Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1931 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1931
Page 8
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BANCROFT LAD AT HOSPITAL HEAD CRUSHED Bancroft, Jan. 20 — Arnold, 13- year-old son of John Schumacher, Is eeriously ill at the Algona Hospital as a result of an accident last Thursday. Arnold was helping saw wood at the Albert Schlltz farm when a block ot wood flew from the saw and hit him in the head fracturing- his skull. He was rushed to town, where Dr. Devine treated him and then was immediately taken to the hospital at Algona. According to last reports, he is still in a very critical condition. Burn 11 g Chimney Alarms Neighbors The fire alarm sounded at 8:30 Sunday evening, when the T. P. Klein home was said to be on fire. The chimney was being- burned ou-t and sparks were igniting on the roof. Neighbors turned in the alarm thinking: that some damage -would be done. Many volunteers rushed to the scene, only to discover there was no fire. Harold. 4-year-oM fan ot the family, is confined to bed following an appendicitis operation. This and the fact that there is a large family, makes everyone feel grateful that there was no fire. Newspaper Writer Gives Talk— A large crowd attended the Baptist Rally last Thursday. Chas. A. "Wells, famed newspaper writer and cartoonist, was the main speaker. His address, both afternoon and evening, were on the subject: "Can Board Proceedings December 18,1930. Auditor's Office, December IS, 1930. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County met pursuant to adjournment with all 'members present. . Motion by McDonald and seconded by Funnemark that final estimate of M. T Huso on Dr. 177 is hereby allowed, and County Auditor Instructed to pay said final, withholding the sum of $300.00 until new grates are furnished to satisfaction of Board. Ayes: All. (See record for Resolution). Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Helken that County Auditor be Instructed to transfer $150.00 from County Fund to Institute Fund for 1!KO. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Morris that the following soldiers exemptions for 19:» are hereby al- Mrs Rose Householder-Lot 2. block 1. Res. No. 2, Algona.. $,~>CO.OO exemp- H' J. Lacy—Lots 5 and f>. block 2. Hillcrest addition. Algona, J.'OO.OI) exemption. and County Treasurer instructed to abate taxes in accordance heiewlth. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Funnemark that H. N. Kruse, Farmers & Traders Savings Barlfe, Bancroft. Lone Rock Bank, Lone Rock. Farmers State Bank, Whlttemore. Bank of Lu Verne, Lu Verne. Farmers & Drovers State IBank, La- Citizens Savings Bank, Lakota. Fenton State Bank. Fenton. Farmers Savings Bank, Swea City. Peoples Savings Bank, St. Bene- dl Farmers Tnj'st & Savings Bank, B Ffrst% 9 a C tlonal Bank, .Buffalo Cen- And that all public funds now In the possession of said County Treas- hereafter coming into the of the said County Treas- ter. urer, or tore designated, and the said County Treasurer Is hereby authorized and required"to use said banks as such depositories: that the maximum amount of county funds authorize d to he deposited In said Banks which are hereinbefore approved ag depositories for said County 'Funds, shall be as office Martha Harris, Clerk's office E. H, BeardSley, att. assessor meeting ... • 8 - 0(> Kossuth Co. Farm Bmeau, 4n . Am appropriation..,.. 1250.00 L. 'E. Hovey, sheriff ... J. b. Malloy, repairs on elec. sacks Virgil Zwlefel, bounty Hlgley Chemical Co., supplies Des Molnes iRubber Stamp Works, supplies American Surety Co., premium on Co. Treas. bond...:.. Wm. Shirley, postage and off. expense McClaln Co., supplies Typewriter Exchange Inc., supplies Pratt Paper Co., supplies Lincoln • School Supply Co. 195.02 2.00 10.00 13.18 11.20 330.00 97.68 6.63 N.35 9.41 Acres-BIackmar Co., supplies.. 98.69 Fidlar '& Chambers Co., sup- Ko»uth County State Bank . jttjMX» Iowa State Bank. Algona $400.W> State Bank of Ledyard.......... Farmers' Savings Bank, Led- County Treasurre. be refunded the | ynr( i •••••••• ••:•' S' following road poll taxes .advance-. Tltonka Savings Bank, Tltonka So. 65,000 65.000 LUIill Wills ' Utlii l.'Uii tti.vi. ._• <-..— T ...... L l LtMinu >_-u T •••D~ - -• . f for parties on account of being taxed Exchange State Bank, \\esiej*. Farmers & Traders Savings 'Bank. Bancroft Lone Rock Bank A. e 'H. McMurray, for 1928, Prairie township, for $3.50. A. H. McMurray. for 193. Prairie township, for $11.50. E. R. Collinson, for 1928, Cresco township, for $4.00, and County Auditor authorized to 1s- aue refund warrant as noted above. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Morris that the following resolution be adopted: Whereas, George Dallman executed two certain warranty deeds unto the grantor herein. Kossuth county, Iowa, one recorded in Book 68. page 443. of the Kossuth county Recorder's records, and conveying for certain Christianity Conquor Communism?"' purposes therein expressed the fol- He told his audience that Russia I-H lowing: Beginning 1355.5 feet East and 33 not the only place we find com-1 f ee t Xorth of the Southwest corner of munism but it is becoming a menace to the whole world and we should awake to the situation. Rare- lydoes a small town audience have the opportunity of hearing such an excellent speaker as Mr. Wells. House on W<Hp Farm Burned- Early Friday morning- the residence on the farm owned by Ed Welp, Haverhill. was destroyed by fire. The Anton Adams family have occupied the house for the past three weeks, but at the time of the fire they were visiting rela- Sectlon 14, Township SG North, Range 27 West of the Fifth P. M., thence East 752.4 feet, thence North 56 degrees S minutes West 407.7 feet, thence West 419.4 feet, thence South 335.4 feet to beginning, all In the Southwest Quarter of Section 14. Township 95 North, Range 27 West of the Fifth P. M.. .. Whereas, said land at the execution of said deed was subject to a first mortgage thereon to the Aetna Life Insurance Company, which mortgage has now been foreclosed and because of such fact this grantor, Kossuth county. Iowa, has no further interest in said premises so conveyed. Now. therefore, in order to remove the apparent cluod on the title to said real estate and In Consideration of , • T« * I, «. /~i*t T • i I rial C3 LU-lC cLltu 111 VrUiiiniv»i;i«ifctwit «* :.s in \\ebster City. It is known One Dollar and other valuable consid- the fire took place after 3 a. m. i eration. Kossuth county, Iowa, does but the cause is unknown. Lions Defeat Arnolds Park- hereby grant, convey, and Quit claim and release unto the Aetna Life Insurance company, of Hartford. Con, necticut, all Its right, title, and inter- The Bancroft Lions defeated the j est it acquired of whatever nature, by Irtue of the Instruments above de- Arnold.s Park Independents Friday! evening. 