Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 26, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1931
Page 7
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Volume 30 PAPERS Printed Last Week fcarfMt emulation by fit In Kogsnth. OTAM* STOPS SU'iSftT •• •**» , Safe r«ifi«lf fttaw gMfcatiasHiisat the p«p«r yoa can «i*f WM* ped. ALGONA, IOWA, MARCH 26, 1931 Reporter Starts Farmers' March on Solons * •»£=ii in e the days ot call th ° of the 'house and day's dellbera- some minister , 'I'm In favor that I thtnk any ih will do the but the for sea- to ex- do any Spring ming bounced in cares? Spring as s o—o calendar may announce, of spring, but there's fever and j are with us. o — o A nw oath will be put Into , next issue of the Iowa .code. to *> w»th swearing m rs For years and years we , bee,, doing that swearing I wrong. The house has fixed "Vwear which will be the oft swear from now on. Anu ewill be no more guesswork pmt swearing in Iowa jurors; Rffl be *me by book. I always like book-swearing better „ just ordinary by-guess-and- |.zosh swearing. More re«Mike. Ami it stands for utility also, so that Kossuth f swearers will swear like ntgomcry county swearers. a 44th assembly is nothing, if. I thorough in everything— i as to the best method of Irfhing. o—o HEV WERE KICKED OUT. r a. deep study of the evidence ....ted, and following mature de- ration, I- have decided that I the etes, especially the football out- I at S, U. I., were kicked out of I Big Ten. The investigation this Ik will probably uncover the why . This information is import\ to the taxpayers, though costly. o—o | The audit of the S. U. I. books j finances is now going on, o at a heavy cost to the tax•Sit, In time we'll probably. . irn that the books and flnan- s are 0. K. except that some f the money should have been sited In a Cedar- "Rapids bank, 0—0 T, 6, PROTEST RESULTS FROM UNTRUE STORY Bonnstetter Wr i t e s of Legislator's Troubles. By A. H. Bonnstetter. Statehouse, Dos Molnes, March 21 —This has been a hectic week for the House. Last Wednesday the optional military training bill was up for seven hours' debate. I am of the opinion that" not three votes were converted for or against the measure, and that had we voted before discussion was started the result would have been the same. It did, however, provide a method whereby members relieved themselves of orally. Last Thursday we were hosts to 1500 farmers protesting against the compulsory t. b. cattle test. Never before in the history of the state had a spectacle of this kind been seen at the atatehuose. Most of it came about because a news reporter did not stick to the truth, or at least was not careful to report facts. A bill had been Introduced by Representative Davis, of Delaware, to make the test optional. The Animal Industry committee met February 24, and the chairman, Van Wert, handed the bill to a sub-committee of which I am chairman. The bill is still in my possession. At the committee meeting, Mr. Davis asked for a public hearing, but.the committee' was not in a position to grant it, because the House had adopted a resolution February 16 prohibiting such hearings after the recess. Lack of time made It WHAT'S WRONG AND WHERE? MISTAKES IN THIS PICTURE LEASE SPEAKER AT JOINT CLUB MEETING Dlst. Supt. W. H. Lease delivered an eloquent 15-minute address before the Rotary and Klwanis clubs at a Joint luncheon at the Algona hotel last Thursday noon. C. A. Momyer, of the Kiwanis club, was program chairman. There were nearly 100 Rotarlans and Klwanians in attendance, Including D. A. Haggard 92, the Rotary club's only honorary member. Supt. Overmyer presentet a proposal for a boys' banquet sometime this spring, and both clubs voted to support it. A widely known speaker has already been engaged. A proposal to buy baseball! for boys' nines which are being or ganlzed by Hagg Post caused amus Ing by-play, the Rotarlans first vot ing unanimously that the Kiwanian; should contribute $5 and the Kiwan ians countering with a similar vot at the expense of the Rotarians. Attorney is Father. County Attorney and Mrs. G. D Shumway are parents of an 8%-11 boy, born Saturday morning at th Kossuth hospital. This is the firs child, and he has been named Davl Lee. Wanted: You to try Richard's Rheumatic Remedy. Reaches every bone, muscle, tissue and Joint. Removes thb canse. Stops the pain. Money back H It falls. »1.00; Six—$5.50. At lusby's and all druggists. WEST BEND THEATRE BURNS IN EARLY MORNING BLAZE West Bend, Mar. 24 — The Or- heum theater, frame structure reeled 30 years ago by a local stock ompany, burned to the ground arly last week Sunday morning. It vas owned by one Sutton, who re- ently leased it to Layton Combs. Building and fixtures were insured, ut Mr. Combs lost personal prop- jrty not covered. What caused the 'ire is unknown. It was discovered by an employe who was awakened at his home when an electric alarm connected with the theater went off The fire had by then gained considerable headway and it was the burning of wires and a consequent short which set off the alarm. Boy Kicked by Cow. Whlttemore, Mar. 24—Erwin, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.'M. Frlnk, northwest of town, was badly Injured last week Tuesday evening, when he was kicked in the head by a cow. Getting Up Nights If Getting Up Nights, Backache, frequent day calls, Leg Pains, Nervousness, or Burning, due to functional Bladder Irritation, in acid conditions, makes you feel tired, depressed and discouraged, try the Cystex Test. Works fast, starts circulating thru the system in IB minutes. Praised by thousands for rapid and positive action. Don't give up. Try Cystex (pronounced Siss-tex) today, under the Iron-Clad Guarantee. Must quickly allay these conditions, Improve restful sleep'and energy, or money bacfe. Only 60c at' E. W. ITJSBT'S »B,TJG STOEE 'Sure I'll Go* The modem way for making dates, accepting invitations, arranging social events-is to call LONG DISTANCE i You can lalk 40 airline miles for 35C*; 70 airline miles for 50C*; and 100 airline miles for 60C*. Long distance telephone rates are based on airline miles and are less per mile as the distance increases. •JL- This it th* day itation-to-itation rate from *:3O A. M. to 7 P.M. for a three-minute conversion and applies when you aik to talk with anyone available at the telephone called. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY / How good are you at finding mistakes? The artist has Intentionally made several 'obvious ones In drawing the above picture. Some of them are easily discovered, others may be hard. See how long It will take YOU to flnd them. Impossible to have the hearing before recess. '• Reporter is Criticised. Now, here is where the news .reporter came into the story: he said our committee refused to give the farmers an opportunity to tell their reasons for opposing the test, and that the bill had been killed in the committee! Naturally the farmers resented this. They got in contact with Governor Turner, and the Governor, not knowing the situation, promised what they wanted. Of course the resolution against public hearings was then Ignored, for we were glad to comply with the Governor's wishes. see how revolutions Someone has said, mightier than the sword." are "The r a week's res l and attorneys . .,. s . . , the investiga- all freshen At the hearing last Thursday the farmers gave their views on the proposition. The committee decided to allow no one to antagonize them. This was a wise decision, because the farmers were in such a state of mind that some of them were feel- Ing rather than thinking, and no one could foretell what would have happened had -anyone crossed their Our visitors gave some able talks In the afternoon. There was a tense atmosphere in the chamber during the entire time. Now that the thing is over, I believe the legislature has profltted by the experience. It certainly made a deep Impression on me. I can now TWO SAVINGS—A GARDEN saves you money; you save on garden started, pen is May a people be delivered when a .reporter pushing a pen is more Interested in telling a good story than in the truth! Assessor BUI is Defeated. The assessor bill was up for consideration toilay and was defeated, G2-41. The bill had many virtues, also many faults. Some of us realized the necessity of a method whereby more uniform levies on property according to valuation may be had, also to provide ways to ge the correct valuation on property which has been undervalued as wel as to get at much property which has not been assessed at all. The objections to the bill, as we saw it, were that the people werr - ' th deprived of the power to elect assessor and that the bill provide- for the creation of 99 more count; officials. Representatives Simmer, Donlon f Palo Alto, and I drew up an mendment which we felt would, at east in part, correct these evils; proponents of the measure were oo arbitrary and would not yield, hence the amendment was lost, and ater the bill met with the same, 'ate. On the final roll call I voted lor the measure without amendment. Next week we shall make an effort to reconsider the bill, and since the authors have now learned that they cannot have their own sweet way it may be possible to get a bill that will be agreeable to all. Till we finally dispose of the matter, I ask everybody to withhold your judgment concerning my attitude. WHY SEND YOUR ORDERS FOR printing out of town? If the Algona print shops got all the business which originates in Algona they could hire three or four more printers to earn and spend their money here. . 4BU tools at Gamble's. Hoe 55c, rake up with a clean shave, r cn'ange of ", stomachs full of home cook- New pep and ze.at will hold i, and especially will the lawyers I more alert. While this rest has I no manner lessened the cost to «Iowa folks who will pay the bill, ) are tn favor of making it easy f the investigators. And the bill "Ich the appropriation committee "" idy to present to the 44th as-'• and in which will be placed i total cost of the investigation, ""'ns blank till every 'nook and r has been looked into, and the ~B have gone home, and Verne ill is satisfied, and the last 8 has been hung, o—o You can enter S. U. I. or Ames I *n4 choose the line of study you I want to take up. That's optional. put you MUST carry a gun! , x |A CEDAR COUNTY WHEEZE. •w arms, to arms!" the milkmen cried, ,. ..•.'•• • use, ye men O i er countryside, , ne'er be any rights denied!" f*H4 to Des Moints 400 hied! $1.00. foot. Double Double Hose 8%c per 24-28 more f wn»«» in *h» this yew thw ever y«t, l«w» f«TO tog- The 'ww . get IMS tim o—o following the visit of the fl«lesation to the legislature 18 erouna out. till we have * - »u have about tt ' 6(> 0 farmers the assembly earlier |n tbe we oowld hav urned out In Beautiful PERIOD Cabinets Aiding with quutandlng P*r- form-nee, General Motor, Radio h*. .chleved new dU. tlnction and Iwting yalw" »» cabinet detl«n. The five connote modcj. f»Uhf uily «"»due* Period de»ig«» charm and good taft Why Durham* Duplex Blades «**-to carefull When you open a package of Durham- Duplex Blades you see the most careful wrapping that science can devise, The blade* are placed in a patented folder, with the edges protected from contact with the paper by little tabs, Thi»« older is then wrapped in a hermetically sealed waxed paper wrapper; making the blades absolutely sanitary and ruarproo/, age i» the Sign of Safety for over ia,000,QQO men. 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SKEUGAS or reading, or out of doors i day, whfla the automatic Skelgas stove watches over Are you on* of 3,000 SatUfiodSuUcribw? cooking, safe gas plus many extra hours every daytime to enjoy life. \ ' Pay What You With You don't pay several hundred dollars for this convenience, unless you want to. Complete Skelgas installation including operating equipment, many months* supply of gas ana • heat-control eauipped Skelgas stove is put in your home for • small down pavmemt —with a year in which to pay the balance easily. For a little more you may have a gas*aving ine»> lated oven, or a combination coal or wood and gaa stove. Skelgaialwbring«gMfoJ-purewhJtelUbt,bHJ. liant yet easy on your eye*; gas for water heating—hoi water always on tap; gas forironing,for refrigeratkNa, Thousands of Skelgas users* have found Skelgta la not only convenient, time and effort saving, depend •hie and safe hut also a most economical fuel. 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