Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1931
Page 7
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31. Tuesday morn irch 3,1 will open shop in the west |fthe Nick Ma„„ shoe repair and itae shop. SHAVES, 25c HAIRCUTS, 85c Children's Haircuts Monday to Friday inclusive, 25c [TRY OUR SERVICE TOM WAGNER Formerly of the Brewer Barber Shop. land China food Sows (PUBLIC AUCTION lESDAY, MAR. 4 |ile and a half north of City, beginning -at ' 1 boot! sows and double- for cholera. Bred to 'late in March- and in HORSES r gelding five years 1650; black mare 5 , wt. 1600; gray mare wt. 1650; gray 1 6 yrs. old, wt, 1600; bd sound work horses 111 broke. ns: Cash, or make ar- nents with your own - J • ••/•%>! '• : '"'V !:-,' >yd Olson GIVEN PARTYBY SOPHOMORES iThe freshmen were 'entertained Friday night by the sophomores at the high school building. As the guests entered, paper triangles In different colors were pinned on their hicks for the purpose of dlvldlnfe them into groups. Then all went down to 'the gymnasium, where slides were ehown with jokes about students.'.The motto of the evening was— 'Let joy be unconflned; If you can't laugh at the jokes of the age, Laugh at the ago of the jokes!" This, was followed by stunts and games, after which the groups wore formed and the dumbest person In each was picked to roll dumb-bells across the gym floor. From reportH there were more than enough to take part. A grand march followed, In which each person got a 'partner with whom to eat. Ice cream, angel food cake, and candy were served. The refreshments committee consisted of Virginia Schnepf, Miss Cpate, Johanna Flene, and Margaret Lease. ' •• k After refreshments there was .dnnohig in the lower hall. •On the entertainment commitee wore Misses Miller, Messenger and Stv.bbs, .lames Bishop, Adds Anderson, Arba Dee Long, Gertrude Morrow, I'onald Hutching, Mr. Bur- melster, and Dick Cowan. .English Students Study Dclmlc— .'Mies Messenger's sophomore English classes are making a study of debate, and the following are questions on which they have been working during the last week: '.-.India should be given dominion status in the British empire. ;..-.; Prohibition is a failure and should be' abolished. ' 'Capital punishment; for any crime Is'wrong in principle and should be ab'olished. .The nations should adopt a policy ofj free trade. .... ., •'.The government should control the principal sources of. hydro-electric power. ... • .. '•„. All nations should^ adopt a policy of complete disarmament. -t•-. The present national origin immigration , law is detrimental to best interests of the U. S. Communism as a social system would be more beneficial 1 to the people as a whole than the present system of capitalism. ^LOCALS ./ COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA AKING 3WDEL In double achnq Prepare for Senior Magazine— The seniors have voted 'to'" cbri- tlrtue 'the-, annual mag-azinel In previous years the magazine -.has sold well. To divide .responsibility every senior will be responsible for the sale of five magazines. Miss CoaJte and Mr. Overmyer agreed this would be better than: making; a committee alone responsible for the sale of all of the books. Staff'of- ficers will probably be chosen next week, after which the wprlc wijl be started In earnest. The annual has become almost traditional here. Joke-is Turned on Joker—• .•'• ~ ' .'.',bn« day last week 'arpupif'in-high school thought to pull a good trick, on a fellow pupil, so he pinned a handkerchief on the other!s.,rt)ack with these words,"Kiss ike.V'The .unfortunate pupil innocently walked up front, and of course everyone laughed. Miss Coate took the handkerchief and pinned it on the culprit's back. This, she explaJne'4, was poettejustice, by which the villain is .punished according to what he deserve^. . • ••,...,;,,' Debate Honors are Divided— '' ''' -. Lost week Wednesday ' afternoon Mason City sent two debate';'-teams to Algona, and a Mr. Qowan,.;, of. Eagle'Grove, .was critic,-Judge. Jn the first debate Algona's affirmative Won the decision, but in'{he second debate Mason City's affirmative won. 