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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 5

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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PITTSBURGH COMarEIiCIAI, GAZETTE, SATURDAY. DECEMBER 6, PAGES. LEU'S "LIST. I'OUUfiEE'S DOWNFALL Deceife-'Z 1884 Decembsr 2, 1884 IT GOODS AT T13T Tp5C5 SMfrTT iT A TVT- 165, 167 and 169 Federal Street, Allegheny City, Pal a there are tuu who he wou'd lecoin-xuen 1 tariff redneticD. Artl ur never was sonni f.n t'ne Tl at i well known.

How coti' I be, reprtsofitinj the iarge importing interest in New York City? liy the way, thin interest had more to do with Liftine's defeat than I.urchdrd, t'onkling, 8t. John or tho rainy day. Elaine inario bis Pght fjuare-toed ne fer protection. He bus believed it from conviction, and thirty-two years ao iat month when he wis at the biind ajy'utii here wrote a swinging ediiorul for ilarding's lu'fvlrtr in favor of it. Had Liaino i umler tbw yok of this importing interest, as (iarlield who wa always horuewhst of a revt u-io reformtr, so much so indeed that your Ileprc-entative, Errett, could not vote for biia for Speaker didj things might have been different.

Ulaine io fall rather than itnjieril and yours, and every manufacturer in this foremost uiauufcturiBg State should remember this to his honor. Had Hiaine been elected, a man bythe name of James in Washington would most likely have had diminished powers in ia-terpretirg tariff lcgislntiou. Under Cleveland he will, no doubt, remain, as he has done under Arthur. The importer. of New York know wbeu they iwve got a good thing and hold on to it.

fiKVSAIL. Ill Our Cloak Koom To-Iay. on Slob air Plusb Coats at $20, in all sizes. A lo, Tlush Coats in better grades, op to the very finest goods made, 41) and 42 inches long. Fine eal Plash Dolman, llaglaos and Newmarket handsomest goo Is made.

Sjieeial styles in Short Wraps, in all the newest materials, trimmed with bback Tox. 10 Ilrown Stockinette Newmarket, in all siaes and lengths, and at less juices than they can be found in New ork to-day. line Plain Newmarkets, in Brown, Navy and Black, Plain and Beaver Trimmed. Matelasfe Newmarkets: Russian Circulars; Cloth Dolmans, for old Ladies; Silk Duliuana for old Ladies; Short Wraps in Brocade Velvet at $20. New lots in Children Uaveloeks, Ulsters and Newmarkets; also, Flannel Mother Hubbards for small children.

Jos. Jfonsn it Retail Stores, Penn aveuuo. Special Bargains IN French Dress Goods 5 BISON CLOTHS, CASHMERES, New rigid Ladifs' CloK Sew Tricot Cloths, Xer Tricotuics. -AT 50 CENTS UPWARDS, LADIES1 CLOTHS. At 50.

GO. 75, 87e and 1, BLACK GROS 11 SILKS Superior qualities at $1 .25 and NEW SHADES IN SATIN DUC1IES5E. New designs in Biooade Silks and Satins. Ac 62ie crwards, BR'XJADfi VLB YETS. Piaia Velvets proportionately low priecd.

NEW SILK PLUSHES, New Sacqueiugs, New Astrachans. At 37. 50c and tipwards, Creme Damask. See our own importation of Creme Damask. TURKEY RED TABLE LINENS, Ctrnsan Rod Table Linens.

New Bbjached 1'ine Table Covers, with Napkins to match. Hack, Bath and Damask Towola. Special Bargains IN SCA.REET. WHITE AND GREY BLANKETS AT 500 AND CP TO FINEST. COMFORTABLES.

FINE COMFORTABLES, Our owu make, made witatoyd. clean cotton. 'At 20c, 2'2c and 25c. ALL-WOOL HEAVY COUNTRY FLANNELS SCARLET AND BLUE TWILL FLANK ELS OUR OWN MAKE OF Fine Heavy Country Flannels. LADIES' GENTS' AND CHILDREN'S Scarlet, White and Grey UNDERWEAR, All Styles, All Sues, bow est Prices, New FRINGES.




