Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 19, 1931 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1931
Page 8
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FACE EIGHT AfiVANCfi.AtQONA.l6WA BUFFALO CENTER GIRL KILLED By HIT-RUN DRIVER Lakota, Feb. 17—As four girls •were walking Sunday on highway No. !), near the Steinberg farm, west of Buffalo Center, a Buick car traveling at a high rate of speed struck one of them, Erma Freisenberg, with such force that she was thrown over the top of the car and Instantly killed. The hit-and-run driver did not stop, but continued through Buffalo Center at the same speed, nearly hitting a man, and disappeared down the road. No clue to his identity has been discovered. Fanners Prepare to Move — A number of changes will be made In farm homes hereabouts March 1. Elmer Dargs will move to the Peter Koppen farm, and the Henry Mitchells to the house vacated. The Mitchells will work for Henry Gutknecht. a location. The site must have at least 115 feet of frontage, and the department fixes 15(J feet as the Ideal frontage for a federal building. Out of the J105.000 the site may cost $15,000 and usually $5,000 of the amount authorized Is set aside tor beautlflcntlon of the grounds, thus leaving $85,000 for the build- Ing. Algonlans are reminded of the time some 15 years ago when prospects were bright for a federal building In Algona At that time the building was authorized, and Congressman Frank P. Woods wired Algona of Its passage. A fatal error, probably intended, was the fact that no appropriation was mode for the building. LEGAL NOTICES Board Proceedings the coupons thereto attached to be signed by the County Auditor with Auditor's Office, January 20. 1931. ] his facsimile signature, which County 'Board of Supervisors of Kossuth | Auditor, by the execution hereof, does January 20, 1931 County met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Morris and seconded b.\ McDonald ' that following: o"' 0 '^ 1 bonds be approved: \\ J. Davidson, J L Vaux, Justices of the Pence, each'ln the sum of $500.00; Wash Harris S. A. Butcher, Clms. A Haas, — Ubben. J. P. Cunningham, each In the sum of *500.CO. Herman assessors. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded bv McDonald that following resolution be adopted: After due consideration thereof" by the Board, the Chair man put the question upon the adoption of said resolution and. the ™" roll ! beliiB called, the following named Su- NOTICK OF PHOHATE OF AVILL No. 3471. In District Court, State of Iowa. Kossuth county, ss. January term, 1931. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an Instrument of writing purporting to pervisors voted: Ayes: Chas. Morris, P. J. Helken, A VtrH. *-- lltisit AII.VJI i i-Ji *• • »• • ..-.-W. 'E. iMcDonald, Olaf Funnemark. Nnvs: None. , Whereupon the Chairman declared said resolution duly adopted as fol- WH0REAS, There has been Jifre- tofore levied nnd the several tracts of ways) In and n (and adopt as nnd for his true and-proper signature his fasc'lmlle signature appearing on said coupons, nil as o' the first day of January, 1931. Chairman Board of Supervisors. Countersigned S 01 IHI1UH 1.HIIU "IS"- 0,-j. „(, Trl ..._ comprising Dralnnse «• Je of Io*a. County Auditor. (Form of Coupon) KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 177 No ............... * .................... On ............................... 19 ........ the County of Kossuth, In the State of Iowa, will pay to. bearer the sum of ............................. Dollars, lawful money of the United States of America, at the office of the County Treasurer, Algona, Iowa, being Interest due that day on Its Drainage Bond for the account of Drainage District No. 177, dated January 1, 1931. No ...................... ' County Auditor. (Form of County Auditor's Certificate.) COUNTY AlUDITOR'S CERTIFICATE be the last Will nnd Testament of i District No. 177 of the County of Kos- Katherine M. Cooney deceased, dnt-lsuth, In the State of ,'<"™j "" The Korse Ellmans will move to ( _ . farm near Titonka. The Ahrend j ed January 19, 1931 having been this | J"^"' Hans family move to Ellman farm, and the Vance Lesters to the farm where the Roy Emmens now live. The Paul Mulli- gans will move to the Henry Beenken farm. the Jacob | day filed, opened and read, the 4th Nine K- in Joint Me^t — clay of March, 1931, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House In Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County or the Clerk of said Court; and at 9 o'clock a. m. of j the day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified th Trens Thn young people of Lake Mills. ,, n(i reau ired to appear and show crystal Lake, Ledyard, Ellis Point.} causei if any tr , e y have, why said Buffalo Center, Thompson. Hake. > instrument should not be probated Lakota, and Forest City, held an ; and allowed as and for the last Will Epworth League rally at Forest | a , 1(1 Testament of said deceased. Algona, Iowa, February CLARK ORTON, Clerk of District Court. By CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy. 2H-23 City last Thursday, with an attend- j ance of 125. A program was given.; nnd Lakota'a group of 14 sans •Smile, .Smile. Smile. Mrs. F. O. Johnson played a trumpet solo, ao- ' companied by MUts Hnrdln. The n«xt meetin.s: will be held at Lakota the second week in April. j Dated at , 1931. JfOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA. Ijcdyjiril F- B. MectiiR Held— A Ledyard township general Farm '. KOSSUTH COUNTY SS 1 Bureau meeting took place at ,1. E.; ^Mce is hereby given' that by Telcnmp's Friday evening, with_ an j vi ,. Ule of a Spec , a j Executlon dlrect . L. A. attendance of 60. the cent Morrison talked marketing; Muriel Body, new H. D. ed to me from the Clerk of the Dis- Ames delegate, reported the re-1 trlct Court of ICossuth county, Iowa, short course: County Agent on a judsrment rendered ln sa id rison talked on cooperative ^^,,,. f „„ ,,,„ in,i, *„,. ,,f c< n i,..,. n ..,, Court on the 10th day of February,! 