Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 1, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1931
Page 7
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CAN LB. JAR CANS FOR CANS FOR Ntws an* Views In Iowa By J. W. Jarnagln D ,BS MOINES, Dec. 26 — When Thomas . D. I manufacturer of •Murphy, calendars largest In the world, died at Red Oak In 1928, he provided that Augusta Johnson, their servant, should be suitably rewarded following his wife's death 'Auditor's oiftets.Dumber £ -1M *' IBoafd'of Bu-per»fto¥s of fCosslith county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. OH motion Board proceeded tq.audit "Mofion'by'"ptinnemark and seconded by Morris that Construction ^Bond of Kell and Halvorsen for »2,»«.72 on Drain 178 Is hereby approved. Ayes: A 0n motion Board adlourned to one "oneVclo'ck P. m.-Boarj met pursuant to adjournment with all mem- bS Motlon B . by' Helken and seconded by Morris that further proceedings on Drain 149 Is hereby continued to January 2, 1931. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by McDonald that •Final Estimate of W. B. Williams on Maintenance Project No. 2 for $373.91; Maintenance Project . UricKKon, pVoTliWns'V ,*lsi<!rs, provlslbns .. ..• Mrs. Klnftey, provision* Jensen's Hardware, supplies .. Mrs. Hattle Llchllter, provisions • ' B. L. Hansen, provisions Smith Department Store, provisions iRoupe's Grocery, provision! .. Merrill Bros., provisions ... .. R. A. Clark, provisions B. A. Hansen, provisions ... .. - McDonald & Co., coal .. labor i.. I Alfred Buich, labor »••* I Wm. Janvrln, labor ... ,. '8.«*1 BerV-Cktdden, labor ... ..< .... 1R,»J'Edward •Fuctwen, labor 4»,«lEhno Eden, labor . 12125 J. iF. Faulkner, labor ... 1.09 oleGerdls, labor ...... • ••••• •• Peter Mowleh, patrol work .... Clyde Sanders, patrol work ... Pearly O. Hayne», patrol work Edward Hagge, labor --.^ B. L. Huber, labor 7.00 Fred B. Dutton, labor 15.60 Studer * Miller, labor 7.20 9.00 16.il 24.W M.09 10.60 4.80 6.40 92.09 96.09 91.20 O. P. comparison for flavor and high Priced can coffee. ^^ ^^ 29c CHEESE ALL VARIETIES 8-OUNCB CARTON JQNDBEMIS iilNT DIHAH MOUSSES MOT NO. 2i/ 2 CAN Mrs. Murphy died In November and the wilt said, "Should Augusta Johnson, who has given my -wife and myself so many years of faithful service, still be In the service of my wife at the time of the latter'* death, I direct that said Augusta Johnson shall receive the sum of $15,000 from the original trust I fund prior tp all other bequests." Johnson accompanied "the" Mur; Iphys to'California for 13 consecutive winters. Mr. Murphy, whose fame extended around the globe because of hla calendars, was brought up on a farm near Monroe, In Jasper county. After learning the printer's trade he saw in the eaten dar business a great opportunity. The Murphy plant In Red Oak is outstanding In equipment and organization. It is now under the direction of William Cochrane, a | member of, the state senate,' and brother-in-law of the late Mr. W. A. Murray, coal (Farmers Elevator Co., coal ... Botsford Lumber Co., supplies C. K3. Dourte, house rent .. .. R. H. Miller, house rent ... ... -,Lottie B, Peterson, house rent 64.00 W. T. Peters, house rent 7 -'" 2.00 18.43 40.02 16.10 14.38 39.90 74.26 133.81 17.46 10.00 30.00 Spear & McVey, grading John Nielsen, labor Karl Krebs, tiling across road W. J. Bourne, dragging C. Albln Peterson, repairing ' tile George Onken, labor B. J. 