Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 18, 1916 · Page 4
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 18, 1916
Page 4
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4 FIRST SECTION PAGE FOUR. THE PITTSBURGH GAZETTE TIMES, SUNDAY,. JUNE 18, 1916 CITY FOLK FLOCKING TO SHORE ATES Tomorrow Begins the Final Week of This Wonderful Sale of Girls' & Child's $1.50 White Canvas "Mary Jane" Pumps Men's Leghorn Hats Women's "Edwin C. Burf Low Shoes Worth $3 to $4, at $ 1 .65 . Many Pittsburghers Register at Atlantic City Hotels or Open Cottages. ita in CSurt 3Cenllork 9&, $4 to $7 Kinds All Sizes in the Sale t 70 izes m the bale Jk '2s For these final days we will add 3G0 pairs of Women's Edwin C. Burt branded High Shoes, of many smart, new styles, in nlain or fancv leathers and to the Low Shoes we have added Made with The ideal Summer Straw Hat genuine w bite rubber soles and leather insoles. Come in sizes (i to 11, UVL' to - and 2-to (I for bier trirls. Midnpor. imported Italian Leghorns. THE HEW CHAIR WAR AVERTED Mid-floor. Come in the new Trooper, Alpine, Droop Brim and Telescope styles. K. & B. Co. Street Floor. 1,000 pairs of Women's Ilanan & Son's Low Shoes, in tan or black leathers LOCATIO md black or white combinations. All sizes m the lots. Midfloor. V f 1"V i r j iLOCATIO WaM M I te I - i r (Special Correspondence to The Gazette Times) ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Juno 15. It has been almost like a Boardwalk "old home week'" for Pittsburgh folk In Atlantic City this week. Well-known people from the city and Its environs came to the hotels all over the city and a number of families opened their cottages in the Chelsea and the Inlet districts. Pittsburghers were prominent in mpst of the social affairs given at the yacht and the country clubs and in the hotels and many of the men wore badges indicative of their participation in one of the score or so conventions in session at the shore. Folks who hoped that the rolling chair price war would continue all summer are disappointed over the settlement this week which resulted in restoring the rate which formerly pre vailed. Incidentally the strike of the chair pushers ended. The pushers still insist on recognition of their union, which is affiliated with the American Federation of Labor, and there are prospects of some opera bouffe Boardwalk labor struggles during the summer. Socially the resort has been lively this week. Bathing came back into favor when the sun broke through the clouds, but shore folks found time to attend a bridge at the Chelsea Yacht Club, which formally opened its summer season. Mr. and airs. Alexander Laughlin of Pittsburgh arrived at the Marlborough-Blenheim. Charles L. Tavlor. Pittsburgh, joined Mrs. Taylor at the Slarlborough-Blenheim," where they spent several days before opening their summer cottage iu Chelsea. R. B. Woodworth and Samuel Fray. Jr., of Pittsburgh, registered at the Marlborough-Blenheim. Mr. and Mrs. George J. 'Willock and their son came from Pittsburgh to the Marlborough-Blenheim. Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Plumer were among Pittsburgh folk who came to the Marlborough-Blenheim. H H. McCllnuc, Jr., came from Pittsburgh to Join a family party at the Marlborough-Blenheim. Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Wheaton with their two children came from Wheeling. W. Va to the Marlborough-Blenheim. . George Roberts, Mrs. Roberts and F. F. Durbin were among the Pittsburgh visitors at the Marlborough-Blenheim. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Hamilton have joined the Pittsburgh colony at the Marlboroueh-Blenheim. J K. Barker and W. A. Brewer were among the Pittsburghers who regis- j tered at the Dennis. Mrs. Fred B. Reed of Clearfield. Pa., Is at the Dennis accompanied by Master Reed and Miss DHL Mrs. A. Marshall Bell and Miss Bell came from Pittsburgh to the Dennis. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Smith of Parkers-burg, W. Va, are at the Dennis. Mrs. John Gibson and Robert T. Gibson are among the Pittsburgh patrons of the Dennis. . Mr. and Mrs. M- C. Wilde and Miss Elizabeth Wilde came from Pittsburgh to the Dennis. Mrs. P. P. Kane of Pittsburgh Is at the Dennis with Miss A. G. Kane. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Nicholson came from Pittsburgh to the Dennis. E H. Fisher. C. L. Jamison and B. B. Keefer, Jr., are among the Pittsburgh visitors at the Dennis. Mrs. O. O. Drennan of Pittsburgh, who is at the Traymore, has Mrs. May Cahn with her this week. Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Clifford are among the Pittsburgh visitors. A party at the Traymore from La-trobe. Pa, includes Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Saxman, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Howard, Miss Esther Saxman, Harry Sax-man. M:ss Mary Howard Saxman and Miss Laura Whiteman. Carl K. Dresser of Bradford, Pa., is here with R. Richard Dresser. Mrs. Dresser and Mrs. Pauline Steese. H. W. Prestis. Jr., was among the Pfttsburghers on the Boardwalk. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Blair came from Pittsburgh to the Traymore. C. B. Vernon of Bradford, Pa., is at the shore. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Henderson of Pittsburgh are among the visitors. Mr. and, Mrs. C. F. Wallace of Erie. Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Newell and Miss Isabel Grimes of Pittsburgh are at the Traymore. Sir. and Mrs. Clyde S. McCurdy . came from Pittsburgh to remain until the end of June. V. H. Martin and Miss Martin have joined the Pittsburgh colony at the Hotel Chelsea. C. W. Nicholas of Tarentum. Pa., is mt the Chelftea G. G. Lutz of Pittsburgh is at the Nether land. Mrs. Alexander Blaine came from Pittsburgh to the Iraine. Mrs. M. B. MacGuire has joined Pittsburgh, friends at the Seaside. Mrs. W. R. Touhy of Pittsburgh is entertaining Mrs. A. J. Ramon of Blairsville. Pa., at the Seaside. Mian Henrietta Bartholomew of Pittsburgh is with friends at the Sea- SiMr. and Mrs. David Hall and Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Allport are among the Pittsburgh patrons of the Seaside. Joseph De Roy, A. C. Davis and G. C. Davis are among Pittsburgh patrons of the Alamac. H. W. Beaumont of Pittsburgh registered at the Alamac. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Guy of Pittsburgh are at the Strand. K. B. Jeffcoat registered from Pitts-hitreh at the Strand. Mr. and Mrs. J. C Carnahan and Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Foley are additions to the Pittsburgh colony at the Strand. An automobile party from Pittsburgh st the Strand Includes George Faunce. Mrs. Faunce and Miss Dorothy Faunce. Dr. Charles A. Fawcett of Pittsburgh registered at the Strand. .Miss Ann Coll and Miss Helen Par-rish are additions to the Pittsburgh colony at the Raleigh. Mr. ar.d Mrs. D. W. Robertson of Bradford. Pa., are at the St. Charles. W. A. Keating of Pittsburgh registered at the St. Charles. Mrs. J. W. Timberlake of Pittsburgh is at Tabor Inn. Mrs. L. A. Rickard and Miss May V. Richard came from Pittsburgh to Phillips' House. Mrs Charles A. Poth and James Len-ahan J.th joined the Pittsburgh