Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1931 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1931
Page 10
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PAGE TEN K088UTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA , r-jf rf'f ,'-\ *i'-" 10VIES SHOWNI AT SWEA GITYI NIGHT SCHOOL Swca City, Feb. 2-^-Monday night test week 133 men and women attended night school in the high •chool auditorium. The lesson consisted of five reels of motion pictures from the visual Instruction de- partment'of Iowa state college. Two Teels were shown for women—one •on the use of oranges, and one en titled, "The Sixth Sense." Two oreels [or the men entitled, "Exit Ascaris," and a comedy, 'Alice Chops "the Suey," finished the program. .'This week Monday the men's lesson •was "How Shall We House our Hogs?" There were practical denv wnstrations of hog houses. The wo -men's lesson was on preparation of desserts. Sportsmen Moot jit Armslronff— Last Thursday evening sportsmen from surrounding towns met in the Ugh school auditorium at Arm strong to discuss the restocking of Iowa lake with fish and the sowing of wild rice around its border to attract wild ducks. Iowa lake lies on both sides of the Towa-Minneso- 'ta line and men attended from both 'States; also Mr. Snunders, Km- jnetsburg, member of the state conservation board, E. AV. Youngdale, •••engineer of the Minnesota game and .Jish department, and Dr. Ivass, of Sutherland, president of the Iowa Dilg league. The men discussed .seining the lake with an inch mesh at spawning time to rid the lake of carp, instead of the present method used in commercial fishing. Controversy arose on the present method of handling the situation. It was decided to restock the lake, land sow the wild rice. Mother-DiuiRhter Banquet Tonight— The Methodist Men's Brotherhood of Swea Cfity last week decided •to have a mother-daughter banquet this week Thursday Committees were appointed by Frank Thomson, chairman of the brotherhood, as follows: Invitation, Mrs. .Sam Warburton, Mrs. R. A. Bravender, Mrs. J. E. Young; program, TWrs. William Thomson, Miss Iva •Moats, Mrs. T. F. Mitchell; kitchen, Arthur Christiansen, Jay Godden, Hoscoe Mayne, menu. Dr. A. O. Keck, G. 1). Curtis, y. V. Carter; dining room, olp Seylor, R. A. Br.i- vender, Elmer Smith. Odd Fellow Officers Installed— La.st week Monday night Odd Fellows installed the following officers; John 1-1. Sc'hiieier, X. G.; Ora. D. | Simmons, v. (i. : B. F. Rhodes, sec- 1 retary; G. B. Hiirner, treasurer; II. j E. Jensen, warden; J. L. V'aux, conductor; lid Kinney, I. G.; ,1. E. liar..nor, O. G.; Buell Johnson, R. S. to N. G.; William Christianson. L. S. to N. G.; Monford Peterson, R. S. to V. G.; V. A. Kinney, L. S. to V. G. Samuel AV.irbiirton, chaplain; Martin Nelson, R. S. S.; C. F. McGregor, L. S. S. H. H. E. Jensen was Installing officer. Niagara Falb After Huge Section of Rock Fell Here is a photograph of the American falls at Niagara showing the "horseshoe" created by the fall of thousands of tons of rock. The dotted line shows the former Jlne of contour. The picture was taken from Goat island. NO, 3 TESTING REPORTS LIST LEADING COWS Laicota, Feb. 3 — Following is the December and January report of the North End Dairy Herd Improvement association, or Kossuth No. 3 testing association, Virgil Laucks, tester: Good feeding, care, and management, with good breeding, seem to be always at the top of good production. In the report of high herds for December, Stoutenburg & Jones, near Kurt, have |lif> grade Guern- seys which averaged 1S2S pounds milk and -10.4 pounds butterfat, with ^ev(?n cows on the honor roll. \V. J. Bourne—15 grade Holsteins, nveraged 109!) pounds milk, 3S.2 pounds butterCat; 5 cows on honor roll. eo Bernhard — 14 registered and grade Holsteins; averaged ll!l.