Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 26, 1931 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1931
Page 13
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B GIRLS CLOTHES lVEPOIS! drees floes' entourage * girl and helps It pays to learn ative as possible, • dab Sin l« laming to 1 " ' W in -regards - Unclothing e P rlnclple« effectively. ' Mrve personal coloring of Sect orcolor upon her foolers harmoniously and what is meant by ite costume. •.••••,•: • Stee the. finished pro.. |u to be worn. . ' ' suit, the personal- uer. The girl Whose personality Is dainty j, even quaint, should colors, ruffles, and- other bogs. A Blrl who is tall, I rather dignified would ning in clothes of rich- ts, plain but distinctive |fe,Y accessories. The atn- I should wear garments of lines with ..Just a few niches, lest the result be ['suited to your type, per- ig, and your flgure-'ls for you, regardless [pillar color of the season Ws of the moment. anning your clothes, think I of .the complete costume, y one part. The best me[ select some one colbr to minute one In your and then build around |e s or browns are satlsfac- rs to use. tors are suitable for sports H affairs. More dignified iulil be selected for church t wear. For school wear tors are usually chosen I, brighter ones for spring jFlreless kers are Made [Wesley Women reley Auxiliary has .been ; the last month, attendant] giving them to Three follow-up :meetings held, at 'which tireless ere made. Mrs. S..E. Skow, | Funnemark, and "Mrs. Ington each gave one at ctlve homes. Four cook king made, and .two more (completed. '.'" ', ..,''..' " : i are made on the plan Bios jug; that jntalner, with .a: small- one In with tight covers and \ a filler or packing, saw- cut paper, cork,'~eto;; Candy pails, -50-lb.. but |or such are used for the Peanut-butter palls or I of the kind (one woman |wo marshmallow tins to- f used for the inside con- jhlch tightly-covered pans |-liot food are placed to tes look as if they will •be 'great time and f uel- 1 the busy fanner's wife, fart her dinner in the cool wig next summer and not ""itill time to put It on sons were given in the lot the township last week Toy Mrs. Bufflrigton bn « in the Home, and Improvement. helpful sugges- fee-quantity meal-plann- Buffington's Friday. l« worth study, for the In have this tusk at 'least |mually several times a s Plans were laid-at a Blon. Pwy Plans to conduct the T»P P. B. meeting, which fe Dtot. No. 2 or Herman Holhouse next month, A •mm orkers, New . is Started _at Mrs. R.-R, Masne Loyal Work- Verne town- had fortunate to clubs - T 6 to ° officer^ the Marve l David. l - Th at Cor- H onored Lu Verne Lassies The 4-H club girls met Friday evening, February 27, at Earl Nenl'a With 14 members arid several visl- t&rs, Including pnrehts, attending. Roll cfc.ll was answered with, "mater. i. . , .. ^.. ior pajamas and frocks." Mrs. Albert Merrlam, for- tner, lender, who hod hod charge of the girls club work for the post Seven years, gave the first Wesson,' which wan on second year clothing. The subject of changing' the club name was brought up and discussed, and'a new_name, Lu VernV I-Aya! Lassled was" decided upon instead of Lu Verne .Llvewlres. Mrs. Robt. Mastersoh Is th e new leader. Ah- other meeting was planned for this week ^Friday at H. p. RIstavTs. ' SERIES OF SOIL MEETINGS TO END NEXT_MONDAY 'A farm-to-market road committee has been appointed by the Kossuth County-,Farm .Bureau to cooperate with the county supervisors, the county engineer, and township trustees In all matters* pertaining to county and township , roads. This committee consists of E. B. Dlttnier, Burt; W. H. Patterson, Lakota; w! J. Bourne, Lone Rock; H. E. Ward, Algona; and Frank Chambers, Lu Verne. . Forty-one other county. Farm Bureaus' in Iowa have ap-; pointed similar committees, r The objective of the committee, is to make an analysis of the road situation, particularly ae it relates to marketing facilities,' rural ' mail' routes, and school bus lines. A,reconnaissance of all roads and the'de- velopment of a definite plan', for maintenance and .construction of county roads has been suggested by the state highway commission's soi; Ti vice bulletin, which says that analysis of existing conditions and , the, development of a definite plan are the basis of the greatest