Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 19, 1931 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1931
Page 9
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• f '',' Our.. lighbors a 1 HA PAPERS O 1 V V Printed Last Week circulation by fnr In SVitomtte OTHDO WHlit tbtf ***** \ I llf A This I* o*e Alfoiw P*V"« """T "T" «ot keep coming after y«* owter H th""*** Save yourself future embarrassment 1* toM * the paper yon can stop whe» f«>» *•»* n prd. V'<| / Volume 30 ALGONA, IOWA, FEBRUARY 19, 1931 Number 23 number of Masons by the rwrthday. The guests veil and the Jos. wl Alfred Semons, Hllue .., Norbert Htl- Fandel, and the Her- l«!3. IvlLufrEANNlNCt BY PU4NT- some time .. a city water 1 too much mln- BONNSTETTER HITS DRIVERS' LICENSE BILL Scheme to Tax Auto- Uts for Permits is Condemned. By A. H. Bonnstcttcr. STATBHOUSB, Des Moines, Feb. 13—In this letter I shall briefly discuss some of the present sesslbn bllte and my reactions. During the last few weeks I have received numerous letters concerning proposed laws, and discussing them will tend to clarify my position on the measures. Senate File No. 14 Is a bill that deals with licensing car operators The bill has some merits, Inasmuch as the proposed* law prohibits the granting of licenses to persons who have been previously adjudged insane, also idiots, Imbeciles, epi leptlcs, the feeble-minded, etc. When It comes to minor physical defects, ^1 cannot say that I am favorably Impressed. We have at present many drivers whose hearing or vision is slightly Impaired, and xactly. zero. We hope that "when etter comedies are made, Manager Ice will get them." W ELL, WELT,, WELL, here is our old friend, Lyslstrata, back gain in modern dress, played gainst a collegiate backdrop, and loroughly disinfected for juvenile onsumption. Aristophanes' ancient omedy has been renamed Girls Demand Excitement, and the orlglna ramework has been kept "to the extent that girl students will no pet unless the male collegians stop leprivlng them of their communa rights." We sincerely trust that th present inoffensive concoction wil In no wise outrage the morals o any of Call theatre patrons; thi would be a pity. Virginia Cherril, (who play the lead in Charley Chap- Hn's new picture, City Lights) is vere recently appointed to collect lonations here for the destitute In he South. The donations consisted >f grain, eggs, canned goods, etc. I'"nre\v«]| for Albert Welshaar— A number of friends surprised Albert Welshaar Monday evening. This was a farewell party, ns the Wclshaars are moving March 1. Other St". Benedict. Julian Arndorfer and Phillip and Marie Arndorfer were n.t Mason City nnd Manly Monday, and on the return trip from Manly were accompanied by Mrs. Julian Arndor- Ccr and her daughter Mary Helen, who had spent the past week with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cobeen. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Seller and the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs Charles Downs, near Wesley, left You May Have heel Brakes V But How Many are Working? High Speed, Heavy Traffic, Powerful Cars, Demand the Best of Brake Service. su^ounded'by-a cast'of rather ex- i Saturday_ for i.-ubuque for. a few traordinarlly beautiful, girls, whichj day^wi^h^laUv^^ ^^ ^ explains perhaps the popularity o£ co-educational Institutions °' ea ™ ' beautifully photographed and rather 1 'The"present supply Is h algae, and thie makes ^'flirty, smelly,..and. bad-. The latest proposal Is to _d operate a filtration plant Location of river water. , last Thursday all of Dreesman residence northeast of town des- f the downstairs furni- curtains, a radio, etc. as a rule they are our most careful drivers. It is unlikely that under the provisions of the bill these men would be privileged to drlveJ On the other hand our most reckless drivers would easily pass the examination Hence a class of careful drivers would be excluded, and the fellows who are responsible for a large percentage of accidents would not be eliminated. • Licenses for Drivers Opposed; Another feature of, the bill to which I object is a dollar license fee. A car owner already pays for a car license, pays a 3c gas tax, and, If responsible, carries