colony at the WestmonL Mrs. William Friedland of Pittsburgh has Miss Adams with her at the Breakers. Miss Florentine Herrick of Pittsburgh Is at the shore. Miss Ann Wilson came from Pitts-bur to join a party of friends. Judge John Kephard of Kbensburg, Pa., is at the Sheihurne. Misa Myra cmcKerng or on t.ny. t-a Is with a party of young friends at the shore. Coif Baff on Wheel. WASHINGTON, June 17. A new-Invention which will render the goifer independent of the oft-time unreliable caddv is a golf bag set on a pair of 4-inch wfieeU with a handle at the top by mean of which the golfer ran readily propel it over the ground. Attached to the upper part of the bag are two steel supports which ran be thrown out by a single movement of the hand. These support the bag while the golfer Is playing a shot. The supports fold automatically against the Ides of the bag whenever it is necessary to move the equipment. uOryjt" Salesmen's Samples "Onyx" Factory Samples V'Onyx" Surplus Sample Stocks 24,600 Pairs Silk Hosiery 18,240 Pairs Lisle & Cotton Hosiery For Men, Women and Children j A regular "Million in June'' event with us, which thrifty men and women of this city anxiously await. This year the assortments are larger, qualities better and savings greater than ever be fore. In some instances we have included goods from our own stock and reduced them just for this sale. A sale no man or woman can afford to miss. Women's lo $1.50 Ingrain Thread Silk Hose Black, white and colors and all new- f est fancy effects; reinforced soles, rv p heels and toes; deep double garter tops; gauze, light and medium weights. Wo m e n'n Xc Stocking; black or white silk bootsttick-ines. with mer- 18c m as For Men, Women and Children W o m e n'u S5e Stork. nstt fiber silk boots, fancy stripe boots, all-over lisle, in blark. white, etc at. 14c ceriztnl tops, at. "Worn n"m 5e snd Silk Storking;; the newest shades; street or evening: wpur; , silk boot 2A effects. ... J-t Women's 35c & 50c Silk or Lisle Stockings Imported silk lisle, heavy fibre and a pure silk; plain shades, fancy stripe silk boot effects, imported lisle with silk clox, fancy lisles, etc. Women's It 1.00 Stocking silk with side olox and embroidered insteps, in plain shades; also sheer CO gauze JOQ. Women' S1.."0 Silk Stockings biai'k or w hite Richelieu r i b silk stockings; now so fashionable, 7J pair i C KTr Out Sie Silk stock-in; t'lauk or white; lisle parter tops; ha n--e for big worn1;, Q r pair ODC 15c Children's 25c and 35c Sample Sox; Plain or fancy tops, in cotton, fine lisle: white or colors; all 1 C perfect goods, a pair I JC Children's 25c and 35c Sample Hose, in cotton, lisle and mercerised lisle, in black, whitf?. tan and Hcht colors, at a pair Children's Good 50c Sample Hose, in silk, fine lisle or imported cotton; black, white, ten ai"i light O 4 colors, special at, a pair ZlC Children's 19c Cotton Stockings ; black or white; tine ribbed stockings, in double soles, heels and toes 1 special tomorrow, a pair. ... I I C K. B. ( a. Slrtrt Fluor. Some of the (special lots represent excess stuck J.fter mills' regular orders have been filled. They are termed "run of the mill." meaning a thick or thin spot here and there not sufficiently perfect to be called "firsts," and the defects are so unimportant that they can hardly be termed "seconds." However, we stand back of their wearing qualities. Men's SI, $1.50, $2 Ingrain Thread Silk Sox Black, white and colors; all perfect s- soods; light, medium and heavy " vJ " weight; pure silk; full fashioned; dou-ble heels, soles and toes; all sizes 9 to 1 1 - Men's 19c Sox; In black, white and best colors; mercerized and silk plaited t O x sox; all sizes. 