The Columbus Ledger from Columbus, Georgia on May 24, 1937 · 3
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The Columbus Ledger from Columbus, Georgia · 3

Columbus, Georgia
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1937
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THREE THE COLUMBUS LEDGER: COLUMBUS GEORGIA MONDAY MAYU L?7 TO ROSE HILL CHURCH have O) i Mt: punt l u W i u Vi f ui oijon 4 iuk a in uu stU fHrmcrs-ivoni£? that more potential niudpud-ik’ ready to tc- GUARRING i YOUIt LOVED ONES J 3 Baby Born Sunday vr a It"! AND WHEN THEY EEL TIRED THEY fjt JJer a Job t MRCMUtET MITTTON IE NO RE KIGHT WINGARD r GEORGIA COLEMAN lH’a superb dlrlnil form Olympic honor kJ K 'S’ - N-’s'JKe ADVICE TO WOMEN Mt in 'XX' v O HEAD OR MORE HAIR his the CHURCH O NAZARENE CONTINUES REVIVAL eyes of for Napoleon established balloon coip in 1793 ten years after the first successful passenger flight X J The bald hwd and reck of the vulture are natural provisions of Nature to prevent fouling of its plumage on unclean earner: the bird’s favorite food Deaths In other states: Arkansas 1 California 10 Colo -aao 3 take his tnind off of state” l-ld ward again had as one at his guests time ' without' her JANE AUNTZ MANSKE Started amokim Ciniclg wo Georgians Among hose Killed on Highways Over Week-end 5 4 JLennre Kight jringrtrii — one of the greatest American woman athletes of our times — adds this: "I really get fun out of swimming Hard work is part of the game It’s grand the way Camels help me enjoy my food no matter how tired or strained I may be And I’ve found Camels do not irritate my throat’ JOSEPHINE McKIM —bolds records in Huth AGED VETERAN DIES ! JACKSON G My 21— (AC) — -Hoixrt Van Smith 97 Conb'd-crate veteran and Butts county’s oldest resident died near here yesterday BUDDY CAN YOU NN’AltE A DIME? DALLAS Tex— Two ur'mrr here reported io police the theft of thier Inst dime Out of funds police said the pair b gan snlicm ng pavnri-by fur aid to enable them to sjo to ort Wurth TLey slopped a mars explained their predicament and one o£ them held out the dune to prove it I he mn snatches the dime and fted champion and famoo for bar record - breaking rrf ortn -neat phmfter — h® amoked Camel ainc I'TY c to-iey Marks WHAT THESE ACE MERMAIDS SAY — Dorothy Boynton Hill speaking: "I prefer Camels for their mildness They never jangle my nerves I can enjoy smoking as often as I wish I think that another advantage of smoking Camels is the invigorating 'lift’ they give me when I’m tired after a strenuous workout” ‘ Your Dieter Want ’ Keep You Well LfH Want To Heljri EXPERIMENT Gr May 24— (APj— The growing of grapes as a cash crop requiring only a small investment to start with and pro-during money-making fruit ’Indefinitely was recommended to Georgia farmers today by Director H P Stuckey of the Georgia Experiment station Development of a black-fruit muscadine grape which is practically free of disease and thus cheip to cultivate was the special recommendation of the horticul-turalist who has worked for nearly ’ 20 years on production of a grape variety suitable to Georgia soil As for the money to b mnte he cited the yield of a one-acre vineyard seven years old: 412 tons in 1938 which at the current market price of $1 a bushel grossed $160 — or the approximate value of three bales of cotton at 10 cents a pound CONTRACTOR DIES ATLANTA My 24 — (A P) — Calvin Bayshore Myers 72 building contractor who died Saturday ' night" 4 will be buried here Tuesday He was a native of Mt-Vcytcen Penn coming to Georgia soon after he entered the contracting business at Norfolk Va He built the shops for the Atlantic Edward’s and Mrs Warfield’s Romance irst Announced to America in Brief News Item rom rance Back in ’35 At marvelous contribution by Medical Science to the hapninms of the averagebouse-how has been made lt modem Health Education fathers take more ayrtematic rare of their own health and cheek up periodically either with