1934';' InPrP nils Ul^uil pit in in tu me j. » v.»»" ury of suld Drainage District or otherwise provided for, an amount in the sum of JI2.460.SO. leaving now unpaid and not provided for an amount of assessment In the sum of $21.702.00, none of which is In lltl.Kation nnd no one item of which is $20.00 or less in amount, and, WHEREAS, This Board Is of the opinion that said assessment In the sum of $21,702.00 unpaid, not provided for nnd not in litigation, is greater than should be levied and collected In a single year upon the lands (and highways) benefited, and that the most economical method of providing for the payment of the cost of said improvement is by the division of said assessment into Installments, and the Issuance of Drainage Bonds In anticipation of the collection thereof, in the manner provided by law. NOW THEREFORE, BE IT OR- DKRED by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kossuth In the State of Iowa: Section 1. That the assessments unpaid, not provided for and not In litigation, heretofore levied on lands (and highways) within said Drainage District No. 177 of said County, benefited by the Improvements heretofore authorized and ordered to be made, shall be nnd are hereby directed to be pnld in seven installments as follows, to-wlt: $3,100.28 on first Monday in January, 1931, In favor of Kossuth County A spoke on the woman's work for I stnte Bank . Algona. Iowa, as plain- the year: and Harold Hutchins tiff, and against Ella J. Yorker, in talked on the service department of | rem , a s defendant, for the sum of Two the I. F. served. B. Refreshments were Thousand Six Hundred Sixty and j S2/10I) (S2.660.S2) Dollars a7id costs, Twenty Converts at Thompson' t:lxed nt and 43/100 ($80.43) The 'Rev. and Mrs. F. O. Johnson | DollarB an<1 accruing costs. I have helped last week and the week be- ! Ievled U P°" the Allowing described fore with revival meetings at the [ Ue;l1 l"'°Perty as the property of the $3,100.28 on first Monday In January, 1933; $3.100.2S on first Monday in January, 1936; $3,100.28 on first Monday in January, 1937; ;3.100.: 193S; $3.100.28 on first Monday in January, 1939; $3100.28 on first Monday in January, 1940. Said unpaid assessments and each s „. ........ „_ ..... -------- rhnvc-h -it Thnmnsnn The s;li<1 Ella J - Yorker, to satisfy said installment thereof, shall be payable cnuicn at inomphon. me ________ _____ • th nfflcp ot the county Treasurer Rev. W. H. Lease, district superintendent. \vas the preacher last week, and 20 converts were made, meetings closed Sunday. The execution, to-wit: Lot Three (3) in Block Fifty-Two (52) Original Plat at the office of the County Treasurer of said County, at the time above set forth, and each such .installment shall of Algona. Iowa: and I will proceed ; bear interest from and after the date ; to sell said property, or so much I of the action of the Board of Super- Aid Bake Sale Planned— Mrs. Richard Hamquist and Mrs. Elmer Darg were hostesses to the Methodist Aid last week Wednesday afternoon. The second division laid plans for Saturday. re—bake sale this week The sum of 510 was voted to the choir for the purchase of new music. Dr. and Mrs. Williams Honored— Last week Wednesday evening the Presbyterian young married people's Sunday school class entertained at a party at the church in honor of Dr. Robert Williams and his bride. The latter was Vera Ogren, of Algona. | thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 14th day of March, 1931, at the east door of the Court House in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this llth day of February, 1931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Koesuth County, Iowa. By Everett L. Harris, Deputj'. Van Ness & Stillman, Plaintiff's Attorneys. 23-24 Club Guests Entertain Club— Three weeks ago the PrisclIIa club entertained at 7 o'clock dinner, and last week Tuesday evening the guests, in turn, entertained the club women and the husbands Woodman hall, at the Valentine Party is Given— A young people's valentine party at the Methodist church Saturday night was attended by 2o persons. Decorations and refreshments carried out the traditional "heart scheme." Valentine Turfy is Given— Mrs. E. R. Worley entertained her Sunday school class at a valentine party at the church last week Wednesday evening. 