Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1931
Page 7
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iSaK — ^iS 1 - to , cohipWe and „ tirntertowli Bry' Nautilus, Sohg"°« the Chat ' I'and Tha problems of our the inspiration to •ard. aterfowl was written was alone in the family, , author f |thOU Vfof' "failure. He ' m the plctur- 7 a duck, valiantly way to accomplish !"' i" faco of great odda. . Stared Nautilus" is a ."a small marine animal h rt, cut open to show The lesson Holmes 'the shell, Vand'that we "U poem, is that when „ of our life is over it is in r a ° n a W eshou,d_be moving nual custom in her llth classes. Bach pupil must bcrs. [jiving (M 1 ,„„ in the present al- ihouldnot be content to ...mall compartment all of ibut should develop and Bklng higher 'Ideals. . t ot~ the Chattahoochee I to show the true i poetry, and it. is .a-beau-, itlve'of a, river flowing y hills of ; Habersham, galleys of Hall." The ((nature begs the river- to it it must always be going Jring' the call of duty. This .that we have duty to per- L that we must not loiter to temptation. The merry ,e river lightens Its burden . as the joys of nature • duties. expressions of tl|2 I feelings in communion with ive with us the knowledge i we may be tired and It-working, yet if we have [;ean and must go on, leav- past behind us and ever |new arid higher levels. ! these poems teaches the ..... but with the aid of a [phase of nature. The duck, Illus, the river, all are na- Idren. decorallons up In Miss .,. fdofti. There will be two let* In February, but the Juniors Will put Up the second set, Chid StndenhTlo 1'nss Law— the civics pupils are trying out a new Idea. They hav e a laboratory period every Monday, and the first Monday Miss Plaehn made a. list of things In the constitution and had the pupils locate them. This week they are going to draw arid pass a law. Other School News. Miss Duhlgg has started an an- Rngllsh give a memory passage from some American author In answer to roll call. Benjamin Franklin seems to be consulted frequently. The freshmen English classes are reading . Ivanhoe. Miss Wlison's Psychology classes are learning "How to Study." The physiology classes are making posters on pure foods. Irma Dee Roupe has been absent from school because of Illness. AVI1- ma and Robert Etherlngton were absent last week Tuesday afternoon, because of tho death of a small niece, Mr. Bonham Is having tho boys wrestle every Thursday night. The winner In each class will go to Humboldt to take part In a wrestling meet In February. ;.The advanced domestic science class visited the meat market Friday afternoon. Bernard Yeoman has contributed 60 small fish 1 to an aquarium in Miss Horn's room. Oran Hudson, freshman, has quit school. COUNCIL FORBIDS CIGARET PERMITS TO GROCERS HERE A new ordinance classifying business establishments which will be clgarets council was last permitted to handle passed by tho city Thursday night, and applications of the Moo & Sjogren, A, & p., and Thos. Akre grocery stores for per mits were denied. KOSSUTtt COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. IOWA ^LOCALS rM? 1 '™ P ' J> WaUr °n was at Mason C-lty Tuesday. II- B. Brown Is upending a Tow weeks w | Ul her (laughter, Mrs. W. K. Snhoby, Mason City. Rthel English, who teaches at Archer, spent the week-end with her father, the Rev. A. English. Mr. antl Mrs. R. p. Norton went to Marshalltown yesterday to visit till today with in-. Norton's father and brother. 'Mrs. Adam Luchsinger, Whittemore, came Saturday to spend thre« days with M™. D . u Dr t ver . Tllt! fire old friends. Cowan & Son have for some weeks been repairing a theater building at ailmoro city which was recently damaged by fire. Al Bloom Is spending the week at Minneapolis ,, ml at . Paul| nt tcndlng spring fashion shows and buying goods for tho Bloom store. Mr. a.nd Mrs. George Elbert and Mrs. Eugonc Keneflck spent Sunday lit Rolfe with Mrs. Elberl's parents, Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Barnes. Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Rice are spending tho week i n Chicago. Mrs. Rice is attending a gift show and buying gift goods for her Gift shop. Mr. and Mrs. H. J, Lacy returned Monday night from Audubon and De.s Moines. They visited Mrs. PAGE rangements ..for a district assembly here next August. The Irvlngton Farm Bureau will meet at Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Godfrey's tomorrow for an all-clay meeting. Kach family Is to take a covered dish, sandwiches, and dishes. The women will serve and the men will furnish the program. ^ Mrs. Anton Anderson returned Sunday from Eagle Grove, where she had spent a week at her son L. A. Anderson's. Lyman travels for the Sinclair meat company. The elder Mr. Anderson drove .to Eagle Grove Sunday for his wife. Mrs. L. p. Esser, Des Molnes, spent tho week-end with her parents, Mr. ;md Mrs. Prank Winkle. Mrs. \v. J. Graham and Mrs. M. M. Chrlstensen, both of Minneapolis, spent several days last-week with their parents, the Frank Winkles. Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Baker, of De- funeral of KatheMne Cooney. She was bookkeeper and cashier at the Goeders store many years, and made her home w lth Katherlne and Jennie Cooney, Sh,e is now in government service. Sparks from the chimney set the roof of the W. C. Dewel house afire shortly after one o'clock Monday afternoon. G. R. Mantor, a, neighbor, noticed the blaze, and the firemen were called. The fire had gained no headway nnd was soon extinguished. Little damage was done by either fire or water. John Goeddertz, who with his wife Is spending the winter with a daughter, Mrs. O. H. GelnltK, Lltchfleld, Minn., Is here for a week or two. His son William, who lost his wife, lives in the Goeddertz Mr. and Mrs. Goddertz will In May. They have a son home. return , _ „_ Joseph who farms near Littchfleld. witt, came last Thursday to visit' Mrs. A. A. Bishop returned Tues- Mr. n .nd Mrs. H. E. Sorstedt, and flay morning from a week of visits went home yesterday, Mr. Baker, at Burlington and Iowa dlty, At now a bank receiver at Dewitt, was Burlington she visited her daughter receiver for banks.at Bancroft and Margaret, now Mrs. B. I... Hllllard; at Swea City two or thre c years at Iowa City she visited her sister, "•So. I Maude McBroorri, supervisor of the Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Owen returned j "U" elementary school, and the Lacy's parents at Audubon. C. 1 L. Bliley, manager of the Graham store, went to Otlumwa Sunday to spend the week attending a convention O f Graham managers. Ernin. Htelile left Sunday to spend a week or ten days with Mr. and Mrs. Terril Kell, Minneapolis. Mrs. Knll and Ml.ss Stehlo are cousins. Elizabeth Holt/.bauer and Jennie Cooney went to Des Molnes yesterday morning to buy millinery foi their department of the Christensen store. The H. -\v. Jackmans have moved to Mason City where Mr. .Tackman, who represented the Bankers Life hero, has been made district supervisor. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cooney, Chicago, went home last Thursday night, after attending the funeral nf the former's sister, Mrs. Kathe- rlne Cooney. Mrs. Lee Miller, 65, mother of Mrs. Maurice Bartholomew, with whom Mrs. Miller makes her home, fell down stairs Monday and broke According to the ordinance, which her right arm. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Call Jr., Sioux City, and their two children spent Sunday n.nd Minday with Mrs. S. C. Spear. George is a grandson of Mrs. Spear. recently from Sparta, WIs., where they had spent seven weeks with their daughter Merle, Mrs. R. F. Housh. Mr. Owen spent a good deal of the time on the road, selling his product for keeping windshields clean. Mrs. Julius Johnson, Humboldt, who had spent several" weeks with her sister, Mrs. C. F. Lathrop, went home Sunday, accompanied by her grandson, Dick Johnson, also of Humboldt, who had been here two Mr. Johnson came up after MARIGOLD SHOP I TO O LOCATION them. E. R. G. Rledel, near' Burt, was in Algona Saturday evening, and reported that Mrs. Rledel was entertaining her brother, John Rath, who works In a Rockford, III., brick and lo factory, and his wife. The visors arrived Friday and were to o home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Walters, their I Answers In Test— bllowlng brilliant answers i culled from examination i are two seasons—hunt- lan suffrage means that ien always have to-take care hildren and do all the hard |gle less than !)0 degrees is fotscure angle. crossed the Atlantic • plane. lal document containing lour American ideals is the iHaugen bill, rare sic, a physician should k I are connected by gastric i Is a place where you r.flngernails fixed. 