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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • 31

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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LOCAL-3 SUNDAY, April 22. 2001 THE OAKLAND TRIBUNE 'Architecf of historic church meets members I. A-i sri V- ta -i'i 1 4 'i -Sul Annate aura LaNDiMAIIKS IherrdwiHHl Ihmiiis jKiluled over. Tlu1 small yet deleriiiliied group dreldnl'to umlrrliike-u full restoration. raising funds from rumnmge sales and ilonalltuis.

liir rcilnlshed ftixirs ami resloml tedwixxl rafters are (nu-e ogiln flixxled with light Bill work n'liialiis lo I done -says looglline memlier Janette Tomlinson, a lifelong Oakhmder who Ixgm stHKllng her rlilldren lu llie Sunday School In 1951 anil has worshl)eil llH'rc ever SllUT. Tills week's lentlnie Ix-nrfU al-iriu'lrd 50 friends and suK porters who sal spclIlHHind, to tlu measured words null delllxTUte (ones of the In- domllnhle Miss Morgan, For more Informal km on services held ill the High Street Presbyterian Church, call Miss Julia Miuyau is jJaH-uiufl nmtlht'r svmimv! aJ tiw Oakland Tours hitfimm's vtuninn First Tiu'sdau Taur iff CUfi llall au Man I to hiii (Win bnilr the ritn's I MHh hhllulan. (oil (Hitt) to moku a rrscriHiliou. Tr ISTbRYCAME ALIVE this week wlicn members of the 80-yrar-old High AL Strrct Presbyterian Churrh held a benefit tea In their recently restored meeting hall. None oilier than Miss Julia -Morgan, orchttert.traveled across time and space lo acquaint the assemblage with particulars of her lire and work.

Drily Marvin, who In her other life direrts tile city sponsored Cultural Hrrltugr Survey, inode tills guest apitearance The unassuming slngje-story stucco church al the Corner of High' Street Courtland Avenue was -built In 1921 and bears re-, srniblam to East Bay Presbyterian churches desisted by Morgan during the same period, notably llte College Avenue Presbyterian Church In Rockrkige. and St. John's, also on College In According to tlie archives, a Bible study group of some 86 souls formed In tlie spring of 190(1, Initially gathered In a drufly wood frame warchouae, located across High Street from where (lie present church stands. Attendance was good the first two Sundays, assert the files, tlicn came the big earthquake tmd.llre of April 18 and amid Ihe general 2 charged undergoing a rastoratlon. I it 4 High Straw! Praabytorian Church, excitement there was a scattering of the forces for a time.

Soon services, performed by C.C. HerrlotL resumed and the faithful often sat on hay listening to the gospel with deep Interest. The surrounding area was still largely rural. Property owner Henry S. Fitch had acquired all -the land from HlgD Street over to I Irgcnbergrr from the Peraltas in the 1850s and used tlie open pastures lor cattle grazing.

Following the earthquake, those aban-donlng the devastation across tlie 1 4 1 -i II 'l Kii A 1 dsslgnsd by Julia began, la Boy began arriving, and (lie pns- lures wrre suhdlvtdrd Into lots. The district known bs MiTrosr was annexed to the dly of Oak- land In 1911. In Ihe meantime. tlie Bllde study ffleup's mcmiwrtihip -swelled. With the building (if (lie church, Hie old hay warehouse was demolished to make way for the construction of Fremont High School.

Morgan's patron, Plioche Hcarsl'lmqtlirr of puhllslier Randolph llcarst), contributed funds to build a memorial fireside room dedicated lo Pastor llcrrlotl's son, an aviator killed In the first World War. From 192 1 lo 19-19, Hie grrgillon worshqied (n the llttlr with Its exmsed roof raf-(era and clcguitly simple uri'hed windows. Tlien a larger rhurch building was ererled next door lo oecoinniodule inure wurslilMTs. and (lur orlgliuil slnu'lure was converted Into youth eenler and Tlnic unforluiiately lixik tin toll. Hiid by Ihe curly 1990s Ihe.

rongrrgntlon had grown smaller, and the 1921 building Inal lx- come seriously ruii down. Ihe lovely wliulowa Ixsirded up and in mail bomb killing of San Jose student In llu' toy, al'cordlng lo Ihe Dcixirtmimt of Juslkt1. Tlie Ixinili exploded, killing hhii. llie ftrsl count could tiring a maximum senleiuT nf (lie death jX'iinlly or ilfe Imprisonment and a fine of Tlie JiiHll(vTVNirlmenl has nol ycl deckled wliiTher to. wrk Ihe dculh Mimly.

