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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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riTTGimnan commercial, gazette, HAHCH s. iooo. BIRTHS AT THE ZOO. 0 A Tee Day Sale (-n -1 1 TWO ITPORTAXT EVE JITS CELK-BHATKIJ THERE YESTKHDAY. 1 A line Furaitore Collections and Deliveries.

THEBJGSTQRE I JAS. VJ. GROVE rwnft RETAIL BUSINESS at Factory Cost, Tlany Pieces Marked Less Than Factory Cost. It's a general CLEANING UP SALE of all last season's goods. Jas.

W. Grove, who for so many years has conducted a large establishment on Fifth avenue, near Wood street, will shortly quit the retail business and move his present location to the wholesale district on Liberty street. Have Bought His Entire Stock nf Trunks nnd fltchels 1 In a well regulated business, a perfected system pf collections and deliv- eries is absolutely; essential most especially is this true in the iaunderer's business. To guard against any mis- takes or. impbsitions we have uniformed bur collectors, and we would advise our patrons to see that work intended for Brace Bros, is delivered to the man in uniform.

We have special wagons used in making telephone-calls. If you are in a hurry -for our telephone, and bur special delivery will caU within the "shortest possible time. We make every effort tt have our wagons make their regular stops for collection and deliver' at the same every week, so that you may know exactly when to expect us. Our collectors are selected with great care and we believe them to be courteous to the public at all times. If, from any reason whatever, you have cause' for complaint, we trust you will advise us immediately by mail- Sotions, Fancy Uoods.

Leathrr Goods, Baby Carts, Stationery, China, Brlc-a-Brae, Etc. SALE STARTS TO-DAY; Oak Bedroom Suit 24x30 Pattern Shaped French Bevel Plate Mirror, Serpentine Dresser and Wash Stand S30 a 0 0 C3 mmmm 1T' i'AI SBO.yr. i- Hi'r-H' 1 Grove's Trunks and Together with some of our own extra mm ar a- mi. 1 1 ft from We 8-Inch GOOD WIRE BONE Good KEY OOLD Good Spring Metal Good Fine DRKSSING COMES ALUMINUM COMBS HAIR BRUSHES fio-lnch TAPE MEASURES CROCHET HOOKS HAIR PINS, all kinds TUEULAR SHOE LACES CURLING RINGS EYE NEEDLES 6-Inch SCISSORS Roll TAPE MEASURES Back HORN COMBS TRACING WHEELS Bristle HAIR BRUSHES Solid Mahogany Suit Dresser 54 In. wide, French Bevel Plato Mirror, 30x42 in Solid Mahogany Suit Colonial Shaped Dresser, 4 ft.

wide; French Plate Mirror. 28x34 In Fine MaL Dresser and Bed 54-ln. Dresser, with 34x42-in. French Plate Mirror Fine Man. 3-Piece Suit 54-In.

Dresser, with 32x 42-ln. Fr. Plate Mirror SI25 $95 S400 S325 Grove Satchels, Grove's This Includes the Baby Carriages, in spindle and willow. offerings. Tine Arrival of a Baby Zebra sad Babr Monker Wm Made tne Ocea- toa of Rejolcinff BitT Crowd at the Parks.

Instead of observing the day reverence, as all fuod creatures dlJ, the anl-, rudia inhabiting: the Highland park zoo the Bnbbath into huliday yesterday. For all that, however, 1'. raimot be said that they ar bad animals. Their actions cau be pardon-id, for tliere -was good Cins for juMlatlon. Unto each of two couples oceujirg: cozy quarters different of the Z'jo was bora a boy or girl, fx.

not yet detr-rmlnd. The arrival of a crc'iture at the zoo Is almost a occurrence. These events are so common thar. in most trifltancea only congratulations ar3 offered and the cigars'1. Yesterday, ho'iver, was a day of joy, only fvr thtt Inhabitants ol the zoo, but for the visitors as well.

Everybody hupi especially the sebra family ami the lemur monkey family, for mere wa an Increase In each of these la.xllies. 2ell, the mother of the baby zebra, gave birth to her tirht born at A clock. cHterdaj It "was the first zebra bcrn in vilegheny county, ana as far a K'town, the only on ever born in this section of the couutij. Th lata r's naine is Jots. lt was the nappiest ereiturfe imaginable.

Hia joy, however, waa short uvea, as it hcame ne.esfsary to coiuiue him iu a Uttl tix'i teet luclosture in tno corner ol Jvla r-u-my home. He tried even then to appear hap.vy, out hia tpiriti were visibly dejected. The little monkey saw the light of day pi a. m. yesterday, that is, it saw the Kiur-j of an electric light.

The natural iUht of day dawned on It several hours later, lints-ay, the proud mother of the 1'ttie monkey. ia the female of the l. niur monkey tribe living In the United State-j. latner's name la Sancho, and us far as is known, there are only two ether mule kmur in this country. The rw arrival Is the second lemur monkey evtrr born in America, according to the ofr.r-'ala at the Mother and child in each family are doing well The two little ertutures were on exhibition all day yesterday.

