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Monroe, Louisiana
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p. exercises of the Parish High School at the opera house. Neighborhood Embroidery Club of the West Side will lie entertained by Mrs. A. S.

Leverett. Thursday, 4 p. of the Teachers Graded Union in the Sunday School room of the Methodist church. p. of the Sunbeams at the Baptist church.

Friday, 10 a. City Auditorium, commencement exercises of rhe City High School. Young Embroidery Club of the West Side, will he entertained by Mrs. Fred Browning. Friday.

8 p. banquet nt the City High School at the Monroe Tot el. Saturday Episcopal Sunday School picnic. Friday The Evening Card Club will be entertained by Mr. and Mrs.

V. M. Lynch. Friday, 4 p. rn.

The Civic League; will meet at the Court House. Friday, 3 p. Executive Committee of the Missionary Society will meet with Mrs. R. II.

Wynn. Saturday, 3 p. H. llice will entertain the Afternoon Five Hundred Club at the home of Mrs. Hope Rons on Breard street.

Mr. M. Munholland left yesterday for New Orleans on a legal visit. Mr. L.

W. Mobley left last night a business trip to St. Louis. Daisy, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

L. H. Swayze, lias been ill for ft week or more. Mr. Louis Arent, of Bernice, is ttie of Mr.

and Mrs. Abe Arent on Hudson Lane. Attorney W. F. Millsaps left last for a brief business tr-p New Orleans.

Miss Cora Maud Henry of Natchitoches, is the guest of Miss Roberta Parker. Miss Clara Dickerson is the guest for a week of Mrs. W. If. DeGraf- fenareid, leaving then for a visit to Columbia, Miss Lila Moore will close her rtclKHrt at Rochelle and return home part of the week to spend the vacation months.

Mrs. Tom Potts of Central America fc; the guest for a short visit of Judge and Mrs. W. N. Potts, then leaving for a visit to New Orleans.

Mr. and Mrs. Pinckney Weaks of Texas, are the expected guests to arrive at an early date of Captain and Mrs J. C. Weaks.

Miss Minnie Starts left yesterday for Lake Charles for a visit of several weeks to friends. She was ac- cximpanied by Miss Effie Buie of Rus-j on. Mrs. L. K.

Ridley left this morning for Shreveport for a visit to Sriends, but will return Friday, and begin actively at work on the May Utay Fete scheduled for May 31st. Miss Dorothy Nulson of Greenville, who has enjoyed a delightful visit to Monroe as the guest of Mrs. M. Jauvernaut and Mrs. Win.

returns home tomorrow, much to the regret of her many friends. J. Peters, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. J.

E. Peters, while practicing on the rings in the city Sec our new Picture Frame Moulding and made-to-order Frames over 100 styles to select from. Oval Frames all sizes kinds and prices. school grounds yesterday, accidentally fell and cut his very badly, it neecsaary to take several stitches. However the little fellow is feeling pretty good today.

Mias Elizabeth Trousdale of the Industrial Institute Faculty, who has been the guest since the closing of school of Mrs. C. H. Trousdale, left for Chicago Sunday to take a summer course. The West Monroe Civic League has selected the Queen of the May Day and on the 30th, she will he legally installed as ovr-r the and with the flower parade and coterie of attendants, the festi-j val will be a beautiful sight.

With an apology to the Senior class of the City High School, the editress wishes to state there are fourteen graduates instead of twelve as erroneously sated twelve rchool girl young ladles, and two boys. the boys must have been obscured by a vision of illusion, ribbon and laces, and in the of fairwomen'' was lost to view, and though both are Lord Chesterfields in deference to ladies, but this being one of the most important events of their lives, they will assert themselves and claim their rights for this is no occasion for them to be overlooked. A Little Girl Miss Mary Jane Carter, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.

Carter of Grammont street, was surprised yesterday afternoon by a number of her friends and school mates, who came for a and happy time, each guest bringing something for the luncheon. Games of all descriptions were played upon the lawn, after which lunch was served. The guests were: Misses Claire DeGraffenried, Helen Haughton, Lydia Neuwerth, Elaine DeGraffenreid, Ethel Haughton, Gra. cie Thompson. Louise Wynn, Pauline Wynn, Josephine Grayson, Lady Bird Ruffin, Hazel Neuwerth.