12 persons attending. Pastor's \Vifc Has Operation— OFFICIAL NOTICE TO COX- TIIACTOHS Sealed proposals will be received" by the City Clerk of the City of AI- gona, Iowa, or at her office in sai'd' City until five o'clock p. m., on the 3rd day of March, 1931, for the construction of the following described' improvement in the City of Algona,. Iowa, to-wit: For the erection and completion of a AVater Treatment Works, including necessary adjustments to existing structures and the construction of an aeration tower, sediment basin, filters, storage reservoir, building,, and necessary piping and equipment all in accordance with) plans and specifications now on file with stiid City Clerk. All bids must be accompanied in- a separate envelope by a certified visors of said county confirming and levying said assessments, not only until paid, but also -until the date of maturity of the bonds issued (as hereinafter provided) for the account of such installments, at the rate of six percentutn (6 per cent) per annum, payable on the first Monday iji January, in each year, and the County Treasurer shall compute and shall collect such Interest computed to the first day of December next succeeding the "maturity of such installments, as may be required by the maturity of the bonds herein authorized. Sec. 2. In anticipation of the collection of the several installments of said assessments and in order to provide presently for the necessary funds to pay the cost of the construction of the said drainage heretofore deter- •mfned upon, there shall be and there are hereby ordered issued the negotiable Drain-age Bonds of said Coun^ ty in the aggregate amount of $21,700. Sai'd bonds shall consist of twenty-two (22) bomls fit number, numbered consecutively from One (1) to Twenty-two (22), both numbers inclusive, in the denomination of $1,000, except Bond No. 1, in the denomination of $700.00 and shall bear date of the first day of January, 1931, and shall become ffue antf payable In their numerical' order as follows: County of Kossuth, ss. I hereby certify that the within bond has been duly recorded In a book for that purpose In my office as required by Section 7olO, Code of Iowa, 1927, County Auditor. Sec. 4. Each of the said bonds shall be signed by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and countersigned by the County Auditor with the Seal of said county affixed to each bond and the Interest coupons thereto attached shall be signed by the County Auditor with his facsimile signature. After being so executed they shall be delivered to the Countv Treasurer who shall deliver said. bonds to Carleton D. Ben Co., Des •Molnes, Iowa, at a price not lew than par and accrued Interest. Sec. o. All resolutions or orders and parts of resolutions or orders in conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed. _Passed and approved January 20th, 'F. J. BAHGEMAN, Chairirmn Board of Supervisors. Attest: 'BERTH A E, JOHNSON, County Auditor. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Heiken that 4th quarterly report of Clark Orton, Cleric of District Court, annual report of H. N. Kruse, County Treasurer, and H. M. Smith, County Engineer Is hereby approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and' seconded by Morris that following open ditch right-of-way claims are hereby allowed : P-A-K Jt. No. 1— Mrs. Elizabeth Funk— N-E 1 1-4 SE 1-1 Sec. 21-96-30 ............. .-. .4.S3 acres SW 1-4 SW 1-4 22-96-30 ....ZoO acres E. P.-A:' K. Tri 84— Edward Kressin, S 1-2 SW 1-4 Sec. 1931. S4-97-90'-..i .1 6.00 acres August Krause— 'E 1-2 SEJ 1-4 Sec, 26-97-30 .' 6.9 acres NW 1-4 N 1-2 SW 1-4 36-97-30 , 8,1 acres Albert Blerstedt-W 1-2 NW 1-4 Pec. 2o-97'30, B 1-2 B 1-2 NB 1-4 26-9730 6.8 acres nnd County Auditor authorized to lf- sue Refund Warrants and abate said taxes as the case may be. Ayes: All, On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board met pursuant to adjournment with all 'members present. Motion by McDonald nnd seconded by Morris that County Auditor Is hereby authorized to accept $1,000 payment A. A. Eadlng school fund loan. Aves; .All. Motion by Funnemark nnd seconded by Helken that A. Staehje Is hereby nllowed $1800 soldiers' exemption on Lot 13, Block 4, Burt, lown, for 1933. Ayes: All. Mptlon by Morris nnd seconded by McDonald that C. M. Gross school fund loan be extended for five years. Ayes: All. Motion by* McDonald and seconded by Helken that County Auditor Be authorized to accept the sum of $600.42 as a compromised settlement of the claims filed In the Estate of. Amelia Lester nnd Chas. Lester, same to be In full settlement of all claims for care of A-mella Lester at Cherokee and aid fflven to Charles, Lester. Ayes: All, On motion Bonrd adjourned to nine o'clock a, m. February 3, 1931. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor, All. On motion Board February 3, 1931. Auditor's Office, (February 3. 1931. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth Couonty met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by McDoonald and seconded by Morris that F. J. Balgemnn. Chairman of the Bk>ard, be authorized to purchase one McCormlcfc Deerlng 15-30 tractor for sum of $1650.00 F. O. B. Algona for District No. 1. Ayes: _ proceeded with Auditing and Allowing of bills. On motion Board adjourned to'one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board met pursuant to adjournment with all members nresent. Motion by Helken and seconded by Funnemark that County Auditor be authorized to pay MOO for 10 nrres In SE 1-4 Section 26-99-31 when c^n'ract Is properly executed and the bnlnnce to wit: $36(10 to be paid when abstract showing good marketable tl*Ie and (feed Is given and prnror rploase of mortgage fTfed. an'T Chnfrman of Board authorized to nnfer Into contract as per above te'-ms. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald" and seconded by Morris that County Treasurer is- herebv authorized to accept the sum of $754.30 as a compromise settlement on personal taxes of W. T. iFlsh. Lons Rock Inc. for years T92I-1922-W2S provl'dlng settlement Is made on or before February T5th. 1931. Ayes-, All Motion by McDonald and seconded by Funnemark that Seml-Anrrual 'R'e- port of H. N. Kruse, Countv Tseas- urer. Is hernbv approved and published as provided by Taw. Ares: All. Semi-Annual Report of H. IT. FTrnse, Treasurer of Koasuth County; Iowa for the period from June 1st,. 