Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1912 · Page 1
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 11, 1912
Page 1
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THE GAZETTE TIMES. 9 PARTS 72 PAGES SNOW VOL. i l lMtn riTTSr.UKr.!!. .-rXDAY MORNING. rKIIRL'ARY 11. itll ra. FIVE CENTS A COPY. int.. SECRETARY KNDX1 Edison, Young at 65, Says He Can Run Up Six Flights TO M SISTER REPUBLICS Trip Ti .Ii rTaft s Iiri.-tinj! t Kxtchil to Countries nnfi Carihboai.. ! TUAVKIJS ON" CI.UISKtt! ? S ' ,,, faaaa C iiim Tnt(l H AHHIMjn.N. rb- -- !-. pir-I"' f n'rut 4ss-!oi5tsr pf be-m a vnn iTurtir ttil n icon aa I. AlC--Va br'rilnr of t .1 Kml fcr ri-i of P l-nl Tft. H tnafca I , it io t. Fisni!-Amr- l rri'- baftWrtn tha. Caribbean ( li l :f f U.tim mwI Sir Kimt il -t Vx. , itr nr r. f !v pxfm fcfir t t iftn i'a ItrM of Aj'.l -. ir '.a I an-wn- rmm ti V ;(.!; at iv XWt. It .w i".!, rata no )-.' 11 a ira k t Havana. O-ifc. .ana Mr ktat Bt . atisl II ' . W ai( t. tvT..b.m I a I .',.rt iW itria -f Asnatean rata. . !-. f .-ar aa aav frmtmmtr aVaf I rftimff. 'a f m a t, -a fw --iXf- c ' I fv.Ka, r"J' -. tftaj t " a. I la feat ia t,rnr ?e f fait f r .-.( in iV-Hral A mar-a. , J irK.1 la I ba liimiar ta . t takaai IIW.M jaW-at. .(iMrlra -- ' -' i 4 a tVaftcr JW-TrT ? fT.i-a T fc--p; f ! I ; f v J I A j H tanl StHl Stick to 1IU . Plan of I.fH Than VUo IIoiir M !. N"V V:K. Kb. 10. Thomaa A. :.! ...n be yrara cM lmr- j r-. t-it on h! b!r!hlr " lon'Kl.t i ': !-. Urt-1 h frit no oIJt Itian j ihn hr a a IS. "I i tifVfr In b-!r hca!lh or ' I ir:i " M t:-. lnrnlor at j ! ..m-. :n -t riner, X. J. "My J - ra .!t b-at llsl.tly on ma. and Ml 1 .'viinirr to run up lx rlishtu "f ' ta!r with ny inan of inr aa' i'l lih-r ahraj at tha top or pretty j -!.. to th- oth.r Mb." j Th 1n.--ntor d-lr'l he aa attll I fui;ir. l.U fuur or four anil a ' hnlf hur a n!e!.t ileei plan, "to '-l at na.lniitl t an! no'.hlnc to ! ! ii: n"rrin at 4 :l. It tiv mo j lir.y f p anl a lot mre time i r tnv work. h ald. NEW DELEGATE CANDIDATES APPESR BOOTS AND BREECHES FOR SUFFRAGE AMAZONS C. V. Kiis.-hlor, V. C. TiMy and A. C. (luml.ert Seek Scats in Convention. DEMOCRATIC SLAT; AVO.MAX srtHIKSTEI) TO SVCCKED LATH JVSTICi: .JOHN IIARLAX ra- e Mil T av tiawamutt af t"!a ara m, es- i. f Mu.i.o nax Ii.a H a.!, kav atm-Tp fcwt t fr r aJrfairva a m i-rm t t" ai ' ' ' fffv eafr t- t :Nf r - t-e- ?"if a4 frMva aa cn?e a- a rjr,.-. w " a -Y- k f.as A'-aa - . rarr f tiu. tuu t t ? " ! a amui ar t . "a4a-av tw- rr. . - a " t -- l rr vi a 1 ixvio ' - aa ta !'! -, . ii, . avar o. ! ti . 'a a A -1. t'rrmmmmtrt mf f'nr. t" -1 of Mr Knot a partjr .a a-rra V." T. l lHr!f. rhSf cf t!a Unnul BtiB;oa Takes Place at "Tuperal in CViarMn P. 1 I MIAIt'N. f. l.h . - ,1-j- t Nat trwl 't,r ra. all o lh al otr-r .j'- va. it. ' nt tf- Jtl7 f- t f.r t!n ( -- ac.ar.y t. It a an a.kl.ntai f lwy r n aaara l"vt of IVa lifulhm taha rt4' at !:-taf.t t-!ta a t to t - !n iha city. J T t-otsf. ar tV . : .Vralon. Tatf-a J ,on. M A N.1.,ii anl .11 .N.d.t! of IUl'1 l:l. tiof II. " N- . f rut-k). M.r.n : J A. Neat. It Nli. It . K Xliii. tt'tauu!. Itl Tr came Una l a'lr.J t f -otl of !fr aocV. J M S. itty Mntror.s Df itl- to Dtim-nstratc Fitness for War in Cavairv Parade. , ti 1 1 i : i -o i: x i : i : i :i hat PART OF FN I FORM iPi.inp.nlotirs and Fanev Hair Divssin-r Shunned in Ralh- St t f..r Mav 4. f l-aJ!y" Hosve Sretker W:n ia 40 Counties EoMisff PriaariiJ. KT. U't'l.