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The Semi-Weekly Leader from Brookhaven, Mississippi • 3

Brookhaven, Mississippi
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Aug. 29, 1HN9. town and county items. The are on a strike. The will clow to-day at.

10. The old war songs will ring ont to day. Carrie Gsmhrell is not able to be out yetThe W. C. T.

U. col limn will appear urxt week. The hay-makers are making hay while the sonshines. Mrs. Henry Sc bailer has beeu having and fevers.

Oh! the turnouts in Brookhaveu. Everything is on wheels! Harvey Thompson is rejoicing in a beautiful new pony. Miss Mollie Kirk has returned from visit to Casey vtile. Mr. Tom Perkins is Improving his already valuable property.

Rev. A. F. Watkins baa been spending I time iu China Grove. There will be regular services at the Baptist church next Suudsy.

Professor Ricketts is now not recoguiz- by bis most intimate friends. Tbe Methodist parsonage has been completed and is a thing of beauty. Mr. W. W.

Henderson has made his place one of tbe cosiest in town. Prof. Ricketts Is enjoying a visit from his accomplished sister Mrs. Goodsidss Powell is having his handsome residenoo newly plastered and painted. The Temperance singers will meet next Tuesday evening in Mrs.

parlor. The W. C. T. U.

entertainment will take place September 13th. Take notice. Mr. J. J.

Proby and wife arrived last week on a visit to Major aud Mrs. Seasons. Mrs. J. B.

Nalty and her pretty little children have goue an a visit to relatives in St. Leuis. The Christian Temperance Union meets Friday evening at 5 in the Methodist church. We do not know a singfte honse in town owned by tbe family inhabiting it, that has not its flower garden. Wm.

$2.00 and $2.25 Dongola Button are handsome. Just to band. fail to get a puir. Mr. Charles Denchert, of New Orleans, came up last Sunday on a visit to bis telatives, Mr.

C. Ileuck and family. Maj. Sessions owns the finest grape arbor we have ever seen. It contains five varietiesDf the of the Hon.

John W. Boone has returned from a trip to Jefferson, and says be will get there Eli in spite of the wire-pullers. Mrs. 8. W.

Whitworth and Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hoskins have been the guests of relatives at this place this week. Homer Byrd and Clarence Bouney, of the Summit Sentinel force, were mingling with their fellow-dudes here last Sunday. Blue Mountain stands among the leading female colleges of the South.

fail tonotice their card in aunt her column A lull attendance at prayer meeting at the Baptist church to-night is earnestly desired, it being the time for monthly conference. Prof. A. J. Maxey, of Bogue Cbitto, paid'this office a pleasant call last Saturday.

The Professor has his on the County Superintendency. In order to give publisher and printer an opportunity to attend the Reuuion today, tbe Leader was put to press a day earlier this week than usual. We Dote a great improvement on tbe Caseyville road in tbe shape of a good plank side-walk. Messrs, Schwem and Parsons do anything well they undertake. Dr.

new frame cottage, at the corner of Railroad Avenue and Chickasaw street, is under way. Mr. Tedford has the contract and will push it to completion. The Leader extends cordial greetings to all of the old soldiers who are to gather here to-day, aud hopes their reunion may be one of unalloyed pleasure and fraternal love. Mr.

Boebnke is selling out his 6tock of furniture, carpets aud other goods with a view to moving to Natcbee at an day. Now is a good time for the ladies to call aud seoure real bargains for Mr. C. Henck, utilized portion of tlie quiet sumuior days by repairing ami repainting the interior of his stove, and now lie is receiving new goods and has everything looking as neat as a pm for the fall trado. Mr.

Charles F. Malone, of Atlanta, joined his wife here last Friday and rornaind until Tuesday evening, when he and Mrs. Maloue and sweet little Zula bade adieu to their many friends amk returned home. Bishop Heslin will administer the Holy Sacrameut of Confirmation in St. Francis Catholic Church on Sept.