1930, to December 31sf, 1330, Inclusive. STATEMENT OF ACCCOUNTS M FITSDS FUNDS— General State Revenue . Permanent School Temporary School R'oad Draggiflg- ..„ Cemeetry Soldiers' Bonus- ...., County , County Bond .".., , County Bridge Bridge Bond ... Co. Cash Road BbmsJ ... Insane ~ .. Soldiers' Relief ., Court ^Expense ... County Cash Road 1 Bovine T. B Domestic Animal Institute County Poor .. County School .. Diverted,Interest ....... Gasoline Tax School Dlst. Library ._. County Fair Grounds-... Township Funds . Corporation Funds ... . School 'Funds City Specials Drains •B'alaiiee' June I', 1980 ..... $ 5T,,6ii0.50' ..... i;502'.69> Z2i.es- 5,1&1!23: SG,037t22' 125.39* Denomination Total $700' Maturity Mrs. A. J. Kaniman. wife of a for-! check drawn on an Iowa bunk and' mer Litkoui Presbyterian pastor, is' made payable to the Treasurer of recovt'i-inu; from a recent operation' said City in the sum of twenty-frve for goi'.or performed at Sioux City. > per cent of the bid submitted, vcrucli 1000 37W December 1. 1934 10CO- 3000 December 1, 1S35 1000 3000 December 1, 19M 1000 3000 December 1, 19.17 10CO 3000 December 1, 193S 1000 3000 December 1, 1939 1000 3000 December 1, 1910 11,030.344 25,097:36 1,158.65 3.645.99 1 13,10-1.15 1,067.93' . 23.530.SI 4,292.66' 226.32' 9,S15,5ii 2,385.90 21,059.65 81.72 802.57" 187.09 2,416.76 12,800.49 1,506.30 148,701.53 •3,924.02 certified check will be held as security that the bidder will enter into a contract for the construction of the work and will furnish the re- Other Lakota. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pierce attended the wedding of Mildred Schiltz and John Haupei-t at St.! quired bond, and that in case a suc- John's Catholic church, Bancroft, j cessful bidder shall fai\, or refuse to bride had | enter into a contract and furnish telephone! the required bond his certified check may bo retained by said City as last wtek Tuesday. Tin worki-d at the Bancroft agreed and liquidated damage. The exchange two year.--. The couple will farm near Ledyard. Mrs. Harry Moo. who had spent City Council reserves the right to three months in Oregon, taking care of a .sister who IK sick, got home except the bid on pumping equip- last week Sunday. Mr. Moe drove to Allx-rt Lea to meet her. The sister is wovoring, but slowly. Viola Brown, of Rockford, and Nora Sullivan, Blue Kanh, the latter a sister of Mrs. Homer Altizer, have been visiting the Altizers a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gutknecht left Friday for Minneapolis to attend a hardware men's convention and buy spring goods. Supt. Grabau was leader at the local Epworth League meeting Sunday night. The topic was How Old is Your Mind? The Senior C. E. society had a party a week ago Friday at the church, with an attendance of 50. Mre. J. H. AVarburton visited friends at Mason City last week Thursday to Sunday. The E. R. Worleys spent the week-end with the M. II. Baileys, Mason City. SPENCER TO HAVE FEDERAL BUILDING Spencer Is to have a new federa postoffice building unless serious de lays are encountered in congress be cause of taxation problems and con sequent economy. Lately Senator Elect Dickinson and Congressman B H. Campbell wired Spencer citizen that the building committeee of th two houses had approved the pro; ect, and that the house commltte had recommended an appropriable of $105,000. When the bill providing the Spen cer postotfice has been approved, V> the appropriations committee a agent of the postoffice departmen be sent to Spencer to choose ment, operating gauges, etc., separate from that for the balance of the work. Payments will be made to the contractor on the contract out of funds belonging to the City of Algona, Iowa, every thirty days and shall be approximately fifty per cent (50%) of the cost of the work completed, or material placed on the site, or ored in local warehouse. The final lyment will be made within thirty lys after the work is completed nd accepted by the City Council. The City reserves the right to re- ct any and all bids. Contracts will e let to the lowest responsible bid- unless all bids are rejected or :ie Council for cause shall find it ecessary to throw out one or more ids. Copies of plans and specifications nay be seen at the office of the Clerk or may be secured from M. V. Morris, Engineer, Webster Bond 1 Xos. 1 2-3-4 5-6-7" 8-9-10 11-12-13 H-15-16 ir-is-is 20-21-22 Said' bond's shall' bear interest at the rate of five per- centum per annum, payable 1, 193T, and semi- annualiy thereafter on the first day of June and December in each year until' maturity of bonds, which said interest shall be evidenced by negotiable coupons attached to each of said bonds. Both principal and Interest of said' bond's shall he payable in lawful money of the (Tnited States of America at the office of the County Treasurer, Algona, Iowa. Sec. 3 The said bonds and the coupons evidencing the interest thereon, shall be In form and recital substantially as follows: (Form of Bond.) TTNTTED STATES OiF AHfERICA STATE OF IOWA, COFN'TY; OP KOSSUTH DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 177 nRlAIXAOE BOND No $ Ivnow all men by these Presents: That the County of Kossuth, In the State of Iowa, for value received, promises to pay to bearer, ns hereinafter provided, the sum of Dollars, lawful money of the United States of America, on the Seconodard Rd. Maintenance 110,084.57 Secondary Road Construction 40,824.78 Prim. Rd. Bond Redemption. 