The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 21, 1954
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNE 21, 1954 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS rmr Foreign Aid Plan Gets 1st Big Test Ike's Budget For Next Year Faces House WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower's 3 1/2- billion-dollar foreign aid budget for next year — a prime target for economy advocates — gets its first test this week. The House Foreign Affairs Committee starts today to decide the actual amounts it will propose authorizing for the year beginning July 1. The final bill may be ready for House action later in the week. The committee, meeting behind closed doors, already has partly remodeled the program to replace some outright economic gifts with loans and the use o fsurplus food. Efforts to cut the total are anticipated, both in final committee sessions and on the House floor. The measure would set a ceiling on the aid program, with the actual appropriations voted later, perhaps after further trimming. Indochina Tops List The administration requested $3,477,700,000. Of this $1,580,000,000 is earmarked for global military assistance, with the remainder split between economic aid, technical (Point Four) assistance and other programs- The largest single amount—800 million dollars — is budgeted for special military assistance to Indochina. The administration has requested authority to use this sum anywhere else in Asia, in case Indochina falls or the war ends- The committee already has adopted an amendment to limit the GOING - British actress Simone Silva. who caused many stretched necks when she stripped to the waist to pose with Robert Mitchum on the French Riviera, bas been ordered to leave the U S within 60 days Immigration officials say though she came bere on a pleasure visa Simone signed a Hollywood movie contract and was receiving a salary, which is illegal used of 500 million dollars in economic funds to ship surplus agricultural products abroad, to replace direct dollar aid. In addition, the committee is discussing proposals to earmark another 300 or 400 million dollars for loans and guaranties, instead of using them for outright grants., French General Wounded CASABLANCA, French Morocco (ft — Gen. Marie-Antoine D'Haute- ville, French commander of the Marrakech, Morocco, military region, was shot and seriously wounded by a terrorist yesterday while en route to church at Marrakech. He is expected the live. The terrorist escaped. Probe Into Death of Heir Is Intensified CHICAGO (/P) — Authorities today intensified their investigation of the ysterious death of the 20- year-old heir to a million dollars after being told the young man revised his will recently to make his financee principal beneficiary and had expressed doubt he would live to come into his own inheri- Ike Has Commission Reports, Bat He Still Must Deal with Congress Bv JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (AP) — While still fresh in office last year President Eisenhower set up so many commissions to study and find answers for the problems facing him that critics jokingly called it "government by commission." He is now learning that when a commission gets all through recommending, he still has to deal with Congress, and Congress can do as it pleases. Last January a 17-man commission—headed by Clarance Randall, steel manufacturer — wound up a six-month .study by making a list of recommendations on foreign economic policy. Eisenhower had taken office at a time when it was clear this country was going to have to cut down on the amount of the aid it was shoveling out to other countries. Yet, once the aid was shut off, they'd have to fill the gap somehow to survive, and one of the ways was in more trade with this country. The Randall commission was set up to look for answers. The perfect commission would be one in which all the members approached their problem with an open mind and wound up with an answer so obvious that all the members were in complete agreement. The Randall commission didn't come close to the ideal group. Individual members had strong, perhaps lifelong, opinions on foreign trade which apparently didn't change. Republicans Protest Among other things, the commission majority recommended tance. IN THE PROBATE COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF E. C. ADKISSON, deceased. Last address, Route 1, Blytheville, Arkansas. Died May 31st, 1954. On Jiine 3rd, 1954, the undersigned was appointed Administrator of the estate of E. C. Adkisson, deceased. All persons having claims against the estate of the said E. C. Adkisson, deceased, must exhibit them duly authenticated, to the undersigned Administrator within six months from the first publication of this notice or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefits in the said estate. This notice first published June 14th, 1954. R. L. ADKISSON, Administrator. Route 1, Blytheville, Arkansas. 