They were the center of attraction, and the crowds around the home of each nunibered hundreds at all hours the day. Th- animate were not slow in hearing of the anhal of the two frai' creatures, The 'celebration LeKsn with the crow of the co'-ks before daybreak and ended with the eareech of the owls at midnight. The chorus or congratulations waa continued without interruption ail tiay. The number or visitors was the largest on any day this winter. It was an ail eround g-ala day, and will be recorded by the historian cf the zoo-population as the greatest In Its history.

The attendance at Sehenley park yea-terOay waa- surprisingly la rice, about 8,00 people visiting- the various attractions. The Carntgie museum and the art galleries were crowded all, afternoon. The jiuarus stated that the crowds were the largest this yesr. The exhibition of portraits of prominent Plttsburghers in the (ralleri-aa will be closed next Sunday. At Phlpps conservatory the crowd waa the largest the close of the chrysanthemum show last fail.

Supt. William Palconer, who spent nearly a month In the west collecting cacti and other plants, returned the latter part of last week. He snys that he secured a large number of punt, r.nd that his trip was quite successful. A trip to California in the near iture Is contemnbited. Supt.

Falconer vvaf not ready to discuss It S.00O people heard all or part of thirty-ninth free organ recital give-, in Cm real's Music hall by Frederic yesteiday afternoon. The iirst half of his nroarsTn consisted of organ compositions l.v Eryson, Hoyte. LemmeDJ and Fa jlkes. The lpst Tialf of thp program consisted of of the following: works: Ft.ntsia, "Lurrezia Borgr'i-" bv "onlret-U: 'La Cati-rlna," liy Hchulb jff; "1a Gprrto by Pest: ttifme and varia-. ticn.

bv Hclinbrt. and Hip overture of the "TioheinDn Girl." by Fal'3. Solid flahogany Suit 48-ln. Dresser, with 30x4O-in. Fr; Plate Mirror A lot of fine Square Top, French Heavy Lined, Irofi Brass Lock, Canvas Covered Trunks, with tray; Grove's price, our price," $85 OlIITS THE stock of Grove Price, Price, 13c; Our l'jc; Our 2ic; Our 60; Our 5c; Our 10c: Our Our Pric Price, 5c Price, 85 Price, 19c Price, 2c Price, lc Price, 2c Grove 'a Price, 's Price.

Grove' Grove Grove Price, 's Price, Price. 15c doc; 5c doz. Grove 8 Price, 's Price, 's Price, 's Price, 's Price. he; Our 5c; Our 5c; Our 15c; Our lc; Our 10c; Our 5c; Our il; Our Price, Price 2c 2c lc. 5c Grove' Price, Price, Price, Price.

Grove 6c 6c 2c Price, Price, Price, Grove Grove Price, Price, 2c Baty Carts new spring of many designs of wicker work, wood Oar Prlea 20c Our Price 4BG 1 Our Price Larue Tar key Plot uses. Deer Stein 5J $3.50 Girls' Wheels 98c Q.90 UAKl'SS Like Illustration AT SLSC Many other Suits at Cut Prices $16 $11 $30 Curly Birch 5 large, roomy full serpentina Mahogany Finished 6 large, roomy top Solid Mahogany 38 In. wide, 5 large, front, with hat Chiffonier drawers, with hat box; Chiffonier drawers, serpentine Chiffonier deep drawers, serpentine box for the upright, and $4.25 for the reclining back; better and handsomer CARTS AT 3.3i) Grove's price CARTS AT 1M.50, Grove's price CARTS AT $5.85 1 Grove's price SS.OO CARTS AT fO.SOj Grove's price and. many others, ranging up to 25. If you want Baby Carriage this summer, don't miss this chance.

85.50 S2.98 85,93 SI0.98 SSc Quartered 0a Chiffonier 35 in. wide, 5 deep, roomy drawers, full serpentine front $22 Many other patterns at Cut Prices. Solid Brass Trimmed Trunks, extra strong; 2 heavy straps ail arovnd. best canvas covered; sizes 2S, 30, 32, and 36; Grove price, f9; our price, Good California Duck Covered Trunks, patent lock, japanned hardware, iron bottom, heavy bumpers, 2 leather Straps all around; Grove's price, our price Lot of Square Top Trunks, genuine Excelsior lock, extra web skirt traya; Just right for foreign travel; sixes 30, 32, 34 and 26; Grove's price, J9; our Ladies Dress Trunks (only 10 of them), linen lined, straps, brass trimmed. 4 skirt trays; Grove's price, $16; our price DRESS SlIT CASKS Enamel fiber; brass Solid Sole Leather Dres Suit Cases.