insurance. Now someone comes along and B OT FLY ERADICATION METHODS are being used in several sections of Kossuth county under direction of Farm Bureau, and Iowa State college specialists, with the cooperation of local veterinarians. Carbon bisulphide capsules are given to infected horse. In the horses stomach these form a gas that kills the bots. The files travel only a short distance, and if a. number of farms in the same neighborhood are treated there Is no more bot-fly disease. The treatment is shown in the large picture; the eliminated bots in the circle inset. Irritation and flis- tempec caused by bots are shown- in the small square picture. . Steven, __. ..., entertained the Aid last afternoon, and there was Lunch was considered it ie a pleasant Sunday] night show. The special of New York City scenes, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Seller enter- rcspectlve parents, Mr Jos. Balk and Mr. and at Sunday din less of the Varieties. And now for Clara! At the Call Theatre A Review of the Recent-Talkies by T. H. C. ST, BENEDICT WOMEN ATTEND BRIDAL PARTY E J TAKE LESSON jTA-Four Lincoln township o ladere and eight from Lfdyard ameni tp took the last lesson in this port . [woman's Farm Bureau proj- 'Jerry Heetland's last Muriel Body, new r"gave the lesson, which , iarge-quantity meal plan- Ithe making of tireless A cooker was made for ieetland. lit EXPLOSION VICTIM * PH AVOMAN— 11I( iIORB — Recently there •countrywide mention in the [press ot a death under_mo9t circumstances at nouy- ^Hf Mrs. Maude Branton, » of the Rev. Harry Branton, Ddist was undergoing an ab- i operation, and while ether wing administered it exploded f lungs and killed, her instant; (he attending surgeon could not U for the explosion except on l«ory of ignition by static icily in the air. Mr. Branton ic Whittemore' Methodist pas- roe 20 years ago. , wants to penalize him for the privilege of steering an automobile! Every car owner has contributed to the construction of our highways, but it we continue to add to the cost of operation, only wealthy people will be able to enjoy auto-riding and good roads. This bill will have to be amended if it commands my sup- Bill-Board Men Heard. A bill which has caused considerable discuseion is House File No. 87, dealing with taxation of billboards and other outdoor advertising. Tuesday afternoon a public hearing was held on this proposal, and it turned out to be a rather heated affair. Usually at hearings of this nature the opponents of desired legislation indulge in arguments which If analyzed closely resolve themselves Into aelflshness. This, however, did not appear to be the case with the billboard men. I think they proved conclusively that the authors of this measure were not thoroughly Informed and that the proposed tax would seriously threaten the existence of. their business. •VERYTHING IX THIS country seems to run in cycles, including the movies. First, we have a deluge of war pictures, then aerial thrillers, and now, it appears, we are in for a siege of gang-stuff. Jack Oakle, in The Gang Buster, is one of the best things he has ever done, which is slight praise indeed, because his latest offerings have been rather tame affairs—witness Sea Legs and Let's Go Native. As a timid youth breaking into the gang racket, he is in his element again, and he plays the role with considerable finesse. The supporting cost and production of the picture leave nothing to be desired. ly, should also be a four-star Liberty selection. The critics are quite agreed, but what about the customers? Are they happy too? Schlelman, o Breda, and Frank Loeffelholzi, o Mt Carmel, came Saturday to spend a few days with Father Loetfelhol/ Barney Capesius, and a group o men from Algona spent a few day at Shenendoah on business last wee returning Saturday. Deane Arndorfer left for Chicag Friday evening. She has been em ployed there during the last tw years. Mrs. Mary Fasbender, Alber Welshaar, and August Heinen spen a few days at Des Moines last week. Amelia Arndorfer, R. N-, who has a case at Lu Verne, was at home a , St. Benedict, Feb. 17 — A miscel- Friday afternoon for a short visit Frances Garmann, Des Moines is Her laneous shower was given in honor „ _ . of Mrs Alvin Weber, formerly Ella Upending a, few. weeks with Jordan! of Algona, last week Wed-Bother, Mrs. Eva Garmann. nesday afternoon. The hostesses UUIIUI t J.H* **t l^J\ Of v" Marcella Kellner, employed at Al- Frank Capesius and Mrs. I gona, visited her parents, Mr. and John SchluK, and the party was Mrs. John Kellner, held at the Capesius home. Some 30 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. women were in attendance. Games | tertained Sunday evening a com- hood were Mrs. vvimam i/u"•".!'