the family physician or through the Life inauraoee otten ihrn not were confirmed by’ failure of the wheat crop While ciasriflcd as s mi-arid show trere falls on most of the area annually twice iho ncry amount of piccipotlon to pro-luce a wheal ctop but the runs seldom hiiiu- at th- rii'hl tnn‘ With this in mind engineers design 1 Ibc ’ bfirin li-ter which by an Inge nious amnsirminl dams the furiovs at Intervals of about every 10 feet creating thousands of shr-Bow holes In a field — all ticky Tiger Hair Tome Stops Exces-rre alling Hair — Tones Up Scalp f ‘‘creeping baldness” is worryi-j 'oct — then try Lucky Tigerllair Tonic nd the ‘ ‘wake-up’’ scalp massage 'ake advantage of this big 2 for 1Her — a large $100 bottle genuine -ucky Tiger for clinging dandruff snd a large 75c bottle of our i NEW VEG-E-LAY Sensational Hair Dressing and Scalp Simulator— a great 2 for 1 offer as pic-$ired below— but best of ail keeps rour hair groomed for days 3uy This $175 Unit TODAY it Only S8—A Saving of 77 Patricia Warren became Don Montiray'o secretary because she appeared painfully homely Monteray screen Mol hired her as a shield between him and his public And then he found that his secretary really was a beautiful woman The strange drama that followed is one of the most amazing love sto ries ever written i POOR CHURCH MOUSE! COLUMBIA T('hn — A mouse was snaking its way around the vestry room o' St John’s Episcopal church today The mouse And a three-foot garden snake entered the rwim separately The snnltc ate th mouse and started back fori his garrivn but with the nmu'e In -side was unable to leave by tle way he had enbr'd Uihodp James M Maxon saw the mnuc’s demise said he would rather have the snake around than mice The snake holds the fork unhnmctf LASHES O LIE Now by virtue of this announcement in the official court circular Mr$ Simpson emerged from the shadow-realm of rumor and- gossip to a- recognized place in Edward’s royal court elide— a far cry Ind cd from the days of her mother's boarding home in Baltimore Md It may be that Edward already had determined to marry her Ten weks e-irlter on March II he had hiiit‘d forevfuiiy st the possibility of ending his long bachelorhood In a message pai ILi mmt On July 1 thlckly-rvflkrrt ‘'rumors” led a major Lxmdon Insurance firm to boost their rates from nine to tiihty per cent against the poc’ubikty of Edward ammuneing his betrothal before the coronation American newspapers quickly— and prophetically-— linked Mrs Suiusun’s mime once more with that of the bachelor monarch noting that ‘’the -dark-eyed Mrs Simpson has long been known as Edward s fatorite dancing pnrl-rte's With her brilliant conversational talent she is said to be the only woman who can aniLe the king find heavy affairs On July 9 Mrs- Simpson — alone this more or less eMrimged husband — at a small dinner party at York Houe St J meO palace On Amr fs Edward left England for the sturt of his month’s holiday cruise in the Adriatic and Aegean seas Bboard the $1500-000 steam yacht Nahlin— and although the names of other cruise guests were listed dispatches to American newspapers pointed out this interesting fact: The name of one of the most popular members of Edward s set Mrs Ernest Simpson did not appear on unofficial lists of royal guests published in London” Why? The answer it Is known now is that the ’'hush-hush” campaign of the British press had already started — the campaign of “discreet silence" which was to boomerang with such explosive effect on a British public which did not know’ up to the last minute that Edward's first great love in his life had precipitated a grave constitutional crisis ’ reive and hold the ruin water until it drains into the subsolL Tmrru'diately after harvest tea-son lal year agricultural engineers enme into this and other plains stsle areas with basin -?!st- i a Eli-lrfs were basin listed Late summer and fall rains in -de the niud-puddk’8 ields nr seeded to winter wheat accumulated