Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1931 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1931
Page 8
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DIRECTOR! UTTLE TH KOMtJTH COUNT* AHTAHCB Weekly Newspaper Pounded In i»01. Entered as second-Class Matter December 81, 1908, at the Postofflc* at Algona, Iowa, Under the Act of March 2, 1879. LAWYERS IRT. Bi Quarton H. W. Miller QUARTON * MILIEU Law Offices. "Phones: Office 427, residence 314. Algona, Iowa. J. L. BONAft Attorney-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office phone 460-W. Algona, Iowa. SULLIVAN, McMAHON * LINNAN J. W. Sullivan S. E. McMahon Phones: L. B. Llnnan Attorneys-at-Law Office, 261; J. W. S., 309; 8. E. Me, 403. Algona, Iowa. HARRINGTON & DICKINSON y. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson Attorneys-at-Law Phones: Office, 287; T. P. H., 440 E. J. VAN NESS G. W. STILLMAB Lawyers Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W. Algona, Iowa N6S G. D. Shumway B. D. Kelly SIICMAVAY & KELLY Attorneys-at-Law Office in Qulnby Block. Phone 58. Algona, Iowa. I. A. WINKEL Attorney-at-Law Office In Quinby Building. Phone 180. DOCTORS KENEFICK & CRAWFWU) M. J. Kenefick R. H. Crawford ; Physicians and Surgeons. Offices: Aigona Hospital; phone 300 Residence Phones: Kenefick, 67. Crawford, 115. C. H. CBETZMEYEB Physician and Surgeon Office in John Galbralth Block. Phones: Office 310, res. 444, Algona WALTER FRASER, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Office In Quinby Bldg., Room Phone No. 12. DR. W. D. ANDREWS Oateopnthlc Physician and Surgeon Bye, Ear, Nose, and Throat— X-ray. Office over Hub Recreation Parlor. Phones: Office, 187; residence, 688. DR. P. E. WALLEY Ostcoputlilc Physician. Rectal diseases and confinement cases. Office phone 79. Residence 211. Over Zender & Caldwell Store. ALGONA, IOWA P. V. JANSE, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Office on South Dodge Street. Phones: Office, 6GG; residence, 36* Algona, Iowa. DENTISTS DR. A. D. ADAMS Dentist Office in First National Bank Bldg. Phones: Office, 20; res., 25-W. Little things are the hardest to conquer. Scientists tell us that the battle with bugs and insects are drawn battles. Whipped but for a time, they return again to the battlefield. Wolves and bears that covered our country were more easily whipped than the corn-borer will be. The little microbe which lives upon the flea that lives upon the prairie dog Is more deadly to life than lions and elephants. It is possible to tree a coon, snare an eagle, or shoot a wolf. It is next to impossible to keep mites off of hens, or the boll weevil from cotton. Certain kinds of thoughts are more deadly to human life than lightning or wars. They are these little mean, unkind, measly sentiments that make the soul shrivel up from the Inside. We are likely to think that mental images are flimsy and airy nothings. They are the stuff out of which destiny is made. Little thoughts of hatred 'whet the murderer's knife; little ideas of envy destroy the mind's happiness. Many littles make a lot. Eight Points in Sociology- Sociology is one of 'the new subjects this semester. So far the students have learned that one must following the following eight points carefully to keep their lives peaceful: 1. Don't contradict, even if you are right. _. Don't be inquisitive about the affairs of even ,your most intimate friends. 3. Don't underrate anything because you don't'possess it. 4. Don't believe that everybody else in the world is happier than you. 5. Don't be rude to inferiors in social position. 6. Don't repeat gossip, even if It does interest a crowd. 7. Learn to hide aches and pains under a pleasant smile. 