A-u. PLAQUES. Bi-ijae Vases. Animals, ctc. LAVA Set.

Tobacco Jg-j. Rockinsr Children's Chairs, and ail knids of Fancy Willow Warn. PLAIN AND HAMMFRED BRASS and BRONZE iiWDS, including- Plain and Inlaid table,, Solutes, LAMPS, CANDLESTICKS. WALL POCKETS. Rffi ltLli.L JLii.

I lv. 1 lliKVKS, EASELS, A. In Wood. Tin. Ac, Doll.

Pts'n and pre nl ir-- ii- Balls. Tool Cheats. Noib's Arks, Toy 3 Kitchen Sets. Parlor SoU. Tea Stfts Pictiu iooKs, uaaiier jwses, o.


HUMAN INTERCOURSE. I'bilip Gilbert Haaserton. $2 00. SIR MOSES MONTEFIORS. By Lueieu Y'olfe, $1 23.

BETTER work than TT A All noil-t rhs JOSEPH HORNE CO. )( Now Open Fall Importations Of Black and Colored Silk Telvets, Black and Colored Telretdcns Brocaded Velvets, lii-oeafied Telveteetw, Black and Colored Ores Grain Silks of well-known brands, Colored and Black Satins, Khadames and Surahs. All the above in largo variety, direct from tbe largest and best known nianufao tnrers of Eartpc. 427 AND 429 RAM0NA. By Helen Jackson HI.


By Wm. Henry Bishop. $1 25. AN AMERICAN POLITICIAN. By P.

Marion Crawford. 91 25. FALL MILLINEHY-assortment now open. Hats, Bonnets, WHOLESALE THE CHINA THE REV. SIDNEY SMITn.

MEMOIR OF A MAN OF THE WOELD. By Edmund Yates. $1 75. By Stnart T. Reid.

$3 00. 2 Any Book pabihod sent post paid on receipt of price. There is no Cleaning and Scouring Soap AT ANY PRICE that NO. 204 PENN AVENUE, ALL GOODS STRICTLY FIRST QUALITY. will do MORE or Eli gantly jniustratcti iHt liooK for the IloliU'tys.

Christine. By T. Bucbanan Real tl By T. Buchanau Bead 1 Drifting. By T.

Buchanan Bead 1 Lady Clare. By Alfred Tennyson 1 The Brook aad Oilier Poems. By Tennyson 1 The Belis. Urar Allan Poo 1 The Haven. By Edgr Allan Poc 1 From Owniajuis Icy Mountains.

Ilcber. 1 That Olorious Song of Old. By Sears 1 The Old Oakeu Bucket 1 Jesus, Lover of My Soul. By Charles ATeiley 1 Songs From Faust 1 50 id 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 SO 50 50 The Legends if Sleepy Hollow. 1 frrtw nVrrrrr.

tirigtnias Storir-- Irvins. 1 The Seven Aces oT3Ian 1 Annie and Willie's Braver 1 Songs of ChrUtinns. Hsvergal Bells Across the Snow. By Ilavergal The Rhyme of tbe Ancient Mariner. By Samuel Taylor Coleridge GmyV Klegy.

By Tho. ray Pilgrims if the Night. By Faber llck Me to Sleep, Mother By and By. By S. Filmore Bennett Keble's Evening My Faith Iuka Up to Thee.

By Ray Paliucr May I Join the Choir Invisible. Bv f'O 50 50 50 50 50 50 George Eiiot 1 IQ Any of the above books will be sent promptly by mail on receipt of price. Geo. W. Reed 431 Wood street, Pittsburgh, Pa.

SEAIj SACQCI1H. liny Vuar Beat Sacques I'roifl Hie MaoH tiioiurer. I have just received the second invoice of fine AI ASKA SEAl, ENGLISH T)TE. Ladies would uo well to early and select the skins and have their Sacques Made to Order e.nd know what they are getting. I have also in stock a Complete Line of Fine Seal Sacques, from 34 to 46.

bust measure. SEAL SACQUES RI-PYED, FE-L1NED, KE-SHAPKD. A Perfect and Clean Color Guaranteed I keep in my employ the best experienced workmen. W. F.

