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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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jta Wlm WRJ JMP' PITTSBURGH COmLFKCIAI, GAZCTT, Fill PAY, NOVEMBER lfOI. Thomas a of lb C-u'it OPPOSED TO IMPROVEMENTS, XAL.ES OF TWO CITIES THE WEATHER. TEOFIX WK MLiLiT. BY FIRE AND WATER, GOURLETrS REPLY. S1 it yot Aa tt, I FAIR FtirtaagH, who it an icwn to ban in tliij city fr.ilyyr- sifter stttvd that tat l-i cv.aj.ii',; 10 Mr.

Pagan of hi fa-jiily, which i ia-br pos- sion. oa.n at i tt Nc. rsuTOj-ars B. rvr Laasocre -ii-r I rr ftif kl a r. rta.a.

Doaa Dr. Cajc'ic Answor Pitt at to burgh Glimpses of Life in hatkici u.parj tf i -ad. wr- ou ie Ian i ia aui w.t.' Mr. V'erhelmer Snj a Alirtfhcny Peopla 1k iot Want th rtrvt KepewtM -nnd bfionlfl Not He Taxed for ill's AVork. Ths regular meeting of the itt on public works was held laat ni'ht, Mr.

tier wig presiding. Bills end pay-rolls t- the amount if 4t were apT-rornt -lr Frilav, xcp4 fcf ii.r we Utd fcr tl a Ik Ails and iv a. -roc mterviaw. rheny. a I sra 1 -mt ci.i a day, r-t ft a arg ruaa.

r-liti-d 1 lrd it.f.lrl pl'-t-fT Cor.ttth'es hrrroo aud of th- BiJe, while George MvJ lackey, were interfered with by two ruu Oa'riiiski ai Xhetn ci wisltJ tojl-asa Mi-Glackey, but iha re-fie. be relenrved. WLea hij iricdi rr- A AN'S THRILLING ESCAPE. AFTER F0V7ER. sot T-f Tti't Iay.

au a. 441 at reptttr wliiit wcitic; ir li lii- I It i A resolution whs Tm-eivid Irom tn tnteKin- fr-nripr tv fj PTATJV th regradiujr and r- 1 ItUl' L1j Iai A rll-ALb paving cf Fe-avsr aveutt-. from Wrrs-rQ ave-J t't I.lad atnu. i it.inrcilft He "iiar ho an 1 tb aratt.e tf.ikJi, ss si. t.

fcf'T ifc; r'n-i-t t5i'-. i cf "tcl-Ii ttS rac i--if 4t. L-o-i wy a- 1 rtacs f- lj tat t'r-l "tria ss- A fr i' i. hu ''l. -if.

1 rt a I m--3'm. l.t. V- fa'T tl.U. ite i tt-tito r.l J. H.

Lilf Uu Ih r- tl z. wet v-tl tf l'-e thiTt, i-ij; ti tr -itJ a u. i i -liii rrUt ai bi. t' Ua. mm itJfly tc ta "ffg'tt ef ii et.ul erst l't i 1 etsa s'cag pai Tl 1 re.

Ms. Vi-th-'iuer 1 that iht-y had sub-nut- Vii! trie qaetwa or ai'eet improvement to to fultr tc mxr i IS Unvrti-. wm Ui-'t, tat iit vtunu Hr ja ti tf It Vtf. --c ciitd ia iiiUrferlug Le turned in to halji ttit i citsUhlii, bztih tialr'-iski ai Meriat Btan-hed them AMtfrtuaa M-Gar's otrcr-. Marius Gitvir.tii wera fee'd, while the cjucieatioa Mu-Uiac-kty.

1 vh 1 hiea tTM.l fr Alrt Cariiner, gave tJ'X' bill for a fc.anui. cut le and liter hd voted it down. It woaH tort ia 11: Oj; 1. fT.S!V r-d at; ad t-tv. Hli" in ee -(-! ths larger A-ve.

citita. I am lavori' ur- 1 ri 4 ave. uuk.iy Ataert-aa tUti tf mt to At.jri ti.e s-e the a j-i W.e ii- He Was Recut Jut in Time Hy HU T.t'irr 11in- 1'. Enilcliiig Tlio Wctt Perm lepct In hily In to Sv tire a letter frnvrnnu'it for tu City tr-- Att nilon CjiM-mI to Kec-nt 1 a in Municipal Affair. A HalTorcen Trtci.

That Near-Iy Ilrv fultcd in the a GtrL The Father cf the Victim la Trains to Keep Oat of a Ccnstailc' Way. i- tt 1 r. r. tt t. i.

iija i Mr. M. i'euiioi vhoie for tciii- not therefore lr rL-ht tn tea them for auch work. moved tue reolutita he laid ovr. Th was a.o; ted.

A rttiti.u fnr Loan! walkt street crossings on the ftrtett the hill di-tri-tsof the 1tTnth, Tenth and Twelfth ward wit taken tip, Mr. Joultr tail tbat the renj lo df the auburba not pay at reach, the Htde ia tlia main 1 art of the eily yet thev waat boardwalks and cron-dsists r. I OJ'I'I'-'''" it" t-i-t v- Tv. ii.i i I ilf cf r-cls cdlect-d for rt. ltr- ht mi-t have Lr.

t. ort iu UiebWk. at Federal aoj viTlitfri. I do el her ot the aaJ caiy V. thtin fmui if I nr an mora ttt yoor rrttt coufy von wUl :i.k.

I i writ" a book a-- at it. 5 it far frox nv iiter.u js." Cti-Ctg will travtl in the Far for two mocti. tit fj-s tk renu trt, A ur ret'ii a.t5rec.t.'a I lh a- ia Ur. 1 rck jr i 1m was pn Li.r-u.? i this paper yeUr.iy, sty Ut thi ai: eniirei cuntrcry, as it was hia iitenti'n to turn orcr ths nciiuy t) Mr.

Mititt. L'a was rrevtnto! fr-iii 1 A 7 o'clock. Constable lliilinsof Alderantn McNalty'r oSlcc, Alleh-iny, hat been butily eugneed hirtm fg vr tv. 1 n. t.t a 1 mt Nt.