31-20. This was a fast,' interesting battle as the score signifies. In a preliminary frame the public school and Si. John's team scribed and referred to. and of the real estate therein described. Adopted this ISth day of December, A D. 1330. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by- met. There is a great deal of riv- j McDonald that reports of Fred Parks, airy between the two tennis, and j Steward of County__ Home f' this year Bancroft high took Farmers State Bank, Whltte- 35,000 85,000 65,000 more Bank of Lu Verne ... ••••••••• Farmers & Drovers State Bank, Lakota Citizens Savings" Bank, Lakota 65,000 Fenton State iBank. 'Fenton , « <™ 85.000 55,000 65,000 85,000 City Peoples' Savings Bank, St. Ben- Farmers Savings Bank, Swea rMH, Sft.tW 60,000 25,000 25,000 Farmers" 'Trust & Savings IBank, Buffalo Center .... -• First National Bank, Buffalo an C d en he e r r eaf ter ' the said 'County Treas- ds .be- erea rer shall keep the public funds .belonging to said County in said depositories not exceeding the maximum amount hereinbefore authorized in anv one Bank so designated. Adopted this 2nd day of January, 1931. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Heiken that appo ntmcnts ol ^following deputies and clerks arehenfcy approved and salaries for 1931 fixed 1st Deputy Auditor, nd Deputy Auditor, Clerk In Auditor's of- Treasurer, n Dickinson, Deputy Recorder, $100.00 per month. . Clara Remolds. Deputy Clerk at y' Sheriff, WS.W honors, rj-'j. per month. Ayes: All. , r Motion by Funnemark ami seconded by Heiken that official bared' of Bertha E. Johnson, County Auditor, for $5.000.00 is hereby approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by- Heiken that following official bonds be approved: Everett L. Harris. Dep, _ ,, utv Sheriff, for J2.000; H. E. Bartlett. id Parks, i 2ml Deputy Auditor, for $2:000; Irem .,,_ --- or May. Vaudt c i erk ln Auditor's Oftice for une. July, August, September, October s, oro00- Clara iR'eynol'ds. Deputy and November are hereby approved, j pi' er ^ o '[ Court for $1,000; Helen- Dick- ne 'Flannery is Bride — Katherine Flannery and llelvin Ditsworth were married at the Catholic parsonage last week Wednesday evenin Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Heiken and seconded by and Eugene Wolfe were attendants. Mrs. Ditsworth's home was formerly at Sioux Falls, S- D., but for the past two years she has been employed as book-keeper tor Kennedy Bros. Corvine NVmmfM-si Morris that the official bonds Lot une .Ntmmets ,^.,9.,., are hereb> - approved: Kruse, County Treas-_ Phone Supervisor Holds School— Pat G'Gara commercial supervisor for Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., in the Mason City district, was here Thursday holding a school for the purpose of studying the new billing He was joined here "by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pierce, Lakota, Dorothy Mangan, Algona, and Lulu Richards, Bancroft. Parish Card Party Given— iA parish card party was held in the basement of St. John's church last Thursday evening. Bridge and "500" were played at 40 tables. Leander Menke received the door prize; A. A. Droessler, high bridge score for men: and Mrs. Andy Deitering for women. H. N. urer, for Clark Orton, Clerk of District Court, (or Laura Paine. County Recorder, for L. E. Hovey, County Sheriff. for Gaylord D. Shumway, County Attorney, for i.,., u ,,. Deputy Recorder, for $1,000, C. W Pearson, Auto Clerk, for $5,000; Earl F. Griffith, Deputy Treasurer, for $5,<MO. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Funnemark that following is- the amount of cash counted in various offices on January 1, 103V: County Auditor-Cash, $lo.OO;, banlr ;* w ' m \ Bounty Recorder-Cash. $2S.5S;- bank, for 6,000 j 5,000 |. bank 5,000 $592 mU Court-Cash, $2S.9S; Leon M. iMerritt, County Cor- 5,000 I 1.000 oner Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded \yes: All. On "motion Board proceeded' with 1 Auditing and Allowing of bills as per 1 Schedule of Claims hereinafter writ- SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS' _„ , COUNTY FUND by Morris that the amount of the fpl- i gld Baekus postage Auditor's lowing official bonds are hereby fix- office *' plies Klipto Loose Leaf Co., supplies ......................... Pink Supply Co., supplies ..... Matt .Parrott & Sons Co., supplies ......................... C. A. Sampson, assisting sheriff ................... , ...... Mrs. Lulu Griffith, labor In Treas. office Mrs. Laura Paine, and stamps box rent 5.50 130.60 3.97 45.27 78.00 100.CO 2.71 H. N. Kruse, office expense.. 401.52 George Holtzbauer, supplies . 2.50 Kohlhaas Hardware, supplies. 1.00 Lee O. Wolfe, supplies 7.00 A. L. Peterson, pictures of prisoners 38.00 COURT iFUND A. Hutchison, J. P. fees 51.00 L. E. Hovey, sheriff's fees ... 66.SO Guy Dlxon, witness fees 2.30 F. W. Green, marshal fees ... .95 E. J. Burbank, constable fees 8.10 F. A. Newvllle. constable fees 9.60 L. E. Hovey, sheriff fees .... 72.35 Clark Orton, clerk's fees .. .. 15.00 Matthew C. Grier, court reporter 100.70 Matthew C. Grler, court reporter 16.00 Matthew C. K3rier, court reporter M.OO R. IK. Davidson, court reporter 2S.*> Matthew C. 'Grler, court reporter 16.09 H. J. KIttleman, court reporter 108.16 Matthew C. Grler, coart reporter 115.00 _'. Behrmann, J. 'P. fees 3.50 Carl Dalhauser, marshal fees. 1.S5 R. A. Palmer, bailiff 36.00 State's Cafe, meals for jurors. 