8th. The order of exercises will be very interesting, and includes a sermon at 10 a. m. by the distinguished Bishop. Boehnke is going to move, and in consequence is selling bird cages, baby carriages, carpets, sample rags, wall paper, window shades, fine parlor suits, lounges, curtain polls and all kinds of trimroiog, very cheap.

Now is the time to call and secure bargains. The Leader is in thorough sympathy with the farmers, and wants to see them down the jute bagging monopoly, and the way for them to do it is to refuse to use jute and pack their cottou in the cotton Egging and demand a regulat ion of the tare. Mr. Charles McClure left Sunday night for Concordia, Bolivar county, where he nas been engaged aa clerk and bookkeeper in the store of I. N.

Todd. Charley most upright, moral and deserving young men we have ever known, and the Leader heartily wishes him prosperity in his new field of labor. The First Hew Bair. The first bale of new cotton was brought in last Monday, tbe 26th met by Ransom Baggett, a colored man from 1 Fair River, and waa purchased by the enterprising firm of John McGrath A Bona for Ilf cents. It ranked as good middling and weighed 454.

Tbe first bale last year was brongbt in by Mr. W. F' Smith, of Caaevville, on Aug. 24, waa a I poor sample and sold for 9.27. Mist Addle School.

Miss AUdie Marshall will re-open her school for boys add girls at her residence on Monday, September 2nd. She is prepared to fnrniah board for a limited unmber of girls at reasonable rates, and ofiera special advantages to I those wishing to preparo themselves for teaching. Mnsic and the languages will be taught. Apply for terms. Rev.

George Woodbridge, wlio has been acting as supply for the Presbyterian church at this place for the past several months, was last 8unday called as pastor for tbe ensuing year by an almost unani- mons vote of tbe church. This was cer- tainly a well-merited compliment to Mr. Woodbridge, who by bis euruest preaching, loyalty to duly aud courteous and pleasant bearing toward all with whom he has come in won theesteeru and confidence of nil creeds aud classes. SCHOOL NOTICK. Mrs.

E. H. Crntcher will re-opeu her school for little boys and girls Monday, September 2, 1889. Mr. Peter Becker died at the residence of his brother, Mr.

F. F. Becker, in this place on last Saturday morning, with consumption of the bowels. Mr. BePker was formerly a citizen of Brookbaveu.

hut lately has been engaged as section master ou the V. M. Railroad. He was a quiet, peaceable goed citizen, and bore the esteem of all who knew him. His funeral took place from the Catholic church Sunday afternoon, and a large concourse of our citizens attested their respect for the deceased and their sym- pathy for his surviving wife and rela- tives, by following his remains to their i last resting place in the city cemetery.

Consuniptiun Surely Cured. To thf. inform your readers that 1 have a positive remedy for i the above named disease. By its timely use thousands of hopeless cases have been permanently cured. 1 shall he glad to send two hot lies of my remedy fkkk to any of your readers who have consunip- tion if they will send me their express snd postoflice a dress.

Respnctiully, T. A. SLOCUM, M. 181 Pearl New York. When the south-hound freight train arrived hero last Wednesday afternoon Conductor Steve Lewis assaulted a young negro who had been stealing a ride on his train, and it is said by those who witnessed it, heat and kicked him about unmercifully.

Mayor Breuuan interfered and arrested Lewis, wheat once plead guilty to assault and battery, hut when, because 1 ot the aggravated nature of the case, the Mayor fiued him $25.00 and costs, he ap- pealed to the Board of Mayor aud Aldermen. If the facts are presented to that tribunal as they were related to us by a reputable eye-witness, he will fare no better there. i Shiloh's Consumption Cure. This is beyond question tho most tmo- i cessful Cough Medicine we have ever sold a few doses invariably cure the worst! cases of Cough, Croup and Bronchitis, while its wonderful success in the cure of Consumption is without a parallel in the history of medicine. Since its first discovery it has been sold on a guarantee, a test which uo other medicine can stand, If you have a Congh we earnestly ask you to try it.