It-tn' -tt ji. i all over their acreeta. lie thotihtit ujinjtt- ti'ie tnthe jrole in tha niaia part of thetity. I nc an for wh he doicg so beft'te hr iilnt- and a- for two rjayt looking fjr a aud third wa raikl ttr-cd in and tba t3am-v were i.Wued iu a few mi.tutes, but the damage by watar ba I. Ms.

lntc'vUwr 5ft t' WTAI, OiZKt-fE let.tiv the tiij the of tha mayor wat tr rf t-jtrn To waa a icgar.l it a iiirtr' pro'', urtioo, ehieity because of St 1 riftki about 'Mi tutort" "Lose" 'lit it n.g ally tir-tu ai t. 1 i'i fiu a 1 tills 11 an 03 a puMic A rwti ii rtii-1 -Viil je interest ia let atu.t a ra L. 1 1 1 i it.a ti has two warrants, iiu cause ct ine suns 1 nauj. iront rut crr rre. win is teuiei tatlsfs'-tonly ou 1 ties-lay neak Mr.

Kinstein rouii talced that they paid nsore tuxes in proportw-a to tie corapiuatUa re-5 ctived. On motim the matu-r waa referred I tbe'ehief of the Cepa-tmcnt of public worka with p'wer to act. Tb aariie rfereace tha ul Cttn. tf te.i. CaTT.

J. Tk I'Oh r. lb veteran gta ma-i-j cfactarer, w.U Lit iiith dar l. a utuil ay. The a at bit IV i I Cite, prorcpted be a dir to r-jp'ct for tbt eld 11 Ti--g.

it vr" 5 -S" tl li. hi sj m- f. it t. it 0. 1--5V I In O- -xTt if LI ii I V.

1. I Sit tl Sir; U. it "ni a- aw a ''r it "0 ul vj; .1 wat made with a petition for a vu lie- Xerer Trtmk. T. JcLrtnn, the fcouth Side liveryman, t.tefcrrtd a charze of ptrrjnry against M.

C. Mray. He says Morey snora ftvisely in th hi atii.g of a civil s-iil by saying he loaned 10 with which he purchased liquor aiid got The plaiu-tid ay he never waa drunk. ti a. I Tt h- raiavl acreral la.

Cu.lars grest The hniliinri a- ti 'Vet Tean aud tu it waeocly aeiara- tel fror; tta hr nrr lV-t; tu-ett, was neeKary. The 5 are old ri -h etructnrea three stories ilk. No. 70 is occupied 1 by licidr-er Bros, aa a and tMrp-I ttairt are reuK-i to iodi.s. Ike tire I br.

at out in the thirJ Eiorcf 'c. 72, occa-pii-i ou lie lirst Co- by E. 11 ITrk. the iuii7erisity arniie. A wat rceidred from Coa-truHtir iirowii etatingthat there was a claim of f'i'il 45 einitt the Ur itd Statea grirera- -a rf At -w wtt "i 1 t-, :9 wat a Halloween trick which aiwod resulted in a murder.

Cruikuhank have a pickle-factory "-n Dawtoii ttrert, Ail-sheny, wh'rs a linuiUer of girli are employed wuo eat lunch in the factory. On Halloween one girl, Liziie ilnoper, umoe the declaration tbat no one souid play a j-ke oa her, aa i teveral of her companions iriined lovely decidnd to riiaabuie her mind of this idea. They placed cayenne pepper and salt in Ler bottle of coife. drinking the decoction the girl claimed to have been poitoued, and has not been, tt work aiuce. Her condition waa reported aa iwrious, and a waa paid to the bouse by tome ef the girls, who fouud her walking aa 1 Lave bad ert-ted a 1 n.

lifr-u bionte of tLe eaottln in V- 1 i 1 irT 111 be uuve.lcd iti. the train lavirg the at wt 1 rary 1 a 1. uiuler cf licnt.wt-i'. a id I f'len ta oi the cat tin. JuUj 1 r-s Tit

Ui All ir.t ia th wut is-L The Horse Wast Drowunl. u.i. Jw a. .4 I 1 a ti it lli.n' tt t- 1 ul- ii vf. 1 timick.

It rw. wt I t.osal.a. j- at' I Istart tart! I I a. Mf J'ut''7 ri' Jt rcplietl i- It, ti'-'l l.U If it jn-t a int ivs Mr. li.trrf iijr.

i lri it just at L.iti') a-i'l i at Mr. Ui.yr o. ur a ry grave mit-t I iih Nwer. It ir srr Jiil', even if I to at Wti arj iwr for jM')i ii bi'i't a of my of-i. knn c' no frnal iuUrett tl 1 tft I'VI I (jiK'lal lo tion drugft, and the irtklaace of the buiMiag it L.

Harvsy TrsVrday sued HeiirT Har -it 11c 1 rrv Net. II per hfi)re A Idermati Uartman fi.r the lar- the ri i dc.ivr aa ad ire-m ud tl. rt tt.atla by vtli iu the party. n- of dames Irtrran. Tba llauiee tnread tt the buildmr at the Mraar.

lor reiit 01 the ci.i iirary Toom 13 city litl! for poatuiTif! purposes, which cttild cot c'diectcd. Tli3 guTerncaeut refuted to pay LecKUM there had been do leata made. A waa adopted racomrnendiiig that the controller exoueru the tto7erctccnt from tlie claim. Arstoliition the adrsrtlnia? for Lida two Loiiert for the Howard street puiupii'g station wet aoieded 011 tnotion of Mr. C'oultr to rend four boilerm.

As amended ceny of a h're. He claims that Hsri-r tcjok (jaickly tA Il.h lat aud d-rcilinc- Charle K. iit-i a member of the aa be Ion 71 ng to him and dr-ive to Chartiert creek aud while croaking the the was drownei. He sayt he aid not give him perm! ion to take it. Harvey lives AlaM CtAWlv Kl), ftriiirl of iV.t was-tr, of Sjuila Kota, rv.nma evanty, hia in ttt thit tn v-ry,;;if,) if drirj frait.

Mr. C.awfjrl iTuioiti firm ot Hetdrgr iin.a, iacadaty at cirtt i arou na sne nouse. The story of the trouble wa tcld a COil-HRKCIAI, Gazettk reporter yesterday by jlornc tfoi! rEaVN AV. STOKES i .1 .1 ut. 1 in littUwln towcthip.

