Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1931 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1931
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH Friday and Saturday, .Inniinry 9-1 1 BOOKED TWO DAYS as a result of the tremendous 1m portance of this particular picture When Friday and Saturday book ings appear at the Call we must b sure it's one of the extra specia productions. Many Algona theater patrons wit neesed "Africa Speaks"' when shown in Chicago during the time thc> were on a buying trip. Dennis Goeders, of the Goeders* Co., called our attention to the outstanding picture of Africa am urged that we complete arrangements for showing It to Call theatre patrons. Mr. Goeders' letter follows: Mr. Jf. C. Blco, Alironn Iowa. Dear Norm: lip assured that I am delighted to hear that you have succeeded In contracting- for "Africa Speaks." Just road your advertise' ment In the local papers announcing thnt wonderful treat for Friday and Saturday, January 9 »nd 10. During- my October buying- bin In Chicago I was fortunate enough to see the first run of "Africa Spenks" and was so Impressed and thrilled with tills marvelous sound picture thnt I sat through two entire showings. Have told many of my friends and we will be thoro Friday night anxious to see "Africa Speaks" for the third time. Yours sincerely, D. H, GOEDERS. Unusual! Sensational! Extraordinary! STRANGEST ROMANCE EVER FILMED! Today the last stronghold of savagery yields its closely guarded secrets . . . for the first time the world sees undiscovered monsters . . . misshapen and nmrvelously disfigured folk . . . customs of odd humans and queer beasts never before seen or photographed . . . and wonders without end ... be sure to see it ... and prepare to be amazed! Women Wltli the Horny Bills of Ducks! Pigmies thnt eat hand£uls oE raw salt . . . fight elephants . . and can shoot poisoned arrows faster than a machine gun . . . the camelopard •written of by ancient travelers! The Extraordinary Impala ])i'cr— That Leap Inlo (he Air and (ilitle I.iko Airplanes! A biblical plague of billions of locusts lays wastf au entire. countv> before your eyes . . . hoar the terrifying drone of a. trillion wings! The Slranai'sl Romance Kver FilmiMl! Tin- black heart of ci|Uatoric-al Af rlcu—the Helgian and Kruiich Cong —the duck-billed \vomcn—the Pyg mien—thr most amuxing lion fight ever sc-rci'iied! See anil Hear Living- Africa! School Jlatlnct- at 1:15 Friday Prices, 1ll-:>0e. Two Trade Mutlm-i-s Saturday. 1:30 anil 3:30; prices, 10-30p. Nlfflit Shows l-'riilay and Saturday lU-i, r ulai- admission. "\Vcilncsdnj, Thursday, .Ian. 11 & 15 Trade matinee Thur.srt.-iy, 2:30 Prices, KI-3IH-. Aniorica'.s Mwoi'lhearts CHARLKS FAKRELL JAMET GAYNOK •—in— "The Man THio (lame Back" It's realy wonderful to have this team of "Sunny Side I'p" back to work. You will be happy when you see Farroll & Claynor nguln. Always a 2-Hour Show. News, Varieties, Comedies Siindny, .lanuary 11, 1 and 3 o'clock matinee, any seat In theatre, 10-35c. 5-7-9 o'clock shows, regular price. You'll explode with laughter. nough fun to make a cat laugh out loud. Always 2-Hour Show. londay and Tuesday, January 12-13 Trade matinee Tuesday 2:30. Prices, 10-SOc. A big treat! First showing-! BURT WOMAN IS DRAWN FOR 1931 GRAND JURY TERM A woman, Lulu Hawcott, Burt, was drawn on the grand jury panel for the entire year of 1931, when the list of grand and petit Jurors was drawn by Court Clerk Clark Orton Recorder Laura Paine, and Auditor Bertha Johnson n week ago. The grand jury Is to be composed of A. C. Nelson. Tltonka; T. F. Johnson, Swwi City, Greg Ramer, Algona, John Carlson, Wesley Frank Ludwig, Whittemore, Wm. Runchey, West Bend, Julius Jensen, Buffalo Center, Ernest Rosslsen, Fenton, Lewis McWhorter, Burt, W. J. Bourne, Lone Rock, B. J. Scheme!, Bancroft, and Lulu Hawcott. 