Full leather lined; brass trimmed; Grove's price, our A Lot of Good Traveling- Bajra) Grove's price, our price High cut. nickel trimmed English Club Bags; Grove's prices J1.50 up to our price Leather Shawl Straps, Sc. -Canras TrunU Straps, 1R. China Cups and Saucers, Plates, Vases, Pin Trays; Grove's prices up to 20c: our price A big lot of Decorated China Plates, Cups and Saucsra, Pitchers, Mugs, Hair Pin Boxes, Ash Trays, Teaai" Pot Tiles; sold by Grove up to 35c; our price wC 5-Piece Parlor Suit Upholstered In fine Figured Silk Llm sow $4.98 3o 5-Piece Parlor SIOQ Fine Marquetry Inlaid Frame, upnoi- 0 a CI a a 0 tered in best grade s80 5-Piece Parlor Upholstered in Satia Damask Suit A grand collection of Decorated China Platters, Celery Trays, Cracker Jars, Comb and Itrnah Tray, Cap and Saucers. Vases, Cuspid or, Cnp, Saucer and Plate Sets, Rose- Morris, Ac, ac.

sold by Grove up to $1 Big lot of elegant Decorated Jardinieres, Chop Dishes, Ice Cream Trnyt, Cups and Saucers, Muan and Milk Sets. Celery Trays, Boudoir Trays, Batter Dishes, Handsome Vases, Cuspidors, Ac. sold by Grove up to $1.50 Sy 5-Piece Parlor Suit Grove's Stationery: Celebrated Falcon and School Steel Pens; Grove's price 60c and T5c the gross; onr price, KVo rron. Writing: Paper boxes of 24 sheets and envelopes; sold by Grove at 10c, 15c and 2c; onr price, Oc. Upholstered in backs quality; Grove's Writing Tablets, all sizes; good prices 10c and 15c; our price, 6c.

3 OC" 5-Piece Parlor Suit "1 Upholstered in good wool V. mJ Tapestry Handsomely decorated. Chocolate Tots, ters. Jardinieres. GOOD LEAD PKXCILS, 3c Do-sen.

Pencil Tablets and Composition Books; large size, 3a. Pocket Memorandum Books, 3o. Cracker Jars, Salad Dishes, A Ac. Many Odd Sofas and Chairs Marked at half price. made; good; 1 THE NEWS OF SOCIETY.

5 or the Ctfan Orphan Relief Fund. iXr. Wil'fam McCjnway, treasurer of the llttsburtih and Allegheny contribu-to tho Cuban orphan relief fund, Tvcclred from the people these "W-o and forwarded to the general headquarters in New contribtitioiiri heatdes money have 1 con made. The women of the auxiliaries of the First Pennsylvania Red Cross auxiliary of 1 illlod a box yaiued at which was sent to Cuba last fail, a second box valued at S184.35 te1ne sent as a Chri.stm.ts gift. The fol-lovlnc la the complete list of contributors Jt I'ltsbjrtjh and Allegheny for the relief of the orphan, widowed and destitute Cuban: Charles Ftizluurh.

JI'VJ: A. E. IV.iiner,- Mrs. K. Porter, $100: Hi A.

M. $1'; Tf. C. Frick, f'r H., JtV); First rennsylva- fua Red Croc? Auxiliary of Pittsburgh, H.Wj: First I P.

church of Aileghtny lit Cross u.viM:-.ry o. 7. $13: Third Pres-; tc-lan chi.reh of iit tstnirKh Red Cross io-auxilio ry No. 0. IKK; Fourth Avenuo cnvrcli of Piltsburph Hed Cross Vi.b-auxlMory No.

First church of Pittsburgh Red Crosa sub-auxiliary No. 32, $20: Young People's so-et Crclmtan Endeavor I'iryt Presb.v-ttlan church, I.echburtr, Red Crost Hj'i-anyD'i'tv No. 43, First United churrli of Allegheny Red Cross tio-auxlilary No. 7, $20: Sharpsburg jnd I'na Ki Cross sub-auxiliary No. 25.

i $'' Mt. V-'avhinirton Grace Kplscopal T'Htsbiirgli Red Cross aub-aux A A Oak China I "4 Round ad glasses Of Quartered Oak China 'O P.ound end glasses 70 Fins Quartered Oak 52 in. wide, full mirror Plate Glass shelves sow sow sow sow as low as. sow $11 sow $8 NOW $23 sow $15 sow Suit 7 Satin uamasx sow s52 sow sow $24 Silk Velour, tufted sow $10 Closet sow Closet sow s48 sow Sideboard 43 Bevel. Atirror, azxio ov 40 French Bavel mirror.

sow s19 sow Table 9 sow $14 sow S39 Allegheny, February 2, since which time she not heard anything of him. He was single, 23 years of age, and boarded at her house. He was a soldier of the regular army whose time expired while his regiment wa.i in Cuba shortly after the late var ended, and was discharged there and returned to this city. He was employed at a bridge works on Forty-eighth street. When he lett home he wore a blue army overcoat, black stiff hat, and gray trousers and carried hia discharge papers in hi pocket.

fon't be Afraid to Ask. to the variable and fencraily unsettled condition ot the weather at thty season of the year, there is wtde-Rpread suffering from Colds, Catarrh. La Grippe, Nervous Prostration and similar distressing ailments among all classes of our people. The Commercial Gazette is glad of an opportunity to offer substantial to any of its readers who may be thus afflicted. By a recent arrangement with the Dr.

