Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 19, 1931 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1931
Page 9
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SENATOR NfB we are getting the ^ancient history.*, to' tf was kicked oilt of 'Ten, let's get Senator h ls committee in here investigating and "g u !• matter ° ver [flnley and Kelleher can o—o , er glad that Verne Mar- MnA at the university be- rflflU . - v • .. rtl/in't O"ftt M e h ngrav°ng er for the U. 0 th<SfWl8o how would M»« , learned of the reason, for f from the Big Ten? hat about all ...... investigation that wa» crookefl City are some of the „„ t he campus. And. Aaa fin* dftVS SOItlfl Define «W § . .^ and laid Bonnstetter Would Ban Neptotism in Schools FRAMES BILL ' gardener torn out f, es tl E atlo~n is costing the a lot of money, which will up in the minus column reduction sheet sponsored mbly. In the meantime as been deprived- of the services of a half dozen xxlreps and sens, which be charged to profit and I the legislature allows Chi- lives |25 P« day and[tow- ,oer day, then I'm In favor the Investigation off right ir no one has admitted i 21 charge* were worth , money. The charges we „„. concerned about are i that will be charged up |»xpayers. • ' o—o i EVERY MOUTHFUL [y, of Scott, files an amend- already unrecogntoble [bill. He would have the i tally on every mouthful I'd suggest the far- riang a tally sheet on her iblnet upon which she en- laaiiy; ., For Breakfast „_, tablespoon lard, half n, seven slices bread, two (IB coffee, .teacup sugar, % (ter. Eggs, lard, bacon and > grown. For Dinner Blinds potatoes, 3 pounds Ivy, four slices bread, %lb, Jiart peas, glass Jelly, two coffee, teacup sugar, In. Potatoes, steak, gra- lly, butter and pumpkin [grown. For, Supper iat, fried potatoes, bread, y, tea, and cup sugar. The atoes, butter and .jelly sra. o—o i New Year's eve and ner's wife would spend jit checking over the coat grown food and Inter in the right hand I In the income tax report. o—o Islature refused to permit of a Niagara at Moscow, iver that Is. There van- ipportunlty to collect from rlsts and sightseers. And lecca for honeymqoners pnlpri no . > •' * ,7.' '- . US. 0 — 0 I all of the advertising Is putting out in a I wiy through the 8. U. lgation no wonder the turned down the re! Iowa hotel men to ap- $100,000 to advertise iflcock, national prohlbl ftor, announces 560 addl- phs and ?50,000 worth of to aiil in further en' dry laws during the dry nths, Where's he going | Joy wagons for $100 each rounds up antiquated And the present average much noise that the would-be able to sneak •till unless the stiller was |nas to be still when he ap .still if h e expects the lull, be .at I still. 0—0 to redistrict ibwa, [of them would change p without hurting the [of a couple democratic i Who are used to be» 1 work anyway, c—o 'ING WHEEZE ' [ year has come again responds to. zephyr every throbbing, puls s me from fireside to the i smell of earth my rios n fresh and newborn zip y every thought an.d ac ( m knowing we'll: hav< I ditch my heavy un k« h 0 ^ my sho * ts of ! OU 4 fwas and flowers every •""worn out a ma n anew winters dope, th« drops, sundry pills ithe in fervent hope banish winter's Ills >ng wit h the rising sun ] „; 1° strength, to pep 01the day begun new W * tr ees, the flow hours- to- trunk } n a as th , s •*» 3125 t, ******* Printed Last Week Latest cltcnlatlon by far In Kossnth. wH T0tf Tllli '" OIM Al * ont imlnf after yon order ft Sate yourself fnt.nre embarrassment by the pnpcr yon can itop wlien yon want It (toy* pcd. '' ALGONA, IOWA, MARCH 19, 1931 Number 27 AGAINST HIRE OF RELATIVES By A. H. Bonnstetter. State house, Des Molnes, Mar. 14— think it might interest' some of the eople of Kossuth county to learn bout 'experlencoB a new'' legislator meets In Introducing and sponsoring bill through the House, and to tat end I ahall discuss H. F. 204, y myself. The measure simply provided that It shall be unlawful for any school