Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1931 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 8, 1931
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,x Of otutne ALGONA, IOWA, JANUARY 8, 1931 12 Number 17 AIL IS FULL AS NEW YEAR STARTS 1ST iSS ;HOI IRLONG lira T ILLNESS Who Said We Were to Have a Mild Winter? ith Sud&n After radual Decline in Health. feonn, nnd tht» neighboring coun- * were defeply shocked Friday fine when Word got about that Iter H. Long Imd. dted'at 4:20 ck. Ttie cauie ' of 'death was chlal paralysis/ ,, •e troubl«,whlch'wda doubtless enital, had been coming on for for three year*,' It became es- hlly noticeable^ l»«t spring, and > stendity worse. L w as for af long time thought Mr. Long was the "victim of nn and h«art disease., Hoping btaln relief, he toured the west his family last summer, but Ins not benefltted. Last Octo|he went through the Rochester -.and was there told that his Ible.was paralysis of the organs Vhe throat. The,'doctors said could do nothing by way of I Continued Work «t Store. lotwithstandlng- his condition, Mr. who was a member of .the "of Long Bros., grocers, kept at He was' at "-., the store ' last Monday, and again , Tuesday noon. Then he decided' to take onth's vacation .at •;home. week Wednesday afternoon [Long was at the Kohlhaas gar- That evening and all .night suffered great distress because Interference with the breathing Itions. Early next 'morning lies were twice administered by ] physician,- These put him to and he never awoke. |or years Mr. Long had suffered this strange disease, and his lerings at night during the last Tmonths were excrutiatlng. .Tops- the last he \yas' unable :, to and devoted a: good deal o£ I night to walking about "the I Funeral Largely Attended. n«rnl services wei;e conducted Ihe Methodist ^church" "Sunday Irnoon by the Rev. C. V.: Hulse, |sted by the Rev. Chas. HT Sew- Laurens, former pastor here. bre was an exceedingly large at- nce, and the display of flowers I one of the largest ever seen in pnn. Burial was made In' River- cemetery. .- ' ' ill bearers were A, A. Bishop, Norton, August Single, S. A. J-ster, C, H. Taylor, and Hal Cow- Mrs, A. E..Michel,.Mrs. P. F. ker, Mrs. M. M. Morrow, and Edw. Genrich sang at Ihe feral. .-.-•.- |r, Long was born at Algona 27, ilSS'o, the son of the late |ry and Mary Long. He was his 45th year at death. In hood he attended' •:- the Algona ols. Later he attended a school •elegrnphy at Valparaiso, Ind., Ir which he worked as telegraph Valor at Glen Ellyn,' III., two Entered Store In 1M8. |eturning to'Algona, Mr, Long ked as an operator at the local ivaukee depot under the late R, Hedrick, agent; Fr6m here he transtered to Woodland, Ore where he continued 'operating 11913. Then he resigned and Irned to Algona to enter into rocery firm of Langdon & Long. Long's brother Abner was at time junior member of this and the Langdon Interest waa taken over by Chester R. Long Frank Henderson. In 1923 Henderson spld his interest to [Long brothers and moved to Fornla. ' • Wife, Two Children. Glen Ellyn Mr. Long met nl e Bertha Miller to whom he Inter married, May 7, JfllS. L °ns and two children, Ger- SI ary, 14, and Chester Her- I J r., 11, survive. 18 Mr. Long joined the local regational church. Following •marriage he became a member |>« Methodlat church here, and |emained till death, He was a member of the Knjghts "of 1a « and of the Halcyon club. me years M* Long and his „ f^i taken lon S motor trips, they cove Atlantic EAGLE GROVE IS SHOCKED BY YEAROUS TRIAL Respect for Family Discredits Story of Girl. Hancock CounfyjFarm Bureau Fighting Overjff&aaquarters the Yearous pater- Eagle Grove Eagle RUNCHEY GROCERY MOVED; SORENSEN PLANS NEW STORE Furniture, fixtures, and stock of the Ellis Runchey grocery store were being moved early this week J£omV;the. ..locatipn on . the, ^corner; "next west of the Foster furniture store to a new site next east o£ the Goeders store. Mr. Runchey has had this building redecorated and remodeled. The old