Miles Medical company, of Elkhart, whosi name appears regularly in our advertising columns, anyone writing them, for a symptom blank and mentioning this paper can obtain expert medical advice regarding his or her trouble, absolutely without cost. Resides this advice from their trained specialists, they will send postage paid, samples of their famous remedies to ail who may desire team. Don't be afraid to ask. $24 Hollar, China Closet back, with French i BRACE BROS. Laundcrers, Dyers and Dry Cleaners.

Tel. VllktDbars 23 Pitta. 17TU, congregation, more than a generation of the mrmhiTn of trim i hui i lt hn lrrrpti ticipated infhe. supper and bazar held each year Supper wltl. be served from 6 o'clock iihtil 9 each evening.

The "chairmen of the committees are as each chairman being: fcssisted by ten aids: General committee, Mrs. Jarr-es Scat; pupper, Irs. James Marshall; candy. Mrs. George u2tmer; fancy Work.

Mrs. Conn; Mrs. George Barclay; 1 common sense, MW J. Creese; lemonadei Mis? Jennie WYdtley; check, Mr. Buchanan; reception, Superintendent JSamuel An- arews.

THE FAIR SEX. Summer SVlnts to be Elaborate. Fashions In Cririge trimming have changed radically Vlnce they recently put in an ar-pearanee. The manner of applying remains much the same, but instead of the solid colors that prevailed at hrst, the stylish sort is variegated in ea' hmere shades. With a variety of color in the trimming, it is deemed proper to go in for unusual shades or odd combinations in the gown Itself.

The bodice of this picture is a good illustration of this tendency. Tea "colored satin cloth was its material: and collar were smocked whi'e tulle, and the double fichu bretelle was pink cloth. Add a black bell bikI a bow of black velvet and white bice, and an unusual color scheme is completed. Not i few of such are a distinct gain in beauty and richness, -but -they are hardly afe for amateur effort. There are too manv chances of getting a-result that lookH like a patchy hodge-podge.

Separate skirt of summer material are nut in full force. It is now possible to buy a wonder or a skirt made of pink lawn, beflour.tcl and edged with row on row of babv black velvet. It is an easy matter to match the lnwn and make a bodice ftn-Hhed with a dash of the black velvet. There you have a whole frock very easily. White lawn skirt with insertions, flounces, tucking and lace come In all degrees of price and beauty.

It seems worth while to have the skirt of a summer gown made; better give all attention to the. bodice. One must be a little careful to see to It that she la able to match the trimming used on the skirt. But not a few will plan their white gowns with bodices almost plain, Just cut out a bit about the neck, their aim being to make the skirt the elaborate part of the rig. ON THE BRIDGE WITH DEWEY.

Ex-Untterl States Consul Will-lama to Lecture at the Carnesie Mnaie Hall MarcU 23. Former United States Consul O. F. Williams, who was stationed at Manila before and during the Spanish will be in Pittsburgh to deliver his lecture, On the Bridge With Pewey," Carnegie musio hall on Friday evening, March 23. This announcement was made yesterday at the Thirteenth United Presbyterian church, Allentown, by the pastor.

Rev. I. P. Members of the congregation have been quietly arranging for the engagement, of ex-Consul Williams and the announcement of their success came as a pleasing surprise. While the war clouds gathered.

Consul Williams held a number cf conferences with Aguinaldo and other Filipino leaders and obtained much information which he afterwards made good use of. He also obtained secret plans of Spanish defenses, pictures of fortineatlons and plana of deep water channels, all of which, he furnished to Dewey at Hong Kong. In doing a portion of this work he was tracked by Spanish detectives and was warned bv the United States government to leave Manila. After assisting in the departure of United States citizens. Consul Williams himself crossed the China sea and Joined Dewey.

To the information he supplied Dewey with in advance of the battle was largely due the success of the admtral's: attack. When he had to. quit Manila, Admiral Dewey waited for two days with his fleet off Hong Kong for Mr. Williams to Join and accompany him back on the way to battle, and the consul passed through all of the exciting scenes of the following days. He stood on the bridge of the dympla with Dewey during that memorable battle.

A committee representing the church confer with a number of prominent citizens to-day with a view deciding upon the advisability of inviting Admiral and Mrs. Dewey to come to Pittsburgh for the occasion. The lecture is to be fcKen for the benefit of the Thirteenth U. P. church.