I it waa vounoli. A resolu- left when Xum rjtt rxc.t-nt.t rt t.ccd the Si an i cave tht alarm, lit rtrcca ct.atry. He wj a-i- tr.ieo nutin.u tue the uj .1 71 I ee-wiul the i.a.if.irc.a tSuinaa and t.i ward who rttiiinl mi. At thts niiMri'itt tb-itigl. I ,.15 ,,1 1 eaicarked li inilr Imaiomia wi.h of hit Mn aoU ruanir.g ti the tu.rd bn.

i it he lunds a f.irtune. il is iwr errivrd ia oj ei tne door rf the r-oct ti.J faiiii Hm l- t. friitt-k'i' i-g and bet bc-ra 1 riftild riv Brnlr ini Is 1 i lolhinir nUST BE SOLD DAMAGED BY SMOKE, 1 yatertonsty IlAapptareJ. Anton who livea on the plsnk road, Tweoty-stsveiith ward, bat inyterioiy reappeared, bastwi; that what bit friends said when tinstable bchurtiur went to arrest fcim for larceny. Conrad Stahb cbrgod Kodlinger with stealing a kit of mason's tools.

Ttry tu "Ml el. II now cwat or. cf t. tioa advertitdiig i-r prop-als for placing amoka consumert and aat-iueti ktokert boilert at the wat affirmatively ro itorneudsl to cooceila A p-etiii ja of citlaeua of Unserve townthsp fcr to with the city waU-r rr.uin waa lai 1 ou ttits tuL'c. Mr.

ltridolph remarked that if i-crvo Vjwr.ship teopie waiitdd city benefits let thcia cma iiita the city. A reioiuti'in to adrcrt'se for proposal to rtaoTe the elrctrio lizht tower aad aubtti- lrf and luctt c1m (1 tt FaeiSo Hit brc luer, auie Cra iord, it a wall knowa resident ef J-ijiawcsth. $150,000 Worth of 'aL cIi i ir.aVc a inost nnsoN.vLs. tjil stir in our librgiiin Go.ocE cVj anient tu-u-y. i CARPETS, -MaT Hiive tioue to fierutany.

II. J. Gerl, who bad char? of the German detutrttcect cf the South has not berii tevn or lir-ard from by hit Irir.O f-ince TuamlaT. It ia suptosed he hat con Mist Iiecay liazlftt, who taid: I was net at work wbeu Mis Hooper's wat dc-lred, bnt was tol about the j-ke. Oa M'on-day her father came the fai-tory and ac-cuxed me of haying dona it, and at the eaiiie time used some Terr rtolent and indecent I denied thit charge, telling him all I kuiiw waa -Ii by my sister Carrif.

He aMtaiied my character in most ungntlc manly terms. lie then taid he would kill me, cut my heart out and Tarlous other things. He picked tip a large brats spigot and wat about to throw it at me when be changed bis miad and struck me with his fit knocking me over a pickle barrel. Then ha kicked me. I was able to arise, wnen he apjt in my face and utruuk me again.

He then depaited and in going up tb street repeated the language ha had ucd to me. None of the men in the interfered, it waa not their Miss Hszlttt, the Tiotim of the assault is prejtOBsetsicg in appearance and is probably IS years of age. bhe lives ia Ha ward street. The next day she appeared at Ab'eriiian McNultv's ofiit-e ou Ohio ttreet and made an i. M.ijc rn toy ku iii-Jje I I l' A TiK-kfT WANTED.

I ro-v'e ri i exerclw anjr or friii'in flathi-rity flyer the d- i.i I '-n-ji. 1 ii pur-ha of a Ltmi at a ry tjtravaant 1 1 ice. 'i'hit rrti.ji, tu'jf fiot bare been in har-tn if -dHlv r. nUlirt, but I believe 2'ietit nvmiH bare ttnit it in tl.a interaat the paople. 1 'li vwry tir; a iii'ge ia the fu-Int-; 'ulrru nf the murii the 14 ittir, and 4 in ili-u i-i i l-'f-r tbe emiisent ri imiiii.beiit tfuj cluaie in ilue tl'ii vi'lr lijaoe.

3 tirr-vt tl.e i-rottri-tr rf tutking the u-j 1 1 tm fiollra I'Utetu aitperin ri' in Jn. a a in rifrue, C' -itrtry the i.fme of Mr. Magtia Thit i and I Lf-liere it ia I it iHt il it a very proper t- .1. "No, 1 ei.i it hunirinf for place or arbi-t if I -tired tUs ftrrae-r 1 wouid t-i err Mr. Mairee.

at Mrv.TiTts VjiMiEOKirr wctt eaai twin suter died a short Germany where Lis 1.A 4 1. A li tide ago. Luyrrs, rv a I caught with pcrtiocs ef Lit garments the two horrid tlia Mr. ilt-idtcr had jtm Jutted up the and t. ia lose at Jl.i11''.

errel by insurance in a Near York, company. Wain-right the brewers, tn tht jiiding, an i their loe will be abr.nt $Zy The other two ar ovael hy County Stephen inftr aud hit si'tirr, Mia lUMlgera. aad thu low wlit prulr-aid 7C0 or I .30. Mr. Heck eoaid not etiimat hit loot a the water is etill dripping down.

He bed a f.rc of nica astisting him in removing and coveting his goods. Hit lt, hwvr, sats, is fully covered by iotutanc in th tilect Fails an Ing Island laturanc Iiary says facnot HI what hia lot will be. it may amount or tes, but he has an Luraccein tht lti F. at klia Com of 1 There was cotsi.WraMe uritctncr.t la th vat th time, as ttreets wrre I V-- tt A MIGHTY PROJECT. tnte inatt arm iifchtt me ttkvn up.

hit. Wetthcittwr hed it woald not pat. They eoiil g-! alontj for awtila with a few rcore maul arm lihU and wbon got more money tbe woold remove iho towera ia the rural (ti'tt tc-t where they -would do good. Mr. KuJi ipb Eugiested that they take the lighta from tbe tiwttra and iintrit.i; to them, h'it leave the tMr as nioubiueiits to thoe who put theitf tiiere.

Mr. Kno2 auKgettod a retarn On motioa the reaolutiou wat tai on tht table. Ohifcf Khlera offered a aojrgetion thatleaaes will he cx; to In Andrew Carnejle ana Mellon rfc Build HSaUmrd Pipe Line r.t oa tt fstt iir.c ia.t cigbt Da-si ti. bt.uv. tha 5Larri Irvn cp eia-Vr, la at th L- ase.

L. Sv itrnts, a coI cr-catflT af ltrownsvili, is st tb Msngahcla ho. Wii.pku F. Cr.AiTS.

1). cr. tary rf tbt ciaiiLstlariac Ui at th n.usr. LIT. A.