GRAHAM, FUR FACTORY, Successor to Eilgobb Gbahait, 445 Wood Street. STThtf HOLIDAY H-lLNDJiERCmEFS Tliou-aiid of Dozens Linen Ifaudercliiefs In every quality and variety, at all priees. Jos. Hobnk i. Pietail Stores, Penn avenue.

Stockinette Sewmaikets, at reduced prices, at Rosenbaum Flske, Clark Jt Flags? feckwear, besides all other popular makes. Newest things in nobby patterns, at Stkwart A Hesby's, Gents' Furnishing No. 101 Fifth avenue, Tbsrtf Next to the PostofiSce. R. Kf etl i)3 Market Street.

Diamonds, Gold-beaded Canes, Ice Pitchers, Finger Flings, Watch Chains, Ciocka. rrhsrtf Friees Tell. Gents' Fair Stitch, Opera Tipped Toe, Imita tion Lace Congress, all sizes 6 to 11, all solid leather, only jl 75 per pair at G. D. Sike.vs, Tks 73 Ohio street, Allegheny.

Holiday Novelties Now Iternly. New arrivals daiiy in Fanev floods, for Christrnr.s Presents. Jos. Hoknk A Retail Stores, Penn avenue. Holidat Goods now open.

Larga display at FLOWERS 'AND PALMS row LUNCHL.S GERMANS, RECEPTIONS. tlU. Estiatates fn.nished. JOHN R. A.

MURDOCH, 508 Rmitbtiold Street. BU LDSEbUl'EDTi AXES. Bedding hyacinths, $6 per 100: tulips, line mixed, SI 25 per 100: nsnted hyacinths, $1 50 per dozen; other bulbs at corresponding low rates. WM. C.

BECKERT, K17-Tlhs 47 Federal street, Allegheny. MARRIED. FRUIT SEMPLE At. tbe residence the bridj'3 mother, in -Hickory. Doeember 4, 1.8 4.

Mr. JAMES S. FRUIT, of Sharon, ad Miss CALLIK E. SEiLlE, of Hickory. Rev.

Cummiiigs ofticiatiur. MILLER COLVIN On Thursday evenieff. 4. tho rcsidenea of the bri'le parents, Mr. WM.

B. MILLER to Miss ANNIE COLVIN, Rev. W. H. McMillan offiBiatinir.

All of Allegheny City. WIDMER WEBB On Thursday evening.De-cerr.bcrd. 1881, at the residence, of tho bride's parents. Penn avenno. bvthe Rev.

R. MePberson, Mr. JOSEPH C. I DM KB to Miss KATE A. EBB, both of Pittsburgh.

i.I'hiLado'r'hia r'atiers pleaie cony.J DIED. BALLARD At Ems worth, on Thursday, Dec. 4. 1S4. at 5 o'clock p.

MARY ANN, wife of Robert E. Ba'lard, and daughter of Samuel 11. Ralph, 54 years. "Safe in the arms of Josns, Safe on His gentle brc-ast; There by His love o'erehadowed, Sweotly her son I shall rest. Hark 1 'tis the voice of angels Borno in song to me Over the fields of glory.

Over tbe jiisper sea. Funcrai services at p. M. SATURDAY, termenf rivate at a later hour. No flowers.

In Canton, and Xaresville (O.) papers ctpy. DOUG AN )n Friday, December 5, 181, at 4 A. m. ANNIE, oldest danrhtcr of Maggie and James 8. Dongan, 4 years, '2 montiis and 25 days.

Funetal from her parents' resiucnee. Davison street, between Fortv-Sourth and Forty-fifth streets, to-day at 3 p. u. Friends are invited. GLENN On Thursday, December 4, at.

1 o'clock p. WM. II. GLENN, in the 60i'a year of bis Fun ere! services at bi3 late residence, Ne. i9 ClMikstreet, on Satchday.

December t. lO o'clock a. Friends the family are iiivited to attend. Interment at Mt, Lebanon. MrCANDLESS On Thursday, December 4, o'clock p.m..

FLIZA LL. wife of James A. MeCaadtoss. in the SOvb year of bur apre. i rieiids of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from tho residence of her husband.