THE HTDI.ti COMMITTEES. Annoanceii Saturd.ty by President Molvelvry of the Central Board. President William H. McKelvey, cf the central toard of education on Saturday ennounced thi standing commlttes of the bonrd for the year as Finance Messrs. Keller, McGarvey, 45 Quartered Oak Sideboard SO 56 in.

wide, with 44x20 French Bevel ,1,1 Mirror mS V- SOW fc.Iiers, Fox. Linn, McKutcheon Mc-Kwan, Thompson. High Schools Messrs. Wilson. McKain, Kiser, Ford, Harper, Letsche, Easton, Mc-Elroy, Gillespie.

Text Books and Course of ConstructionMessrs. Gosser, Brophy, Reltz, Fleming, Kelly, Kirby, McFall, McTighe. Hageman. Teachers and Salaries Messrs. Pollock, Schaeffer, Stouffer, Sankey, Whitmore.

Srobeck, McGhee, Fullerton, Lauft'er. Kindergartens Messrs. McKutcheon, Linn. Gosser, Loug-heay. McGhee Industrial Schools Messrs.

McGarey, Keller. Sellers, Reltz. Sankev, Fox, Bchwarzwaelder, Whitmore. Easton. JSooks, and- Supplies Messrs.

Kiser Brophy. Harper. Pollock. McTighe. Evening Schools Messers.

Sellers. Gillespie. Sankey, Keliy, McEwan, McFall, Fulierton. Music Messrs. Schaffner, Fleming, Schwarzwaelder, Kirby, Lougheay, Thompson, Lauflfer.

Vacations Messrs. Stouffer, McKain, Hill. Brobeck, McFall, Fleming, Hageman. Printing Messrs. Hill, Whitmore, Schwanaelder, Mcgarey, Schaffner, McGhee, Kirby.

Rules and Regulations Messrs. Ford, Brophy, Kelley, Linn, Ixuiheay. Laws and Legislation Messrs. Letscha. Wilson, Keller; --Fleming, McEwan.

Compulsory Education Mesnrs. McEl-roy, Fox, Reltz, McKutcheon, McTighe. tavta stock markets. Central Live Stock Tarda. Saturday, March 3, 1300.

Cattle But little done, and at the present writing it is difficult to disclose the outcome of M'onday. which depend largely upon the supply in regard to which but little is known at the present writing. Veal calves. and quiet. Sheep and iambs Very few on sale and market reported firm at unchanged prices.

Sheep, $46.13 for common to prime and lambs Hogs Some live or six cars on sale; market strong and prices a little higher. Prime assorted medium, J3.22H; heavy Yorkers, light Yorkers, 6.10; heavy weights. S5.likff5.15; pigs, 5. Chicago reported head and steady. ASSOCIATED rfSS.

CHICAGO, March 3. Cattle Receipta, 800; nominally steady natives; good to prime steers, poor to medium, SQ1 4 80; selected feeders, $4 151J4 70; mixed stockers, $3 401r3 30; cows, $3-g4 25; heifers, $2 lt. 60; canners, $2 2533; bulls, $2 4 25; calves, $503. Texans Receipts, 300; market about 3teady; week, 3.700 head; Te iaa fed steers, $3 SOCi 4 tto; Texas bulls, $3 20g3 76. Hogs Receipts to-day, to-morrow.

estimated left over, strong to shade higher; top. $4 92H; closed, easier; mixed and butchers, $4 05 good to choice heavy, 14 w4 92; rought heavy. Si i5fz4 75: light pigs, EfllOc lower at $4 tig4 bulk of sales, $4 77 85, Sheep i.eceipta, 2,000. Sheep and lambs, steady; good to choice. $5 605 66; fair to choice mixed, J4 50; western sheep, $5 30(35 90; yearlings, $06 50; native lambs, 40; western lambs, J77 40.

week's receipts Cattle, 41.200; hogs. sheep. 61,700. Receipts, week ago Cattle, hogs. lfcft.SOO; sheep, 65,600.

EAST BUFFALO. March 3. Cattle Receipts, 3, quiet; demand, light; veals, lower, Jo5i 25. Hogs Receipts, 35 cars, 510c lower; Yorkers, $5 15B light, $5 10; mixed and mediums, $5 15.6 17; good heavy, 5 20; pigs, $5rg5 10; roughs $4 IMii 70. Sheep and lambs Receipts, 15 ears; steady; best lambs, $7 others, $037 25; mixed sheep, tops, $66 50; culls tt good, $4 50B5 75; heifers and yearlings, NEW YORK, March 3.

Beeves Receipts, none; no feeling steady; exports, 129 cattle. Calves Receipts, none; nothing doirsi; nominally steady. Sheep and lambs Receipts, 1,167. Sheep, firm; lambs, 16c higher- good sheep, fair to choice lambs. $58 60; yearlings, 7.

