Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 1, 1931 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1931
Page 8
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STEP PRODUCTION FOUR CLUB NEEDY FAMILY Y«ars Ago Jannary Pour Corners, t)ec. 30—Pour Cor-1 A «"*rtet of kid burglars was ner Mothers and Daughters club nabbed, and one admitted beln met Thursday, December 18, at Mrs. Ieoder ot "• Bang that had entered Loyd Potter's, and roll call was ans- soore of Places during the fall an wered by singing Christmas carols, winter, getting various small sums A recitation was glveh by Delia Mae and articles at each place. Three o IWitham. A Christmas grab basket the boys were paroled, while th — ' - .*.--. leader was eent to the reform schoo t t t ALL-MASH EGG PELLETS Feed Two, four, six or more eggs than you are now Retting from every hen—exlrn eggs—profit eggs. This new feeding method steps up egg production—keeps It up the year round. Every leather, muscle, bone, nerve, organ of the laying hcii 20 BO carefully nourished with this "IUT10NIZED" feed that It is onlynatural for every lien to lay better. Hens like egg pellets because they prefer • granular feed—they eat more—lay more—pay more. No waste—no guesswork— only one feed to feed—once a day. Th« new pellet form ion pay out le»« taouey for feed—gave labor U f »le™o°.& J 1 ™ «»o« lime for otter thing* A BALANCED RATION IN EVERY PELLET ration. B. P.-3 SACKED IN THE GOLDEN BAG ALGONA PRODUCE East State Street ^^—^^^^^""^MMI^BB^B Women Praise It —because U * IS ... So Easy to Turn . . . So Easy to Wash . . .So Sanitary ^HIS WEEK, come in and let us show you the many exclusive advantages of the famous— ANKER-HOLTH Self-Balancing Bowl Cream Separator T HE DISCS on this famous separator are interchangeable; no numbers, no notches. And there are no lugs or notches on the bowl. You can't ]iut it together wrong i , . a {jlind girl can assemblo it. It is guaranteed self-balancing- and will never need to be returned to the factory to be balanced. A ND, ... it has the short- ost crunk used on a cream separator—proof positive of its "easy-turning" merit. The /"1OME IN... let us show turning can be done with the VJ you the many other arm alone—no pumping back praiseworthy features of this and forth of your back. You remarkable machine. Drop in and let us tell you the whole story. nff2m N V~w ar « ners General st ore, Hobarton. uuKi—j. H. Uraham. WESLEY—Lease & Lease. ' •*!-*•-*• A-^-M-O-KijL——-Jj. f\ r . SwJITKAll LOTTS CREEK-Lotts Creek Store. can turn the Anker-Holth sitting in a chair or standing as you prefer. A GUARANTEE that means something goes with every Anker-Holth ... a guarantee that protects your investment for your life... a guarantee that makes this a "lifetime" separator—a separator you will never need to "trade in." save AT THE Modern Dry Cleaners In Our New Building Phone 537 FUR Full market price paid for Fur. JOE GREENBERG was enjoyed. The club sent $10 to i «w«« «« an orphan's home at Council Bluffs, at Bldora as a Chris.tmns donation; also $5 . . . . was spent for groceries for a family The annual firemen's ball was to at Algona as a Christmas gift, be held on Valentine Day, Febru- Lunch was served to 27 members, ary 14. The next meeting will be on Janu- t t t ary 15 at Mrs. Andrew BJustrom's, Pep-Lc? Pete Olson and D. W and roll call will .be answered with Bell> two local characterg) Wer6 g j v . "new things to eat. . en three-year terms In the Jag hos- , , " , pltal at Knoxville. The pair had School programs Are Given— been ^^^ trouble for months, The parents and a few friends, of and one of them was Jal , ed tm . ee pupils of the Union school No. 7 Umeg Jn one week when found I were entertained at a Christmas program nnd party Friday after- I noon, December 19. The school then I closed for a two weeks vacation, I Mrs. Ed Genrlch is teacher. Parents of pupils of the Union (school No. 6 were entertained at a Christmas program and party at the schoolhouse Friday afternoon, December 19. The school was closed | for a week