No. '222 Arch street. Allegheny City, on SATrRP AY, L'ecetnSier at 11 o'clock A. x. To proceed Vi Perrjsville Ccniotery.

MEANS On Friday, December 5, at 3:30 o'ulock r. WILLI Ail iiLAIsS, in bis 65ih year. Funeral from bate tculence. 111 Fayette street. Ahe-rheny City, on SONDAT ArTEBSOOS, De-cmlwr 7, at '2 o'clock.

WRIT On Friday, December 5. at 3 o'clock a. WILLIAM WATTS, only son of WUiuun and Alice Writ, aged 16 months and 14 Friends of tho family are reepectfuuy invited to ettend the i'tinernl services to-da at 2 o'clock p. at the of Mr. Chr.Bt Bern', No.

3 Patuie alley, AUcheny. Interment privatoata later hour. TSs JAMES ARCHIBALD BRO. tiOSi Bl FRY AM)S ALE STABLES. I1U and 130 Third avenue, 2 doors below Smita-fietii street, next doir to Central HotaL Carriaca to inerala Carriage for Operas.

Parlies, tiie lowest re.tes. Staole open day and Tciephono cowimuntnation. deUuU CLliEST INSLUAXC CO. in AMERICA. Assets, 33- CO.

OF south ameiuca OF PHILADELPHIA. Lessee adjusted and paid by W. L. JONES. 84 Fourth avenue.

INCORPORATED 3S35. ESTABLISHED IN PITTSBURGH. 1844. Assets tlie Com any 'or. 1, $1,946,039.05.

1SS3, DELAWARE Safety Insurance Co, Muloa PiULADKLPHIA. Branch OC: Ccihjvanj's BriiWing, FtiskitU Arenae, riiUharrih. T. DALFJ JEIINING3, Acsat. 6.1 THAT COSTLY CHILD OF AH3THET1C- 15 'CUR CONTINENT." iiiri-Ji" 1 on I-illies anil Hiaileil ly -Tup St riigple vt It 4 JuI'ik't Ulaiiie 3ml the Tariff.

lorf of the iinjiiom'al fiitJi-Ho. 11. a iJiti-i-HiA, lcc. 1. "Jui; lour Lit fcuir.

''uSn' ound in the of tbe Ton rape's venture whs cxcec-l-inijly nn fortunate from the very ttart in this city frVbnmy 1 1SS2. the date of the publkn-tin 01 tin; initial number On d'ttthifut. It K.K i-i-Miey slathers of money frvn its Lirt'j to keep tbi smr.ptuous, and estrnucly olejunt weekly straight with its creditors Saturday nights, while at ami sheets. Toargce put all Lis money male easily by wonderful success with Viis only sin-cess, 'The Fwl's, Errand" into tho T.I.-'i company of Our t'oiitincul. He trot frienuo to come forward and assist him wtf i his pile became too small to pay the grund writer it uptortcd and the dirty 1 neccsurv to keep the typos the typos at the iho white pnper at tbe door at tbe door ind T.i WOI'KirSL'.

Jillt It WJ IiO go But it iiO go. It on u.e riews-stanu ana t'tikoit artout, was lor hnjiie and abroad, and yet. it failed ti A TRIAD. The original projector of Our Continent were Jttd Turgce, Eobcrt S. Davis and Dr.

Daniel it. Britton. A first-rate triad. They all had Iinnns, ond it wa3 a combination that represented considerable cash. Touree had his Wildod on "The tool's Errand." I) i was wealthy, a first-class business Uian and pubiiahc.

Dr. Bnnton was widely Liirtii sis the editor of the Mcdicd li'pirrtcr, as OU0 of the lii't deeply learned men in Philadelphia, 11 thorough scholar and perhaps the let ethnologist and authority on numismatics, antiquarian and fclmrigiual this side, of the Atlantic. Tourgee was Conductor, Brintou Secretary, and Davis hurd i' the ducats. The first number of the much-heralded publ entioji frared February 15, In fchnpe, ynr leader tuay remember, it was an un-w'n-idy-hAiri affair not unlike the old Wov-trt; but oh! low ieslhetio it was-. Vhon it iin-t appeared the lily-eating early i-un-flower crate wti; then nt t-enr Wilde, the gaudiest fraud of ail tLi- ajre of paudy frauds, wa.

on his way to tbi.s country. Iho ripj.lcs of bis sensation had bnsVcii on or-r "wieiety phoies before he came, mid atlccted tjirn mild The r.3t nun. her of Our ('mtitieiit contained two tie gem hy Oscar, "Impressions," they were etlled; an iinpresio was the price, ve. Tb ere 1 oTer. One v.