~> pounds milk, 31l.ll pounds butterfat; seven cows on honor roll. II. AV. Hobson — Jri grade Guern- seys, averaged SI7 pounds milk, 3G.3 pounds butterfat; four cows on honor roll. AVill Chrlstonsen — eight grade Ouernsoys, averaged 074 pounds milk, 35.s pounds butterfat; three cows on honor roll. Henry Lampe — 17 registered Hoi- sen, (I3G pounds milk, 46.S pounds butterfat; third, registered Shorthorn owned by J. E. Telcnmp, 1070 pounds milk, 43.9 pounds butterfat. . 400 Cows Tested in December. There were 406 cows on test in December, 105 dry and they avei-- aged 551 pounds milk, 2lK9 pounds butterfat. There were 56 cows on the honor roll, and 24 of these made over 50 pounds o f butterfat. One cow died, one was sold foV milk and two were sold for beef. Twelve members are feeding silage; 23, legume hays; 27, low protein feeds; 1C, high protein feeds. In January there were 396 cows on test, S3 dry, and they averaged 641 pounds milk, 25 pounds butterfat, with 76 cows on the honor roll, 26 making over 50 pounds of butterfat. One cow was sold for milk, three for beef. Seventeen members w-ere feeding silage; 24, legume hays; 2S, low protein feeds; 20, high protein feeds. Council Minutes steins, four averaged i]913 School Wins Two Games— The Swea City high school basketball team won two g-ames last week, one from Ledyard Tuesday evening at Ledyard, 23-17, and the •cither on home floor from Fentqn Friday evening, 41-15 .The Cardinals play 'Fort Dodge here Tuesday Tiight. Fort Dodge has a record of OS games w on without a loss, and the Cardinals have won 12 games -without a loss. The Cardinals will play Ledyard Thursday evening. Elimination 'Dcclam' is Held _ An elimination contest in high echool declamatory work was held ^Friday, and winners are: oratorical _ Kalph Stockman and Kenneth Brickson; dramatic — Maynard Jensen, Doris Jensen, Lois James, and Dencil Stockman; humorous— Francis Kuchynka, Charles Peterson, and Luella Jensen. The final congest will b e held in two weeks. Ames Expert Gives Talk _ Earl Schultz, of the Ames extension department, was i n Swea City Friday and talked to 25 men at the Legion hall. He advised use of home grown feed, and said that after experimentation soy beans •were found to be the cheapest supplementary feed to get protein -In the daily ration, County Agent ^"Morrison was present, JLegioii Sponsors Pinochle Contest- Something new here was a pin- *chle contest Thursday between Legion members and "old timers. It was close and long drawn out. The men kept at the game all night, and whe n morning arrived decided to call the contest a tie, and play it off at a later date. Between 30 *nd 40 men were present, and all -are i;eady and waiting for the next tattle. Infantile Paralysis Patient Improves Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Anderson and baby O f Ringsted, visited at the Frank Thomson home last week. 3€rs. Anderson, who is Mrs. Thomson's cousin, said her brother, who had a severe attack of Infantile paralysis, is recovering. Second Meat Market Opens— Swea City will have a second meat market when Jerome Hurt and Ole Seylor open their new market thJs week in the old Farmers bank ^building, which is being thoroughly -cleaned and painted. New fixtures are being installed. 