1 lines are the same dls- t all the way and do not i you bend them. i Honor Holl— mor roll for the last six t the first semester has been |iuid It bears the- following ien — Lucille Dole, John , Nettle Guehl, Ida Halpln, pert, Elnora. Lattlmer, Rus- 'In, .Violet Norman, Donald ". Picket. mores — Bernice Dearchs, Fiene, Theodore Gasklll, »pke, Lavonne Larson, El- i - Carmllla Fraser, Phyl"", Josephine Lee, - Alva Benson, Hazel irothy Johnson, Gene- ls horn, joh n Simpson. * Initiates Five— *' club is initiating new boys receiving A's , Kenneth Cowan, •n, Harold Bllnkman, and "• There are certain Some of them are: it of schoolhouse at ™ on tiptoe; 3 — tip 1—no chewing of or dancing; 6— in classrooms; 7— | war wooden A's around Black marks are given «are disobeyed, and mark means a terrific a Pafldle, is published elsewhere in this issue of the Advance, only hotels, eating "houses, cafes, lunch rooms, restaurants, billiard halls, bowling alleys, cigar stores, and drug stores can have cigaret licenses In Algona. The councilmen had felt ever since the application of the A. & P. __ ___ for a license in JSecember that gro- j enough .Monday to "visit his laundry Tony iously Kirsch, who had been ser- sick with blood-poisoning since early this year, was well cery stores are not the proper places for the .sale of clgarets. It. is too easy for a minor to order groceries at such stores for the home and have clgarets Included. This could be done without the grocer or clerk knowing that the cigarets were for the use of a minor. It^.was argued that the nature of the grocery business is such that children whereas are in often sent for goods, the business houses listed "in the ordinance purchases are made direct and the proprietor or clerk knows the customer. This was the attitude taken by the .council when it refused, licenses to the three grocery stores. Increased competition and the fact that there are already ten licenses outstanding did not enter Into the discussion. The council felt that it could not set itself up as a price-filing body. 6USTAF HAGG, EX-SOLDIER, DIES; TO BE BURIED HERE ••..(. /. • .Gustaf Hagg, former Algonlan, died Mpnday at Dell Rapids, S. D., after Illness with high blood pressure. Funeral services are to be held at Dell Rapids this afternoon, and the body "is to be brought to Algona tomorrow, when funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock at the First Lutheran church. Mr. Hagg is a son of the late Mrs. Charles Hagg, who died three years ago. He was married to Mildred Madson, and besides his wife is survived by a son, two years old, and a baby born a week ago Monday. He Is also survived by four brothers Arthur, Algona; Hlldlng and Grant, n8 Tryouts Held— last debate tryouts week Monday, and to represent contests: Devlne - v ^or Keen, Mar' and Johanna Flene. Hjalmer, brother, Del' Carl Trent, S. D.; 'and Rapids. Another Hagg, was killed in France, and Hagg post of the Legion here is named after him. ROCHESTER DOCTOR SPEAKS AT COUNTY MEDICAL MEET .'•Dr. .EJ. G. Bannick, Rochester, spoke, at a meeting of the county medical society at the Algona note Friday evening. Dinner, preceded Doctor Bannick's talk. Besides Kossuth doctors there were repre sentattves from Buffalo Center Armstrong, and Rlngsted, and the total attendance was U.8. Doctor Bannick Is related to Postmaster and Mrs. W. A. MacArthur, of Burt 'or a short time. Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Scholten, Spirit Lake, spent the week-end with the latter's father, AV. C. Danson, and other local relatives. Doctor Scholten is a veterinarian. 'Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Mathes, Fort Dodge, and their two sons Herbert and Richard spent Sunday with local relatives. Lyle is still employed in a, Montgomery-Ward store. Margaret Blossom, daughter of J. S. Blossom, was one of a group of students at the State Teachers college, Cedar Falls, recently cited for high scholastic records during the iemester just ended. Horace Webster returned Saturday from Des Moines, where he had been since last Thursday. He took a physical examination for veterans' Insurance". Mr. Webster is employed by Bert Deal. M. J. Streit and Helmuth Miller went to Des Moines Saturday afternoon, returning Sunday night and Mrs. Streit, who had spent a week at her brother Leland Coon an's, came with 'them. Mrs. Everett Harris, formerly Martha Engstrom, Is helping with the book work at the dlstricl clerk's office during this term ol court. She was deputy district court clerk before her marriage. Mrs. Mont., J. H. who is Meusey, Ringling visiting her sister Mrs. C. F. Lathrop, spent the week end at Humboldt with her son Ken neth, an electrician in the employ of a power company there. Ella, daughter of Mrs. H. A. Lew Is, enrolled at the state university last week-end for the second semes ter. She had had two years of col legla'te studies at th'e Steven: school for girls, Columbia, Mo. Bernice Stock, who teaches phy sical education at Eagle Grove spent the week-end with her par ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Stock, an attended a