Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 24, 1908 · Page 14
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1908
Page 14
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3 A Z Z TT E T I M E S T if U E S D AY. J) EC J? ;i B F. It 2 1 , lisf G fT IIB V I T T B B IT l G H Holiday Cotillion for Girls .'rT ? :7.v-' ' T7 - 7- -7.7 . O 7 7 jO , ,1 1T ? an iDomnuaren m rasmonaoie jcnoois jive w me root Cotillion f ir School Girl WELL-TO-DO CHILDREN REMEMBER UNFORTUNATES HAT FOR STREET WEAR! Reception and Dance In Suburban Club House And Boys in the RUtenhouse Some- cf . the -Fashionable Private Schools Give. Christmas Gift-, . ..nr- .!h,v. rv. -:Jv :' to the Poor. Mrs. t. V. Dean and Her Daughters Give Handsome Dual Affair in Edgewcod. Mrs. W, DeWees Wood Gives Cay Dance for Daughter, Miss Gertrude DeWees Wood. Christmas exercises In some of the prl- 1 COCIETY NOTES TREAT F0RF00R TOTS. Farrjiington Aid Socitty WD1 Enter- tain This Aft-moon. Tl.-e Fsrniiis.on Ail f.vM-.iy this cft--noon wi.l toil its annual Cliristntas t.-at 'u the Cycloraroa biWinir. Irwin iukI lieecU fivenvf;t. North Side. There wUI le &a imcnente CI ntmas tre:, eian--atelj decorated end hung witn present, the great majority f.f which, however will be arranged ir.cath the trr- tenay for eary. distnoution to the jxr children w'no w.ll be ntertaind by h' ocity. Mrs. ilarry Tar lis niton ytar will proA-id-s the to, which wJl 1-e given to every ciriH. Khe ha do-.a tiiis for a rrjrnber of ye.r- and ha generously aJded the society in its wcrt among tl-e destitute and the sick In th lower part of the North Stdv. Aftr the toy have beet given ntt the chilljen will sit on the fv-r a.d have then- u- cream and cake und w'th a box of caruy and orange tney ili t snt home at o o'clxJe. 'i he feat will berui at 2 o'c!cl-Mls Isabel Chf-lfant is prtiMect of th9 society. vate- schoolii in th dty ejv attended with donations by the chUdrtn to be cis- i trlbntad to others not so well off as them- MISS L WOOD SHAKES HONORS GIoor-Gutelins. NRW FTORENCE, PA., Dec 23. (Special.) At the homo of the bride's 'parents, Mr.; and Airs.' Arnold Gloor. this morning at 11 o'clock was solemnized tho manias of M8S Ncra Lydia Gloor and Tbomas Oldt Outelius, the latter of Johnstown. The Rev. Henry Voctrtiy. The first, of the holiday dantca for tie y.unrer fc'ool set w:ts the cotHIfmi given last evening in the Kiitmliouwe by Airs. W. IteU'ow Wood. .he nitUrtalr.ed l'Qr V.or votuik daughter. JHsa Gertrude Da-os Wood. i.nd for Miv Laura Wood, dsier of Mrs. Ausr.ixtus Gross Ma cOon-;e;i. Miss tiertrude IcVVeH Wood ex selves. In . Miss Mitchell's school, Fifth avenue and Clyde street, contributions of clothing and provisions were received and sent to various eer.cies for distribution tc Ui poor, a larf?e portion being sent to th Soho Baths Settlement house and to Mr-a. Hc!m3 of the Fatst Er.d Visltiri? Nurses' aaspciation. At Misa Gleim'a school yesterday morn-leg tho children gave a" little entertainment. In which a numbex of Christmas carols were sung-. . Charles F. Welier of the Associated Charities (rava a Fhort ad-drss. nd the dfts of toys, broucht by tho pupila, were sent to the Children's hospitaL' The primary and kindergarten drlMre-n in - MIes Shaw's privata school, Baum A larga reception wag given yestcrflay aTtf-rnoon ia th Edgswood x;lub hotise, tlje hostess being Mrs. E. W. Dean, who was assisted by her daughters. Miss Cecil Dean and Mios Anr.eite Dean. , The hours were from 3 o'clock until "5. ind over 200 guests wera In attendance. The hostess worn a handsome gown of brown mescaline satin, Mlas'Cectto Pean being In lose-colored Liberty silk and Miss Annette Dean in whit chiffon over pick silk. The club was decorated in nea and led, with ropes cf foylhera sinllax and wreaths of holly tied with scarlet ribbon.' The rtaj? was b.