20.30 Vallle Jkf. Trlbon, serv. as bailiff 6.00 R. K. Davidson, court reporter 144.90 INSANE FUND jlark Orton, clerk's fees .. ... A. Hutchison, commissioner ... C. H. Cretzmeyer, commissioner POOR FUND Elinor Sutton, transportation exp Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel, service Elinor T. Sutton, transportation exp Kart Krebs, rent A. E. Pasley, rent Charles Stripling, rent STdney 'Rosensteil, rent C. E. Rohlin, rent Mrs. John SpIIIes, rent Algorra Hospital, 'med. aid KenefTck & Crawford, med. ai'J E". W. Lusby, supplies S. A. Devi'rre. med. aid R. L. Williams-, med. aid .. .. Garfl'eTd" Erickson, provisions. EllTs iRtrncftey-, provisions .. .. 31.50 15.00 15.00 12.00 20.21 ed as follows: County Auditor First Deputy Auditor Second Deputy Auditor 5,000 2,000 2,000 '-,000 Deputy Sheriff Deputy Clerk of Courts ...... 1,000 Deputy Recorder ............. 1,000 Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by McDonald that assessment on NW 1-4 Sec. 32-98-29. Secondary Road District No. 150 is hereby confirmed as returned hy Commissioners. Ayes: All. (See IRecord for Resolution). ___._. W.OO City of Algona. light service. 23.96 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., 1-22.55 10:00 1.30 Smith, salary 300:00 2.SO 4'.55 telephone service George Schumacher, unclaimed" fees George F. Graham, bounty- Sid J. (Backus, postage Bertha E. Johnson, office expense F. J. Baigeman, com. and session W. E. McDonald, com. and sessi( R. A. Claric, provisions 15.00 Sfc'FaTl'and' & Walker, provisions- 60.56 Jos. F. Menfce-, provisions '. .. 6.2C Herman Wise, provisions .. .. 15.0C Mrs; E'. Jbhnsorr, provisions .. 16.63 Kennedy Brothers Co., provisions" Ernest 'Bqyd", provisions 3.66 Algona: Co-pperatlvi? Creamery, provision's- 15.!K Ernest Bbyd. provisions 22.9S w: H". Rltkl'efs, cast 6.00 Fiillerton Lbr. Co., coal Fred Anderson, coat 29.25 F: S. Norton & Sort, coal .. .. 45.42 K". D. James; auppll'es- Van A. Hairsen, board and room- 30.& TJBfie B'ockel'man; labor 5.4C 'Floyd O. -Pasley, light serv. A, H. Fuchs-, funeral' exp. 45.00 Elinor T: SUtton; expense — 19.00 Kohlhaas Bros., supplies ., .. 20.40 L. E. Hovey, gerv: notices ... 12.40 John Hegarty, I'abor 3.50 Farmers Elevator, He-barton, supplies 10.00 Hamilton Seed" <& Coal Co., supplies 39.32 Hugtt- Rkney, hog 25.00 FT. A. Clark, provision's- 19.45 'Kohlhaas HarcTware, scrpplies. 5.53 Railway Express Agency, ex- prefes 1.59 Railway Express Agency, express 2.56 Agt. M. & St. L. ,K"y Co., A. ti. Fuehs, sup-piles Baudrye ft Carpenter, supplies iHovey * Pehrson, supplies ... George HoltibaUer, supplies .. Ehmke Inipl. Co., supplies .... Kohlhaas 'Bros, Oarage, sup- piles ....... ... ...;..;.. ...... Ed Underdahl, labor . 68,47 19.47 9.85 . 4.30 2.15 H. A. Bates, supplies .. ... ... 21.70 Falk Motor Co., supplies .-. .. Swea Motor Co., labor ... .— W. E. Gutknecht, supplies ... Oscar 'F. Olsoh, supplies ... .'..Gus Rlchter, labor Fay iF. Mlnard, labor ... Jos. Bestenlehner, labor ... .. W. E. Hutchlnson, dray serv. Pearly C. Haynes, hauling sand Haglund & Peterson, labor .. Walter 'Schwartz, labor .. .... J. E. iKell, stove for Co. shed R. L. Padgett, supplies A. iF. Anderson, labor Swan Nelson, labor and supplies Lone Rock Tel. Co., tel. serv. John iF. Hlntz, grading G. F. Towne, supplies W. 'E. McDonald, supplies .... Lone Rock Exchange Co., tile Vern Lunn, gravel hauling ... John A. Erlckson, gravel haul- Ing ... 29.06 7.00 S.65 10.00 10.60 41.20 1.50 19.30 133.13 25.90 10.00 158.23 19.20 29.55 15.00 13.50 36.60 3.00 11.J5 15.75 17.60 Farmers Elev. Hobarton, tile. 14.52 31more Cement & Tile Co., tile 20.75 Henry W. Kohlhaas, labor ... 11.83 Axel Erlckson, labor 4.00 Connie Doyle, bal. due 4.00 Haglund & Peterson, labor ... 15.00 T. A. Roberts, repair on bridge 212.20 ?. S. Norton -& Son, supplies.. 48.98 Northern Lumber Co., supplies ' 302.5Q TuIIerton Liimber'Co., supplies 39.35 Thompson Yards Inc., supplies 5.85 Tred Anderson, supplies 23.85 Central States Elec. Co., light serv 2.78 nterstate 'Power Co., light service 7.96 Barton "Warner Co., supplies.. 2515.60 GIbbs Cook Tractor & Equip. Co., supplies 424.99 ?fnk Supply Co., eupplles .... 7.95 Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., prepaid express 84.15 H. Channon Company, sup- pllw 7.10 r. O. Adams Co., »tipplle» .... 39.44 Gross Tractor & Equip. Co., supplies -11.40 Austin-Western iRtoad Mach. Co., iopplf*« 30.00 Wood Hydraulic Hoist & IBtody Co., strppWe* — 26.32 Taylor Steel *»rodact» Co., •applies 33.63 Sargent Machine Company, ineCman DKcfver Co., supplies Gross- Tractor tc EViolpment Cow supplies Jas. A, Smttft Lumber Co., 45.00 25.90 7.66 . supplies .... ................. 654.60 '' Whesfer Luwifrer- Bridge 4 Sup. Co., suppISes Standard' OIT Co-., gas 786.60 165.85 J. A. Roberts-, : brfdlge ........ 77.40 J. A. RVs&erts; bridge .......... 145.80 Don T. Nugent, asst. engineer 175.00 E. Hlnes. moving rucfc ....... 108.50 AvNfMA'L 'FONT* W. J. Butler, lo*s of sow, cimd. $40.09; allowed ........ Robert BoettcheTi loss of hogs, clmd. «S16; allowed ......... 41.60 H. 3. PresthUB, loss ^ of. hog*, - •' cimd, $32.60;' allowed ... ..... ^26.00 H, J. ifcresthus, loss of hogs, . — clmd. $30.CO; allowed ... ..... 24.00 Otto Wllberg, loss Ot hogs, clmd. I16-.26; allowed, ... .... S9.2o H. A. Bates, Idas of sow, clmd. $30.00; allowed ..... .... 25.09 John P. Byson, loss of hogs, clmd $72.00; allowed 54,00 J. E. Telkamp, loss of hogs, . clmd. $23.62; allowed 17.00 Henry Schmidt, loss of hogs, clmd. $45.00; allowed 36.00 J. C. Seegebarth, loss of hogs, clmd. $30.00; allowed ., 25.00 Wm. Stell, loss of hogs and cattle, $105.00; allowed 80.00 R. 'F. 'Klvtdge, loss .of hog; clmd. $12.00; allowed 10.00 E. W. Rellly, loss of hog; clmd. $3.00; allowed 25.00 Chas. Kollasch, loss of hog, clmd. $33.00; allowed ... 26.40 Louis Kaphengst, loss of hog, clmd. $20.00; allowed 16.00 Qerrlt Gray, loss of hog and ' ducks, clmd. $15.60; allowed..' 9,80 Wm. McMahon, loss of hog ... 18.00 Jay Budlong, loss of sheep, clmd. $539.60; allowed 321.00 George IBruellman, j loss of geese, cl'md. $37.80; 'allowed.. 25.20 . . . acre*, 1927 cflnil, road, 1928 consl. roaa,,,1929 «»Ml., 1939 Const. and CoOnty Auditor, I* hereby author- lied to Issue refund and abate said ta*e» as case-Way b.e. Aye»s Alt, ... , . Motion by. 