1 Z2v Men's 25c and ."."Sc Sox; pure silk, silk lisle and fine Imported cotton; black, white 1 C and best colors. . I JC Men's SOc, 75c Silk or Imported Lisle Sox Most of the lot are salesmen's samples, -v giving a big variety to choose from, ( in black, white and best plain shades; S ilso'newest fancy effects. Mrn'a SOe Mlk or Lisle No I He m less or fashioned fft; suk, lifile or fine cotton; plain and fancy 11 effects TC JImi'i tir Sou all i 1 a t n shades: also mercerized motion, in black or w hite. w ith embroidered i Q ciox I f5c Men' 54e and T.",e Soi come with siile clox and vertical stripes; also ail the best r,iain ....39c Extraordinary 'Million in June' Sale Boys' Tub Suits in -MT ( r : i j I V l3 to Saved! Kvery mother of a hoy 2 to 8 years v.-ill welcome this pplen-dUl rhance. Junior Nor folks. Tommy Tu ker, Pennsy and Sport models, in rhambrays, 'kiddy" or "PeKSry" cloth, gala-tea, rep and madras. Boys $1.50 and t 1 00 $2.00 Suit, at. . 1 lJU Boys'. $2.50 Wash i 1 A Z Suits, Special at. . J Boys $3.00 Wash s I Q Suits. Special at. . I 'y 1 Just the suits the little fellow needs a good supply of for Summer. K. Hi Co. fourth Floor. for 3.50 The Stupendous Success Of This Gigantic 60c Shirt Sale teaches a lesson that every man should heed for it conclusively demon strates how wonderfully you can profit hv reading our daily advertisements. Come tomorrow and you will buy your season's supply. 'Regular $1.00,$1.50, r$2 and $2.50 Shirts You can select from Silk-Mixed Shirts Satin-Stripe Shirts Fine Percale Shirts Cotton Crepe Shirts Silk-Stripe Cotton Pongee Shirts Woven Madras Shirts Fiber Stripe Cotton Pongee Shirts Printed Madras Shirts Rep Cloth Shirts Mercerized Crepe Shirts. Every- style of shirt Is Included every desirable color is hero every shirt is guaranteed fast color and perfect fitting. All Sizes 13V2 to 20 Street Floor. r.j c cl: 1- l uiauc juuiuicr oniris Includetl in this sale are Phiin Negligee White Shirts with laundered cuffs, Pleated Bosom White Shirts with laundered cuffs and Soft Fosom White Shirts with turn-back cuffs. Also about 6.000 Sport Collar rg?a r CaWffrlhi SCSa Shirts m all over stripes or white p.mgce with striped silk collar, also Soft Shirts with military or low (-liar attached. 3 for $1.75 See Window Display Sirrt I'loor. nreezy iMillion in June oa e iNews Furniture at Wholesale EASY PAYMENTS EASILY ARRANGED II .$59.75 This SI 10 Four-Ploc "Adam" Dining Suite; solid oak; fumed finish; large liufTtt, china closet, 7-inch ex- tensicn table and servini? $0.00 t.in:ng Chairs to Thii $18.00 Five-Piece Dining Set Table and Four Chairs $1 28 0 table, special at. . batch, Z.VJt $8.rj0 Arm Chairs, s.DS T1IK TABLE Solid oak, in (rMden finish; Colonial cle-?Kn: f-x-tonsion ; heavy turned barrel. Til n CH AIRS Four r h a ! r b; solu! golden oak; w o 1 1 braM'd ; Chase leather slip .4 (a.n.iiafcus.nj1 111 I I a 1 ti 1 t i 1 --"a Ll LJnrr Thii $48.00 Brass Bed Outfit TIIC Bi:n "o!onIl licn: " -ln-h j..ph; l'--tnh n-iAr t.ip r;iH.ir 3i! . -Ir- h !i!lr A 7 In h-.1 li'l f"ot. at. . . J romMnatlr.il 8tft t.ni Mutlrpj.. antl ht!l-rt8. National ltl prin. OCT J? This $17.50 Bed Outfit THE ISK1 Z-tn-h continuous posts; fourteen h'-vy Hllrsi in h-sd and fiot; white enanifled (til QQ porcelain finish, at p I I O Sc.ft - top rnmhtnutlori Mattress and high-i-i Natinnjtl Ret princ. K. A. It. Co. -vrnh Floor. Tomorrow, Men, We Start a Sale of 1,700 Pairs of $5 and S6 1 I iLr'A l:Hnl fi C-AVi!1,') Trouser s At J' They're the best custom tailor