"Lo Jardin Tlu" lily's willicrodebaliCO fills A round ils rod (t dusty cold, And from the beoli trefts on the wjld Tuo last wood-pigeon eoos and calls. other "La Mer A v'tiite drifts acns the fhroud.v A wild moou in thin wintry ky tl lea nisi li Vce an aoirry lion's eye- Out oi'a muiio of tawny clouds. Three verses in each poeiu, six in all, $41 66 a or canticle. THE BKST OF THEB KIM). Amon the other contributors were Noah Poi-ter, Helen t7nrnpbell, L.

Dr. Erinton. Ponald G. Mitchell (Ik Marvel), Win. Pepper, Provost of the University, George II.

Jiokrr, who wrote a poem, as did Louise Chandler Moultou and G. T. Trow-liride. and there vn also one by that true pi the late Lanier. Wm.

S. Baker told a stry, E. A. Barber gave an HkeMt and John Ilabberton, the eutiiwr or "iiti-u'- $. K-iok VAr which we have all laughed B.

G. Northrop jind K-te Field had short Articles, whilst Max Adeler engineered the funny column. This was certainly an enibamissirent of literary riehes for a starter, and equal to any New Year prospectus of any magazine. Tbe tirst numbers were put out in colored rovers akinetic tints; the rpeiling of the title attracted attention, as it tried to relegate the Lack to the time when there was a seareiry of letters in the alpha bet, and a great many persons were under tbe iir.pression when Ovr Cotit 'nent first appeared, that a eoxpositor had mistaken a 'V for an Then there was the Ftill more utterly ineom-prehei jible seal or trade mark on the cover of tho work, which made the unculturel approach the, perusal of it ith a kind of awe. After two or three numbers and when people had qait guessing vbut the seal, like a big black burnt biscuit with piece chawed out ot it, on the cover meant, Dr.

Piinton told us "it was a faithful rendering by Louis C. Tiffany of motives found in ancient Mexican art." That it was a copy of the famous Aztec Calendar Stone dug up in the City of Meieo in 1700. A sort of American Hosi-tta stone. TOi robe's battlk. Eut notwithstanding The Cntinfnt' fine jroTui great array of talent, jesihetie sur-jrouudinjis and brilliant send-off, it failed to succeed, ulthnngh liberally patronized, too.

I have be--ri tol tbe publication bad a wide readerage in l'i The high-priced writers and arlUts boae facilities of pen and pencil illumined it ent Its heart out. It to an Tjltra -fashionable cult, tied shot too far pbove tho common mark. Tourgee worked hard and bravely to make it a eucees. The whole management fell on him filer it got fairly under way. Lrinton juiib-d out firtt and then lavis, the latter rbort'v thcrciPicr starling the Ereniiii Vail, icn appears to be doing well, although the itrigina.1 out'ay in tLi venture must hav bceo verv beat y.

Tourgcr, lect alone, hraved bis fate, end being a l.ative I'hiladelphinn, had fchoe nysteriotis, elanUh influences, for whi'di thii j'bvoc i- noted, fighting like the stars af ain-t him. He rnally movel the eompnnyV niur.t and main otlice to New York, Hint tbis, with an explanatory editoriil, Which ft mi to iy. "a work Kke The Vuntl-vrxt in tint, be in the eosmetropn- lie ii tbi lii.k.l tio.l the ItUlliliC J.l it. rii i' f'Tie tbi. not in viiligu." Ibis brought bira, of course.

the wrath natives bete, and probably Ill the finaru'uu leuiou- mai'niiio. It has gono the way of tiio A line csottage, the and nil thiit silly plaque-'i', iib.lo-J.;ane!fpte scrtinient us on to build its fort a e. tbe gin tbe career of (ir Ooutiicnt to aJ- jui ro vhs the and 1 i labor PeH'-M)-Tificiug ind -faugability of Judge Tourgee- and bis good I'd brd as did to r.i.ike it 5 ii' is 1 work Kaerced. I am sorry be has gono under, but l.e'l! l-g aiin, as man like that cannot bo i moi-c by tb 1'dverso tides of lot tune. 2Ii "A ppr to CVttar'' i good reading, now-taar we ive a Democratic President.