• uun^n «<« -• -ovMav "Scandal Mrs, Chris Jensen, Mrs. Isadore Ei- Mrs Eva Garmann was.aFriday BANCROFT, vj "hard-boiled" managlr of a big city newspaper, i plete characterization in • ouaimai i avire..^i"'= -«""-••• ------ ,,„„_,,»-..<, Sheet" "Get the News, and Print senbarth, and the latter s daughters, the News" "s the creed he follows Christine, Adelheid Josephine -d at the expense of all-even himself. Mrs. Emil F A ™ d °!f "honoree Kay Francis, his beautiful wife, is gifts ^ere presented to the honoree the only tender element In his life. Mr. and Mrs. Weber gave awedding Because of his over-zealous concen- dance Friday , wnlng ^'-L^.. 1 - £ tration on the news business she O. F. hall, Algona, £"£ ™any P«r wavers between a maternal affee-1 sons ' from the St. Benedict neign tion she experiences for him and a Sunday evening at cards. Firestone Standard and Heavy Duty woven brak> lining-are made of the finest raw material, Chrysolite, thl best asbestos known. Best grade cotton, annealed brass wire and frictioning compound. This type lining is especially built for external brakes. Firestone Asbestos Molded Brake Lining meets special reauirements. There is no after-treatment or im- pregnat ng^n the Firestone Molded lining, and con- Reauentlv when subjected to excessive pressure, heat S SSKlt will not "bleed" nor give up the compound as woven lining and many of the so-called molded linings will do. This type lining is built es pecially for internal brakes. Another type of lining built by Firestone is the High tpeed brake lining, especially recommended for Fords, Chevrolets, and Pontiacs. * •••• Since Mac is back from Akron after going through a two weeks brake schooling we believe our brake ser-vice is of some value to both you and us. ^S^^&'SSSSERZ isfactory reline job. IVlln* Il/VM.- v-««-»- 1HE4.1U1 •• -- ™ dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Willam Arndorfer. Adelheid Eisenbarth spent the v«ek-end with her sister, Mrs. Emil «\ Arndorfer. The Gang Buster is "packing 'em In" at the Paramount theatre in New York City this week, and the critics are loud in praise of the show. Algona is getting the latest releases at about the same time they are shown in our largest cities, which ought to mean something to Call theatre patrons. The comedy offering in connection with the picture Sunday night was about the flattest attempt at humor we have seen on the screen for many months. A little house-cleaning in the comedy line wouldn't be amiss. T7DDIE CANTOR in "Whoopee desire for the love of an borhood attended, chestra was Roy Johnson of Buffalo Center. Mr Relentlessly, her husband prints "the news," which causes the bank's failure, and she flees sympathetically to her ruined lover's arms, only "to be "snapped" :by reporters. The lover "must die," and George goes to jail after writing .his own story for the paper. Even in prison he finds a zest in life as editor of the Sing-Sing paper. Such self-satisfaction is found only in the'movies. 'This is a good drama. Kay Fran- ington on a farm. Sumlay Night— The local pool hall was robbec Sunday evening between 9 and tt o'clock. The -thieves broke a win took cigarets and cash The loss and damages amounted t some $50. No one was down tow that hour, and there is no clu to the robbers. Frank Grandgenet is manager of the hall. . els and Clive Brook (the attractive , bachelor) do some very suave act- Newlyweds Are Visiting Here— LED VETERAN AT ,.,KA KBIT BUSTf— rough-the effoits of the local Auxiliary, An tone Sorenson 5000 more poppies from y headquarters which he [make up within the next few Mr. Sorensen Is more than _ to receive this extra work . means considerable ease in 1 to leave his wife thus provid- • when he leaves to