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Monroe, Louisiana
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(Use Shingles, or Fireproof Roofing aod Reduce Insurance---The BfcNDIT LUMBER COMPANY Se Roofing i A 0 vV A XIX THE MONROE NEWS 1891 1 THE MONROE STAR fcUubhshed MOVROE. LO 151 AN A DA'7 FEBRUARY 4 l9ll NO. 226 nrmir i KAT J.Hl I IL li ILL ion. Mr, Ferguson tu Buying small qnantit was forced to pav much higher prices, The n( corporation 11 a hundred thousand of these dials at a time, which II them to be sold at $2 each instead of $4.00, as at present. rasing capital to buy these dials in large quantities the company will Inaugurate a nat onal but conservative advertising campaign.

The officers of the company are all well known citizens of Monroe and Ouachita parish; all have been successful and should be a guarantee to prospective stockholders of good manag- ment. Mr L. B. Ferguson is president and treasurer; George Swartz. viee-presL dent; I).

T. les. secretary. The hoard of directors include, besides the above officers. Messrs.

G. B. Cooley, J. Potts. Thos.

Sullivan II Pint IT Tonight and Sunday, fair an 1 warmer. fi IU I AN FRANCISCOS VKTORY THE HOUSE IS I Alt I ROM COMPLETE. IN during the extra sesson will mean even harder and faster work, to bring it to a conclusion, than has been done during the session now coming to a close. HOLD OFFICE BML COMM ATTORN gfn WK'li Fits ham NO CHANGE MAS CONTEMPI. BIG ORGANIZER TO PI, RAILROAD HI YL ON THF YHKF.T.

BE DEAD SEA FRUIT Moody School to lehrate. Chicago, 111., Feb. of graduates and former students of the Moody Bible Institute, the school founded here by the late Dwight L. Moody for the training of Bible teachers, are returning to the city to participate in the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the The GAS CAUSED EXPLOSION Vest Faces Heal Struggle in flu Upper Fight founding of the institution. I by Xew Orb ans Might jubilee celebration will begin tomor- Kx position in New Fraiioiseo Wry Anxious.

-San ef- er Washington, Feb. ev- rvthing on the surface looks so en- ouraging for San Francisco, the fact that unless Southern Senators ac- ely assist, the Kahn resolution row which will be the seventy-fourth anniversary of Mr. birth. The exercises will last through the entire week. The programme will include the anniversary sermon by Rev.

Reuben A. Torrey, fonnei superintendent of the institute, and lectures by such well known evangelists and other religious workers as Bishop Cheney, Bishop Vin- be brought before the Senate cent, Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman, or any appreciable amount of con- Willis Baer. Charles M.

Alexander much less final action The San Francisco workers beginning to realize now that if and Rev. Charley Steele. New Orleans decides to fight the FORECAST IDE COMING WEEK re ihances are that the victory in the Touse will be but Dead Sea fruit, They are also beg nning to understand that the Louisianians were well iware of the difficulties before them, yhen, last spring they wrote all their egislation so as to have it effective the event that, before the of the Sixty-second Congress. Tew Orleans was designated as the Abraham Ituef, Once Political lloss of San I iider Sentence. PRESIDENT WILL LINCOLN ANNIVERSARY to hold the Exposition.

They ire beginning to understand that the Will Ask For a New Trial. ibssibilitv of their winning in the louse, of New' Orleans herself faii- ng in the Senate, was fully considered months ago. and provision made Igainst both contingencies. Innumerable agents have impor- r. D.

Feb. 4. President Taft will take a hurried to Springfield. 111., at the end of the week to attend the Lincoln anniversary banquet iji that city. On bis way to the Illinois capital the Presi ned men supposed to what lew Orleans Intends dolnK for Infor- br)ef atop jn Col.

Hat ion on the subject. San Francisco still appears to have hired a jrreater number of scouts than she lad during the fight that culmina-1 in the House on last Tuesday. Ipzens of minor lobbyists and appear to havP been added 10 her pay roll since that time. umbug to speak at the National Corn King George will open Parliament He will be accompanied b.v the Queen, and there will be a full state ceremony. Owing to the stirring national issues to come up for settlement the parliamentary session CAPITAL IS 250,000 Hoscobcll College Damaged, But pils Not (Seriously Prospects of Finding Missing Heiress.