300 Attend Father-Son Banquet _ The father and son banquet a •week ago Monday at the Armstrong Methodist church was attended by 200 from the group consisting of •churches at Estherville, Armstrong Ttolliver, Greattinger, and Swea City. Swan Nelson to Hospital— Swan Nelson is in a Mankato hospital taking treatment for bladder trouble. Mr. Nelson has been HI for some time. -*• HUSICAL CONTEST BILLED TONIGHT AT WHITTEMOflE •Whittemore, Feb. 3 — A home talent musical contest will take place this week Thursday evening «t the Higgins hall. There will be *Mdling, jig, clog, and Charleston dancing, whistling, yodeling. singing, selections on accordions, banjos idteleles, mouth organs, and other ^entertainment. Prizes for the best :*Hmbers will be awarded, and after *lw entertainment there will be an L'«WUme dance. pounds milk, 34.C pounds butterfat; seven cows on honor roll. P. P. Kriethe — 24 grade Holsteins, five dry, averaged 833 pounds milk, 30.3 pounds butterfat; seven cows on honor roll. High Herds for January. The report of the high herds for January follows; Stoutenburg & Jones, 15 grade iuernseys, 821 pounds milk, 37.8 pounds fat; seven cows on honor roll. W. J. Bourne, 13 grade Holsteins, 1098 pounds milk, 37.5 pounds fat; three cows on honor roll. Leo Bernhard, 14 registered and ?rade Holsteins, 1159 pounds milk, 37.2 pounds butterfat; five cows on honor roll. Henry Lampe, 10 registered Holsteins, three dry, 1055 pounds milk, 37 pounds butterfat; six cows on honor roll. Will Christensen, nine grade uernseys, one dry, fi72 pounds milk, 36.G pounds butterfat; four cows on honor roll. John Steinhard Jr., 19 grade Holsteins, three dry, 1914 pounds milk, 33.9 pounds butterfat; six cows on honor roll. Albert Krosch, 19 grade Guern- seys, two dry, 702 pounds milk, 31 pounds butterfat; seven cows on honor roll. J. E. Telcamp, a3 registered Shorthorns, three dry, 774 pounds milk, 30.7 pounds butterfat; five cows on honor roll. High Cows for December. All these herds have been fed le- ume hays and balanced rations, and a'l but three herdb* are fed silage. The high cows for December were; first, a grade Guernsey owned by Stoutenburg & Jones producing- an average 'of 1606 pounds milk, 73.2 pounds butterfat; second, a registered Holstein owned by Henry Lampe, w lth an average of 1C'59 pounds of milk, and 71.3 pounds butterfat; third, a registered Holstein owned by Henry Lampe producing an average of 1546 pounds of milk; 711,1 pounds bue- terfat; fourth, a registered Holstein owned by R. H. Walker & Son Swea City, J981 Ibs. milk, G5.4 Ibs. butterfat; fifth, a grade Holstein owned by Paul Kriethe, with 1978 pounds milk, and 65.3 pounds butterfat; sixth, a grade Holstein owned by John Steinhard Jr., 1333 pounds milk, co.3 pounds butterfat; seventh, a grade Holstein owned by Leo Bernhard, 1864 pounds milk, C1.5 pounds butterfat. High Coivs for January. The high cow for January was a registered Holstein owned by Henry Lampe which averaged 1841 pounds milk, 75.5 pounds butterfat; second registered Holstein owned by H. Lampe, 2079 pounds milk, 74 1 pounds butterfat; third, grade Holstein owned by John Steinhard, 1854 pounds milk, 68.G pounds butterfat fourth, registered Holstein owned by Henry Lampe, 1770 pounds milk 63.7 pounds butterfat; fifth, grade Holstein owned by John Steinhard 1767 pounds milk, G3.C pounds but terfat; sixth, grade Holstein own ed by Hillard Abbas, 1584 pounds milk, G0.2 butterfat. s The high two-year-old for Decem ber was a grade Guernsey owned by Stoutenburg & Jones, moi pounds milk, 57.3 pounds butterfat- second registered Holstein owned by Henry Lampe, 1403 pounds milk, 52.7 Ibs butterfat; third, registered. Holstein owned by Paul Kriethe, 1370 pounds milk, 48 pounds butterfat. The high two-year-old for January was a registered Holstein owned by- Henry Lampe, 1451 pounds milk, 50.