-ink-d with palms, ferns and Mexlcan polnsctta, ard lehind this screen were Bftated the musicians. Large ecarlet Cuiidtmaa blis hungr from the chandeliers. A&slstirig in receiving w-a & group of aids. Including Mrs. i"rak S. Shf-i!en- pastor of the "Evangelical Lutheran church, officiated. The bride, who wore a white messaline satin gown, empire faslUoned and trimmed with lace, wts attended by Miss Catherine F. Kelly , of Johnstown, as maM of honor. Clarence Brown o Johnstown whs best man. The wedding march was played ..by Miss 8arah A. Guteiius, a. sister of the groom. The color scheme was pliik and white. Many out-of-town guests were present. After , a wedding trio Mr. and Mrs. Guteiius will live la Johnstown. street. East Knd, heM their Christinas exercises yeaterday af tArnoon, a tree be- v. f r pects to entr robls Ferry next fall and ppri'lj tie greater part of each year with her mother st their sur-'.mr home, Ft. Jolir. iUnor, Rich field Springs, New York. Tl. bail room for th dance last evening was decorated in th holiday colors. i1 Rjid preen, with holly and Mexican Ittjrwetta, the balcony at the Bide, fitting acliJtlraMy Into tlie decorative scheme, holly and lanrd being looped against It ruth red ribbons. In the balcony, supper was served at small table.-?. Three flgrures wore ria need late In the even'QR. tho first being led by William 2'enn Snyder. - Jr., with Miss Gertrude DeWttf Wood: tl.e second by William It. 7?lB.lr, Jr., with Miss Laura Wood, and th. third by Raymond Holland, -who ilar.fedl withMiss Gertrudo De Weed Wood. The f-ivora were pretty novelties and were distributed by Mrs. Persifor F. Srv.'th, ilr. Charles P. Orr and Mrs. Wil-lUm J. Holland. irj provided fcr th kJnders.'arten department. The childcn in their games wore fancy caps. The rooms were decorated with- holly and srollax. The pruesta included the parents and friends of the children. Tea was served. The hours wer from. S o'clock until 5. beiger, Miss Frances Stailenbergcr, Mrs. Frederick Rohrer, Mrs. Chaies Dinkey, Mrs. F. M. Mechlins. Mm. O. JL Mtfi r y, Mrs. Charle3 C. vmiock, Mrs. T. S. Grubbs, Mrs. Alfred Corey, Mrs. C. R McKlllips. Mrs. W. M. Brown, MUs Mabel Harlow and Miss Campbell. Iir the evening the illsses Dean gar a dance for 200, ths guests including the younger people of Edgewood and Wilkins-buig. with many from tl city. - " Highberger-Turlow. Miss Jean Montroee HIghbergrer, daughter of Mrs. Herman J. Hlghberger of Green street, Wukinsburg, and Elreer 1L Furlow of Lancaster, Pa., were married last evening- by U:e Rev. A. F. Baum, pastor of the Mifflin Avenue Methodist Episcopal church, at the parsonage. The attendants were Miss Susan M. Hlg-hberger, sister of the bride, and Roy Thornburg of Swissvale. A dinner was trtven by the bride's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. p. P. Hlshberger, at their home in Hay street. After a wedding MISS FRICK WAS GUEST OF HONOR AT BRIDGE A very smart,-'though simply trimmed hat Is shown ia the accompanying cut, the trimming consisting of wide velvet draped around the crown and a bird of paradise placed on the right side. The model was a gTay beaver in round shape, trimmed .with -black velvet, and the bird of , paradise was in mort-dore tint. - ----- trip Mr. -and Mrs. Furlow will reside hi Mrs. Edward Yose 3abeock Snter-tained ia Honor of Ker Sisters from Read ins:. Fads and Fashions Sleeve puffs have etitf re'.y disappeared. Bear Is revived somewhat among furs. The new handbag almost a. carpet- Wiuitnsburg. Chats With the Girl Who Works By One of Them. 3irth.day Party. The Lonely at Christmas. The home of . Mrs. J. Keller of runloe avenue, North Side, waa the scene of a An informal bridge party was given yesterday afternoon by Miss Harriett Balken prettily arranged party on Tuesday even. ing in honor of Mrs. Keller's on, George 1T$E CHEISTJIAS DINNER. V. Keller, who celebrated his twenty first birthday anniversary. to serve at r H A.T i b.-;:t way at Christmas, nrrust be a desperately - lonesome thing.