K. WiDi.Ktt. cf th ilvtrii ef is a gt la Moaoagahtta ho aw. A. G.

Mil l. cf New York, and general nanttgr cf lbs Olii Kieviir Ccrcjny, is the city. flu ie Hiiows cf th K-j'r i ai Company rer i.ttred at th Jonocgilil i.e. use yeklerday. fllim V.

Hr ric tha Ur ef Optoi- to ttieStanrtard. A special from N'ew York last Mte-1 DRY GOODS. iS.y'-t Jt.dt oph's 'i-e Car. jU 1 t- J1.10 a jai. Vrl I i KlV rv-kfl Ttl riilkV hKLStl-S.

V-d INGKAl.V snl S.T.'Vei KAtj CARl LTS. AT COST AMD LESS. Under w-ir S.lcJ ty hniole. Nlen't. ic! "rrr.

Si Gari. 1 1 a- ((z. Sit 1 lVrr Cv5t jo tr c-u i.iUr LixgT.ta ever tec a. ever red on ary retail countrr in the cu try. Tl.ey r.rc sltttcJ from sccr cf other; il not quite is attractive.

iuformation, charging August Hooper with asaauit and battery and disorderly conduct. Hooper lives at 100 G-rtt alley. When ajkfd about the suits, 'Squire MoNnhy taid: "We hava not got the man yet and are auxions to capture htm. The information. thnt the people interested in Andrew Carnegie's opp-ition tn the Staudar 1 CVin-pany ar Meesrs.

Mellon A txvis of litt-hurgii. r. Carnegie's scheme, aconrdin? f) the New Yotk t.jlrgrarj, is to construct a liu for the carrying tif oil from the fields of l'enrtaylvania to the st-a-bird. A price of 20 a bsrrel is charged for piping cii from the wells to the company's tanks at the scabosri. As barrels ate prodv-ed a day the bt! iwaed to occupant oi lunraet the coniuiittee hnving foruierly decided to iiue rii laatet to thoee who wars iu arreart in reut.

lie aaid that there waa ditiicuity iu collecting rent, at many would not pay in advance ihry were given lea. He thought that t- gire lease would not prevent their recovery of arrearages. Chairman Gerwig tald they could take no action, at the matter waa iu the bauJa of the auh-couiiiiittoe cn city poperty. at fworu to ty Mi. IXttzlett will warrant a charge of aggravated aieauit aud bnttery." crowdtd.

The night rc of the iclif wer jutt npn-tin2 duty and all wra sent to the some. Chief Jones believt th wat ean.sed hr a deicctiv ilue ia th atlia of th drug bniUiug. He wknl 1 not glv an wlimste cf tba l-ms, bat it will not likely e.T-cJ 1 50 36 inch Constable Billings said: "I hava been uf.U athiceton, wa a on th lin.iUd to latt rSg'tt Suitings, in 12 colc.rin.. Idttle Alfred Xy of 5 Carr-dl strrrt, ttandarn eompanv a revenue lor piMng alone is about KJ a day. An importar.t AT Allegheoy, built a bocrw ia tl.e clnthcs A WEARY TAILOR.

T. M. LATIMER, 133 and M0 Federal St. watching the houte for two days, but caunot see the man. I bar! been at his home at all m.urs of the day anil eight, bat cannot get him.

He tvi ie-itly knowt there is a warrant cut fi bin arrest and li keeping out cf the way. 1 hare been uuable to learn where he it employed, hut expect find out t-t-day or to-inorrow if be is working anywhure." item iu connection with th starting of toe it ki'Hiu i np" Ul to da-l-r' f.i'ie vltu 11 i.liu.-al itluii. U'tr I (ur.jW. 11' acquire were I ever t.o a 1 'fin ii.tirferi!ig Willi tho occU-tinii Mr. gro with to ti, i.

Ii to 1 irntclf. I iii hamKiny liii whet il fddted l.y n.t tinfs il an i mlmr j.ortion i tuiiUr, Kid nuttiiie of Mr. Maee and I tlir gnrral drift uf iU isi ji: -ei witL l.m a, 1 of the 1 1 5- Till' ttr COM TEST. Ibe t'k a'nut e.iUi gi'itt the meyor't In I atlvxlmFi iOnii.le i-i ii f.r 1 H- in 1JX II it knr wn Hon favurt the raudidacy of Cm and it i alto etatd tlnt Mr. tla-ikt araiUble i 111 County Merrer.

IVah fii'ii rn I ti.J i and are urging ir s-m-i cUimt. friemit tf hi. rwil oi.irilr it ciioii-li to riy 1 ini ti rrvijjii mj ore ture that he can -I' Ht ai.r I cuvt.cral wlio tuar be tiomiua In a sh rt t.0.9 Hot. lla nvx of aa j. 'nited State and an ol 1-tlc Kepnbiican, la at the SfVcnlh Avenue.

JciHy att 11 a MtUa iitat.aiartaer nf Ii Yfikt.ire, Foi'ia" J. ia atayir.g yestirrday m.ircir. the trat tilled ita new piping evuipany is a reduction in the mailt and a 45 50 PIECES All-Woo! Ch-vron prioa of ipi.ig. An oil-producer in York at prevent is quoted at sayicg: I erected a moiiett Pating rack in Alle rcr.t in 15 ai.J it gheny county and skipped oil to tho tien-sc ilefining Cvrcpatty in l-ulislo. I was able to maka 11 rioti a bairtd in excels of tb (1 X' AT alarm tti sent ti the I tleuvlthlp F.r.gln Ompacy.

The firemen had dltf.culty It beating the blase 00 amount of th amoke. A lut of wintrr ei thing wat either barued or ruined by the fir. lHr-ton Jti-mnt to tee CornmeTital tiiriu. IlATtHisri fto, Nov. 11 Th VsrJ of pardons unitontrei its a'-ii-vi in th follow and 40 South Diamcud, ALLZGI ENY, PA.

THE CASH GROCER. market price charged by the Com with Lif A a.Ur MtlJicw, at U. bevenwa Avcnac FkAX TffKERof tt Oliio Vly and V. II. Mciit, ttt eiil-rtnei Wheeling ladn trial writer, ar at th lintel Luqan.

