Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1931 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1931
Page 3
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MOVING TIME ISTARIMN SENECA TWP, Jan< e '~ Scvml Sen «* are moving this week. The KOmtttH COttNIt AttVAMCB. AUinMi '***> _ W« LUSBT*8 *fctM» STORE PENCIL with fht place, and .Fred hTca" /ind The Mnnfl v The Martin Vants Chris- may till location, are moving to q from a""' ' Farmer 9 * Note Book -by- Gco. W. Godfrey —In— "Successful Farming" movng to •on. \v. E. Quinn, Bancroft tt*ll«llr iU- ^. . . "-1U1L, truck the Christenaon goods to Brlnton. will household INSIN WOMAN tOStlim ,vc been Baking JCrusch,en*8alt« > fat reduction—am on my second jttle—I lost 11 pounds in alx weeks feel fine—Kruschen sure gives i a lot of vim and pep." •Cruschen Salts are used daily by lllons all over the world v not only •take off fat' from overweight peo- 1 bat to rejuvenate the entire sys- pne bottle of Kruschen Salts gts 4 weeks) costs but 85c and bottle will prove of vdst benefit I people who have constipation, Idaches, indigestion,' nervousness, Jumatlsm, depression, acidity and o-lntoxication. tot only that but one bottle will }\g about body activity—increase energy, vigor, and ambition, rkling eyes and freedom from Iples and blemishes — • millions Iwall this—you ought to know it. ie one half teaspoon in a glass of water every morning before jikfast—walk a little each day— I down on sweets and fat forming IS. ••...'•• ' :'•'•'.• pld by E. W. Lusby and drug- B America over with the, distinct teratanding that one bottle will j you lose fat or money back. RIchftrdHon* fio Yenrg AVc4— A week ago Monday the C C Coopers and the Roy Osborns, Seneca, and Mrs, Robert Carney an d two daughters, and Mrs. Roy Lee cake, covered Each dish. Swere^VeserTTre R Tct ——• are both about 73 yelrf old. a $5 goldplece as a remembrance. Elner Beckg Lose Child— The eight months old and Mrs. Elner Beck died at. their home near Armstrong last Saturday The-baby. had not been strong since birth, and was unable to recover from an attack of whooping cough ere hcld at the church Tuesday '"THERE Is something novel about a new. year date. The first of uary | a not rea ] Iy different from the first of any other month, but common consent has set It apart as the beginning of BO many things that it stands not only for the beginning of the calendar year but also as the beginning of a year of life. There should be a lot of satisfaction in looking back over a year when all our goals had been attained. 0 no , 1 know> h <>wever ( whether would really be so good after an. Such complete success would not push one out to harder trying. A reasonable amount of failure, such as most. of us meet, seems to ful rt I , nt nece " sa ry to healthful development. It Is good for folks to attempt more than they attain. BOY SHOT BY E.G. HI NTER ' 6 - J ° hn ' and Stretch allure hurta for t r » " It results in lasting discouragement. son of Mr. * Seneca of iiat. Esther and Orva Halverson, and Ra] ph ana Linus Jensen, sang. Mrs. Beck will be remembered as Gladys Brighton formerly of Seneca. OT 'enton, Seneca Boy~pI»y~B. B.— With every disc we sharpen before March 1 we will point and polish one set of six cultivator shovels FREE OF CHARGE. We Also Grind Circular Saws and All Other Saws. AND HARDWOOD stock. Sold in - R- Patterson, w r son Lyle a"* R. L. Rossman drove to Shel- fh? a 0 * 8 ?.? the Le Mars team defeat the Sheldon basketball team Armond Schuler, son of the tfenry Schulers, and who is training for athletic coaching at Le Mars college, played on theLe Mars team. Pauline OsbonT Finish Ing Course— Pauline Osborn, who spent two weeks at home with her parents the John Osborns, returned to "Mason City Sunday to resume teaching After she completes her 12 weeks practice at teaching In March at Mason City she will return to the teachers college at Cedar Falls and plans to graduate in June. Newlyweds Give a Reception— Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gardner, newlyweds, gave a reception at the Swea City Friday Those present took in Cities Legion hall in evening to 75. v • I'k^uwi.v Luun. the occasion to shower the Gardners with gifts. The evening was spent dancing and at cards, and a lunch WAS served at the close of the evening. Former Seneca Child Paralyzed- Ernest, eon of, the Nels Laurit- zens. Ringsted, has been taken to a private home in Algona for treatments. The lower half of his body has.been paralyzed by infantile paralysis. The Lauritzens formerly lived In Seneca. Blngsted