'Palmer, labor 080.00 8.00 16.76 4.60 4.60 45.05 46.60 •««»*.• ».»• labof ... aft 8. Norton Jfc 8on. suMrtlei i.» A. ». Mlohel, engineer ... ... "•• j. B. Cunningham, labor ..... •Wm. Janrrln, labor ... ..-> « B. B. French Lb». Co.. sup- Ray iMafquls, labor George Loott, labor %<"> Wm. Hllferty, labor 2M . 12.00 11.00 4.0» i. A. ftdrtw* tlttn* »»• «»* «»« John Collln*. l-bt>r ... ».« «•< - Jt. No. 1-* " " ... ••• »«* Co.. Sub 1 Of M1- B. «;iFreneh lAr. piles • work ft» Mi am • sj -n Carl'Johnson, labor 10.70 Ray A. Marquis, labor ... • George Looft, labor Wm. Hllferty, labor ....... F. 8. Norton A Son, labor iHay A. Marquis, labor ... KJeorge Looft, labor Wm. Hllferty, labor Dr. 78- ' . Peterson (Bros., labor ... . Dr. 80— Chas. Burk, labor B. O. Stenstrom, labor 4.26 2.00 2.00 1.95 23.50 11.20 Cha*. Burk, repair work RESOLVED: Th«* Is hereby ordered fc'/'^.'y.-jrinS^ii ** sue warrants 'or all W1W *«ow*«M this meeting as shown W tna BOMB* ule of Claims" herelnbefo as per vote on each A 0n.motion IBoard adjouroedjo nlM oclock a. 47.60 No'. 3 for $28«'.63' are hereby approved. Motion by Funnemarij and seconded by McDonald that further consideration on acceptance of bids for bonus on Dr. 177 Is hereby continued to December 18, 1930. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. December 3, 1930. Auditor's office, December"3,,'1930. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met .pursuant-to adjournment Charles Schrader, house rent, clmd. 130.00; allowed .- 28-0" Roy O. Richardson, stove and pipe "SUPERB" BRAND <M A QUART JAR 3CU GOVEOYSTERS PER CAN AND 25c PER •LB. ir$TER CRACKERS 1.7. n ir AND CANE SYRUP |M ArLE RobbRoBB Brand. Bottle, 23 oz. TOIIET SfltP 3 '*** 17c 35c 19c Murphy. Senator Cochrane was also brought up on a farm near Monroe. DR. C. B. KNOWLES, Sioux City, announces that a careful scientific investigation convinces him that the earth mound and works 12 miles northwest of Sioux City, on Broken Kettle creek, are of mound-builder origin, similar to those found in Ohio and Tennessee. Dr. Knowles believes that the specimens found by S. Mosher while digging a silo pit In the mound are several thousand years old. Specimens have been secured from that locality for the past fifty ,years by William Marks, A. S. Garretson, W. T. Stafford and others. Dr. Knowles asserts, "I believe this to have been a center of culture, art, manufac- I ture and enough technical knowledge to preserve and temper stone WltH' all .members present. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Helken that hearing on Final Estimate of M. T. Huso on Drain 177 Is hereby fixed for December 18. 19TO,at 10 o'clock a. m., amount of Final Estimate being $1,200.02. (See Record for Resolution). Ayes: All. On .motion Board proceeded to Audit and Allow bills. . . Motion by McDonald and seconded by Morris that Funnemark be authorized to purchase W 1-2 Block 21, Wesley, for sum of $200.00 and P. J. Helken be authorized to Purchase S 1-2 lots 5-6 and 7, Richmond's 4th Addition, Swea City, for $500.00 for Maintenance sheds. Ayes: All. Motion-by McDonald and seconded by iFunnemark that Robert Welter, J. M. Moore, and A. E. Michel, engineer, are. hereby appointed as com- Floyd '6! Pasley, light ... .•••• Van A. Hansen, board and Dr?