ClIUISTMAS CHAT. a- Ihrc 1 weather in the Ust few days has 1 Che? (nut iiiil Fightii stretU with -f Ciiristnas-gift I.oyers. In this city Jiiopi' ce i-rs fnd trade pooi.Ie get ready for tho tflvs tuiir a mcia'u Ltiorc Ttioso come in tlic C'tlendar. And it is tL custom among Jatr.ns to luy presents j-s long before. The re-jit i nor.

at everybody fboves ahead tho and tho e-cwd in the is as great tm (v fisie day now as tbe diy before Cbristnsas. amunaker oa a orign Ik pHireaut in itself a vast moving mass through which at times it is b.ird to Work one's The mcr.ey thai is spent here and at 1 aaar is prodigious and gives the lie to th' that t'mes are bard. Wans maker's is tbe one stcre where PLiladel- 1 meet on i lie levet rp-town and peo ple equally patronize it. Sfinie il'al la-re to save sheer exL.iustion fenik-t in inuring the circuit other Lverytbiiiif can bo get, from a fctedle I'j ''Biaine' Twenty Years of Congress," witb in tiie t'tiiliiug. it to'k, which, is sibl to mean jure S.tiii Onr.ia1! witi po into id's Cabiliei, Jf be dH4 his dU- l-e in the next Con-l nj.jKni'vr.uier.t.

It was tb'. i kiiit'e ten veurK by bivr. Arthur' with ii.tert;t r(ln BLUE Wrapper with RED Band.) Price 5 Cents per Cake. Special Bargains IN LADIES' AND MISSES' SUITS AND COSTUMES in Silks, Satin, Velvet. Cashmere.

Cloth, Flannel, Ac, t.t 94 50, 5. and up. LADIES' NEWMARKETS, with Plain and Pleated Ba k3, Tiain and trimmed with As-tracnati Caix. Collar and Cufls and round bottom of garment. NEW CIRCULARS IX Bassian.

Sieillienne Silk. Ottoman and Diagonal. JMew Fur-Lined Circulars, NEW PALETOTS, NEW JACKETS, in Stockinette, Diagonal, Beaver, ic, Ac. Brocade Velvet Wraps, Llegsntly made and trimmed with Chenille. At 12 and upwards, SILK SEAL PLUSH SACQUES.

At $2 OO and upwards, MISSES' NEWMARKETS, PLAIN AND TRIMMED. Misses' Bavelocks, Cloaks and Wraps. SETT JEKSEYS and SHAWLS Feathers, TTing-s, Breasts, choice EXCLUSIVELY. STORE OF OPPOSITE LIBRARY HALL pi '2-TTh 9 A GOOD TIME TO BUY CARPETS Good Goods At tle Price of Inferior Qualities. ALL GRADES REDUCED.

INGRAINS, TAPESTRY Ml) BODY MISSELS, rjivcig; uiuljuui.i.vj WILTONS AND MOSAIC VELVETS. 39 FIFTH AVENUE. $3.00. We aro selling Fine Shoes for Men in Button, Lace and Congress, cut on excellent fdiing pat terns and well finished. Narrow, medium and wide widths at above price.

R. HAY SON, 125 Federal Street, Allegheny, Pa. no27-STTh m. P. BESSETT, MANUFACTURER OP BLANK BOOKS AND Samble Gases, REMOVED TO 89 Fourth Avenue CORN ST rFT.