The counl rurrles a mandaiory sentence of 10 years ImprisonineHl and a ftiie. Tlie counl carries a nf live years! Imprisonment and Also- charged In connection with this bombing was Anthony Chang, 30, of Las Vegas, Nev. Cluing rcmnltiB a( large, according to he Dcmrtnient of Justice. Chang was married lo Patrick llsu'a Wendy Hsu, and had threatened to harm him If she ever, left him. according to the federal complaint filed by the U.S.

Attorney's Office for the Northern District of California. Wendy Hsu filed for divorce In- December 2000, according to the cpm-plalnl. Tlie bond) was mulled lo Pul rick Hsu al ills parents' San Jose lumir from a post olTlcc In Mllpftas on Jail. 12, sliorlly after Lien sxike wftli Cluing on (lie phone, according to the Hsu was away, al college when llie bomb arrived, aiid Ills fathrr, Chen opened llie puckagr, finding a toy nilxit dog luskle. lie tried lo operate tlie dog, but- found It needed batteries, and left it for his soil.

PHlrlrk Hsu wiw home ulone Keb, 10 when lie apparently trlixl to pul a ballcry By Robart Dannin STAFF WRITER MILPITAS Two men have been duirgrd In federal In connection with a mall lxmb that killed a San Jose man In -ollklals from llie U.S. Deirtmcnl of Justice said Friday. David Lien, 33, of MUpItaa. has been charged with three counts related tp Uie -mailing of a bomb, according to the olll-clals. He was arrested Thursday and Is clicdulcd lo aipear In federal court.

In Son Jose nexl Thursday. Calendar ura KBS PARENTS Today OAKLAND ZOOS EARTH DAY CELEBRATION TTw Oakland Zoo's Earth Day tarns Mi year, "Craating a SudainaMe al be axpkorad titrough various Tarth Stotiona aal up throughout ta mo for chidran and parend to vtoL fees wNh museum adntaion, It am lo 9 pm, 9777 Go! Unla Road Artssenidiimnment BERKELEY COMMUNITY CHORUS AND ORCHESTRA tawidna leheareali hr paupta Manatod hi singing, no auditions or prior experience needed, $66476 tuition, ctaiarahipa avaiiaUe, 7 to 10 pm. Si Ambrose Church basement 1146 Gilman Wednesday NOON ORGAN CONCERT SERES FM AMbyiMn Church of OsMsntt kM; 12:16 pm, 2619 Braadwiy, 443066. 1 RUSSULN CHAMBER MUSIC The MSB wOHyS MUK MpHiiBni MRS pMWl ta-AbaEStobtatg Duo in a has concert of Ruaaian chamber muaic, 4 pm, Mia Cottage Concert Hal, '6000 MacArthur Bhnt, Oakland, 430-2296, Chances to uearn Monday FREE PARENTMQ CLASSES Thing Bananas, ayaar-round, baa patenting aerial, leaturaa a new tadttator and topic each month. Ctaaaaa are afweyi avafcbte in Eng-leh and era in SpanWt and Chinaaa some montie.