-J. V, M.)t-krf jtar:-I tlarifc. a t-( rl-.f frtn o-il of twir!ir r-.oM:r- rtmar'.rc !- Car. "flul la all of tl.e tn if a r. a a. T; ia roumy -nt to Ameriean Airaan Falls in Sea. i AXTIHIt". Kr.ANft.-. r.h. t-- j Ar.--T arUI -r. Il-4th t"n-'fi. h. t-ai'.re a PUs'-t loin In an Am-rifiii 2. l"ot " "n a f f t'f Iri! r I rrr o!-1 tat. f II Inro t"e txra .- r'.'.rar aft-r manu-rrir!6 fwr a t me larl hit mt"-.:tie a caurht ttre"-r. l" e ' ! Ty a .r.-l ai..l the aarll of the a a Imi. hi... uNtoKinini NKW T..;K. K.h ! -Ai.tl-.urr race a-. ma Li ..ii aiLiptabliltr to t'-a.e a tal.lly ihaH In t.tn.. t.f ,r. '" ' :-ll. l.n i beaut Til jt ..i...n ..f WHial .li-Hn tl.in. !.o t-oUim tl,t,.... a.i:,., n,, oS. , " l-i r. a II .rrti.iritr .1.. tfi. I. . ..l i . I . -..... . I!nr t- rtu. on hicli n-int.i iiu.unla ial il.. I .a.l of t .- hi.. ...f,.... Tie ..ii,,e t..i,i,.i.,r ravnlrx- ..,.-il hae fr..an aaay thir ni.iy on.!, don-ntr.a: tvj.ni; bt ai-l br.-ai-l.en. a til Ihl k b.tr:n trir.:nK f..r .ara le. I Jii Anns, Tinker, tie voiine tifTrai;!t ;h., t. rfiwi t!.l eiira-r-llnary fea-. tur, of t "vol.. f.,r mo.- n" den.ontra- H-n. an.i h.-tlf 3,,, rr.a,-.ta ,.,w f ir,,, .rnu.. wa. on of tie r... ton,en ri-le a.i.Ha t tVllIr,i ' I'ark, II ..HI, M 11 ;, itl fn,!,. Am...:tf ,he -ei.Kn..-n y...n.ic aurra-rt l.o a.!j rile. he ,., w..r MN 1 : r olI.i.J . a.!-e lrrn an.l All.- r ..f La.iv n,,. 1 ar.l cai-'ej It b!f.. u a n-.t hurt ai l . , ' ,J",V - nry an.l Saaa.-n a.!.fe. j , ""'ln: M., Al .e Vl,e of a. ' : '-- e..r In ti e b NEWS SUMMARV Ccnverational Subject. ur-a.. ijii.u.. i, aJ 11 '. i-:rl of iv.ra.-u.-: M;!..h trv ... M.ir.-i.i TuHn-i n.l o,.i i. l:ie ll... , th well-k,,.,,,, hone.an ! 10 elln.lr, I 'T t..lay, - tyl- of liat. l-at'oi- nva5. an it-nea-a of th titate Ik. Kritutl. o ir ih h-wi ... -.Cnvcr-lllonai UDjeClV , ; Pni-a.i..ur anl other n o tary at-l ta.al .Ue de-unatea b, i l J.. . f " mlcht ar .r.a Na.r t-eWttt. Mr. I ' l T.nk e-r..., haa ar.vmr, ej , moul . .... fl.f.f.A. --r a un....,m . " " ' ! asreeu.rr.t on li.e u .)"i of i.,r.i... a:. l ' ta.ta a i.k ,.!,. ,ufTr.,,.. , M,m ar" Kt. I :..-! ;a.t .Xovrml- r -l-e i I "te .., . .. " .ia a-n. wh tM a. hia private (,.-.rr U.t,n 1 , -,M , u.,ee . , ,. -n. Vt.,. -l-a-ce -. .-t...n I. :,...., ' ,un r-i-. In , . , . . , ani.r to 11.,. .j-i. u.-n. tMtil taxntixaf nl lliL ,.h a! ... . ... . ..'.. ",u ,0- ''V ,-.t,ta .el. trtf la Pei J:--. arvl I en ) , ,bl.. -Ja-e a. ae. l.on I I t., ,., ,1 --ar ti .-rja a t ol-.n-ibia on t-- ira:rar I of lrH.tH A nw-i. . ..... - . . . : "-,r a.'iry I., de.ith (aiih rei.nMl.iliii.-x. , I -T.; l.er., i.,1Ki..s, f(.r ,.. . ,., . . . .--en a.. .ir'le I 1 ,. , r....t ail If Charles Kirschler of the North Side and W. C. Tlbhy of Shari.sl.urK are candidates for l:epul.llcan national dele. Kate, in the Twenty-ninth Congressional district. They ate not running In the lnterent of any presidential aspirant, bm III k to ti.e (-..nventlon free to make what they ronvidiT the best choice. The two candidates will work toKether In tl.e diatrlct and will conduct an active campalsn. They believe that the be..t n-rt. e i an be rendered the party l,y Koine to the convention un'nst rut-ted. In this they are not H.-.I down, but re Tree to In making a nomina tion that will tlve the r.epuhllranH tie created atrenuth In tie fall. Kl.hir.l 1:. ,"iav of Sewl.kl.y has announced In thlf ll-lrl. t ax a I'.H ecvetl candidate, and wiil hnve the aupKrt of Mayor William A. Mat.