8. Learn to attend to your own business—an important point. Anchorage The east or New tork anchorage of the majestic new Hudson river bridge, which connect* the states of New Jersey and New York, as seen from the top of the bridge tower. Declam Contestants Selected— Declamatory tryouts took place last week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and the following pupils were selected to represent our school: Oratorical—Charles Lund, Donald Hutchins, John Hargreaves, Richard Norton, and Charles Cretzmeyer. Humorous—Margaret Lease, Be- rnettn. Bonnstetter, Margaret Vigars, Marjorie Turner, Christina Gould, and Melvln Miner; Maxine Samp, alternate for Margaret Vigars. Dramatic—Eleanor Backus, Helen Morrow, with Adrls Anderson as alternate; Irma Dee Roupe, Helen Goeders, Frances Hough, and Helen Becker. The "Big Six" contest will be held February 5. Hook lleport Is Given— Following is a report written by t. This is done to further extem- raneous speaking Mr. Bonham has organized gym- slum classes in group*, the large ys in one section, the smaller ys in another. They are now tak- 5 up wrestling, and later In the ar there will be exhibition itches. It has been suggested that It is ne for the seniors to get down to siness. We intend to have a ss play, but what, when, wfrere? is also time to begin to tMnk out the Annual. The tenth grade English classes > having spelling in- connection th regular work. Four hundred d twenty words have been dictat- and Margaret Flen<* hasn't mts'- >lled a one. , Ph'e 5th and Gth grades of the- Ird ward have been making Red :>ss posters under the direction of ss Durant. They are displayed ir offering boxes up town. -lucille Black has come back. She :es work she lost out on last year :ause of illness, but will be grad- ted with the 1931 class. fhe B class in Miss Wallace's >m is sorry to lose Curtis Peter\, whose family has moved to ebster City. VIlss Horn has ordered living acimens of the paramecium, which being studied in her zoology class. 3upt. Overmyer has asked the sister Mrs. Bertha Rltschmeier, who will visit and care for 'her .mother. Eunice, a daughter of the Ben Stu- ders, Is helping at the Nathan Studer home. Former Wesleyan Visits Here- Mrs. Christina Poland, Cedar Rapids, Is spending- a, few days visiting Wesley friends. Christina grew «tv in Wesley, attended school here, and for some tUne worked as type-setter for her brother Chris, who published the ' Wesley News. Her eldest daughter Is In Kansas City, a married son Hvas in Cedar Rapids, and the youngest daughter is still in school. Mrs. Poland has been a widow for many years. Ilansens Are 6 Years Wedl— A group 06 relatives and neighbors dropped in on Mr. arad Mrs. Raymond Hartsen last weefe Tuesday evening, ti» remind them ot their afcdth wedding anniversary. Those present were Mfr. and Mrs. Bfoward Hamsen, Kanawfea. Mr. and Mrs. Tliemon Hansen,. Mr. and Mrsi- Gordon-. C. GiddingSi, Mr. and Mi-ai. Joe GoetX and Will Frimml. Tha? evening-, was passett at games,, and lunch was served!. Ol'd! Steftoolmates (JJet Together— jSma-raJa Oleson, Houston, Texas, is visitrng a few days with Mis> SiUra Stow. They ««re schoolmates at Quslriord, Minn.,, where the Bible schuol now a-t Minneapolis, was liad a farm sale lii December, a about to move to Hanlontown, whe they will go Into the restaura business, having bought out Lesl Larson. • Moored to Pastors' Meetlnf — The Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Moo attended a sub-district meeting the home of Doctor Lease, Algon Monday. Meetings of the'Misslo ary and 'Aid '-societies have be< postponed until next week. Twins for Paul Erdmans— Twins, a son and a daughter, we born .Saturday morning to Mr. ai Mrs. Paul Erdman. They have bo named Darrell and Carol. Firemen's BaH Tonight — The 23rd annual Firemen's bi will be held at Kleinpeter's hf this week Thursday evening. Ottker Wesley. R'oy Wiseman returned last we< Thursday front Po-lyclinic hospib Des .SEomes. Tlie Glen Wllsoi Mankato, visited tor father, Ni Miller, at Kbsauth hospital, Algor last Th-ursday. The Vee Mul family visited Mr. Mtillin's sist< Mrs. R. J. Kansen, at Goldfif Sunduiyr.. Mr. andl BTrsi G'ray M. Butts a Mrs. Butt's father, F. G. Ehle visited" Sunday at Plymouth with h brother; Harry Ehltere. N. J. Meur (An SWdtot^f f*!l^ it Sunday afternoon. , '' MVTknd Mrs: Jos, Meiirer i ed a birthday party for hi* at Whlttemore last rfhuraday waning. >*he senior Mr. Meurer was ,82'. j ' ii Mildred Benton, who teaches at Emmetsburg, spent the week-end with her sister Virginia at Mankato. Virginia is taking a business course, The Hans Hansen family, Wesley, and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hansen, dinner JU.J > I? 1 * WT. f%." »lr*>««t it It » »lrt«r M Mrt,. 