6/14-21 FARMERS: We are now offering the most complete Spray Program ever offered in Blytheville. We hare a complete line of Niagara Chemicals for cotton, beans, gardens, flowers, alfalfa, wheat or any crop that needs spraying or dusting. Also Sprayers or Dusters for any make of tractor. We also arrange plane spraying or dusting, We carry a complete line of parts for all Sprayers or Dusters. Jou will save money by figuring with ns en your ipraying or dusting jobs. Remember, you can fet service at our place DAT or NIGHT. HARDY SALES AND SERVICE 795 Clear Lake Are. Ph. 3-6178 ATTENTION Car & Truck Owners: Tailored Seat Covers, Woven plastic $50 val 24.50 Truck seat covers Installed 4.95 Door Panels, Covered 3.50 Head Liners 15.00 Convertible tops .... 39.95 SMITH MATTRESS & UPHOLSTERY CO. Ph. J-42M So, Hiway 81 Montgomery L. Thorne was found dead in his studio apartment Saturday. Coroner Walter E. McCarron said there were four needle marks on his arms but no evidence he was a user of narcotics. The coroner ordered an analysis of vital organs. He said he also has sent investigators to Birmingham, Mich., to interview the 25-year-old daughter of a prominent Birmingham family. He said the girl, an art student occupied an apartment adjoining Thome's until Friday. McCarron did not name her. Jay Stough, who said he had been young Thome's lawyer lor sometime, told Detective Capt. Harry Penzin that Thorne less than 10 days ago changed his will to make Miss Maureen Ragen, 18, chief beneficiary and executor. Penzin quoted Stough as saying Thorne, grandson of a former president of Montgomery Ward & Co., "was afraid he would never live to collect his inheritance. He asked me to assure that there would be a very thorough investigation • . • if he died." Leading Polish Red Dies of Heart Ailment LONDON (£>)—The death of Zygmunt Modzelewski, who played a major role in turning Poland into a Communist country was announced Saturday by Warsaw Radio. He had been in failing health for some time with a heart ailment and resigned as foreign minister in 1951. Modzelewski had been one of the bitterest critics of the United States and Britain. 14 Stolen Cars Found in Old Mine Shaft WILKES-BAKRE, Pa. UP)—Fourteen badly damaged stolen automobiles have been found in an abandoned mine shaft near this anthracite city. Police arrested John O'Boyle. 20, of nearby Plymouth yesterday In connection with the thefts. Police Chief Larry Kendig said the youth had used the mine pit to dispose of cars during the last seven months. He said O'Boyle had several hundred dollars worth of automobile accessories in the basement of his home. that the reciprocal trade program be extended for another three years and some tariffs on foreign imports be lowered sharply over that period. Under the Reciprocal Trade Act the President can lower tariffs- on certain foreign goods coming here if a foreign country lowers its tariffs on certain American goods sent there. Two of Eisenhower's own Republicans on the Randall commission, key r»en in Congress, attacked the commission's report on specific details and termed the entire report "vague, indefinite and unsatisfactory." These two were Rep. Daniel A. York and Rep. M. Simpson of California Governor To Marry Widow LOS ANGELES Gov. Goodwin J. — California's Knight, 57, a widower for two years, will marry within three weeks Mrs. Virginia Carlson, 35, an attractive war widow and poet who helped in his recent primary election campaign- Mrs. Carlson is the daughter of E. B. Hershberger, an advertising executive with the International Harvester Co. The governor won the Republican nomination. He faces Richard Graves. Democratic nominee, November general election. in the Peiping Says China's Population 600 Million LONDON UP)—Peiping radio says China's population is more than 600 million. The figure includes the island of Formosa, controlled by Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist forces. A broadcast heard here last night said Peiping's National Census Office reported a total of 601,912,371 people, as of midnight June 30, 1953. Reed of New Rep. Richard Pennsylvania. Reed is chairman and Simpson is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, which gets first crack at all tariff legislation. Another Republican commission member — Sen. Eugene Millikin of Colorado, who as chairman of the Finance Committee is Reed's counterpart in the Senate — put in a long letter that was far more dissent than agreement, Reed and Simpson took the position that tariff lowering, as recommended 1 by the Randall commission, would hurt American business because of the competition of Imported foreign goods and cause unemployment. Eisenhower, following the majority recommendation, asked Congress to extend the Reciprocal Trade Act three years and let him cut tariffs 5 per cent in each of those three years. Ike Backed Up But this request landed in the lap of the Reed-Simpson committee. Eisenhower backed up. He agreed to accept a one-year extension, without added authority to cut tariffs. He said he'd work for more improvements in foreign trade next year. The House passed the one-year extension. The Senate is expected to do so this week. There is nothing unusual about this year-to-year extension of the Reciprocal Trade Act. The practice has been followed regularly in recent years in the face of much strong opposition in Congress against cutting tariffs. In 1930, although more than 1.000 economists protested, President Hoover signed into law the Hawley-Smoot bill passed by a Republican-controlled Congress. It set up the highest tariffs in