'The list of petit jurors, who serve only for the January term of court, which opens January 26, follows: Ida Yeager Algona Rose Haverly Wesley Mrs. H. F. Mlttag Lone Rock J. H. Mularkey - - Lakota Halvor Flom Jr. Wesley Theron Hanson Wesley Wm. Miller „ Lu Verne Fred Bosworth Corwith Harvey Schultz Titonka R. L. Padgett Algona Heyo Bockelman Titonka Vlvi Hoover Algona Joe Dahlhauser Whlttemore Joe Priester Whittemore Harry Baker Algona John Capeslus ' -—Algona Vera Roderick Lone Rock Sam Larson Armstrong John Hartman '. Fenton Clothilda Hutchison Wesley John Klrsch Bancroft A. A. Kadlng Fenton Margaret Johnson Swea City W. J. Stewart Burt Mrs. Vera Miller Bancroft Anton Dahl Fenton Blle'n Cherland Burt lone Gross Algona Arthur Runksmeier Ledyard Floyd Duncan Burt Bill Studer Wesley Al Dalhauser Whfttemore Mike Altman Lu Verne J. A. Strayer Burt Lucille Ley Lakota Mrs. Margaret Fox Bancroft Nellie McAninch Swea City L. W. Gillespie Algona Henry Moline Swea City Hortense Ferguson Algona Pool F.aturrt on Bank'. Cilindar *?&<$£ ,,.-i.,3.\n£l,j- ,.^5^_s-ii & LUTHERAN DEACON, LU VERNE, HONORED BY CONGREGATION Lu Verne, Jan. 6 — Fred Tiede, [eacon of the Lu Verne Ev. Lu- heran church for the last 25 yeans, vas greatly surprised New Year 1 * day by the members of the congre- ViUlLIAI DIETRICH C"B • L £,~-~J-,:,™,j J \\MN4i* „ IN p \--f The Blue U ; t Angel" };;>;,• Q(paramountRelease i "•', " ; Rialto theatre, New York City, mashed all previous 'records last veek. IT'S NEW— BIG— DRAMATIC ! Always a 2-Hour Show. ?rlday and Saturday Jan. l(i and 17 ANOTHER BIG ONE! Must be the top in entertainment o reach a 2-day Friday and Saturday booking. KASPER H, HELMERS DIES; 65 YEARS OLD Kasper H. Helmers died December S at his home near the Milwaukea depot after a. long illness with tuberculosis and cancer. He was 05 years old and was born in Germany in 18HT). Services were held nt the local German Lutheran church December 10, the Rev. Mr. Dubb e officiating, and burial was made In Rivervlew cemetery. Mr. Helmers came to the United States when he was 26, settling first in Minnesota, later in Illinois. Some time later he came to Iowa, settling near Estherville. Later he lived near Wliittemore, and e five years ago he came to Algona. He was married to Annie Hinrichs Feb ruary 2, 1S94, at Rennslaer, Ind., and 111 of 13 children survive, with Mrs. HelmeTs. The children are Harm, Algona Henry, Hardy; Mrs. Reaka Helmers, Mrs. Jennie Wagner, Hilmer, Rich fird, Renner, Mrs. Minnie Gronbach and Annie and John, all of Algona and Jake, of Seneca, 111. Two brothers survive In Germany, brother Robert at Mason City, and a sister, Mrs. John Hum, at Spen cer. i Out-of-town relatives who attend ed were Jake Helmers, Seneca, 111. Henry Helmers, Hardy; Henry and Andrew Onnen families, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bachman, and Mrs. An nie Onnen, all of Fulda, Minn.; Miami Mrs. Fred Kull, Kempton, 111. Peter Helmers, Rockford; Mr. am Mrs. John Hum, Spencer; anfl th 1 brother Robert. ;• . ' . ' •'•-... • • : • •: ,-:v: •.•.:;' ; ->* l ' l \.' ; .."•.., ' ,.' .-... \ T HIS 1 t > ICT;tIRErdF THE SWIMMING POOL was the featured picture on this year's calendars-Issued by the-Kossuth County State Bank. Last year pictures of the. late Capt. W. H. Ingham.-the late Irfswis H. Smith, and Jos. W.Wadswo.rth, appeared. It is difficult to picture such a scene at the pool during these cold January days. . ;•••', ,- -..,.. , '. "' .•<••-;. - , '. l •• •-•..-..,•.,.., • . . •.•;•.,•;'•.• '.-. — • .-- '.••.-,. • . A gation. A week ago Sunday the pastor irought the matter before the congregation while Mr. Tiede was sent :o the parsonage to get the announcements, which the Rev. Mr. Jraner had forgotten. The congre- MILWAUKEE TRIES TWO-CENT FARE A two-cent railroad fare is being tried out on various stretches of the Milwaukee railroad to find out whether a worthwhile increase in passenger. business would result If the two : cent fare were general. The only stre.tch affected In Iowa runs from Spencer to Des Moines. Other stretches are in Minnesota and Wla- consln. A two-cent rate would mean a bfg reduction in fares. The rate now is; S.6 cents a mile. Thus a two-cent fare would cut the present rate almost In two. The present rate from gallon decided to