- Heaven only knows how many such friendless mortals there are in this city! The only part they have in this great festival Is to see the gay show-windows and the bU3tle of the shops; and to witness the eager joy with which folks who have families and friends prepare hap 99 i ne attests included Miss McBollen, Mies L.n!a Keller. Misa Stella Kller in her homo in College avenue, East Ecu, In. honor cf Miss Helen Clay Flick. The gueat3 included only intimate friends of the honor guest, most of them being the girls who assisted at her coming-out party last week. Four tables were In play and prizes were won at each. Rodney D. Day, Misa Balken's fiance. M a 1 V TT Mrs. Margaret Miller, Mr3. A. Spanasie. New money for Xmas We wiD be pleased to extend the courtesy, cf supplying you with crisp new bills, and bright shiny gold in , any denominations for , the purpose of gift-giving. Old money taken "in eschan ge. Commonwealth Trust Co. Capital Scrplus jd Profits, $2,930,000.00 Commoix w e ! ill Bailinj 312 Focrth Avenc T haven't a sont in the world!" She took the pins out of her . mouth, put her bead, on en side, and eyed the length of my new walking. .skirt, as ehe uttered this melancholy statement. . "It. makes a pretty lonesome Christmas, she added, as she went on applying tape measure and pins ia the interest of a stylish aspect on my part. "Nobody? I said, tryiDg to think how that would feel. "Nobody, she answered. "Father and mother died when I was a child. I have -Mr, xvi. uoilen. Mrs. Kate Matz. Mrs. Josephine jabelle, A. B. Bolien, Sr.. A tiOOse, cuck or iurx.ey fcimu 1; her The oueation'a often asked; but who DectrkH when doctors m i s? B. Bollen, Jr., A. Peterman, Jr., Walter pinesses for eacn other, a line tning that a a. sine tmng tnat a viaiz. j. E isner, Matt Uelsler and H. W. JJ-ubach. hag. The strongest vogue in gowns la still the Grecian line. Th sash is & little less prominent than a few weeks ago. Palest shades of maroon and pearl are favorites la gloves. Embroideries ai e very rich, but . are sparingly used on the finest costumes. Vicing with the net waist Is a sheer fine mouHseline, very much like cloth. Iong-trailing and tight-fitting gowns are prominent for elaborate evening functions. Barrettes are wider and broader ta heretofore and almost cover the head under the knot. One cf the skirt fads of the season Is the ornamenting of the back panels, while the front Is entirely unrelieved. A few very wealthy and very luxurious worneii of Paris are wearing wonderfully exoultdte hand-painted opera cloalcs. x can it loneiy their engagement having been announced JhTnS0?1 IS-f frta,teLhaVJCt Srf nt ral months ago, -will spend Christmas the priceless gift of friendships, should in pn-tsbura-h as a riet at the Ralben try to forget' her solitude in making hap- "ttsmi gb 3 1 at th alken an oM tra- Holiday Card Party f.iS' First, there t3 .'('?. tiition A home. pmess for needier ones. That's a pretty On Saturday afternoon the Woman's Mrs. . Edward Vose Eabcock was host Southern society will have a card party in the RUteiihouse, which will be ess at an mf ormai fcrinse - party which she gave in her home at Ellsworth avenue and Colonial place yesterday afternoon. iV Known to many cocks yet Hiring. hat the gcose is best . for Ciixlstmns. And the turkey for Thanks- glins. Chrl3tmas party for the members and party no brothers and sisters. I have worked for my living since I was a Kttle girl." "But you have friends," I reminded her. "Everybody ' has friends. Pome-times they are - dearer, even than relatives." 