'Both debates were ^pod. Mjss Messenger's Tenth grade .^English classes, which have been''-studying S. J. Backus was at Des Moines Monday, attending a postmasters' meeting. 'Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Thorpe drove Saturly Friday ' retu '-"'^ Mrs Edythe Dalley spent Sunday and Monday at Minneapolis with her mother. Mrs. P. H. Burlingame entered the Koasuth Hospital for medical treatment Monday, The Baptist Aid will hold a bake sale at the Anderson meat market next Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Post spent Friday at Des Moines, returning Saturday morning, The J. It. Baileys, Spencer, spent Sunday with Mrs. Bailey's mother, Mrs. C. W. Hopkins. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Schemel went to Des Moines Tuesday night. They ar 0 expected home today. Attorney Maurice McMahon spent the week-end with Creighton university friends at Omaha. Bessie Hopkins, stenographer, tus- .sistod with the work at the Lathrop & Weaver abstract office Tuesday. Mrs. M. J. Quinn went to Hull Monday to «pend several weeks with hor Cnther, M. L. Hogan, who is sick. The Dr. R. H. Crawfords spent Surulay at Fort Dodge with the Doc'.<»••* sister, Mrs. E. F. Armstrong. Lucille Peterson, Esthervllle, spent Sunday with the p. j. Chris- tenscns. She is the Eslherville 11- brarlnn. The w. C. T. U. will meet at Mrs. W. H. Lease's next Tuesday at 2:30. Mrs. Klsliam, a state worker will he speaker. ' Betty, »-year old daughter oC Mrs. \V. C. Messenger, was operated on for appendicitis at the Kossuth Hos- ital Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Leonard, Burt, are parents of a girl, their first child, born at the Kossuth Hospital last week Wednesday. The G. E. Van Dorstons moved Monday to their new bungalow on north Jones street,' recently completed by McMurray Bros. Robert Walker, Whittemore, son of Mn and Mrs. Arch Walker, was operated on for appendicitis at the Kossuth Hospital last week Wednesday. Helen Dingley, employed at Evan ston, 111., spent Sunday and Monday with her' parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dingley. Monday was a legal holiday. The postoffice and the local grain offices were closed Monday In observance of. George .Washington's birthday anniversary, .which, 'fell on Sundjiy. Roland White, Iowa Falls, . spent the week-end with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis McWhorter. .He was accompanied by a friehd from Iowa Falls. County Engineer H. M. Smith and Archie Cunningham spent Monday and Tuesday at Des Moines, attend Ing a Legion commanders and ad jutants' meeting. Betty Backus returned yesterday from visits at Dubuque and Edgewood with relatives, and friends. She had been gone since Friday. Betty Is a postoffice. clerk. ' Lou Markla, of the Thorpe Wood & _Iron Works, had the forefinger of "his right hand badly squeezed one day last week when 'It was caught in a planer at the shop. • .The C. E. Haxtons spent Sunday at Brltt, visiting relatives '. and friends. Mr. Haxton; who is a phar- \Tf99fS OUNC € S f OR us OF POUNDS u^i u '-US COVERNMI NT WOMAN 11 IBS. Krpwhen Salt* ™m~am on my twcond ^.Pounds in six weeks are used dally b'y WOrW "0* only the entire of Kruschen. pnoney Bu»y r Ttme8 in H. S. Now— v -,- -.•..(Ujfttilf^taWot -the y^r^^'^. school seenis fairly buzzing wiffi a& tJvlty, Everyone -is busy wH1j ; ^hirig besides studies, though everyone ad tnlta that study nevertheless has Jiot slackened. Almost any night^.glrls in the glee club are singing'.' At' noo n the boys 'do, their 'part of "warbling 1 ; and between times the orchestra., re; hearses. .