°Kar'l B.' '(Hoffman,"' dental Kossuth 'Hospital' med. aid ... Drs. Keneflck ft Crawford, med. aid". i""ia" " Algona Hospital, med. aid .... J. A. Devlne, med, aid .... Dr. R. ^Williams, 10.90 2.25 30.00 31.50 242.00 >. 52.60 97.60 138.76 27.SO Merrfu "iFUneral- Home, ambu r . . t __-.,» **>ln ». ..i «t« • . • -'«*«yY 4.80 _ 6.40 W. «O. Smith, labor".V. 18.20 J. W. Stott, labor 3.40 Roy Davis, labor 44.00 W. H. Rlcklefa, gravel 22.00 Bert Ooddeh, gravel 23.27 Sharp Bros., gravel 46.29 George B. Roberts, gravel .... 68.20 B. P. Rhodes, labor J.OO Paul W. Ijarsqn, supplies .... 7.47 Town of Wesley, supplies .. .. 6.10 Lalng '& Muckey, supplies .... 17.60 Matt Milrtha, supplies 46.30 2.90 8. Norton & Son, supplies Dr. 82- George Looft, labor Ray A. Marquis, labor 22.50 Wm. Hilferty, labor ... ... •• •F. S. Norton & Son, supplies.. S. F. iFrench Lmbr. Co., supplies • •• S. B. .French Lumber Co., County Auditor* Esthervllle, Iowa, December S, Board of Supervisors otEmir 1!>fl J Kossuth counties met puMUant li'S journment with the following Kossuth County: Charles and P. J. Helken. Emmet County: R. «. - Bonnlcksen, N. O. Osher, C. .66 1.30 10.00 lance trtp ~L - , *. Dr. R. A. Evans, med. aid .... Elinor T. Button, office ex- ,FEmHy '"Welfare""Ass'n"' of America, supplies ... ••••••• Kohlhaas Brothers, supplies . 18.90 Kohlhaas roe, .. --James Neville, supplies . ...... 28.69 Lalng & Muckey, supplies .... *-« Highley Chemical Co., supplies su- Western Chemical Co., sup- Fred :Park,' wages paid Kohlhaas Hdw., supplies 4.12 12.25 10.50 143.83 supplies supplies to assess benefits on Drain neer's office 178 Commissioners to report on or Milton_MoFaaden before April 1, 1931. (See iRecord for John Resolution). Ayes: All. Don T. .wugent, On motion IBoard adjourned to one Elbert Garage, o'clock p. m. , Engr. car One o'clock p. m.—Board met^ Pursu- __. iFenton Reporter, on Sec. Rd. 146 Botsford Lumber Co. O. W. Erlokson Hdw., O. A. Heard, supples Matt Murtha, supplies w.w J. A. Roberts, bridge ... ... •• * b - lu j F McGee, cabinet for engl- .66 7.30 6.76 12.00 rodman storage on One o'clock p. m.—Boar me pursuant to adjournment with all members present, except Chaa. Morris and P. M. T.' MeGuire, construction pub. ' notice COUNCIL OAK EABLY RISERS' PROGRAM brines to you every morning except Sunday, the nfficial weather forecast, the correct time the la.tr e t preB?report8; along with several musicrii num- SSra and Council Oak Store news, followed by the Stimated live stock receipts of the day. esumaiea cj 6 :80 to 7:00 a. m. ANTHRACITE A BITUMINOU5 I and bone tools so practically petrified that they are and cured for E&NOKIDN*SON all time in ma,ny Instances and to make wonderful pottery of cement, granite, lime, and mica mostly colored black to conserve the heat, I didn't know a black kettle would cook with less heat than a lighter colored one .until I began to i study the vanishing footprints of this race of people who so far as yet discovered had no iron tools or I pipestone." FARMERS ARE LIABLE for I damages in case of accidents in which they may have participated. In Judge Reed's court at New Hampton a- case was brought by Amos Roethler against • a farmer named Denner. He had been helping Denner build a fence, and placed his hand on top of a post to J, Heiken. Motion by McDonald and seconded by 'Funnemark that the following suspensions are hereby allowed: That taxes of Mrs. Thomas