST leave 1:45 6:30 7:30 9:00 11:05 AM 1:15 3:00 5:45 7:00 10:00 PM far this year h-Dec!arcd or paid after — L arnsTelARad ’! iiestoreTcR4 lukote2a -itul r’ GairiRob(40a 22 GenCable! Genhiecla Ge:xds2a GenMotorsl Ug GenPubltilSU GimbelHrosl GoodvearTA R4 Graham-Palae GiNortnRvnflg G rev hound 1 GnlfMobAOhioH gtollman 30‘ II ol HaveM!sr3Qg 12’e HomestakeM:n2 92' HoustonOi!2 38'i HudsorMotor40e 35’ii ’ I 22’ 'inlandSteel — g 6’ Int-rlakelronle 11‘ IntHarve-terl 4fa IntNtckCenltiOa 9’ Ir’Panrrta 44 IlntTclATcl 33 'si 30 s' 1 40' 1 Anrfl total 5?lMarshaHlc!d2 7!?MartniGL9'lMn-Kan-Texas 19 - iMontgomWard2a Ia- iMurrayCorpLKO 33’ I N iN'ash-Kelvinl 40 1 1’ i NatBiscuitl 60a 50’ 1 tcaj-hRezJa N'atContairerRO Na: Da: rv Prodi 80 135 N'anist!ller2 BUSES DAILY TO MOBILE AND PENSACOLA Leave 7:20 10:45 AM 1:30 8:00 11:40 PM o N Washington Coins un dale ar Leager Booker T Washington memorial half-dollars have been received by The Ledger-Enquirer newspaper and are available at the cashier's office as a public service The half-dollars are for sale at one dollar each Proceeds from the sale are to be contributed to the Booker T Washington Birth place Memorial A rr T Thilltnc’ I president of the memorial the mission oi me nan-nonar is i help keep alive the ideals and teachings of Booker T Washington to help make possible education of the Negro youth of the land to help erect an inter-faith mejnorial chapel which shall svmbohze our frtedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own hearts” Minting of five millions of the memorial half-dollars was approved by the 79th Congress Theie Is no limit to the number of half-dollars which may be purchased The Ledger-Enquirer cashier's otfice is open from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm Monday through Saturday s E E R N N E S BUSES DAILY NEW ORLEANS AND Leave 7:20 10:45 AM 1:30 8:00 11:40 PM GREYHOUND BUS STATION published in 12 new languages durinn the nast voar The com plete Bible has been printed in'sajd loo languages N E O G J Johns-M Tn' iHr 40s 'jnncvX I HU 'JovMfg3-20a rv 44 Kenncco-Cop-g s'1 t -Ito fAcldcG” 20 "o LehlghCA NI?ijb-O G1avs3I? tibbvMcNAL'lg jl4ck!w'’fAirc3g Loew’sIrcl’i IjOitlirdiPilP 2l’P M 1 VittLA i i U4A -7 Marine MidlgndSOX 13 17 Colgate-Palm-P2a ColI’uelJIrla ComICredit3 0 ComlSolvrnt'I 'i Com'x IthEdisl'-j Com' IthASouth ConsEdlson 1 60 ConsNatGaPZ ConsVultee Cont Bak la ContCan1 g CortMntorv10g ContOlDellc CornProduftv360 Crane Col 60a CurtivPublt'hc Curtiss-Wrigh! D D errACo'a DelfgckAWLc Detrot dlsl 20 o s A N R O N llv Sales 1 Bale AirReduetlorl AleghanyCorp A!ChemADyr6a A!l!cdS:rs3 Allis-ChM'gL60 AinAirllIes ’ AnCaolvARad AnCarA-ov3e AmCvanamioi 'ia AmHomeProd 120a AmLocomotL40 AmPowA Lt AmRadAStS’lc AmSmeltARlUg AmSUdrsXOg AmTelA:Te!9 AmTubacco3a AmVls osel’-g AmWstWkscoe AinWuoiei6a AnacondaCop4 g j ArmourA Co AsjUrvGdl6O AtrhTASba AUCoa-lLlre4 AtiRelinirg1- g AtlasCorpt 60 AWOMIgr OC BalcLucol acts About The W eat her (Courtesy L’ S Weather Bureau Muscogee Airport) Official orecasts WEST GEORGIA: Partly cloudy and mild this afternoon and tonight: Thursday partly cloudy and warmer EAST ALABAMA: Partly cloudy this afternoon tonight and Thusniav warmer Thursday NORTHWEST LORIDA: Partly cloudy this afternoon tonight and Thursday warmer Ihursday moderate westerly winds HOURLY TiMI K ill ELS I Rainfall 24 hour ended 7 30 a m i d2 am 52! Total rainfall o date 1636 normal N E R er i nCift-WhStrs 52 jt'rutedCoro 12’ L"nitedruit2aL‘nitrdMMl 