snow in tbm basins which went into the "mund with the spring thaw Just latere seeding the basins are leveled with a ridge buster Within recent weeks holes dug in the basin' listed fields have revealed moisture to a depth of 40 to 50 inches compared to four to 12 inches where no attempt had been made to conserve and store Um rainfall RY THE' ASSOCIATED TRESS Georgians were included in the nation’s toll of 100 - week-end automobile deaths "Jdrs- Martin Minder of Athens died as result ©f injuries on the Davisboro - Sandersville highway near Louisville riday night Her husband was critically injured Two motor cars collided Hear olkston Simon Petty 24 was kilted at a" grade crossing Horace Johnson IS was painfully CHANGE O HEART BUALO N Y— Guy Murks sued the city1 for $50000 day the result of a tell un an sidewalk in January charged his heart was dislocated 11Y AUL D SHOEMAKER Amur laird I'rcsH Lum Editor MINOT N' D May 2'MAP) A newly develop’! fim lilLifte implrni nt which tests shown doubles or' triples subsoil-tor:ige of -nfnfMl for future n-cds was watched with increasing in-terpci today by dry land wheat farmers s L Ioi k of mu’ stun- during tlie gloving Mnson iong has teen urc of !) piimipl vu’iies of plains “An Uttermost Salvation” was the subject Of a sermon delivered last night at the revival meeting which the Church of the Nazarene is conducting under a tent on Thirteenth avenue between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets Rev P P Belew of Atlanta district superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene in" Georgia is the evangelist Speaking from Heb 7:25 Evangelist Belew said in prt: “The term uttermost carries the ideas of perfection and completeness and as here used means that Jesus is able to save men fi om the deepest depths of sin to the highest heights of grace and keep them so saved throughout the period of their natural lives and all through eternity “An apostle was one who represented God to men a high jiricst v a- one who represented mtn to God Both ideas are comprehended in the office of a mediator Hence Jesus Christ is said to be th-' apostle and high priest of our profession “Jesus Christ is an uttermost savior by virtue of both Ills superior being and superior priesthood The one condition speci'icd in theriext under which He saves m®n is that th-w must come unto God through Him” Services are scneduled to run throughout 11 e week e- ch night except Saturday th 4 cor-that Edward was utterly fascinated by the raven-haired Baltimore beauty True they frequently were seen together — dancing at West Side night clubs— attending the same “smart set" dinner parties in Mayfair— side-by-side laughing gaily in a grandstand box at Ascot or Aintrec — and Mrs Simpson half-i hidden on the balcony at St Jame's palace when Edward was proclaimed kind At last on May 27 1936Mrs Simpson’s name bobbed up in an official way — a nonce in royal court circular The notice four months the death of George ' V stated simply: “Col and Mrs Chari1’ A Lindbergh dined tonight with fourteen other guests of King Edward VIII at St James' palace “Prime Minister and Mrs Stanley Baldwin hdhded the list of guests which also included Mr and Mrs Alfred Duff Cooper and Mr and Mrs Ernest Simpson” BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW ANGLE ST LOUIS-— George Everot 19 dozed as ! sat fishing on th bank of the Mnnnmoc river nearsuburban Valley Park Sudd nly his line jerked mightily and he pulled a big cat fish— a ten-poiiiKlcr “M L it" — io-- to ‘he surface spit nml swam away fACrctt Went to the county hospital Lfor a minor operation on nre uvetors non to remove fislxTinun’s own hook proximately auu aouiuuiw w ui-Les Loving wup(cnurch A great many improve-Mr and Mrs Lee Store of 231 U meats have been amde in the Third avenue are the parents of church property including addi-:he first ' baby to be born during I tional Sunday school rooms in-he shewing of thepicture “A Star I