San Francisco Paid foi Panama Exposition, Officers L. It. Ferguson, Presi- ISLAND Filili SPECIAL Nt'FMI AT MADE THAT IT WILL MONROE I Filli! YUV IKTII. MODE HOGS AND CORN dent and Treasurer; and George A. Parker.

Swartz, nt; D. T. Mill Operate on a Big scale. Washington, Feb. 4.

i'lie versy between Attorney General Wlckersham and Charlton R. Beattie, Pnited States District Attorney at New Orleans, which threatened thP removal from office, has been smoothed over. Today Mr. Wiekersham authorized the statement no change was Fvpiosion at Bo.scohidl Nashville, Feb. explosion of gp at Boscobell College, at midnight, broke all Windows in the east wing, and burned Miss Bessie Ryan, a teacher, and two pupils.

Miss Kate Lee, of Knoxville, and Miss Maryiou Measle, of Clarksville No one was seriously hurt. Girl May Never Be Found. New York. Feb. 4 Miss Dorothy Arnold, a millionaire's daughter, who has been missing for several weeks, is not yet found, and there are really no prospects of finding her.

reports to the contrary notwithstanding. There are many clews, but few facts. In another column of The News- Star appears today the charter of the Ferguson Dial Company, a corporation recently organized with a capital stock of $250,000, to place on sale on a big scale the railroad watch dial patented several years ago by Mr. L. B.

Ferguson, master mechanic of the Shreveport Pacific railroad. Mr. Ferguson thought so well of the dial that soon after having it patented in the ted States he obtained letters of patent from Canada. Mexico, Switzerland. Australia, England, France and Spain.

Soon after secuifnjg tLes-e patents Mr. Ferguson, working on his own capital, secucred a nominal suppliy of dials from Waltham, Mass. lie then began to advertise the dials in the various railway brotherhood magaz'nes. Instantly there was si demand from all sections of the United States. Canada and Mexico and every purchaser became si booster for The new railroad dials.

Mr. Ferguson continued for several years buying in small quantities with a of giving the dial a thorough Mill Kell Stock. Now that the company has been organized enough stock will be put on the market to carry out the plans outlined above. To this end the comftany has secured the services ef Mr. George A.

Parker, an experienced stock and bond salesman, who is already at work A News-Star reporter saw Mr. Parker at his room In the Distinguished Party of Speakers YYili dd reas the People at Various is Country for Hogs Say tip. Rock Island People. Much Interest Manifested. The Rock Island through the L.

G. road hay issued the following circular concerning a series of farmer's institutes to he held in Monroe Hotel yetserday afternoon Louisiana along the lines of these and found that gentleman very en- two roads. The tour begins at Eunice February 15 and closes at Continued on Page Five.) FEIG OF SOCIALISM BALKS TEXAS SOLONS THFV DEFEATED 1NITI.YTIY AND REFERENDUM. Geddie on Saturday, February 18th Thp train comes to Monroe the S. P.

from Ruston, making a stop of an hour at Calhoun. The letter follows: one and one-quarter million dollars was spent in I 9 in by the pen. pie living along Louisiana Division of thp Rock Island for pork and 100,000 for the ExiNMitJon. 1 before attempting to put it on New York, Feb. Francis- the market on a large scale.

All this co paid $100,000 to win the tight time the demand has constantly in- against New Oreans for the Panama ereasTig. proving the merit of the Exposition, according to a statement dial, as well as its salability, until made last night by M. H. Deyoung of (now there is such a demand that Mr. the San Francisco Chronicle, ho de- Ferguson Is no longer able with ITs dared not a cent of the big sum was spent wrongfully.

own means to handle the volume of business, hence organization of The condition of legislation in the js to be one of the most is such that there is no time momentous of recent years. Bidisposed of that might he set The meeting of the Newfoundland lor the consideration of the Kahn IegisiatUre called for Wednesday wilJ lesolution. On the contrarj, the attract more than ordinary attention Lorimer and Ballinger matters alone olitside the colony from the fact that jre big enough to use tip ail 'he time proposed fisheries regulations ro- oles Mijvf Decide Prohibition Question at Flection to Re Held Jllly to Actual Austin, Feb. 4. By a majority of nine, the proposition to submit a constitutional amendment providing for the initiative and referendum was shelved in the House.

