Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1931 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1931
Page 5
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K08SUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA i-» ^ -» Ba«erfi.ld »»«« North of Bttrtl Cleaners »nd phone 880 Foi^Sale Poland China Bred Gilts Now. ready tor the trade. The big type of the best blood lines. The kind that makes 50 Ibs. gain per month, and the kind you'll like to see and own. Priced reasonable with all sale trimmings off. Due to far- row the latter part of March and AnTll, Immune, and guaranteed pedigrees If you want them. C. A. Winter Four miles S. W. of Lakota or 7 miles N. E. of Bancroft. 22-25 AN INVITATION - \ ... Special Audition Atwater Kent Radio WITH THE GOLDEN VOICE nrovides unique method of Tone Demonstration. TYV this yourself. No cost. No obligation. Here is an opportunity to become acquainted with the features of radio, tone control, quick vision dial, Atwater-Kent mastery of everything on the air, and many other'vital points that will interest you. Come to our new display rooms at any time and hear this demonstration. Atwater Kent—General Motor Radios. Radios from $40.00 up. RADIOS MAYTAGS FRIGIDAIRES A. K. Cliff Utility Shop Old Modern Dry Cleaners Building. If you have a bad fire Call the Fire Department If you want a Good Fire, - • - Call Us Winter and cold weather is not over yet. Now is the ' time to refill your bins with good coal from Lbr.Co. Phone 256 M. J. POOL 40—HEAD OF CATTLE—40 fourteen cows, 12 milking, 2 fresh soon; 3 heif- wth calf; 7 yearling steers; 6 yearling heifers; I Shorthorn bull 3 yrs. old; 5 Holstein heifers one Ses Holstein heifer with calf at side; 3 steer gjm. Seed Corn, picked before frost. 5 tons mixed Hay 1e n FARM MACHINERY, ETC, i 15-27 John Deere tractor; P. & O. 3-bottom gleT sulky plow: 14-in. walking plow; 3 sin- . aors; 9-ft, disc; 8-ft, spader; 4-section ' harr °w cart; 8-ft. Milwaukee binder; Mil. John Deere corn planter with of wire; 36-ft, Sandwich elevator, lifting ower; 6-ft. CJhampion' mower; Sandwich : Moline 8ide delivery rake; 14-ft. Broadw c 10 - ft - h » y W&J- John Deere corn shell- ftuuff e ^, ; 10 - iu - *<*t» feed grinder; oats huller; ftuu , -- < BpreaSL mill; New We.* jpre^er J new. John Deere Son ^°w tire wagon with bov, wide tire wX'h truck w *son witfc rack; spring buggy; 32-in. : m cleg „ I 65 6ltcbw «*Wwt; diping room wow o * tv Pewrtter IfcVlO; ana many other artl- FENTON NAMES STATE DEGLAM CONTESTANTS Fcnton, Pel), 10 — The home de- cliimatory contest wns held Friday night. In the high school auditorium. There wns a good attendance. The program was preceded by inimical numbers by tho high school orchoa- Ira mid the boys' glee club under the direction of Miss Gilbert. Oratorical selections were, the Unknown Soldier, Jjeo Kramer; the Soul of the American Soldier, Arthur Kuecker, John Brown, Harold Newel; the Sword or the Cross, Raymond SSwloCcl. Dramatic numbers were, Pear God and Take Your Own Part, Mar- Jorle Balloy; The Hunchback Zia, Lcona Boruhardt; Going Home, Raymond Prlebe; Daddy Doc, Margaret Stephenson. Humorous selections were, the Perplexed Bridegroom, Lawrence Glaus; Dor Deffel Gar, August Krause; Brotherly Love, Barbara Randall; At the Swimming Pool, Lola Warner. ' In the oratorical class 'Raymond Zwlefel won first and Harold Newel -second. In dramatic Raymond Prlece wns flrat, and Leona Borchardt and Margaret Stephenson tied for second. In the humorous class August Krause took first and Lola Warner second. The winners of first place will represent the Fenton high school in the preliminary state contest at Penton, Monday, February i23, in which Lone Rock, Swea City, Whittemore and Penton are grouped. I'. T. Association Hours Debate— The regular monthly meeting of the Parent-Teachers association was hold in the high school auditorium last week Tuesday night, and the program Included a playlet, "The Red Plush Album," by a group of children. The characters were dressed In the fashions of |1.894, and were: Aunt Adeline, Cousin Zeke, Wedding Picture of Mother and Dad, the Baby, Two Little Girls in Blue, Grandpa and Grandma, Little Brother. The Old Schoolmaster, and the College Youth. A