economy in road construction. . , "The state highway commission realizes the need of a plan f or ; road construction and maintenance," says F. L. Ryerson, of Burt, president of the county Farm Bureau. "So do our county and township officiate. There is no reason, howevef; .;'wh'y. we should ask the officers to do all the work. ... •".The Farm Bureau Invites .Kther organizations to Joln.it in th'ls rhatv ter. Every taxpayer and road-iiser should be vitally interested and will- Ing to Irelp the'county and to-wnshlp officers carry out a program which will provide for better transportation, facilities." •' . ••: \», Besides providing better market- Ing ' transportation, the program, when completed, will permit a more complete understanding 'between communities and promote harmony. Burt and Portland Leaders Study; Meal Planning . Ijarge quanlty meal planning, 'the filial lesson in the Home Mahage- ment project, was given Thursday, February ae, at Mrs. William Rings dorf's, arid 15 local leaders from Burt and Portland townships' attended. The time before lunch was given over io the study of a bulletin on Planning for Large Quanity Meals. This includes types of meals, ^equipment, marketing, and division of labor. f ;v One local leader was heard, tp'.ejc- press a fervent prayer to speecl^tne day of the "combine". But'so long as people have to eat there will be banquets,. and so long as there are banquets, • well managed kitchen forces must provide them. "Another • bulletin, The- Home-inJiae' Flrejess Cooker, was also ;Sfudled v and after lunch the making: of :ttK', less cookers began in earnest. The wooden drum, metal Inside, container, Raper padding, and cement hot 'plates, everything except cushions for the top were completed at the meeting. ' Portland made two cookers and Burt one. When the hot plates were begun, Mrs. Ringsdorf remarked that if fhe women were going in for mud. nles they had* better BO outdoors! 1 - .-•'• JgQSStJfrH COtJNTY: EXCHANGE *•••_!-!- ..— from Page 2 """MRS,BLANCHAN FORMERLY OF LOVERNE, DIES Shippers Discuss * Hog Marketing at Fenton Meeting . • .. ' •** '"• More / effective selection of,, .time and place for • the sale of hogs of various weights and quality was discussed by, Kossuth cooperative shippers at ft spring meeting at Fenton last Thursday. The advantages of regional or district selling agencies were considered, -and methods of developing better membership relations Were studied. Officers and/ mana?, gers of loc,al associations were wpll represented. 40 attending. Ip, keeping with an established custom, of 'entertainment of the county organization by th« enter- 'tainjjig local association, the Fenton association served dinner at nopn. - , - ' ^.n address of welcome wa^.glY^I by" Jacob Hengel, president of the Fenton shippers. J, E- Harner, Sweq, City, county chairman, pr«^ eldijd. Knute Espe, secretary pf the, state sappers' ajjd Sam H. Thompson, of the Ames Extension service, »pok,e., - ' .... i ' . Gets £e?son, . : Lincoln township local leaders. gaye. «. lesson pn Personal Efficiency f nd Planned, leisure to <Mebt wp- nje n ^$ t^fi^me^- Mrs. ,' Louis SiMijM, Mon<Jay evening. W^cb,- 24 JWW&Jy mffjtSng. o^ Farm Bureau wosggn* WM '^nnpu^ed %t Mrs? "- Mwfc N, — • ,'. /¥ "• .. ' L _~~T i* . j II j- " , 4 rtwrinrp^wSmift* ypsobj IO^I^IP • SKWV • - 0 "' ' •fclMihi-'"- ! Tfi-za - -v-, Jjiii at, •**„..&& .>%-tW|a Final Traini 4-H Be Held Monday Next week Monday the third and w apeolallflts' training school for :!L C J^ , lc ?. da «? wl " bo held at the , Burt. Emma McII- clothing specialist, will conduct the school, which will he an all-day meeting, beginning prompt- V at 10 a. m. ' 1 riv neCl ^ 1 ,u elp ln jud slng will be given at this time. The county committee Is especially anxious for a large attendance. Local leaders of clubs owe it to. their girls to be present. Two girls from each club invited. for a noon luncheon. .This last lesson will cover the following four main topics: 1. Care of Clothing — a, airing, hanging; b, laundering, c. pressing and removul of stains; dry cleaning. 2. Children's Clothes—a, Selec- _ j to 6; c, i Play suits. _ 3. Repair of Clothing—a, Ing darns; b, patching. 