W. O. Cahium .1, hrolbsvcf li. V. Carroll, manager of tl.e Airerican Ir Company, rati Lmi.

fr. ia a He VanteI to XIo, Jlut Hit 1'ricuds Hud IMunetl Blnnlc Cartt'idjrea ia Ills llwvol ver and He MtlU 1.1 vk. John P.eiulang, it wat reported, made an nnnccssful attempt t- emiuit eait-ide yesterday morning, and bit life wat saved through the forethought ut hit wlfo. Mr. IWif'ang it a Gertntn tailor, aged 50 yeart, living l.t the rar 311 JLocnst ttreet.

lie bat befit a re idem cf th oixth ward thti iait twenty-five years and hits accumulated tome property. The tury current in the neighborhood it two wfekt iteo lWfif.u the pany. Alut one nay I tcand on my delt a 45 nixes letter from the frcijbt department of the road rer which I was shipping the oil, notifying rt; that the rate on di to Kuilalo had La a advanced Id crtt a barrel. 1 iirh AilWi; trio to Alaasva. bt irr itvlrs in Hid cc.Icri: ing caset: Jerry r.krr, ai fel.vnious assault.

tefo; Jcbi l'ouil'eity, 1 hiladelnhia, solli-'? liquor licent nd on tafnlaT, 1cm r'erar'niil; Jit I'len. S.hurikHl, silllh 1'iittr wtthoat Will Sit: Yc I ft Illlftn- riMrir.U,1iiil "The StauJard Oil Comoany had don it I know it They had mad a demand the onmJiny ami tlie con id tl nothing eL thau coutdy; it hail to protect WitiienKa bir -e cr.t-sri at Middle- i brT.ub, I. kit 1 tt I A Tlvrllltnc Accident. A thrilling accident which might hare been attended with great loea of life occurred on the Citizens Treelion line on Wednesday ai teicoon. The ba ttrands of the cable became entangled with tb grip of an outbound Hast Liberty rar just aa the latter waa passing Twenty-sixth street.

Tit gripmau vainly emitavored tn throw the grip off but failed and the car punhd ahead at full speed toward the power house at Thirtr-ftmrti street lu anticipation aoaideuta cf una character signal boxes commuuicating with ttci euwias rom of tiis power In 1 ute have been placed at ccuviroieiit liistanoea aking the line, and each conductor ia provided with a key to the boxes so that the required signal might be given in case of emergency. i.a this particular instances the conductor jumped In. in the runaway car, tried to open on of the boxes with th-j key, but the lock would nut work. He then forced the door open and pressed th signal button, was subsequently the circuit was not in working order aud the tf )m ute ati'l Wt i frout of bin reeidenca to Fred Btatelaruer for After the tale IIVAM Ii? I ratJf, i iT-ci-r be thought that he bad sold the property too cheau. He waiiU-d f-UU-ltrJcr to aell it hack A Mfror't er te JSoulu tl' Mutt lie l'xkisd after, beraotii a 'iii i etuii.lK'e wbo Till vi r.l tf 't 11 ti '1 fill l.

a firuiidile iU t-arididate that aide 'I I. iiitn It Jtrmtn F. C. D-i'ihauer. tic i a in oanvttt of tho en- t'.

1 1 wl.ii-'i cany cut ut toon at 1 ri t. Jfr. lU-iuhituer eipinttti) iv.i tin iu the city and ritli tbf! aid id' lht HtraiiibtfttiU of liotb Il-f tlirie a tjdemlid chaupe f(r in in lh other two ran, II- 3u.t UUi itli in I'liid to hint, but HtaUlanUr refvaed. Ceiafang worried over the matter, but finally concluded invust hit ia a farm. He in in umana, wrre tt tl- J.

Llvf Kivj of W.L'iv'n heights, J. lt)r! and W. II. nf l'hilt'l. 1: hia, the Ar.detavO y.P-r ltr tlt r.

te rvrular Teariy m. tUir of lii Fidel. ty as i Trntt Cooipany Br. CiiRti: Mr. S.

Ian, Is.i;na, C. And-f-ws, Wanen, 1 l'rwf. i L. its ruiirmous buiuess with tbsoompany maa-invr the demand." John I). Archibsld, president of the Acme Company, a branch of the Standard, said that btd heard that Mr.

Carnegie aud Mellon Son ore interested in a pmjrct of the.kind, but ha could fardh no dcfin'ta ia-formation on th subject. Th ahov wae received to late toooht .111 an iaterricw with Mr. Carnrgie, wlio in the city at pruacat, or Messrs. Mellon. licens, wo.l -r adivmtat; isuk ounr, 1'lilattlpLia, burglary, rthearing craLUJ, William J.

Mcli t-bmy, tiibeel- meut, Abrtham li-jrsrj, Ia-ter, turglary, refuted; W. James Stewart, Fayetta, mnrder in tne refuted; Ji.cph ileucker, i'hilaJ'l-pltia, nturdcr firtt d.ree, eommutati'tt tec-umineiided; John Mc jlannt, J. hanra llthcltz, All'-ghcny, lar-ery, rfad, Andrew Mn hael SSalnd an-l Gcorgs Ild-n- mnrder in degree, remuieiried iu enses of Kutnok aud Tcdt, but ttbol hcl ouder adviineiik spected tevt ral farnit in the vicinity of Pine Ci.t styles and AT creek, friendt laughed at the iuea of a nun who bad tieen a tailor all Ida life try i i i tt t'-a. ar t.t-. fniti.

Tr rr4( -l i a a rt tb v.t rib; i i ii rrivxr.t. tt st. Mail 4i jail'. "ct.w. a avsaa trt eta4 ti.

I tt tee; triui lrt t4 i.t mm jra'ttuf It iL.t iitu it, 1 iKif IMO i I tl let ti cr I'AuroJMA i.t i oh i i ifii i HXIalA ia l.vanjKAIZ.O nl. sst tkt ra i Utitir ia IU ia ing to make a living on a farnc Thit made him give up the idea, but be brooded over the matter until he became tick. He took O. a pectnl d'-nhv Cf vi ul'' hit bed, whre be continued to woiry uutil he 1 1 ui.ritl, Ai, a Ar tim I 1. 1 M.

1 Nac -ktor. klUi. rinr: J. N. il-iirt Mt Fitvaaaat; J.

I. Cts ill K. engineer failed to receive tha signal. The kept villi, and tb car plunged for fatally told hit wife tbat he wat tired living. ward unchecked toward th "vault at She, thinking be might make aa attempt 011 Thirty-fourth street, the gong aud A of ObU fl Ltl i.ti itit(r etf mm ta bin life, took bit rer.uvrr, and, removing tlie I ttti p--Ls st.

art t. tit. Tim State Pcrd or lltwtttli. Special to tha 1 ummtrcii (iaitU. HAHRtSBPKO, "ot.