-c and William Minn, ills run-titnt: mate ha not been j;lven out. I.L,t It la .r..l al.:e t'.at fherlfT J. II. ISruff will te e-e-te.. tiutnftrrl t fut f;. Mltin. Mac,-,- and Senator A. V. I'owell ha-l a conference In the mayor' offle. . ter.lay afterniM.n. K.ilU.win the meet-Ini:. A. C. Oumberl. aHuixtant dlr.-ctor of the Ivpartmeiit of "harltlen. was an-mmtii-eU as a liocrrlt candidate for national delegate In the Thirtieth dlxtrl.-t. He will I u.e runiiiut; mate of Clerk of 'ouit V. II. Coleman. Gumlicrt lia-i a.-ce,te.l the draft and eayjt he Is for ltMev-!t. So far. Macr has not declare.! for the former president, t'nder I. la aKrrem.i.t with Flinn. he Is to assist In the (l.-ctlon of K.HeVell delegates. M'nn baa not announced lhe llooMvelt candidates In tl Tt.lrty-prst district, al t-re he and the mayor live, nor lias the rui.i.icic n-.ate of l. It. Johrm In the Thir-iv-mcoii, di-tt, t been made public. Kllnn Is exi ctr.l to try for one of the feats. He baa not ben a candidate b. fore thj i,,le for a tiumbr of years. Karly next we.-k he will announce the committee he has selected to put forward as the Kixm-wrs of the KooM-wlt movement. Itrfiulnr Ititnncratie CamlhUilr. William J. ltrennen lat nlKlit an- i noil need the cninlidates for national ami 1 state delegates put forward by the recti- j lar Democrat In the county. If they are' JWUARY sticcei'ul In the primaries they will ro to lhe conventions unliietructed, and. m j ltrennen kays. vote for "A. Winner." Trie late for national delegate follows: Twenty-ninth district John Voelkr-r. North Sid.-; W. J. McNeal. Iiellaven: alternates. Jame Tn-acy. North Side; P. J. latter. Millv.ile. Thirtieth district James A. Wakefield. I'ittsbuiKb: Michael tiros. Mi Kecspurt: altern.itc. James A. Clark. I'ittsburgli; Jam, s Smith. Wall. Thlrty-tirst district W. .1. Itnnnen. S. J. Toole; alternates, P. J. Harry, John A Martin. Tl.li ty-second district C. P. ' ' ' " x V 1 f""""''" " ' """" " TOJSgfca'j 1 1 f : -V 1 1 v;v-': ( . fI w 1 . r gj 'S: ' ' c) V - ffi, -, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I i I IN SILVER TO CHECK REVOLimOl MEJflCO radoro Rushes Cash to Chihuahua District to Buy OLl the Rebels. REPUBLIC IX CILVOS Photoe-aph by G. V. Buck, from Underwood & Underwood, K. Y. MISS EMMA M. GILLETT, LL. D, tine of the two women whom tne District of Columbia Woman Suffrage Association has requested President Taft to consider for the vacancy on the Supreme Court bench caused by the death of Justice Harlan. She has been practicing law before the United States Supreme Court in Washington for over 10 years. Millions to Be Spent In Pittsburgh Street Railways Company Closing Negotiations to Finance Improvements. - A BUSY MONTH l rta-.i I'arjma. Ni-a- -tr w 1 f" il'tird. If ti.ey Want to. more .e.tsant, I think, of h.-r.i-, n,n.. i .-m.nn at home and prob- t es mij.-t; toe J n M I" li.M. Iatr e.(o r. i,m;-l liont than t lre..io.n b S j i f . rr e "..irt on prun.la to' ,.li iuit orjer. de. iar--i i.e .ti, n-'l ills Salvador. Gaai.iraa. l! :r.,an..-,. - .--.: i. i raniij ri.iii.at-tiiH an-i oree.ii.-s an-i . a t.re.....:..r.. Int. New ork amnni , tlielr cr.-llt. With :wili file at l.eal of be .-.fi.-ae I-rale j " a;:crll.-Tt women make at such Mar i-l ;e I. Sct:-n I J time, t e h.,r.l work thev do at Lome ; s-eretary Kn- honored by IIo'im- i i,nd -n ti e haul. li. I.I us nurses is ali.s,.- . i oir.rr.it". e on ror.i;n AiT-itr. ta an- l.u.