4. Judging Contest—a, Judging scoring; c, reasons. All Day Meet Held by Hebron Women The fourth training school was' held at the ho me o f Mrs. George Wick, of Hebron township, February 11, and ten- women attended. Miss Body gave the lesson, which was on personal efficiency and planned leisure. A great deal was ae- rlvd from the tesson. This was an all-day meeting, with a covered dish 'dinner. The next meeting will be at Mrs. Lars Egesdal's this week Thursday, .10 till 4 p. m. ledyard Club Meets. Ledyard township 4-H club girls •met with Fern Lewis Saturday, March 7, ,11 girls and their leader, Emma Gutknecht, attending, and spent the afternoon cutting patterns. - a ..,.v.. uv,lll£, iTil a< VV1I11U.II1 Thompson, Lu Verne. Burial was made In a family lot In Britt cemetery. Annual Aid/Party is Given— An outstanding event in Lu Verne's social calendar.was the annual anniversary party of the Moth- week Wednesday afternoon. Many former members attended. A pro- stock- gram of vocal and Instrumental numbers was given, and a history of the Aid was read by Mrs. Peter Thompson. Mrs. H. A. Reyman, the pastor's wife, gave a reading. After the program a two-course lunch woe served by Mrs. H. C. Allen, Grace Llehty, and Mrs. Ja'ck Gllles. Out- of-town guests were Mrs. W. A. Hill, Fort Dodge; Mrs. Kate Smith, Humboldt; and Mesdames E. H. Beardsley, Godfrey, Burtis, and Four Corners The Four Corner Mothers and Daughters club "met last Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Chester Robinson,-and roll call was answered with Irish-' Jokes. Twenty-five members attended, also five visitors: Mrs. F. <A. Witham, Mrs. Arthur Vining, her 'daughter, and Mrs. E. J. Rawson, -all of Algona, Mrs. Herman Lindeman,' Dakota City, and Mrs. Clarence Schendel. A paper, The Ne- •gro's Contribution to Music, was r.ead'by Mrs. Pearl Potter, and another paper was read by Evelyn Cruikshank, after which a talk was given by Mrs. Rawson on her trip last summer to .the Holy Land. The speaker showed" many souvenirs she .obtained there. The next meeting of the club will be at Mrs. William Drayton's April 2, and roll call will be answered with recent discoveries. Officers wili be elected, and a Play }vill be given by Mrs. Roy Lowman,:; Mildred Robinson, Mrs. Lucille Rich, and Mrs. Carl Seip. • Irene Walker came home last Thursday evening, .after more than a week with the Roy Lowmans, helping, them move. Robert Walker came home last week" Wednesday, after a few days Rt the William Rich home. Before that; (Robert had been with his grandmother, Mrs. Edith Rich, where he was recovering from an appendicitis operation. Many fathers and sons of the community attended a Fathers and Sons i dinner given by the Good Hope Aid at the Community room last Thursday evening. Girls .from here who served as waitresses were Edna and lleona Walker, Evelyn Crulk- shank; Hazel Mitchell, and Mrs. Quinten BJustrom. " t ,,The Lurhl Fesslers and the Myers ifijmJly, near : "Rlngsted, spent Sun- 'day at J. P. Nickerson's. SCHOOL GIVES MUSICAL PROGRAM AT BURT— • BURT—A concert will be given by the musical organizations of the local schools at the Methodist church this week Tuesday evening. The orchestra, 28 members, a girls' sex- tette, a boys' glee club, and solo numbers will make up the program. The girls glee club has 15 members; the boys' glee club, a new organization, 12. -' U ' V6r " e ' Mar ' 24 ~ The tuneril1 ? £ M , r8 ' W " llam Blan clmn, formerly , J M Verne< [lled at home o£ ALftftNA tnWA Mrs. Fred Steussy. She was to visit relatives at Omaha and Schuyler Neb., en route. Several social courtesies were given in her honor here. Last week Monday evning a surprise party took place at the 'Steussy tiome, and last Thursday evening a farewell party at Ed Wagner's hom e whore 5^10 was played, the company being made people. up of young married a daughter near Britt, was held at the Methodist church, Britt, Frida>, and a number from Lu Verne attended. Airs. Blanchan was 63, and death was caused by high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. She left, besides her large being Mrs. William Stephenson, Algona. Hiinselmans in Annaul Fete — The country home of Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Hanselman, west of town, was the scene of a happy event last week Wednesday evening, when a large number of to surprise them relatives arrived i n honor of the' Hanselmans' 23rd wedding anniversary. It was also the birthday of Mr. Hanselman and his twin sister, Mrs. Fred