enter the ws Hospital, Upon the com- jn of this consignment of pop\ Mr. Sorensen will have received from Auxiliary headquarters png {110. ' . CROSS SECRETARY "iMZES WESLEYANS— House File No. 75 relates to Ring- Heck pheasant control and an additional open season upon petition. The bill is similar to the law in force in paet years, but it gives the farmer the.privilege to use the birds for food when they are shot while they are destroying crops. Another change calls for 100 signers instead of 150 when an open season is desired. Salary Grab Bill Debated. House File No. 8 deals with repeal of the expense account measure enacted by the 43rd General Assembly. The bill was referred to the committee on compensation of public officers, of which I am a member. At the second meeting of this committee the matter came up E UUIEJ V^/'Vi^ j.vy-^" --- - r probably marks the high water point of motion pictures up to the present time. It is doubtful that a more completely satisfactory entertainment could be devised. An old theatre-goer might choose George Arliss or Otis Skinner; the muse lover might select Viennese Nights or the New Moon; and the outdoor man, a good Buck Jones western; but here is a combination of such appealing beauty and conspicuous comedy that there is scarcely a person whose verdict will not be a -rent show." And how else are we to judge entertainment? We paid $6.60 for a seat at the Illinois theatre in Chicago a few years ago to see the stage version of Whoopee, and we must honestly ad- ing. Both have sonorous voices, and. each has an air of ultra-sophistication-quite adept for the parts. The newspaper scenes are complete, and tj\viyv*c% *»•** »•u.»--- ef — Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grober and Stella Simons arrived Saturday evening from Carroll. The Grobers came to bring home Miss Simons, Elevator Names Officers. Burt, Feb. 17—The annual meet ng of the Farmers' Elevator Co. was held In the Beltone theater Saturday afternoon. J. P. Trunk- Mil and John Bahling were reelectecl directors. All the old officers were reelected as follows: A. M. Gustafson, president; P. F. Kriethe, vice president; J. P. Stow, secretary; and Wm. Koestler, treasurer. U U—5-—«S=^*-The W. R. C. will hold the annual Bean Supper at the Legion Hall on Saturday, February 21 beginning to serve at 5:30 and serve till all are served. ONE-STOP SERVICE Alemiting Washing Vulcanking Brake Service Phone 856 VIC LOWE - GLEN McMURRAY ntJ>VJ3lJi»lJt;i oi^ciico M.I.W «— ---«* ---- • — ^u,j«»<-r w— ----- a In/Mi the modernistic apartment settings who had been employed there since up-to-the- October. Mr. and Mrs. 'Frank Grober, who were recently nwrrtoa, re- are appealing in their minute atmospkere. N COMMEMORATION of Lincoln's birthday Pathe's patriotic HUB UUIJlin**-!- 1 -*- fc*»— for consideration. The committee is composed of 11 members, but on this occasion only ten were present. A sub-committee which had considered the bill reported it for indefinite postponement. Then some -_ I members insisted that it be recom- 1NKA — Mrs. Lee O. Wolft mende d to the House for passage oope, mit that the present producers have us as much, if not more o I reel dress,"' together with some good scenes pf Gettysburg, the Lincoln Memorial at "Washington, and his tomb at Springfield. JR AWHILE IT LOOKED as if - .the talkies had cheated the lover of good "westerns" out of Saturday night fare, but Geo. Brien, in Fair Warning, is an answer to the poor man's prayer (no UcF vV»l*-J W*** w * *fw «.--j ... - mained for a few days with friends MENU Swiss Steak Mashed Potatoes and Brown Gravy. Baked Beans Scalloped Corn Deviled Eggs BroVm Bread, Rolls Cranberry Jelly here, Rags Advance Of f ice gives an excellent interpreta-1 Sodality Gives Card o Lincoln's .Gettysburg ad- The Young Ladies' Sodality gave ' ' a, "500" party at the hall last week- Wednesday evening. It* was largely attended, The woman's score was won by Mrs. August Harig; the men's by Charles Kollasch. Lunch was served. iu-i»« D ->r Frank Grandgenctt— A number of relatives and friends surprised Frank Grandgenett Sunday evening at the home of his uncle, G. G. Studer. The evening was spent at cards, and lunch was his O'- I with a group of Wesley