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Morning Sentinel from Waterville, Maine • 4

Morning Sentineli
Waterville, Maine
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ART BUCHWALD JP ashington Merry CoJCoiind JACK ANDERSON How They Did In Santa Claus out io WATERVILLE MAINE TUESDAY DECEMBER 2 1975 Opportunity or Pittsfield CLAYTON LaVERDIERE 11 Point Of JOHN ROCHE View Who Said It? wheij Ward The Choice A Bicentennial Calendar i Copyright 17I By Prank a Clam Morning Sentinel1 a great pity there a pesticide available to help eliminate the litterbug Grit BY MID ATERNOON there were many who were holding To clear the world of all its pollutions Wilkkeep everyone busy hunting solutions Dorothy Robbins No man can learn patience except by going out into the hurly burly world and taking life just as it blows Henry Ward Beecher "Lives are lived as knitters knit without seeming to give attention to the process" 1 Temper is what gets most of us into trouble Pride is what keeps us there Mark Twain "WE poison one left over from the met with anguished'howls especially through the mid coast region Whatever the outcome of the Wy man nomination it is highly unlikely that Apollonio will be able to retain his job Gov Longley has madeup his mind about the kind of person he wants heading the Department of Marine Resources and Appollonio doesn't meet his description If we were governor we might have renominated Apollonio or we might have nominated someone other than Wyman However we are not the governor James Longley is and unless his choicecan be shown to be seriously unqualified for the post the country parson KIMS WATURRS NOT SURE there is any point in bringing this up 'rhe i le i ded characters among the intelligentsia who fell for the ploy havq long since tossed their participation into the mental all (In deed I met one the other day With whom I gently raised the matter he looked at mP'loiank sizable turnout of voters in the waning hours of election day in order to make it With five members of the cur rent City Council not seeking re election there was con siderable speculation about the makeup of this important pan ej which now finds Democrats Withta 5 2 margin Whatever the outcome the political history books weijfc certain to be rewritten Either Carey would be the first mayor ever to be elected to eight years in off ids or Joly a former two term1 mayor would be the first ever to make a successful comeback The City Council and the Board of Education would have a liberal sprinkling of new names' anef there would be women on both these important panels ROM THE It appeared that the weatherman would play an important role peuEacr AnoiPz 1 presumed WASHINGTON ederal en ergy czar rank Zarb is care fully considering a dramatic move to break up the gjqnt oil companisr wMclr have a stran glehold on the energy The cautious Zarb de cided whether to make a bold recommendation to Presi dent ord whose past policies have to tilt toward the oil interests 4 he wants 7 One of our quarrels with the Ex ecutive Council in the past has been that it has tried to impose its will uxin governors in the matter of ap pointments Gov Longley satis he wants ail ad ministrator and marketing expert in the position of commissioner of marine resources Unless his choice is iirffit and there is no evidence he rlhcn he should have hinir Asian liberation movements A 1 number of South Vietnamese es caped with aircraft to Thail land Bangkok has received a number of demands that this equipment is stolen property and must be from Hanoi not from Mrs Binh oreign Minister of life PRGA However on Nov 21 (ac cording to the Hanoi news agency) Mrs Binh was trotted out for a press conference in Saigon where she had the priv ilege of announcing that negotia fions between the PRG andHanoi over reunification had 'successfully been concluded can only imagine how Mrs Binh held out national autonomy in the South but the communique simply reported agreement on a unified independent and So' cialist Vietnam Nationwide elec tions according to Radio Ilah oi the first half of I suspect Mrs Binh will get elected to this new national as sembly ploy was vetoed by the United ly) But it is States Meanwhile back in Indochina i the order of the day is unifica tion rom the day of victory the South has been effectively ruled by the North Vietnamese military led by Lieutenant Gen eral Tran Van Tra Symbolical ly Saigon 1 was put on Hanoi it was formerly an hour off Those governments that rushed to recognize the Provi sional Government (technically the Revolutionary Gov ernment: PRG the NL wearmg a different hat) were politely informed by Hanoi that consuls not ambassadors would suffice for Saigon? tWI letters' which annoyed the Sena tor Impatiently Young com plained to the veterinarian's boss Harvey Nelson that Pear son was badgering hBn Life and law must be kept closely in touch and as you adjust Tife to law youmust adjust law to life Arnold Toynbee A high Administration offi cial conceded that