Price 10 cents, 50 cents and 81 .00. If your lungs are sore, Chest or Back lame, use Porous Plaster. For sale at the City Drug! Store. (1) The remains of Capt. Whitworth were brought here Sunday morning for interment in the family burying ground.

At 11 funeral services were conducted by Rov. W. B. Bingham, at tho resi- deuce of Capt. Hoskins, his brother-in- law; alter which the remains were turned over to his brother Masons and buried with the usual masonio honors, a large procession following them to their last I restiug place.

Capt Whitworth leaves a devoted wife, who stood loyally by him during all his late troubles, aud orphan children, and ou these his death falls with crushing force. The Institute on last Saturday was poorly attended, but was presid-; ed over with ability aud discretion Prof. J. M. Giranlt.

Professors Ramsey, i Hickey, Green and Clark made tlie session quite interesting. Miss Mary Strickland read a pleasing essay on spoiling, and-Misses Fauuy Rea, Jessie Wright, Annie Matthews and Kmma and Mary Dixon lent the charm of their presence to the occasion. We cannot over estimate tho good these Institutes can do and would urge a good attendance of both teachers aud others interested. Shlloh'i Catarrh Remedy. catarrh Remedy, a marvelous cure for Catarrh, Dipthena, Canker Mouth aud Headache.

With each bottle there is an ingenious Nasal Injector for more successful treatment of without extra cliaTge. Price 50 cents. Sold at the City Drug Store. O) Yon Should Know It. Chill Cure contains no poisons UDd is pleasaut to take.

A box of pills free with each bottle. For sale by T. T. Meade Co. 17-3m.

A Registered Jersey. Dr. Wesley Martin has purchased a fine registered Jersey bull of tbe finest milk strain known in this oountry, which lie keeps standing at his place in town. Persons wishing to improve their stock should call on the Doctor for particulars. ice-cream parlor is now open to the public every afternoon, and bis popular soda-water fount all the tim e.

Now is the time to call on Boehnke for 1 bargains, as he is selling out preparatory i to moving to Natehet. A NOTH Kit ASSASSINATION. Capt. S. H.

Whitworth Waylaid and Shot from Ills Ruggy With a Winchester. Capt. S. II. Whitworth was wayj laid and assassinated near his home in 1 Leflore county last Friday evening by i parties who had concealed themselves on the roadside.

Me wns shot from his buggy as he was crossing a bridge, and a painter or mecliauic named Ingram, who was iding beside him, was slightly wounded in the shoulder. The readers of the Lkadkr me familiar with the particulars of the Rising Sun tragedy of a year ago, in which Capt. Whitworth took a leading part. This last tragedy is supposed to be the direct outgrowth of that, and seems to surprise no one, not even most intimate friends. It is reported that the McCarty brothers, who were desperately wounded in the Rising Sun encounter, and narrowly escaped with their lives after Ivey and Aston had been slain, said after acquittal at Greenville that they had appealed to the law to have him punished as he deserved, und having failed in that, 1 they were resolved, sooner or later, to take the administration of justice in- to their own hands.

Be that as it may, when Whitworth was released on bail a tow weeks ago and went I back borne, a deadly encounter was at any time looked for, and he was i repeatedly warned by his friends that his life was in peril Soon after his return, Whitworth had the and others placed under peace bonds, on account of the i threats he had heard, and then went about heavily armed, and this reojiened and aggravated the old feud. The following special to the TimesDemocrat is the latest and most authoritive statement we have seen from the scene of the murder Greenwood, Aug. jury of inquest in the Whitworth killing rendered a verdict of death by uhkuown parties. The particulars as developed at the inquest differ somewhat from those related by Ingram and telegraphed to the Times-Democrat on the day of the killing, a correct account of which is as follows Capt. Whitworth, who stayed in town most of the time, went down to Rising Sun on the morning of the killing, accompanied by Ingraham, in order to show him over a saw mill, as he wanted to employ Ingram to run it.