'Funnemark and seconded . by McDonald that Samite! I>. Olson hereb oft y given permission to pay hool fund loan. Ayes; AH, $1,000 R. B. Chambers, loss of sheep, clmd. $12.00; allowed Albert Fritz, loss of calf, clmd. $40.00; allowed Chas. Garber, loss of sow; clmd. $2100; allowed A. H. 'Hines, loss of cows; clmd. $100.00; allowed Ellis Jain, loss of steer, clmd. $40.00; allowed •M. 'J. 'Kern, loss of sheep. clmd. $12.00; allowed Ira Kohl, loss of pigs, clmd. $21.00; allowed -, Eflllng Mortlnson, loss of sheep, clmd. $25.00; allowed Roy Mnlo, loss of lamb Theo H. RIke Jr., loss of hogs, clmd. 170.00; allowed B. -F. Sharp, loss of sheep. clmd. $20.00; allowed • Prank Tomlln, loss of sheep, clmd. $90.00; allowed Sam Winter, loss of sheep •Dr. 3— DRAINAGE FIUND 10.00 20.00 24.00 80.00 5.00 10.00 14.40 12.50 5.CO 15.00 10.00 60.00 20.0* ft school fund loan. Ayes; AH, . Motlorf by Helken and seconded by Morris that H. M. Smith l» hereby appointed CoUrity Engineer /for 1931 and salary fixed at $300.00 per month and his bond fixed at »2,000.00; and p. T. Nugent appointed assistant County Engineer at a salary of $175.00 per month; Ayes: All. / Motion by Funnemark and seconded by McDonald that Matt Holtzbauer Is hereby appointed caretaker of court house grounds at a salary of fto.OO per moth for year 1931. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and sedbnded by McDonald that deo. Palmer Is hereby appointed Janitor of court house at ft salary of $85.00 per month. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Funnemark that further proceedings on Dr. 149 Is hereby continued to July 7, 1931. Ayes: All. Motion by 'Funnemark and seconded by Morris that Wm. MoMahon Is hereby refunded $4.36 for 1929 as Consl. taxes on SB 1-4 NW 1-4 Sec. 9-96-29 on account of 4.S6 acres not being deducted for gravel pit for year 1929, and County Auditor Is Instructed to correct 1930 assessment. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Helken that the salary of assessors for the various assessing districts are fixed as follow: for assessing lands 10 per cent Increase over 1980 schedule plus 40 per cent for making out data sheets and the 1930 schedule for Plum Creek, ^Portland, Ramsey, and Riverdale townships Increased to 30 days as a basis for 1931 salary, the total salary for 1931 not to exceed the number of days hereinafter stated at $4.00 per day In addition thereto township as*- sessors to receive 2Sc for each road poll tax collected. Ayes: All. *^ Days Amt. Algona-E. H. Beardsley .154 $ 61S.M Bancroft-R. E. Goddard.. 40 60.00 Burt-J. 'P. Cunningham .. 33V6 J34.M Alt It. Staffer, Veres of sheep, clmd'. $90:00' ........ ..... not allowed Joe Von Bsnlc,. loss- of sheep, clmd. $20Iflff ............ not allowed Louia Goeta, loss of sheep; cl'md". $i>0:o 1 ........ .. ... not allowed Geo: C.. JVnwOTr, 1'oss of sheep, cl'tntl". $30.00' ............. not allowed W. J". FutiBs; Toss' of sheep; clmd". $144'.00~ .............. not allowed Gilbert' NTesoTV, loss- of rabbits, clmd". $lOT.fflf ........... not allowed RVcharfl' BanwaTt, 1'oss- of rabbits; dmtf. $'4S'.«T ..... ...... not allowed fLa-wrence' Walters,. loss of sheep; clmd'. $100.00' ..... not allowed P. H. Brethorst, loss of cows; clmd'. $123:00' ... •-..not arrowed Albert Eooft, loss of sheep; clmd'. J20.-00; allowed 15.00 Martin- iG'eerdesr, 1'oss of steep; clmd; $15". 00"; • allowed 10.100 J. P. Kirsch, loss of sheep 1 .... 45.00 Bert Qulnn, loss of sheep 36.00 Claude Seel'y, loss' of sheep, clmdl $10.00; allowed S.OO R. B. Bernlnghaus, loss of sheep, clmd. $106.00; allowed. 80.00 Carl H; Paetz, loss- of sh'eep-r clmd. $140.00: allowed 120.00 Joseph G. Miller, loss of sheep. clmd. $(50:00'; allowed' 60.00 Peter L'ooft, loss of sheep .... 32.00 Henry Priesenberg, loss of sheep, clmd: $73:95; allowed... S6.I2" 1.80 C. C. Foster, loss of sheep -" K8.35 . . aeaaiun ................ Motion by McDonald and seconded | o , , ip un n e ma'r'k, 'com. and" by Morris that all bids on bonds on Drainage District No. 177 are hereby Odd Fellows in Card Party— The I. o. O. F. entertained at a card party and dance last week Tuesday evening. Five hundred •was played a.t 14 tables, P. J. SchiUz and Mrs. Al Rahe winning hig-h scores. The Frank Menke orchestra, Fairmont, furnished music for the dance. Surprise for tho Kd Schemmels— About lift neighbors and relatives held a surprise party in honor ot Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hchemmel last week Wednesday evening. The event was their 17th wedding- anniversary. Mousels Are T<MI Years Wed— Neighbors and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Ij.wrt-nce Mouse! joined them In the celebration of their rejected. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded session Chas. Morris, com. and session 2TT.70 273.10 P. J. Helken, com. and session- 222.15 by McDonald that private bid of \ R ' .p Hawco'tt, assessor meet- C'arleton D. Beh and Company, of Des Moinc-s of par and accrued inter- Elean or F.'"Potter, "assessor- ing bear date of January 1. 1931. Ayes: All. (See Record for Resolution). Motion by Heiken and seconded by Funnemark that Carleton D. 'Beh and J. P. Cunningham, assessor meeting Clare Erickson, assessor meeting Company are hereby allowed $-134.00 Wm ' Runchev, "assessor "meet- expense for printing bonds, legal j ng " opinion, etc.. on Dr. 377. Ayes: All. H ,p"" Gutknecht, assessor Motion by McDonald and seconded: meeting hy Heiken that County Auditor be I D p Schwi'etert, assessor instructed to notify Township Trus- 5.20 x.m 5.00 6.80 freight 224.29 M. & St. L. R"y C'o., freight.. 205.75 Genl'eve Goodri'ch-, payment on Wl-2 Blk-21' Wesley ).. 100.00 North Kos. Sales- Pav. Co., S 1-2 lot o anxl lots 6 and 7, block 27; S\vea City 500.00 Standard Bridge Co., supplies. 1498.50 Frank E. Bauer, dragging .... Ubbe Winter, dragging- L. A. Hackbarth, dragging ... EmiV Sbrenson, dragging Louts- Scott, dragging John Von- Bank, dragging .... A. J. Heinen, dragging Victor A. Applegate, dragging 'Fred Butterfieid, dragging ... S. Severson, dragging Raynron- Barstou, dragging ... Philip- lEPuvffVngton, dragging .. to plan and prepare road program for IR31 and file same with County Auditor before 'February 1931. Ayes: All. 1, On motion Board adjourned "Sine Die." tenth M-o evening. anniversary Sunday Other Bancroft News. Anton Mayer, Mrs. Ed Brink Waterloo, and the latter's daugh ter, Helen, came last week Wednes day t, ( visit Mrs. Joe Welp. returned to Waterloo Monday. Margaret Miller is now employed in the telephone office and Amorlta Schlltz is taking her place in th bakery. Harry Cutler spent the week-enr -with relatives at Waterloo. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, C.'ounty Auditor. SIAMESE TWINS SUE MANAGER FOR SALARY The Hilton twins, so-called Siamese twins who visited Algona last fall en route west on a vaudeville tour, are again in trouble. News dispatches in dailies last week reported that a hearing was held Friday on a receivership action brought by the twins, Daisy and Violet Hilton, against their managers, Mr and Mrs. Myer Myers, who were with the twins when they stopped here. The twins have left their San An tonio. Tex., home and are living•with a friend. The girls seek an accounting of the funds they iiavi earned in vaudeville tours. Several months ago the twin were named correspondents in d vorce proceedings started by Mrs Mildred Oliver, who claimed aliena tion of her husband's affections asserting that her husband ha fallen in love with both of the twins Siamese twins are humans joine at birth by a bridge of flesh an bone which usually cannot be sev jred without causing death of on both of the twins. January 2, 1931. Auditor's Office, January 2. 1931. Board of Supervisors' of Kossuth county met In regular session with all members and proceeded with the \uditing and Allowing of bills. Motion by McDonald and seconded jy Helken that minutes of last regu- ,ar session and all adjourned sessions be approved as read. Ayes: All. On motion 'Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Helken and seconded by Funnemark that further proceedings on Dr. 149 Is hereby continued to January ti, 1931. Ayes: All. The old Board having no further business, on motion by Heiken and seconded by Morris that old (Board adjourn. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth ounty met as a new Board with the ollowins members present: Chas. torris, P. J. Heiken, W. E. McDon- Id. Olaf Funnemark, and F. J. Bal- meeting W. P. Vaske, assessor meeting W. J. Bourne, assessor meet- Ing Henry Nelson, assessor meeting Andrew Elbert, assessor meet- Ing L. A. Barslou, assessor meeting Henry Klepper, assessor meeting Andrew Anderson, dragging .. 5.W Henry Corstensen, dragging... A. T. Btreitels, dragging >-°0 Lammert Hippne, dragging ... Henry Dortt.fi, dragging 5.00 5.80 5.00 5.20 9.30 6.60 5.50 C. C. Anderson, dragging 20.25 S.75 15.00 10.50 4.12 18.00 5.25 6.00 6.00 6.00 3.75 20.63 8.10 1S.CO 37.92 49.50 58.50 15.75 . H. H. Feldlck, loss of sfreep,. clmd. $20.00! allowed 1 ........ . Ellis Jain, loss of sheep, draff. $18.00; allowed ............. Walter Jentz, loss of sheep .. Alfred Jergenson, loss of stteep' O. A. Jensen: loss of sheep . . John P. Hfeldersclieial; loss of sheep ....................... 'Harry Haase, loss of sheep N Erman H. Hansom loss of sheep, clmd. $24:00"; allowed 1 ... Roy Mlno, loss of sheep ....... M. L. Mann; loss of sheep, clmd. $20.00; allowed' .............. Chas. Larsen, loss of she«p, clmd. $15.00; altowde ....... .. Herman Gabel, loss of sheep'. . Lon Gauge, loss of sheep, clmd. $36.00; allowed" ..: ..... Herman Gabel, loss of stteep-,. clmd. $15.00; allowed' . ....... H. W. iGade, loss of sheep* — Martin 'Geerdes, loss of sfteep> Homer Gregory, loss of sheep,. clmd. $52.00; allowed" ........ H. J. Guide, loss of sheep, clmd. $50.00; allowed ......... Ben Gerber, loss of sheep,. clmd. $30.00; allowed ........ Chas. Larsen, loss of sheep, clmd. $20.00; allowed- ....... ... Lono iGauge, loss of sheepr clmd. $60.00; allowed' ....... ... Henry _A. Tvlocke, loss of sheep> 3-f.OO- 15.09 15.00 38.00 20:00 65.00 40.00 204.00 22.CO S.OO M'JW 12.00 20.00 28.80 Ray A. Marquis, labor and . repairs 4.00 George Looft, labor and repairs 2.00 'Lawrence Brandt, labor — 2.00 Dr. 9— •FuIIerton Lumber Co., supplies 59.65 Dr. 68— ' Bandrye & Carpenter, supplies ... 1.55 Dr. 80- "' • •-•"• -. George Looft, labor ... „. .. 24.90 Lawrence Brandt, labor 6.00 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies S.SO iRay A. Marquis, labor and supplies 45.75 Dr. 82— D. A. Carpenter, supplies .... 1.45 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies 3.30 Dr. 83— Milford iBIIyen, labor 13.09 Dr. 90— Haglund & fPeterson, labor.. 15.20 •EJmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies ,.... 5.25 "W. H. .Ricklefs, tile ;.. 2.00 Dr. 111- Elmore Cement & Tile Cow supplies .. ..: 3.50 Dr. 125— •George Looft, labor 18.00 Lawrence Brandt, labor tf.OO Ray A. Marquis, labor 32.25 Dr. 152— George Looft, labor ... -„ .. 14.00 Lawrence Brandt, labor 14.CO Ray A. Marquis, labor 26.50 Elmore Cement & Tire' CCK, supplies g.50 Dr. ITS— Humboldt Grave! & Tile Co-., est. No. 2 S2S.74 Kell & Halvorson, est. Nbv I... 821.27 H-K 3-J6— Thompson Yards Inc., supplies 1382 Farmres' Industrial Union, supplies .".'. 1.19 RESOLVED: That Comity Andftor Is hereby order and directed to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as shown by the "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written as per vote on each Individual fnTT. Ayes: AH. Fenton—John Dempsey ... 26 Lakota—H. F. Gutknecht. 35J4 Ledyard—Leon Worden ... 1SJ4 Lone iHock-Oten A. Sharp 13% Lu Verne—D. C. Ellis ...: 27V4 Swea City—Clare M. Erlck- son 104.00 142.00 74.09 54.00 110.00 220.0C Tnonk'a-iohn"E,"keil" '.... 27% 110.00 Wesley—'Ihno A. <Gerdes .. 3o% 142.00 Whlttemore—Frank W. Elb er t -. ...32 128.0D Township^' '"Name Days Amt. Buffalo-Ray E. Hansen.. 58% 234.00 Burt-iR. F. Hawcott 50V4 Cresco—Eleanor Potter ... 54 Eagle-O. W. Berggren ... 35% .Fenton-fFred Wegener .... 01 (Garfleld—Henry Klepper .. 58% German—Herman 'tlbben . 58V4 Grant—Paul Selberg 35% Greenwood—W. P. Vaske . 52% Harrison—L. A. Barslou ..46 Hebron—Peter Selvlg 47% IrvIngton-A. J. Seller ... 66 Ledyard—John E. Smith .. 40 LIncoIn-JW. H. Patterson. 47% LottS Creek—Andrew EHbert 54 Lu Verne—A. 'L. iBbsworth 49% Plum Creek—H. McEnroe. 46 Portland—D. 'F. Schwletert 46 Pralrie-J.. N. Ludwlg .... 