11 The twentieth annual of tht tat board of Jlnmm. ro ball cartiddget, aaijetilated blankt for them. the wai.test excitement prevailing among tba pasneu? tie, some of whom juniptni I.Upl 15 ITXNCII CASHMIikRS tlttin; r.r II. dent; cl A. J.

i-Uin rejive uperln'e heaitU is Lt-ld lice aad w.ll ti. ton An KKtr'ufccr" Halfldi. ir-)VTtid i idwTt, a civil eiilni-er, thot wlf a 1" t.l et I'HVotte 11 tr, ed, Uv nTuiri and ilit ,1 jn a 1 wht'iifi K.biru bt I 1 barge ef thts aur-v pf Htvltiuiire As t) .1 ti Why he killed 'in ii Ho ft a UtOr tay tin fe. Hi tu VU 14 yrart I j'ii''iilr at and 1 hcr i lived fr truue tiuie. lie i- rtiii.i.

y- by the Fi i. Culupauy to iii. tl from th car. Fortunately the various vehtMies along the track in irontof the car inauaged get out cf th way iu tima aud a coiluion 2 I rar buil-itr, aid N. l't'jh.

elude bef ace lr. Lea 1 wttvt to mU'ufmn tt trfS ''a mt ta 1 pT 7 1 k.i. tl I t'. t-tw a HI Urn UmA tt I W.I. I teti-a cf ti jtnt.

vr tr.t rktr I I-'M -S v-if tr i i ttrl-- -e It vci'i tt rf tmimr, pttk4 a4 ti'j p. te.f ti.i,a t-ott. wi i-) mo A Wreck on die it. W'aj-n. Young, a Ft Wayr.

road Srcman, was killed and cearly a seor of eara piled up in a wreck that occurred at tho Coowsy yards yesterday afternoon. Th angiiia of a LeaTy through freight train joinpcd the trt-It at a twitch while going thirty miles au hour. TL sudden chet king of tha traia the cars one upon aaother and ecattered tbein orer th yard. Young jumped and va crushed nnilrr a car. Ili wat lirok -a and lived only a short time.

The engineer, W. Foray, ttuck hi pott and wa unhurt. The wreck soc iu icin that only the nortb-Luuud track: could cleared last night LOCAL wt'icrt wou 11 tiave t.rove.1 cuaetruus was averted. Finally th "vault" waa reached sccretaiy, presented bit annual retort, which, ani'Hig rtl.rr things, annontced th daslh to of th board's lntpei tr lir. I.

Stewart of Lliia aad I Gumroertef Urc.wn-ville. is also made to the see-ui tSertiv in as an 1 the grip plunging into the latter brought the ruiaay to a tp while th grip- Kc.Ur 1 1 r-ulliy, man, who remained teithfuily at bit post. About clock yevtterday morning Mrs. ltiinftnsr wat out of the room for a few min-utfa. She heard the report of a revolver.

She retimed to her hnthand end fonnd that be had fhet bimtelf In the brtati He had gtdten ont of bed, procured the weapon and Uying down again rointeil it at hit hanaad hied. He didtt't die, however, aa instead of a bullet be only received the wad of the cartridge which only broke the skin and a burn from the powder. Mra IMntang took away the rtrtdvtr and dred the elight iniurv. Itt-iufang it atiii in bed and blame wife for being alive. No phytUdan waa called in.

A rHit waa made to the b- us ia-t night Imt a luiitUnce aonid not be gai'teii, no one coming to tlie door. Th af kir, bow ever, wt tiia talk t-f tbe peighborhood. Mr. Don- was plunged head first throitjia tht win J.iwt ia the frut and was painfully cut about the ci aaie, it ing at in rjiete. FlTTSUl KOIIKHt AT TICK .11 HAL A ial diit.

it t. lH Oil a I. (it. 7KTifr--n II. tat: a.

lnt.ct:, Mr. M. I'. McKtw, V. 15.

anl aiie and Hilver cf J'itUt'itrtU I 1 nit T. ltlair of Tra ar rarvt-t art. rait l.r CVstha: M-rgsa Javia lUUer: F. H. Mii.tty, tiu, aatll, Mc! IV, H.

il. Hail, 1 Htrry Hockii J. F. iiarVnaa. MCk.eU.

J. Y. fxmUvmt, Ut J. 0iia4.

Orci.hurg; Mia ixr Klein A Ncmt Hospital. tl hi.kuiul et will head and face by broaa giasa. MARSHELL, 24 and 25 Diamond Square, PiTTOHURGH 1NU ''1 In 'I he bull ling it a lirge i.i.w i hrd a vrnuu the new twn 75C A YARD. Tram pi tft By tt Horse. am' f.rei-'t!H It- I to the purjwf fur I- it will li urd.

It is tuipixNl In the by th g-'Vcrnor, and th ffllur to soear proper la wa Ir. Ie 'gs tbe jeeti cf cv.r adequate cf aanv.arw bo-ir-Ja thrt- the tatev vA crmmtn i the Tsiious 1 -cal boards for thei etLriei.t work iii prever.tirg the ret 1 of fj-ihiana reftrrrc liv. by metre of uuwbolts-itite miik and other and of the of on tha aanittry tr.aasgtmcnt tf the ftims ar.i dairies. Robert Hilton, an man living at 20 While Oak alley, Allegheny, it dying from If cr "ih rridi ut idiVKHiart will be lctjarics received on Tuesday. The police l'f.

i tui 1 iiu v.r of 1'bjiu t-fc'iu, thit (ity, a and favoiai'uT knowu. lie, to i Xi.iiita 11 I at. hy hit who It a am N' 'T it v.t -iI in tt I'Vij i tpi 1 t. ii' t- tU m.m rrttnrj Oti est re Ixtr.i it .4 traini" vf wlih" i la Hurvpa and Ju.l.ui., Vaaaavi M. iia.lct.

a. o.fom ti a IT. Aaiwra. Fa -hj W. 1 ..1 Hut i (i.

brecker, a tliorumker iidg uvil door to IWiiiftnf, ttateil that the aft'air had occurrej at ttaiel. Jutft-r the cbotUiMg ha had Wen called lafc the house Mra IWdufang, and had teen tbe wound on lWinfang't breast. Mra. IWiti fur related to him all the particulars of tho aS'air. i il.