Cholr~Glves~ Cantata— _ The choir of.the Rlngeted Danish Lutheran church gave a Christmas cantata, "Chimes of the Holy Night," Sunday night at the Seneca church. Lunch was served to choir after the program. Former Teaclierg Visit Here— Lu Ella and Sadie Potter, former Seneca teachers,,were dinner guests HAD our chickens out on clear ground last summer and they grew fine. The pullete began laying in the colony houses In August. There were things about the clean range, however, that marred complete success. , , I think we brought -back about half -the nunf- ber of birds that we hauled out. First, a hawk started in to feast on them. They were in a nice clean clover pasture so that they had no cover for hawks. Well, that bird took quite a toll before we finally sot a shot at him and ended his banditry. Then a mink took up the Job of preventing a market glut from'our flock. He was real thorough in his work, too, but he went by the way of a steel trap. Then coyote came along one morning when the chickens were out too early and snapped the heads off 6f 14 and maybe took another alone for lunch. A CORNFIELD lay next to this 1 * clover pasture and I had a picture of this.as a fine shade for the chickens when 'the weather got hot. It was, and the chickens spent all summer in this maize forest, but a pair of foxes found it a good place, too. I have no idea what their toll of chickens was. I hope some fox hunter enjoys the eport their legal protection gives. If I could get the opportunity to kill them I would take no sporting chances. So we learned that on our place, at least, clean ground Is too far from protection. Now we plan on some kind of a yard on as clean ground as we can provide nearby, with an occasional rotation. F ARMING is more than a Job—a mPT*f* frft \r\ititr r\t n .1I.._1I1 _* TJ_ ». - —:• « — juiui, son 01 M /' and MM. ouy Smith, formerly of this vicinity but now farming ^T r 8 * 1 * Grove . was accidentally shot by tt hunter carrying a ahot gun recently. John was also hunt- Ing when the accident occurred. The pellets riddled his garments many were burled deep | n the of his chest, face, and arms. He is In a painful condition, and when shot Is extracted ulcers will In the wounds. He is a stu- at the Eagle Grove high school Smiths formerly lived on the farm now owned and occupied by •the Ralph Browns. Treats Horses for Wot Files- Fox, Algona, visited Monday to treat tho iEMIt STEWART KICKEi BY COW; RIBS FRACTURED irvihgton,"Jan. « — ^George stew- an Is again laid up, suffering with several broken ribs which he received New Year's day. George was milking and was kicked In the ribs by a cow that stood behind him Believing he was not hurt seriously he had no medical, attention till nst Sunday when the pain became Intense. It was found that two rbu were broken and another fractured. Mrs. Thou, la visiting at home. .Minneapolis has. Staud* are visiting a t th ., M. A. Saunder's home. Eugene Nurre returned * Co " egevllle . to hi Sat Ambrose and Mary Mescher. Dei Molne* spent New Year's With m the uu nelghborhod the «* nose which are becoming a menace to the animals. This species of " v '" hashed in the stomach of the horse, and the animals are given a medicine which will destroy the they have to h»u a nce o hatch. This practice is new In this and nearby vicinities, but has been and is highly recommended. The nys do not travel, 80 a treated farm Is nearly fly.free. Mrs. Earl Miller Honored— Mrs. J. M. Cox gave a birthday Year's day in honor of h A y n on ° her daughter, Mrs. Earl Miller 0 Sample, Lucile Jones, Paul- Hn^..' ":— ""• and Mrs - v ern Barker, O f near Bode. Mrs. Miller received many gifts o n the occasion' Itoystcr Among Unemployed- recent letter from the Roy Roy- to the Earl Millers says they all well, but that '~ LIONS CLUB AT BANCROFT WILL HELP KID BAND Bancroft, Jan. fl _ gome three months ago the Bancroft Kid Band composed of thirty boys and girls under the direction of Albert Granzow, Algona, was forced t o discontinue weekly practice owing to lack of funds. Through the efforts of the Lions club a subscription is be- their parent*, the F. H. Meschers. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Carmody, Cyl " A Lawrence Bergman and R oy Me Guire ,eft Monday to 8pend "£ ^ days on business at Minneapolis th^™!2?.. M 7- A ,' be 1 De'terln* are ing taken among the business men to enable th e band to start practices, and by the time the tax is available everything will be running smooth be'e t?J, n8t T t0r fr ° m Burt has Deen hired and each Saturday there will be private lessons tu, well as a group rehearsal. The band's con- popular Wednesday he summer HU still unemployed. R py is a fac . tory worker and was laid off early In the fall. The Roysters are for- ln«tonIiuM and visited here Zelba Winkle Has Operation— irr Harry Algona, employed In , n Fort Dodge, was recently operated on for appendicitis there. Zelba had spent the holidays wth her parents and had just returned to her work when she was taken 111. She Is recovering. Twelve Below in Minnesota— A recent letter from Mrs. Fred Andrews. Staples, Minn., says .that last week Wednesday the mercury stood at nine above zero and by the following morning had dropped to 12 below aero. Operation, on Mrs. Erickson— Mrs. Peter Errlckson had a tumor moths Bancroft Low* to Fenton- t«Jm 6 B f ncroft an <l Fenton town teams played -an interesting: game of basketball last week Tuesday evening. The score when the whistle blew was tied at 15 and during the five minute extra., period Fenton dropped a basket, making the final are visiting the former's Parents, th e W . W. Odells. I0rmers . M T": Nlck Gaul, Granvllle, °- D - Sparks was sick TasTweek mere gaining of a-liyellhood. is a mode of living. Farm life this country Is the the scattering of people out upon the land where there are acres of sunshine 'and wind between families. It is the placing upon each individual of the family group a share of. the burden and responsibility. With all. Its hardships and troubles It represents a normal way of living. The youngster that starts life under these surroundings has a chance to learn to live deeply. /~\NE advantage the man has who " feeds his crope to dairy* cows Is the opportunity to haul the^anure directly to the field as fast as it Is made. This gets that much work out of the way when the ground is frozen and also enables one to cover the fields farthest from the homestead. last -week |ng at the Kossuth HospitaL"and is now recovering rapidly, she Is a sister of Jake Maasdam. Mrs. PliHp Hospital Patient— Mrs. Percy phllp, who has been in at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rome Roblson, was taken to the Kossuth Hospital last week. She has improved. Two Hurt In Car Crash— Roy King and Ben Butterfield who were suffering from Injuries received in , a collision of their cars .last Sunday night, have both recovered. • , - . . Rochleau Baby is sick— Clarence Eugene, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence has been seriously Rochleau, day in 1931 except pays and holidays, LOUMARKLA Head Blacksmith- a \. He ?, ry **»'«> Fields that we have partly cov- Lowett Price. NOW! your winter's save ay Ply ley! [ e handle the BEST E S of COAL the lowest »rgin. ot Cort at prices, The Potters are attending a teachers college this year. Th« Gardners Are CMnrlviirled— A charivari for Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gardner was held by neighbors and friends last week Tuesday. The newlywels are at home near Armstrong. Congregratlounl Meeting- Tomorrow— The annual congregational, meet- Ing of the Lutheran church was postponed till Friday afternoon because of a funeral Tuesday afternoon. B. B. Games Tomorrow \ight — The Fenton boys and girls' basketball teams play the Seneca teams this week Friday night at Seneca. Other Seneca News Last week Wednesday Mrs. John Osborn, Seneca; and Mr. and Mrs. William Brown,' Armstrong, spent the day at Cherokee visiting with Mr. Brown's step-father, Mr. Allen, employed there. They returned the same day, Melvin, oldest son of the Brpwns, etayed with his grandfather, John Osborn. The Rev. and Mrs, S. A. Sande are. enjoying a visit from Mr. and Mr<S. Verness, of Hettinger,; N. D., Who arrived here Saturday from Sioux Falls., where Mrs. Verness had gone through aclinic. The 'Lutheran Aid meets with Mrs. Joseph Anderson Sr. this week Thursday- A large crowd Is expected for this meeting for the Andersons are moving to Buffalo Center in the ered in the winter with stable manure and then finished later in year with yard manure show the the increased returns from that hauled out directly for several seasons. We aye thinking' now about how to use manure best rather than how to get rid of It. We are past the place where we can brag about our soil being so fertile that Its efficiency In crop production could not be destroyed. 