debate' was he'.d on the question, Resolved: "Dat Women-folks alnt got no right to vote in Fenton," in which Mesdames Christie in His Swift Army Tank Wnlter Christie, automotive engineer, wnvlng from the circular door of ills new super-tank, which was demonstrated to military authorities at Linden, N. .T. The tank can attain a speed of 75 miles an hour on on open road. With the caterpillar tracks it can speed across any rough country at 4!) miles mi hour. It possesses %-lnch armor and carries a one-pound cannon and 30-cnllber machine guns with 2,100 rounds of ammunition. ise Manning, her daughters, and a Mies Thompson, of Lotts Creek ; the Glenn Haases, Woolstock; and Mrs. Herman Gade, near Fenton, and her children. The Standard Bearers met last week Monday night at the Methodist church, with Myra Stelnback as hostess. Florence Laabs had charge of the program. There were 15 members present. Ice cream and cake were served. and I Circle at the Elza Woltz home this week Friday. Community Club Dinner Tonight — The community club will hold a monthly meeting and have dinner at the ; .Marvin hotel this week Thursday evening. Birthday Supper Is planned— A birthday supper will be served at the Presbyterian church next tend school last V«cfc r being 111 with Intestinal-flu. 'The Arthur Tietz family moved last week to a farm near Fenton. The P. Li. DremmeTs visited the Orvlllc Harrs at Rolfe Sunday. x The R. S. Johns entertained at bridge lust week Tuesday evening. 142 FAMILIES ARE ASSISTED IN JANUARY Mrs. Elinor T. Sutton, county welfare worker, haft filed the following report for January: Number of old families 105 New families 37 142 Calls at office 105 Calls to families 01 Calls for families 211 Letters 189 Telephone calls 147 Telegrams lg Localities Visited In January.*"'" Outside of Algona. Bancroft 3 Non-custodian psychiatric treatment 1 Iowa City papers 3 Adjustment within family group 2 Juvenile court action 2 Non-residence notice from other county accepted 2 Family transported to other community 1 Family Status. Married couple 77 Unmarried couple 1 Widow 27 Widower' 6 Dqserted woman Divorced _-; ------------------- * Separated -^ ----- J. ----- -— ---- - ft Single man ------- — , — -- ------ 1A Single woman * ----- — .- — -— — \ •' ANOTHER SCHOOL OF Ism, this one out on the Pacific; coast, has written for sample copte* of the Advance. Nearly every r*a» ornlzed school of Journallsni In t*a> United States has had Its student* study Advance style. 4ttC HEAD THE WANT-ADS. Henry Boevers and his daughter Lllas accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Homer Boevere, West Bend, to Mason City Sunday, and they spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. George Boevers, who were recently injured in an auto accident. The W. T. Ohms and Mrs. Ohm's slstere Matilda, Olivia, and Lillian visited from Saturday till Sunday evening with Elnora Pompe and Gladys Saunders, teachers at Cor- rectlonville, Mr. and Mrs. Emll Bier and Will Underbeck, of Klemme, visited at Ed Welsbrod's Saturday and Sunday and called on the E. R. Schleis, John Bolllngers, and Elmer Weia- brods. The Rev. Mr. Snyder and his son E. A. Weisbrod, A. H. Meyers, J. Warren motored to Lake City 'after school Friday afternoon to see Mrs. A. Schwartz ,nnd G. D. Belken participated. After a short business meeting, lunch yas served in the basement. Foreign Missionary Society Meets— The W. F. M. S. met last Thursday .at the church. Mrs. Charles Glaus, devotional leader, and Mrs. H. P. Weisbrod had charge of the study lesson. A vocal duet by Mrs. 0. J. Stephenson and Mrs. J. F. Newel was given and a talk, Reading China, was given by Mrs. B. A. Wslsbrod. The first Mite box opening took place and the president; Mrs. C. G. Humphrey, read the gift and the giver. Plans were made fo* a quilt for the missionary Christmas box. Lunch followed adjournment. Mrs. A. H. Meyers and Mrs. W. R. Wolfe were hostesses. Snyder, who Is caring for her mother, Mrs. H. G. Losse, who is sick. Mrs. Kate Newel, her grandson, Harold Newel, and Gordon Weisbrod drove to' Hartley Saturday afternoon for a visit till Sunday at Mrs. Newel's son Le Roy's. Mrs. Henry Schulte entertained her bridge club Saturday afternoon. The high score was won by Mrs. W. V. Yager. Mrs. R. C. Goetsch was a guest. Mrs. Christina Iverson, southwest of town; epent last week with Fenton friends. Milton Weisbrod attended the Farm and Home week at Ames last week. Other Bnrt Mrs. Otto Kraushaar and little daughter Jo Ann, came Thursday from Cambridge, Mass., called by the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. O. P. McDonald. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil McDonald met Mrs. Kraushaar at Ames. The latter returned to their home at Sioux City Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Frank Bahling and Edna Staley spent last week at Ames, where they attended the Farm and Home Week short course. Mrs. Bahling was delegate from the Burt township Farm Bureau. The Rev. and Mrs. J. B. Clifton were hosts at a .health demonstration party last Thursday evening. The supper was served by O. "G. Stow, representative of an aluminum cooking utensil company. Russell Chlpman came up from Ames to spend the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Chipman, and they took him back as far as Fort Dodge Sunday. Ellen Schryver, Helen Johnstone, Oharlotte Warrior, and Anna , Over- guard were Sunday evening dinner guests at Myrtle Hanna's. near Lone Rock. The W. T. Trainers moved Friday Into the Kriethe house on Main street. The Shanor house, which Burt Lakota 3 Ledyard 2 Lone Rock l Lu Verne ; 2 Sexton Swea City 2 Titonka Wesley i Whittemore , l Cresco township l Grant township 1 Irvington township l Outside of County. Llvermore 2 Problems Presented. Unemployment 21 Indebtedness 7 Cardiac 3 Malnutrition 6 Epilepsy _. 2 Syphillls ... 3 Gonorrhea 2 Disease of respiratory system .. 5 Maternity 5 Alcoholism 7 Chronic illness 16 Acute illneas 4 Quarantine 1 Paralyzed or crippled 9 Old age 22 Blindness or sight seriously Impaired i 3 Need of optical care 4 Need of dental care '. 9 Feeblemindedness 5 Psycho-neuroais 1 Psychosis 5 j^ -»S NOW YOU CAN BUY A GENUINE MAYTAG WASHER FOR THAU 1 PHONE for a Maytag Washer, a Maytag Ironer or both. Judge them on performance in your own home. If the Maytag doesn't sell itself, don't keep it. Divided payments you'll never miss. THE NEW MAYTAG IRONER— Here is a worthy companion to the Maytag Washer. Because of its exclusive Alakrome Thermo- plate, it heats faster and irons better. It is a separate complete unit which can be used in any room in the house. TUNE IN— Enjoy the Maytag radio hour over N.B.C. coaat to coast blue network-rcvery Monday 9:00 P.M., E.S.T.— 8:OOC.S.T. :00— P.C.Tj . Neurosis 1 Juvenile delinquency 4 Irregular sex relationships 3 Illegitimacy 1 Behavior problem 3 Imprisonment 2 Family deeertlon 3 Deserted woman 1 Attitude producing conflict between husband and wife 4 Begging tendency .— 2 Bonus withml electricity may lime thi Maytag Aluminum Washer eq with in-built gasoline Multi- NEWTON, IOWA THE MAYTAG COMPANY : Fowdtd 1191 Permanent Northwestern Factory B ranch, Maytag BoIMImg 1 — i 515 Washington Ave., North, HI nneapolls, Minnesota Public Sale As I am quitting the farm and moving to town, J will hold a closing out sale at my place 4y 2 miles, south and V t mile east of Whlttembre; 2i/ 2 i niles north and 114 mile east of West Bend, on Thursday, February 19 FBEE LUNOH SERVED AT NOON — SALE IMMEDIATELY AFTER LUXCH 6—HEAD OF HOUSES—0 Black gelding 12 yrs. old, wt. 1500; bay mare, 15 yrs. old, wt.. 1500; brown mare 10 yrs. old, wt. 1700; sorrel mare 16 yrs. old, wt. 1400; black gelding 5 yrs, il™ 1 1400; brown driving horse 14 yrs. old, wt. -iU , top b^ggy; tanfc heater; pump '. S 1( l tte 1100'lb,qreanv separator ; 6 h. p. en- ~« * oc v9 *»y m?i.8. . I ^th"r7^L pian °5 Mwaier Kent radio; phonograph " fov «? d8; carbide reading lamp; lounge; sinfc; fy StOVe? Irltnhan ooVl^at. At-nintr vnnnl table! with your 8TRUECKER Farewell Honors the Bliickwonns— A surprise farewell party was given for the Alfred Bleckwenns at their home near Falrville last week Wednesday night. There were 45 friends and neighbors in attendance, and 500 was the entertainment. A large picture was presented to the Bleckwenns, who will leave this Wednesday for a new home at Dalton, Neb. Mr. and Mrs. -Bleckwenn's relatives went to their home this week Monday with baekets of food and had a farewell