Hintz Jr., and within four _______ ~ days of the anniversaries of George was 82. Hanselman, his daughter Mrs. Elva Christiansen, and Heine Hanselman. This affair i s almost an annual event. There, were 70 In attendance, Good Will Club Names Officers- The Good Will club met last Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Paul Blumer; attendance, 12 members, two visitors. Officers were elected: president, Mre. Claude Whitehlll; v, P., Mrs. Charles Hintz; secretary, „ Herman Hintz. The club has 22 members and meets every three weeks. The next meeting will ' be with Mrs. Chas. Hintz; Mrs. Mike Stripling, associate hostess. Progressive Club Studies Bible- Mrs. J. M. Christensen was hostess to the Progressive club Friday, and the lesson was The Bible. Mrs! F. I. Chapman substituted for Mrs Grant Jennings to read a paper on Religious Training in the Home A round table discussion followed, and Mrs. H, A. Reyman gave a reading, The Last Word. Charlene Christensen played two piano solos. Plays In Big School Band- Richard Niver went to Masori City last Thursday and played a clarinet i n a district high school band consisting of 110 members before the North Central Iowa teachers' convention. Kenneth, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson, Ledyard, formerly Lu Verne, played a cornet. Frank Shipley Babe is I»w— Lucile, 9 month baby O f Mr. and Mrs.-Frank Shipley, was taken to Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge, Sunday evening. Th e mother Is still in a hospital at Iowa City, but expects to return late this week. The child is suffering with glandular trouble. Lichty Brother-in-Law is Dead— C. H. Llchty, Grace, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lichty, and Mrs. Harry Lichty Heads School Board— The board of education met last week Monday evening, and Jesee Lindebak was reelected president. Edward Dehnert and Lloyd Smith are new members. Uvermore Pastor Helps Koonce— The Rev. Dr. Wiggins, Livermore, helped the Rev. A. J. Koonce at a Communion service at the Presbyter- Ian church Sunday morning. Other Lu Verne News Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ramus entertained the J. F. F. club last Thursday evening, and progressive rook was played at four tables, Dr. F. L. Williams and Mrs. Elmer Green won the high score; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tones, the consolation. The hostess, assisted by her daughters Irene and Anna, served a tray lunch. The next meeting will be at the Williams home. Mrs. Jesse Lindebak and Mrs. Cecil Huff entertained the Entre Nous club and.others at five tables of bridge at the Lindebak home last week Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. c .,,, c ^ ullcy , Jvlr . an < Irwin Hot won the high score; Dr. Anderson.also attended. .. , v „.. UUV — OUUIBUU, — — » .....* t .r v»»- jrj.1 Oi JT3.ttl.UHl .t nillllJS relatives except a few intimate guardian, went for a hike and en- Joyed a 7 o'clock breakfast in Will all friends. A three-course dinner furnished by the guests was served at midnight. F resliytcrians in Annual Meet— The Presbyterians held their annual meeting Friday evening at 7:30. Reports from the organization were given, and progress was shown in every department. The church has been redecorated, and is to be repainted this spring. Officers were elected: trustee three years, Henry Kubly; secretary-treasurer, Georgia Chapman; music committee—Mrs, A.- J. Koonce and Leona Ramus; superintendent Sunday school, Mrs, L. H. Lichty; assistant, B. Jones; Sunday school secretary, Vera Ramus; treasurer,. Mrs. Hugh Colwell; librarian, Ruth Lichty; pianist, Leona Ramus; assistant, Gwentha Jones; cradle roll superintendent, Mrs. B. Jones. Mrs. Golcoechea Goes Home- Mrs. Peter Goicoechea left for her home at Elko,' Nev., Saturday after six months with her mother, Bargain Fare -TO- CHICAGO March 27-28-29 $8 ROUND TRIP Going—Tickets will be good in coaches only on all trains March 27 and 28, and on trains scheduled to leave not later than 8:00* a. m. March 29. Beturnlngr—Tickets will bej limited for return to March 30. For further particulars ask Local Agent The MILWAUKEE ROAD 1531 At Moderate Prices •' , * Perhaps you wanted a new car this Spring, but economic conditions prevented that. Well, the next best thing to do is to bring your auto to us, let us give U the expert "once over" and the$ we'll estimate on any repair, work that may be necessary. You'll fin4 costs quite reasonable here, 1997 Four Used Car Specials Sedan ' , Dodge J KOHLHAAS BROS. * v , * ' '__.