There has been quite a lot of debate over the proposition, and some most peculiar views have been advanced. It pork products shipped from north ern packing plants. This section is particularly adapted to the production at a low- cost, of pork having the choicest flavor. Rock Island Lines will furnish free to the Louisiana Agricultural College a special train of seven cars in which tbe college experts wdl give lectures and demonstrations regard to methods of raising corn and hogs that will return large profits on Louisiana farms. the lecturers will be Dean W.

R. Dodson, Prof. J. B. Prof.

Tjebout, Prof. L. Rov. Prof. A.

Ki bier and Dr. YV. H. Dalrymple. of the College and C.

B. may be broadly stated that the prin-1 sioat and H. of the Rock cipal reason for killing the proposl- ipian(j Lines. BT MIXED COMPANY md leave none for the appropriation Jills. cently concluded with the Fnited States will come up for consideration There must be appropriation bills and action there 11 have to be an extra ses- of Congress.

That is something be beneficiaries of the Payne-Al- Irich tariff law dread. The cancellation of the Southern dates, while taken last light as foreshadowing an extra ses- bon, hag today been taken to be a tounter for the benefit of Senators Brown and Bailey, and a presidential move designed to draw 4ut. Senator La Follettp and make Aim declare whore he stands. All these things help the cause of le New Orleans men who may desire continue the fight. Of course, the kct that the President interfered jhis time might cause many of the ncoming Democrats to favor New )rleans and thus assure a success in House at th0 next session.

But tt that it will be necessary for those vho will have tbe deciding of the inestion to consider what chance hero is of getting the Estopinal bill hrough the Senate. Naturally, if there is a special ses- on, jt will be necessary for New Orans to move at once toward getting declaration from the Democratic leaders as to whether or not they Vili let the Exposition matter come an issue before they take up the evision of the tariff. If they would willing, then, of course, it would Incumbent on New Orleans to thp new members and to get promises of support rom them, and also promises from he Democratic and insurgent lead- -rg in the Senate. They will be In control of legisla- ion, perhaps. The conditions there vfll be so chaotic that a begun The initiative and referendum and a number of other questions of pub lie importance are included in the agenda of the Manitoba legislature, which will assemble in regular session Thursday.

The event of the week in the so cial world will be the international wedding to take place in New York Tuesday, when Miss Vivien Gould, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George J. Gould will become the bride of Lord Defies. Abraham Ruef, once political boss of San Francisco, under sentence of fourteen imprisonment for alleged bribery of a supervisor, will appear in the California supreme court Monday to plead for a new trial.

Thursday is the day fixed for the special election to be held in Arizona to vote cn the ratlhcat' or rejection of the new State constitution. The appeal In the case of Dr. B. Clark Hyde, under sentence of life imprisonment for the alleged murder of Colonel Swope, a Kansas City millionaire, is on the docket of the Missouri supreme court for argument Monday. Important gatherings of the week will include the biennial session of the American Pomologieal Society, at Tampa, the annual convention of the National Canners' Association, at Milwaukee; the annual convention of the National Brick Association, at Louisville; the annual meeting of the North American Fish and Game Protective Association, at Montreal, and the meeting of the Canadian Forestry Association, at Ottawa.

KFVGLI TIOMKTS IN HAYTf KF VFLIJ FEVER REPORTS active. GREATLY EXAGGERATED. Full of Po sen ntei) tar. ly Christmas Mas Given an Ovation. nied Former innster of Philadelphia Missing.

Teheran, Persia, Feb. Dawleh, minister of finance, was shot dead on the street today. The assassins, two Armenians, escaped. Revolutionists Are Active. Washington.

Feb. 4 Revolutionists jn Hayti, according to a rumor which reached Port-Au-Prince, the capital, have captured Fort Liberty, Onanaminata and Trou. This information came to the State Department. Today. El Paso, Feb.

today is lined with soldiers including police, federal guards and state rales, expecting an attack momentarily by the insurrectos. No reinforcement of is near. The rebels expected to reach the city soon after dawn. The Insurgents are reported as having miscellaneous rapid firing artillery. Angeles, Feb.