With Mrs. F. lb Surguinc. Mrs. F.

B. Stirguine was hostess of the Five Hundred Card Club, yesterday afternoon, entertaining quite pleasantly. Throughout the rooms, as floral embellishments were arranged, nas- turtiuns in the greatest profusion. Prizes, pieces of elegant hand embroidery were captured; the first by Mrs. Tom Sullivan; second, Mrs.

T. G. Easterling; consolation, Mrs. L. W.

Mobley; guests prize, Irish crochet card case, Mrs. Verna Watts, who presented it to Mrs. Arthur Drey- burgh. During the afternoon, Mrs. Surguine, assisted by Mesdames Harry Prophit and Joe Renwick, served a coursed luncheon.

The guests w-ere: Mesdames B. Williams, J. M. Cobb, L. W.

Mobley. A. A. Forsythe, T. Sullivan, Lem Smith.

V. M. Lynch, T. G. Easterling, Joe Renwick, H.

B. Rice, W. B. Clark. Guests, Misses Hardie, Monroe, Nulson, Mesdames A.

Dreyburgh, Verna Watts, P. Sandel. A. Nichols, H. G.

Prophit, Joe Washburn. to The popularity of the seniors of the Parish High School was attested last evening at theatre by the overurowded house, standing room being at a premium, that witnessed the presentation of the class play to A comedy sketch, that was amuse- ingly interesting from the beginning, and as the play progressed, interest increased. to called for visits of the city-bred to the country for a outing, they having been vetoed admission to the farm home of Deacon Fity, by Mrs. Malvina Fity, when she takes a respite from her cares and makes a trip to town. Miss Alletta Thompson as Melvina was the sweeting looking of middle age ladies, and acted the part most admirably, while Deacon Fity, Mr.

Robert McEnery, either for make-up or acting Jonesboro, Buffered a complete break down In health, some time writes Mrs. A. McGill, from place. was very weak and could not do any work. I tried different remedies, but they did me no good One day, I got a bottle of Carduf.

It did me so much good, I was surprised, and took some more. Before I took Cardul, I had headache and backache, and sometimes I would cry for hours. Now I am over all that, and can do all kinds of housework. 7 think it Is the greatest medicine on In the past fifty thousands of ladies have written, like Mrs. McGill, to tell of the benefit received from Cardul.

Such testimony, from earnest women, eurely Indicates the great value of this tonic remedy, for diseases peculiar to women. Are you a sufferer? Yes? Cardui Is the medicine you need. We urge you to try it. ni te tn; 1 aJtes' Advisory Chattanooga Chattanooga; for Special and 64 page book. Treatment for sent in plain wrapper, on rcoueau Are Seen By and Democrats Think New Musi Now lie Passed.

Washington, D. May of the discussion and conjecture concerning the decision cf the United tateg Supreme Court in the Standard Oil case these facts loom large. President Taft has no purpose now to recommend to Congress any amendment to the anti-trust law designed to prevent the operation of combinations of capital engaged in restraints of trade. He will not request Congress during the existing extraordinary session to consider the question of corporation control. In his usual message in December he will advocate the enactment of the federal incorporation bill submitted to Congress by the attorney general a year ago.

changed in cer- could scarcely have been improved, tain respects to make it more effec- on by amateurs. His voice and ex-jtive. pression was splendid, and was soi pitched that every word could heard distinctly. Mrs. Brown, the The attorney general will continue to prosecute, both civilly and criminally, trusts which come within the Mattie" of the neigh-1 prohibition prescribed by the Su- borhood, who installed herself to manage affairs during Mrs.

Fity's absence, was well given by Miss Verna Grayson. Miss Mary Noble Faulk as preme Court. On account of the statute of limitations, the department of justice wll not institute criminal proceedings Kate Rollins, the college girl, who; the officers of the Standard came for vacation pleasures, and qjj company then assumed the character of Malvina Fity was exceptionally good. Miss Faulk, as Kate in the first act, gave a toast to the class of 1911, and Persons injured by the methods pursued by the Standard Oil Company may institute civil suits for damages and if successful in establishing their as she waved the permit of O. P.