5. Mrt. ttdith *«<*< Ww will vl.lt r«tat!v M In thli commun ity tui M*«sh, i,, J , , ... EVerett tWthatt Is tHUch ton-, , proved after in efctended , lllneas from blood-jjotoonlngf. Mrs. Howard Lowtnan,' Algontt, stayed at the WJthttm'a week to «are for her niece, and 'to 'help With the house* work, , Mrs. Edith Rich, the John ' Sa* bins, the Edward Riches, the John Gettmahs, Orvllle ttoldren, Lotifc firoesder, ahd Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kanawha, were Sunday ^ „„„„„, guests at Carl Hansen's. I Baker^St.^Cloud, Minn,, were guests Mrs. Henry Kuhz entertained the f the Archie Walkers at "500" Fri- ay, evening. Cttac^ Walker re* urned with the Johh fcablns for the Deal 'Em club last Thursday, and Mrs. li. ti. Lease won high score. Albert Monson is In charge of his oil station, the Phillips "66", and seems in fair health: SWEA CITY THURSDAY CLUB HEARS TALKS ON SCHOOLS Swea City, Jan. 20—The Thursday club met January 13 at 'the Henry Myre home. Mrs. Warner, experienced in school work, spoke on school problems. Mrs. Warner has 'been- high school principal in Humboldt,and at the Grant Consolidated school, besides having much other,, teaching experience. Mrs. Logan spoke on the pre-age school for the child. , Mrs. •, Logan took training In this work in a school for younger children at Iowa City. Mrs. Elinor Sutton, county welfare worker, was present and gave a talk on health for the school children. She also told of a plan being formulated fn Kossuth county for tonsil removal at a nominal fee, with the doctors working with school nurses, week-end. Mrs. John Sabin, Edward Rich, Mrs. John Qettman, and Mrs. Archie Walker are children of Mrs. Edith Rich. Mrs. Philip Baker Is a sister of Mrs. Edith Rich.' r our [Held from Last Week.] About 35 neighbors gathered at the> John Qettman home last Thursday evening for a farewell .surprise party for the. Gettmans, who are moving' to Burt. ' The evening was spent at "500." Sandwiches, cake, and' coffee were served. Mrs. Edith Rich- and her son Earl are-moving to this place and will farm there next year. The- Four-Corner Mothers and Daughters club will meet this week Thursday- wfth Mrs. Andrew Bjustrom.. R'olT call will be answered by "New Things- to 'Eat." About 20 members of the Good Hope church- "Singing- School™ met at Etna Mitchell's Friday evening. Nearly 4fl- young people were entertained' at dancing at the- Albert Walker's Vast week Wednesday evening. Music was furnished* By a DB. H. M. OLSOIf V Dentist. Ix>cated over Christensen Store Phones: Business 166, Residence 470 Algona, Iowa DK, C. D. SCHAAP Dentist Located in former Dr. W. B. Kaln office, over Christensen Bros, store. Phone 133. CHIROPRACTORS I)H. B. J. THISSEK ' Palmer Graduate Chiropractor Thirteen year's successful practice. Office over State's Cafe. VETERINARY 1. W. FOX Veterinarian West State Street, Algona. Phones: Office 475-W., res. 475-R Dorothy Marty, of the eighth grade, on The Spirit of the Leader, by William Heyliger: "The story of a boy who goes through high school, meeting problems concerning citizenship, school honor, school leadership, and improvements. I liked it because of the frank, straightforward manner In which it was written, and because it was true to life. The problems were real." Clmng-e Made In «. B. Team— The basketball team has had two changes In line-up since the end of the first semester: Runchey r back guard, has played his last game, being out of high school athletics because of the S-semester ruling. Van Dorston, forward, played his last game at Humboldt. Williams has been shifted in the lineup for Runchey and Dick Cowan has taken Van Dorstons place. students to park their cars in the street instead of on the lawn. Mildred Baker and Louis Whitehill have dropped out of the ninth grade. Ted Vera, absent from school, due to a broken leg, is expected back soon. All pupils in the Fourth and