1 --: -' ': :- - ;, She smiled a little bitterly. .. "There won't be , a soul," she eaidt their friends. The euetts will be re- ids. her guests being- asked to meet her eis-ters. Miss" Ella Arnoid and Miss Anna ceive.l by the president, Mrs. Edward II. Ward, and the members of the social Arnold of Reading. , There were 2ve committee Mrs. Howell Van Biarcom. tables in play. Christmas decorations good solace for loneeomeness, Bnt oh ! if some one would only think of these all-alone ones themselves! Just to the' extent of making them feel there is a warm thought for, them somewhere. If -there is a girl in your, office, or at your counfer in the -store, 'or near you in the workroom, who is dull and shy and awkward never seems to have friends lacks ,tha qualities that charm friends to her let her be the one to whom you send the dainty little calendar or boolc or perfume... You may not have thought of doing so. Christmas presents, like human beings, gravitate toward the popular girl. chairman; Mrs. M. R. Porter. Mrs. T. C. prevailed, and after the game-was over Ward, Mrs. J. M. Nesbit. Mrs. W. Mur ray Carr, Miss Henrietta-Costin and Mrs. tea was served. Mrs. John Winslow Hubbard and Mrs." John G. Jennings presiding For the smaller fur pieces fox and lynx are the favorite pelts, Juut as able and ermine are tst-t choice for evasions. at the tea table. . "who cares enough about me to send me a Christmas present. But there are some," she added, brightly, "who are more unfortunate than I, And I 'try -to make myself a merry Christmas by sending them a few things. It's something to be able to give a uttle." - "It's everything," I -was going to tell her. But I caught it back quickly. As I looked down at the stooping form and hard-working hands it occurred to me Z'J anot'.ei Lit of wisdom bays, at Christmas-time perve duck. And there's nothing wroJig with chicken, Jf the fo-s3 have had bad luck. And if on the day we're happy. And In che-nfiJ, hungry mood, A pislr. hit Of steak or sausage Or tried eggs tahte mighty good. So U really does not matter. Whet we eat, or how or when; Jf we have the Christmas spirit, "Peace on erth, ood will to men. Mother's Festival. Nuwadav. -when in too many places, But Just try diverting one . from its natural track. Switch it over to the unpopular girl, .whom nobody knows or Aui3 c Makmson, Bradford-Chess. Tha wedding of Miss Rachel H. Bradford and William G. Chess took place last evening in the bride's home in Crafton. The ce-remcny was performed by the Rev. G. P. Atweil, pastor of the Hawthorne Avenue Presbyterian chnrch. The bride is a popular young woman of Crafton and the groom a well-known young business man. After a wedding supper the eouple left for au eastern trip, and on their return will reside in Creighton avenue, Crafton. that it was not everything. Good cares aoout. ' you may never get to know It, but t couia wager that ycu will have kind- CFFICIAI 1TTTSJ5 CBGIl. it is to give, it is very sweet to receive when the . gift signifies a warm personal affection for us somewhere. And not to have anybody in all this wide world who thinks of you in that led a surprised little glow of warmth and joy in a numan heart, and made it less pitiably lonely on Christmas morning. motherhood is becoming a mismanaged and misunderstood ' factor of our life; end Its Importance underrated, the Chtiat jas lesson is particularly valuable, be PRINCETON WINS AT cmno it essence is the blessing of ma- Wallace-Brown. From tKe" tmitv. The tendency of modern econ Christmas Cheer For 1,500,000 Unfortunates rrvAc strife and commercialism is to finest lace to the lower the regard In which that vitally Harvard Second in Tournament, Kr &t function la held. thickest Voolen, Wiss Cards were Issued yesterday by ; Mr. and Mrs. George M. Zahniser, announcing the marriage of their daughter, Mrs. Sara B. Wallace, and Dr. David Albert Brown at noon, in their home in Fre- Apart, therefcre, from a'.l theological WM Columbia Third and Yale Last. Scissors cr Shears cut (No. or..) AN ORBINANCK AuthcHrir-g th city coutroiler to en.plcy an expert ;c the i- amiaatlon of cerUon municipal bond. tSecfUiO 1. lie it ordatr ed and enacted : by the city of Fittshrgh rn celt cud common eounc3! assembled, it U h rtjy ordained and enacted by tTa av-thority of the ame. That the city controller Is hereby authorized tfirecifed ' : to employ an expert in the examira.ti'ju . of municipal bonds frrm those sug-mted by Nsw York boi.d purchasers dclr.us t : bid ci the same, for the purpose of a- . slating the city cc stroller In the prewar a- : tlon of the forms, proceedings, e-ts., in he matter of the Uaue of boad a.