suit pattern trousers that ever came to Pittsburgh. Bring in your odd coat and let us match it or show you patterns that will go well with it. HERE'S THE REASON FOR THE LOW PRICE We bought all the end-of-the-sea-son short lengths of strictly all-wool fabrics from one of the best makers and had therrr made up into these trousers. Come in silk mixtures, extra fine unfinished and finished worsteds, fl.mnHs. S.ixonv cheviots, velours. tweed., homcsouns. blue serges, etc., in almost ever' con ceivable pattern, color and solid shades. Hand tailored and shaped to fit you right. Come Tomorrow This is One of the Big "Million in June" Sale Features K. A II. t'o- Fourth I'loor. Extra Special "Million in June" Sale Home Needs Ti!t!tnr l nwn or i'orrn i tmir; rrn vi iuV 95c Children f-winr-t j good hariwo.,.l ; rope and Oq ho,k. nt OJC Konr - Iannrer I, awn Nwlngi; hardwoud. In natural flnlih, pitt plril-f1 Iji r rt ; H.6jr: f mt ; 17 vilu, ;4 Qtt at only. . 0 111 re Aluml. n u m rrwirvint Kettles; &-q imrt c-iitl at fnlv - 7.r Curtain Ht relrtiern : cnt r brief to prvnt H!tirt(iniC ", wtii-m tie A Few ISperlmen Values From Our Imtnenne House FlirnUhJns Floor Refrigerators Extra Special One - IMeee, S r a m I e a , llt-n y lrM-Inin Und. :i-Ooor leer He- tfri;ernor. nf hiKhes't. STie a ? h wood ;: ire hamter gist 1 -vaniwti it"on lined; regular $:i0 value, special ut only $25.95 SSI Onninft 'Mfrarlo' tithinc .Machine JI I.0U (Q ftQ value. . . . "Po-Oif Cream Freer. - er.; "l.ichtninc" or 'Ar.-ti. ' niHk; i:n:5"4T'$1.69 3.(1 size. $1.95 IJ Sp. oinl I d -I Ircr HffriKera---Vi lor: koIiIimi oak . $23.95 ( a nl f n Horn: h f ;i v y S- ply nd rotiplfd on both e n fi t ; r.O -foot inutiiH. rj?u!r 17 $4.98 unly . (,nrtln II o a e; i - Inch; 'oupii m both mU, 2-ffoi $M'f, vhhi 1 at "ti iv. . 0 3yl' fiuiHli: white enameled provision rhamUtr; nickel trimming; roeular $-750 value, special ftt only Heavy I'oroela in-Lined Itef rireratora; .V(hor irpr; hichet er.ido a-'-h wod ; gui va nizei irn lined ire djo-r QC chamber; $.". value, at only y" Three-Inr XUIe-Ieer Kef rlKerafnr. of selected nh; irid'n oak hiiih; lieavy n irk el- plat ed hrass uprin ic lurks; removable vntft pipe; white enameled provision chnmlier: regular tff r jjo value, Fperiul at only $kiiO flotlim Wrlnrrl hanlwoo-1 frames. 0-lnh roll; ri-itu- lr 3.75 $2.98 Polar Electric Cub FANS $g.oo For of Hi" or homa U!e; rnst.i J-fir pfr hour t operate; imfH direct or al-to r (nit lug current ; mal! Hiid rmiipiift. ITaaTi i Hardwood . - "'::.' In dW tt::::':i:tt:S::: I HHSj.': s,-r"n,: kmm m 30x3 in., j ;:.!; ;;;;:; . ;.; X c r e m " .11 ,,1 j ' I o o r i - raJLueij.Ji walnut Rtainrd f mm ; rov-r-.l with tt wire -ja !F cloth: all sis.!. 'SC K. A r ft T c.nn. Hot lorn W h lioilrr; atationarv w ti o d handle." Vl.OV (ialvanizrd St A h It or tnrhR t'ttiin; r e b u i r J l f, (i a, , a n ,f Mop: triviii- rlt sliapt'. nt C tRi' Kettle O'l'edur bottle. . . . iyc Hlue a n d White l n n in e 1 e d Ik I h li fans; MiniKw; 14-jt,. ; 1 VHill. for only 39c He rem tk - walnut Rtainrd frame; r-d vith btt. wire cloth: ail 8izs Funry !4Trii Iitn ; nitu wood limah; cver'l w hlKh-grad screen cloth. ranrv Ot'.iigrtK ; sale pnes . $1.25, $1.75 and S2.50 It. (.-Fifth Flour. 