history against foreign imports. Within two years 25 countries retaliated against this country with high tariffs of their own on Ameri- can goods. By that time the depression, which had started in 19129, was going full speed. When President Roosevelt came in, Secretary of State Cordell Hull persuaded the Democratic- controlled Congress, in 1934, to pass the Reciprocal Trade Act in the hope of reviving world commerce. It's been on the books since. Soviet Air Force Stages Big Show; No New Planes MOSCOW Wi — The Soviet Ail- Force staged a gituit air show yesterday but the 667 planes that took part included no new types. Even the four-jet intercontinental bomber flown over Red Square on May Day was absent from the display. A quarter of a million Russians, headed by Premier GeorRi Malen- kov and Communist party secretary Nikita Krushchev watched the show at Moscow's Tushino Field. The aircraft ngec* from four tiny radio-controlled gliders to 162 two- jet bombers. King George II, at its first performance in London, established the custom of rising during a per- iiormance of the "Median." Couple Married Before 20,000 People ROAN MOUNTAIN, Tenn.-N. C. Wi—A young couple said their marriage vows atop this C.300-foot peak yesterday before an estimated 20,000. It was the annual Rhododendron Festival and 500 acres of the crlm- -son flower set this mountain aflame. The bride is Miss Edith Belle Cunningham of Maryville, Tenn., and the groom is Thomas D. Woods of Greenback, Tenn. Spectator Sport Basketball, which draws an estimated 75,000,000 attendance annually, Is said to be the leading spectator sport of the United States. Softball attracts nn estimated 130.000,000, but only 8.000,000 pay admission. To anyont buying a Silvtftic Accordion at i/4 OFF! Buy Your Band Instruments the Easy way — Tif Our Rental Plan TRI-STATES School Supply 108 8. lit St. Phone S-«15 At S««n In LIFE and ESQUIRE JARMAN HAND-WOVEN STYLES You'll enjoy the easiest walk in leather Your spirits will soar when you're sporting a pair of these hand-woven Jarmans. You'll b« proud of the unusual Indian design and pleased by the wonderful comfort of the soft glove leather and foam crepe sole and heel. Come in soon and try a pair. FRIfNDlY SHOI STORi ...if its washable 1ET US LAUNDER IT! You can't beat us—for elective, easy-on-your-clothe« laundering, expert finishing, convenient frienldy serv- ice. Choose from our many services today. Phone 4418 for pickup and delivery. LAUNDRY - CLEANERS "DIDN'T I PAY THAT BILL?" BE SURE...PAY BY CHECK You won't have to worry about paying bills twice with a checking account here. Your cancelled check is your PROOF of payment . . . And you'll find a checking accocnt is so convenient ... no risk of carrying large sums of money around. No standing in line to pay bills. Just write a check, drop it in the mail and forget it. Come in tomorrow and start your checking account. NO MINIMUM BALANCE REQUIRED THE FARMERS BANK'™ 51 COMPANY Th« Oldtst Bank In Mississippi County "TIME TRIED - PANIC TESTED" r.D.I.C. - 110.000 Each Deport! Member federal Reserve QUESTIONS and ANSWERS What Is the "24 Hour Program?" ''Twenty-four program" is a phrase used to describe a basic A. A. approach to staying sober. The A. A. NEVER swears off alcohol for life. He never takes pledges committing him not to take a drink "tomorrow". By the time he turns to A. A. for help, he has discovered that, no matter how sincere he may have been in promising himself to abstain from alcohol ''in the future", somehow he got drunk again. His compulsion to drink proved more powerful than his beet intentions 'not' to drink. The A. A. member recognizes that his biggest problem is to stay sober NOW, The current twenty- four hours is the only period he can do any thing about as for as drinking is concerned. YESTERDAY is gone. TOMORROW never comes. "But today," the A. A. sayg. "TODAY I will not take a drink. I may be tempted to take a drink tomorrow—and perhaps I will. But tomorrow is something to worry about when it comes. My big problem is not to take a drink during this twenty- four hours". Along with the twenty-four hour program A. A. emphasizes the importance of three slogans which have probably been heard many times by the newcomer before he joined A. A. These slogans are: "Easy DOM It," "Live and let Live" and "'First Things First". By making these slogans a basic part of his attitude toward problems of daily living, the average A. A. is usually helped substantially in his attempts to live stuxjos- sfully without alcohol. Usually it is not the problems of Today* that drive men and women to drink. It is the remorse and shame and bitterness of what happened yesterday—and the dread of what tomorrow might bring. Let u«, therefore, live but ONE day at a time. That's TODAY. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873 — Blythtvillt, Arkansas Anyone Interested Invited to Our Meetings Open Meetings 8:00 p. m. Every Friday Night Closed Meetings 8:00 p. m. Every Tuesday Night Club Room over Hardy Furniture Co. E. Main Street — Blytheville, Ark. LOANS We do not have money to burn, but we do have money to Iota. If you live in Northeast Arkansas or Southeast Missouri and need a Real Estate Loan, see us. 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