quarters will be occupied soori*by a new grocery store to be operated by Lars Sorensen and his son Harold. The latter has been in the employ of. Swift & Co. at Hutch Inson,' Kans. Part of the Runchey equipment was purchased by Mr. Sorensen, including a large meat "cold room' at the rear of the store, Mr. Run chey took the meat counter, also equipped with a cooling system, to the new location yesterday, and he will continue to handle fresh meats The new location of the Runchey store was till a. few years ago cupled by the Shilts Bros, barber shop, When the shop was moved to rooms under the postoffice building it was occupied by the Galbraith variety store, whlclj was closed out a few months ago Remodeling operations at the new Sorensen store will include chang ing the interior to bring the meal department closer to ,the front end Mr. Rupchey plans to reopen Saturday. Business was being car rled on at the old location yesterday Mr. Sorensen, who has been traveling man for some years, is returning to his first loves. Thirty years ago he had a meat shpp here and later he and W. A. Dutton wen associated in the .grocery buslnes: in the same location where Mr. Sor ensen will now resume business. NIECE OF ALGONIAN IS BURNED TO DEATH Mrs. Raleigh Hike, Algona, ha received clippings from Create dregon, published at Albany, Ore telling of the death by fire of thre children, when the home of Car Seefelcl, brother of Mrs. Rike an nephew .of John See! eld, Wesley was-burned to the ground las month, Mr, and Mrs, Seefeld were milk ing the cows, and they had shu Veil? Kossuth H.D.A.Named fl '° m one trip ana he P Long was. a careful, conscien- uard working business man.- an effective part In ^urch community affairs" and ! other out-pf-tovyn relatives who n Ott <> Miller, brother,, D f Mrs. her slater, Mrs, H. Doege; J Mr8 ' • Davenport, cousins of Mr. 0l ' yUl « M p. W, Amery, and Mr 8 . EJmer ^ M r. and Mrs, Ame8: Mr, ana Mason City. the barn doors because of cold, neighbor noticed the fire and i to Warn the Seefelds, but the roo collapsed before the children coul bo saved. Velma, 8, daughter, with, Gordo Smith, 6, and Oran ' Smith, 3 nephews of the Seefelds who wer making their home • with them were burned to death. Velma was the last survivin child of the Seefelds, a little brothe having been gored to death by cow three years ago. To' Give Pony Away. Charles Downs, widely know- Wesley farmer, announces that hi WU r annual pony dance will tak pjace at the Kleinpeter hall, Wesle; next wejek Thursday night. At thes annual dances Mr. Downs alway gives away fine of bis Shetlan iponies. Jf t}*e winner does Inot want jfche pony, Mr. Downs subst tutes t'2,9 in cash. Jt ls not neoe sary to, be at the dance in to win. orde « tmHmS&fa . . Muriel Body, Sac City, has begun ork as the new county home dem- nstration agent, succeeding Mrs. O. Wessel, who left Saturday vith Mr. Wessel for a visit with Irs. Weasel's people, .in Hardin ounty before going . on-to:..Marys.-. e7"Tra"lff.7~to ''ope'r'Sfe'•'aF r c"hIcken anch. Miss Body is a graduate of he State college and has been caching home economics at ; Sac City. This Is her first experience as 'home demonstration agent. ^- INGERSOLL MADE MEMBER OF CEDAR RAPIDS LAW FIRM Referring to nlty case, the says: • . . * Glenn B. Yearoua, 36, .born and raised in Eagle Grove, is in serious trouble at Glidden, Iowa. .He was graduated from our high school with the class of 1912. His father and mother were among the first settlers in Eagle Grove. There are four other children In the Yearous family. Never before has any member of that family been Involved in any kind of trouble of any nature. The father, Aaron Yearous, was the personification .of honesty and Integrity, straight and square as the moral law. -He was made mayor of our city for a number of terms, and always bore an unimpeachable reputation. Mrs. Yearous is still a resident of this city, living in the same home for nearly 50 years. She was, and is, an ideal home maker, mother and citizen. / All