6-Piece Set Yellow Mixing Bowls $1.50 Value tjet fli d I f f r t n t howls; tl. 7. , S. 10 and H-inch A "Million in June" Event That is Most GREATEST WASH Here is a sale that outstrips in money-saving opportunities any similar REGULAR 15c TO 25c WASH GOODS, A YARD ;G-inch Printed Percale Shirtings, special 27-inch Kent eh Plaitl Ginghams, sale price 32-inch Mercerized Dress Sateen, at only 36-inch Fancy Printed Dress Voiles, only 2Miieh Dimity, Madras and Crepe, choice 32-inch Irish, Linette and Batiste, at only 1! i REGULAR 39c TO 50c WASH GOODS, A YARD 27-inch English Ottoman Cloth, special 36-inch Linen Suiting, natural color, at 36-inch Plain Shades Foundation Silk 36-inch Floral Kimono Silks, new, only 36-inch Sport Striped Skirting, choice 36-inch "White Flaxon, Madras, Poplin Silks of Every Description I REGULAR $1.00 AND $1.25 SILKS New Striped Dress Taffetas, special at, a yard 36-inch Striped Silk Ratine, sale price, a yard Fancy Black-and-White Check Silks, at, yard 36-inch New Silk Dress Poplins, choice, a yard 40-inch Silk Crepe Georgette, special at, yard K. A; B. Co - jyj Women's Undermuslins jy To 75TSaniiie"iiion Suits; low 39C nk: tlfevpless; meroerized or lisle Women's 10c Sample Vests; low I f)p rook: plain or fanry yoke, at only 1 v lingular 75c Bloomers, in light f)r mercerized cotton: all sizes. Bpenial To SI Crejie de Chine Camisoles; tJO trimmed with laces and ribbons, at To $;i.50 Crejie de Clilne En- CO Crt velore ("hemises: trimhied, at V""'' $1.50 Niht Gowns; Kmpire or CI slip-on inndols: pink crepe or batiste r 1 S1.M) YVIiite 1'etticoats; deep em- COr broidery ruffle, with underlay, at J To $3 Wliite Petticoats, Kn- C I velopes. Combinations. Gowns To $1 Sample Night Gowns; slip- ?Or on or hijrh neck; neatly trimmed vvV 5ic Knvelope Chemises and Com- 3Qp birations; trimmed, special at only K. &. II. To. Second Floor. pnpp ' r Dress Goods and Linens 10c 33c 7c 89c 15c Bleached I'illow Cases; good qualHy muslin; neatly hemmed, at SOc Bed Sheets; excellent quality; well made; full size, each, at only 10c Bleached sheeting; tine cam bric finish; sit inches wide. at. yard $1.25 YVIiite Crochet Bed . Spreads; new Marseilles patterns 17c All-Linen Oasli Toweling; 1 0.1-f pood wetEht and absorbent crash 2' 5!tc Fancy Jacuard Turkish Bath l7f Towels; all color borders, at. vard $1.25 AU-IJnen Sat in - Finished CI Table Panask; new patterns, a yard lc I nion Huck Hand Towels, I Oi-r" with fancy colored borders, only I 2 75c K.nglish Shepherd Checked ?Qp Suiting; fashionable sizj checks, at 75c English Mohair; rilliantine AQr black, navv and all colors, a vard ,1 Pure Wool French' Serge, in CDr black and all fashionable shades K. Jk It. Co Second Floor. House Dresses, Petticoats Infants' Wear Cliildren's 50c Straw and Wash Hats: trimmed with flowers, ribbon (luldren's 75c and $1.00 Colored Wash Dresses: plaids, checks, etc. SOc and SOc Rompers and Beach Suits: neat patterns; checks, stripes 25c - Butch Aprons; liand-eni- feroidered work: with two pockets 12c Drawers; embroidery trimmed; made of fine muslin: sizes to 12 Babies' $1.50 Long and Short &Qj White Coats; plain or trimmed, at OiM 15c Flannelette Diapers; 27x27; CZt also rubber diapers, special at, each ' Babies' to 50c Sample Novelties; A large selection of articles, special K. A n. Co. Second Floor. 25 50 25 15. 5 Notion Specials "P To KI.08 Silk ltobe; samples; C large variety of patterns; only P $t House Dresses; gingham and percale: pood colors: neat patterns 75c and $1.00 Bungalow Aprons; rood washahle materials, choice at 75c and Si 1 Long Lawn Kimonos; liso dressmy saeques; verv pretty To $1.00 Sample Line of Boudoir l aps: la.e and ribbon trimmed, at To 82.50 Silk Petticoats; black C nod many prettv shades, special 'V 75c Wash Petticoats; good sing-ham and percale: regular and extra . . K- B. Co. Second Floor. 