Iftmoa a ti. W. F. lAnruttr: MarT Cunbaker rf South "ineteen'J ttreet, was Uetil ia by Alderman for trial at court cn a chart; of violating the liqtior law, preferred by Mary Joht A CI tin, jastir of th a Turtle Creek, yetrdar weiTed a htfariug befoi Aldermaa McMUrt for a trial at court ou the charge cf drertiun prcftrrtd his wife, Sarah J. duct-xi- The shoot of (kitupany KirbteeBtii lor ttse marktenrn's g- id me.lal, aod also f-r th bar, will plac Saturday at lh bear.

ticnth regime rit range, emails Charles Kiitner, a man, was arretieil i.r 'I if tiiw iTTTUTmnn nt .1 i li. V. Miilr. '1 1. rlnie of th ui.i.-.u Suuilnv evening authoiitie wer not noticed until yeti'day aud are now looking fur the man wl 0 is allegd tn 1 iitspontibl for the injury.

It tUtod that Hilton was standing ai Montgomery areuu and Federal atrvn-t waiting lor a car wb-n a man came al ng leaiiing a hjre which ran over th old man, l-reakitig three lilt aud bauly Lruitiug Llm. man thea ran oa wilU hit borsa. Tb injured mai was taka itiut a drug ttor aud efterwardt removed to bis home, wnera Dr. tM'iith has leeti atwnding him. Hiitou it over 10 year of air and is cm-phif-rd at a la'oorer ia tb Alleghany shops of to Warue road.

,1 i tlrwc 1 etronvu'ra aad aelentitta Htwliirt, J. 11 'j -1 -J Till; Ir A 'V. "1, F. A. Md' IiVc; T.

M. Not. 12. A craeter was rar. ted to the lysl Medicin Couii'ny ef Ailrsrr.oy ir- rp irt-irt, J.

A. J'crr'-n, W. K. I'arli, S. M., It. Pun-h-teii and 1. ail cf Al.egbcny: h-re uh ttir in lftst. I.nn will enter th li.ilnnij,,,'! i', and th ti tal evliine 1,. i 41 i.M.H k.

Tbt M.jon will Aiiiy, V. J. Arii.t..ot, I Ntw A. Vooa, Warreft. Ft: .1 toe.

New T. if. ert F.tU.te. Ir. l.

Iphia; A. M. ruoveu, rntri. C. Lrwc.ta, ia tlie Fjkst fcad lor disor-lerly coo- I MM front the until P.

l. A i.lii Ue iivin hiui nut occurrml I mi ai.d mi vl or will not be obaerved l.l 1 ii i.ji.,'i.,in will be must cai'iUl tw l.v0. Ilit ii.ih. ieg c-ori-'fli" wrr g-s-ib-i pertnii it in ci fl brae oi.cea in thit ttale 'i 'he Iluiiiig in I I.c-in sbvcitl-ns of L-nkctt. ti iu Flit the Katjiert Frrt.lir of Maryland, hea to arte rt to be in Adtrnt caut.

t. ti.ig. Mr. Jones Pusrtrcftttoua. Th citUffts in toe appointed by Mayor (cur! to nrg apon the National Udpublican oummiUf-e l'itubtinch't claims a a convention city will to-day to oim ui a plan actiau.

11. rt. Ik ir'. Jont th chairman, who bat eonsiJerauie kaowtsd of thinks i'uu't uttrh stand an ex-ctlleiit chaae of th cocrenti, .1 if tl. preliminary work it properly done.

tritlura that thtr is a grrat deal to contend a-xl: t.t. Chicago, he tavt, i to lie feared be-rau of the great "puh" of her men; ISau and Tacoma will fter fr and hotfl accomidatirs to Air ra Jtveti it-: AND i VA: h-v- Tt I rt? 'e 1 li duct. Klnner was lcckl op In ward station, lie is es-sauiting his father last Mor-dty Jab.n Ilishp, a 1 gage-matter on the DAitimor tluo ra.lroal, ud Miss F.I la HirU of I'ltsfll, -lfed to Cumberland Wednesday aid wer ruarrie-X The Lartnts of the girl objected to tht LCrriae, enc th e'cpeniut. Tbs tl meeting of th n.v.k Clerks' lienefit aiociatiun i will held at the ex- "Onainre lilosisoui" Hold for Trial. Jo alhattiiB.

better known as Hrange the ereaust fake story writer in W'lrl was hil fcr trial at yetr-day by Magistrate Hyonmau on a char: larceny. Multatton return! t. this rtty on Tuedy after an abtsnct of tifteeu yrart, an.L meeting eld friends, txgan ImbibiiiK. Huroes, Joha-vvvt Mra A. M.

Jia, 1-. I'., Uaioatow; IL ilclisrtuott, Ktae, Fa. Sriftrtsiti Mrs. F.

A. Met. IL Htltna. J. F.

rta. ia: Je-tV V. Mr A r.r i Trt Tie 1 f'i-t "rr A I Hintj-r- Itir the Vortr-JloaiMv, ir for tft wofk o- It MUrl. ivfii ittanagt bsv boesi nnklng.Tety if; it of la. a iihraiy at the io-t li a pnict that hs 1, ng been deal to it at ti tn 'a When the iibrarr is in a t. tktit will ct t.Uin vi 1 tmra, Arranf -inert ar now ing ti: witn 1 tsUludtt-r and bokktelKtra lo I ui ili k. W. C. Kattletresi.

f. K. will and in bit wanderings fell ia with oo Fat and alterntu-t: other citte cf i.e ofii-r equally ttrong reajonj in sup? ort of their O'Xooi. Acoirding to th latwr's stury In irr.rr.cfitr vric M'nt Virginia Ftnituc. Spte'ai tt iti Ottettt.

Chak: rsTt W. Li-TLt f.Tthcot-inj cf tl state treat. cer tn t-ertlr rv. will hw t-jtal of 3Ji sad ef it, EBtkir.g a tt of at-oat 5 1 XL balance it i agtiott K3 in 1 Iha tUU fend were -'Mi4 oi sol the l.tar-rntnU 1 ral fc receit-tt ware ej and tt i7. T'ri ar Coci fuad recei; boildin; Monday snu.g thaag c1- A L.r.c ri.v rccrn rca-crd r.c"i tu at 7 o'clock.

OSct rs will el-led aod J'-t-t. Vtst n. IV; rtttt-a, ipb i O-I U. funX't, I's. 'l fit 1 tr.

I wa, Ttm f.f-, W. Hi Fa'lattd, Ytu. gat'wa. Carc at, J. il Iirtir, i'iis-1 liar I 1- 1 ansated.

olhr in.porttnt bsicet tr 'rraage nu-t'ius invitea nun tiu room Second avenn to spend th niht Toole accer tad th invitation, aud that on awaklcg next morning $.13 wi.ich had la bis poretit.n on rciiricg luitiug. accad Mulnattoa of taking tb but Ui latter rxphakically denied th cbaif. i. 7' 1, i an elifly rtt of th street Wittnit ia a nor. Cti oa ttie Lilt vetterty.