surprise Mr. Tiede, Algona to Chicago,-for instance, is vho has served faithfully as elder since December, 1905. The surprise took place on New Year's dny after the morning services. Mr. Tiede was asked to take the ilnce of honor before the altar, and two school girls, Lucille Behnken- lorf and ETda Hintz, introduced the ubilee program by a special song, 'Be Thou Faithful Unto Death." Then followed a short address by the Rev. P. Braner. After this the :irls sangr "Take Thou My Hand and ..ead Me." Then Grandpa F. W. Hlnz Sr., only surviving charter nember of the congregation spoke a few welt-chosen words. In recognition of Mr. Tiede's services the Rev. P. Braner presented a beautiful and' impressive picture, 'Christ In Gethsemane" as a gift of the congregation. Then a trio consisting of Teacher E. Zeltz and the students, Walter Redrtel and Erwin Braner, sang "Abide With Me." Mr. Tiede was deeply moved and spoke a few words of appreciation. A large crowd attended to congratulate Mr. Tiede: about $14, but at two cents it would be less than $S. In the period from 1920-1929 the railroads lost more than a third of their passenger business. Earnings on passengers.dropped at the rate of 4'00' mflTibn dollars a year. Based on the traffic of 1920 'the decrease cost the railroads an enormous total. The railroads are now in a bad situation. Some officials believe a decrease fn rates would lead to larger use of the railroads for passenger traffic, and the Milwaukee's experiment Is therefore being watched with great Interest. It is not so many years ago since the railroads were fighting desperately to increase the rate from two cents to 3.6 cents. Now they may tiave to wage a similar fight to get permission- to < go back to the two- cent fare.. Battey Given Job. Burt, Jan. 6—Mayor C. O. Bailey, former assistant cashier of the First National bank, has secured a position as assistant to a -bank receiver with headquarters at Rock Rapids His work wm be at Inwood for the present. The famtly'will move there within a few days. Sunday, January 18 MARION DAVIES in "The Bachelor Father" MERRILL RAWSON TO LEAVE WHITTEMORE Whittemore, Jan. G — Last week I Wliittemore residents were surprls-1 'ed when Merrill Rawson, who has conducted a Ford garage in Wliitte- more for In years, announced that he was moving to Eagle Grove, where lie has taken over a garage and the Ford agency. Mr. Rawfion will take charge of the'new garage January 5. He will take part of his present force with him. IIrs. Irene Rooney, bookkeeper, and S. J. Hayes, who has been i-'ori-num ot the repair shop, will uc- j company Mr. Rawson. and Maurice C'ullen will close up the business in Whitlemore. ' Mr. Rawson has been active in business life in Whittemore since moving to town. .He was a member of the local fire department, in which he served as"chief for some years, lie Ls at present a member of the town council. \Vhittemore pc-»ple. regret to see them leave. Poiret & Schattschneidcr have muile arrangements to rent tile gar- u(jo building now occupied by Mr. Rawson and will move to that location a.s KOUII as it is vacated. The building Ls owned by T. A. Swanson, Glemlale, Calif. FENTON TTGEHS DEFEAT BANCROFT, RINGSTED— FENTON — The Fenton Tigers town cagers here, played' the Ban croft teams at Bancroft last week Tuesday night, and won, ll,fl-17. Frl day nisbt the Tigers played the 'Rinifsted town team at Ringsted iind again won, 33-2G. FUNERAL OF FORMER KOSSUTH FARMER HE RE TOMORROW Nets; Nelson, Sioux City, former Plum Creek farmer, once tenant of the Lund farm, djed Tuesday morning at Sioux City, after a week's sickness with pneumonia. Mr. Nelson, who still owned a quarter section farm in Plum Creek township had for some years lived at Sioux City. The body was brought to Algona yesterday, and funeral services wll take place at the Methodist church tomorrow afternoon at. 2 o'clock. Mr. Nelson was born in Denmark His wife died before he left Algona There are four sons and foui daughters: Chrte and Fred, Minneapolis; William, Lone Rock; Alex California; Mrs. Chris