Hogs Receipts, 2,721. None for sale alive; nominally steady. CINCINNATI, March active; strong; $4 10g6. Cattle, steady, $33 10. Sheep, firm, f4 256.

Lambs, steady, $6 7 35. Drjeoodn. NEW YORK, March 3. Fair general demand in staple cotton, tending upward In brown bleached and coarse colored cottons. Sellers shy in taking orders for forward deliveries.

Prints are very firm, and advances of about 5- per cent, made some lines of both fancies and staples. Ginghams very strong. Print cloths quiet at yesterday's advance. Cotton yarns very strong, and spinners are reserved even at higher prices than last week. Woolen and worsted yarns also very firm.

MANCHESTER. March 4.There was a fair cloth business at the beginning of last week for India and China, but, ever since, cotton has been running much too fast and only urgent orders have been put forward. These small commands seem rather plentiful from the minor markets, but the aggregate is less than the output. Engagements, however, are stUl heavy and all the producers now want Is fail covering on the daily cotton basis. Fancy colored bleached printed, and figured goods are doing well.

In yarns current needs only are being covered. Prtces are stronc. be4ng 3-16 of a farthing higher. Germany had an active week's trade, yarns following" cotton easily. France continues active and deeply engaged, with prices rising.

Iron and Steel Report. PHILADELPHIA. March 3. Pig iron-The market is dull, and prices are somewhat irregular, but the extremely light supplies which are being carried prevents any general decline. When iron Is forced on the market, lower prices are unavoidable, but it is only once in a while that this occurs.

Still the situation is uncertain, and prices are ready to move either way on vrj' slight pressure. Billets Nothing doing of any account; prices nominal at 35.50 and S6 asked. Finished material The demand is fair and prices are pretty well maintained. There is an excellent prospect for the rpring and summer months, but the capacity for output is so great that there la a constant prersure to secure orders, for which reason prices are firm, in others they are the reverse. Old material There is a belter demand for old material, and while prices are not higher, holders have less trouble in selling at Quowd rates, and more frequently 65 Fine Qaartered Oak 5 ft.

wide, trench in. 55 Quartered Oak 64 in. long, with 44X20 in Sideboard 25 Gplden Oak 4 ft. long, with Pattern 36x20 in Sideboard French Bevel mirror, mil 'ft. til ur iuif'i I I i.i iixlllry IX J21 Chevalier Jean Franco! of Paris, J10: Lady at re-teptio-i of Gill, $Ti: C.ipt.

J. J. Vy. P. Jones, $100; A.

V. Jfellon. vmiiatn McConway, Cilvlf Wells, J. B. and M.

Jack- moo. fTVI! M. livers 100; Oil J. R. McCJinley, o'h arul Flliin.

limited, George M. Cuba for Christ. Wfi: W. XV. ard.

J25: W. II. Sincer $100: S. S. Marvin, JioO: R'imsev.

Mrs. C. E. Piirtsev. JliKi; Wallace If.

Rowe, S5i; G-oig Wesilugh.use, 1'j: Hollefleld Red Jrost auxiliary $L1; Pennsylvania vied auxiliary of Plttwburgn (bal- rrom nristmns oox). ii. iv. c-rter, Ditrbtn Horne, lfl0; Mrs. iVUilam Thaw, IVjO; Arlington Heights tul-auxiliury Hed Cross.

$5: Bellefleld Si 8 Ft OaS I aC 44-io. top, Oak Extension 6-1 n. carved QA SFL QL Oak Extension Tabla 48-ln. top, cluster legs 13 Ft Qt Oak Extension TaMe E2-ln. top.

Fine Carved Base Many others at cut prices. sold by Grove up to 15 www www Www Standards of Quality Are CAPITOL CYLISDEB. OIL, BEXOWK KXGLVE OIL, ELDORADO KI.E OIL, AMD STANDARD GAS EXGIXB OIL, MICA AXLE GBK1SE. Use only tj is much as any other Grease. Theso Juslly celebrated brands of Lubricating Oils are the best and most popular on the market.


In Gold Delft or Dresden Decorations. We pay special attention to the quality of all products offered for the home trade. Our list of ILLUMINATING OILS. NAPHTHAS AND GASOLINK8 is complete, and we can supply the trade with all gradee required (or Pittsburg '1 and tributary The Atlantic Refining Co. PITTSBIRGH, PL, Cor.

8th Street and Ditoeiae Way. BRANCH OFFICESi Wheeling, W. Va. Cumberland. Mi Hagerstown, Md.

Frederick, aid. Altoona, Pa. Johnstown, Pa, 8teubenvllle. O. Capital City Oil Harrisburc Pa.

OCEASITKABKRI, ANCHOR LINE Cnlted States Hall Steamships Sail from Sm-wr York eTrr Saturday (or Glasgow via. Londonderry. Saloon Pausge, SSO and apwards, brcoaii Cabin. City of Rome. ao.