7' ASK YOUR GROCER FOR Reduction, Reduction, Reduction, IN Christmas Greeting. Tiadies, Gentlemen's and Misses' Fancy Linen Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, Gloves of every description, Jewtlry, Scarf Pins, Cuff Buttons, Bracelets, Earrings, Fancy Pins, Gents' Fine Neckwear, l'ortmonaies, Satchels, Cigar Beautiful Line of Ladies' Neckwear, Silk Umbrellas, Fine Painted Fans; a choice line of Fancy Goods too numerous to mention. Don't forget the number, Federal street, Waldie Thompson, smwf Allegheny. IIO LIU AY rBKSENTSS Holiday Presents! Beautiful new Tlush goods such Jewel Boxes, Work Boxes, Comb and Brush Sets, Manicure Sets, Shaving Boxes, Bags, at remarkably low prices, also Parisian Inkstands and Fancy Good" at great bargains at Ro.sknb tux Market street. 12 XiruiH I'rtscnts For $1, nc G.

Aufrecbfa photogiaph gallery, CS Federal street, Allegheny. Tin Plnsli Garments At a great reduction in price, splendid line to select from, at Rohknbaitm 4 HOLIDAY GOODS. Handsomer Than Kver. FOR I. A JuKS.

Toiiet Sets, OJor Crises, Nail Sets, Glove Boxes, Jewel ('uses, Hankerchicf Boxes, Whisk Holders, Fine Whisks, Work Baskets, Cushion Seta. FOB ti BSTLK EX Toilet tsets, Collar Boxes, Dressing Cases, Cuff Boxes, Shaving Sets, Blacking Cases, Whisk Holders, Shaving Mirrors. In the above lines of goods we carry a larger stock and offer lower prices than any other house in the city. Please favor us with a call. DOC AM HOVPSON, if 37 Fift'a avenue.

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lear. Tho Bos Coffee Pot makes stronger and clearer coffee, with b-d grounds, than any other cofi'ce pot ever oflered. Go to House Stores. Nos. 526 and 523 Saiithfield street, and he convinced.

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'White Lace Jabots from 50c t- $2. Jos. HoRsr. Retail Stores, Bean avenue. Keep Wna By one of Spear's Celebrated Argus or Silver Mixin Stoves, for saie by Bemmler Nos.

52d and 52S Smith field struct. Tlie Ilallet Davis rUnm Are considered by all artists to be absolutely perfect. Send for catalogue and terms to Vi'coic A. White Organ Co. H-ttra Ladies' kid button shoes, glove kii top, reduced from 2 5ii to $2 per pair, at G.

D. Siwes's. T3 Ohio street, Allegheny. 500 Hare Muffs 88c. apiece, value $1 60, at Rosenbaum Latest styles of Imported end Domestic Ciubtinas cards now cpeu.

Jus. Etchsacm A. 45 Fifth avenue. Netunarketn! fresh ones from 0, 5fl, $10 tip to S75, all cue and reii.arkaoly cheap, Rosentucm A Ma-k street. at CLOTHING! CLOTHING i CLOTHING I Wa lare ins! ree.fllved ft.

1ao- invrdefl nf rT.OTrrrva fmm a larar istern ITo. fcml hsrs marked sroeds aimt down lewer than any cash clothiuir lioiisa in the e.ity. and are efferinir the stu'i'! oa price: 5UO Youths' Orereotts at 5oO CliU- Pants at Vihi-, lot) Children hcits at too nnuierous to niontiun. A call at our Cloth at. nricw: 500 Youths' Oren'oats at 2.24; 5oO too niuuerous to niontiun.

A. call our ijioiuuii ternia to uit We onote a ew of our dren': Overcoats at $1.61, tkiods as reprewnted, and many otaer bai sains House will convince you what we say wo moan. TERMS Ono-third cash; balance on weekly We quote a few of our 1,000 pairs pood Worsted and many other bai sains KEECH RENO'S CREDIT HOUSE 403 WOOD STREET. Christinas Presents. Some beautiful Toilet Cases, Jewel Cases, Glove Boxes, French Chocolate Creams in Funey Boses, We will these gOfris at ttfreorelwdow prU-wv-- CiU ani see Uieai before buying elsewhere.