3,977.50 Special Assmt. .Refunds 109.87 Sec. Road IR'edemptiqn 170.05 Sec. Road Assessments 3,445.52 Prim.-Sec. Road Redemption 7.25 Primary Road 'Bond 591.50 Automobile 62,999.56 Credit Balances Overdrafts .. 661,275.11 ... *3,924.02 Receipts $ 72,571.57" 4,000.00' 3,854.27' 619.68 821.90 8,575.32 49,235.56 29.41 9,500.99 14,250.02 8,582.78 • 654,15 3,568.92 135.88 13.33 196.90 317.00 12.706.2S 7,370.81 12,391 69 48,641.89 1,247.40 653.88 864.29 31,982.02 250,886.97 2,116.15 119,793.70 86,393.68 117,961.08 3.25 6,543.12 365,850.65 106,368.00 DIs- Balance liursemenf* Dec'. 3T,. I9"JO 114',228.6b- 5,000.00 2,399.57 591.24' 795.29 1 12,558.26' 56,163.50- 1,163.08 16.017.39 7,990.27" 1,255.09 2,956.55 5.50 1,377.62 14.80 173.35 17,420.73 7,998.43 12,391.69 69,701.54 • 115.69 1,355.02 743.00 29,688;04 224,430.04 2,444.35 134,495.08 137,955.52 113,194.13 3,S65;00' 60.73 359,332.43 75,994:95 13,993.41 502.69 8,604.63 100.66 248.29 1,201.29 79,109.28 125.39 23S.27 19,368.25 23,329.99 1,751.16 3,045.05 13.716.62 1,198.31 22.165.SB 4,474.76 369.97 5,101.09 r,T5S.2S 1,213.43 101.43 303.38 4-.715.74 39,257.42 1,178.10 I32.6S3.5S •2,607.45 58,522.73 46,591.73'' 112.50 109.ST 173.90 9,927.91 7.25 7.109.72. 93,372.61 5W.789.54 •2,607.45 ¥«ni*t» ftt.* tron, tot? fl» to County PUhd. ' ' ' j< Trfltisfer $84.50 from Sab 2' of Dr. 9 to County 'Fund.' That following Supervisors; expense be transfer fed frorn following drains to General CbUnty Fuhd: Dr. No. Amount .$ 62 68 78 SO 82 ...> 84 85. 88 90 ..... 103 114 116... ~ 123 . 125 133 139 147 152 1B6 .... 161 Ifi5 177 178 , .., Sub 8 of 60 E-K Jt. No. 2 ., E-K Jt. No. 4 ... H-K 2-36 HI-K 3-16 H-K 6-110 H-K 4-6« H-K B-87 ....'.... IH-K-H 93-131-100 HMC-W 61-1-145 . H-K Jt. No. 6 ... HnK 7-120 Ayes: All. 21.75 11.10 4.60 34.70 4.90 31.60 S.25 1.00 12.00 6.10 17.90 6.00 6 SO 1.80 30.65 107.85 2.60 23.06 4.23 101.35 6.30 8.40 22.40 6.30 3.65 4.30 19.95 6.00 4.80 33.90 8.80 6.30 B0.75 31.05 4.30 66.00 6.70 13.20 34.45 •7.60 21.50 ' 6.90 6.30 61.15 4.90 21.90 $ 877.65 Motion by,Funnemark and seconded by,Morris that personal tax of A. F. Anderson for 1921 be abated on account of clerical error on assessor book THonkn Inc. That Rond poll tax and penalty for 1924 and 1925 of W. R.' Walsh, Whlt- temore Inc., be abated on -account of physical disability. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Helken that report of iFred Parks, steward of County Farm, for month of December, 1930, is hereby approved. Ayes: All, Motion by Morris and seconded by McDonald that Secondary Road petition No. 156 be placed on file. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Funnemark that following soldier's exemptions be allowed: Merle W. Schwletert, lots 2 and 3, block 9 Call •& Smart's, addition, Algona. for 1930; Mrs. W. A. Lorenz, S Auditor's plat SE 1-4 11-95-29. Algona, for All. | L. C. -oast, trustee tweeting w.< it. Bchwietert, meeting « W, W. RlnSsdorf, trustee meeting • > •• VVt B, Grover, trustee meetlnfr E. 0. Mann, trustee meeting... ' — trustee meet" ,4.0* 4.00 4.00 ,4.00 John A, Slepsr, trustee meet" !n«r f-. - •• 14.00 (tin 1 Joseph "sehftilef, trustee Ing Francis X, Schumacher, claimed fees tin- Prfttt Paper Co., supplies .... • POOR FUND Elinor T. Button, trahsp '. Elinor T. sutton, ticansp. ..... Northwestern Bell Tel. Co*, 16.00 10.00 17,10 20.00 30.00 tel.. service ;.............. ..* 46.78 ' Elinor T. Button, transp., >etc. C. G. Dourte, rent ... ... Mary Vanderllnden, rent .. .. A. E. Pasley, rent ....... ..-. >•• Chas. Stripling, rent C. F. 'Berggren, rent ., Rhoba Gaylor,-rent ,. W. T. Trainer, provisions .... R. A. Clark, provisions '.. A. A. Droessler, provisions <,. Sankey & Rlley, provisions ... iZumach's Sanitary Market, provisions ... Ernest L. Phillips, provisions.. •Ernest Boyd, provisions H. M, Dyer, provisions Hdod's Cash Store, provisions Merrill Bros., provisions .. ...' Thaves Sisters, provisions .... German Valley Store, provisions • • O. 3. Pehrson, provisions .. .'. E. L. Hnnsen, provisions .. .. E. A. Hansen,. provisions .. .. Roupe's Grocery, provisions .. Algona Flour & Feed-Co., supplies ... ..: A. -D. Adams, pub. clinic 21.69 10.00 18.00 15.00 8.50 75.00 14.75 14.BO 48.12 11.80 8.02 45.00 36.60 25.00 22.46 50.00 18.00 30.39 63.33 15.20 .24.90 20.21 8.00 .40.00 6.45 9.30 6.20 A. W. Jurgens, provisions 1 .. . Hattle Llchllter, provisions .. Jos, F. Menke, provisions .. . Algona Co-op. Cr'y Co., provisions /.. '.. 18.60 F. S. Norton '& Son, coal 75.23 Botsford Lumber Co., coal .... 53.90 Farmers' Co-op. Elevator Co., coal .. 68.20 O. P. McDonald Co., coal .:.... 32.60 W. E. Naudaln, coal 27.55 Thompson Yards, coal 15.50 Fred Anderson, coal 24.00 W. A. Murray, coal ... 76.65 Walter iFraser, med. aid 62.75 Dr R. M. Wallace, med. aid, clmd. $226.51; allowed 197.63 J. A. Devlne, med. aid,' clmd. $285.75; allowed 229.50 J. D. Adams Co Olbbs-Cook Trnct Co., supplies ... Champlln Service st Piles ' Champlln iRefinim "lion, | ng 6«« Phillips' Petroleum Peerless Oil Co. \ QtftHftff^J rt<, ~_ V "« f Co., I 11J A ~ Dr. 2- Dr. 4- Kossuth Of >l RaV" ' H D,%^" - •'• -*: sn :. »i D. Hurnboldt Grave) Is hereby ordered"i\n,i C °,il'" > '"<l sue warrants for an ,,n r " PlJ1 BERTHA f f JOB., bountyj Totals $657,351.09 •Overdrafts W,34S,702.M W(413;S71'.o4 1 592482.09 • BECETPTS AM) DISBUBSEJITEXTS' ' RECEIPTS' On band June 1, 1930 From current taxes, 1S29- ... From delinquent taxes, 1928, 'and prior years-..! Penalty, Interest and costs ." " ' Drainage taxes (Inc. $7330.00 transfer from- Hancock' cuimtvV Gasoline tax Automobile receipts ".'