Fifth grades have been promoted. MRS, OVERBECK EARLY WESLEY SETTLER, DEAD first established. M3ss Oleson, wn» Plover: visited" his brother here. is superintendent of her homie DeEtta, HtUV, p\iblfc- scfeool principal church SUnday school, gave a talk a t Forest GIty, spent the week-end to the Congregational • Sunday at school following classes Sunday mornihgv. Wesley, Jan. 27 Funeral ser- BUILDING CONTRACTORS COW AX & SOX General Contractors. Estimates Furnished. Phones: Business, 639-J; res., 89 MACHINISTS Broken Leg: Xo Handicap— Donald Akre is still attending school, though with the aid of crutches. He broke a leg during the Christmas vacation, but has not missed a single day. Friends at the Third ward help him go up and downstairs, and the grocery delivery wagon brings him to school and conies after him when school is out. Donald expects to crutches soon. lay aside his N011TON MACHINE WOHKS Machinists and Welders. Service stock on Piston Rings, Pln« and Bearings. West of Courthouse. Phone 552 PRODUCE SWIFT & COMPANY Cash Buyers. Poultry, Eggs, and Hides. Matt Lamuth, Mgr. Phone 264. "(Jrapli" Nags Lazy Students— In the Commercial department the "Bar Graph" is being used to work up interest. The highest rates per minute so far in the advanced class are: Juanlta Potter, 58; Josephine Lee and Irene Pentecost, 5G; Dorohy Taylor, 54. The highest rates i the beginning class are: Helen ecker, 47; Bernice Harrington, 44; Phyllis Parsons and Hazel Neeling, 1. INSURANCE KOSSUTII COUNTY MUTUAL IN8UKANCE ASSOCIATION Over ?15,000,000 worth of insuranct In force, secure. A home company. Safe. J. O. Paxson, Secretary. THE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY C. B. La Bnrre AI Fulkenhalnei Reliable Ins. Service Phone 55. vho have letters in athletics, had ts first meeting this year last week Monday night. The boys were taxed ac for membership and supper. The club elected officers and made ilans for the initiation of new mem- iers. City Property Loans. Farm Loana Insurance. Real Estate. CUNNINGHAM & LACY 107 W. State St. Algona, Iow» JOE GBEENBEIIQ New and used Auto Parts Tires and Accessories. Hides, Fur and Wool. Algona, Iowa. Kossuth County State Bank A" Club Elects Officers— The "A" club, consisting of boys vices for the late Mrs. Nels P. Overbeck, Elma, were held at the Methodist church here at two o'clock last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Overbeck died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Goetz, Tuesday, January 20, at the age of 84 years, S months, and 17 days. The Rev. C. H. Moore, Wesley pastor, preached. Pall bearers were the Messrs. Alfred Nelson, Paul Freeberg, Homer Lawson, Pearl Haynes, Preston Chapin, and A. E. Giddings. Burial was made in the family lot in Evergreen. Anna Pearson was born In Sweden, May 3, 1S4G, and was married to Mr. Overbeck, March 25, 1876. AVith her husband she moved to Wesley in 1S82, and Mr. Oveerbeck was section foreman until his health failed in 1923. Mrs. Overbeck joined the Methodist church here 36 years ago. For some years before her death, she had made her home with her daughter Amanda, at Elma. Her husband and eldest daughter, Mary, the late Mrs. Wm. Sherman, preceded her in death. Two other children died in infancy. Surviving children are Mrs. Chrisina Poland, Cedar Rapids, Chris 'eterson, Kansas City, Mo., Mrs. Max- CairsK 64; Party- Matt Eaux was 64 years old M0n> day: In honor of the event his daughter; Mrs. E. MJ Olson, entertained' the following guests at her- home Monday evening; Mr. and Mrs-:. Matt Daux, Mr. and Mrs. August Slemer, Mr. and Mrs; John Rlchter,. Mr. and' Mrs. Tony Seller, Sexton;. Mr. and Mrs. August G-arman, Mf- and' Mrs: Henry Havevly. o R*hearse Dotlams— Mrs. 