basketball game here Fri day night between Eagle Grove- anc Algona, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sullivan were at Iowa City over the week-end, an Mr. Sullivan underwent examlna tions by Drs. Alcock, Rohner, ani other university experts. Nothing seriously the matter with him wa; discovered. The Rev. J. W. Short, Des Moines district superintendent of th Church of Nazarene, will preach a the local church tonight. The main purpose of his visit is to make ar snt testT" e " Qreen IWane T elven to Mia S K f ee ° metl ' y pupus ia «* ltv W6 sent out on a( ", d the aut h°«» s^s^r the Genuine Blue Ribbon Line Concord Harness only *»« mi greatest harness value > to the quality of the ' an* , SHACKELFORD aughter Frances, son Leo, enry Weber, Irvlngton, with and his hildren, spent Sunday at Rochester ith Mrs. Weber, who had an op- ration on her throat one day last •eok. Mrs. Weber is a daughter of Ir. and Mrs. Walters. W. H. Freeman received word last 'hursday that his brother-in-law, harles B. Davis, Jamestown, N. D., ad died. He was 98 years old, and 'as a Civil war veteran, who en- sted in the cavalry at Fail-field, owa. Funeral services and burial ook place at Jamestown. Darold Newville, who was serious- sick last week with pneumonia •hich developed following an ap- endicitis operation, ,is now Improv- ig rapidly. He is a student at the tate college, Ames. Marshal and /Irs. Floyd Newville, hs parents, got ome Sunday, after several days ,'ith him. Bert Deal, the painter, and three f his men—Merrill Webster, Mike lentz, and Orville Elkins—got home aturday night from Fort Dodge, 'here they had finished a painting oh for the Polka Dot theater. They pent all last week there, and before hat had spent parts of two weeks n the job. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Betts, An :eney, and their daughter Mary Frances spent Sunday with Mayme jetts, who underwent a minor oper- tion at the Kossuth hospital last ,'eek Wednesday. Miss Betts, who s chief operator at the local tele- ihone office, left the hospital early n the week. Elizabeth Kirschner, employed' at St. Paul, went home last week Wednesday, after having attended the three Bishop children, Esther, Ruth, and Harry, who are attending the university. Among Algonians who attended a Farmers & Grain Dealers association meeting at Mason City early last week were Andrew Anderson, A. L. Larson, H. W< Pletch, M. J. Streit, H. W. Hemphill, Geo. W. Godfrey, and Fred Pooch, of Plum Creek. Mr. Godfrey apoke at the meeting, and his remarks drew the first-page streamer in the Globe-Gazette. Mrs. Ella Potter, Sioux City, spent the week-end with Mrs. L. E. .Potter and other relatives here. Ra.y -Miner, of Meriden, who was en route to a grain men's convention at Mason City last Thursday, brought her to Algona and -he and his wife came after her Sunday. Mrs. L. E. Pottor accompanied them'and is spending the week with relatives at Meriden, Storm Lake, and Sioux City. Luke E. Llnnan is one of two alumni of the state university nominated for election as members from the Tenth district of the nominating committee of the alumni association. James K. D. Coddlngton, Humboldt, is the other candidate from this district. The election Is Mrs. Edythe Dailey, who operates the Marigold Beauty Shoppe I and the Marigold Beauty Shoppe II, announces that she will move shop No. 1 to rooms over the Bloom store and the Council Oak grocery store. Work on remodeling the new quarters will commence soon. All of the rooms will- be outside rooms except one. There will be separate rooms for facials, permanent waves, drying and general work. There will also be a reception room. Shop No. 1 will have new furniture and some now equipment. The furniture will b e modernistic in style. In the drying room there will be desks, with stationery and manicure tables, at which patrons may write letters or do their own manicuring. The two shops will be reflnished throughout. Tho new shop's color j scheme- will be black, ivory, and or| chid. Shop No. 1 will have the Eugene and the Realistic permanent \\tive machines. Shop No. 2, which Is now over the Cummlngs store, next west of the James drug store, will be moved to tl'.e old No. ; color scheme In green and rose. .1 quarters. The this shop will be A new , Frederick permanent wave machine wll be installed. Mrs. Dailey expects to have both shops in their new quarters by March 15. IT TAKES BOTH to make prosperity True prosperity is not the result of reckless, indiscriminate spending . . . but of wise, timely spending . . . which, in turn, is impossible without systematic SAVING. Open a