H.jcaa„ he to the loss S. she made quite a pretty picture, as fhoV sustained. something nice of each class mate was said. As Malvina, when the arrived, by tee donning of a wig of gray curls, if So much for the administration's view of the effect of the decision. In this view most of the regular Republicans in Congress concur.

The at- possible she was even more attrae- titude of the progressive Republicans tive. Miss Clara Hall as Dorothy Bui-j and Democrats is identical. They lock, a summer boarder and Mr. Fred hold- The Paint that Holds to the Wood like a Nail 'T'HE surface of seasoned wood is porous. The jvires are empty sap ceils.

White Lead Faint not only covers the surface a solid film but it fastens into these pores ith a rivet-hke grip that holds for years. The paint that lasts is made of COLLIER Pure White Lead turpentine and linseed oil, and is mixed on the premises after the painter examined the surface to be covered. old-fashioned paint, made in never cracks or scales off and does not have to be burned off way, re-painting. It becomes part of the wood itself Send for Our Free Painting containing color schomos. miscellaneous pnint in cr di rec and of up I.

in your community who use our white lead. Ask for lit ips To ainter If you use our white lead send us your name for our Blue us for circular No. B. It gives particulars. NATIONAL LEAD COMPANY Chestnut Street, St.

Louis HARDW ARE CO. -s -V Yw CONCERNING that old floor so asham- ed demonstrator who wiil be at the City Paint Wall Paper next Friday and Saturday, May 26th and 27th, will show you in a minute how to make it LOOK like a new hardwood floor, and WEAR like all the blemishes, and and make it as light in color I as you will cost you nothing to learn, and be under no obligation to buy. CHl-NAMEL Faulk, as Phillip Cam boy an artist, in love with Dorothy, gave the sentimental touch both acting their parts That the decision of the court is harmful and unsafe. That it will he dffieult to splendidly. Miss Hall is graceful mjno a reasonable or unreasonable rather cute in style, and was one oj 1 restraint of trade and that com- the most conspicuous characters.

The binations which oppress the people auto party comming out to the farm. I wm able to flourish, auto natures pleasures. Mr. Luther That legislation must be enacted, Hall, Earnest Ranch, Hartly Bullock, Theo. Keller, Mrs.

Bullock, Miss Fay Connella, John D. Bullock, Mr. John Morris, were al! characters that made the play. Miss Connella is quite a striking blonde and was easy and graceful in every movement. Though not seniors, but to complete the cast of characters, especial strengthening tHe anti-trust law so as to make every combination in restraint of trade, reasonable or un- asonable, unlawful.

That, if a federal incorporation act be adopted, it shail not be that drafted by Attorney-General Wickersham and now pending in Congress. Of direct and immediate importance to Chicago and the country is mention should be made of Master the effect of the decision on the crira- Eugene Flournoy, the red headed, ilia, pro8ecution of the Chicago pack- bare footed, sore toed Milton George ers. It is the consensus of opinion Washington Fity, who was full of under the terms of the decis- mischief and always eating, aid Angela Latham as a country girl. Nancy Melissy Fity, who wore responsible for the house of boarders, while mother went shoping. The climax, when Malvina returned ion, it will be the duty of the jury which will try the packers to determine whether the combination of the packing houses to restrain trade is reasonable or unreasonable.

The verdict of the jury must be reached and found a house full, contrary to nnder instructions of the juge trying orders, was eased off by the hay being racked, and all the wood chopped despite Mrs. expectations or pleasures. As amatuers, the seniors of O. F. H.

S. in bidding farewell to school- the case and the ower to instruct is unlimited. It Is the view of the government trust prosecutors that this result will be a gain for the people so far as throwing the determination of this THESE UP-TO-DATE DAYS, taking medicine is not the terrifying thing it used to be. Even castor oil has been made tasteless and many children cry for it. All our medicine has been pleasantly disguised and a sucerer may now take the most unpalatable cure without knowing the difference between it and candy or a delicious drink.