the Yearous children are in useful occupations. Their reputations or characters have never been assailed In any way, shape or form, while living here, and the Eagle never heard a word in derogation since they left Eagle 'Grove. Roscoe, the oldest, is living in the west. Mllo is in Canada, a.nd has been a member of the Canadian legislature. Glenn has been superintendent of schools at Glidden for the past four years. Howard ia also teaching. Esther is married and lives at Marble Rock, Iowa, where she has served several terms as postmaster. Story of the Trouble. On September 2, 1930, Edith Cairns, Glidden, gave birth to a. baby The next\ day her mother, Mrs. '\R^ G. Cairns, and her brother, 27 years The Hancock county Farm Bureau Is split wide open over a decision at the recent annual meeting to remove headquarters from Brltt to Garner. Last week's Garner Leader, Brltt News-Tribune, and. Corwlth Hustler devoted much space to bitter argument over the change. It appears that the bounty president, one W. L. Lawhorn, resides near Garner and favored the change. The east aide of the county was organized, jit was alleged, secretly 'to send a delegation to the annual meeting largo enough to vote the change of headquarters. The original .organization was effected at Britt in H917 and appears to have been the work principally of west side business men and farmers. D. J. Miller, former Algonian, then cashier of the Commercial State bank', Britt, was instrumental in the organization, and Jas. pedley, former Algona farmer, was the first •secretary. Lawhorn is -being blamed by west Judge Heald aiders for the present rumpus, jand John Chambers, near Corwith, is principally b'amed by the east sld era. The west slders claim that the east siders put over a dirty deal. The situation recalls the bitter jealousy which has existed ever •sincp the noted fight in' the 90's which rfsuited )n location of the county seat at Garner. The Hancock county Farm Bur eau had had but one county agent Lee ^*i:1ty, who served 11 years till .last summer, when he resignec to accept appointment as state Farm Bureau^ supervisor over group of southwestern Iowa coun 'ties. 'TVHIS IS A good likeness of Geo -*• A. Heald,' of Spencer, who took office January 2. Judge Heald wil npt hold his. first term of court here Mil.next fall. 13 GUESTS IN 'HOTEL HOVEY' AT SAME TIME Fenton Man Caught With Liquor and < Flavoring. W.;, H. Brass, near Fenton, wMt. arrested Saturday night, when »., raid I'at his farm disclosed liquor. , flavoring;', and equipment. The rmi* was conducted by Sheriff Hover, C. 'A'. Samson, (Marshal NewviU*. an* Constable Griffin. Mr. Griffin began; service: as constable, sUceeed- ng EJH feurbank, Friday, and this was ihis first -official duty; • 'Brass pleaded guilty to liquor ulsance before Judge Davidson at. Smmetsburg- Monday, and wag sen-- enced to pay a $300 fine and ft.' ouhty attorney's fee of $75. Beides, he was given a three montha erm in jail, b.ut the jail eentene* was suspended: during good behaT- 6r. He put up a stay bond; for the ine and costs 'amounting to $104. '•• I/lfluor,, Flavoring- Taken. The: officers confiscated 13 gallon*! of liquor, all flavored and kept.tafe. stone and glass jugs. A Hub Bowlers Win. A Hub bowling team defeated the Piggly-Wlggly bowlers at For Dodge, 2707-2504; last week . Mon | day, night. Algona friends of Mr., and Mrs. C. L. Ingersoll's son Tyrrell were grat-. FORMER ALGONIAN BROADCASTS CAME Algonians listened with interest o radio reports on New Year's day £ a' Washington state-Alabama ootball game at Pasadena, Calif. Tor two quarters Cleve C. Lantry, ormer Algonian, brother of Mrs. T. C. Sherman and of the late Harry Lantry, was at the microphone. . The Shermans, with other mem- jers of the Lantry family, were at Minneapolis and listened in. The reports were relayed over a nation- vide hook-up and came in with the utmost clearness. Mr. Lantry left Algona 23 years ago, following graduation from, the aw college of the state university at Iowa City. He