66 Ramsey—Henry 'Fox RIverdale—Wm. Runchey 46 .46 Seneca—Chris Dahl ... I... 57 Sherman—L. A. Johnson .. 49% Springfield—Chas. Haas .. 38% Swea—S. A. Butcher Union—W. J. Borrne Wesley—IHenry Kelson — 57 Whlttemore—Wash Harris. 57 216.00 142.00 228.00 234.00 234.00 142.00 210.00 184.00 190.00 264.00 160.00 190.00 216.00 198.00 184.00 184.00 264.00 184.00 184.00 228.00 I98.0C ' 154.00 216.00 228.00 228.00 228.00 On motion Board proceeded with the Auditing and Allowing of bills as per schedule of claims hereinafter writ ten: SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS COUNTY FIUND Koch Brothers, supplies $ Ruth Bishop, labor in Treas. office H. S. Hundertmark, dragging. 13.50 iHolcomb & Wallentlne, dragging 6.75 Herman iHunksmeler, dragging 4.13 Paul Selberg, assessor meeting 7.00 S. A. -Butcher, assessor meeting Fred 'G. Wegener, assessor meeting J. E. Smith, assessor meeting O. W. Berggren. assessor meeting John Dempsey, assessor meet- eman. Supervisors-elect IF. J. Balgeman Glen A. Sharp; assessor meeting W. H. Patterson, assessor meeting H. L. McEnroe, assessor meeting Chris Dahl, assessor meeting.. Frank W. Elbert, assessor meeting I,. A. Johnson, assessor meeting Wash Harris, assessor meet- Ing John N. Ludwlg, assessor meeting A. J. Seller, assessor meeting. D. E. Ellis, assessor meeting. 7.80 5.50 7.00 8.00 6.10 5.60 7.40 4.SO 6.50 5.00 S.SO 5.50 5.50 5.00 6.00 C. E. Kollasch, dragging John F. Hlntz, dragging ..... 11.28 C. C. Cook, dragging 18.00 B. H. Meyer, dragging 47.25 Edvald Johnson, dragging .... 18.75 Michael Keller, dragging .. .. 24.00 H. E. Nelson, dragging 43.12 Wm. H. Sohn, dragging 12.00 J. R. Craig, dragging « 8.62 E. H. Kessler, dragging 11.25 Edward Hegge, dragging 13.50 Mrs. Fred Busch, dragging ... 18.75 K. B. Kessler. dragging 9.00 Joe Mayne, dragging 22.50 Paul Zielske. dragging 12.00 V. J. Gross, dragging 1.87 N. B. Schiltz, dragging 5.25 C. H. Sonnenberg, dragging .. 29.25 Nick Sandt, dragging 3.00 A. M. Gustafson, dragging ... 5.62 Henry Gettman, dragging 86.00 Henry F. Hofbauer, dragging. 14.25 Otto Engelbarts, dragging — 16.50 Guy Carlson, dragging 76.50 Nick Mergen, dragging 63.50 Andrew Gollner, dragging — 39.11 Johnson 'Bros., dragging 34.50 25.00 K.W 39.20 40.60 25.00 30.00 49.00 100.00 65.00 15.00 8.00 35.00 __ 24 00 Jay IBudlbns, 1'oss of sheep'"!! 35400 Olson Bros., Ibss of sheep 20.00 1200 . sheep, clmd". $103.00;- allowed. 81 00 On motion Board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. January ff, 1931. IBERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Januarys, 1931. Auditor's Office, January 6, 1931. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Morris and seconded by Funnemark that the foUowfteff poor allowances for 1931 are hereby allowed r E. J Masters, Whltternorev Per month ..... '. .............. „..$ Miss Lena Godfredson, Tltort- ka, .per month Geo. Hansen, repairs and labor .. Botsford Lumber Co., supplies R. A. Clark, supplies Chas. Morris, tel. expense .. .. Herman Ubben, att. assessor meeting ... '. Advance Pub. Co., pub. board proceedings Haggard & Backus, pub. Bd. proceedings O. W. Erickson Hdw., sup- plfes Otto Knudsen, loss of sheep.. David C. King, loss of sheep. Henry Kbllasch; loss of sheep, clmd. $lo;CO; allowed ........ A. J. Krause, loss of sheep ____ David" Kropf, loss of sheep, clma. $28.00; allowed . Mrs. Agnes Tibbetts, Algona, per 'month .................. Mrs. Rosewall Hunt, Banerr/ft, per month .................. J. H. Sheridan (rent for Mrs. Gaylor) Bancroft, per month Mathilda Pommerening, Btrrt, per month " 2090 30.00 10.00 7.00 1200 ... Marie Teal, Algona, per 'month 10.00 79.3a 1.5C 3.00 26.00 1.5C 13.6C 6.8C 105.9 71.4 2.1 COUNTY 'FUND—SCHOOL BOOKS Laidlaw Brothers, school books 276.31 American Book Co., school books 719.1. Gtrtrt & Co., school books 627,8 Lyons & • Carnahan, school books 300.0 Charles Scribner's Sons, school books J75.1 Charles B. Merril! Co., school books ...... 62.20 A. N. Palmer Co., school books U7.14 Scott, (Foreman & Co., school books 101.87 MacMIIIan Co., school books.. 10129 Educational Pub. Co., school Vm. ; keeper, road patrol " Clyde Sanders, labor " •< ' '' '" •• patrol , .. ohn Phillips, patrol '" •• Dd*ard Fuchsen. patrol '" '" 3nno Eden,'dragging* '" ^o.'»%t?o^ 1 ^: SffirsiSs&iTsa?, Albert Kressln, dragging * " Albert Looft, dragging*.. ' ay Godden, dragging A. J, Peterson, dragging- Carl Zumach, dragging " " Oloret MIchaelsen, draieein.'" August 'F. Melz, dragging S " Tarry Rohlin. dragging ." " ?. X. Wllhelml, dragglnc "" C. K. Kohlhaas, dragging ""' Helvln .P. Cody, dragging Jeonard Mlno, dragging "" Tohn H. Schueler, drng K ini '"I W. P. Kelly, painting'"'." 1 *'" Jharles .Emanuel, labor I jawrence Clnk, labor ' 3 aul .Phillips, labor Tack Delano/, labor Farlbault Co., labor ... , .... tfatt Laux, repairs D. A. Shultz, supplies 3eo. Hansen, supplies Frank 'Flalg, supplies A- H. Hundeby, supplies'.. j. M. iBIanchard, supples ."' O. W. Erickson Hdw , piles ....'... " ' • i Leslie & 'Leslie, grading t^eo Delperdahg, labor ' Norton Machine Works piles '' W. E. Naudain, coal Edwin W. Lusby, suppling" " K. D. James, supplies '" ' S. B. French Lumber Co Botsford Lumber Co.. Kalo^Brlck A Tile Co , It. W. Swanson. supplie Farmers. State 'Bank, furna«- Mld-Cont. Petro. Corp., gas Peerless Oil Co., gas ... '" Phillips Petroleum Co., gas '" Joe Fraeer, dragging ... " DRAINAGE FUND" Dr. 2— Lafe Simmons, cleaning tile, Dr. , 3— repalrlns I E. <3. Stenstrom, tile C. Albln Peterson, repairing I trie • • Dr. 27- sup. I Co., sup.1 Co., sup. I P. Weyerhaeuser piles Dr. 31— V. Weyerhaeuser piles Dr. «»P. Weyerhaeuser piles Dr. 73— Henry 'Fischer, labor ... Dr. 80— P. Weyerhaeuser Co, piles Dr. 82— P. Weyerhaeuser Co- piles Dr. 90- . P. Weyerhaeuser Co, piles Dr, 102— " •P. Weyerhaeuser Co., piles Dr. Ill— P. Weyerhaeuser Co., piles Dr. 125- F. Weyerhaeuser, supplies .. Dr. 133— Henry Fischer, labor Dr. 152— F. Weyerhaeuser Co., supplies Dr. 177- ' Adance Pub. Co., pub. notice I E-K Jt. 2— Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies RESOLVED: That County Is hereby ordered and directed | sue warrants for all bills nllo this meeting as shown b;| "Schedule of Claims" herein! written as per vote on each I ual bill. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned I o'clock a. m. January 10, 1931. BERTHA E. JOHN| County sup. I sup. sup. sup- sup- books Webb Book Pub. Co., school books ' .. .. World- 'Book Co., school books Houghton Mlfflln Co., school books 18.19 23.09 63.39 55.38 uuuivo . t ..••., .,,, ..,..- ,., ,,, Rn 38 Laurel Book Co., school book's 7',47 ., ____ L. A. Barslbu-, loss of sheep, clmd". $15:00; allowed ........ Herman Blerstedt. loss of " Joe Bal'k, loss of sheep, elmd. $15.00; all'owed 12.00 Wm. H: Payne, loss of sheep, cl'md. $15;OOV allowed 12.00 Albert SWansorr, losa of sheep, •• clmoT. $35:00;- allowed 3000 Edward" M". Servfg, loss of sheep' 1000 A. Sthram, loss of sheep, clmd. $30;00; olloiWKd 25.00 Magnus Rahm, loss of sheep.. 16.00 nd Olaf Funnemark were duly sworn n as Supervisors of Districts 1 and 3 espf-ctively. Motion by Funnemark and seconded y McDonald that F. J. Balgeman act as Chairman of the Board of Super- •isors for year 19.11. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded >y 'McDonald that following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION' WHEIREAS. the provisions of Section 7405 of the Code of 1M4 requiring leposltory bonds for deposits of County Funds in depository banks nas hef-n repeair-d, and, WHEREAS, The law as it now exists exonerates the depository banks from giving bonds, and provided for a sinking fund for the protection of public deposits. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, that Harry N. Kruse, as Treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, is hereby directed to deposit funds in the depository banks hereinafter mentioned, which are hereby designated and approved as depositories of the public funds of Kossuth county, Iowa, towit: Kossuth County State Bank, Algona. Iowa State (Bank, Algona. State Bank of Ledyard, Ledyard. Farmers Savings Bank, Ledyard. Titonka Savings Bonk, Tltonka. Exchange State Bank, Wesley. Henry Fox. assessor meeting.. C.20 Chas. Haas, assessor meeting. Ray E. Hanson, assessor meeting A. L. Bosworth, assessor meeting R. E. Goddard, assessor meet- Ing 'eter A. Selvis, assessor meeting Tohn Kohlwes, trustee meeting Peter Elbert, trustee meeting. \lbert "Potratz, trustee meeting Wm. Meyer, trustee meeting.. O. Baas, trustee meeting .. H. F. Schultz, trustee meeting W. F. Reimers, trustee meetings John Hellman, trustee meeting Anton Stork, trustee meeting. J. S. Freeark, trustee meeting Edw. Droessler, trustee meeting Bancroft Register, pub. IBoard proceedings Iowa Mutual Tornado Ins. Association, Insurance Fred Boyken, duplicate warrant A. A. 'Fangman, duplicate warrant W. E. Laird, coroner's fees .. George Winkel, trustee meeting .-. ... Mary K. Sands, work In Treas. office 'Lottie J. Kain, work in Treas. office Helen Harig, work in Treas. S.OO 6.20 6.00 5.80 7.70 Henry W. Kohlhaas, dragging 3.75 Elllne Mertlnson, dragging — 61.60 Harm Boeckholt, dragging 54.75 iGlen W. Jenkins, dragging ... 3.93 Crawford Bros., dragging 20.25 W. P. Vaske, dragging 7.13 iFred Barney, dragging 14.57 Albert Schealler, dragging ..... 9.00 Ole iM. Ravn, dragging 1S.OC Lome IByers, dragging 13.5C J. A. Strayer, dragging 37.5( Herman Soderberg, dragging.. 27.00 W. R. Smith, dragging 14.62 Theodore Blerstedt, dragging . 10.12 John Blsenius, dragging Elnre Becki dragging ... . K. G. Ewoldt, dragging ... Ole L. Johanson, dragging 4 -iJ°. i Chas. Kollasch, dragging .. 4.00 Theo Weisbrod, dragging .. Albert Wittkopf, dragging . 4.00 L. E. Mueller, dragging 85.92 10.05 4.80 4.60 8.SO 4.00 81.00 63.00 9.00 4.12 7.51 30.37 24.37 6.00 8.2 2S.7 112.88 3.7 125.00 126.4 64.S 112.50 100.00 104.00 72.00 9760 96.00 74.40 J. H. Montgomery, road patrol 104.80 4.00 , c_ B. Johnson, dragging rSxIE 1 . W. Langerman. dragging .. •UXJ, Oscar Earing, dragging .,, Chester Lamoreaux, road pa...„.......... . 16.00 i-yv m . 6. Ludwlg. road patrol.. 16.00 Elmer Ewing. road patrol .... Ib.OOIg D. McDonald, road patrol.. I Jack T. Lynch, road patrol... 16.00 Tom Weir, road patrol I Alton Petit, road patrol J". E. Touwg-, Toss of sheep, clmd'. $2J.OOr allowed ... 12.00 Anton Dahl, loss of sheep .. .. 10.00 H. J-. ArntTorfer, loss of sheep, cl'md. $12.00; allowed 10.00 H. F. Anderegg, loss-of sheep, elmil. $115.00; allowed 90.00 A, R, Gardner, loss of sheep, 8.00 Geo. W. Godfrey, loss of sheep, ctmd. $700.00; allowed ... .... 84.00 Mrs.- James Black, loss of turkeys, clmd. $20.00; allowed ... 1600 . C. Brenau, loss of geese, clmd. $4.50; allowed 390 Walter A. Bletch, loss of geese, clmd. $10.00; allowed.. 400 George Bruellman. loss of geese, clmd. $35.00; allowed .. 18.50 Lewis Wildln, loss of ducks, clmd. $30.60; allowed l»50 Chris Schmidt, loss of pullets, clmd. $13.60; allowed 6.00 W. J. Kisch, loss of chickens 14.85 Jos. Hlldman, loss of geese, clmd. $4.00; allowed 2.SO Geo. B. Sonnenberg, loss of colt, clmd. $45.00; allowed ... 30.00 Claude A. Seely, loss of colt, clmd. $80.00; allowed 40.00 George G. Eden, loss of ateers. 6000 Clarence Watson, loss of heifer, clmd. $52.50; allowed Martin Berhow, loss of heifer, clmd. $30.0; allowed E. C. Behnkendorf, loss of calves, clmd. $54.00; allowed.. Ben Franzen, loss of heifer, clmd. $70.00; allowed Henry Ploeger, loss of calf, clmd. $26.00; allowed Carl Watson, loss of steer Marie Duncan, Bancroft, per month 15.00 Mrs. W. <J. Keepher, Algona, per month 15.00 Mrs. E. M. Sarchett, Maple Hill (rent for Mrs. Harold Johnson, Bancroft), per month 10.00 Mrs Emma 'Beard, Algona, per'month 15.00 Mrs. Robert Curtis (board for Luella Duncan), per month.. 8.00 Eliza Odell, Bancroft, per month 8.00 Mrs. Abe Lester, Lakota, per month 15.00 Hllma Erlckson, Bancroft, per month 20.00 J. H. Sheridan (rent for Mary Kramer) Bancroft per month 7.00 John D. Magnusson, -Algona, per month 1500 Dr. W. T. Peters • (rent for Wm.' Harsh) IBiurt, per month 700 Andrew Peterson, Algona (rent for 'Mrs. Amos Kinney) Burt, , per month 1200 W.' C. Hahle, blind pension, per year 300.00 J. B. LIppIncott Co., school books Henry Holt & Co., ' school books '.. ) FuIIerton & Gray, school books Crescent Printing Co., school POOR 'FUND Mrs. CM. Knudsen. labor ... bmlth Department Store, supplies. Hoods Cash Store, provision's! Mrs. Rattle Lichliter, provisions Kennedy, Brothers'.'