7:30 to 8:30 pm, 6232 daiamont Avs. Oakland, 668-7361 CRME PREVENTION BrookNkbCo-lumbiari Ganfana and Sabtanla tab Neigh-borhood Crime Prevention Council wil meat, at 8:30 pm, 706 98ttt Avs, Oakland, 616-6708, Tbeaday TURNING PONT CAREER CENTER -Ota 6s Ns, wsskly orisntstion outikiing svshMs nsouress snd programs, 1:30 pm, BsiMsy YWCA 3600 Bancroft Wtiy. 84B4370. FREE MEDICARE COUNSELING Ths HssNh kwuranca Counssing and Advocacy ftogram pnaridsa ft IndMdud counsalng on RAadkoara, HMDs and odr haaltfi raWid quMtiona paopla may hava, Oakhnd CN-nasaComiTSinily CoundL 166 lltii-St; Oakland. CaN 639-2023 to achadula an.

ppoMmanl EH MEEimOS Today OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS MEETING Meeting lor paopls who aal compuM-vaiy, 7 to 8 Mandan ftouM, 3989 Howe St, (Mland lor mom Horawtioiy. cal Cathy N664S08B. Monday NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN NOW wl rail to facia on qurily of IN Nuw, 6:30 pm, Mara Bmi'i, 6636 Tifagnpfi Avo, fttand, 281-1642. Tuesday C0PMG WITH CANCER IN A LOVED ONE Alla BUM Summit Made Cmtirt Cancar Cantor and BraaN Cantor Salon vonaorai Na drapto aanrica tor family aid Iriendi of cancar patiento, 6:30 to 7 pm, 3001 DMghl Way, POWDER HOUND SKI CLUB Tha tawdar Hound SN Club fa a year-round a dal and racraadonal activltiaa group fpr dngfa adulla In ta Eaal Bay. Sodd gativ aring 7 pm, 1 Haganbargar Rd, Oakland 760-70691 vvwwpowdartwund- MlSCBLiANEOUS Today 'NEW CONFERENCE VENUE Holy Rs-(faanwr Cantor wi hokf cafabration tea-luring a bfaralng by Biahap John Cummina and an appaaranca by Oakland Mayor Jany Brown to cummamanto ta of-' IcU grand opaning of Ha now rnukipurpoaa Eonfaranca ML 11:30 am.

to 4 pm, 8946 Gd Unkq Road OatdancL 6366341. WHERE RAVE MEETS SFWT A rtlud ealafaratioa Nad Tacfmo Coamic Maaa wB Hagrato muafa, danca mufamadla bn-agaty and vwtoua apWbal afamanh to craaia a farm of wonrtp, lid 6:30 pm, Howard Thurman Mtuaf Canter, 1933 Broadway, Oakland 8364837. Monday KX CREAM FOR BLOOD Ban and Janyte mI dbtilwla ftw tea craam to 9naa who donato blood to ta Amarican Rad Croat 10 am to 4 pm, UC Badatoy Sto-danHMoawwwtaryany-coni Hava a listing Jar the daily calendar? Send it two weeks in advance to Jason Bonn at the Community Calentlnr Desk, The Oakland Tribune, 401 I3lh Oakland 04612, or call 20H-6451. Fax: tOH-6477. ca Caltrans reports progress on adding caipool lanes andxourmommtha Ss special message in the newspaperfor only Bmmtmma The wide gap hi (xxislble costs Is parUy.

Iiecause the agency has not yet decided how tlie lunes will be Installed. So far, Caltrans lias explored three alternatives, Dao Tlie first would be to provide the additional lane In.excesa median apace. Althougli feasible; the alternative would rule out tlie ixMsIhlllty. of alao accommodating a BART extension In the median, The second, more expensive. alternative would be lo leave the median alone and expand the outside lanes.

The third and most expensive Idea, which Dao calls his Can-' dylnnd alternative," would be to add onto the outside lanes while simultaneously, expanding the median to accommodate BART-. "That Is the ultimate Dao admitting that getting the funding for such a reject would probably be a shot. Although supportive of the project, Mayor Ouy Houston was critical of its schedule, According to the Callrans estimations. an environmental report wool be completed until 2005. nCoraME.vr Access TV Todaa local programming on OaManfk KTOP-TV (Channal 10) indudea: ga am Into Acceea gl am Local tara Evank 9:10 am Cetobrily Showcaaa: An In-torviaw wbh Comic Book CofarM Mooaa Baumann 10 am CCAC On Air: Saaaon 2.