-iy left o-.it r. ,n I r ixn i'i In .n- - n l.e d. .area I I Within a short time vast Improvements on tile street railway lines In Pittsburgh will be well under way. Information i j from New York yesterday was that im-jportant financial negotiations, which will enable the Philadelphia Company, con-! trolling the Pittsburgh Railways Cotn-;pany, to reorganize Its properties, are nearinK a conclusion. This information was confirmed by local officials last nlcht. Since the conference of the officials of GOVERNORS JOII CAMPAIGN EOR TAFT MeKiiilev to Call Big Conference Soon; Landslide in Delegates Expected. VICTORY PREDICTED Special Telegbam Fbom ROBERT M. taXTER. Staff Correspimdent. WASHINGTON, Lec. 10. With the opening of Taft headquarters in Hotel j Willard early next week the campaign for the President's renomination will be ;tne j-iiuaueipiiia company anu memDers j under way. luiduevllle: John F. O'Toole Piiii.rH. . " " j.epresentative ,W. allei nat.-s. William II. I.acey stead; I.ouis Kimmcl. Pittsburgh. The list of stale delegates Is not com- B. McKinlev of ir- Home- ,.. 7 . , . . . .. V v. ' ' Wl" manaSe the President's I PiitshureJi disttict. the former have been ; hKht. already has received encouraging jiiimawimi, .o ...-e ....an. in. uens uy news. from Chicago comes wloeli from 5Li IHl IHK1 to 54 IHNI IHK1 iinnii.i v I-.eie. itt iro-se anuouuc.-meniH iiave be.-n made by Krennt-n: IMward A. Sweeney, Second district; l. F. Crawford. Fourth district; John I.anley, Fifth district; Geoine W. Acklln. Sixth district; Felix Maire. s.v- entn distri.-t: FI.-miii K. Jamleson. As s,",n ns xhis financial adjustment is J them all the fight they are looking for. KlKhtii district; w. A. Mclievitt. Tenth -..,-. ieu council anu me ...oveiueni io comoat the work of 1 , i improvements were contemplated In the I Unois the an nouncement that the Taft Leatrue of li- wlll be obtained to be expended on better- linois has been formed with David u ment of the Pittsburgh systems. Within a Froger as president and Julius Rosen-; few months t lie company believes it will wald. vice president. The plan of the have all tile money necessary to carry out It-ague is to meet the opponents of the Jibe plans contemplated. J President more than half way and eiv (Bt United Press io Gaeettr Timks.1 EL PASO, TEX., Feb. 10. Practically acknowledging that the revolution in the northern part of Mexico is rapidly passing beyond his control, and threatens to result in American intervention. President Francisco I. Madero of Mexico to- I night took desperate steps to placate tne revolutionists in the state of Chihuahua. He proposes to buy off the rebels. Immediately following the receipt of news that the United States government had ordered a battalion of infantry to rush here from Fort Whipple, Ariz., to reinforce the Fourth cavalry, already here, came Madero's right-hand man and minister of the interior, Abram Gonzales. Ha arrived here early this evening in a private car, bringing with him 300,000 pesos which he will begin tomorrow to distrib ute among the discontented rurales in Chihuahua. Of the great pile of silver which Minister Gonzales brought, 250,000 pesos will go to the rurales who are in revolt, as a, peace offering and for wages past due, and the rest will be paid to the widows .and orphans of the men killed during the revolution which put Madero in the presidential chair. If the money which he has brought is not enough more will be coming. Another Peace Offering. At the