.' provisions A. A. Droessler, provisions ... Tnos. Akre, provisions E. L. Hansen, provisions .. . J. Bruer, provisions .... Thaves Sisters, provisions .!" Ivelson Mercantile Co., provisions A lf™'±i£ 0 : 0p - c «amer'y' Co.', 14.76 13.74 12.23 17.42 16.05 20.00 10.00 9.30 30.47 14.85 24.00 17.05 ' 6.20 15.00 5.32 F.L.HOPPE The" Jolly Auctioneer — who | falls to hold a crowd. Has I years of. experience In farm sales. Prices reasonal Isfactlon guaranteed. Give trial. Phone 705-J. Algona. Kidiey Acids Break Slj M Getting Up Nights, frequent day calli, tat PalniJ ousness, or Burning, due to (UN •t Bladder Irritation, in acid] tlons. make* you feel tired, d* 1 and discouraged, try the Cyi •Works fast. atarU clrculatlt the cyatem In 15 minutes. Pru housand* for rapid and poiltl lion. Don't dv« up. Try Cyitn nounced Slss-tex) today, wt Iron-Clad Guarantee. Must I llay these conditions, Imp K. >V. LVSBY'8 DRCO 8T| lg ™j 1628 1824 645 and County Auditor authorized to issue warrants for said amounts. Ayes: ... H. F. Gutknecht, loss of calf, clmd. $20.00; allowed 45.00 2400 4500 55.00 15.00 35.00 1500 All Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Helken that appointment of J. A. McDonald aa delinquent tax collector for 1931 Is hereby approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by Morris that the Kossuht County Advance, Upper Des Moines Republican, of Algona, Iowa, and Bancroft Register, of Bancroft, Iowa, are hereby appointed as the official newspapers for 1931. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Funnemark that Farm Bureau report be approved and the sum of $5,000.00 is hereby appropriated to said organization for 1931. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Morris that fourth quarterly report of Bertha E. Johnson, ' County Auditor, and Laura Paine, County iRtecorder, and L. E Hovey, Sheriff, are hereby approved. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Morris and seconded by Funnemark that official bond of C. S. Pearson, tFirst Deputy Auditor, for $2.000.00 is hereby approved. Ayes: All. D r' Provsons!' & SJogren, provisions ..,. ;• W.-Jurgens, provisions ..... . A, Murray, coal mm Botsford Lumber Co., coal !!!: 4205 W T PPH ers Excha "Se, coal. stS oil ?' Pelln s, rent .......... .. 700 Rhoba iGaylor, rent . A. E. .Pasley, rent ....... "!' C. C. Dourte, rent ...... James Neville, clothing ...".!! H. H. Bruns, labor ... 15.00 15.00 10.00 2.75 2.50 36.00 Dr. Pierre Sartor, med. aid ... xw Kossuth Hospital, med. aid .. 24875 Kenef ck & Crawford, med. aid 125 25 Dr. -Pierre Sartor, med. aid .. 46.50 40.00 icYEl PE1 with I , . .. . . Adams, med. aid .... WWJ W. E. Naudain, coal ......... 6750 R. L. corbln, med. aid ....... 1050 Dr. R. A. Evans, med. aid !! " 5- J?.- James, supplies ........ V' W. Lumqulst, med. aid .... J. E. Kell. funeral exp ..... Donald Weir, supplies ..... John Loss, transp ...... Elinor T, Sutton, office exp"" Graham Co., supplies ... ... Kuhn Bros., hogs ....... Frank Holderman, mercWn- dise ............. ... Thos. Akre, provisions".'. ".!!!! 8953 George Holtzbauer, labor W. J. Payne, paper ' 10.50 33.00 9.S5 4.5060.00 8.08 13.00 2.S5 7.59 157.00 1.60 Hans W. Nellsen. road patrol Cheater Alme, road patrol . . , . John S. Nelson, road patrol .. 112.00 Elmer G. Gibson, labor 18.20 J. P. Blsenius, labor 5.50 C. E. Mersch. labor 29.00 Clem Goodman, labor 91.60 George Looft, labor 2.00 Ray A. Marquis, labor 3.60 John Bvarts, labor 21.11 S. M. Jordan, labor 23.80 Ubbe Winter, labor 14.40 Jule Selfert, labor 270.00 Wm. Hardcopf, dragging 8.50 . . ........ W. Scott Hanna, loss of calf.. 10.00 G. E. Norris, loss of sow, clmd. $35.00: allowed ........ 'Leo Hellmann, loss of sow, clmd. $90.00; allowed ........ Clifford Holmes, losa of hog, clmd. $10.00; allowed , Towne, supplies 5.00 36.88 , ....... 0000 Fred Park, freight and wages 78.06 K. p. James, supplies ........ 5.03 Higley Chemical Co., supplies. 1260 Botsford Lumber Co., supplies Norton Machine "Works, sup- SAMEPRK plies COURT 7.29 15.60 24.00 40.00 8.00 14.40 20.80 72.00 16.70 $15.00; allowed '. 12.80 Simon iHirner, loss, of hog clmd. $19.00; allowed John N. Helleseth, loss of pigs, clmd. $37.40; allowed J. .R. Craig, loss of hogs; clmd. $90.00; allowed Carl Christ, loss of hogs and roosters, clmd. $19.50; allowed Joe Cink, loss of shote, clmd, C. H. Bunting, loss of hogs, clmd. $48.00; allowed H. F, Anderegg, loss of sows, 44.00 Motion by McDonald and seconded by Funnemark that following official bonds are hereby approved: Andrew Elbert. H. L. McEnroe, Frank W Elbert. Chris Dahl, John Dempsey,' "W P. Vaske, H. E. Goddard, Ray E Hansen, H. 'P. Gutknecht, J E Smith, A. L. Bosworth, 'W. H Patterson, Clare M. Erlckson, Henry Klepper, Leon J, Worden, Peter A. Selvig. Wm. Runchey, L. A. Barslou Paul Selberg. J. E. Keil. A. J. Seller, Eleanor V. 'Potter, D P. Schweltert Henry Pox, D. C. Ellis, assessors, each In the sum of $500.00: J. H. Sheridan, Wnj. A. Cameron, M. P. McDonnell, L. A. Winkel. C. Btehrman, Ihno A. Gerdes, W. C. Danson, Justice ot the Peace, each In the sum of $500 00- Jake Keller, L. T. Griffin. Walter'H. Steward, C. a Wright, constables, each In the sum of $500.00. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Helken that Secondary Road petition N. 156 Is hereby placed on file. Ayes: l L. E. Hovey, conveying prls- Albert Ogre'n.'mayor'fees' "..".'. F. A. Newville. marshal fees. 6.40 3.00 _ Dr. A. wewvme. marshal fees. 1.&5 T. B. ERADICATION "FUND j iG. Dunn, vet. serv. INSTITUTE FUND ' 30.97 51.35 65,00 Julius Boraas, lectures .. Arthur E. Bennett, lectures ... Wm. Shirley, printing announcements ......... .... J. P. Overmyer, janitor 'serv'. and fuel ................ W. B. Quarton. lecture '..'".'.'.'. . ...... ivuu A. E. Partridge, lecture ...... 2S'«0 LIBRARY TOND Nally & Co., books. John O. Winston Co., books .. Row, Peterson & Co., books.. Laurel IBtook Co., books ... Glnn and Co., books St. Paul Book & Sta. Co.] books .... American Book Co., books".!! Thos. R. Johnson, aipportlOB- 113.3S 12,02 37,30 3.76 «. 45 !*.<» UK K C 99i M ** •nd Ur$« VO|M«»« i"! MILLIONS O

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