x>ard to employ or to authorize the mployment of any person rm teach- r who la related by consanguinity affinity within the third degree o any member of said board." The department of public instruc- on at once indorsed the proposed aw, and supplied me with ample in- ormatton to show its .necessity. My t>servatlon has been that nearly all f our sub-district school squabbles ver the election of a director con- em around his hiring a daughter or lose relative to teach the school. nformation from the department as p ell as reports from a large per- entage of the county superintend- rits plainly indicated that .1 was qrrect in my conclusions. Bill Meets Snag. The department of Public Instruc- ion also pointed out that If we wish o enter upon, an economy program or our schools one of the first steps must be to eliminate the condition hich allows a director to set the ages for an employed relative. Of course I felt that I was spon- orlng a meritorious measure but an xperienced legislator would never ave Introduced the bill, because its assage is Impossible for the follow- ng reasons: first, because many of le members are connected with chools, and some are Indulging in he very practices to which I ob- ect; second, we have secretaries nd pages whose dads are members f the legislature, which condition is Imilar to that of our schools (this erhaps is another reason why wo ,ired the 20 extra clerks!). The bill was Indefinitely post- Oned In the Judiciary committee. Re'dlstrlctlng Bill Turned Down. Another measure I sponsored is I. P. 356, a senatorial redistrlctlng ilan. , Friday morning this bill, with' hre'6 'others," waBHaken'-np' for con- ideratlon, and in my judgment the most unfair'plan, H. F. Ill, was 'laced on the House calendar. My eaaons for believing this follow: The constitution says the senatorial districts, shall be apportioned according to the population, as shown ly the last preceding census. It fur- her. says no county can have more han one senator, and no county can be. divided to make a senatorial dis- rlct. ' By reason of the distribution of he population and the provisions of he constitution It is impossible that .11 districts. shall have the same population, but the aim should be to secure as even a distribution as possible. Why Bill' Was Best. The population of the state is 2,,70,939, Divided by 50 the number of 'senators and districts would,' if qually divided, give a senator 49,420 constituents. There are seven pounties with a population greater than 49,420, and .hese are therefore each entitled to L senator. , ,The population of the seven counties is 634,422. Subtract- ng this number from the population of the state leaves 1,836,617 to be divided by'trie 43 remaining districts which gives 42,710, the number the districts would have U the population could be equally distributed. It ie! not my purpose to discredit the authors of House Files 11, 64, and 171, but the only way to point out the virtues of my 'bill, which is still -when he H. F,. 366, is to compare it with the others. This comparison follows. Districts— , At Present Lea? tnait 20,000 — T 1 Between 20,000 and 30,000.—— 7 Between 30,000 and 40,000—,-16 Between 40,000 and 50,000 11 Between 50,000 and 60,000 4 Between 60,000 and 70,000 5 Between-70,000 and 80,000 2 Between 80.000 and 90,000 3 Over 90,000 ..— 2 HF.ll 0 2 15 20 5 4 : 60 H. F. 64 0 0 V..H 24 4 , 4 1 1 2 60 60 H. F. 171 H. F. 356 0 0 14 24 4 4 1 1 2 50 0 0 14 26 3 S 1 1 2 50 Politics the Answer. H these ttgures are studied It wll not be difficult to account for my conclusion. The answer is "politics. 