went directly to Spokane, and for some time successfully practiced law. In recent years has been manager of station KHQ, Spokane, and has become cnown as the Graham McNamee of the west. Station KHQ has 'seldom or never been heard here. It comes in at a proximately the same place on the dial as WOW, Omaha, but the nearer station completely drowns it out. The Shermans have tried on numerous occasions to tune in on Spokane but have always been unsuccessful. Mr. Lantry was introduced by the radio master of ceremonies as 'Harry" Lantry, by which name he is of ten'called out west. His real name, however, is Cleveland, after President Grover Cleveland. His description of the game was clear concise, and accurate, and was thoroughly enjoyed here. TWO-PLANE HANGAR BUILT AT HAG6 POST'S AIRPORT Hagg post has completed instal lation of a two-stall Jiangar at the airport three' miles northwest o: town. The building improves the appearance of the airport, which has heretofore looked bare. The han gar was built just east of the double gate, .the gasoline pump. One , plane, the TJtus Eagle Rock biplane formerly owned by the Hauptmans Wlesley, la now stored In the new hangar. Large doors at the • fron end of the hangar, whicft faces south towards the field, perpii moving planes' In and put. Playea Golf Friday. Supt. Overmyer and James Me Donald took advantage of Friday's mild weather to play a game o golf. They found no snow, and the ground in the valley at the south west edge of the coiy-se was even moist. On higher ground tbel balls raised clouds of dust. Mor»i»g early ftaye thft Jjtaj in Oj& « tf who, gk »| tjie ris bjsen, mm «rtt|l he. .had, been taken into partnership by one C the leading law firms at Cedar :apids. Tyrrell had for two or three ears been in the employ of the irm. The firm in question was former- Grimm, Wheeler, Elliott & Shut- :ewbrth. s Mr. Grimm is now a jus- ice of the Iowa supreme court. Mr. iVheeler died in 1927. The new firm vill be known as Elliott, Shuttle- 'orth & Ingersoll. Tyrrell was graduated from the beral arts college at Iowa City In 925, and from the law college in 928. His scholastic record in col- ege was brilliant. He is a member f Phi Beta Kappa, scholastic hon- rary fraternity; of the Coif, hon- rary law fraternlty; . of the Zeta- gathlan forensic society, Iowa City; of Phi Delta Phi, legal fraternity, md of Alpha Sigma Phi, social fra- ernity. -For a time after graduation from he law college Tyrrell was in the employ of the American Law Book Publishing company, of New York city. He has been admitted to the practice In boyi federal and state courts. • Mr. Ingersoll is not the only Algona boy who has. made good in law at Cedar Rapids. Donald, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Hutchison, was graduated at Iowa,City a few years ago, and is now a member of the law firm of Deacon, Sargeant, Spangler & Hutchison. Both Donald and Tyrrell's firms are among the lead- ng practitioners at Cedar Rapids. EXPERT WILL SPEAK ON "DEADBEATS" HERE F. W. -Meyers, president of the Pioneer Service Co., Iowa City, a credit-reporting and collecting agency with a branch in Kossuth, will speak on "Deadbeats We Have Known" at the courtroom next week Friday evening under the auspices of .the Algona Community club. Business men of Algona and other Kossuth towns are being invited by the club to attend the meeting, which will start promptly at 7:30. Following.. the -program the club will be ho'st to all the business men at the Call theater,' where "The Criminal Code,"'a picture which Manager N, C. Rice says will be of 'especial interest, will be shown. Mr, Itteyers has had a wlds experience in dealing wjth deadbeats, both the professional kind and debtors forced by circumstances' to djs- age, took the baby to Sioux City, and tried to place it in an orphans' home, failing to; dp so because they wlth them. The home refused to take the baby. . . They the'n took the baby out into a cornfield near Sioux City and abandoned ,lt. It was discovered some 48 