'Leo Bleich is training 2S declamatory contestants, seven ire the oratorical class, five in the dramatic; and" 10 in the humorous. A •preliminary contest will be held 1 to two weeks, and the 12 winners compete in the local contest at tfte Klelhpeter hall',. Wednesday evemtiigv February lit. The Kev; Father Wessling-, Emma Hodda-pp', and 1 Susie PfTffner, visited Emma Studer. at Mercy hospital, Mason' City; ia-st week Wednsday. Mr: and Jifrai X. "W. Finders, Des Stones; visiled" her sister, Mrs. Meurer; from- Saturday til! Sunday. Mr; and 1 MVs; Lou Goetz enter- Itaihed 1 three, tables of Bridge Sunday .evening; Wnr. TVard) won high prize for mew, Mrs. Arlo Dawson, for- wonverr. Special guests were the Messrs and' M*esd'ames- Will Ward ana Alfred ETrd'rnart. •Miss Mabel Lawl'er, Belmond Getting Up Nights If Gfettdhff tTp. Btl&ata, Ba-ekacfte, frequent, day callfei, Legr Etulaai, Hery'- ouanesBf, oir BunntnKi diie to, functional Bladder- Irritation-,, Ire ociai conditions;, nrnkemy at* feel- tteedl, dbpraaaedl and diSooucagpd; trythe;Cystex:TeBk. Worksi fnafe, atattw circutetingf- thru the eyatonu mi 15', minutes.. Braiaedl by thousands' for-rapiai andl piultlivei action. Don't glvat: u*. TBrffiystex (pronounced Sisa-tex)' tnd&y* undknv the Iron-Clad Guarantee-.. Mint quickly allay these condition^ Improwa- rent*- ful sleep and energy, ormosMF bfcefc. Only 60c at' E. W. LUSBY'S DBUG STOBE teacher; speTrt the- week-end with her- sister; Mrs; John Hutchison, The E/ou MiEtern' famHy, Algona, visitet SUnd"ay witll he r sister, Mrs. Anna YELLOW PENCIL with the BAND At Lowest Prfc« NOW! Buy your „ supply now and money! We handle the GRADES of COAL, sell on the lowest possl.| ble margin. Best grades of Coal at| lowest prices. FABMBW BLEVATOB Cfl,| HOBARTON •'•,, JM. KUer Jr, M»ni»«, : Phone 38F1, HOT AIR AND HOT WATER HOT WATER HEATERS FOR, ALL CARS SPECIAL Seat covers for 1929 and 1930 Chevrolet cars—was | $13.00—while they last, $7; put on. ALCOHOL AND PRESTONE FREEZING SOLUTION Frestone, $3.50 gallon; was $5.00. Used Cars 1929 6-cyl. Chev. coupe 1926 Chevrolet sedan 1929 Chev. 6 sedan landau 1929 6-cyl. Chev. coach Model A Ford Tudor Kohlhaas Bros. PHONE 200 Fattier- Fiaelis Visits Parents— Father Fidelis, Conception, Bfo., visited his parents, Mr. and' iNTrs. Anton Goetz; six days; returnhig last week Thursday. Father Fidelis formerly IVel'd a pastorate at H"olt, Mo., but is now in mission work, helping rh mission- meetiYtgs wherever he is called. Klemms Lose Stillborn A son, the first child, was stillborn to Mr. and Mrs. J"oe Klemm, St. Benedict, Sunday night. Burial will be at t/u Verne this week Tuesday. Mr. ICVemm was formerly one of the firm of Jvemper and .Klemm, farmers north of Wesley. Tomliiis Have Bonsht Restaurant— Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tomlin, northwest of Weste-y farmers who Mrs. Sh-utter vl'sftea her brother,Ralph Janssen, at TTtonka Monday. Doctor and Mrs-. I^ease and the Rev: and Mrs; C". IT. Moore were dinner guesfcs ait Raymond Hansen's Sum day. The r,eonard Arndorfers, St. Benedict, vi'sitad' her irarents, the- John SanSay. The Chartes Frank Goetz, Elma. There are ilO grandchildren and one great grandchild. Her children all attended the funeral. CONSIDERING THE POPULA- tion of its territory, the Advance covers Its field more completely than the Chicago Tribune or any other dally paper covers Its own territory. • - 4»tf OFFICEES , Joa. W. Wodsworth, Chairman at the Board. H. B. Rlst, President. T. H. Wadsworth, G. S. Buchanan, Vice Presidents. j. S. Auner, Cashier. B. J. McEvoy, L. C. Reding-, H. X Scheme!, Assistant Cashiers. Directors 3. W. Wadsworth T. H. Wadswortb H. B. Rlst J. S. Aunw H. J. Bode G. S. Buchanan B. J. Van Ness "Oldest Bank In Kogguth Conati* Other School News. Now that the confusion of semester examinations is over, Miss Coate is trying to keep better ordei in the halls and the assembly room There is to be little travel, and pencils are to be sharpened at the beginning of periods. If you have reference work to do, it must be done as quickly and quietly as possible If students observe these rules les criticisms will be carried and every one will be much happier when th next exemption list is posted. The city hall honor roll for thi month follows: Donald Bryan Barbara- Haggard, Russell Kelley Geraldine Peterson, Theresa Trager, Helen Chubb, Bob Dewel, Mary Louise Gilmore, and Thelma Muckey. Forty-one pupils at the city hall had a perfect attendance record for the past six weeks. Miss Duhlgg