dinner with them. Quilting Bee at Mrs. McFall's— Mrs. Frank McFall recently entertained 'a number of women at a quilting bee at the home of her mpther, Mrs. John Menz, south of town, and attending were the Mesdames Carrie Voight, Philip 1 Weisbrod, T. N. McFall, Wllbert Hull- dorf, W. R. AVolfe, J. B. Hanson, Arthur Voight, Christina and William Voight. Iverson, Beauty Shop to Open Soon- Gladys Weisbrod came home Saturday from Des Moines, where she recently finished a course at the Iowa Beauty school. She will remain with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Weisbrod, a few weeks before starting work. She plans to open a shop here. G. W. Newels Move to Farm— The G. W. Newels have moved to G. W.'s farm, south of town. They have only the house and grounds, the rest of the land having been rented! Mr. Newel will continue to do business in town. He was formerly cashier of the Fenton State bank. , Eiglcr Meets GUI Playmate— Mr, and Mrs. F. H. Eigler visited Sunday afternoon at the Rev. Edward Pruitt's. Emmetsburg. Mr, Eigler and the Rev. Mr. Pruitt were boyhood friends, and they had not seen each other before in many years. BURT SELECTED STATE DECLAM CONTESTANTS Burt, Feb. 10—The declamatory tilt last week, with the oratorical and dramatic classes Tuesday,even- Ing, and the humoroue class Thursday evening. Marie Giddings and Paul Kriethe Jr. were chosen winners In the oratorical class; Norma Bettln and Gardner Patterson, with Raemond Koestler as alternate in the dramatic class; and Beada Kollasch and Derrald Riddle, with Joseph Graham and Viola Riddle, as al- 'ternate in the 'humorous class. Mrs. C. O. Bailey, Mrs. Donald Weir, and the Rev. L. Richman judged the first contest, and Mrs. J. W., Dor- ranee, Mrs. P. F, Kriethe, and Mrs. Maude Hanna were judges of the second contest. The winners will speak again before the high school and one will be chosen from each class to represent Burt In a contest at Algona, In which Wesley and Lu Verne will also compete. they vacated, will be occupied by Dr. H. S. Van Vranken. Mr. and Mrs. Hollls Trainer, have moved here from Sparta, Wis. Mr. Trainer is working for the Hormel company and his headquarters will be at Algona. A number of Methodist Sunday school workers plan to attend a Sunday school training school at Algona for the next five Wednesday evenings. Victor and Jo Ann, children of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lowe, Algona, spent several days last week with their aunt, Mrs. L. Sheldon. The Portland Farm Bureau Non-support of dependent dren chil- Widow with dependent children- 16 County charge living outside of county 4 Non-residence . 9 Transient 1 Family burned out 1 Services Rendered. Employment adjustment 1 University Hospital — 5 Private physician 10 Private hospital ' 3 Emergency operation 2 Public health nurse 3 Dental care .. ..... hold Its annual banquet at will the Fire at Klrclier's Put Out— The fire department was ALUMINUM WASHER PORTABLE IRONER A. K. CLIFF-Utility Shop Old Modern Dry Gleaners Building Phone 791 ARMSTRONG—Corner Hdw. Co. BANCROFT—Smith Maytag Co. FKNTON—W. E. Stoeber. LAKOTA—Walter W. Boienan. LIT VERNE—C. H. Uehty * SWEA CITY—A. B. TwMtom. WE8UET—Lease •WHITTEMORE—J. H. called out again Wednesday noon. The Kircher house, occupied by the John Briggs family, had taken fire from the chimney. The fire was discovered before it had much .headway and was put put without water. Little damage was done. Mrs. Kircher came up from Eagle Grove Fri* Frank McFall Birthday Observed— A number of friends were enteiv tained at Frank McFall's Friday night In honor of Mr. McFall's birthday. The .evening was epent at rook, after which a two-course luncheon was served. John Kramers Have New Son— A son, Lloyd Leslie, was born to Mr. and'Mrs. John Kramer lapt week Monday. Mr. Kramer's sister, Mrs. Jacob Nelson, of Rlngsted, has been caring for Mrs. Kramer and the new baby. B. B. Schlei Brother Sick— E. R. Schlei accompanied, brother Henry, of Klemme, to his the Hampton clinic one day last week; Henry is taking treatment at the hospital. ^^^^ Other Fenton News Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Weisbrod entertained Fenton relatives and friends at their home at Emmetsburg at dinner 'Sunday. The guests were: Maxine and Hazel Wetebrod. Mr an* Mrs. F. ?