« Pounds butterfat; second grade Guernsey owned by Will Christen- Alsona, Iowa, January 29, 1931 —City council met in regular session on this day at the city hall, and among other things allowed the following bills: ELECTRIC FUND J. W. Kelly, salary $ 165.00 Leo Bollock, salary luO.OO Walter Gorman, salary 135.00 Tom Halpin, salary 135.00 85.00 130.00 Ray Barton, salary 130.00 Vdah Carlson, salary 145.00 Westinghouse Elec. Supply C. C. Wright, salary [-1. E. Stephenson, salary— Co., mdse. Westinghouse Elec. Supply Co., mdse. Terry Durin Co., mdse. Cedar Rapids Pump & Supply Co., mdse. The Pink Supply Co., mdse. National Stamping & Elec. Works, mdse. John A. Clark Elec. Co., Line Material Co., mdse. dist. 238.93 Security Petroleum Co., dist. - 495.01 Shell Petroleum Corp., dist. 219.25 Vacuum Oil Co., lub. oil — 48.84 Electric Supply Co., mdse— 655.55 Warren Electric Co., mdse.- 11.25 Fulton Iron Works, mdse— 20.24 Benjamin Elec. Mfg. Co., mdse. General Elec. Supply Corp., mdse. N. W. Bell Telephone Co., rent Matt Parrott & Sons mdse. 97.38 27.44 78.02 22.30 23.32 7.11 8.71 83.20 P. A. Newville, burying dogs 3.50 Frank Green, salary '__ 125.00 10.00 9.46 .30 2.10 4.55 O. AV. Erickson Hdw., mdse. 24.45 Thos. Akre, rent Skelly Oil Co., gas K. D. James, mdse. M. M. Morrow, mdse. N. W.' Bell Tel. Co., service. Laing & Muckey, mdse. 1.15 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 5.75 Harley Adams, labor 1.00 Jesse Umbenhower, care of dump 5.00 Graham Co., mdse. 8.76 (lock, atao a reasonably. — sen, Iowa. few pullet*; pHcetl Mike Schmidt, otto* ifttozo-zi IF TOU HAVE SOMETHING TO buy or sell, or exchange, write for our-special low classified advertising rates and Hat of the leading county weeklies of Iowa.—IOWA NEWSPAPERS INC., 214. Royal Union Bldg., Des Moinea, Iowa. g32tf Iowa Standan ONE AND ONE-THIRD FARE for the round-trip via. the Milwaukee road beUyeen all stations,' Postvllle to Inwood, also Decorah. Tickets on sale dally, return limit iB days. For further particulars ask Local Agent, The Milwaukee Road.—-Adv.' No. 231. MAN WANTED — DES MO1NES manufacturer wants married man with car for special advertising work In Kossuth county. Pay $32.50 to $40 weekly and expenses to honest hard-working man. Guarantee steady work.—Write Adv. Mgr. Donald Durham Co., 119 School St., Des Molnes. 43(1)21 REGISTERED CERTIFIED Grimm alfalfa scarified sweet clover. No quack grass, Canadian thistle, dod der, buckhorn. Lowest prices ever quoted. Seed shipped subject Inspection, freight prepaid. Write for club offer free samples. Agents wanted.—North Dakota Grimm Alfalfa Association, Fargo, N. D. Cooperative organization over 500 growers. 45(1)21-22 Sale Dates A. E. Michel, engineering 15.00 SEWER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary __.. 35.00 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 1.05 A. E. Michel, engineering.. 64.00 FIRE FUND C. C. Wright, salary 45.00 American Foundry & Mfg. Co., mdse. 100.SO Kohlhaas Brothers, repairs. 19.S5 H. W. Post, frt. and drayage .79 SAA1MMING POOL FUND O. AV. Erlckson Hdw., mdse. 4.49 Electric Light fund, light and power 176.04 AA'ater fund, service 176.61 A. OGREN, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, . City Clerk. _. y. WANT ADS MODERN HOUSE FOR SALE.—Dr. F. L. Tribon. 7p21 FOR SALE — SMALL house.—D. B. Austin. MODERN 7p21-25 FOR SALE- 40 HAMPSHIRE FALL pigs. Carl Hutchins. 'I;0p21 Graybar Electric Co., mdee. 29.80 AVigman Company, mdse. 12.44 Security Petroleum Terry-Durin Co., mdse. 26.29 4.81 11.S2 80.50 Co., Co., mdse. Matt Parrott & Sons mdse. A. H. Borchardt, mdse. AVestern Union, service Clapp's Master Service, service Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. AV. H. Horan, mdse. Hill Butter Tub & Supply Co., mdse. Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. F. S. Norton & Son, mdse— Kent Motor Co., mdse. O. AY. Erickson Hdw., mdse. O. AA r . Erickson, hdw. Norton Machine Works, mdse. C. M. St. P. & P. R'y, frt. on dist. , H. AV. Post, frt. and drayage 7.68 67.62 1.30 5.50 9.70 2.20 59.85 3.85 .45 1.25 8.79 .90 8.88 68.45 881.66 59.81 R'y Express Co, express -.. 11.53 Standard Oil Co., oil Skelly Oil Co., gas Cleve Barton, labor 5.65 20.44 49.50 Advance Pub. Co., printing- 39.15 Ralph Brown et al, refund deposit 30.00 AV. A. Richardson, labor .. 7.50 S. J. Backus, P. M., rent, ' etc. 8.47 Peter Johnson et al, labor.. 124.88 G. Ray Smith, meter reading _. Mrs. AVilbur Holdren, labor N. AV. Bell Telephone Co., service AA r ATER FUND J. AV. Kelly, salary _ F. E. Ostrum, salary O. E. Atcheson, salary O. B. Atcheson, salary Laura Mitchell, salary George Holtzbauer, labor & mdse. The Master Mechanics, mdse. Harry Barton et al, labor- Jack Hinniman, S. U. I., water tests GRADE FUND Jesse Lashbrook, salary Jesse Lashbrook, salary ... Elliott Skilllng, man and team 38.00 2.10 18.60 75.00 130.00 100.00 25.00 110.00 4.20 30.00 196.18 2.00 74.20 30.00 35.70 14.00 3.50 8.75 5.95 Elliott Skilling, man and team John AV. Geist, labor Frank Skilling, labor Fred Baumgartner, labor Geo. Gunder, labor 40.25 Wlilard Gregson, man and 10.50 125.00 15.00 team GENERAL FUND F. ,A. Newyille, salary P. A. Newvllle, use of car.I FOR RENT—PARTLY MODERN house, close in.—Phone 151. 9p21 AA'ANTED—$1300 ON GOOD security.—E. B. Schmidt, Lu Verne. 8p20-21 'OR SALE: ALFALFA HAY. Floyd Reibhoff. Phone 20F23. • 10P21.22 SINGLE HAND WANTS AVORK on f^arm by year or month. Call Ad- Il3p21 BALED ALFALFA, $16; BALED straw, $5.—C. L. Wittmer, phone 8 on 93, Burt. llp21-25 FOR SALE — STACK ALFALFA hay. Second cutting. — Garrelt Johnson, Burt. Ilu21 FOR SALE—ROSE COMB AVHITE AVyahdotte roosters.—Mrs. A. B. Schenck, Algona. g20-21 FOR RENT—STRICTLY MODERN house for Immediate possession.— Murtagh Brothers. 10p21 TOR SALE—HAMPSHIRE March boar. — Paul Blumer, Llvermbre, phone Lu Verne 6F12, 10FB19-21 END YOUR RUG WEAVING TO Everett Richardson, Route 1, or leave at 415 N. Hall, Algona. p21-22 BEANS: SMALL, AVHITE NAVY Excellent flavor. Fine cookers. Hand sorted. Merle Wellendorf. 12p21,22 WANTED: BY MARRIED MAN", job on farm for the season. Can start any time. Call at Advance office - Ii8pl9-21 FOR RENT MARCH 1—MODERN , 7-room apartment, with garage and garden.—J. B. Worden, 912 S. Minn. st. 15p20-21 QUILT PIECES—FAST prints, percales; trial imuKtiee, 2Bc, postpaid.—Grant's Supply Store Warsaw, 111. 15(1)21-22 COLORS, package. FOR SALE—GOOD S. C. and R. C Rhode Island Red and Ancona cockerels, reasonably priced.—Phone 321, Brown's Hatchery. FOR SALE: SPRINGER Holstein heifer, several" brood sows, sorrel team 5 and 6 years old, several other young horses, rant. William Du17p: FOR RENT—FURNISHED OR unfurnished apartment, downstairs- private entrance. Also sleeping rooms.—One -block north of courthouse, phone 517. 19p21 FOR SALE-WHITE WYANDOtTE cockerels from state-inspected Feb. 5 — Mark F. Miller, 2 miles south of Britt, general farm sale. Feb. 7 — Big market day sale, Burt, Iowa. Feb. 10 — Myers & Ohman, 2 miles west of Rlngsted, general farm sale. Feb. 10 — AVm, McMahon, general farm sale, 5 miles north of Hobarton. Feb. 11 — Otto Wllle, closing out sale, Lu Verne. Feb. 12 — H. F. Olerich, Rolfe, brood sow sale. Feb. 12 — Raymond and Kenneth Selfert, Irvington, closing out 'sale. Feb. i<j — Henry Sheppman, 2 miles west and 1 mile north of Burt, general farm sale. Feb. 17 — Henry Juchem, 5 miles west of Algona, general farm sale. Feb. 18— F. AA r . Davidson, on R. E. Kain farm, general farm sale. Feb. 19 — F. W. Struecker, miles south and mile east of AAMiittemore, closing out sale. Feb. 