Other Kteamsra, 3K Steerage Paact Rome, rurcessta, D24L50. Otbet Steamers. For Books of Tours and information, apply te HENDERSON BROTHERS, General Asenta, and 1 Broadway. New York. or j.

j. Mccormick, tw umithfieia su, Pittsburgh. JAPAII-CHIIIA -PHILIPPINE ISLANDS VIA HONOLULU. Paclfie Usll B. 8.

Occidental Oriental 8. S. Co. and Oriental B. C.

From San rYancisco Hong Konr. Peking, 15th; Gaelic, March 23d Hong Kong Maru. March Slst. For ratea or passage, apply to U. Hfcrring-.

Ill J'ark building, orl. A Myers, Carnegie building. fnisiscciss vy mi vn in 1 re we JW) strongly tires 0 $55 Bicycles- SI for men and women, first-class DOCTOR 'WHITTIER, 933 Pens Pittsburgh, Pa. As Cl resideo'a know and back file of Pitts-burgU papers prove, is oldest eatablishsd and not prominsnt physician in the city U-vcttng special attention to ail rhronlo diseaasa. A POSITIVE.

CURE QUARASffEED ia all curahlo cases. Wbars doubt sxUU it frankly UtRtft. RJPUVflllv And reatal (SlMasea, physical II Ull I JUO decay, narvouo debility, Uck ot nrg-y. ambition and hope, liupalrsd mskaory, disordered sight, self-dlsgunt. bashfulnes.

du-alneiin, sleeplosbaess, plrapieji. eruptions, lm-poverlsbed blooa, fslllnir powers, orranic weakness, dyepepst. constipation, consumption, unfitting the person f.r business, society and marrls. PERMANENTLY, SAFELY AND BLOOD AND SKIN SSZTSuog blotches, falling hair, botsa pains, glandular welling, ulceration of tongue, mouth, throat, ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood th.iughly eradicated from the system, I II DV Kidney and bladder ti I II I meats, weak back, gravel, catarrhal discharges, inflammstion and other painful symptoms receive SEARCHING TREATMENT, PROMPT RELIEF AND REAL CURES. f-r.

Whlttter's extensive experience Insures Acientiflo and reliable treatment oa common, sense principles. Patients at a distance lc carefully treated as If here. Houra, to Advice free. Addrena to 4 ard to i. I Dr.


in. to 1 p. ju.1 PITTS BURGH. PX "Finest Stock." HANGE'S p'aAper 521 Penn Avenue. MEDICAL.

HiVF YOU Hore Throat, Pimples, Copper-iiAlit IV Colored Spots. Atr.s, Old Sores. Ulcers In Mouth. Halr-FalllngT "Wrlie COOK REMEDY CO. 1C3 Uasonio Temple, Chicago, for proofs ot cures.

Cacita.1 We solicit the most obstinate cases. We have cured the worst cases in 14 to IS days. 100-pars Rook Free. ft Enxbeb KUssms Rnsa. rsnnvnoYAL pills s3S.

0rts4ssl aad Osly eWswisa, A sn, iwft tuski. utaits Mk OrsulM Sje cacAMrrs Ws iHs-l A' imI is ea CIA luuibx uw, mW oliii kiu iihm. 'e All Efsnis, mr tmA 0 It's a short sale at short prices and will pay you WELL to at tend. www WW ww RIVER PACKETS. Pittsburgh and Ciscinaaii Packet Ihi learner for Wheeling.

atarietta. Parkeraburg Point Pleasant. Uuntlngton. Asblaad, Iron-" too, Portsmouth, Clstint nU, LculevKlf, ile.TJphi. St.

Louis. New Orleae and ail intermediate lara-ings, will leave wbartboat. foot ot Wood street, follows: Kverv Monday. 4 p. r.i..

steamer jteyarp is State. C. W. Knox, master. D.

EerV Wedi.eaday. P- teamer Qaeen City. R. R. Agnew, master; Dan M.

Lsc, EvsrV Saturday. 4 P- m-. steamer Vlrsittlk. 8 Calnoun. master: R.

H- EETtT 7 rirst-olH far. Plttsburaitc. ClnclnnaU. 7. Hound trip.

ia and U. la meals and berth included. Be br an leurn by rait, li. For freight or "IcT presld'Ct. Tickets rooJ ona ysr.

Wharfboat Telephone 1T6L Pittsburg, Brownsville and Stan a Packat Co. Through to' Morjtanstown, W. Va. One of our boaus leaves dally, except at p.m. Sunday at 8.30 from Wharf-beet, foot cf fimHhfleld et.

Fare, Round Trip. lr.clutrf meals. t-Round Trip tickets to all po'bts. Frettfht received until p.m. For further Information apply to I.