Henderson oh lot 5, block 3, and lot 6, block, 81, Original plat, Algona, for 1928; '' ' " ' Taxes of iFrank Powlanskl for 1929 on lots 1-2, block 187, Call's addition, Algona, and County Treasurer Instructed to enter said taxes on suspension record. Ayes: All. Motion by tPunnemark and seconded by McDonald that request for'repairs on Dr. 147 Is hereby granted and F. J. Balgeman appointed as a committee to have said repairs made. Ayes: All. Motion by 'Funnemark and seconded by McDonald that following open ditch right-of-way claims be allowed: Acres 59.50 63.00 175.00 30.00 585.00 58.60 .Frank 'Flalg, labor 27.25 IH. E. Reltzke, labor 3.0 J. S. Shultz, labor «.90 •D. A. Schultz, supplies 8.25 P. C. .Dahl,.labor ... • .... 12.26 'B. H.Gardner, labor ... 24.60 •Wesley Auto Shop, supplies ... 63.95 Kohlhaas Bros., supplies .. .. 17.88 J. F, Flcher, supplies 18.15 Tire Service Co., supplies .... Elbert Garage, supplies "2-JIi J. L. Raskopf, supplies 8.89 Botsford Lumber Co., supplies 20.90 Northern Lumber Co., supplies 27.44 Geo. iF. Grlmsehl, supplies .... 1.78 Farmers' Elevator Co., sup- piles 7.35 Kohlhaas Hdw., supplies 99.111 W. H. Stott, supplies 24.08 O. W. Erlckson Hdw., supplies 37.59 C. S. Johnson, supplies 34.73 Cliff Hardware Co., supplies .. 26.61 Jensen's Hardware, supplies . 1.60 >Beed Hardware, supplies ..< ... 10.30 65.10 Co., 2.55 4.T6 1.00 George Looft", labor ... Wm. Hllferty, labor ... S. B. IFrench Lumber supplies Dr. 99— . j.'IB. Cunningham, labor .... D J. ullaskopf & Co., supplies Dr ' m ~". Marquis, labor ??•!£ I DOROTHY KLOPP. Secretary. s Looft, labor «•£» : y Morris and ed"b7"FuiieV that R. 8. Bryan Chairman of this •w l «^ lnB 'iAJ5JL' Motion made by B °" nl , cta ,?JL. 0 t.,w seconded by Bryan that OototJWr Klopp act as .Secretary of tnw mew Ing, Ayesi,'^.^^ an d seconfl- Call of the Auditors. V B°oall Burned to BWrAH . Dr. 116- W B. Guy, labor iW. M. Vessels, labor D J. ^Raskopf & Co., supplies Wm. Hilferty, labor George Looft, labor Ray A. Marquis, labor Dr. 137- E. J. Palmer, labor Dr. 151, Fred G. Darnell, dragging Lee O. Wolfe, pub. notice Rd. 10.60 IBurt Monitor, pub. notice on North ^Kosluth" Record,"^pub. notice on Sec. Road 93-102- AdvanWub.Co.','pub:'notVce L S n v R e°rne News* pub." notiw Sp^rff'Mg-Co:; 'pub. notice on Road No. 145 .•••-• ^cron^d^ya^d f P ^O^^iN« n /NO^UND 66.80 -Dlst No 64 Bancroft (Register,' pub. notice Road Dlst. No. 150 23.60 Haggard & Backus, pub. no- tlce Road Dlst. No. 121 31.65 Wesley News-World, pub. no- ttC6 . , •. • 41 • t «••«•• ••• •*• • • *"® J. A. Roberts, bridges 347.40 Peerless Oil Co., supplies 670.63 Champlln Refining Co., gaso- Skelly'Oil Co.',"gasoline 22.28 Champlln Service Station, gas- Ci°ty n pli'coY.' gaK>llne"..:•'..:_' '.'.'. jag!51 "Ray A. Marquis, labor 8.75 George Looft, labor *-'*?| Wm. Hllferty, labor ^a'y 2 !. Marquis.labor 23.26| George Looft, labor Wm. .Hilferty, labor Dr. 156- Elk Cleaners and Phone tM Torniv ol 118.80 &4.80 470.17 F. S. Norton '& Son, labor .. .66 W. B.'Guy, labor «•*? W. M. Weasels, labor 33.601 4.751 ., •Phillips iPetro. Co., gasoline Wheeler Lumber Bridge Co., supplies ............... • ••;•• Glbbs-Cook Tractor & Equip. 197.19 Nelson Mercantile Co.. sup- 1 _!?„. »i™^ «i.9B! n Ho wed ... 