•' ' • ''':' '"' IT. T. Club to Have Debate— -The next Normal Training: 'dub meeting will be held at 4 o'clock this wej»k Tuesday in Miss Wil^rffj room, andvthe program will be a debate on, "Resolved that Lincqjn was a, better American . thai^^ Washing- top." There -wiUalso be a {ableau illustratJng a Longfellow, po'eln. ' •' , - --, -2£. II..; !<J MWUM* TiptaU ar«.K|%dr T ,, r „, • According to the ban-gMbh rerord in the typing room, th«;f speediest typist* are Helen BecVceV, Helen Daughan, Genevleve Bernice Harrington. In'ji vanced class they are Juapita Potter. Irene Pentecost, and'jfosephlne FrMhmem Elect Ol«e«r*ry i<« The freshmen had a 0S*s election last week Tuesday. Katharine Smith Wftf elected president; >. 0harjotte Hfon,'vice president an4,. treasurer , ,.;.»•'' •• - Other Sebool ,„, In tho high school time is divided into seven periods. .Th> average pup|l carries four subjects each aef- meater. This leaves each ' • pupil three periods a day for study. 'But do the pupil" really have an 'opportunity r" to study? We can -assure readers that £Iiss Duhigg, teacher In charge of the assembly . ii\%the MeonA .period In the m<jr ntn *' ldoeB her level best to make 1W9 a. real study period. No.pne tar*eri»ttted te com« tardy, unless therf, }s, an se from the teaobe^ by whpm pupH has been detained. , »»pspted to sharpen, no do not weajr waB^on'' I their seats toes g the period,. ', No the waste basket to al, and no unneceswryj aaking to persaitted, out W9& maclst.at Paine &' Sorensen's, has been registered 22 years. Lawrence Mlsbach spent the week-end at Am'es, where he attended a. formal party, given by the Gamma Phi Beta sororlfy. His sister, Kathryn, is a member. Dr. R. A. Evans reports the birth of a 10-lb. boy to Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Howell, the fourth child. Mr. Howell is a salesman for the Hlgley Chemical company, Dubuque. Mr. and Mrs. K. D. James returned Friday night from Minneapolis, where they attended a druggist's convention. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Falkenhainer accompanied them. ' Mrs. Ruby Hensen, Mrs. Henry Crulkshank, 'and the lattor's son, all of Ruthvon, and Mrs. Earl Dwyer, Emmetsburg, and a daughter spent Sunday with the A. L. Websters. Dow Laldley, who had of late been working l n a printing shop at Albert Lea, was 'recently laid off for lack of work, and is at present visiting his sister, Mrs. H. M. Vinson. Mr. and Mrs. F. M, Stoner and their son Chester returned Sunday from three weeks with relatives and friends at Waterloo, Parkersburg, and Pocahontae. Mr. Stoner is a well driller. Algonians attending the auto show at Des Moines this week are Gsorge Elbert, Ray Oliver, Roy Crapser, Mr. and Mrs. Frank' Kohlhaas, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dau, Arthur Helberg, and F. E. Kent. M. J. Pool, manager of the local Botsford lumber yard, went to Mankato Sunday, and left In a special car for Wlnona, where managers of Botsford yards spent Monday and Tuesday in conference. County •Treasurer and Mrs. H. N. Kruse returned Monday night from O'Neil, Nebr., where they had been since Saturday, visiting their son Hubert, who is employed by the Interstate Power company. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Keith are parents of a girl, born at the Kossuth Hospital last week Wednesday, the first child. Mrs. Keith is a daughter of .Mr. and Mrs.'"A. J. Brown, south of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Lawton, St. Paul, went home Monday, after a visit since Saturday at their 'daughter Mrs. Paul Danson's. Mr. Lawton is assistant cashier of the American Railway Express agency. Mrs. Don M. Elphic, Clear Lake,, spent part of last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Jones. She was an honor guest at luncheon, at the home of Mrs. J. H. Pearson, Swea City, last week Tuesday. F. E. Kent, of the Kent Motor company, attended a public sale Monday at a farm near Esthervillb owned* by his father. The elder Mr. Kent, who now lives at Indianola, is a former Graettlnger banker. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Erickson and Mr, and Mrs. F. W. Anderson, Minneapolis, were guests from Friday till Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Erickson. C. F. is O. W.'s brother, and the Andersons- are relatives Mr. and' iMrs. F. Q. Urch, West Concord, Minn., were here Sunday to see John Urch, who has been sick a week. F. G. is John's son. They also visited their son Irving, employed at the Long Bros, grocery. , Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Haase, Minneapolis, spent the -vyeek-end with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Bailey'. Mrs. Haase, who was Merle Bailey, is employed in a bank, ?and Mr. Haase is a commercial arttet. '•?•• R. S. Blossom returned Tuesday from Cedar Falls, where he attend- ( •e'd the funeral of his sister-in-law, Emma Rait Tucson, of Arizona, who had' had tuberculosis eight years. Funeral services were conducted Monday. , Dr. Harry Jenkinson, fowa City, and his liO-year-oid son Roger drove PAOB SBV1BM to -Algona Sunday morning to see the doctor's mother, Mrs. W. F. Jenklnaon, who suffered a stroke December 15. They went back Sunday evening, Hugh Herman and Roy Berrle took Mrs. Herman to Fort Dodge Sunday to meet Dr. and Mrs. George Blvldge, of Perry, who took her with them for a visit till today. Mrs, RIvldge is a daughter of Mr. and Mra. Herman. Chns. McOlnnls and his daughter Nellie went to Mountain Lake, Minn., Monday for sfveral days with the former's son Leslie. Mr. McGln- nis owns and operates the oil station on Diagonal street opposite the John Lamuth home. H. C. Frederick, Algona, salesman for the John Deere fai-m Implement company, and .T. P. Fisher, Titonka farm implement dealer, took two auto loads of farmers to Waterloo last week Wednesday to inspect the John Deere tractor factory. Philoinena Quinn returned to Iowa Falls Sunday, after a week with local relatives. She makes her home with the ,1. C. Todds. Marian Todd and Phllomena are graduates of the school, of nursing 1 at Iowa City, and arc practicing 1 at Iowa Falls. Mra. D. H. Ooeciers suffered several days last week from a wrenched hnck, and her mother, Mrs. Anna Uhlondorf, Chicago, who had planned to go home Friday evening, remained to take care of her, but planned to leave last evening. K. A. Clark and his daughters, Mcfldamcs Frank 'Huldeman 'and Charles Reaper, left last Tuesday to visit relatives at points in, Illinois. Mr. Hulderaan has charge of the meat market at the Clark grocery during Mr. Clark's absence. Louise Magnusson and Irma Windell drove to Fort Dodge Friday night, and brought home Lucille Windell, who spent the week-end here. Lucille, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. AV. S. Windoll, teaches In the Fort Dodge schools. Mrs. C. A. Momyer returned Saturday from Chicago, where she had spent a month with her daughter, Mrs. E. W. Colt. The daughter Maxine works In the city and lives with her sister. While Mrs. Momyer was there they all had the flu. Doris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Long, was one of 10 Grlnnell college women who had ten hours or more of A's to their credit during the semester ,1ust ended, according to announcement made last week by the college registrar. She is a sophomore. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Paschke, Echo, Minn., are parents of a 7-lb. boy, born Tuesday. They .have one other child, Jean, who is seven. This makes Mr. and Mrs. C. Herman grandparents for the second time. Mrs. Paschke is the only child 1 of Mr. and Mrs. Herman. . Mrs. J. F. Biggins, Fort Dodge, and.her granddaughter, Mary Catherine Cain, went home Monday, after a visit elnce Friday with Mary Catherine's father, M. B. Cain, Milwaukee postal railway clerk. Mary Catherine, whose mother is dead, makes her home with her grandparents. Mr and Mrs. Herman Wehler, of Fairmont, spent Sunday with the F. W. Wehlers. The Herman Weh- lers formerly lived here and the brothers' were In partnership In the jewelry store now owned by F. W. Wehler & Co. Herman has a store of his own at Fairmont. His wife Is a former Wnlttemore girl. Banker Frank Bestenlehner, Whlt- temore, his brother Joseph, and the latter's children, Helen, William, and'i John, returned . Monday from Muscatlne, -where' they had visited since Saturday with the Ignatus Bestenlehners and the John Strains, Mrs. 'Strain is' a sister of Frank and. Joe; Ignatius a brother, Mrs. Jeanette McMurray announces, in a n advertisement elsewhere In today's Advance, that she Is prepared to do practical nursing at her home, 108 S. Sample St. The house has been re-arranged to provide for convalescent patients. Mrs. McMurray has had six years' experience as a practical nurse. Lillian Koppen returned last week Monday from Shenandoah, where .she had spent a week with friends. She visited the two broadcasting stations. She had previously spent a, week with a.sister at Des Molnes. She was called hom e by word of the Illness of her mother, Mrs. Lizzie Koppen, Who Is now much Improved from the flu. Mr. and Mrs. George Elbert and the latter's mother, Mre. H. C. Barnes, Rolfe, returned Saturday from Davenport and Peoria, where they had been since last Thursday., Mr. Elbert attended to business at Peoria, while the women visited another daughter, Bernadine Barnes, student nurse at a Davenport hospital. The W. H. Rynos, Fort Dodge, and Airs. Ryno's sister, Irene Lamuth, spent Sunday and Monday with' the women's parents, Mr. and Mrs John Lamuth. The Rynos called on Mr. Ryno's parents at Spencer Sunday, and Mr. Ryno attended a rural mall carriers convention here Monday. He is a carrier out of Fort Dodge. Irene is bookkeeper for the Brady Transfer company. Pauline Meyers, operator at the local .Western Union office, was cal cd to her home at Dyersville Monday by news of the sickness of hor mother, whom she planned to take to Rochester to go through the Mayo clinic. Miss Meyers will be gone two weeks, and during her absence Mrs. Lulu . Smith, Ohmha is in charge. Miss Meyers' father cMerl two or three weeks ago The.Rev. T. j. Davern got .home Saturday from Boston, where he had spent a month with a brother and a sister. Part of the vacation was spent in travels in New England, which was Father Davem's home many years. He also spent four days in New York City. Economic conditions in the East seem to be improving, bread lines being fewer than they were earlier In the year. •• Senator Patterson came home via bus Saturday, but went back to D?s Moines Monday, taking his wife and little son with him to stay till tomorrow, whe'n the legislature will adjourn till March a and Mr. Patterson will bring them ^jpme. The Senator: said, he Mad •riftver attended a session of the general assembly at which he has been kftpt ao feudy as at this one. Many P«ople call utftin him about this and that, and bra-finds it difficult to save time, even for letters. Lulu M. Evans, Washington, D. C., stopped Were Sunday, en route home froni .Oklahoma, where she had visited a brother who is elck. She visited her Algona brother, Dr. R. A. Evans; till Tuesday night, when she left for home. She was brought 16 Algona from Des Moines by her nephew, Wallace Evans, bookkeeper for the Colonial Bakery there. Wallace returned Sunday night. Miss Evans, who has been employed In the Internal revenue department many years, spent last summer touring Europe. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. M. Frost had a visit Saturday night and Sunday from their sons Glen, of Denver, and Fred, of Ogden, and their wives. Sunday was the 20th wedding anniversary Of the Glen Frosts. Other guests were the boys' sister, Mrs. Clarence Maxwell, Rodman; Mrs. Mary Lamprlght and her son Harold; and Dr. F. L. Trlbon. AH of .the Frost children were at home except/Mrs. Tribon, who Is'at Milwaukee; 'caring for her daughter Ruth, who is sick, and the latter'a 'J dren. Last week 'Wednesday WM the wedding anniversary of -Mr. and Mrs. F. A, M. Frost, also Mrt. Frost's birthday: A small roof blaze at ,the'' Anton Anderson home was -extinguished Monday, noon by the fire company. It Is believed that sparks from th«! chimney' fell on dry shingles and started It. Little damage was done. Because of the drought old shingle* on roofs catch fire quickly. As ai result there has been an. epidemlo of roof fires this winter, and in th« country many houses have been completely burned. Fir© authorities say It is dangerous under present conditions to build a hot fire. Housewives are warned not to burn loose papers, which are often drawn lip the chimney while ablaze and deposited on the roof. FOR RENT—MY 4-ROOM Modern apartment.—Lewie Eike, phono 44, Algona's Real Shoe Shop. 15u24 M OVERS, ATTENTION—IF YOU take the Advance, and are moving March 1, turn to : ; :)! first page, clip the change of:«'•address form, fill It In, and mail. lfc,,to the Advance. DO IT NOW, pleas* before it is forgotten in the ruBtt.iof moving, '•' Friday and Saturday Cash Specials Crackers, per 2-lb. caddy _29c Pinto .Beans, 3 Ibs. —. 21c Cups, St. Dennis shape _i 5c Lighthouse Washing Powder, 6 pkgs. 19c Oyster shells - 100 Ibs. 99c Spuds, per bu. '. . ___: 99c Martha Washington coffee __ . 41c Watch for our Meat Specials. Bring in your eggs. We pay highest market price. Ellis Runchey COFFEE — GROCERIES — MEATS 1WIIIIIIH illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHIIIIIH = "SUPER CHICKS" Trad* BABY CH PER WEEK | Our first hatch March 2. Poultry-equipment and supplies on hand at all times. 20,000 Baby Chicks per week from/Super-Culled Blood-Tested Flocks only. For years we have set no eggs that do not av T erage 24 ounces to the dozen. Chicks raised frbm our flocks should produce an extra percentage of large first grade eggs, making a big extra profit. All of pur flocks are culled by Experts constantly in our employ instead of transient cullers. The Blood Test, when administered by Experts, is your greatest insurance against this dread disease. ' Genuine Simplex BROODER STOVES Order one now. Be prepared for all kinds of weather, On hand at all times- T the/^mous Moni-Maker Brooder houses, $60 and up. Also Mom-Maker Hog Houses at reasonable prices. See them at pur Hatciiery today, / : Sargent's Chick Starter, the World's Best, Containing Minrol Protein. A trial will convince you, > ... ;^ - ; Custom Hatching, $2.50 per Hundred until March 7th. f Kossuth County Hatchery i, low* 109 E, St»t« St. Pimm 800 Algona's Biggest February 26,27,28 ' ' '•' ' '. :' • ROLLINS lOJNSTQP HOSIERY Styje.,^quiality and unusual economy are combined in this special hosiery event at our store. Rollins Runstop fine silk hose with^its fancy lace top and positive pro- i tection against garter runs offers beauty and exceptional wear'at modest prices. Rollins Runstops were accorded an e^- pjusiyeit showing this month at the Mai- ^pn-Ardanse, Paris display of new'spring collections. We too, have these outstandr ;|ng styles and colors. .Fine Gauge '^ «>«• Silk to Top || French Heel i ^ . ' ' '. ' ; : $} . • 1g 3 pair $Q.35 - ••& ....... Lisle Top and Foot French Heel $1 .00 3p*ir$2>5 SEE THI^E TWO LACE TOP LUMBERS CHOSEN BY BAKONES8 AC^ CURTI FOR HER SPAING DISPLAY Ik.- Fine gauge, all silk — top. 3 pair 94,3! Fine gauge, A Roi - twist 9 fancy lace top. 2 pair $3.6» ^^ .OO o/C&Jwn " . i ' &* ( J t [ . *-3 i -^ : -U-O^^J

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