After showing him over it they started for town in a'buggy, and when about 200 yards from his house, just this side of the bridge, they were tiler! upon by two men from Behind a tree. The first ball struck the cap- tain under the right shoulder blade, coining out the left side and entering liis arm, killing him instantly. Mrs. Whitworth hearing the shot, ran out. of the house, but seeing the buggy drive on she did not think anything wrong.

She saw two men run away, i hut could uot tell who they were as i they were running stooping toward. There is no clue to the murderers. Capt. Whitworth was popularly credited with the leader of the hand that committed the Carrollton massacre, and when the Rising Sun tragedy occurred, it so aroused popular indignation in Leflore that it was with difficulty that the Sheriff kept him, and Hoskins from being lynched until they could be removed to another county. In view of this old feeling, which his acquittal re- vived, and the sentiment largely pro-! vailing in that county that his murder is a just retribution for his own acts of violence, it is extremely doubtful whether his assassins, whoever they may be, will ever be apprehended or punished.

Physicians Use It, One great argumeut in favor of I)r. Westmoreland's Calisaya Tonic is that physicians never hesitate to use it in their practice. The formula is furnished to physicians asking tor it. The following is proof positive as to its merits. Columbia, S.

C. have very thoroughly tested your Calisya Touic and do not hesitate to pronounce it a fine remedial agent. As a stomachic and a tonic It is unsurpassed. For eliminating malarial poison from the system aud repairing their dekMerious effects, for reinvigoratiug and giving tone to the system when reduced by protracted or i severe fevers or other debilitating causes, there is in my judgment, no other preparation in the whole field ot euual to it. J.

F. Ensok, M. D. Former Physician and S. C.

I.isane Asylum. Dr. Calisya Tonic is sold at the City Drug Store. ENGINES AND GINS. We are agents for the best steam engines in the market.

To tnose who contemplate buying an engine we wish to say that we are prepared to give better aud easier terms than anybody. We are also agents for the celebrated Gullet Gin. Can supply all gin belting, on short notice. If you have a gin too old to do good work or too small for your business us about exchanging it for a new one or a larger one. SHERMAN DAVIS.

Uurklen'i Arnica Salve. The best Salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains I Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, aud tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money rofundou. Price 25 cents per box.

For sale by T. T. Meade Co, Brookhayen, Miss. Why do so many people we see around us seem to prefer to and be made miserable by Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Coming uy of the food, Yellow Skin, when for 75 ccDts we will sell thorn Vitalizer, guaranteed to cure them. Sold at the 1 City Drug Store.

(I) KEV. W. H. IIIKOHAM. A large and appreciative congregation assembled at tbe Preabyterian clmreb last Sunday nigbt to bear Rev.

H. bem of Hailebnrst, tbe former pastor of tliat church. It lias three years since Mr. Hi ugh Am preached here, uud during I lint time he has lieeu called upon i by Divine Providence to stiff-T liereave-1 incuts and personal afflictions that to the lot of lint few men; but through them i all lie has preserved a integrity and patience and come out a truer, no- bier t'hristian than before. It was a real 1 pleasure for bis old friends to hear him last Sunday night, and we feel that we but nr press ibe sentiment of all when we say we hope bis lilies in Ibe future may always fall in pleasant places.

There is 1 no truer, braver, morecmiserrated man in I the Presbyterian ininirtry than W. B. Bingham. A Sale Inifitinenl. Is one which is guaranteed to bring von satisfactory results, or ill case of failure a return of piirelmse price.

On this safe plan you (an buy from our advertised Druggist a buttle of Dr. King's New Discovery fur Consumption. It is guaranteed to bring relief to every case, when used fnt any affection of I Throat, Lung-, or Chest, such as Cunsumption, Inflammation of Lungs, Ilron- cbitis, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Croup, etc. It is pleasant and agree- i able to taste, perfectly safe, and can al- ways be depended upon Trial bottles free at T. T.