of Christmas vacation. Irene Mitchell is teacher. Turkey Dinner for Christmas-* Nineteen relatives and friends were entertained at turkey dinner at Etna Mitchell's Christmas day. Recitations were given by Willard, Willis, Carol, and Marjorie Mitchell and Junior Woods, and distribution of Christmas gifts followed. In attendance were the Noble Mitchells, the Harry Woods, Edmund Larsen, Quenttn Bjustrom, and Mr. and Mrs. Oi-Ie Dlttmer. Christmas Call Park Parly— ~~"~ Ninety-five friends were entertained at the Shelter House at the Ambrose A. Call state park Friday evening-, December 19. Five hundred, dancing, and games furnished entertainment. Cake, fruit salad, sandwiches, and coffee were served. The Andrew Bjustroms were hostesses. Christmas Party at Walker's— Twenty-five relatives and friends spent Christmas day at Archie Walker's. Christmas gifts were distributed late in the evening. In at- endance were the John Sabins, the Edward Riches, Mrs. Edith Rich, Earl Rich, Orville Holdren, and Louis Broesder. "Singhiff Skule" is Organized— A large crowd was entertained at Arthur Crulkshank's Friday evening, December 19, the occasion being the first meeting of a "singing skule" recently started by the married folks of the Good Hope churches. The "skule" meets every two weeks. Lou-mans Have Christmas Tree— The L. J. Lowmans entertained all their children at supper Christmas day. There was a Christmas tree, with gifts. Attending were the Ray Smiths, Burt, the Louis Lowmans Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lowman, the Everett Withams, and the Ira Lowmans. Cures for Algonn Patient— Mrs. Edith Rich has been spending two weeks at W. J. Galbraith's, Algona, caring for Mrs. Galbraith, who has been sick, and doing the housework. Other Four Corners. The J. P. Nickersons spent Christmas at the Myers home, near Ringsted, and the Lurhl Fesslers were also there. Mrs. Myer and Mrs. are daughters of the Nick- we k at E thervfn ^ ? ^ . -^stherville, where he was ersons. Edna Walker came home week Wednesday evening and remained till Sunday, when she returned to Fred Hawk's, near Lone Rock, where she is doing the housework. Ruth and Mildred Robinson left Friday for Spencer to visit relatives, and from there were to go to Milford and Spirit Lake. They expected to be gone a week. John Rich recently returned from Chicago where he spent a few days after marketing a carload of cattle Ruth, ' ' Rich. The Arthur his sister, stayed with Mrs. Crulkshanks spent Christmas day at the Angus home, . _.. u| ir *i\^i 17 11C WU.SS working on the new postoffice build- last ing. t T T Whlttemore stores made a New dear's resolution not to open after 6 o'clock in the evening except on Saturdays. t t t Kog parties were frequent at Titonka, according to a Topic clipping Ihe previous Saturday a free-for-all fight grew out of one of the parties t t t The L. E. Potters were called to Oskalooaa by the death of Mr. Potter's mother. Melvln Muclcoy and near Lone Rock. Mrs. Angus Mrs. Cruik.shank are sisters. and Mrs. Jessie Dalziel and Mrs. Earl Dalziel and her daughters spent Christmas at Loyd Potter's. Evelyn Nickerson came home last week Wednesday from a month with relatives in Illinois. Margaret Johanson, Algona, spent the latter part of last week at Albert Walker's. The John Get t mans spent Christmas at Fairmont, with a sister of Mr. Gettnian. ESTHERVILLE GUTS RATESJOR LIGHTS Estherville's light rates were cut to approximately the same level as Algona's by the city council in December. The cut applied only to lighting rates, and the power charges. did not affect « H * « wee of P ra yer, and the Rev. P. C . Taylor, Methodist pastor, was to open the week with Church." Under the new schedule, which is two cents per kilowatt under the former schedule, Estherville residents will pay at the following j-a.tes- for the first 50 kwh. per month g QAA^'' 1 6Xt fl5 ° kWh " 7 CentS ' neXt 300 kwh. 6 cents; all over s&o at 8 cents. Algona's rates, less the cent discount which applies if the bill is paid before the 20th of each month are first 40 kwh. 7%; next 60 kwh. 6%; next 300 at 5%; all over 400 at 4 cents. 