1-00 2.27 .88 20.00 145,84 J, H. Jensen, SW 1-4 SB 1-4 Section 28-98-30 J. «. Jensen, SB 1-4 SB 1-4 Section 28-98-30 : Henry Fuhrman, SB 1-4 NW 1-4 Section 33-94-29 ... Henry Fuhrman, NE 1-4 N-W 1-4 Section 33-94-29 ... Henry Fuhrman, NW 1-4 NW 1-4 33-94-29 4.60 2.49 1.31 .17 John Lucas _ IGross Tractor «c Co., supplies and County Auditor Instructed to Issue refund warrant for amount due. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by iFunnemark that Final Estimate of H. R. Cowan & Son on Maintenance garage 'at Algona Is hereby allowed. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded with the auditing and allowing ,of bills as per Schedule of Claims hereinafter written * SCHEDULE OP CLAIMS COUNTY (FUND Allowed Railway Express Agency, ex- pHes; clmd. n.25; allowed Barton Warner Co., supplies.. Sargent Tile 'Ditcher Co., sup- lilghton Supply 'Co!, 'supplies. John Lucas & Co.. "gP'te-^ B"W. Ste'el Co., supplies ..... C. M. St. P. & Pac. Ry, Thompson,' 'Loth & Lowe, money advanced ;."" t ' J H. Warburton, att. .mtg. ... Paul «ertzke, att. meeting ... B. 'F. Edwards, att. meeting... Earl E. Newby, twp. clerk ;.-.. Hllder O. Halverson, labor ..;.. J. D. Lowe, recording proceed- w"^. Williams',' rnaint. project W °B. •wiiilams, mal'nt. proj- t. IVTn t 4»79.M Ray A. Marqula, labor 2.75 Wm. Hllferty, labor J-* George Looft, labor .. l.a> Dr 4— F. S. Norton '& Son, supplies S. B. 'French Lbr. Co., supplies .65 J. B. Cunningham, labor .... F. S. Norton & Son, supplies IF. H. Lathrop; rodman A. E. Michel', engineer J. L. Raskopf & Co., supplies • " 7 ' 47 ^Humboldt Gravel & Tile Co.,, supplies •. A .B. Michel, engineer T 1 . H. Lathrop, rodman ..... F. S. Norton & Son, supplies i -rf 'T* Ttfn 2— A « Eno. Mtimate No. 2.... Haggard & Backus, pub. notice ; A. B. Michel, engineer F. H. Lathrop, rodman Algona Insurance FhOM M 1191.09 58.00 Call us when you i5'.431 hogs to sell. ALGONA HOB MftRKET Track Service. Phone C. & N. W. B- B 1038.99 301.07 3.20 4.00 4.00 4.00 10.65 87.90 6.60 151.34 straighten It, while Mr. Denner I was striking the post with a sledge . hammer. Two fingers were Injured, and Infection later set in with serious consequences. Denner defended on the grounds that Roethler was guilty of contributory negll- I gence. The jury allowed Roethler $970.83. An attorney suggests that this case was of much Interest, as It touched upon a farmer's liability as an employer. For that reason. It Is understood, Mr. Denner will take an appeal to the Iowa supreme | court. ^^^^_^ , TRAGEDIES of the road attributed to blinding lights on automobiles press charges City of Algona, light and wat- 1.94 "_*. f$ n 9 M & St. L! ' R'y Co;, freight on trucks ...... J. F. McGee, labor ••• Railway Express Agency, ex- ^ H* r R." Cowa'n"& Son, material and labor 1782 - w Railway Express Agency, ex- PUBLIC AUCTIO servlci ..7... 177.58 Harvey Larson, bounty H. M. Smith, county engineer. 300.00 Chas. iMorris, comm. and ses- _ stons 275.00 W. B. McDonald, com. and sessions ••• 176.10 Olaf Funnemark, com. and ses- sloris 252.50 P. J. Hetken, com. and • ses- slons 230.10 F. J. .Balgeman, com. and -ses- slona 211.90 Hutton i& Jenks, printing ballots • 145.31 Bancroft Register, pub. v board proceedings F A. Newvllle, setting up elec. booths Tom Reed, ret. ballots A. J. Sherman, trustee mtg... Ole K. '.Florn, trustee mtg. M 100.00 I Sometimes the furnace is at fault but usually your heating troubles come from an indifferent quality ol coal. P. S..NORTON & SON handles only coal of the highest heat-giving quality and you will find our service right in every respect. Call 229 for quick delivery. F. S. Norton & Son Phoos 220 . . Equalization ... .... .. George Nymahn, att. v Board of Equalization .. .