was unable to teach for a couple of days last week because of a severe cold, and Supt. Overmyer substituted. Miss Miller was also ill one day, and Mr. Overmyer substituted In the afternoon, her morning classes not being called. Miss Durant is requiring every pupil in the Fifth grade to give an oral talk before the school. The topic is to be of general interest- Some pupils use notes; others do Sickness in Studer Family— Mrs. Nathan Studer was taken sick Friday night, and is under the doctor's care. Emma Studer, in Mercy hospital, Mason City, continues to improve slowly. Another x-ray was to be taken Monday. Julius and Ben Studer were to drive to Mason City, and bring back their RUPTURE EXPERT HERE C. F. Redlich, Minneapolis, Minn., will demonstrate without charge his ADVERTISING IN THE ADVANCE goes Into more than 3000 homes. No other Kossuth paper can give the same service or anywhere near it. 45tf SHULTZ' RECTAL CLINIC AMBULAKT PROCTOLOGY Piles (hemorrhoids) cured without operation. Other rectal conditions. Write for booklet. Consultation without cost. 218-219-220 First , National Bank Bldg. Phone 842, Mason City, Iowa 4tf unequaled method In ALGONA Monday, February 3 at the Algona,hotel from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Mr. C. F. Redlich says: Th e "Perfect Retention Shields" hold the rupture perfectly, no mat ter what position the body assumes or how heavy a weight you lift They give instant relief and coatract the opening In a remarkably shor time. The secret of their success Is In their simplicity. An expertly justed device seals the opening wl' out discomfort or detention from work. It is practically everlasting, sanitary, comfortable and actually holds ruptures which heretofore were considered uncontrolable. Stomach troubles, backache and constipation, .nearly always a consequence of rupture, promptly disappear. Bring yovtr children. According to statistics 95% recover by 6ur method. NOTICE: All whom we have treated during the past ten yeara are invited to come in for a free inspection-. DOQQ Qia a nan no DANCING During the month of February a special rate wiitt b& given to beginners and those wishing to learn late steps or ballroom and other types of dancing. ^ Top toe acrobatic Russian limbering and stretching Spanish and ballet. All students must come to Legion hall Monday, February 2 between 10 a. m. and 10 p.m. The rate will be $2 for 4 one- hour lessons to be taken consecutively in four weeks. No registration fee. Ladies, here is a chance to improve your dancing, am your husband's also. Try ou the children. MISS BLANCHE, Instructor . HOME OFFICE: 635 Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minn H. W. Post Dray and Transfer Long Distance Hauling Every load insured against loss and damage of all kinds. Equipped to do all kinds of hauling and draying. PHONE 998 Algona, Iowa. The Chevrolet Special Sedan Its popularity is based on unusual value The introduction of the new Chevrolet Six hag established a' new standard of value in the low-price field. So evident is its quality, and so attractive is its price, that it U winning a remarkable buying response throughout the country. More and more buyers in the low-price field are finding it's wise to choose a Six. In none of the features of the new Chevrolet has there been any compromise with quality. Wherever better materials or improved design could add to the satisfaction and economy of ownership, improvement has been made. Yet for all lU excellent performance, its/ attractive appearance, and its thorough dependability, the new Chevrolet Six sells at new low prices which establish it as the Great American Value. »• New low prices « Roadster, $475; Sport Roadster with rumble seat, W95} Coach or]Standard Five- Window Coupe, |S45 { Phaeton, »510i Standard Coupe, |53St Sport Coupe (rumble seat), 1575} Standard Sedan, 1633} Special Sedan, |65Q, Prices f. o. b. Flint, Mich. Special equipment extra. NEW CHEVROLET T*e Great America* Value See Yonr Dealer Below »*<>$„ ALSO DEALERS IN CHEVROLET, SIX^YUNgER TRICKS, MH TQ ^ ,. .,

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