same time, Gonzales announced another peace offering. He says he will arrange for the sale of government lands . to the people on easy payments and long terms. He says no lands wiil be confiscated, but that the government will buy large estates and sell them to the peopla on terms that the poorest can meet. To reach El Paso, Gonzales was twice a virtual prisoner of Vasquiztas, was for , two days marooned at Torreon with Vasquiztas threatening to attack the city ta get him, and he escaped on a handcar from a band of rebels. Despite Gonzales' confidence that peace will soon be restored, men close to Madero in Mexico City believe the revolution is beyond the possibility of control by Madero, with an army depleted by desertions and disloyal whenever opportunity occurs. A former confidential adviser of Madero during the Juarez campaign, who directed movements of the rebel forces- up. to tha day of the battle in Juarez, and who is,-now in Mexico City, wired late today to El Paso friends that the government is tottering and intervention is believed there to be inevitable and imperative. , .Juarez Armed. Reports of victories by federals over-the Zapata followers in the southern part of the republic, and around Mexico City-are all from government sources. In tha northern part of the republic there are ni federal victories and the disaffected area is being constantly broadened. One thousand citizens of Juarez are under arms tonight and standing guard to protect the city from rebel attack, but in the country around Juarez there probably cannot be found 1,000 who would be willing to take arms against the Vasquiztas. The Juarez citizen-soldiers have been armed at the expense of the city land have consented in the hope that they may prevent another looting carnival. Tittup Ordered to Border. WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. A battalion of the Eighteenth Infantry has been ordered from Whipple barracks, Arizona, to El Paso, Tex. ircer Banker Guarded ia Home'.5."'' Si-rlar-j of Sl? Knox will sail front i ,,... er W jsi.lr.s'.on for ,..! naiv I x e I ii,,n and condition is Serums. MIW V iV.K. t'rtx I a V'h-r W. , l"l.-rl-la -n te t-rul ... .n hi. .i artmenr. t,- ,.U ! UU": " -"- l J si,"' ' Si-ar..h rej-ubli-s on ar Ms-.n sea ... JB 1 iU.it f M.tl.o-1-aw 1. Section I Ta n-n fao an II --rotv a. 4.! T ITI' ti . f -.1 . . - i . . Slat" li to I T-kaJ r-i.al to avti'Sai la ttitl nv-r wtna lt.an v "'J, 4Si a. b- br; At:..-a - .t , are p.iKe, ar- wh.-n the laur.-l n-l aM.-rw.ii.l. wreaths 1 I Id. Mom.-n are e.ttn,.. - .--ii n now Thee aie ab in. loom . .1... .III.. that to'lx- fi-hloiiahi,. iin, Wt,, an t ' " ' " " 111 l ''ar ; Scores i:. l :"f KrU 1 -n"' in for out-of-.hir .lil hai. (ibi-n up wearing stis :in, i h-y are so ni'i h more a(tra t'e I It'rv are h.-altl.ler lo-ktn t a I!lel tVa V. (. it rtfr l-f! t t'-w t t I., f.rar tt-aa I. iat Her i ." n-l ha. ea-l a ft a, I fat I Bw .. an I t at h m .i n t iimis- witii their line. .M.b.r . ar.. I-!, u l.lp'.la by,"''" om.iexi.as an.l II.. Ir ur o e ul car-a. a ;-.. J-.i.n K l.i.-r - -.t-ei -"-. !- h 1 not ,. w , .ul.r 1 't-l b. ,n a ste. I i use" 1ra. Itilmoiil U ill Half.. Mr llarrieii i ml. n Mat, h. re.enl T V! ; . a a . a V, - 9 - t' . 'A f I ; at 4 tl. I. ia.t Ili 1 . .a t. i . - a i , i( !-! a j-i a a-s".-. ! -. .- t 4 I - A ... c t -a ""NX . V! I'l. ft II a-i a-wa fcv. e. a. . &m. 1 1 i . -".. i at - i. a-a- of h.e -i-- i V - ti I a " t fia ...!.!;.