4 One murderer, four highwaymen, five burglars, two and three ordinary citizens attended a banquet last night, the guests of Leonard Mor- djaunt, himself an ex-convict, now head of the Prison Parole Fund Un- tion is tiie fear of socialism on the part of some of the tried and true Democrats, despite the fact that some of the Democratic states have adopted the plan. There was a great deal of oratory about socialism in connection with the debate. The resolution providing for the submission of the proposition statewide prohibition through the Senate and will now go hack to the House for the adoption there of perfecting amendments made by the pros in the Senate. It will be signed by Governor Colquitt as soon at it reaches his desk. it provides for the election to be field July 2 2.

which would he the regular primary date if this were a general election year. The day being Saturday, it is believed that the vote will be very heavy and that the total vote can be announced by Sunday there being only two propositions on the ballot and against. The submission resolution having been gotten out of the way, the ov- Corn and Hog Special will ion Rescue Mission. The purpose ot the banquet was erzealous pros having been finally in to have the guests meet State Parole (jUced by the pro campaign commit- Officer Mulford. tee to lay down on their regulation 'bills, the two houses will now come Sensational Reports Denied.

to the serious business of the ses- New Oileans, Feb. wireless sion, after having put in nearly one- dispatch w-as received by the Asso- fourth of the in oratory and Presidio, Feb. Is reported there that the Insurrectos are attacking the at Coyame. A company of a hundred tos were encamped yesterday near Multae. General Christmas Given Ovation.

Puerto Cortez, via Wireless, Feb. Lee Christmas, the revolutionary leader, arrived Thursday ahead of the troops, to take over city evaucated by the Government troops. General Bonilla is expected this week. ciated Press today from the Pnited States cruiser Marsetta, urging a nial of the sensational reports of yellow fever aboard. The dispatch says there are probably three cases aboard, all doing well, and the danger of additional cases is very slight.

parliamentary stunts, in which the pro contingent has been uniformly worsted in both houses Retracted His Confession. Mrs. Doxey to Re Trit Clayton, Feb. bigamy case of Mrs. Dora Doxey is docketed for trial here Monday, but another postponement may be ordered St.

Petersburg, Feb. Pall- on account of the illness of the de- chenkow, the self-styled poison ex-jfendant. Mrs. Doxey is accused of p. m.

pert, in open court today, retracted marrying William J. Erder while she was the wife of Dr. Loren Doxey. Last summer Mrs. Doxey was tried in St.

Louis on tbe charge of murdering Erder and was acquitted. The bigamy case has been set for trial several times, but each time Mrs. Doxey has been unable to attend, owing to illness. make stops of 15 to 80 minutes a' stations in Louisiana. The people at each station where a stop is made will be seated the cars, where they will hear and see demonstrations.

These will he of interest to every man. woman and child In the State Everything will be free. and business men: Lectures and demonstrations showing how to seed and plant and cultivate corn to secure large yields. A choice exh'bit of corn. Methods of raising hrgs that will give each year net profits equal to th? cost of the land.

of special interest to ladies, who are urged to come and bring their families and to invite the'r neighbors. Separate cars will be furnished for those attending schools and colleges. City should march to the train in a body. rectors of rural schools should arrange with farmers to teams and bring teachers and pupils to train. business houses and schools should close twenty minutes before the train is due to arrive so that everybody can he at the depot on time.

Date and hour of arrival. Be on time the train will not The last schedule includes the following stops: Calhoun. S. P. 9 a.

m. Monroe L. G. 10:30 a. m.

Perryville, L. G. noon. Bastrop. L.

G. 1 p. m. Wardville. L.

G. R.v., 2 p. m. Beekman. A L.

G. Ry. 2:45 the confession he had deliberately murdered Count Vaselli Bourtillin. at the instigation of the latter's brother-in-law. Supposed to IV Dead.

Atlantic City, Feb. where- alKJiits of Postmaster Richard L. Ashurst, of Philadelphia, who disappeared last Monday night, is still unknown to friends. The police express the belief that the man is dead. Stop! Listen! Look.

Tngleslde Dairy built by Hgrripg- Geddie, G. 4 p. rn. In Senator Memory. Des Moines, Feb.

of the Methodist Episcopal churches In Iowa and many in other sections of the country have arranged to observe tomorrow as Memorial jn recognition of the work of the late Senator Jonathan P. Dolliver in advancing the work of the church and supporting its vs-.

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