would offer an attractive offset to Ron ald The theory is' thatT'Simon cotlld draw conser vative support from Reagan at Republican convention and afterward from George Wallace if he should run as an independ EVER SINCE the fall of the Republic of Vietnam last spring the NL has been shunted to the sidelines With chara cteristic ruthlessness Pham Van Dong and Le Duan himself a southerner have thrown away a that lost its utility "Mrs Binh still makess speech from time to time but her speechwriters now em phasize the unity of North and South Vietnam not the autoni 1omy of the NL 's Provisional Government In a classic bit of chutzpah Hanoi did support the admission of two Vietnams into the United Nations perhaps drawing a lesson from the So viets who got the states" "the Ukraine and Bejo Aus da admitted to the world organization The Vietnamese Chief said 1 "Wait a minute I think I've got it "Last year Santa Claus made a stop at a divorcee's house in Alexandria Va He stayed about an hour longer than he had to and we taped what went on It was pretty wild stuff If the tape ever got outit would destroy the old coot don't we take a page out of the send Santa Claus the tape with an anonymous note are 23 days until Christmas There is only one thing left for you to do You know what it is like said the Chief clean and yet dirty If that tape make him jump off the North Pole nothing will" Everyone In the room smiled and said ho (c) 1975 Los Angeles Times IN WARD 5 the action was brisk as voters defiedthe rain There had been 146 men and women using the voting booths hy the time 11 came around fair considering the commented "Warden Leonard Plourde Balloting was generally lightln Ward 1 the northern most polling place Workers had counted 177 voters npofc THERE HERD' some Who interpreted this as being a ggod omen for Republican mayoral candidate Cyril Joly Jr Their reasoning: Democrats outnumber Republicans in Waterville almost two to one and if Demos turn out well Speculation centered on what might" happen Ward 7 long known as the for the Democrats There were no Republican names on the ballot for the offices of City Council and Board of Education i causing many to what impaet this situation would haveoh the overall voter turnout At Vpni however was reported that 324 citizens had voted in Ward 7 I no such thmg a bad boy how is it that many qf them never seem have heard about it? ranklin Jones in Quote There is a substantial school of thought among environmentalist? in Maine that Spencer Apollonio cooked his goose as commissioner of marine resources when he took a negative view of the Pittston oil refinery pro posal Gov James Longley says this true that what he wants is a commissioner who is Wore market ing oriented than is the marine biol ogist whyTre chose Charles Wy man who is long on administrative experience though short on fishing expertise the Governor says In either event the Wyman nomina governor is entitled to havrthe man tion lias run into stormy weather and the Governor is experiencing problems guiding it through the shoals of opposition and into the deep water of confirmation Strong opposition to Wyman has been voiced hy coastal fishermen many of whom in the past have been somewhat less than happy witlu Apollonio The proposals for legislative restrictions on lobster in as a conservation measure were Beginning around 1965 the in temational Communist" political warfare apparatus began or chestrating a worldwide cam paign to the Viet By 1967 the din was pickets outside the White Jlouse visitations of sch olars and clergymen screamers on television'r and marchers onthe Pentagon assured all and sundry that Americaii rcfusal to he was pleased Pearson had been ordered out of the state be cause he had become ly The Senator insisted Pearson have government time on the Garrison project since he man said that a change of per so many and to sormel in the accounting depart so many ment had caused the problems The New Jersey Turnpike Authority meanwhile has de veloped an effective method ofdealing with diplomatic traffic offenders State troopers give them a warning for the first of rclevant ttf the current Communist agit prop scenario: the Pal estinian Liberation Organiza tion! And' this unfortunately is doing very nicely Distributed by 'King eatures Syndicate There is no substitute for intelligence but the nearest thing tost is silence Mason City (la?) Globe Gazette General: When the enemy gets close retreat a little lame so starting now Shelby riedman in Quote IB ootnote: Asked for comment a spokesman Iqt Zarb would say only that any to TC was an jnternal matter An TC spokesman confirmed that pub lic documents hqd been sent to the ederal Eiigrgy Adminis tration MH AT 10:30 AM Board of Voter Registration at City Hall had signed up 12 newx Voters 10:50 election workers at Ward 6 were waiting and so were the four voting machines The warden Mrs Theresa Roderigue reported that 115 had voted up to that time will get heavy people get out of work at 3 