- r AAA ' . _ V ! 1 i. __ J#k*A._4 _ ^_^_ * , . v drove to Toledo Sunday to attend the funeral of Cyrus Ebersole, brother of the late Mrs. C. H. Lichty. They returned Tuesday. Mr. Ebersole Campfire Girls Go on Hike— The Campfire girls, under the leadership of Mrs. Harold Phillips Hoepner's farm grove, west of Lu Verne, Friday. R. L. Corbin and Ange Roorda, the consolation. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Legler, Mr. , . and Mrs. Phil Uchty, Fred Lregler, and Mrs. pick Wermersen, will drive to West 'Concord, Minn., this week Wednesday to attend the funeral of Laura DIngley, niece of Fred and cousin of Wilson, Cecil, and Per- mllla. W. B. Mason, C. W. Patterson, and Jennie Mason drove to Clarion last week Tuesday, and the latter visited her sister, Mrs. Lyman Martin, and brother Tom, while the men visited at Gait, Dows, and Belmond. John Welner, Lincoln, Neb., was here last Thursday and Friday, en route to Albert Lea. He was a patient in a hospital at Lincoln two months following an accident, much of the, time In a state 'of coma. The Cecil Huffs . drove to Des Molnes last Thursday to attend a state basketball tournament at the Drake field house. Goldfield, In which .Lu Verne .,wae most Interest- d, won from Vlritbn, 20-9. ' - ; Among old friends who attended Mrs. William Blanchari's funeral at Britt Friday were Mesdames Ellis, Spooner, Godfrey, Hefti, and Florence Godfrey. Mr. and Mrs. Emll Mrs. A. L. Spooner visited hir mother, Mrs. Prlscllla Shafec, For> est City, last -Week, ' Mrs. ghafar has been in poof 'health ftnd require* the constant attention o£ one of h<* daughters. She is %4. : George Kabele, daughter Frances, Mrs. Garbara Moseley, and the late ter's little daughters Barbara Jan* and Elizabeth Ann, all of Goldfield, were Sunday guests at Irwln Chapman's. Mr. and Mrs. George Hanselman, Mrs. Fred Hintz Jr., and Mrs. Sam Steussy drove to Algona. last Thursday to visit Henry Steussy, who has been laid up three weeks with a lam* ankle. Mr. and Mrs, C. C. Anderson, Grant ( City, Mo., drove to Des Molnw Sunday, and were met there by the W. F. Godfreys, with whom Mi's. Anderson came here for a visit. Helen and Edwin Hanselman, Mildred Gronbach, and LeRoy Hah-' selman drove to Marshalltown and State Center Saturday to Visit ..(relatives, returning Monday. . ; Mr. nnd Mrs. Jesse Lindebak drove to Ellsworth last week Wednesday evening, called by news of theiaerl- ous illness of Jesse's father. They ' returned Thursday. DAYS LEFT Campaig advantage BIG OFFER SKELGAS STORE Bloom's Announce a Big I9 C SALE With Great Values for the entire week Mar. 26 to Apr. 2 New Spring PRESSES New stock this week of what's new in Dresses. Special Sale Friday and Saturday See these first. Flowers ... Dots . ... Checks Crepes . . Chiffons Cap Sleeves . . . Long Sleeves Elbow Sleeves Choose here at $4.95 $6.95 CHILDREN'S WHITE DRESSES Georgette, silk crepes, with long sleeves, beautiful styles. . $1.98™ $6 GIELS' WASH DRESSES - New assortment for this week, 87 c™ $138 LADIES HOUSE DRESSES—"——, 69c EASTER HATS Flower trimmed straws -— coarse and rough straw weaves, fine baku braids. 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Bag Guaranteed Oatmeal, 7 Ibs. bulk 19c Oxydol, large si2e __19c Coffee, Bloom's Special _i-19c Peaches, Irg. can, __• 19c Corn Meal, 6 Ib. bag _. 19c Kraut, 9 extra large cans 19c Pumpkin, 3 large cans —19c' Grapefruit, Monarch, Irg. 19c Spinach, Irg. can Monarch .19c ' Fruit! Salad, Llbby's, can .19c Hlnso, Irg. size pkg. __.__.19c 'taokles; plain OP fancy, Ib. 19c Gold Buit, Irg. lUe pkg. __Ue Sanl Flush, re* 8Se Yalue-lM Tapioca, 9 pkgs. ; ; ___Me Sinry Beans, 3 Ibi. i 19e Blee, Bine Rose, 4 Ib.s 19e Cleanser, 4 packages __...19« Banner Ooats, lr». pkg. Me Brooms, polished handle —8»c Bread, white, rye, graham. 6e Cherries, red pitted, 10 sir. 89e Oysters, good slie, 9 cans _19e Feai, White Lily, big can lOc j Arnew: fresh stock, with new low prices. Caiuly Bars, 8 -for — lOc Golden Bautaiu Corn, Irg. lOc String Beans, large can —lOc TonUtoes, can •_.:--_ lOc Sulinoii,. 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