1 UNDERSTAND some loan companies' are getting interested In soil erosion, They have discovered that erosion will even take a farm from under their mortgage. You see the. most striking cases In hilly fields where gullies form, Here it is an engineering problem first, with' dams and terraces. But all of our cultivated fields : that are sloping enough to be surface drained erode to some extent. Each year a thin layer of the best soil goes down the streams with the water. Seeding down often enough to keep a supply of plant roots in the soil checks this. It Is another argument for keeping less land always under the plow. one of the Knecht D *• Saturday Helen Nlelson took her niece l Clara, • Hanson, who has been YiHitlngr here, to Webster City. From there Helen planned to drive on to De« Moines for a visit. ' The WJJliam Brown family, Arm- strongr, .and the Earl Osborns, Seneca, were New Year's day guests at the John Qstforna. Mrs. Joseph Anderson Sr. returned from Lake Field, Minn., a week ago 'Monday after vteltlng a sister sick with 300 FEWfd CAR LICENSED NOW THAN IN JANUARY 1930 Three hundred fewer cars were I ICK and I are agreed that the finest aroma we know is that which fills the kitchen when mother has just finished baking her bread and it Is all laid out on the shelf to cool. I have never had any conception as to what the "odor- of sweet incense" might be, but I doubt that It is finer than this. One of the things that tends to make farm folks congenial in their associations is the common meeting in the. kitchen. Dad sees that what mother does for the good of the tribe. I have always maintained that a well- filled cpoky box was a good Insurance against family trouble. S EVERAL readers of these "Squibs" have asked me why I had nothing tp say about mother's turkeys this past season. Since I had to explain my neglect to these readers I might as well make H public to the balance. Mother's turkeys are short in number this year, and I am having to take the blame. Being a normal sort of a husband I sometimes put off doing things T, am told to do.' I did that with, th? disposal of a rat that had found bis way Into the abasement. When pother, tpofe her P9ujt« put of the Inctrtator she put thgnj clean, chjpk tygtejis sfeor$ tj(«je thereat m ^»i i. . , • "- in wlth Pneumonia, but is now recovering. Other Irvington The Rev. A. English preached Sunday-from the 32 chapter of Exodus, reading a part of the 0,3 and 14 verses.' The text was, show Me Thy Way. Casey an d Mike Loss Jr., accompanied by Ethel Eng. ish, played the saxauhone and violin as the hymns were sung. They also played a special selection . Vernon Robison recently returned from. Waterloo, where he had spent several days with friends of 'the Conrad Knecht family. He was ac companied by boys. The William Boldridges spent a few days recently at the J. A. Ashford home in Garner. The Boldridges entertained Mr. and Mrs. Leon Blahe, Esthervllle, New Year's day. Ray Blythe, mall clerk, recently wend to Chicago where he will work in, the terminal. His family will remain here till March 1, when they will Join him. The Missionary society meets next week , Friday afternoon at the church. The foreign topic will be China and the national on missions. The Aid society meets this Thurs- iday afternoon at the church annex iMesdames V. J ; Schichtl and-Harry Sabin will be hostesses. Paul Hudson and Roscpe Brown spent a few days early this week at Lake City and Minneapolis, Minn., and Yankton, S. D. . Mrs. Elmer Danner is visiting relatives at Marshalltqwn. The Galbralth elevator'has cently been repaired. Before this „—.„ ,„„ school girls defeated an alumni team 14-7. Swea City B. Y. P. U~ Entertains— ™e Swea City B. Y. P. U. entertained the members O f the local or- ganlzatlon at a New Year's Eve Party. A social time was enjoyed by an till 11 o'clock, w he n a watch service was heldjn the church. Pocketbook and $250 Found— P. O. Peterson lost his pocketbook containing »250 in currency Christmas eye but Richard Nemmers tound It and was rewarded $2,5 for returning it. Loretta O'ltonnel) ( o Wed— Banns of matrimony were published at St. John's church Sunday for the approachng marriage of neH SPmnk and Loretta O'Don- Schools Are Reopened Monday— n u St> , John>s Parochial and public schools opened Monday after a. two weeks' Christmas vacation. Other Bancroft News. ™°ay h from 0l M^ ma a n r™- spent Christmas vacation at the Parental home. He was referee for the Tltonka-Ledyard basketball game at Titonka Friday evening Lloyd Hutchinson accompanied Hugh Walsh to Chicago last week J?