Meade A Co Drug Store. 1 Sneed HU Sight. Mk. A. K.

IIawkes a year ago i I procured my first pair of glasses from some they strained my eyes and caused them to ache. I then bought a I pair of your Crystalized Lenses, and the effect has been wonderful, as a proof of which I do not use any glasses now and see as well as ever. F. E. Daniel, M.

Ed. Tex. Med. Record. Ali eves fitted anil fit guaranteed by T.

T. Meade Co. Merit Wins. We desireto say to our citizens, that for years we have been selling Dr. New Discovery for Consumption, Dr.

i New Life Pills, Arnica i Salve and Electric Iiiitcrs, and have nev- er handled lcinedics that sell as well, or that have given such universal tion. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, aud we stand ready to refund the purchase price, if satisfactory results do not follow tlieir use. These remedies have won tlieir gieat popularity purely on their merits. T. T.

Meade At Druggists. 1 Lixdkx, Jan. 7, 1887, Mr. A eye-glasses I bonghi of you two years ago give perfect i satisfaction and I can give you a ccrtifi- cate that they are the best I ever used. I am trying to educate tlie in lliis: locality to the importance of using H.

E. All eyes Fitted anti fit Ouaran-j teed by 1. T. MKADK Rrookhaven, Miss. I UNIVERSITY -OF-N MISSISSIPPI.if Will open its Next Session at Thursday, Sept.

26, 1889. Tlie University lias been put in a more effective condition than ever before. The plan of study is re-cast, so as to allow numerous electives in both the A. K. mid 15.

S. courses. Professorships have been re-organized Addison Hogue, Prot. of Ancient Languages; K. 15.

Fulton, Prof, of Physics and Astronomy; It. M. I.eavell, Prof, of English and Relies Lett res; W. R. Sims, Into of Vanderbilt University, Prof, of Mental and MoralScience, (Jeo.

1). late of, tlie University of Missouri, Prot. of Cliemistry and Natural History; Prof. J.j W. Johnson, assistant Prof, in English and Mathematics.

The Executive Com-j mittee will fill the chairs of Mathematics and of Modern Languages, from the best material afforded by the United States, before college ojrens; and an Assistant Professor of Ancient Language will be appointed. Edward Mayes is Professor of Law and Chancellor. Tuition still free to all, except a fee of $50 to law students. Send for Catalogues aud statement of improved scheme of study. EDWARD MAYES, Chancellor, University, Miss.

Ijy 4-3m. 1 Remedy for Catarrh is the WM Best, Easiest to Use, and Cheapest. I. ZJ 50c. S.

T. HazelUne, Warren, Pa. Sale. Litther Sexton No. vs.

Ethel Gibeut, et al. By virtue of a decree of the Honorable Chancery court of Lincoln comity, State of Mississippi, rendered at the June term, A. D. 1889, thereof, ordering a sale of certain mentioned therein, undersigned, appointed Commissioner to excute said decres, will, on Monday, 7th Day of October, 1889, expose at public auction to the highest bidder, for cash at the Court Honse door in the town of Brookhaven, between the hours of 11 a. in.

and 4 oclock p. iu. of said day, the hours prescribed by law, the following described lands, being in said County and State, to-wit: South of southwest of northeast and north 4 of southwest section 15; anil southwest of south west and that part of north i of southwest. lying south of 16th Branch, section, 16; ali in township 8, rauge 5 east iu said Ltucolu oonuty, together with the appurtenances 1 and hereditaments thereto appertaining. r.

McNair. Commissioner. August 22, BROWNSVILLE. FEMALE COLLEGE to etandiu front rank of Aineric-an Female Eitro; Teiwliei" Snperlt fore. TI1IRTY-EIGIITH SESSION BEGINS SEPTEMBER 2.

Til. SMITH, A. oiTtmcrwily of 44 Light, Durable, Well Made, 8teel Axle and 8teel Good Hickory Stock. Only to TTaera. The best made ROAD CART for the mosey.