AlX AsnKR MAKtrs Old Tea House, rrhs Fifth avenue. Missea' Fine Cloaks, at bargain prices, at Rosens acm AMUSEMENTS. ITOUSK LiOlSi Jfw A. Ells i.f e. Lessee and Manager Bver eveninit Saturday Alaune.

com-meneiis- Monday. December 1. enjracoient of Miss. tCate Claxton and Clin tips StevenKin. and their Great Cue.pany in the "sea cf lee." Next week "'f be ases Sin fTfrrSB LIBR ARY HALL ihn.

1 keb A. Parkk Lessee and Manager; One week and Saturday Matinee, eonitiiencinii: Mondav, December 1. WILLIAM GILLETTE, in "THE SECRETARY." Net week Mr. Henry T. Chanfran ss "Kit." WILLIAMS' ACADEMY EjOSi UF MU5IC.

To-night and at the Matinees, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, THE HOWARD ATnENGtM SPECIALTY AND COMEDY COMPANY. Wtn. Cairoll, The Two Mas. Mias Lmiv Siinms, Harrington Johnson. And a Mouster Agrugatiun of Stars, concladini with the lnuirhable 3oriedy, THAT BAD BOY.

You'll tdl you cry When you. see THAT BAD BOY. rr "TTsSIXTH STREET MUSEUM. 5, WEEK OF DECEMBER 1-The el of All Marvel. JO-JO.

the Cave-born iiarv el Doe-Faced Man, enpaeod at the princely snm of a "cek. FoREPAUOH'S OIUANTIC MEN'AOERiK. A BRILLIANT- 1ST AG SHOW, lO CENTS ADMITS itJ A LOi T9 ra HARRIS' MAMMOTH MUSEUM. Aveiiiie Another week of the C. AV Fith's ('hampion Circus.

ON'ZA LO and a Brilliant Pantomime. There will ba a erand extra performance oa Sat urday morning, commencing at doors open at 10. del Waltham Watches -FOR CHRISTMAS FPiER.E.TS. Yon can ivo no nuira acceptable present for Christinas a go id Wattham Witch. They are reliable timekeepers r.d cine within the means of all.

You can buy one fr $10 upward. j9Every Watch is warranted to give satisfaction or will lie takcu back. The best assc-rtaient in the city is et WATTLES: SIIMFEE'S, JEWELERS, 54 Fifth Avenue, One dff.r fVfiTn.Wood street. Trhs For (lie'ftl Wk Geiitiemen shouTd call and purchase SCOTCH WOOL UNDERWEAR. WE HA.VE FIVE GRADES, Four Slietiand and one White.

Sfeeil attention is invited to wir SPECIAL BARGAIN ia tho number we are oflering at $1.50 A GARMENT Fr all siaos of Shirts up to 38 and Drawers up to 34. Cy-0pen Sa toruajr eTeniug? till 9 o'clock. QRNl ii tl i 27FIHH ft 3-Open Saturday till 10 o'clock. Sim of 5os. filS and 320 Ptnn ivtass.

1 IV; CliU- or monthly payment. the Electric Liitht. noll-TThs a tl. forasrt rmni fur 100 t-hitU-s at tho I e' rA wa rerKiiH -f GLESENKAMP, Ot- oj-t 07! I Vfrf-nf Oh). Olit O-t CHOKE AHSEPt, Whilo Hhcat and Patent FI AT LOWEs'T PRICES.

1TTT TO QUolLhl iiiy ulflilLilhLMi Gentlemen's, Ladies' and Children's. MAN BLACK 40 FIFTH AVENUE. W. J. BECKFELD, DExVLER IN" FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES, NO.

63 OHIO STREET, ALLEGHENY. JKTXEW TRICEJ I0R NEW SEASONABLE New Maple Syrnp, srt caik New White Clover jlom, Stiauiea. New White Clover lioncy. in cnp8. New Buckwheat choice, lb Ch.jice lracuiated Sartr.

11 lbs. fur Choice Brown Sgc, IS 0)8. 1 '20 25 4 Pennsylvania Construction Company, MANUFACTURERS AND BUILDER? OP ARCHITECTURAL IRON WORK. Iron BrWyw, Iron an I Sttfl Yault IKwrs, Siiiitlcrs Cratial'irc a 's SJablo'Fislcrcs, Konf CrestiHs, Bwlslftads, (Urden eats, A. 132 FIRST AVENUE, r.U:.

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