-..-• "•L»"~"J A A. iFangmann, att. Board i of Equalization .... F. J, Coyne, att. Board of Equalization ... .••• 4,00 Olaf Funnemark, telephone service ...... John M. Wilhousen, bounty ... Glen Larsen, bounty ... ... ... Bertha E. Johnson, mlscellan- eour expense .-., Wm. Shirley, traveling expense, etc ••• J. A; McDonald,. com. on delinquent taxes. I has aroused law enforcing »»"%» £-^7BoTeneni, trustee mtg... actloj. Here is the state law. Sec.Ip^'j,. Cody> wee d commls- R049 on car lights; "It shall be un- Blone r '... ..... lawful to use on a vehicle of any 'Fred A. Dlekmann, trustee kind operated on the public high- Lm £'£ oc we r ;'a'tt." Board "of ways of this state, including motor- "•--.....- nyc'les, any lighting device of over four candlepower, equipped with a iel>clor, unless the same shall be so designed and arranged that the directly reflected and undlffused beam of such light when measured seventy-five feet or more ahead of the light shall not rise above forty- two Inches from the level surface on which the vehicle stands under all conditions of load." AT WAVERLY a snow owl took up Us .quarters in one of the Christmas trees on the Bremer avenue bridge and seemed contented except when persons stopped to gaze at It but became enraged when people stopped to stare. Friday afternoon a lady noticing the bird on a Umb, stopped to look but no sooner had she done so than the owl flew at her, striking painful blows at her face with both wings and causing her to make a hasty get-away. SINCE 1926 efforts have been made at Fayette to secure a rock from every state in the UnionL- to be used In the construction of a fire- ptale In the "Hill-Top"^ church house in that town, to be completed In time for the 81st anniversary ob- of the founding, """ ""•» C Pr &N.' W.' '.B'y' Co.',' 'freight ".'. ' 14.59 Hallway Express Agency, ex- Genieve'Goodrich, pt. payment on W 1-2 Blk. 21 C. B. Merach, labor W. 'F. Kelly, painting Billy Elbert, painting 40.26 Joe Esser, painting •••• "*•» Connie 'Doyle, painting 40.26 Eddie Cullen, painting «•»' Tom Weir, patrol. work ....... 9S.W John Hanselman, patrol work, clmd. $132.60; allowed ........ 1».75 Bert Shellmyer, patrol work.. Retnder Krommlnga, patrol 79.09 work •••• Jack N. Lynch, labor ... ... •• 7.00 J. H. Montgomery, road patrol 2.30 F. A. Selmer, road patrol .. .. 8.00 S D. McDonald, labor ... 8.00 Elmer Swing, road patrol .... 14.90 Alton Pettlt, road patrol L. E. Mueller, road work .. .. 8.60 John S. Nelson, road patrol ;. Oscar Earing, road patrol 125.00 . t ^,K^^^ miles west, and a half mile north of Sexton, on Friday, January 9 VF ' __-.„«»• -nr * n*v*r Aw sinmTMIkfl 90.00 70.40 SALE STARTS AT 1 P..M. SHARP LUNCH WAGON ON 8.00 4.0ft v .55 4.00 C. A. Lamoreux, road patrol.. Wm O Ludwlg, road patrol.. Albert 'Looft, dragging 4.00 "* 6.75 18.74 UIUIUCIII. *»*»*"' »,• "• . •.^i ' .M* Jl IK E Hovey, county sheriff.. 467.44 C. A. Samson, assisting sher- _• tff .... , , ,.., 78.W Mary"K.' Sands, clerical work. . 76,00 Martha Harris, labor in clerk's; off ice .. '• Frank W. Elbert, att. assessor mtg •••• ....