1 Jt appears to me that if we go to the trouble of redislricting the thing uppermost in -our minds should be tp give the people of the state a nearly as possible their proportion ate share of representation, and tjia •we BjiipuW entirely disregard the de rgjV of" politicians. Tfhis ie the time when we arrange QUIT schp!pi ; pjx>gram tor the ensumi Many of the members of th ure, are »J9P members o boards, Most of them say with the cooperation of " board members they hope « cut operating expenses 10 per cent m S0JWJ home this week-end to see •whether we "too «*n make a, 10 per *,ent out. W aB the civic and poll ar«antea*lon» Pt the sW carry out a iw pe yer. Proposed Redistricting Plan MADISON WAAKN MARION IMAHA9KA Around the County ODD FEUXHV, REBEKAH BOOSTERS IN MEET— BURT — One hundred and twenty- five persons attended an I. O. O. P.- Uebekah "booster" meeting at the Odd Fellows' <hall Tuesday night, March the 3rd. This was a county meeting, and members from Weeley, Tltonka, Lu Verne, Algona, and Swea City- were here. J. A. .Chandler, of Gait, Wright county, gave the chief address. The program Included readings by Derrald Riddle and Gordon Schmidt, a talk by J. F. Fisher, Titonka, and a duet by Mrs. Brace and Mrs. George T HESE MAPS, PUBLISHED In the Sunday Register, give two plarts proposed in the legislature for congressional redistrlctlng to fit Iowa's drop from 11 to nine, members in the House at Washington. The upper map Is known as the Rylander map, from the-name of the author, t and the lower'map was pro-, posed by five legislators. . '' ' MEETINGS AT ST, BENEDICT DRAWGROWDS 'St. Benedict, Mar. 17 — The mission meetings at the St. Benedict Catholic church closed Saturday evening. They were well attended during all of last week, and the attendance Included many ,from Wesley and Algona. The Rev. Father Wessling, of Wesley, is having the mission meetings this week. The meetings here began a week ago Sunday, and were . conducted by Father A. C. pregenqer, of the Re- demptorisl order, who hails from Chicago. Father Pregencer 'will conduct meetings at Bancroft after he. is through at Wesley. Father Schemel Visits Here— The Very Rev. M; A. Schemel,; of Alton, came last Thursday and spent a .few hours in the afternoon with his sister, Mrs.. E. F. Rahm, He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schemel, Algona, and a brother of E. F. ^chemel, of the Kossuth County State bank. . Finger Cut Splitting Wood- George Arndorfer wounded one of 'his fingers one day last week while he was splitting wood. The injury is such that he has to have someone help him with the farm work, and Lambert Vaixteicher is assisting. • Visit Des Mobies by Plane- Leo Ludwig and Herbert Arndorfer went to Des Molnes by airplane last Thursday with John Hauptman, of Wesley, and Leo drove back a new Chrysler, Substitutes for Sick Teacher- Mrs. Anton Grandgenett recently substituted as teacher In Dlst. No. 2, Prairie township, for Cecelia Eisenbacher, who had the flu. , Other St. Benedict. Wllma Arndorfer and the Rev. Father A. J. Arndorfer visited their sister, Mrs. Albert Garman, of Blue Earth, Minn., last -week Wednesday. Father Arndorfer returned last Thursday to his pastoral duties at Charter Oak. The town of Charter Oak is in Crawford county, and Its population is aoout 700. St. Benedict people are particularly interested in Father Arndorfer's promising career, .because he was: reared here. He served the' Ledyard - parish before he was sent' to Charter Oak, . !' Mr. and Mrs. Al Rosenmeyer,-entertained at dinner Sunday evening, the .guests being Mr, and .Mrs. Anton Eisenbarth, of Morgan, Minn., Mrs., Anna Hiischka and her children, Lorraine and Louise, and Mrs. Josephine Rosenmeyer. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Raskopf spent the evening at fche Rosenmeyer home Mr, , and Mrs. Anton Eisenbarth and .Mrs. Jos. Eisenbarth and her children came by car from Morgan, Minn., Saturday to visit Jocal relatives and friends. Mrs. Jos. Eisenbarth stopped at Wesley to visit her people, the Hildmans. The visitors went home .Monday. .'.'