.'".".'. .'..! Interest on bank deposits (diverted"itereaiV"...' Principal of school fund' Interest of school fund' Teachers' examinations and institute fees- State appropriation for teachers' institute ... Motor carrier • • • ClKarette licenses .!!!!!!!!! ... Sale of bonds (primary road) Fines and forfeitures ". " " DOR licenses " Highway receipts .....!".!' ' Care of patients In state institutions!....".'. .......' 1' "" tare of patients In county Institutions:'... ... . Sale of produce at county home ... ' Fees from County Auditor " first day of December, 19 with interest on said sum from the date hereof until paid at the rate of Five Per Centum per annum, payable 1, 1931, and semi-nn- nually thereafter on the first days of June and December in each year, upon presentation and surrender of the Fees from'County Treasurer' ..'.'... .................. " ...... ...... ""' Fees from County Recorder ...... ...... ......... "' " ............. " "" Fees from Clerk of District Oourt ......... '..'.„ .......... ....... '"" """" Sheriff's fees from Clerk of Dlstriot Court .... Fees from other sources (auto registrations) . .......... .'. ..... " Miscellaneous receipts (not includfed' in classification • abow) ".."". Transfers from funds, less auto registrations ................. '.... Total receipts ....... .......................................... ..... A mown t .$* G57:3.5r.09 .. 555,402.« 1,530.50 4',225.73 . 115,904.7* 4S.G41 S9 .. IWB,3tiS.OO .. 12,391.69 4.000.W) 3,854.27 11T.OO 5000 712.95 15001) ... SCS.SSO.GS 1,31349 .. 35.00 5,884.02 1,651.70 211.55 2,2S«.29 9HOT, 4945 1,312.90 1,195 Ii9 447.M 3,391.50 16,929.67 94,700.16 DISBURSEMENTS ity, Iowa, upon making a deposit vith said Engineer in the amount of Fifteen Dollars ($15.00), Ten Dollars ($10.00) of which will be returned if ilans and specifications are returned in good order on or before the date of letting. Contractor must agree to commence work on or before the 1st day of April, 1931, and to fully complete said work on or before the 1st day of August, 1931. All bids will be opened in open annexed interest coupons as they severally become due. Both principal and Interest of this Bond are hereby made payable at the office of the County Treasurer, Algona, Iowa. This Bond is one of a series of iBonds issued by said County for the purpose of paying the cost of a system of drainage, known as Drainagu District No. 177, within said County, and in anticipation of the collection of the installments of a special assessment duly levied upon the lands and highways) benefited, pursuant to a resolution of the Board of Supervisors of said County, duly passed, and in strict compliance with Chapter 353, Code of Iowa, 1927. This Bond is based upon and constitutes a lien upon and is payable solely out of the proceeds of the special assessments for benefits heretofore legally levied on the lands (and highways) benefited, and the said special assessments are hereby irrevocably pledged therefor. And It is hereby Certified and Recited: That all acts, conditions - and things required to be done in locating and establishing said drainage district, In the making and levying of said assessment against the lands (and highways) benefited thereby and precedent to and in the issuing of this bond, were and have been legally had, done and performed and that the total amount of bonds Issued on account of said Drainage District does not now exceed the assessment so levied therefor, unpaid at the time State Treasurer's (Receipts— Automobile St. Revenue County Auditor's warrants School fund loans Drainage warrants, bonds or Sbldiers' Bonus- OdlVerted"lnVerest certificates- County bonds redeemed (countr road> Interest on County Bonds— ' 'Bridge Cash Road' Primary .Road Amount ( 72,«I3.45 139,143.19 683,267.69 5,00000 134,246.11 1,158,15 9.010.DO 3,865.00 * ..... "»j -ifc^att ....... ... ......... fc ..... ... 3 gm oc Orders on County Treasurer by Mayors of cities and" towns' „.„ rsbPresldents of of sch ° 01 14,033.15 33,011.85 Miscellaneous payments (not lnclu'ded"i"n clWsifleatlons above)-" A II tn l«l»*»? efrt»a ttnna ~ »*~~ T \./ Auto registrations Transfers to funds (less auto registration's) '" '". Balance on hand December 31. 1930 .'..'.' 3,391.60 94,700.16 592,182.09 Total disbursements 1 ' $2,006,053.63 Algona, Iowa, January 19, 1931. council at a meeting to be held at the Council Chamber, on the elate and hour above fined and contracts will be awarded at that time or at such subsequent time as to which the Council may adjourn. Published by direction of the City Council of ths City of Algona, Iowa, and dated at AJgona, Iowa, this 5th day of February, 1931. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk 'of the j&^?9 City of Ajgona, Iowa. N. Kruse, Treasurer of Kossuth County. Iowa, do herebv certify «^ rf i port gl y? nmabove Is a correct summary of the business trana acted by me as said Treasurer during the period therein specified H. N. KRUSE, , County Treasurer. 66 ft. lot 2 NW 1-4 Sec. $500.00. Ayes: Motion by Morris and seconded . by McDonald that A. A. Kndlng school fund loan be extended for five years. Ayes: AH. Motion by Morris and seconded by MoDonald that C. C. Scharlach Is hereby appointed as commissioner to act (n place of Mrfrlow, who la unable to serve on Dr. 69. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded with Auditing and Allowing of bills as per Schedule of Claims hereinafter written: SCHEDULE O-F CLAIMS COUNTY FUND Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service $ 77.10 City of Algona, light service.. 117.76 Sid Backus, postage 10.00 C. & N. W. IRi'y Co., freight ... 3.10 S. J. 'Backus, postage 10.00 H. M. Smith, Co. Engineer ... 301.30 C. & N. W. R'y Co., freight ... 4.09 F. J. Balgeman, com. and session 149.50 W. E. McDonald, com. and ses 198.20 P. J. Helken, com. and ses. ... 186.40 Olaf Funnemark, com. and sess 200.70 Chas. IMorris, com. and sess... 226.10 Bancroft Register, pub. Brd. Proc. 88.87 Advance Pub. Co., pub. Board Proe. 137.19 C. A. Samson, assistig sheriff 81.00 Lottie'J. Kain, labor in Treas, office , : 81.00 Helen Harts', labor In Treas. office .., .. 78.00 Mary K. Sands, labor In Treas. office 81.00 Wm. Shirley, off. expense .... 103.11 J. 'F.. MOGee, labor ..... 8.90 L. E. iHovey, Co. Sheriff 308.80 Wm. Dehnert, labor .60 KFfpto Loose Leaf Co., sup- Plfes 103.88 FWfar & Chambers Co., supplies I9.»o Man Parrott & Sons Co., supplies s 17.11 Koeh 'Brothers, supplies 102.39 Advance 'Pub. Co., supplies ... 18.70 Burroughs Adding Mach Co., mafnt. service 28.35 LorlngJFarmer Office Sup Co., supplies 3.58 Crescent Printing Co., supplies 31.09 Office Equipment Co., supplies 11.39 Johnson-Randolph Co., sup- Ptfes 30.35 Automatic Stapler Co., sup- ptfes 3.00 Frankel Carbon & Ribbon Mfff. Co., supplies 20.00 Beck Specialty Co., supplies .. 4.67 Messenger Printing Co., sup- prtes ...; 722,00 Algona i Flour & [Feed Co., supplies 6.05 Hfgley Chemical Co., supplies. 20.00 0. W. Erlchson Hdwl, supplies 1.80 Men's Reformatory, supplies . 30.35 The iGoeders Co.,, supplies .78 D. W. Grlppen Co., supplies .. 11.25 \V. E. Naudafn, coal 242.12 Gaylord D. Shumway, per cent of fines, etc. 395.64 Peterson Studio, pictures of prisoners 24.00 E. H. Luedtke, bounty 20.00 J. A. McDonald, com. on del. taxes 185.69 S. P. Eefcholm .local registrar 4.50 1. 'E. Wortman, local registrar 4.00 'L. B. Holllster, local registrar 5.75 Floretta Welp, local registrar. 13.25 H. A. Thompson, local registrar 3.25 Wm. Boyken, local registrar.. 2.75 R. H. .Finnell, local registrar.. 6.00 Adah Carlson, local registrar. 17.2& Arthur Hof, local registrar ... 2.00 Fred E. DIekmann, local registrar 2.25 J. F. Gllmore, quarantining ... 4.50 George Nyman, weed commissioner 21.00 John Frlderes, trustee meeting 4.00 Shnon Leigh, trustee meeting. 4.00 Henry J. Kohlhaas, trustee meeting 4.00 Aaron W, Steussy, trustee meeting 4.00 Alb 'Potratz, trustee meeting .. 8.00 J. P. Peterson, board of review meeting 4.80 Paul cody, board of review meeting 4.30 G. K. Rlppentrop, trustee meeting 14.00 H. W. iHarms, trustee meeting 16.00 Henry Elscheld, trustee meeting :.. 4.00 Peter Elbert, trustee meeting. 8.00 I. F. Engesser, trustee meeting 400 J. H. Fraser, trustee meeting 4.00 Henry 'Bormann, trustee meeting • j.oo Henry Weber, trustee meeting 4.00 J. C. Mawdsley, trustee meeting 40o J. iF. Gllraore, trustee meeting 400. John Kohlwes, trustee meet- Ing ... : goo Paul Hertzke, trustee meeting eioo OK" E. : .W7 Sproule, med. aid .. 45.00 Dr. F. L. Adams, med. aid ... 10.50 J. G. Clapsaddle. med. aid .... 8.15 C H. Cretzmeyer, med. aid ... 112.GO W. T. Peters, med. aid 6.50 F. L. Adams, med. aid k 50.00 Kossuth Hospital, med. aid .. 215.50 Central States Elec. Co., light service 1.80 L. E. iHovey, serv. notice 4.00 Alma Armstrong, labor 22.00 ~ r m. 'Dehnert, rent 1.00 TS. M. J. Nemmers, board ... 18.00 V. L. Stebblna digging grave. 10.00 J. B. Kelt, funeral expense; clmd. $55.00; allowed '45.00 Kohlhaas 'Bros., supplies 13.99 Advance Pub. Co., subscription 2.00 Frank Haldeman, labor 75.00 Botsford Lumber Co., supplies 30.00 C. C. Baas, hogs 310.00 Farmers Elev. of Hobarton, supplies ... 5.55 O. W. Erlckson Hdw., supplies 6.35 M. M. Morrow, supplies 27.75 Hagg IPost No. 90 American Legion, supplies 75.W Matt Murtha, supplies 3.05 Algona Flour & Feed Co., supplies 21.35 Kohlhaas Hdw., supplies — 7.49 R. A. Clark, provisions 15.00 T. B. ERADICATION FUND IRioy Coulson, .cattle indem 18.61 Dr. E. G. Dunn. vet. service .. 39.43 COURT FUND L. E. Hovey, sheriff 89.70 W. C. Danson, J. P. fees 36.50 Walter H. Stewart, constable fees 15.50 C. C. Wright, constable fees .. 3.55 W. A. Stoutenberg, witness ... 1.90 L. A. Winkel, J. P. fees 15.00 L. T. Griffin, constable fees .. .95 C. 'Behrmann, J. P. fees 4.00 Carl Dahlhauser, marshal fees 7.85 INSANE FUND L. 'E. Hovey, conveying exp... 35.00 Clark Orton, clerk's fees .. .. 6.25 L. E. Hovey, sheriff fees .... 7.50 A. Hutchison, commissioner .. 3.00 C. H. ' Cretzmeyer, commissioner 3.00 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND Milton McFadden, rodman 54.25 Don T. Nugent, asst. engineer. 175.00 Jule Selfert, repairing road M. T. McGuIre, grading; elmd. 52.50 •$145.00 ...not allowed 2.66 C. R. I. •& .P. R'y. freight Bert Godden, hauling gravel .. 8.70 Bert Godden, hauling gravel .. 10.00 H. R. Cowan & Son, malnt. garage 198.04 C. & N.'W. K'y Co., freight ' ~ Wanted: Ton to try Rlci lllr( i. s }t| tic Bemcdy. H cilc ]ie s . hone, muscle, tissue and i ItcmovcH the cnuso. Stop! pnln. Money Imck If || , $1.00, Slx-*5.50. At I, and all YIELD. CHIN! HE PILES W. B. Williams, project No, 2 8.67 ... . 373.91 W. B. Williams, project No. 3 286.63 C. R. I, & P. 'R'y Co., freight. 