Show No. 1 11 am Around Town: Goorga P. Scotton Cantor 11:10 am Lannqn LAarary Sanaa: Mr-chaafOndaafta 1' pm Ed Kebey (tobM al Hoty mai rMmMUOMjgi I pm Hunger of Mamor by local Mmmakar Frank Croaby g4pm Around Town: Black Cowboy 4:30 pm ta Connection: Doga I pm Heart of a Haro 9:10 pm toman literary Sanaa: RcfwrdNafaon 9.X pm National Gafcry: John Jamea Audubon 7 pm Eoo NawK Siena Navod Mountora and National Fonal land pm IMnd Energy I pm Earth CaN: Btodtoanby I.N pm toman Loarary Saros: Bany 9.X pm Jaguar Tr pm Into Acoaaa By Craig Kapftan STAFF WRTFER 1 DUBLIN Valley residents may evmliuiily get carpool lanes ITublln and Livermore, but 11 looks like they're going to have lo wall awhile at feast 10 years. wind Caltrans planners (old the Dublin City Council last week. The.

agrncy ofllclals updated tlie (nibllc on wliat they are doing with the approximately $25 million the state, doled out lor the hlgh-oceupancy-vehlcle (MOV) lanes project. Tlie money was allocated as purl of Ihe Governor's 2000-2001 Traffic Congestion Relief Plan. Caltrans officials are looking at Ihe possibility of Installing the IIOV lanes In both the east-txiund and westbound dlrec-. Hons. The 8.5-mlle expected to cost anywhere between' million and $202 million, would stretch from Tas-sajara Road In Dublin to Oreen-vllle Road In Livermore.

"It's a pretty large, long project," Caltrans transixirtallon engineer Arthur Daosald. Soul Beat TVcsa Community aatvico programa on Saul Baal Tateviaion (KSBT-TV, Channal 37 al 2524 73rd Aw, 6303774, and on ta World Wide Web al hftp-JNww joutealcomi In-dude: 4 am -Soul Baal Gold Hite 5 am and sum Maaaaga to ta Blacfc Man: Louie Farrakhan, Nation of Mam am Goapal Baal wfth Young Turner I am In Tana taqtatic Mwamynl with Barbara Rouaaal and Malikk Grogan 9 am and 11 pm Ravalationi Gaapaf Muaic Update wttiOtie and taniSandan -g am Ever Incmaaing Faith wfth Rev. FradK. Prica 11 am Duketen BMa Chriatian Church wMi Paator Alan McNair Soul Beet Special -B 1pm Soul Sbowcaao with AIBalard I pm Golden Goapal Muaic Vidcoo BW1 MMnPMI NWwl 4 pm Tho Roundlabte wtih Chaunoay Bailey and Atco Spearman I pm Heefth Baal wMi Dr. GeofNy I pm Shopped Beat wi9i Parni Sander and Halan Davb I pm True Solutiona wah Dr.

Yuwf Bay 9 pm Soul Baal Special 10 pm PmorDorotiiy McGhee No pudMW nrcmarK te tnkr wbhout padww, Mndyourmmq addM and phone nurhbar to Mommy Me drawtogl ANGOltaBiM29RH0d4m4Ol94fi04X6 MiymdANCeteaHporamtatfirblmmedwtotaiHiy mnMator4dlgUi.lnbymui(bNatadbyV701. WrawMittod by random dioMng and notfiad by phont hWl.mduIJILIumilHIt Adftriiid Mcwage: I II) wnd maximum) I have cackMtd a check I lid hnm'4d for Fteaxe make check payable to ANG Newxpapen Customer Nmik Addraw iKfinTpald photoRraph to: CA 94604 lily, Suit, Jp: Date: Flense charge to my credit cardl: MASTERCARD VLSA AMERICAN EXPRESS JDISHAER ContactDay Phoned: (fa uic ami ki Rk yi. Kxp. Mall completed form, payment and non-returnable Mixnmy Me ANG Newspapers P.O. Box 28884 Classifted 5th llxir Oakland.

San Ramon Wtoy He aid TivVtotoy Herald I Si ThaOaUand Tribune 1-800-595-9595. Option! Bon Matoo County Ttowa Thia Argue Tbn FtorO fj 510-291-2697 AREA SAM FRANCISCO BAY.

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