•';. ' '„ Mr. and. Mrs. Julian Arndorfer took' dinejr Sunday, with Mr. and Mrs, 1 William Coboen, Mr. Cobeen being a v brother of Mi's. Arndorfer. The Cobeens are working on a dairy farm for Geo. WJ. Godfrey,, southeast of Algona. •" ' Adelheid Eisenbarth, who had been employed at AJgona a ...few days, came"hom6 Friday and spent the week-end here, attending the mission meetings, with .her sister, Mrs. Emll'F. Arndorfer, The Everett Steussys, of Clear Lake, spent Sunday with relatives here and'at Lu Verne, going home the same daVi accompanied by Mrs. Josephine Rosenmeyer. Joseph Merkle, who Is at present staying .with his daughter, Mrs. CarJ Watson, Tltonka, spent last week with local relatives and friends. The Elmer Downs, Wesley, at:ended s a mission meeting here the other evening and visited Mr. and tfrs. Leonard Arndorfer. Anna Bruning, who' has been working at Dyersville for some time, s spending a vacation with "her father, Joseph Bruning. Florence Cobeen, of Manly, went home Sunday, after having spent a week here .with, her sister, Mrs. Jul ian Arndorfer. Mrs. Frank Eisenbarth and her daughter Ramona, are having an attack of the flu,.,but are Improving, though, slowly. . Mrs. Mary Fasbender. and Mr,, and Mrs. ,G. G. Studer.were at Algona Monday, looking after business affairs. .. ., ... - ... . Mrs. Mary Fasbender ' and her children were recent dinner guests at Ben Dwenger's, west of Irvington. . Ella Simons, wlio is employed at Algona, visited " her mother, Mrs. Miry Simons, over • the.week-end.. -Irene Kellersnon, of Algona, spent Sunday with the Frank Eisenbarths. i The August Fehrs have had their house reshingled. Cheap Everything We Handle is Way Dfcwn No one is to blame, and no one is to get credit, for tne drop^ Just too much foodstuff on the market. AND DEMAND—SAME OLD STQftT. , GROCERIES AND MEATS ^PWIp ANOTHER SCHOOL OF JOURNAL- sm^ this one out on the Pacific coast, has written for sample copies of;the Advance, Nearly every ; ,reo- l^ed school of journalism in' the jnlted States has had its students study Advance : style. . ~ 45tf Gerald George Gray. Refreshments served by the Burt Rebekahs. JENNIE L.AMOREUX HOME, TITONKA, BURNS DOWN— TITONKA—The Jennie I^amoreux house in the southeast part of town burned down at about four o'clock Wednesday morning, Mar. 4, from a tire of unknown origin. The house had just been rented and the new occupants were to have moved in the next day. Mrs. Lamoreux is now living with 'her son George at Marshalltown. MEDIUM LAKE SEINERS GIVE CARP AWAY— EMMETSBUiRQ _ Deputy Game Warden Ross Moaes and members of the Izaak Walton League recently made a haul of '5000 carp averaging 1% pounds at the south end of Medium Lake. The fish were given away and. in two hours none were left. MOTHER OF "THE FLAPPER," WEST BEND, DIES- WEST .BEND — Mrs. David Acheson, 91 died Tuesday night, March 3rd. She was the mother of Marge Acheson, llnotyplst for the West Bend Journal and conductor of a column entitled A Little Bit of Everything. Miss Acheson, whose column was missing that week, Is widely known under her .pen name, The Flapper, originated by the Advance's Colyum. ARMSTRONG BOOZE RAID REVEALS NO LIQUOR— . ARMSTRONG — Sheriff Brown, County Attorney Johnston, and two assistants raided the Homsey Bros, pool and dance halls In search of liquor here Tuesday night, Mar. 3rd. They found nothing in the pool hall and when they went upstairs, where 100 or more couples were dancing, the male dancers sidled to windows and threw bottles out. By the time an orderly search could be made there was no evidence left. MOTORIST WAS "STEWED"; PAYS THE DAMAGES— RENWICK —• A salesman on his way from. Algona late on a recent afternoon ran his new Buick car into the ditch southwest of town. Farmers in the vicinity and som« who were driving by came to his assistance, among them Lloyd Walkner. As they were talking to the salesman, he walked over to Lloyd's Hupmobile, climbed in, and drove away, 'leaving his Buick in the ditch and giving the men no explanation.. They got the Buick back on the road and for a few hours . Lloyd had a brand new Buick. The salesman re. turned next day, .however, having gone back to Algona and gone to bed for the night. He exchanged cars with Llovd and paid , for all damages and .trouble anyone had gone to on his account. It -was apparently ^,-case of "top,much liquor, though some thought he might have had a 'sunstroke! . EPWORTH LEAGUE RALLY HELD AT LU VERNE-^ LU .VERNE — An Epworth League sub-district rally was held at the Methodist 'church Tuesday evening,;; March 3rd,- . with / ;an .