VVOODSVARD PARKS, cr 3. S. GRAHAM. onmri Art General Manager. Wharfboat, Pfrlt, Pa.

brownrriile Pk. T.lerr.ona 1A4 sl Pittsburgh" moroaxtowh, Trt-Weekly racket, Admiral Dewey, ieavea the Anchor wharf-boat, foot of Msrket street, every Monday, Wednee-day and Friday, at 1 p.m. Freight received for ail points on te Mono ng ah el a river. Ja36-X-m-w-tfd KAtAttnA RIVER PACKET. STAHK KANAWKA." W.

E. Roe. master; Geo. W. Humer.

leaves Patterson wfcarfbeat evsry Tuesday at l- m. for Wheeling, Marietta, Parkersburs, Uklllpolia, Cbarl-fc-ton and intermediate i-olnts. Finest psengr and freight accommodations 8. R. Patterson Co.

and H. Gbrieat, No. i7j Water st. Telephone 428. PITTSBIRGH, WHEELING PARK-UnSBlHO SEMI-WEEHLY PACKET.

Ben Hur. Fred Kltnple, Cptaln; Clerk, -oeparts from Pattersons whartboet every Mtnday at 1J IhuraJay 4 p. m. This fine passenger and freight -suamer has i au modern improvement, for the aceommodaUon of passer era and s.ock. 8.

K. Psuereon Co Geo H. Ghr.est. No. JCT tr.

siO -ts Afent. Relieves tlldnCV; troubles once. Citco 5n Di '17 La.h Cajui lri the name Beware uf etc lest rl'iii rr'Vi IVvWA'M i.vV WW ww So A. Kid Crns auxiliary, Red Cross auxiliary, ifotnepa'l. 23; Arlington Heights aub-auxillary Red Cross, $21.

Vr. a ii Mr. UHrtla'n Iuleale. Equally as enjoyable a Its predeces-' so: was the afternoon reception and iaicaie g-iven on Saturday by Mr. and Mrs.

James Htephen Martin In their at on AValnut street. East Knd. The hours were from 4 o'clock until 7, and dunrg tie afternoon a very delightful program was reiidered by several w-ll-knovn musicians which was listened TJ by prominent musical people of the two The house was prettily decorated tor the entertainment. Among the who contributed to the emertain-rrv. nt of the guests were Miss Annie Ti-i-dle.

Miss K.itheiine Ward. Miss Elizabeth Jenrdngs, Miss Kentiard Mrs. Martin, rt- Fanlc Mtre and Miss Katherine XtX. Virion, Mlsa Wijsort and Mrs. Ixve pluying the RccompanimentH.

Several j- jr-fes were also delightfully suig by Mr. Vatyhan, fbllanlljri'py to the Front. Philanthropy wUl afford the chief source cf ratertainment this week to the women the two cities. On Tuesday morning, afternoon and evening occurs the Uetietit for the Pittsburgh and Allegheny Free Kindergarten association In Rarden. The ladles are working' energetically for the success of the scheme.

60 per cent of the rf-c-iipts of the clay at the Duouen garden being offered tr.e association by tae of the tlace. On Wednesday occurs the opening of the children's ward nf the Homeopathic At thy close the regular meetlnsf thu Aid society an informal reception wlii be held. Mrs. Omar Scott Pot Wer, through whose unflagging efforts the bright, cheery ward for the little tots has been Beeured, receiving ail those who wish to inspect this addition to the hos-pHnL Annual Sapper 4 lluiar. The congregation of the Fourth United Pt iis'oytenan church will hold its annual ui er on Thursday and Friday evening Cf lUl.i week.

March and in the par-l. vf tiie church on Pooifla and TI wlii be the thlrty-to iifu "-naual given the 51-53 Federal than usual they get the outside rates. There la a great deal of inquiry, and holders art Inclined to expect better prices. Coffee and Sugar. NEW YORK, March The market for coffee futures opened steady at points advance and ruled moderately active without further change, while showing a Arm undertone on better European eables than expected, which caused covering and moderate investment buying.

The advance was checked by large further decline at Rio and Santos, offsetting smaller receipts there and much larger warehouse deliveries In this country; closed steady at 5fiflO points net advance; total falea were 32.60 bags, including May at 6.65c; July, S.tiSc; August, 6.70c; September, eQ1 6.80c; October, 6.8ic: December. 6.9E37c; spot Rio steady: No. 7 Invoice. 8 S-16e nominal; do jobbing, 9 11-lSc; mild quiet; Cordova, SfHc. Sugar Raw barely steady; refined quiet.

Ifew York Metal Market. NEW TORK, March 3. The brokers' price for lead was $4 45 and for copper $16 Z5. A Soldier STlK.lng. Mrs.

Cokely, who at 171,9 Webstor street, reported to the.ycllse yesterday the unaccountable disappearance of Lawrence una van frcta bar tome oa I awns iV I HIIH 'f I a eis ssr 1 w. 1 iimi 1..

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