hours later. It was very ill from exposure, but recovered, and is now being cared for in St. Monica's home in Sioux City. The sheriff's office at Sioux City soon traced the parentage of the child to Edith Cairns, of She named Glenn Yearous, superintendent of schools, Glidden. Glidden as the PATTERSON TO BE IN MIDST OF TAX LEGISLATION FIGHT Movie Patrons Now Wait in Warm Lobby Senator Geo. W. Patterson goes to Des .Moines tonight to prepare for the session of the legislature 'which opens next Monday. Friday and Saturday will be devoted to caucuses at which republicans and ^democratic candidates ~ : f or v .speaker regard Some of his experiences, and' {estimate methods of obtaining: payment, will be told. Tb.e meeting will .not be in the nature of a sales meeting for the Pioneer cppipany. There, will be no solicitation. ' Two Undergo Operations. Mrs. SJdw. Underdahl, Lakota, underwent a major operation at the Algona Hospital Saturday night. Mrs. W. D. DeVries, Puffalo Center, had a major operation at the same hospital Saturday evening. mil «ild, weather, father. • ; • • Charge .is Denied. Yearous -denied the' charge. He continued in his position as head of the schools in Glidden until suit was brought to establish the parentage of the child'. Then the board discharged him and he appealed the case to the county superintendent of schools of Carroll county. The school board "based its action on the alleged fact that children and patrons and teachers in the school had lost their respect for Mr. Yearous, regardless of the truth or falsity of the charge which had been brought against him. . Parents Give Strange Testimony. At the preliminary hearing before Justice of the Peace Fred Miller, of Glidden, Mrs. Cairns, m'bther of the girl, said she did not know of her daughter's condition till two hours before the baby was born, and that the girl had been living at home all that time. In the same hearing the father testified ignorance of his daughter's condition. S Yearous has retained the law firm of- Salinger, Reynolds, & Myers, of Glidden, to defend ,hlm and also HobbeJ & Blue, of Eagle Grove. There is much in- the testimony of the girl in the case which might^ induce an unbiased jury to resolve its doubts in favor of Mr, Yearous. Accused Was Army Captain. The case will be decided by a jury, but this much the Eagle can say without fear of contradiction. There is not a person living in Wright county who is acquainted with' any member of the Yearous family who would not testify on oath that he never heard an insinuation of wrong doing of any kind against any member of the entire Yearous family until this unfortunate affair. Yearous was a captain In the army during the war, and is now a major in the officers' reserve. At the time of his trouble at Glidden he was . commander of Merle Hay American Legion. Post and superintendent^ the Presbyterian Sunday school. His friends ' and acquaintances would expect to see him in Just such positions of trust. And it is also the hope of everyone of them that Yearous will be entirely, vindicated in the coming trial. * Latlirop Still HI. C. F. Lathrop, who has be^n critically sick during the last two or three weeks, is not improving as much as had been hoped for. Mrs. Lathrop's sister, Mrs. Julius Johnson, Humbojdt, has been here' <?f late, and Mrs. Jos. Zittritsch is Mr, Lathrop's nwree. „ of the House and president problem of the senate will be named. Sc.nator Patterson will again be one of the outstanding figures in the legislature, not only because he has fathered the proposed income tax but because he was a member of the joint legislative tax committee whose recent report declared for new forms of taxation intended to do away with the state property levy. Two years ago the-House passed an income tax bill, but the Senate refused to consider it. Since then the hard times and other misfortunes have turned the attention of voters to taxation, with the result that the income tax and other means of tax reform have been generally endorsed. In