- as IVr.r..) iranta trat-.f'i of P. Nali.-naU ' l i.il.li"ii Vmii!.a--i.o ha. w!-i. i . 4. i . ..Iflimil ... I mi'l .1... , . V ' art in rha.iRul tr ul aM "' Womatt's s:.ti. al Inhn. vhi h Is l-Ut a. S-i n 1 I f ""1-' ti. tUt- s-iiriaite parad. . a:ii, to,l:y IIM'tl.. 1 lhat ' e bad ree.-Hed Wor, that bij; ,1. .- rv i.-vr lut mort; r.r fe.l 1.. e!r,i ' ' J,"'n' ""M cmc fr.m, . - - j . . ..o.r.i.iiii.a. i nn-n.tn i.t. lar li.n l and M iss , lnjsetts. Mr o II V 11,-litfnt will wal at the lM.l t.f I., r U.lsi.ai. lie -..ii. mn m w m mas ! -s le--.a a --f . ivtT I a., -. i..,n I I .1 : t.ar..asi- 1 ar !f .. - ! I- -t:. :.t -f -.!t. t.'i:. !f.t u ..) - U., I. t ou j., rt l i.Uj Utai 1 a Iks 1 I . , tI j. atrl' ..fcli. I -...ra ..5 I'e I 4 r. .-.tt. lt. 1 I- .-i r liM. -r district: J. 1. Meyer, Twelfth district. ompany will work in harmony, and that! "alter K. Brown and other anti-Taft Herman W. Stratinan has announced;""" the railwa'a company will have re- men in Ohio is going on and results fa- his candidacy for the Republican nom- 1 "novel commie ns which Have caused itvoiauie to me l-reslilent will soon be Illation for assemblyman In the Seventh j fiiormous loss. dit.iri.-t. J- eed, president of the Philadel- j phia Company, said that negotiations by i which money will be raised are nearing j an end. "It Is the plan now to expend "LUES" fy BAR GIRLS the money along the line indicated when 101 iiii-oiuiiig- nereioiore the opponents of the President have been putting lortti rosy bulletins with little which to base their claims. Sixty-two delegates to the national convention, including the few aim.j upon rniiaaeipiliaa rraposes 10 .CXClUde ' men In Id a conference some months ago," Lasses Under 16 Years. i1 -'"'c i:.e,i sii i he du not have actual figures on the net earnings of uir iiiiveinrs anu t.ie i ittsuurgh council- ! cnosen. are to ue e.ected this month an t the Taft managers claim at least 59 of the number. PHILADELPHIA. Feb. 10 -Kmnhaii.. i 1,1 Indorsement was given today bv A J ! tl' railways company for the nine months Kiukaid. ai.-ent of the Society to ' Protect I ,JinKl 1 M. but is of the opinion jiiiai me Mi-iu'-i i'.iii oi u:e u.crease ' shown in net earnings was caused by heavy expense? in relaying trucks and in i ilii re:lseil mil illt ena nee clmrvec en i. inipp-. prouiiiiiin nuts i.n.ier Pi eais fr. m alt' ndlni; moving pi.-tme hhows and lai.-s of similar chaiaet.-r during m-IiooI hours or afler 9 o'clock In j lhe rvt-ning. unless in charge of Clul.lieii from Cruelty, of the ordinance which w.ll be lnteoduccd In councils next Thursday by Common Councilman Uob- (iotei Hors to Be Called. Following the selection of Headquar ters Chairman McKinley announced that governors of the various states known to be friendly to the President would be asked to come to Washington in the near .Wording to a report from New York ! 6 coim-renecs as to the best I means in luiuiermg tiie Pi-cHidon- cause. The Eight Degrees Below Zero Is Recorded Lowest Official Temperature Here for 13 Years Reached at 7 in the Morning. WARMER WEATHER COMING the decrease in the moss earnings of the Philadelphia Company for the nine ; months ending December 31, was $135,273 u" j and the decrease in the net earnings for notable achievements of three years of Taft will be kept before the '' the same p-riod was W:,.410. In January I c0"n'ry an" ,i,e p,jn1 "i" be asked to a . i i. i.li.te.. .. .l . ! J I i ( !t fnp t rtri ;.K oa v a.i . '""... ,i ii.esei,!,,. eompany had the largest business in , l"e rresi- p:a.es l.. n Ih.