^ ^ short visit with Leonard school Student at an electrical The Wilbur Fox family, Mr. and KS^r^-rs.s-o 3 ^ KJ££ vlsting the Willlam Lulu Richards drove to Lu Verne Saturday to visit her parents, and R chard Miller, who spent last week with his sister, returned with her Mrs Bridget Quinn and daugh- isrs juila and Margaret spent Sunday at the Da n Burns, Emmetsburg. Marion Thurn, principal of the high school, returned Monday morning after spending the holidays at ner home at Manchester. J. H. Hight and Patrick O'Gara Mason City, were business visitors at the local telephone exchange last Friday. . . Margaret Howe returned Friday from Baraboo, wis., where she spent the holidays with her friend, Avis Hulterstrum. Olga Elsbecker returned to Carroll last week-end after spending the holidays with her parents. "Andy" Bereris, Chicago, spent last week, with his parents/Mr and Mrs. Peter Berens. Mr. and Mrs. John Stoffel, Chicago, spent last week at the Henry Blocker home. Mrs. Tom Larson,, Hartley,-and daughter are visiting the Albert Cutlers. Mrs. L. J, Donnelly; Tracy, Minn, spent last week a t the Underkofler and Sheridan homes. ee but had improved by Monday. Mrs! Sparks and the children are recovering from scarlet fever. George Stewart had two ribs broken when he was kicked In the back by a cow New Year's day. Mrs. P. M. Erickson is recovering from an operation for tumor performed last week Tuesday at the Kossuth hospital. Mre. Ed Sabin, son Homer, and daughter, Mrs. M. Lloyd, all of Kan- HHH Department Stores Sale of Advance SPRING DRESSES Newest fashions for spring 1931 at a very low price. Lu Ella Potter returned to Ames Sunday to resume her studies, golnir via Cowrie to call on her grand! Parents, Mr. and, Mrs. 'B. F. Tiltoh Sadie Potter, having completed her course at Ames, plans to enter the ln Martha Potter resumed teaching a school between St. Benedict and Corwith Monday. . Sadie Olson has returned to her duties in a woman's ready-to-wear department of a Chicago store after having spent the holidays with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Olson. Harold Clayton has entered the employ of a dry-cleaning establishment at Mason City. He drives delivery truck. The Mothers & Daughters club will give a family party Friday evening, January 16, at Mrs. John Simon's. Mesdamee J. H. Fraser, Homer Lindhorst, and William Runchey are the committee in charge. Mrs. W. F. Jenkinson la regaining the use of her right leg and is also gaining in strength. She may soon be able to sit up. T. E. Harr came home early last week from Rochester, where he had gone three weeks before to give a blood transfusion to a brother from Aberdeen, S. D. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Teeter, the latter's mother, Mrs. Mulkins, and Mr. and Mrs. Franz Teeter "attended a Teeter reunion at Fairfield at Christmas time, and then spent a week with the D. A. Teeters' daughter, Mrs. Orviiie Varner, at Keokuk.- Sizes for Women and Misses Dresses with all the new style features — Sunday night frocks with lacy collar and cuffs-rcape sleeves —cowel necklines—Dresses that surprise even those who have always practiced Thrift—and which will please those who want an early advance spring style at an exceptionally low price. Beautiful New Creations in Dresses for all Occasions MATERIALS All silk Faille Cantons —Wool Crepes — Tea Rose Print dresses. COLORS New Green — French Rose—Talisman Red — Bisque Brown — Yacht Blue and New Plaids. January Sale of Featuring one ! special group of high grade coats at Adding Machine ROLLS A c vance Publishing Co |iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipiuiiiin Condensed Statement of Condition re. OV1BR OUR WANT-ADS. CONSIDERING THE -POPULA. Oon of Its territory, the Advance covers (ts field more completely than the Chicago Tribune or any other daily paper covers its own territory. JUST THINK OF IT! NOW—LESS than half the 1926 price. And be- eldes, $1.50 to $4.50 allowance per pah- for old smooth tires on new G & J's.—Gamble Stores. 28-16 State Bank Algona - Iowa as made to the State Banking Department at the close of business December 31, 1930 Wanted: You to try BJchard'g .Rheumatic Bemedy. Beaches every bone, muscle, tissue and Joint, Bemoves the cause. Stops the p«to. Money back if it falls. »l,00f 81X-I&.60. At Ittsby'g and all drugf Ists, RESOURCES Loans to our customers. . Overdrafts „„___ ~™ Banking House, Furniture and~~Pix~tureir~~ Other Real Estate State /Municipal and Listed Bonds""!"™ 9 $ 532,802,60 67.2S 30,737.95 71,895.32 Total Resources th5 i»t f attato «$* LIABILITIES Capital Stock Surplus v Undivided Profits „__„_ Reserve for Depreciation TOTAL DEPOSITS Total Liabilities 60,000,00 20,000,00 10,1*0,53 1,500.00 years pi (jerries and safe tombing in Ko^t* The Pioneer Bank ;:v&

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