Knudsen Plum Creek; Mrs. Rasmus Jensen Ogden; Mrs. O. H. Engstrom and Mrs. Henry Engstrom, Union town ship. WARDEN HOTEL IS LEASED BY BOSS, AIGCNUANDLORD Announcement was released •• In Saturday's Messenger that the Boss hotel interests, which operate,^the Algona hotel, had signed a 6-year lease of the Hotel Warden at Fort Dodge. , . Until a few months ago this hotel was operated as an annex to the Wahkonsa hotel. The Warden lies directly behind the Wahkonsa. The Wahkonsa was leased to the' Tangney-McGinn hotel interests, and the Warden was disassociated .from 'the Wahkonsa. The Warden is owned by a woman, Theodora G. Warden. After it was separated from the Wahkon- sa last September, $35.000 was spent :or improvements, and now Mr. Boss will spend $25,000 more. :: There are.90 rooms in the .Warden. 1 ' Among the improvements which Mr. Boss plans are a lobby and a'coffee shop. There will also be a dining room. . The Boss interests 'now operate U7 hotels. Besides the Warden, these include: Randolph, Des Moines; Ellis, Waterloo; Athens, Fort Madison; Hilton,. Beloit, Wis.; Hoist, Boone; Mea- Ity, Oelwein; Bradford, Storm Lake; Hotel Algona, Algona; Wirinesheik, Decorah; • Wright, Alma, Mich.; Gardston, Estherville; Orleans, Es- thervlle; Gedney, Independence; Mary Etta, Fairbury, Neb.; Llnder- man, Clarinda; and Whitney, Atlantic, the latter now in the course of construction to be opened March l. ' ' KIWANIS COMMITTEES ARE NAMED BY MILLER President H. W. Miller, of the Klwante club, announced the list of committees for 1931 last Thursday aa,follows: ••'-. :' Program—C, A. Momyer, L. J. flelso'n,; H. dhrlsohllleB. , Ai -Barry 1 , ' A. Vlgars; Jos. Bloom. Mn»lcr-W. D. Andrews, Dr. H. IX McCorkle, D. R, Steele. , Finance—Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, Philip Kohlhaas, E. W. Lusby. 1'ubllclty—D. E. Dewel, C. -tV. NicpuHh,'' HiJE.^ Ward. Membership—J. S. Auner, A. E. Kresensky, D. E. Dewel. Classification—D. D. Paxson, A. L. Cunningham, L. H. Guderian. Piibllc. Affairs—C. H. Taylor, H. E. j Soristedt, Olaf Funnemark. F.pfm Committee—Harry Bode, J. M.^Patterson, H. E. Hist; Iliter-Cliil) Relations—D.H.- Goeders, 'J. 'S. Auner,' W. J. Becker. llndor-Prlvlleeed Child — M,. G. Norton,- -A. E. Kresensky, 'Harrington, W. E. Laird, C. R. LaBarre. .Good Will arid Grievances— : .T. L. Bonar, T. H. Holmes, J. H. Fraser, Business' Standards—Jos. Bloom H.M..Smith, John Kohlhaas. House Committee—L. H. Guderian, R. W. Horlgan, H. J. Lacy. Education—Geovge Elbert, W. J Becker, 'A. H. Borchardt, Reception—Dr. R. M. Wallace, A. D. Adanis, M. G, Norton. MIMEOGR APHING — Brom nothing-'three or four years back we have built up a good sideline *n mimeographing. In fact the printers In the back shop are a little jealous, because we do such work and quicker than *,hey can print the •ame job. The printer* have an automatic press, but our mimeographing machine run* circlet around It for speed. Bee our office girl for mimeographed circular let ters and post or postal cards of all "clndB.—Advance. WHY SEND YOUR ORDERS FOR printing out of town? If the Al gona, print shops got all the business which originates in Algona thej could hire three or four more print era to earn and spend their money here. 45tf jong. , Laws and Regulations — T. P. or IOWA, tlFF's i Notice Is hereby given |J virtue'of a Special i re6ted to me frOin the Clerk] District Court of Kossuth Iowa, on a .judgment rondo, said "Cotirt on the 3rd day comber,, 1D30 in favor of ,) ( mundson and'Bart J. Tin jlaliitlffs, and against .„ 3ank, x Fernanda "Von Bank Von''Bank, as d9fenrta sum of Two Thousand One ] Seventyinine arid 71/lon Dollars and costs, taxed Hundrad iTorty'-seven tin.. ($24?.56) Dollars and accruing! I have levied upon the f 0 | personal property as the 'nn the Bald Thos. Von Bank, Von Bank, to satisfy HUK tloh, to-wlt! 10 head of »..