PRICE 81 5.00. Bend Postal or Express Order, Bank Draft or Registered Letter. Shipped promptly on receipt of money. Address, tee HOUSE 8TERLINQ, ILL. Refer to the editor of this paper.

Mention this paper when orddrtns. BMKUSsa 1 I B. H. 8. Sittow, Brookhaveo, Ilazlahunt, MIMA THOMPSON SEXTON, Attorneys at Law Vrookhaveu and HatfaBant, (Add re at elthbrQftaou.t Solicit practice in Lincoln, Copiah and adjoining counties, and in Supreme tadirai DR.

W. BENNETT, Physician and Surgeon, BROOKHAVEN, MIH8I8SIPPL drTeTT Physician and Surgeon, BROOKHAVEN, MI88188IPPL Smy lie's Dragstore. IjIVBRPOOIi LONDON AND GLOBh Insumnco I be ohlest and reliable company la tb represented J8 WARREN, Plrnutt Clerk jt you wish Insure youi call fcod Imu at tits SAM LIGHTFOOT, 5 I OF HUOOKH stl'T tvo In ks nil shop out sjtrH, reu l.v i vc i utrob bs urns, approved shkin ft Citation Notice. Tiik State ok Mississippi. To all persons claiming or having any interest, either legal or equitable, in or to the following described hinds situated iu the comity of Lincoln, State of Mississippi, to-wit; 15 acres in south end of south east quarter of the south east quarter of section 11, township 7, range 7 east, the saute to be laid off evenly and squarely across said sixtenth of a sect 11 acres in the sontti west corner of the south west quarter of the south west quarter of section 1:1, township 7, range 7, Yon aie hereby commanded to be and appear before the Chancey Court of the said county of Lincoln, of Mississippi, at teim beginning on the first Monday of Deeemlier, then and there to answer the suit of Sherman Davis against you.

By said suit complainants seek tile benefit of au act of the Legislature of the State of Mississippi approved March 9, 1886, entitled act to remedy some of the evils arising from Hie destruction of the records of the counties of Pike and Lincoln, in the burning of the court houses of said FELIX MAY, Chancery Clerk. Aug l-5f. 1 MONEY TO LOAN IN LINCOLN AND SURROUND INC COUNTIES. I in prepared to negotiate 5 year loan oil improved farms in the above eounti cheap rates ol interest. A.

C. Mi-NAIR Hrnckhaveu, Miss. LeCONTE NURSERY, SMITH VILLE, CA. i Tbo greatest fruit farm of tbe Mouth. A full assortment of all tbe latest fruit trees, which I will furnish ALLIANCE MEN at special rates.

Write for Catalogue. W. W. THOMPSON, novl5-ly Smith ville, Ga. 3 GEO.

HUBENER, PROPRIETOR. 149 Common Street, NFW ORLEANS, LA. I Katraaee to St. Chariot Hottl. Is a good place for visitors to the rite call and make themselves at home.

0 IS A i Ho Is mm Will SELL HIS sou FOR 83.00! soles are a specialty ami been tried for a good while. They arc connected with a good Upper and the best Shoes for the money. Magsii sells Ion laotier sole FOR 2.50, or at any price you may wish. fail to see him, as his hues in Holes are line and cheap to suit the times. ABSHAGEN IS A DANDY ON HATS Also and will sell you a nice hat at a price which will defy competition.

i I I I A I 0 ATTENTION, The undersigned is agent tor the WILLIAM DEERING MOWER -ANDCHICKASAW HAY RAKE. will sell ON EASY TERMS as to prices ami payments. Call at my stable opposite the Court House before purchasing elsew hole. W. BAGGETT, Brookhaven, Miss.