12: jL’SGvnPumJa 33 I BIJnert 34 x ! VS Ruober i --liUStrrlva 29 i w I jt -WalnorihCo Ron mb WarnrrBroPictl iWrMlndSucl’-a SJwestUnTe! Bait AOhio Bariudal'O ill li R BcndlxAviat2a Be'toods2a B'ihS:eel240 Blaw-Knoxta Bn rd er Co 608 Borc-Warner4a Br-dgrpt Brass 15g BnggsM'gCg BuddCo 1 ig BirlirgMillsl ’ a BarrAddMacb so C Ca!itPacklng2'Ia CallalianZ-Ld CampbellW y ve CanadPaci fic-ig Caterpin ract3 CelaneseCorp 60g Ce!otexCorp2 CerrodcPasl 'g Certaln-teedGOa (TH nl ChMSPAPac ChlANVV2e T r vsl c r Corp ! ’ J g C IT:nan3 c:evEif!Ium2 20 i GEORGIA MUSCOGEE COUNTY: L H Hubbard Guardian of James E : Massey lias appnv-a vo m- tor a urruaret j from hi? Guardianship ot James E Massey ' Georgia muscogee county WHEREAS William Lee Webb by security deed dated March 22 1948 and recorded in Deed Book 287 folio 36 in the oilier of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Muscogee County Georgia conveyed to irst ederal Savings and Loan Association of Columbus a corporation with lt main olflce in Columbus Georgia the hi re- mallei described real estate to secure Um (debt in said deed specified: and WHEREAS said Association is now the 'oa-Der and holder ot sa-d security deed and note evidencing said indeblednrss se- eur a ny sra security a-ea ana mere have been defaults in paying the monthly installment becoming due on the last day of January 1943 and each month thereafter m paying th’ insurance premiums due revering said property and in paying29955 advanced tn said William Lee Webb by said Association said defaults having continued without payment and the enure Indebtedness secured by said security deed having been declared due and payable by said Association as authorized in said se- curitr drd and note NOW THEREORE under and by vir-”ue of the authority and ixiwers conterred I ‘by said William Lee Webb by and under said security deed and m said security deed recited said Association in the name of William Lee Webb swill sell in a single Use c n e 49c u b e Leslie C 1 e e Shampoo od you don agrce e-Cr-eme ’he f res’ sharrpcooe eve' sed ie unused tube to vs '"d w(‘ ' 4ut purchase p' ce — p1 js poV- Kay ' !nc 99 N M STATE O GEORGIA COUNTY O MUSCOGEE TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Boss Phillips D E Phillips and Alice N Peak by petition in due form having represented to me thai James H Phillips deceased died leaving an estate of real ' property in this County and that same is not represented this is to cite the credi- tors and next ot kin of said deceased to be and appear at the Maj- term 1949 ot the Court of Ordinary ot Muscocee County (Georgia to show cause ff any they can why the administration of said estate should not be vested In W if Young Jr County Administrator ot Muscogee County This 4th day ot April lots H H Hunter Jr Ordinary Muscogee County Georgia 4 6 13 20 27 GEORGIA MUSCOGEE COUNTY TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: t John I Crandall having in due form ap- piled to me :or I'ermanent Letters o: ministration upon the estate of Dorothy Crandall deceased this is to notify n¥t ni IVienthv Ar n f''rcanriAtl that art lica'ion will be heard before me at the regular May Term 1949 of the Court ot Ordinary ot said County Witness my hand and official signature tuis 4tn nay oi spiu issj h’ IN RE: CITY LOOR SERVICE GEOPGIA MUSCOGEE COUNTY Pt rsonally appeared before the undersigned attesting officer duly authorized bv law to administer raths K L Hewitt and m said Block No 3 