predicted Constable Jerome Dusty Service He is known to his col leagues at North Dakota's North ern Prairie Research Center as an excellent if somewhat eccen tric veterinarian and microbol Ogist? On his own time Pearson did what every good high school civics teacher Jells his students to do: he to his elected representative Senator Young about a federal irrigation' project called the Garrison Diversion Simon is also a favorite of Unit "SUPPOSE WE slipped a ball point 'pen containing a hypo dermic needle with poison on it in one of the might be wise to it There has to be some way of reliable is the getting him without him comes from an elf who knowing about the CIA was lined for shoddy workman ship on Barbie nasiett a trail or unpaid debts around Washington including a $2000 house rental $4000 for 1 limousine rental and $6000 for catering An embassy spokes the original 120 acre park focused on the size of the undertalcing Although the town would be committing itself to the project without any guarantees of industry interest it seems clear the park would be beneficial to the town of Pittsfield and Somerset Copntv 1 Opponents of the $568335 project argue that the town mayfind itself with a very expensive "white ele in five years time if small in dustries fail to take advantage of the industrial park Certainly the project involves some risk on the part of the community but it is unlikely that no new businesses would locate inJ he town Like many Central Maine com munities Pittsfield is vociferous in its desire to become the base of opera tions for small industries Unlike investmenLin future is many area towns however Pittsfield notoolish enterprise Newspaper carrier: Customer: "ine your money is over there in the bushes where I usually knd my Rough Notes YEAWWB MH leal on his reins that would make him sick and lose control of his in mean the stuff the plumbers were going to put on Jack Anderson's steering could "Does Santa smoke On the contrary the vctcrinar "I don't know Why do you lan fought the Garrison project completely on his own time and the Senator conceded" he had no evidence to contradict this Copyright 1975 United ea ture Syndicate Inc Shell Standard of California Standard of Indiana Standard of DUNNING DIPLOMATS: We Ohio Sun Tcnneco Texaco and recently reported that diplomats hair But Pearson ye other firms have been taking advantage of sisted a transfer to faraway tneir immunity trom laws uian the CONCERNED Zarb him to welsh on debts and to ignore 1 Then self a product of corporate traffic violations ratings he was fiied' sSenator America has been slow to stand up to Big Oil He is worried his The Pittsfield Town Council will be is ideally situated between two larger faced with a more palatable proposal for an Industrial park in the Somerset County community at their regular session tonight The pared down packageliivolvcs development of about 70 acres of land for industrial use at a cost to the town of who earlier were deadlocked on the pro posal Will find it easier to" okay the plan since most earlier objections trr WaterviUe are vcll oped Go north business owners will say if they are assured that coin 1 munities like Pittsfield can offer "needed services 1 Industrial parks whicli generally attract light industry pose" few envi ronmental problems and are 'often tastefully designed If several of the' appalling: businesses which are reportedly tak ing a long look at Pittsfield decide to locate there more jobs would be available for the hard hit unemployed of the region In addition the town I recognize the South Vietnamese will have more tax revenues to fill its coffers "We hope the controversial propos al which will be eligible for in federal grants is ap proved by the town council The CANDID A Treasury Secretary William Sj? mon is quietly testing the vice orcsidential waters Sources He is Dr Gary" Pearson a close to him say he has been mild mannered eight year vet sending subtle signals to the eran with ish and Wildlife White House that he is avail able as run NELSON HASTILY assured the Getty Gulf Mobil Phillips showing his face where it counts Senator that Pearson would be transferred out of North Dakota and presumably out of the National Liberation ront (N guaranteed a continuation of the war It was a beautiful job particularly since the vast ma jority of those involved didn know the NLfrom the NR' and those of us on the re ceiving end often felt as though we were in a steel drum being URTHER to emphasize who showered with won the war the immense loot remaining after Saigon fell was SO EVENTUALLY after the not turned over to the PRG great charade over the shape of despite its purported sover the table at ne eignty lt was shipped North andgotialions in Parisi we admit is now being auctioned off to 'ted the NL as an independ various friendly purchasers and enr party to tne discussion Hardly a day passed without the extremely effective Mrs Nguy en Thi Binh appearing on tele vision news denouncing Ameri can intransigence Well