11 * s believed here that there is a 10% discount from the total bill at Estherville if paid by a certain date. If this is true then users in the lowest bracket pay a few cents less than Algona, while those using higher amounts pay more to be heidTharwTnter than Algona. For example, 50 kwh - -'--' vmier, a^-*™ 1 ^* *H°. lf th ° ™% at At Este the lowest rate is 5 cents, for all over ,500 kwh^vhle t t t Mrs. • Mary Goedcrs, aged mother of John Qoeders, died that week at the home of a daughter, Mrs. John Capeslus, in Rlverdale township. She was born in Germany, but had lived in the United States 47 years before her death. t t t Milton Norton, Chester Schoby, and Willis Bradley were to represent Algona in a debate against a Belmond high school team, at Belmond, Supt. J. F. Overmyer and Coach Louise McCoy were to accompany the team. The Income tax was the subject for debate. t t t Ji. T. Benjamin was new clerk of the Woodmen, succeeding M. P. Weaver, resigned. t t t Dr. P. T. Secley was government weather observer for Algona and his government thermometer registered 27 degrees below zero January 3. This is one of the coldest temperatures ever officially recorded for Algona. t t t Children under 16 were to be arrested and taken home if found on the streets after nine o'clock in the evening henceforth unless they were accompanied by parents. Marshal George Hackman had instructions from the city council to enforce the ordinance. The arrest of four young petty burglars led to the action. t t t Officers of the fire department, then elected, were A. F. Dailey, chief, W. V. Carlon, president, I. T. Willson, secretary, Carl Strandberg, treasurer, Frank Burt, first foreman, John M. Coori, second foreman t t t Sheriff G. A. Brunson and Deputy Claude Samson were nervous from a lack of matters for their attention. They served the first four days of their term without a duty t t t J. C. Mawdsley Burt, won a Shropshire sheep given by Carl Paetz for the best ten-ear sample of corn from Kossuth shown at the Iowa Corn Growers association exposition, held at Des Moines. t t t Secretary Ed lilackiord and his assistant, Jos. Paxson, now and since 10114 secretary of the Kossuth County Mutual Fire Insurance association, included circulars advertising the farmers short course with their dues assessment notices. t t t Lmnrclsbnr? postal receipts placed that city in a new class, whereby the postmaster's salary became $2200, and the town could have free city delivery. t t t H. H. Cowan spent Lu Verne, bee: ii — S«rvicM for Mrs. fitwo<Jd French, Who died last ' week Tuesday of pneumonia, Were held at the Methodist church Thursday afternoon, the ftev. Reyman officiating. There was a large at" tendance and the floral offerings were beautiful, A ladlee' quartette sang two numbers. Mre. French was 32 years old and Is survived by her husband, five children, Eleanor, Flossie, Betty, Billy, and Shlr-ley, the latter a flve-months'old babe. •nun 1,0 Are Dfilffijjf tnAClcf toy ttfM) ifitnfep and local odd Fellows to have the Children placed In the Odd ^ Ofprans fitom* at Mason City AS DOT OP *JAf B AS A HOOP aklrt'-WJnter starting trouWcg. 2qulp with Gamble's 8tiper*actlve 17-plat6 Tiger battery, $6,89 exch. price. Tire chains 29*4.40, $?.B0.— Gamble Stores, v ' 27-1S like. Big, strotig, smooth and clean; Immuned and guaranteed. Prices very reasonable. ' * C. A. WINTEB Four miles southwest of . Lakota 14-15 „ BEAD THE WANT-ABS. an^as; DIRI fflinniiniiimiiniiiDi PUBLIC SALE sell at public, auction at the John N. Benedlct and 3 *** s°t*th and 1 mile W ft Quarton IWAiltOir * Law Offices Phonei! Oftloe 427, ^ _., . Algona, Iowa Attothey-at- Office Iowa state Office phone 480-w, TUESDAY, JANUARY 6, 1931 mare 5 yrs> old > wt. 1500; black geWfnr 7 yrs old wt § yr '" 0ld heifera; 5 y ear ""g heifers; 6 yearling sSs. T^a^M^'SnA^l^... g 25 HOGS-Five bred sows and 20 good feeding shoats, wt, ab«rat 125 Ib* eadT 1 are in excellent condS and? repair * b ° V6 implements and machinery Lln «ian' , BI _ Attorneys-at-Law Phonea! Office, zg?; T . P,| TAW NESS O. W. SI •r Lawyers Office over Iowa State O. D. Shuitiway A - Offlce In Qulnby I/. A. WWKEI, _^ .w , Otttce In Qulnby BuiiaiJ vPhone 18Q. BOCTOKS" M. J. Keneflck R H _ Physicians and Surge Office*: Algona Hospital; P v « , Reeldenc e Phones: ,Keneflck..57. "nrn Ph , yalclan an «J Surg eOB Office in John Galbraith Phones;. Office 3io, rea . 