.1 line UO tf. Terrible Attacks. AiAMosa, '99. My trife was troubled with nervousness about one year before she took Pastor Koenig's Nerve Tonic, and at that time bad very severe attacks of spasm, convulsions, and pains in different of the body, when in this state her lower jawa 1 would act violently and Bet sometimes, bite bee tongue, breath heavily, then 6hort, then seemed to stop entirely, get a wild look in her eyes and rolling around, then stop sometimes, it would take 2 men to hold her In bed, otherwise hex body would cramp and be so for 2 hoars. took but 2 bottles of the Nerve Toole which cured hero entirely of all these torments which myself and wife testify, it truly had thn desired effect.

67 D. MctilLLIS, Our Pomrbfet for sufferers of rirfuu. a.senses will be sect free to any address.end poor patients can also obtain this mediuiud free ol c.mrge from ua. This remedy has been prepared bv th nererend i Pastor koenlir. of 1'ort fur the pass i and Is now prepared under bis direction KOENIC MEDtCiNE 60 W.

Madison tor. fiintai CHSCAGO, ILL. COLD BV DRUCC16TS. VrtccCl psrEutf fbrSG DR, A. LKWKNTHAL.Ag^nt, Itrookharfn, MIm.

Illinois Central R. R. Most Popular Route Re tweeuSouthand Xorth. THE SHORTEST AND MOST DIRECT LINE To St. Louirt, Memphis, Kansas City and Chicago.

Pullman Pal luce Buffet Sleeping cars ON ALL TRAINS Through ithout change. Also connections at Chicago with all Buft'et and Dining Car to the East and North-west. Connections in Union Depot at St Louis for all points Sast arid es t. Also in Union Depot for all points in Kaunas, Nebraska, Colorado and California. For Tickets and information call at any 3REGULAR TICKET J.

W. COLEMAN. Pass. New Orleai A. H.

HANSON. Pass. Chicago. T. J.

HUDSON, Geueral Traffic Manager. 1 JEFFERY, Manager FAllfttAB Tf 1'entmf m.kji AM Nn I mi 1K I.rn!liii,i' y. A Jpi r. Rl NO. 4 ft Attlui Ml II 11.

UOINO MOtJTH (IMII.V). No. .4:39 y. i- Brookhavm, p. at N.

11 y. m. NwS Jnrtaon. .1:15 a. in.

Brnnkliaven, a. in. New 7:30 a. in, 3 and 4 dn not atop at ting atntiona. I iiml -i utiiy at all atatiooa.

All tniim atop at Brookbavm. pj- both make con iitclion witli all of tin- I. C. branch KhKIonT TliAlXP Nn mixed going north Brook haven at 9:38 a. m.

No. 7 mixi-d going aonth Brook haven at 2:83 P. M. y-Mixed do not run on Snu dav and non- on Monday. E.

M. BEE, Local Agent. BROOKHAVEN MARKET. Prices Cnrrer Hcal.fS.75 S3 Flour 6.00 Bacon, Lard, 10 12c Hams 15c Sugar, 10c Coffee, 25c Kice, 10c Tobacco, Butter, Liverpool Salt, fine, Louisiana Salt 1.25® 1.35 Calico, Brown Domestic, Sc Bleached 124c ordinary, Low middling, Middling, Eggs, 10 cts Chickens, 1.50®#2.40 salted, 24 Drv salted, 4c Flint, 5c 25c Unwashed, 15c Slight burry, Medium bury, 10c Bad bnrrv. Sc If any dealer DMBM without name and price etaaaMd OM tile bottom, put him dowB Ml W.



Beet Style. Beat If nut sold by rour dealer, write W. L. DOUGLAS. BROCKTON.

MS WE ICxainine W. L. Douglass $2.00 Shoes for tJonts and Ladies. FOE SALE BY WM. BROOK HAVEN, It lias permanently eared thousands Of cases pronounced by doctors hopeless.

If you have premonitory symptoms, such as Cough, Difficulty of Breathing, delay, but use PISO'S CURE for CONSUMPTION immediately. By Druggists. 23 cents. F. R.

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It costs yon tor trial, and it will curs you. Address M.O.ItOOT,M.&,.

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