people week Wednesday evening- to them information lor .sending of foodstuff from Wesley for tot Relief, Mrs. Wolfe is pty secretary of the Red Cross. is sending a car out Satur- - VERNE— r VERNE—A confirmation ser- M'ill take place at the Lutheran '"* next Sunday morning at 10 Instead of 10:30, the usual i, and the service will be in Eng- 'The following pupils will be "•"""'• Ellen' Ramus, Oscar lliuuutn.i w v».w " Several ballots were taken, and the result of each was a tie vote, 5-5. A third committee meeting was held Wednesday. All members were present, and after the men who wanted the measure recommended . conscious attempt at rhyme, we as- Tha"n' we received from the actual I sure you). Here is the good oW- n,oduction Scenically the fashioned, red-blooded, two-fisted | i.erv - pl to hetehte of beauty which outdoor melodrama, with all the IU licifouw ^ ^^^ j ^ ( irri»«+ w»«t+ove Hlfi aC- fHses to egs Closed to the stage; all the trimmings. What matters the are closed to tne L old story o grancleur scenes have Jge, till ni*- i iniiiiuiiigOf »i *»n.v .. . the Urban-painted tion? It Is the same old story of the faithfully repro- triumph of virtue over vice, the hero the screen, these are desert, the v tt lunn*** ••**• T ** ••**** ~ • • i and added to saves the girl, and for all we. know stretches of real they live happily ever afterwards, growing cactus, the) But the gorgeous scenery, the far- Willie Farm Sale, Success— The Otto Willie farm sale last week Wednesday drew a large at- lance, including many St. Benedict farmers. Good prices were received. The \Villies are leaving the farm. Cabbage, Apple, and Pineapple Salad PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW ing off color has brought ~~ —- —_• the splashes of red, and he soft sepias of the West M weu out with a recommendation Bepas o . passage had satisfied ' themselve &ai t fl esh tones^ . rich blues, I the pines into the very summits, features which make their the male customers. Incidental music has been added to heighten the action, and all in all it thekVnSfay^Vur^ S ££| *«** Dona^Are CoUeet*,- Wilma Arndorfer had a quilting bee Monday afternoon, and attending were Mrs. William Arndorfer, her daughter Marie, and Mrs. Mary - - " at '6<uU> 1 —and in some cases less than Half >, it's not a misprint—we mean itjWe g the remainder of February! Were K^riSrSKfisWrf^ssr TUNITY! -- -i •»*«.! utu j.hiav**Uf .unite* . Herbert Hintz, Charles Han»n, and Harold Gronbach. The • P. Braner will preach his last mon here. =gi^a±^g^i JMSSK s^ia-i. ~ ..*-- f~« Immediately the unen' Ramus, Oscar immediately me m•=«•"•-,v td ' s an a a bubbling, BHOIV«-V- Tf, Harold Ristau, Elmer e «J. Simmer, of Wapello shouted e>w, h ^^^ ftnd holds at- rtert Hintz, Charles Han- that the committee was Bht.king U v. y makes w one of the 'd Harold Gronbach. The duty by making such a report Jin ten gtars on the American M™£? SCHO °k ORCHESTRA I ENTER CONTEST— k-.f YARD •— Ledyard's school or- hontesi *£? a su b-aUtrlct •««•• I , sl - Inis orchestra, Is under «K" t ? v ' A - B «? N *t' ^* ilin « following players: ™s-Alice Moulton, Adah Tel»P. Pearl Wirtjes, Gladys Bergeth^Rv n \ Prlnele ' A«<» Bagge, ew a Brack; clarinets— Idah..-pel: ^AMi-a Halvorson, Henrietta an Klinkslek; icprtlfits-^ Kenneth TJxomp- committee, with with recommendations for postpone "and is probably composedj one of the most ap- And what I(._~T Womack; trombones— ler i? 3 ?' Berth * >«**} horn- n K« U " kermle r; bass horns— ln Klinksiek, Marvin s K3.;v:ss»»«.. S-K « "•»"« ,C,S"S ss-asSsfea ssr jar»«- A Sjtssi-sS' w « =fFETnK/CS £"t5sS3A|^S irouv " vl . nj,,,i „ v«view as tne ' March be here GROCERY SPECIALS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Three packages Salmon— Two oiie-lb. cans — 25c Soap— Toilet. 4 cakes 256 Cheese- Qy^ajjj Qy briclr^ li ,- 21 C Blueberrif*- No. 10 size— 98c Sardinei 2 oval cans——- 19c Oranges— Florida. Large OOft size, ,dozen W V Quart sweet 38c Luxurious Jacquard and Mohair 2-piece Velour tuHe selling at ---2-piece Mohair suite selling at, $150,00 Wutif ully designed tuite $250.00 Unen Friesse suite Foster's Furniture .'$]j0te Bttter Fwrwtur* for H*M " ,*fW *rt f -^

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