sulfation of electric fans and a ’s Bora"- at the Grand theater new roof 'on the building His he baby having been burn vester-indomitable enegry has not been day afternoon at 12:30 o’clock at confined to church work alone die city hospital according to an I lie is an unrelenting enemy of announcement made Sunday bv i anT moral worng am vigorously L M Scott theater manager- lopposes laxity of public officials The winning couple will be pre J m enforcing laws intended to elevated with a loving cup and a vt? the standards of living es-rdrobe for the baby at Kirven’s 1?? t I of the community The moral S aturaaj Mr forces - of Shelbyville are losing ic2 ann°Yncek a strong and fearless leader 3a pnnection with the showing of ‘A tar Is Bom” at the Graud star- 1 ing Janet Gaynor and redricl rnreh t h o i 1 : Coast Line railroad at Waycross ’Ga ' ' Preparatory to accepting n call here to" lbe pastors of the Ito'C Hill Church cf Chi bl heie Itev John H Hines his ttnsignca the pasiorue of the Church cf Christ at shelbyt ilje Tenn and is cx-peep’d to arrive in Columbus with his family early this week Rev Hines has iciently spent sometime in Coltunbu and he conducted a serie of revival services at the Hose Hill church Concerning Ins resignation at Siielbyx ille the Bedford County Tinies of tfiat tow n ays “Mr Hines came to Shelbyville in ebruary 1931 following two years ministry m Akron Ohio Before going to Akron be was minister for nine years of a church at Montgomery Ala where the church had a phenomenal growth through his aggre's-ive etforts Upon leaving flonf-gomery he received leltcis from high officials of the city and or t A I a $ m tn m w a t I r“i-f k i e 1 fllOUwi icl l J MiUJCrC hkAr (Editor’s Note: With the wedding date set for June ? woildwide attention once more floodlights tne two central figures m the greatest love story in modern tunes — Edward of Windsor and hii American -born bi ide-to-be Wallis V ’at field (This is i story tin their roinanee sketched by an Associated Press writer who until recently was a member cf the London staff) BY ROGER D GREENE NEW YORK May 21— (AP)— Jliilliarti sunshine flooded the water- of Cannes harbor on the lench Kivtero end a shm daik-eyed girl loote'd bak b-wmds shore and exploited anxiously: “You forgot your hat!” Seated beside her in die naval launch chugging out towards IL M destroyer Wishart n sandy-haired young man with twinkling blue eyes grinned impishly: “Too late now Here we rre!” They started up the destroyer’s gangway — and at that moment the curtain began to lift on the mighty drama which was to rock the world’s greatest empire and send King Edward Till into ex-ije after 324 days of sovereignty A brief cabled dispatch from Cannes on Sept 11 1335 told the story to Americans It read: "Cannes rance Sept 11 — Hie easy holiday atmosphere of Riviera was offered in British naval circles today as n excuse for the failure of the Prince of Wales to observe strict naval etiquette "Mrs Wally Simpson the prince's American companion on the visit to the destroyer per-suaded him to wear a hat but he left it In the car at the dock” she explained” : Historically Important the dispatch was one ‘of the first stories from abroad openly linking Mrs Simpson's name with the world's most eligible bachelor — ' the glamorous ‘‘prince charming neiore wnose many blue-blooded princesses Europe had paraded in vain twenty-five years Behind the scenes as months wore on American respondents in Ixmdon knew V’’ r’y toy: y Camels ara made from finer MONK expensive tobaccos— Turkish and De-Matte— than any other popular brand a' ' Happier Mother boc physical well-being i looked after with understanding before during and after the coming cf the children Children who are fed clothed exerci’ed and generally reared with an adequate appreciation of the value of gofd health Have you been keeping up with what this kind of 'guarding is doing for the nation? Years of activity and health are being added