• Newel, Clarence Osborn, Mr. a.ijd Mrs. Raymond stoeber Shelby Weisbrod. Marjorie, Bailey, Clarence Men?, May JSwJpf,e], Carl Voisht, and Paul Zwlefel. Mr, an4 Mrs. U 3- W«»ro( JtSnU rel*tlv<f Sunday: Mr* par.** H^?< nif? 10 "*. *E? day to order needed repairs. Algonian Will Address Club— • The next meeting of the Woman's club will 'be at tne schoolhouse next Monday evening, and the public is invited to attend. The program will consist of a talk on. Latin America by Mrs. W. F, Walker, Algona. Slides of pictyres in Argentina will be shown and there will be Latin American music by Ruth Hodgson. Tom Trenary Rochester Patient— Tom Trenary went to Rochester last Thursday, and next day was operated on for appendicitis and ulcers of the stomach. (Mrs. Trenary, the children, and his brother, Herbert Trenary, Lakota,, went up to -see him Sunday and found him getting along nicely, McDonalds Hosts at Party— The J. G. McDonalds entertained the followisg persons at a bridge party Monday evening: the 0. B. Sigsbees, Wyott Stotts, P. W, Kol- lasches, H. EJ\yoldts, R. F.'j31vidg«s, Charles Scptts, L,eR,oy Boettchers, and R. A. Bleichs, Masonic School Here Tuesday— >A district Masonic' school of. instruction will be held at the Masonic hall here this -week Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday evening dinner will be served by the Eastern Stara. Presbyterian church this week Wednesday. The Owen Chlpmans, Milwaukee, arrived Monday for a week with Owen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Chipman. F, C. Gibbons and Willis Chipman returned Sunday from Bear River, Minn., where they had spent a cou^ pie of weeks, (hunting. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Giddings and her daughters, WUHamina and Mrs. R. Housour visited the Lawrence Doeges at Titonka Sunday. Hiram Ward, Buffalo Center, transacted business here and visit ed at the G. C. Giddings home Friday. Mrs.- J. H. Hulburt, Glldden, and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard, Lone Rock, visited laet week Tuesday at Mrs. Maude Hanna's. , George Hawcott and Samuel Reynolds, Titonka, attended hog sales at Marcus last week Tuesday and Wednesday. The Harry Hargreaves family, Algona, and the O. H. Grahams, Fenton, were Sunday gue"sts at C. L. Holding's. The Rev. J. E. Clifton attended a ministers' meeting at Garner last 'week Tuesday, . Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Stow attended a Wear-Ever aluminum convention at Marshalltown Saturday.' Mrs. Mathilda Ward is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Emily Breckner, Whittemore. Mrs. M. M. Chipman spent the week-end at Milo Brown's, near Garner; Forty members and visitors attended Aid at Mrs. M. J. Ryerson's last Wednesday afternoon. Gordon Schmidt was unable to at- R* I* REDS Herbert Moores Move Herfe— The Herbert Moores, The standard weights of Reds are: pock, 8 1 /! Ibs., cockerel, 71/2 Ibs.; hen, 6% Ibs.; pullets, 5V 2 Ibs. Produce buyers pay top market prices for the American breeds of poultry which the Rhode Island include Reds. Our Reds are Tompkins strain. We have shown birds from our flock at a few poultry shows, have been living at Oklahoma City three years, returned to JSyrt Friday are spying at present' (Winnings next week.) Chicks, $18.50 per hundred 1 at farm. Blood tested for B. W. P. CHAS. PHELPS & SONS CttrteUt— frodmet of C«nw>l Molar* Chevrolet has set a new standard of value Although the new Chevrolet Six U on* of the moat Inezpenahre automobllea on the market, It pffera fine-car atyle, perform* •nee, comfort and dependability. .And along wrlth the economy of • low purchaae price, you get the aaviuga of very low operating coat and long Iff* with little upkeep » New low prleea « Roaditer, $478 i Sport Roadster wttfc rumble aeat, 9495 t Coach or Standard Fl**> Window Coupe, $5451 Phaeton, |51f| Standard Coupe, $535} Sport Coup* (rumble aeat), $575| Convertible Cabriolet. f615| Standard Sedan, «635, Special Sedm f •iSO. Price* f. o. b. Flint, Mich, Spada* equipment e»tm. NEW CHEVROLET SIX Th, fr^HAmeHem See Your Oenler B«l»w KOHU1AAS BROS., DUtributort Titonka WJMfcfr

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