25 — Albert Potratz, Lotts Creek, general farm sale. BIG SALE OF • BIG TYPE POLAND CHINA BROOD SOWS 60 HEAD Thursday, February 12, 1931 H.F. Olerich Rolfe, Iowa yoiinnpn n n non Shovels Sharpened For every disc "brought to us in February for sharpening we wil sharpen six cultivator shovels without charge This offer expires February 28. Give us a chance to order repair parts in plenty of time. Look over your eveners and other equipment. We give careful attention to replacements and repairs. Thorpe WOOD AND IRON WORKS Old Dray Shop Stand You can save as much as 25% discount by placing your order now. Our flock blood-tested and headed by pedigreed W. Leghorn males direct from Tancred Farms who have trapnested for over 25 years. These chicks are direct descendants of hens that have laid 250-337 eggs a year. Hens .in this state have an average of CO eggs a year. •a , ~~~ "~ "^ ^ P First hatch Feb. 16. New low Prices per hundred on pullet Prices on heavies on request matings. Chicks from year- Cust °m hatching 2c per egg for ling hens slightly higher- ch lcks hatched in February, So per egg for chicks hatched in March. Num- •StSS <T O 19.20 18.80 $10.35 $9.90 Kossuth's Oldest Accredited Hatchery For .six consecutive years We have produced and sold baby chicks f mm Inspected and Accredited flocks. Each layer being individually handledll Authorized ^Inspector from the Iowa Poultry improvement Association E il being culled for Health, Type, Color, *ahd Egg Production. Each and ever J bird is banded and numbered and must conform to the requirements nP particular breed. ' Less culls were thrown out this year than ever before, which speaks well f wonderful work being done by the association. We are proud to be able 11 you chicks from flocks that have met these requirements, yet nricerf in i with.other chicks. - ' m kei The Easy Way Our chicks are the kind that are money-makers, and, with the high oualit into them they are actually the cheapest kind to buy, because they •-S more in results than the ordinary run of chicks that their small additional ss is insignificant. Cheapness often proves an expense in the end. — 'i _ ,• | Choose the easy way to make money with poultry by buying and raisin? L • strong, fine, healthy baby chicks from heavy laying stock. They are what I i need to get results. Good chicks, good profits. l| Supplies \ As usual we will carry a large stock of supplies. Last year we offered a discount on brooder houses, feed, and other supplies to our chick cust This usually meant a saving of from 1 to 4 dollars per hundred on their chin der. This proved so popular that we will do the same thing this year NO J ter how large or small your order may be the supplies needed will be suhl this discount. And you have a very complete line to choose from. The Algona Hatchen J. E. MASON New Location:—li blocks south of the Iowa State Bank Illl CLOSING OUT Public Sal As we have decided to quit farming we will sell the following at a clj sa lP »f- rh* place, known as the old Sample farm 3 miles south, 2 miles? •"- south of Algona, one-half mile east and one-half mile i on , ..U Sale starts at 12 o'clock sharp. Lunch wagon on ground, free coffee between 11 and 12 o'clock. 177 Head of Livestock 17 "^^"""^••••••••••J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M 12 HEAD OF HORSES and MULES 30 HEAD OF GOOD CATTLE old aiu "ead ol 130 HEAD OF HOGS 1! 126 ot Four head of sheep. 40 |ull blood Buff Leghorn nearly Farm Machinery, Etc. - ^^^S^^Si^& S 'IT shape; about stack; and wa8Wn * machine, ° f TERMS; Cash, or see your banker, "So property remayea until Raymond and Kenneth Seiferl, STEWABT aad »*

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