to human life rom every standpoint it i veil worth your while to guard your htahk Beainninq--May 27 th i the removal of Mr J Hines “He is - going to a wider field of tief ulness which has greater j possibilities for his intelligentlydirected energy Rose Hill ChCurch Of Christ Is the leading j churh of the denomination - in Columbus a city of 65000 population j “There being no church manse Mr and Mrs Hines have bought a lot and will build a residence this summer ' - “Mr Hines and his estimable family will Jeave Monday for their new home with the good wishes of the people of Shelbyville Mr Hines will return June 7 to assist in the meeting to conducted by Evangelist H Busby which begins June 6” Grapes Revealed To Be Profitable New Plow May Solve Problem or armers in Arid States SPRINT STAR Arthur Lindegren sv am to a new 200-tncter freestyle record "Camels give me a generous 'lift' in energy when I'm tired after swimming” says Art MOST women ’ a! some period of their lives need a tonic like Dr Pierce's avorite Prescription T h e ymibg wiman who suffers from monthly pa i n s and nerv-uwtU ’ic to func- i i t'ri r tn er uini l’ xpr‘jil who f4 tpp tite cr ?h w-oman who eprri- fluff ? ‘UtW’ wfh find this ”Prft-ttetijfurn” df rddb) ioth rfv ©i iftoj xspidcs bt tfrfl' ‘I bird D- Pirrrr’R avorite Prefer iptlon eacb of jnv (hJhJen was born and I found it an txcel-krt k to l e apprtitr ” I ly cf neijKcHKxxl dr ikrkL New- Mizrt UUS lto k tlK a‘° 7 lorida 1 Illinois state including the-governor ? line 1 Massaohusettes 2 Michi- I Ale V w-vx Cea t-o rv ‘ e Sir r c t 'it ii 4 f VtA AXA Vlv 4 ta 12 Mississippi I Missouri 5 itv in kelfare work and civic ad-’ tew Hampshire 2 New Jersey 8 j vancement His first ministerial tew Mexico 1 New York 4 North i whs Mn ' Hopkinsville Kyarolina 5 Ohio 13 Oklahoma 2 here hejwes engaged four vears Jregon 1 Pennsylvania 5 South going from there to Montgomery1srolma 1 Tennessee 2 Te 7 i "immediately after 'coining here nah 2 Washington 2 Wiwon-: tn church experienced a new lit and the congregation grew in numbers and attendance Under his ministry there have been approximately 300 additions to the In The jlumbus Ledger ILLING PRESCRIPTIONS i the Most Imporant Part of Our Busines OLYMPIC STAR Arthur High land smashed records in the dash and middle-distance events Arthur says:''Smoking Camels with my meals eases the strain after racing' PERECT CONTROL helped Marshall Wayne win the Olym pic diving crown! "I never hesitate to enjoy a Camel' aays MarshalL "Camels don’t get on my nerves! V T l' Mi 31 IDMi L 9- j? f ft R Hr J io ir — f f imMmaammanmmanBmawuaBasa— l’ YillU If sssHsniio - - — -----— CtWTSl y” Ml "Xi xv -?z mr J toy ' JR v Y - f -X S n -f' l Z 'A'to z: gx " ' l Jr c A I Aw 1 sSf fj v UK r - J X IM j ' x cmM BnLJkrMiMMBOaMa www a— are fcjjjs a 1 -Mnaire- jS rernsi& — S' J - t HBHMMHMMMMMN l 'xMlx- xRMxx 'x' -tr v BXA ’Xt? h I WX"' x ' -TT— '( XXV Wfet’' ' ' ' ' ' to-toX c J i ’ Xi "' ’ to4'"' --- DOROTHY POVHTON Hitt - vx ' ' f -x j n —rrerffs blonde Ixt Anticle H i llf -'22L ft v Sr k ’4 s a rravri rr f f rere t a nVinv tvstn Ma MB MxM V V mm V'rf r'Vs retire XN - holds 7 form d!rwh4kmE Camel 'X'” rfrint nni dtifftinc frve ? inAdc Oij w pic history ?£M world’s ?rmrdi te national M faxj over a year U&O K Rtvk went CamHs hivr in hw shx laudai spring- incs Cam ria bare been her M M s been ht fiorne ‘wVn’ hvjn£ victory in chUm i for 4 jeauu 1 retfe for 3 year now N 1'132 Sleb chu a MMhAWte7' al and H Btnokor ihiH same t'ar X - h 1 IMM i i V1J Ufi MB W XMz Ml: -xlxxhmi i I — — ug® Xi -3 gr Jr -re re dr Wv BB M a Ar r n-W mK' re JROW jH SKg M£ Tmrin — — & un JlW V if 11 v f ? yM M jragAgA a gA&r r Xt I M M - w anara trr v A a i : il HI I i n j£g amr jg s W L' jT WfrSta wwwns - -' v I sc'AKr I rWSr A 1 7iyivlzYi I 1 aril sri s-Jtvni I j I 1 ! ill I U 1 He ace Won 'agMjaeakauji J 1 10 an ' z 'v Un :yEto?WMiy pij osn HEAD OR MORE HAIR

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