1.79 59c 44c 50c 35c 1.79 50c lOc to 13c Hose Supporters; Mack 5c & 10c "Veiser" Hooks '-nA and Eyes: black or white mlu O' 15c "Kerr's Luster;" lOO-yard in. spools: black or white, at, a spool 15c Sanitary Aprons; large size; O-of good quality rubberized material 25c Package of 25 "Lyka-Kloth f J t TMapers: a boon to mothers, special ' ' 15c Tube "Easy Dye," black and a, colors: for all fabrics, special 15c to 25c Stickerei; wliite and I fl-colors; 4. a ami 12-yard pieces, at'" 50c to $2 Fancy Buttons; man; I A. desirable kinds; 6. 12 and 21 on card K. ft B. to, Street Floor. Boys' Clothing F5 SO.50 and $7.50 Two-Pants Suits: all-wool materials: C to 17 $4.00 Norfolk Suits; pleated coats; full-lined knickers; fi to lfl $2 and $2.50 "'Skolny-Made" Knickerbockers; wool materials 9 1 V ash tan era 54.3J $2.6e $I.3f sh Pants; dark gray and CQ-sh; with helts to match, at Vl7. & B. to. Fourth Floor. Corsets ' TrunKs and Bags $7 Dress Trunks; canvas covered: two straps: lift-out tray $ ! 0.50 Steamer Wardrobe Trunks; sfrongriv riveted; trav $.1 Traveling Bags, in black walrus s-rain: well lined, special $10 Traveling Bags; leather and leather lined: verv roomv K. II. Co. Fourth Floor. $5.00 $9.50 $1.98 $7.50 Women's Gloves t5c Long Silk Gloves; elbow length: pure silk: double-tipped, at 75c Short Silk Gloves; two-clasp, with fancy embroidered backs, pair $1 Chamois Leather Gloves, in natural color washable chamois, at $1.25 lxng Silk Gloves; lri-but-ton length; heavv emhrd. hacks, at K. II. Co. Street Floor. 55c 59c 74c 85c 1.95 95c 85c 45c To $5.00 B. & J., KedXern and C Krolaset: all up-to-date models ? To S2 Odd Lots of Weil-Known Makes: mostlv all sizes, special at To $3 H. & W-, B. & 3. and Other Popular Make Brassieres, choice at 75c B. & J., H. & W. Brassieres; perfect fitting: trimmed, special at K. 4k B. Co. Second Floor. ' Girls' Misses' Wear To .iFTub-Dresses; medium rn,, and hitrh waist models; 6 to 14 at OvJC To $1.05 Middy or Duplex Dresses; C fine white jean, with comb.; 6 to 14 To $3.oO Summer Dresses, of Cl nB" fine crepes, voiles, etc.; trimmed $;i.05 Wliite Lingerie Dresses; CO n lace, embroidery trimmed: 6 to 14 '.'t7 $;J.05 Regulation Dresses; em- CO qj? broidery and trimra'g on blouse V0 K. A B. Co. Third Floor. Art NeedleworK "Royal Society" Packages; dis- 1 ff( continued patterns, special, only 2 "IT $1.25 Stamped ight (ins; f-fv ready made: finest French muslin vlC Z.tc Stamped Huck Towels; guest and regular size, special at " '2"C 2,c and 50c fretonne I r nJ or Centers; big variety, at dnu ZOC K. M. Co. Midfloor. Eye Glasses $4.00 V atari $1.85 A special "MlHIon In .lunf" sa' ol poHI - riiloil fing-T-eyei;Iass and n p r t a clrs with spherical lenses. Free: tiali filled I 7 e k I halo I t i Kvery lalr of CTlat) X. B. "'e rwom-mnd thft rurvea Torir In aa t I l uitr ated). whirh give th witlest rang of vision and ras no rear reflection a n n o n j-am-s. Midfloor. mm. Carload Jard A Big Feature in the "Million in June" All of them are makers' seconds but the l1.-',1! Aeharl? to find them. Included a .to 12 iiiches. in a Breat variety of colors Umbrella Stands. coiors. The variety Is so grreat that It Is Impost brief description. Wise shoppers will can-bargains. .o phone, mail or C. O. l orden LOT 1 J a r d i n I eres. , LOT 2 J a r lnir P o t s ralues to 89c Choice Jul SJi 39 Pedestals ana la Stands vj to 2.00 Choii 69 EXTRA 800 Pottery extra earthen lining, variety of shapes aa, values to 75c choice B. t o n HllHIilHIilllillllli Hill mmmm ilUIIIMi lililiiiiiiHifiHllii liliiilllJi !!i!!Il!i!iiii!iiIi:!;!!liII!!!lllili!ll!iii!!liIll!ll!llliiilli!!Iiiiil!ll!!l!iillii!iii!illUiiiH 4

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