the House at this session Kossuth will be represented by a democrat, A. H. Bonnstetter, who goes to Des Moines tomorrow night to attend the democratic speaker caucus Saturday. Mr. Bonnstetter differs from his party in that he favors the income tax. The main scrap over the speaker- ship will take place in the republican caucus. Nomination will mean election wheirthe House meets Monday morning, The scrap has apparently narrowed down to Francis Johnson, of Terril, and Jos. Johnson, of Knoxville. It Is believed here that the former, who has been strongly for income tax and other legislation favored • by northern A .theater patrons' waiting room Where the former Book and Gift shop was located has been .nearly completed, and decorators .are expected to put on the fin- ,ishing t ou Qhes yet this week. .The room will be a convenient ,tj)lace.'^i.n .which .to,.wait/whenever the theater is filled. ' Something new in movies, "noiseless sound," was tried out out here for the first time in Ruth Chatterton's "Right to Love" last Sunday. This picture was made by Western Electric new process which eliminates static, ground noise, and other noises which creep in,to the ordinary microphone. Patrons noticed the better production of sound. • The machines at the Call were checked last week for the new method, and were found in perfect condition. Walter Will and his assistant operator, Paul Frazier, were highly complimented on the condition of the equipment by an engineer who came here to inspect it. Iowa, will have a cient to overcome Johnson. following suffi- the Knoxville CO, MUTUAL ANNUAL MEET NEXT TUESDAY The annual meeting of the County Mutual will be held in the courtroom next Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. There are more than 3200 policy holders, and each 'policy holder is I entitled to attend and vote. The company now has $17,600,000 of insurance In force, and is, as always in flourishing condition. The officers are H. J. Bode, Plum Creek, jpttle filled ,with liquor was atao :aken, besides two 5-gallon, . twpt 3-gallon, and 'one 2-gallon stonfk-" jugs which ,had been used for liquor but were empty. Ten empty mash barrels one bottle three-four- •• ths full of'rum flavoring extract^.', two similar bottles which wem**; empty, a one-ounce bottle of ry»? flavoring extract, nearly full, an, ounce bottle of bourbon flavorings extract, partly full, an eye-dropper: 1 for dropping flavoring dn.to alcohoSt, . nnd an alcohol tester were taken. -The barrels and the large jugsc were destroyed; but the rest of the--/ equipment, with Mr. Brass, went, brought; to Algona, ' and Mr. Braa» was lodged in jail to wait a hear- .ing. , . J\ Two Others Plead Guilty. ^ Brass was accompanied (to Em— metsburg by William Mayer,"Watei> loo, and Roy Adams, ^Algona. Th»" former, who ha'd been'bound to tb*^ .grand .Jurx. foy^Maypr^ .Ogren tl^j, same day, after having been arrest-: ed. on the preceding- day, pleaded^ guilty to illegal possession of liquor. and was fined, ?300 and costs, plus three months-in-jailV The fine and; all but 40 days of the jail term wer* suspended during good behavior. Adams, who was arrested at, Emmetsburg last week Wednesday.: pleaded guilty to an illegal possession charge and received the sami* treatment as Mayer. He had been a'rrested here as a .drunk, and had promised to pay a fine, on the preceding Saturday. Instead he ran: > away, officers claim, so the mora- serious charge was filed. f Sheriff Has 13 Customers. '1 Sheriff Hovey .had a full house at his "hotel" over New Year's week. Before Brass was released on Btajp:' bond there was 13 "guests." ttMl customers included Jos. Moore, ' Ralph Gillette, and Fred Krugw. serving terms on liquor charges- filed early in December. Robert Voigt, Lotts Creek, will b*r' released early in February, after' having served the unsuspended part of a liquor sentence. 