Savings Account and keep it up. The Kossuth County State Bank THE PIONEER BANK to be conducted by mail, and the balloting will close April 1. Mr. 485 AT ANNUAL MEET OF THE ALGONA CREAMERY SATURDAY Four hundred and eighty-five persons were guests at the Algona creamery's annual banquet at the I. O. O. F. hall Saturday noon. The hall was filled with tables and every seat was occupied. Many, were served at second tables. The Congregational Aid served and handled the big crowd in a most satisfactory manner. After dinner addresses, were given by Professor Rudnick, Ames, Mr. Escher, assistant manager of Iowa State Brand Creameries, Inc., Judge Quarton, and T. A. - . • , . ,ca, LJU;., j uu&c v£uu.i Lull, U.I1U i. •"-• Lmnans address, in Associated Clarke, of West Bend, state dairy Press stories concerning the nominations, is given as Maurice, Iowa, his old home. Margaret Lawless, Chicago, leti for home Monday, after having been here two weeks. She took care of her cousin, the late Katherlne Cooney, during the- latter's illness. Mrs. Katharine Killian, who came to attend the funeral last week Wednesday, returned to her home at Bloomington, 111., last night. '-Mrs. Killian is a cousin. Mr. ami Mrs. Sol Klemm, of Paton, and James O'Brien, of Royal, other cousins of the deceased, also attended the funeral. Father McGinn, of Lincoln, 111., his mother, of Bloomington, III., drove home last week Wednesday, after the funeral. FOR SALE—BUFF ORPINGTON roosters.-Lewis McWhorter, Burt, Iowa. I0p21 FOR RENT—FURNISHED housekeeping rooms.—405, S. "Worster, phone 693-W. 10u21 HOUSE FOR SALE. ONE OF THE finest, up-to-datlji modern houses in Algona. Second house west of Catholic church. Merle Wellendorf. 20p21,22 (inspector. Notwithstanding Ibwer prices for dairy products during the last year, the creamery cleared nearly $3000 after allowing for all deductible items. WANT ADS #- —* -* WANTED: EXTRA SMALL heating stove. G. E. Van Dorston. Sp21 PRACTICALLY NEW JOHN Deere tractor for vance. sale. — Inquire Ad- 10p21 WANTED — GENERAL HOUSE work.— Write box 24, RR2, Ringsted, Iowa. 9p2122 HOUSE FOR RENT OR SALE.— Call Mrs. McCall at the M. & M. cafe, phone 835. !4p21-22 WANTED TO RENT—HOUSE close to the Kossuth Hospital, or an apartment suitable for housing nurses.—Mrs.' NIta M. Isaacson, manager. 18u21 BETTER SHOE REPAIRING Costs less. We will halfsole any pair of men's shoes brought in on Mondays or Thursdays during February for" $1.15.—Algona's Real Lewis Eike, prop. Shoe Shop, 31p21 SPRING DRESSES Flat Crepes and Prints Spring Colors and Black! Charming frocks copied and adapted from newly arrived imports and the new fashions that the best New York designers have to offer. Flat crepe, and gajly patterned prints in new spring colors. Sizes 14 to 46. * . > PERMANENT WAVE SPECIALS Our new Frederic Combination Spiral and Croquignole permanent wave machine ie here and we are giving special prices for one week only, beginning February 9. With this new machine we have an automatic clock and voltage control. This appliance gives us absolute control of our elec- trjcity, and we cannot over-steam the hair. Spiral Wind ' Croquignole Wind '. $7.50 Combination of the two $9.00 Our Special Price on Naivette Croquignole Waves is $5 We not only have competent experienced operators, but we have the best equipment money can buy for them to work with. Even the most competent operator cannot do good work with cheap equipment. Marigold Beauty Shoppe H Over K. D. James Drug Store. Phone 98' A & P Stores "Let's SAVE!" How often we decide to but don't get started. One o£ the joye of shopping at A&P is that here you can't help but Bave. So instead of deciding to save, just begin shopping at A&P. EIGHT O'CLOCK MILD AND MELLOW Special low price for this week 3 POUNDS 59 T-RE COFFEE TRIO RED CIRCLE . u. 27c RICH AND 'FULL-BODIED BOKAR ... u. 33c EXQUISITELY AROMATIC .AND FLAVORFUL TAKE YOUR CHOICE! The three blends bought by the greatest number of coffee drinkers. Try them and choose the one you like best. Compare the prices with those of other coffees: Remember, "the nffee you like best is the best, no matter what it costs," Butter • ^ CprnorPeas IONA BRAND Pink Salmon 2 25° BLUE ROSE Rice . , . GREAT NORTHERN OR Navy-Beans ..4 Lus.29c Quaker Oats SANTA CLARA DEL MONTE Apriqpts Hominy HAMILTON'S Sauerkraut concerns are to in business just a« th.ejr decide which statesmen are to remain in office. Every purchase in an A&P SJtore is $ yo<£ cast m its ftvpt by % customer, '. And ecfty fay more feoflt vote for Fruit <£> Vegetables is > %lBai*i.«f Oranges

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