4 WALTEBFBASEB,M. _-i, Physician and Surgeonl Office In Qulnby Bids., Phone No. 12. - , • W. D. psteopathlc Physician and Eye, Ear, Noae, and Thro; .„, X-ray. Office over Hub Recreation 1 Phones; Office, w . , r P. E. WAllEY Earl Crane were working to earn their way through Mornlngside college. Each of them spent three afternoons a week in a down town apartment store, for which they received $6 per week. Vacation earnings and an occasional donation from home permitted the pair to remain in college. Lucllo Carlon went to Des Moines to take a course in nurse's training at Mercy hospital. t t t An old-fu.shloned blizzard, lasting two days, struck Algona, eent temperatures down, and deposited between six and eight inches of snow- on the level. Roads and railway tracks were . drifted heavily, and trains were delayed hours in reaching Algona. There were no county snow plows to clear the roads in those days, and the farmer who came to town had many tales to tell of climbing over the snow banks It was often clays after a blizzard before passable trails were broken through for normal traffic to make its reappearance. t t t The Congregational, Methodist and Baptlst churches ln a week of = About 20 tons of good timothy S Buick coupe, Model T Ford tri and clover hay in barn. truck with rack, Continuous Mix concrete mixer. Lunch Wagon Will be on Premises. I Mrs, John N, Studer, By Administrator S Auctioneers: H. H. Brummond and L. A. Tffatern. = ""•"* " uu JJ « A - .«i.»uern. E. P Bahm Clerk ~ ^IIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH l" 11 "^^ Closing Out Pub 1C Rectal diseases and confine cases. i Off Ice phone 79. Residence Over Zender & Caldwell Std ALGONA, IOWA . P. V. JANSE, M. ». _ Physician ,and Surgeon, I ^Office on South^Dodge Sir Phones: Office. 666; resldenc' Algona, Iowa. JJEJVTISTS BB,\Ai D. ADAMS ~. Dentist i Office in First National Bank Phones: Office. 20; res., BB. H. Jt. OLSON Dentist. Phones: Business 166, Residen Algona, Iowa BB. 0.Hi. 8CHAAP . Dentist treated In former Dr W E office, over Chrlstensen Bros.'i Phone 133. , Graduate Chlropract year's successful pra Office over State's =3 miles west of Wesley on Apple Treat H ton and 9 1-2 miles east of Algona, o 3 I Ml IM41 «J AB • • closing out sale at the farm 3-1-2 N °' 18 and 1 1-2 miles east I* Wi POX Veterinarian , West State Street, Algona. Phones: Office 475-^.. res. 4 COJfTBACTJ H. R. COWAN General Contractor. Estimates Furnished. Phones: '• Business, 639-J; ^MACHINISTS wo s««,i • l " l . 8t s and. Welders. I Service stock on Piston and Bearings. of Courthouse. '^ IPBODUCE SWIFT « COMPANY Cash Buyers, , PoiUtry, Eggs, and Hides. 1 Matt Lamuth, Mgr. Phone 264, COUNTY IN8UBANOE ASSOCIATION Over $16.000,000 worth of i n sv talk on "The Christian Similar talks were to be a , t t t Supervisor Wewel, Fenton, was chosen chairman of the board of su- * 0 SUCCeed Chrls Helse - a short course, also for .«.•„„«, was Planned. Among Institute speakers were Sam D. Drake. Mrs. G. L. Car- J. B. Hofius, and Miss Mari Dorweiler, Fenton TniHa turn Whorter was president and My™ of the Institute g™. si rrsr^.s SAtSMiiasi. 1 ^ Head of Livestock Head of Horses and Mules Head of Cattle S3* years old. 8 yearlings. Reliable lug. gervkx Phone 65.' ° f Sal f' Balance heavy spring old,! hKIT l tete St. used Auto Partt Farm Machinery, Etc spreader, 20-ft. 4-sect on John n»f '/ le r ? w ^"vators, John 5-ft. McCormick mower T^r SS^^*^ 0 ™!* Dee ^8^ narrow t!r.o o«j i .»__• » *««ei Bimd,ce plow. Jarmnvilia «•„„_ _,_ Kotrath County State Bank - -. ft- 1 "S »*•

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