Do not, therefore, let thoughts of nasty medicine prevent you from coming here for THAT have a remedy that will please remedy for every common ailment. Here are a Few of Them Aromatic Castor Oil, Cocoa Quinine, Tasteless Cod Liver Oil, Dike's Iron Tonic for Indigestion. Increase the Appetite. Price $1.00. CHASE COLLENS COMPANY 201 DeSIARD STREET MONROE, LOUISIANA credit upon themselves and their school.

The play was In three acts. The setting was a country farm house and surroundings. Conspictuous to be seen in the was a large bowl of the class flower, the sun flower, while In the back yard, tall and state- life reflected more than passing question into the hands of the jury if, concerned. It is apprehended, however, that there may be a danger of a miscarriage of justice in the character of the instructions which the judge wUl give. In short, the judge will practically control the judgment given by the jury.

President Taft and Attorney-General Wiokersham have carefully stud- ly, loaded with blossoms, grew the jed the decision of the Supreme same stately flower. Court. They had the advice of Frank The boxes last evening were re- jp Kellogg, to whose handling of the served for the juniors, and were fes-1 case from ita inception most of the tooned in the senior class colors of, credjt for the victory of the govern- green and gold, the young ladies ment is due. carrying sunflowers. The vaUle of a statute which was rendered more and more certain in Domestic Science and Manuel Train- jts meaning by a series of decisions ing, Parish School.

by the Supreme Court furnisaes a The fire was out; the needle was strong reason for leaving the act stilled; the hammer and saw was as It is, to accomplish its useful pur- silent yesterday in the Domestic pose, even if useful suggestions as Science and Manuel Training depart-; to change of phrase might be made. raent of the Parish High School, yet there was evidence of things not In a word, the President does not contemplate recommending any VOTING COUPON GOOD FOR VOTES MAY QUEEN BENEFIT Monroe Civic League May 31st, 1911 VOTE FOR MISS Li seen, and works accomplished, and amendment of ihe law. He does not Miss Muir, who has had charge of believe that the modification of the this special work, since its introduction into the Parish School, was only too glaff to sliow visitors through. In the needle department, the work on exhibition, which embraces the pupils from the fourth to the sen. iors, would do credit in neatness, daintiness and hand embroidery to older hands, so careful has training and instructions been given.

From the culinary department, tempting morsels of delicious candies, (Continued on Page Five.) statute which the decision of the court makes will affect the ability of the government to prosecute every corporation that ought to be prosecuted. With respect to the decree of the court against theStandnrd, the pres- considers it searching. It requires the dissolution of the combination and specifically enjoins any reorganization which shall constitute in fact a recombination. A violation of the decree would put the ard and its officials in contempt and the Circuit court undoubtedly would mete out to them severe punishment. The decision of the court was tne one topic of conversation at the two ends of the capital.

The Demo- ocrats in the house are preparing to get behind a bill framed for the purpose of strengthening the Sherman law. The measure will be worked out by a number of Democratic leaders, headed by Congressman Clayton, chairman of the judiciary committee. The principle of the bill will be that enunciated by Associate Justice Harlan in criticising the Supreme Court for attempting It will remove the possibility of the courts determining whether a combination is reasonable or unreasonable. Mr. Clayton gave out this statement of his view' of the matter: unexpected public good was accomplished when the court held that the oil trust was amenable to the anti-trust law.

and that under the facts the trust was guilty of violating the law and should be penalized by dissolution. No more and no less was expected. The unexpected and perhaps unnecessary narrowing of the statute to apply to combinations unreasonably in restraint of trade will it necessary that further legislation be had by Congress. Limiting the decision in the case to this particular case, it may be said that the conclusion of the court is correct and will be generaly NIGHTS 01 UNREST In the Wake of the Measles. The little son of Mrs.

O. B. Palmer, Little Rock. had the measles The result w'as a severe cough which grew worse and he could it sleep. She says: bottle of Honey and Tar Compound completely cured him and he has never been bothered No Sleep, No Rest, No Peace for the Sufferer from Kidney Troubles.

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Remember the and take no other. Croup, whooping cough, measles cough all yield to Honey and Tar Compound. The genuine is in the yellow package always. Refuse substitutes. Phoenix Drug Store.

Stove wood, propei length, $5.00 per cord, Ouachita Valley Bottling Works. 20-tf..

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