Weari. gi wss oa b.s wty Lotus work wh-n wat ttmck is tli head a st ne. He It Tcw t'p tt.o Trm t. 1 t'hii Uailud C'-'mpanr i Iff. 1 "ii iviii I th Jfe tUilwty tVr.i-r i trt tt ot the Intl-i jl ta ditiaiacae.U i-s- HOLIDmY GOODS.

1 FJ. (laiins. Mr. Joues thinks it uli tiell to have a ef th mot elcntuent, iui-i-tk titl men of Pitis't urh appointed to pre-tert case to tho National m-mTtte an'l als-v to send to etchmtmher of the coatmitt a pamrhlrt forth fa laiigafT the ability of thia city t- ae-t-vmtjwidot all th-- who wi-ntl ewme to the c.irVfction and th attractions ta SVred. Th t.

thtt S.M-atort and Cmn.n each fsvor ltttsbnrrt Mr. Jooe coast a poift He tliiks this city ha a gfM chance of wtintng beet use th the M'ftlim cttiee it so crat. Ai bey lie they caanut tocur ti prut U.te.k they eso l- around to cast tuefr Lftitiit for riiUbi.rgh., ih 1 Obit line a. S.

P. ii rt, Aarot. A. leTicg--l, i. F- "A ril'f, Lsti AlMiL it C-tt, fvii T.

A. 1.1 ler. Ft a-ij Alitii-lr w. y. ta L.

Itt-rett, Faaiinr. J. I'. T.v tu '1. lw v.e.

lVile V-U, Cvl A- 1- ik 4 a si. Whv. th uJjers the le. i I TnsiUe tn l.taarnt, Alderruaa McMa.tijrt yasterday held a heain in the atMuit and baitery ca ef E. Wood agaiost Jscob 2-ilokT.

are at a t. ufileratna.l. The wi'l he ajiutnl In -nrt. i if li'jiikt i.i tht truoka lVnntTlTtDft tiaMttavuina.

Slrtt l- te LtatttiMt: Dttttft. aki 'itr-cuo. No. Th ch-tral af to Ft sttvi i iviUtjit net hr yetter-lty tu't l.t i 1 Cm- MCE S-rtt- i uf: CAn-3. 'I 1 i i "i 'tii a l- r.

Tii .4 The tw wer Ljyed at a Fourth arecue letaarant tat ilia cook i and Woo, a waiter. Whts tb- Uir.e-t ec.i icymtrt he thought th Job In- ciaded Lit For thre or f-nr dtyt lived t-A-clr on ttewt, and he tngreted V-the Oock, Zlytn-ky, tht ht prersane hira a nic lying daueroutly at hit li. H. Hart, cosuu. tr of CUizeus Trautioit C.ii;ar., i tr Mrs.

Sarah Ilbir.sou wuh i aault at. i UitMr. ciiviis btkn.ekeJ her hutlaci oi bit rat, biftktn; his i-g. Hart far-lthed Ltd f. a bearing oa ttar-dav.

Tt- voman'e body foanj aader tH SciUi-f eii bridge littt tond tui'iio. t-tttl. Hsrdxwis ot perwes hate vkwad tmptt ls m-rst, tot Lys.t seemed to knw cf the aaf rttjnt: on. Tn l-J wii. buried lo-uay at tht ti cf th coor-ty.

Jhn I'r itr, agt i So tetra, died tad th AiiejletT Jo. Tml bt; Ittt La t.l hit life at ti. i-i. TeiTt Atvl.i.i.i.sltiX attmritt la plae-ed at ie-1 lid tr-trt cf i'J mrh. I mef-ioe- let u-d fcw th at a tr i t--V rt ar.

CUasttt. 11 tit) bei 1 at Mt. iti.trt ta Jty t- lo tat--l at th tara pit lo rver i A Int. it lit in T'wi os 1. i.

a hrsk ii. tn at th fell frctn tw; last 1 wa iilraxt cat in tw-. A bra ice i. tfied wt wat bv 'uii-vi fall. McMiille-i wat trt o.l av.d man td uniy two ltt-rvJ Worktiiij; ct Br.ldo-fe.

Th Thomenn TtterdT 1 1 1 1 I beefsteak, as iLi f.n-d a litti rwrt run A r-r tcbt-Ai: t-il then flt 71cSwkT refrd rf rt sit i ftT. Jttili ua J. Ck, Iv.i'ta. i W. Mto-i.

Ct F. A. A. t'. IV; J.

rc.ita. utt a. tw H-t I K. a ia. Ikiitte.

I. ltt.y, J. i-tw U'l A'. Im'jmt. ti.

1 11; Jaoea i itr, i.tat av. A 1 kotJ. ptvtt, pet-l, Ietv-'g. I Ot igs or i arnv n.aiMMitJ, aa4 ttriet l.awt4, -TKiaCet. i.

a it tu tr a rrr rt A IK fv.t 1-litnt 'v Vtrk st. tV. I. r. --a to! ai.1 Vet.

A. I tf Ai vtrt tt IK i tb Hurt a coa-. 5y wr.ii iritt v. In. 5satai to tfct t'tts tn- t.

was a cai-ru, in wtua cli cia'srs fe I wat avxAU'iv. AUrTTttaa SIcMsiters, after hearing the, u.ii.:s&cd th case. Ur 1h View fiiii '-if lmvlnita i irrhin' 't the rxtn Kv s-tuite tir a mi cf ir Car- a It" 1 1 ot Ci.ntJ By Ktffttet. Th dath cf Jtni' Bamett fr- ra eonten-ip- ot ai eel ac t-eotr r-Nwr'i ilea-t ditcoverei awd Ue ecrc-nr wJl iuvrl'gt; to ets cf hie detJi. a A Lv.

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IW lean. A le.he.t tf ieve.tud i Irt tf I A'tibtrtt I tj tla trirt aai rlft'l Ja rtt t--, tii- imj tape-i iiiteu ac.4 ru. qctol A iirj tfttJ ir, gssri. it wtt ver-f jaata at lea, ilijl itl wer vry aU-iian eij rrd tVrr.kselvet 1mm, im alitl had if ihs mh 1 petit. wi.i hvX ede fr-r 10 m.

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