-dtten-. dance of • 75. The fo'Howing towns were represented; Algona, Titonka, Burt, Good.._ Hope, Wesley, Sexton, and Liverniore, A program of vocal and Instrumental music and readings was*-given, after which games were..played and refreshments served, . • WHITTEMQRB PASTOR WILL OPERATE DAIRY FARM— WHITTEMORE — The Rev. and Mrs. Hotchkiss have moved their household goods to their farm near Fairmont, where they will dairy. Mr. Hotchkiss will return every Sunday for services at the Whlttemore and Cylinder Methodist churches. 4 SOWS AND 16 PIGS BURNED WEAK BANCROFT— - 1 BANCROFT—A hog house on the farm occupied by Henry Lampe Sr. .west of town burned to the grouhd Sunday, March 8, before 4 sows and 16 pigs which were in it, could be rescued. The loss was over $500 and no insurance was carried. DROUGHT SUFFERERS SEND THANKS TO WEvSLEYANS— WESLEY—Silas Skow, chairman of the Wesley community committee for drought relief, has received a letter of acknowledgement and thanks from Charles B. Caldwel», chairman of the County Relief prv gram, Antlers, Okla., to which point a carjoad of foodstuffs from Wesley was billed. EDICT AT TITONKA BARS LOOSE POULTRY— TITONKA — Chickens running over lawns have irritated TJtonka residents to such an extent that Mayor Lee O. Wolfe has issued an edict that poultry must be penned up In accordance with a city ordinance or the owners will face fines. ZONIN« ORDINANCE IS ADOPTED AT SPENCER— •SPENCER—The Spencer 'city council recently passed an ordinance restricting business building In a residence district. The measure wa» rushed through when the routes of highways 71 and 18 were changed and is designed to prevent erection of ,unsightly filling stations and ramshackle garages along a residence street. * TWO NEW GAS STATIONS WILL BE BUILT AT BURT Burt, Mar. 17—A new service Bta- tlon is to be erected between the Ladendorff garage and the • Vogel grocery. The lots, which belonged to M. L,. and Lloyd Vlnaas, havo been purchased by John Gettman. Phillips 66 gasoline will be sold. Thte will make two new stations for .Hurt. The other is being erected on lots west of the C. F. Mann home. adjoining the paving, west of. Burt. Martin Greise will conduct this tlon for the Shell Oil company. A Pleasure We Invite You ** V*fs • to Enjoy Perhaps you already know how satisfying it is^ to have a few hundred extra dollars in a checking account. It keeps you always fortified, always ready for unexpected emergencies or bargain buying opportunities. Bargains usually go to the person with the cash on hand. The satisfaction of having an ample checking account balance actually costs you nothing. You gain money, by being in a strategic position to make purchases. . It is surprising how easy it Is for anybody to keep extra dollars in his checking account balance if he tries. Kossuth County State Bank Algona, Iowa •&*; The grime and dikj t^e.^^(jpd^e|r of a severe T&ntgr/ has teftitf. Imprints on tha^e&r <;o,f yours, &f,wT iO£&~ '.'once^-'pyer". &ud~w&'.ll 'ia,. jxerfect jy. frauk. with you.4 n adding what ^epaiwi -way be necessary. $1.00 One No. 10 Peach and one Blackberry $1.00 . Handle Broou} r __ T ,_.,_ One Quwt Olives large'bottle Catsup Sixvboxee Matches Twp U>s. Candy Kisses 9\\jfa 6-cyl. ^w,^^^(^* ^T ^WffV^P-I^W ^W^ ^p^W^ ^^pWWR^^^|(^^p^f|r JH White Beans ,,,,.,,_^.. Two lbs.,I4nift Beajif ,..,',. One quart •• ,.- ' i"^> f Four Used 1987 Chevrolet S*dan Buick Master White's Grocery THURSDAY-MAY-SST»r 25 Ib. box California Prunes $1.00 30 bars of Swift's Soap $1.00 5 Ibs. of Santos Coffee $1.00 12 cans of lOc vegetables __,„ __ __ ,__^_L_,, ____ i._j._ SQlbs. of Chick Mash

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