„ head of spring- and summerl tnixed b'reefl, ,8., old sows of breed With pigs, 1 dapple ; black .mule, 2 dark l coltS, l~Ttt»$W,!c6w, *1 white L white faced ' red i cow, 4 red j with White markings, i yr . J er calf, 1 red «ow,with horns, J milk cows, 1 red calf, with hi red cows with] white : markli red cow, 1' white 'roan cow, heifer calf," 2 ' small • calves, faced red-heifer,, 3 eels harni grey geese, and :18 white about 125 White. chickens andl orcns, 1 black mare, l dark I gelding, 1 dark brown mare, l| gelding:, 1 small bay mare, mare,.- and. machinery ns f pump Jack, 1. Ford; truck motor No; 10542040 and bearl Iowa license. No. .55-376, box, 1 wtde tire wagon wlthl box, 1 fanntnr mill, 1 grin hand corn shelter, 1 steel gra|| vator wfth power and lifting j sfnule-row corn plows, 1 smalll Deere gas engfne, I E-B spreader, I 15-wheeI disc, wheel dTsc,. 1 Z'-row corn snlfcy plow, 1 corn planter, ll plow, '1 I-HXT hay,, rake, 1 5-nf Cormfctc mower; about 200 of corn fn crib, 1 T-ton stack i hay fn field, and about 8 mixed h'ay In barn, about 951 of corn fn field, located on tfie| of Section 22, in Eagle Toi Kossuth County, Iowa, and i acres- of corn v,located on the| Half of-the-Southeast Quart Section 22 In Eagle, TownshlpJ suth County; 1 Iowa. Kom goods as follows: 1 oak kitchen] inet t 1 Majestic 'kitchen raiij kitchen chairs, 1 Dasmach machine, 3 iron beds, 1 oak ( room table, 1 Dexter wash chine, G dining room chairs, i rocking chair, 1 oak dresser,] 1 small kitchen table; will proceed to sell said erty, or so much thereof be necessary to satisfy ecution, with costs crulng costs at public au the highest bidder, for hand, on the 21st day of Jai 1931',' at the east door of thej House in Algona, In Kossuth t Iowa, at the hour of-,10 o'clo m. of said day, when, and wh attendance will be given by 1 ANOTHER SCHOOL OF JOURNAL- Ism, this one out on the Pacific const, has written for sample copies of the Advance. Nearly every rec- ornized school of journalism In the United States/has had Its students study Advance style. 45tf Dated this 27th day. of 1930. ' '«, . L. E. HOfl • Sheriff of Kossuth county, | BURT J. THOMPSON, Plaintiff's Attorney. WH BO OUB OWN OR, F. E. SAWYER BT.l 8IQBT AI.GONA, IOWA 61st Annual THE MIGHTIEST DRAMA OF THE AGE I TI1RII, LS—Dl t AM A—LOvia" Finest picture of Its kind ever shown. First play of the season with teeth in it. See what happens when the criminal code of the underworld is broken. "Thou Slialt Not Siiucul!" 2 matinees Saturday, 1:30 and 3:30. EXTRA ATTRACTION Bin Tin Tin Series "The Lone Defender" 1 "V -\Sf( ,1*$* Wanted—Clean Cotton Rags 5c per pound Advance Publishing Co, ARNOLD INGERSDLL DIES; WAS FORMER AL60NIAN - Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Ingersoll, Mrs. Walter Spurbeck, and Anna Inger- sull returned Sunday evening from Wnverly, where they had been called by news oi' the death Friday of Arnold Ingersoll, brother of C. L. Ingersoll, Mrs. Spurbeck, and Miss Ingersoll. . , IJeath was caused by cerebral hemorrhage at the age of G7. He is survived by his widow and a daughter who teaches at Ames. The Arnold Ingersolls lived here seven years, while Mr. Ingersol was in the employ of the Spurbeck- Larnbert Co. Besides the Algona relatives, only one brother survives, Lee Ingersoll Waverly. The Lee Ingersolls were here at the time o f Arnold's death having come to spend New Year's here. Tyrell Ingersoll, Cedar Rap ids attorney, also attended the fuii eral. IS THE TIME ( BUWAVE = PRICES LOWER "Quality First, Last and AU the Time" ?*/,>' Begins Friday morning—January 9th Ends Saturday night, January 24th ISTHETIMII BUHAVE! PRICES LOWER* i A store-wide clearance of great importance— A NEW IDEA— read carefully: Thw store has kept the] s confidence of , its cMstomers for 61 years and this year, instead of the large double sale bill* we are a»l 1 nouncmg this great sale with 6,000 government post cards. You knpw the quality of *ood» W e ^I^n^^ January Clearance Sale Prices $re the Lowest in You need a dre«8 or a coat, or blankets, or yard goods, co|j|e to prices. That's all we have to say—why take a double page to! A $5.00 dress and coat rack will be a IIHIIIIIIIIIIII prepared to find REAL * ,t f *""&,"

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