-y should be In s. hoot. j,ts histo. v. having not onlv tl.e benefit " "0t n,y fultnUd M 'mpaign I could give you case after case where j f reasonably active industrial condiilons I,h'dK,'s of 1;H)S- bllt has inauKurated re- Kii!s have 1 n l-d astray through meet- but also exceptionally ,-old weather, whlcli fnl''S thBt l'aV6 bten fr t,le bett?'- mg - ahlte slavers'- in such places. c.,rls Increased its gas sales. In view 'ot th I ment of the whule people, of . 7. and 3 years go lo Ih-a.. pla-. fact that the Januarv. February and I 'Th Taft rrord is on" that will bear al nlgl.l ur.ai compuni.il. It is Just as j March earnings of this year w:ll compare 1 bad tor ' 'r nioiais in Hie afiernouii. j with exceptionally warm weather and d-presseil industrial conditions last year, its officers, believe the company should end its fiscal year with only a moderate .iecr.-ase in net earnings, compared to the Sentence in -Incubator" Case Con-;,a:", T "1 ,0',r T,:, ','"s,:!l aot,vlty in industrial business indicates, they say, firmed in Topcka Ruling. jthat for this cal. i.Jar year the company ToPLKA. KAS . Feb. In -J,.-. i h J J t""M mahe u:i . xceptiouaily good sliow- llln- Is- If. I A e V .le an a.-d l-l:iv ir 'e ;.t.i l.- rl I- r. .-!!.-1 In lii.i s anl n-l-!. Mi'. In.! M I,... Hand, ti e " !... H i I a i'Ti4,-:.i J.,an i.f Al. r-U. d riaii.l , alaays t-.i I a ( - x . -1 I . t ,w -i i a -.- ! er-.- ...- - . .( a-. f fc- . a n: i. E . (i.l a a . - -a . f t ':- t - r t I I I t I II . . ,i, as f. I .I" .!t:-.e SHOOTS HAT; GET THE WHOLE PAPER. !-. - -it T Li Iaa lataaa a I ' N. a H a,w 4 Wo- - e. ' a-.al. Itoaaa-kd a la ' t Jalaa' a-ea i.e4 ' i .- i s. i r . I . ! i f a t Jar. ia. . j l ..l:T WWVir. ID. P. I. M-llo. j! alt. i-. lat.l r-l-' t-l t lhat tne .-it. all :--.a I. a Mr I'Uf. li.ib.iau. . J .. a -t n-t li't H Islj.-, I:i.. .in t ' t a ..iaf!. on a r ,a..e. t..t. i-r--i. !:-. w.c.l I ro ..o r F.-lu- ! 1.1 f'rr I f r a . r.f-n. I I a I a. Ti -I. i.t ! I. -t.Ii I I--- Il 1 !- I r .!- . i t lo.i a lo pla.e.1 oil l;e i- ho-1 111 II.- a. 1! "Tii.ih. I all I f. 1K. , liol .1 i-o-o. ef t i I Jtllis" 11 t.lk. PRISON FOR BASE'S KIDNAPER With a temperature of 8 degrees below zero recorded at 7 o'cloc k yesterday morning, the coldest weather officially registered at the local office of the United States Weather Bureau during the past 13 years, came to town. By a strange coincidence, the banner low mark of S) degrees below zero was recorded on the same date. February 10, ISM. At noon the mercury had risen to zero and at 8 the light of day," declared Mr. McKinley ! o clock Iast evfnin! 10 abl)vp. the maxi-toilay. "Wait until the people come- to ' mum 'or the day, was registered, the point where they must decide be- usual. from suburban districts came tween achievement on one side and no-h- ! reports of lower temperatures than that ii -J,.-. pii J, 11. iilry mu--t serve turn on. to live ears ! la li.e state i-i.lteuliury for lhe pan he i i i i I aa I aa ra la sa all aw ala-f. paiN awa aaan ra aaa .- l-a-l . .r. Z ;-. I : a I1" t!o 1 - J u.it ... . a-. 1 I- a: -. a N' in.: I ...a: 1 fc- I a. lla. Erjan Ready to TeiUfj. AMiiMii, Ti: . l.h .i -w.!. Pran l"l iv lot im.ite. j. od ! ll irir l. , .r,. I e n-e .Turn I '1 w: I ii-i-.i-sai.- i'-e t.. f t'e '-f..t:.- lni. lie .le,.ar. l .-.1 r.rve aiai ins he n.ttht ar huulU a;;-er bcfoia the coin- .ik in tl-e kidi. aping of Maiiau l:ieak-i,- . lhe ' ii.