thenee running north M M Grant who being duly sworn cn oath along the west lines of said Lou Nos 7 and depose and say that the floor service bust-’ 3 m said Block No 3 one hundred eighty-a fi ru-n etrr vtr'K' - a r lira ALtxavati nza 1 assvssa usivvva ' Vl’Tl 8iiU 1 1 1 r-1 V Bk IVJirlPk AtIUL VUlulHUU-i UUS cogee County Georgia is oaned and operated a partnership composed of the undersigneds: that the individual address ot K H Hewitt is 41S-18th Avenue Columbus Georaia and the individual address nt M M Grant Is 3808 13th Avenue Columbus Georgia and that this affidavit and registration statement B made in compliance wyh S ction 106-301 of the Code ot Georgia as amended relating to trade or assumed names K I Hewett Sworn to and subscribed to before me this the 4th day cf April 1949 Aaron H Satlof Notary Public Muscogee County Georgia 4-6 13 81- 37 S ReynoldsTbBL80a 42 S 5 59 L SafewavStrsl 131 SeabAllRRje I ’scarRocb-4cx2a 4-J-- ServHIncie PheUL’nioiOH3e 39MSncIairOi!2 1 v 1?- Socor v-Vacuum b J SoutncrnPacific5 SouihernRv4 !StjerrvCoro2-1 iSpugellnc 'jStancBiaidsI20 iStcGA4ot stancOHCaUb StancOillndJa StandO:lNlUb SlanamiOhio2b SterlingDrugZa Srokely-VanCamiil Stone A Websterl ' St udeoa kerCorp 1 g Rallies Briskly N’W YORK Annl 13— (-Pi-— food for the long t r e k'LiPectt & Myers stock donunaiea t t— — m 1 v — a a v 4 eA 1'1 L L’ on the other u K mkuavi uwav l t Sundav Ledger-Enquir-!1 Suu 12 1913 -Doc” wasjai2P’ w itii full equipment as The mam tendency of the mar-in the drive Billv saidlkct generally was upward but didn't mind a bit'” (Rams were mostly in fractions and n nnnfiiui oi icaneis ne u uui J oungsicrs irp 1- y dnupfl a fairlv 30 1 live start Liggett & Myers tobacco od-vanced around 1 r2 points to after Tuesday's tumble of 4 points aies today were niaoe minus l ights to subscribe to 784233 additional sharp- the comnanv is of fering at $50 a share Rights today were priced at 538f a gain of 's from yesterday Higher prices were paid for U S Steel Lukens Steel Studebaker Internationa! Harvester Douglas Aircraft Consolidated Natural (Ins Kennecott Conner Dow iChemical Eastman Kodak Ameri- ican Woolen Nickel I’late cun OH and Warner Bros I 1 -I- a -v-v L’rttlvlrihnvn nOlUHit UUUA uuntivnuin Steel Scars Roebuck Boeing American Telephone Westing- 1 house Electric Owens-Illinois and United Air Lincs NEW YORK April 15—1 Div I?’! — ollowing is a tabula-1 Kate non ot transaction o’ the'DlstCorp-Seagl most active stock on the'DcmeMres70 New Yofk Stock Exchange'DouslasAircrSa today showing 1 pm sales Oresaerlntut2 pm EastcrnAirL Price Eas:manKodak90b j ElPowerALt EneRRlUe Everoharp 285 48 -10' i --iSunravOill SwUtA-CoLfiOa wu Swinint! 3-4S T (TexaCo3b ITexnGulfProd’b ev iTexPacCVOla tniu ITexPacLTrust70g ito ‘TidrW a' AOI1 fO jp iTransJc West Air op Tri Cor-Corn56o TwentC-ox2 "I’l d ‘ l ’nionBaeA P2a i nicnCarbioelg UnionOilCall g Said real estate will be A soldier and his 19-year-old girl companion were convicted in Phnniv Cilv Prifriffinr’c r-nurt trv- av un rhnrftfM: a ririvmrr ffha (same automobile) under the in- uuence oi intoxicants j Police testi fieri that Robert iiattcrv 15 iNmth field ‘XrtHIcry fort Benning andAlma Elizabeth Bigbie 19 1014’z ifth Avenue Columbus led them a -merry chase’’ through downtown’ Phenix City during which time they exchanged seats at the wheel of the car Officers John Waltermon and C D Bessant said the chase was a 60 to 75 miles-an-hnur affair in cal” condition today as state and’ which several vehicles were city police continued to question struck The chase ended at the three men about Monday night’s court house on ourteenth Street shooting on his doorstep’ Mayor Homer D Cobb fined Sgt Robert Shields state po-‘Hampton 3100 and costs for driv-lice detective said rancis Earl ing under the influence of intoxi-Hedrick 19 of Inoiapapolis has cants and gave Miss Bigbie the admitted oral(y that he and two'sarne sentence and dismissed a other men were at the shooting charge of driving without a licence scene on payment of costs On Teeners by State Trooper There are 12000 parts to an automobile and “we turn it over to a 13-year-old who knows ns much about it as a hog knows about four dollais a week and board” a state trooper told Columbus Lions last night Urging accidents ervisor of the state aee group of the traffic wrecks in Gcorcia some part of the Bible now has eight per-cent of which were la-been published in 1108 langua- ta He called this -terrific and ges and dialects Portions were horrible” “Every traffic death in Geor-riu cost the citizens S45000” he -Georgia s tranic ac- or viavor w imam OLiwver ana cidents last year cost the state other city officials Dlr Price Kate 3JiPep!!-CoIa v i PhclpsDodgeti b’"j P!-l!aE!ccl2O tot 1 PhilcoCorp2b IS- 1PhiI:wMorri2 'PhilUpsPf3 i?' Press edStlCar -41 Preet er AGm3a 711 Pullman ‘eg g’PureOilta I RadioCorptog l'l “ 4j j Radio- K-Orph60 25S ! RemlngRandl i RepubAvia 6’e 1 Repubsteella HexallDrug 2’ 9! 34 ti 1 Pcnn-T ijri2a 8'e PenrP-v1zL-1 20 215 PennRR&e 50 Na-SuppIvt 80a 161 'NehiCornlrt NYCeiitralRR’-Lir NYChiecStLRR'-g NorthArnerCo’iK North estAirl O OhloOilla OtlsEIevatorl’l-e Owerx-1 Iiniaw3 GEORGIA— MUSCOGEE COUNTY Ordinary- Office April 4ih 1949 The appraisers cn the application of Mrs Ame A McDuffie the widow of William Mc-Duftle deceased for a twelve months support for herself and Three minor children having filed their returns all persons and hereby cited to show- cause if any they h rnnheinn “l Publ‘c o”Rr5-- before the Court why sd application should not beg ranted iou r dMr m tuecogee County Georgia ‘‘Um” " VI auiary f L n’ae ! wsv u-w—e sewaap sc- v vewwm in saia vouniy co me mgne&t oiaaer inr rash on lhe first Tuesday m May 1949 within the lcal hours of sale the lollowmj described real estate to-wlt: AII that lot tract and parcel of land situate lying and being in the Slate of Georgia and County of Museogee and being known and designated as all o! Lot Numncrea iwruir tered "B" of SOUTH VEY as shown by a Survey made bv Dan tn Rnnlr office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Muscogee County Georgia said Lot fronting thirty 30) feet on the western line ot Eleventh tforms-rly Berry Road) Avenue and extending back westerly therefrom parallel with South Street with a northern line of 138 1 feet a southern lino of 1434 feet and a western or rear line of 30 feet — all as shown by said map or Siat above retorted to Located thereon is ouse No 527 Eleventh Avenue according to the present numbering of houses This is the same properly that G E Strup per tr convejea to Laura h uioson nern naira August rajs Deed Book 118 folio 366 me aforementioned Clerk 12’ 7? V USVIlGJi ILB i 4 jVnonPacific5a if United AirLines NEW YORK April 13 — (INS)i Hundreds used the telescopes —The moon did its disappearinga: Harvard’s observatory and on I Boston common wheie the skies i t Moon ades in Eclipse But Viewers Disappointed BY LEONARD S SMITH April 13 — (INS) i Hundreds used the telescopes itc rlicqnnnnrinriL y t — j - t I nrf nn unl itKnfntid srhorinip huti— t many wiinobvb inuiuunm iviv- viewers agreed today that wasn’t much of a show or New Yorkers ice crystals (seaboard The Harvard seismo-l clouds smoke and haze robbed igi pah station 45 miles from the performance of much of its Boston took photographic re-color — particularly the coppery cords of the event as did num- tint that usually rings trie moon erous others using all types in ecliDse i The obstructions killed plans UP-bv the amateur astronomers of The Harvard concensus w Northport L L to make color that a lunar eclipse is never as! k :t- u w — l - -1 r- m a(i I pi IV tub Alli liltll UHUIUIUHU'’ KUDU cl MIVW ci t MHdl 11UV'’UI n Icope" (but there was praise for t h c Tot? 'aCCSrni ihl’ J ' 1 1 DCCtively arc m the i nose wno sni oeiore tneir ici-i ’ h evision sets through the five-hour hghts another added starter show between 7:32 p m CST and’ The best visibility was enjoyed 12:54 a m CST were rewarded hv residents of Central and i - t-i ' i Cnnlml nil! mncirt first ambitious attempt to “cov- riom this area were that the er” the event They insisted thel whole thing was taken in strine show was quite a let-down es- The total eclipse was the first pecially so because it followed in four year The next perform- Mirlon Herle ana lions narioti ance win be on October More than 700 persons took! ’ turns at the nine telescopes in pi I J tf’nAA the Hayden planetarium without 3 1 xjITl 111160 4ZUU faring any better than those who — Si1 bSiw (ops"0"””” rom As Tipsy Drivers The experts who dismissed the Ailnv AUsl r'Lz-g-zw whole thing as scicntifcially un--Aiier vriia vnUSC important but "mighty pretty to watch” disdained ocular assist-! ance On ton of Mt Palornar : in California the 200-mch "big 'gvA° wnc tin in fnvftr nf iriA nnknn fvn I'ainmar 'Kirn nomer scoiica mat using ineinlncrAnn (nr nn rrl incn u3' 1 Lr n I "using a trip hammer to pound yaVlJt?n' home a carpet tack o i n w 5Ta7 BjAlL ' AL E Ttr st lTe’TT eIrio' ESN One 1 X A B ( Nlj A N C A T T L £- I AIR E TE I ORAL E Rl I OlEl REPENTEID8 7 7 7 Af ff (wore much more lavorabic than I 'elsewhere along theE a s t e m YeMrrday 9 piui 62 1 p m "1 10 p m 60 2 p nr (‘9 11 p m tO 3 - n- ” Midnight 57 4 p m 67 loJav 5 p m 74 I m 56 6 p m 70 2 a m 55 7 p m 64 3 a m S3 8 p in 3 4 a m 53 Y TI KB VY Malion Hish Low Station High Low Station High I on Alpena 74 34 II l Pa mi 75 36 N( w Orleans M Astu Ville bl 53 ort Worth 68 47 u N-w- York 65 41 mania - 66 58 l Gilverton 72 0 ll Norfolk 71 o3 Mlantic Ci’r 57 4v It Houston 73 48 it Philadelphia 70 38 nntnsham l! JarkManviJle 75 62 Phoenix 30 Mt Boaton 6 2 Kan City 7 47 I Pittaburch 7 i Puftaln 74 37 Key West 85 76 Portland Me 51 36 Burlington 68 32 I Knox- tile 64 55 Richmond 73 53 Charloite N C 63 hi! I Little Rock 59 46 1 St Louis 70 4- Chattanooga ’ 5' I los Ancelc 74 5v I san Anton-o 62 40 Chicago 73 40 Louisville 72 52 1 San rancisco 57 47 Cincinnati 73 50 I Memphis 58 53 1 Savannah 69 6'3 Cleveland 73 41 i Meridian 61 5n Seattle 58 4 Dallas 67 47 II Miami 82 76 Tampa 79 fl Denver 73 35 j Minn-SL Paul 73 43 V icksburg 61 52 tietrnic 70 39 j Mobile 69 62 Wahitton 72 46 Dulurh — 43 ' Montgomery 76 59 1 Wilmington 7 4 59 I Z 3 4 5 6 7 6 9 is il IZ 7s“ 7T” i7 TT 7J“ 75 7 ” 23 Z4 “““ U 1 ““ 27' 28 4—1 29 3" ” TT 34 34 37 38 ' 39 ' 40 42 43 41 45 46 48 ”” so — — — — 0

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