•••• Wash Harris, att. assessor mtg. Lbuie"'Wolf, dragging A R Crulkshank, dragging E! R. intermlll, dragging ... Albert Wlttkopf, dragging . Dan Froehllch, dragging .. L, A Boleneus, dragging .. O.-R'. Olson, dragging ... . Clarence Green, dragging ... IB111 Buech, dragging^... ... Frank Rakow, dragging «•» Lyle Blair, dragging jg Loren Byers, dragging »,»< J, Hofbauer, dragging »•» Sam Harr, dragging ... ...-.-. &••<*> Holcomb & Wallentlne, dragging 103.60 93.60 24.60 89.90 126.00 126.15 96.00 27,00 14.3-' 19.6 18.40 4.13 48.00. 3.16 15.00 9.76 19.50 4.00 4.00 H. A. Adams, dragging Henry Nelson, dragging Carl iF. Anllker, dragging ' — 7.50 17.25> W, J. Bourne, att. assessor ' ''" •rnttf Henry 'Nelson, att. assessor A™ /.' Sel'ler!' att.''assessor mtg 4.00 .75 5.25 , »*»**eo-"o •> '• iKn\ 1W.J. 'Bourne, dragging J.su Roy Elchorn. dragging «.00| John Phillips, dragging »•« Wm. Speipher, dragging 23.25 Leo G. Studer, dragging ,»•«> Geo. B. fitrelt, dragging .. John A. Sleper, dragging .. John H. Schuejer, dragging Peter N. Thilges, dragging J E. Thill, dragging Jesse Harms, dragging. 40.69 and ' the at once. specimens have arrived work will be completed Each stone will be labeled, showing: what state tt represents. POCAHONTAS COUNTY 1 , baa evolved a new plan In taklns care *, iiapoor, The board of supervisors >s advertising for email three or four room houses to be moved to the county farm, where the poor can be taken care of muc- —«— than in the towns and, an of rent. The board has „ tried the plan with «, J It works so'well that they will a larger trial Clare M. Erlckson, att. assessor mie. ,'.. - •• •••• 4 -°° Fenton Reporter, pub. notice and ptg. ballot ••• •••/ Wl Haggard & Backus, pub. del. tax. descrip.; clmd. $17.53; al- „ lowed .',, •" > '158.80 Hutton & Jenks, pub. delln. Advance'ip'ub." Co',! »^P"«» & board proc., clmd. $266.01; al-» lowed 33.00 21.00 102.S7 17.04 24.00 36.25 Bert Grinn'e'lVs Electric Shop, Bancroft ' Register,' punchlns ledger "heets ...... Typewriter Exchange no., sup» piles .,** *• .,.*•.*•*• Crescent Printing Co., sup- 253,28 8.73 3.76 6106 tica>3<2 **•*•"••••» ,—-—"«—"% ^ Herman Runksmeler, dragging Calvin Rlppentrop, dragging . Henry Thilges. dragging 10|W Ted Hoover, dragging -•• **™ Edward (G. Hot, dragging ., •• A, E. Weaver, dragging •Ward & GoeU, dragging H. J iPresthus, dragging .. •• j. A. Lloyd, dragging Gust J. Koppen, dragging .... Tony Kollasch, dragging John Ufkea. dragging ... ... •• W. 'F. MoFarland, dragging^... ?fift| C. C ipreerk, dragging «-"" A. M. Gustafson. dragging ... »•" C. C. Anderson, dragging .... 30,» K. J. 'Fox, dragging W¥l Frank Fox, dragging ., Frank Dleri, dragging George Clhk, dragging . C, C.-Baas, dragging ... •-• •-- ..-MI T' T oiTCotoflt rtrairclnK .. ,. 16.00 [ u. 63 Head of Livestock 63 8 Head of Horses 8 sorrel colt coming 2 yrs. old. .; • ;^__^__j Two good milking Shorthorn cattle Will be fresh in February 53 Headof Hogs 5$ Twenty Duroc brood sows; 5 Spotted Poland China brood sows; Poland China boar; 1 Hampshire boar; 26 Durpc fall pigs, 85 White Leghorn Hens and Pullet*—19 Mixed Hea«. 1 Spotted Farm Machinery _«n'» Reformatory, supplies.. Koch Brothers, supplies ...... O W Brickson Hdw.. supplies Botsford Lumber CQ., »upplle» Haggard ft Backus, pub. Boart Pr,'w.-Pr«er/ seryice ren- 17t(8 2.38 wayne "•«»-;• .• ao.SSl Fay iMinard, labor 2601W. J. 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