- tthu'oir bah ." three w ars .!.... 'lie S.i r. 'Ill- I'oilll lo-hlV a'll.nir.l hi. p nteie e i.!! a charge ,.f as - ai: : 1. made by C II lU-.t i-ap. w!io u its sti tick the I,, ad lth a i.Volv. r In lhe !;i;hl lor I he I Hia siou of ih hahy. RICH MASS FOR SOLDiERS lllg but tile noise Of SO-ia'ded insure.,.. on the other, it will noi take them long to instruct their delegates to the national convention to support the President." Chairman McKinley is picking no quarrel with the men who are the real progressives ana who are working along a different -line from the element that is NEW YF.K. !-b Pi Andrew c.,rn. g e has lien cm:!'.i e. to his home on Fifth ax.n.ie f .r several days with a severe ...Id. ...mi .idhng hlhi ti .Bine! a'l l-.is . iitut-iii'l.ti Mr. Cattit-gte had so far lmprov..-.! today, howev.r. It was staled at lis residence, that he was able now lo continue hia daily walks. I Soi.-mn l.u-li mass h, ,o .r of Italian I soldi, rs ki!l..l or injur,.! in the Italo- lmktsh war will be teVbrated in Our , i.a,iy n.-ip oi . nilstlans Italian Cath- nhc Church. Meadow street. East End, tomorrow morning. The Hev. Father Alberto Mauir.-hio will officiate, assisted by Father Felix Muchie, deacon, and Father At thony Maro-liine, sub-deacon, 'lhe Lev. Father Hugolinus, a forme.-lasior of the church, will preach. In the a.sle of tl.e church, and directly before the main altar, will lie the memorial b!er, with guns stacked in threes at each end. All the societies of the I church will attend, mostly in uniform. A large delegation of the Italian colony is expected to be present. Continued on Second faee. OFFICIAL TEMPERATURES. llidl.ifcht . . . 1 a. in ... . 'J h. in ... . 3 a. m ... . 4 a. in ... . 5 a. in ... . a. lu ... . 7 a. m . . . . S a. ni . . . . a. m 3 ') a. m . . . . 11 a. m . . . . Noon 1 p. in ... . S p. m . . . . 3 p m . . . . 4 p. in ... . 5 p. in ... . li p. m . . . , " p. m. . . . S p. m . . . . a p. m . 3 above . . 1 above . . 1 beiow . . 2 below . . -I below . . 6 below . . 7 below . . S below . . 7 below . . 7 below . . 5 below . . 2 below . . Zero ..4a bove . . 6 above . . ! above . . 7 above . . S above . .11 above . . 9 above . . S above . . 6 above shown by the government thermometer. In Mt. Lebanon the mercury ip one bull descended to Z degrees below-, while up In Highland T'ark 11 below was caught. In the Squirrel Kill district a mark of 10 below whs shown. Through trains, especially those from the west, were delayed by engine troubles, due to the extreme cold, some of them being as late as three hours, while eastern, trains werj from Z1) minutes to one and one-half hours late. In Nebraska last night was a storm headed this way that is expccteJ to bring warm weather. The indications last night were for fair and warmer weather with a minimum temperature today of 4 degrees above zero. Albert Marshall, aged 50, of Ward street. North Side, a negro, was found frozen to death in the alley in the rear of 1010 Western avenue. North Side, yesterday afternoon. When found by Robert Miller of Retd street the body was in a sitting position in a corner formed by th intersection of two fences, as though the man sat down to seek shelter from tha wind. As a result of a fall on a slippery sidewalk in front of 5 Miller street, H. A. Wulfetang, aged 42, of 2016 Wylie avenue, sustained a fracture of the right leg. V

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