2.56 Alex IRladlg, dragging 42.75 Sam Harr, dragging 14.25 Simon Blome, dragging 19.60 Frank R. Shipley, dragging .. 12.00 H. iR. Larlmus, dragging 24.00. John A. Sleper, dragging 11.25 J. 'B. .Scholtes, dragging 69.00 Donald Jacobs, dragging .. .. 1S.OO Lyle Blair, dragging 7.12 Christ Berg, dragging 16.75 Thomas Berg, dragging 22.50 Maynard Sohn, dragging .. .. 9.00 Cecil Thoreson, dragging .. ... 9.00 Edw. Zwelfel, dragging 3.00 Albert Wittkopf, dragging .... 9.39 Frank Rlebhoff. dragging 3.00 Jacob Winkel, dragging 45.30 Harold E, Nelson, dragging ... 2635 Jesse Harms, dragging ' 4.50 L. E. Mueller, dragging , 28.20 Loren Byers, dragging 6.00 J. Hofbauer, dragging '640 Rich 'Potratz, dragging 30.00 J. M. Elmore, dragging 24.00 Earl Ackerman, dragging 600 Frank R. Meyer, dragging ...: 9.00 F. A. 'Drone, dragging 13.87 Raymond E. Peterson, drag- Sing ' 23,62 Sam Weaver, dragging ' 11.25 John Blum, dragging 750 Peter Beenken, dragging 5.77 S. D. McDonald, labor 10000 J. H. Montgomery, patrol .... 66XX) F. A. Siemer, patrol '21.00 Reinder Kromminga, patrol .. 100.0C John Hanselman, patrol 126.4<i C. A. Lamoreux, patrol 125 OC Clem Goodman, labor frtieo Chester Alme, patrol work ... 7.0C Tom Weir, patrol work ... ... 8480 Peetr Movlck, patrol work 38 0( Edward Fuchsen, patrol work. 75.60 John S. Nelson, patrol work ,, 100.00 Jack T. Lynch, patrol work .. 24.00 Elmer Ewlng. patrol work .... 117.00 Wm. O. Ludwlg, patrol work. 61.20 Oscar Earing, patrol work .... 120.00 IHans W. Nielsen, patrol work 90.40 J. F. Quinn, patrol work Wind. 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Buss, labor 73,20 94.40 48.80 2QI 12.70 withl , said bonds are issued, nor any lega! limitations thereon. 'For the performance of all the covenants, recitals and stipulations herein contained, and for the collection and application of the said assessments, and of the interest thereon, and such other and further assessments authorized or required to provide for the prompt payment of this bond and interest hereon. the faith and resources of said county are hereby fully pledged. In Testimony Whereof, the Board of Supervisors of said county has caused this bond to be signed by its Chairman and countersigned by the County Auditor, with' the seal affixed, and Motion by Morris and seconded by Heiken that final estimate of J. A. Roberts for $387.13 Is hereby approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and seconded by iMcDonald that following official bonds be approved: John L. Ludwlir, assessor, for $500.00; Oliver Marquis. Justice of Peace, for $500.00; L,. B. Holllster. Township clerk, for $50000 Aves: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Morris that County Auditor Is hereby Instructed to issue warrant for amount due on Hancock-Kossuth Jt. Dr. 5-87 to bolder of tax sale Certificate No. ?i>67 on SW 1-4 NE 1-4 Section 35-97-28 and notify owner of said certificate to assign same to Board of Supervisors for Hancock- Kossuth Joint Drainage District No 5-87 as provided by Section 7590-cS of 43rd Tleneral Assembly. Ayes: Al). Motion by Helken and seconded by Morris that following transfers be made: Transfer Drainage Assessments from Road Construction fund to various Drainage Districts on ftooownt; ot fv^nS"* 1 levl u? belng made on County and Township roads No No - of 5-^Buffalo Twp Jrd '» -> 'Pni-tlnnrl rpii-1% n/3 * -~- 'Portland Twp ......... 3 r( j 24— Ramsey Twp 55—Springfield Twp " " BS-Springfield Twp'. .' 61-Plum Creek Twp. Wesley Twp. ... . 72—Burt Twp. ... 78-JBuffalo Twp. . ?«~! herm , ai ? Twp »™ *fw 138-Rlverdale Twp 3rd a« /?n««t n u m ...,w«« O.W.1 6th 3 r( j '. '.6th 3rd 6th <j t h Garfield Twp. Twp. 17.01 3.64 1.96 2.00 2.00 23.75 4.80 .80 15.00 19.00 48.00 9.75 A r erne Twp 3rd Total 27.90 269.63 The County Auditor"b« instructed to transfer preliminary pense, etc., .on Paul Hertzke, trustee meeting J. H. Warburton, trustee meet- Ing .......................... B. 'F. Edwards, trustee meeting .......................... Bert Coder, trustee meeting ,. H. B. Berninghaus, trustee meeting ...................... 16 w> 9-u R - jJP 86 "- trustee meeting! 4 - oo John Chcrland, trustee meeting ................ 4,,., K. G. Ewoldt, trustee meeting 4W 6.00 6.00 6.00. Sewlck trustee meeting .... K - W° Uz - trustee meeting.. Geo. P. Hawcott, trustee meet- L. 'H. Holllster, trustee" meet- Ing ...... ^meeting Chrlstens ° n '-' truitie 4.00 4.00 4.00 8.00 8.00 AlexlRiidig;-frus-termee"tlSg'' 6 §$ J me n eUng BQCke . 1 ™ n ' trU8te « „„ Lawrence Thorson.' "trustee John Bormann, "trustee 'meet- P. Mersch, trustee meet- — •• — . uuw, 4U.UV1 ,,, . ..... ttf t-t -J|« i Wm C. Boehm, labor ........ 750 Chris Brandt, labor ......... 1380 Ed -Baker, labor ............. g'oft Bert Deal, painting ...... ..... s'oo Sr %, I J, ort 5 n . & Son - supplies. 26.79 w. E. Naudaln, coal ..... 26 68 Wilbur Fisher, labor ...... '... 4i'eO Jacob Winkel. labor ......... sa'ao Enno Eden, labor ........... i'm Sharp Bros., labor ......... 2792 Peter Thllges, labor ........ 862 Jacob Winkel, labor .......... 12'«0 George Carr, labor ..... ''70 Guy Bone, material ......... '. a'eO Central States Elec. Co., light service ..." .................. 329 Lease & Lease, supplies .. ..'. 7l'.63 n w M? nt £ ome ry. road patrol 48.00 O. W. Erlckson Hdw., supplies 4.10 W. H. Stott supplies ......... 17.96 Kohlhaas Hdw., supplies ..... 10.07 M. M. Morrow, supplies ...... 9,ig Joe Greenberg, supplies ....... 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