1 EJrwin Mall. Burt, was released Tuesday, after ten days in jail on . a ' bad check:: charge. Wilfred Sawyer, Whltte- more, is serving a 30-day term fop blasphemous language. / Conrad May land was bound to thev grand jury last week Tuesday bjf Mayor Jos. M. Dye, Swea City, on a. "MICKEY" M'GILLIGAN HELD ON CHARGES OF LEWDNESS Merle (Mickey) McGilligan, North End • resident was bound to the grand jury by justice Danson Friday on a charge of lewdness. Bond was fixed at $1500, which McGilligan was unable) to furnish, and he was taken to jail to await grand jury action. The grand jury will meet January 27. The charge was filed by Sheriff Hovey. The sheriff and Marshal Newville were coming from the North End last, week Wednesday when . they discovered Mc- Gijligan and a girl in a parked car on\ the main highway. They investigated, brought McGilligan to Algona, and sent the (girl home. ST, BENEDICT YOUTH FINED $10 AND COSTS FOR FIGHT Berton Gehrtz was fined $10 and costs last week Wednesday pn a charge- of assault and battery upon Jos. Carman. Both live in the St. Benedict neighborhood. Gehrtz, bis brother Irwin, and Garman had an altercation in a road near St. Benedict, and the toothers, who claftned Garman had stolen some oftheir whiskey, "took hta for a ride." presideat; Jos. secretary; N. A. treasurer. Directors are Paxson, Smith, Algona; Algona, Messrs. Paxson, ••# v f "'1 tlnues. s there has b.een go. fj^ the, ; << No Bodies In Vault. V. L;. Stebblns, sexion af JUver- yiew cesoetery, f reports that . Jiavs b^en ^9 bfidljis , va«J,t $qi ftp tto* Wesley Farm Sale. Geo. O. Groetz, two wiles west and a mile north of Wesley, plans to quit farming because of poor health, and will sell his farm personal property at auction next week Thursday. Bode, and Smith; Jos. Hauptman, Wesley; Edw, Miller, E'.rnore; .Nick Bormann, Sherman township; Edw. Drpes.sler, Bancroft; E. O. Mann, Burt; and H. L. Potter, Whittemore township. Directors serve three years, and each year three terms expire. , Directors whose terms ex pire this year are Messrs. Paxson, Hauptman, and Miller. The assocation has'been ably man aged under Mr. Paxson's direction since the first secretary, the late Edw. Blackford, resigned nearly 20 years ago. Mr. Paxson is npw assisted "by his' son, D.. D. Paxson. BANKS HERE HAVE MILLION IN CASH AND SECURITIES '• The official statements of Algona's two banks appear In today's/Advance. Both are carrying extremely large amounts of cash and "quick" assets. By quick assets is meant gilt-edged investments in securities which can be turned into cash .overnight. . A remarkable -feature is that the combined statements show niore than a million dollars of cash on hand or the equivalent. Jn view of the .times this is by competent servers considered, a rather astonishing showing. » „,. Keith to California, B. P. Keith and his jrrandd9iugh- ter, ZSora Keith, for Long 'Beach, where they spend the next tour or five M/r. Keith* closed, his Call street. charge of false pretenses in con>- nection with a bad check, and h,e 1»v awaiting court action. Roy Adama and William Mayer started serving-" their 40-day sentences Tuesday,. Merle ("Mickey") 1 McGilligan, Al-'" gona, is awaiting grand - jury action^ on a charge of lewdness. ' Maynard Lester, Lakota, wa» brought down from Lakota one day; last week, after having been «W* n tenced on drunkenness and profane^* language counts by both Justle* Marquis, of Ledyard, and Mayor, ^K D. Mus&man, Lakota, Justice Mar-ir i quis imposed 30 days; Mayor Musa^ , man, 20 days. v ' Louis Bergman, Waterloo, wlMjI was arrested as a drunk with liam Mayer Sunday, was given days in jail by Mayor Ogren day, and is (scheduled to be released;, today. , "-,« "FLU" FATAL FOR INFANT' DAUGHTER OF W)C' Coleen Ann, five, weeks old ter of Mr. and Mrs. William di.ed last week Tuesday j w! flu. Funeral services were ducted last week Wednesday by Rev, C. the. pelmer chapel, ana, l>\wJal was in Riveryiew, is survj by hep parents and three bro^fe Merle, MUton, a'Dean, Ths yeua. ujal^e, tfeejr homei ' witfe Bilyeu's lam Meu A feature of. Ship Farm, Buyeau 'meetifig at

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