that was long ago and in a distant country today it is quite cleat that Hanoi recognize the NL We who said the whole thing was a fake from the out set are in the position of th'e the cavalryman with an Indian arrow in his back: Asked by the doctor if it hurt he said when I laugh Doc only when I back on their predictions They felt that Mayor Richard Carey in his Quest for a fourth in biennial election two year term would need a There was a driving fain pelting the city as polls opened in the seven wards mumbled one longtime ob server citing an axiom long associatedwith local politics ft which that Democrats seem to fare better when skies are stormy But that appear to be flip rasn al most of Ihn nnllin? as places voting was light There so were no waiting lines to Others Say What keeps most would be In vestors out of the stock market is the supermarket Modern Maturity PROTESTERTRED: A fed eral worker is out of a job be cause he challcngcd his elected representative Sen i 1 1 Young ND to explain wiiy he supported a half billibn dmiar government irregution project He is Dr Gary Pearson WllJVH I1U lldb VRHUA the flow of energy through the se1 pitcinmn for pipVHHVb dim UdlliliHOOlVU 1UICC The TC data going to Zarb deals with Arco Ashland Cities Service Continental Exxon BUT A EW DAV ago Zarb asked ederal Trajle Chairman Lewis Engman for data to help him rCaqh Ills decision Since Engman may soon have rule on an antitrust case against eight oil companies he could ning mate turmsn only pumic documents to assist his fellow regulator He transmitted to Zarb hun dreds of of research which contain stark evidence of how the oil industry readies to control natural gas shaletjjiC nuclear fuels coal and even cjpnf liprm al pnprov Not only do the patricians of en pe roeum argey a oose A various groups farm Indeed Pearson wrote several 1 rnA wrvH I lift! 1 oil i i organizations and civic groups hese fuels they also determine wch hc has visitcd as hd jidcnt economic policies: Meanwhile the blunt spoken Simon is sitting down with cfonE servative editors politicans WASHINGTON A group of CIA people were having coffeer 4 fU'C JUL dL' AjdlJfclvj the other morning and discus 1 too complicated This susing the Church report on their covert activities They were but raged lEtJLJl JL RIGHT does anyone have any Someone said we get someone 4 to sprinkle his boots with depilatory powder and then when he puts them oh his beard will fall out? This will make him the laughing stock of the despite worth a said the OlUUL YVlXdL dOC a 4 i TT a a A The story brought a new flood Young acknowledged to us tnat a tuuir of complaints to our office The friends sav that shattering the Embassy of Gabon for example 1 0 nne Izit ft ft zlftKre industry into dozens of compet ing firms might simply lead tp inefficiency and higher costs But Zarb according to his friends has felt some of the same frustrations that led al most half the Senate to vote for a bill that would fragment the oil industry A i Like too many other honor urban areas and has air rail and aDlenm tne nora Aammis tration he is also appalled at interstate highway service (jje new revelations of payoffs 1 Many economic observers tnrpugii out the nation are expecting the fl nancial climate to improve within the "next months That mansjhat busi ness expansion and new development will look more favorable to execu tives who will be searching for sites fortheir new ventures Here in Maine many of the larger urban has to be simple and we cant get involved directly in any about putting' out a destroying pur "Intel contract on hijri through the ngence one Mafia? could get Johnny Uve said Rossini to take a shot at him when making a drop in UH RE WRECKING mor Chicago Or Lucky Luchesi could ale another chimed in have his boys waiting for him A third man said like by his chimney in killing Santa have' to clear that with Tfyere was silence in the the the Chief of the room Then one of the men said section said Santa A about his mail? Have our job to say we checked that Santa We have to have a got three departments plan ready in case someone in 'working on it full time the White House or the State steamed open every letter going Department decides Santa has to be terminated with extreme'11 prtejudiceAWhat have we got on i of our agents at "the North Pole says planning a sneak attack by reindeer on the night of Dec Saigon Now On Hanoi Time Viet Cong Baek Oh Outside December 2 1775 Brig Gen Ririiard Mont gomery and 300 men amve at Quebec to join forces with Col Benedict Arnold and his 600 soldiers NwttMNrSvn4 111 mo ederal Enqigy Czar Zarb Weighs Action Against Big Oil by oil companies id influence1 fensc 'Thcreaffor the Troopers congressional votes on oil maU though unable to arrest them ters i1 escort them off the turnpike ipokesman informed us that liia num Di? uvumuto nave been stopped uhd put off the turnpikcK "f' pl A A Jbsi fs? r11 1'1" if Ri A raw 1 1 Kra gfc 1) I EbI Bl I I.

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