-ttfcorii5ei by the Tote of tr f'.ectcm en November . tc unA 13 frarcing the iwie In , such manner Uiat such bonds will 1-e ia the mort s&labie form and briag the highest msxket possibiw, and a that tl. -examination of-the legality of the pio-coedlEJ: by purchas-ra ct sveh hnnii w:i " NEW YORK, Bee 23. Although beaten clean and sharp" that's why enrJ consideration, the Christ-time brings forward, and c'othes with august slg' rUflcm.iCe, the primary fact of mother aonia. Only the members of the im in the final round by Harvard, Princeton's if chess players carried off final honors ia Salvation Army, : Through "Kettle Contributions., to Feed Immense Army, v mediate family were present. Dr. and Mrs. Brown will take a . short eastern trip ana alter two weeks will go to Cherrv the eveiiteeith annual chess tournament with Columbia, Yale and Harvard tsrhich to when the best :s ait absolute necessity, se Wifs exclusively. They cost no more than inferior brands, and the trace mark is your puarsntee absolute satisfaction or a new pair or your money back. Jopufcrr Stylaa COc to 2.00, ooo rdXcr to mlxm Ttee, where they announce "at homo'' days after January 15. has been in progress here for the past three days. . . - starting tne iasi aay ox-piay with, a .Where you sec - t ,", lead of two points over Harfard, the A Hie WISS GIRL SIGN next college In standing, Princeton scored be drpod'tsl and tii ' proceeia c- wii . bonda can be received an soon sjc poartbi ; tfter eaie of the tIne. Th price paid for such service eha3 1 points in her match with Harvard That dealer sells -the 'Br st Shears asl Celebrate Wedding Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schroedel of En-flekl avenue, Shadyside, will give a re-cepiton, followed by a larga dinner otj Christmas day, the affair being ra celer oration of the'r twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. The Schroedel home will be prettily decorated for the occasion. " . a color scheme of green and white predominating, while in the drawing? and dining rooms holly and poinsetta will be used. against 2i for the Cambridge players and ic:ssors tor every, conceivable use, . at the end . of the - tournament had 11 hood ai.d cluldViOod which are the basis cf rxletr. . Ad not alone, do we worslls the mrtlier and child; all mothers, ail children 8Ja glorified and touched with the loacic wand of the sacred time. Slier ly does Christmas preach the pros-pel of conquertn? weakness. , The hard fr!e of "To the Victor Belong the S noils and "Business is Business." a'il those appeals to the doctrine of brute f.rc and material thines, are hushed In tr. softer, spirit, tup holy claims of ma-if rnlty.' Mothers, the world -'vide over, rhta t Christmas time: th littW boys and gils, th older ones who have fled j'rnm tho home nest ill return to the Khclt'rtngr r.ing: of mother. For to woman wa3 born the Christ, and ever elnce his motherhood been gTa-cw'P and glorified, (Oopyr'ght. 180a. by V. G. Chapman.) ' AUTOMOBILE MISHAP..' tBr AssocurxD Pases to Gazettx TaiES.l NEW YORK, Dec. 23. A -million and a half men. women and children throughout the country, Including 125,003 in Greater New-"' "York.' city alone, will be supplied with dinners, and upwards . of 4.000 destitute New York ch'idren will be given toya on ; Christmas day from the proceeds of this year's Salvation Army "kettle" contributions. - . In Manhattan on " Christinas 4,000 persons will receive baskets, each containing dinner enough for five. A thousand more such baskets will b& distributed in Brook points to her credit to Harvard's 64, be a flr and rwavonzJb? turn, to r Ilxp-J by the mayor jjid city contrcUer, ani shall bo payable out of fuance fund. No. 43. ; Sec 2. That any ordinance or part of. ordlnar.ee conflict Ui with the pro-Xf4on! of this crdlnacca, fce a. id the earn a is . ColumbJa tfeffeated Yale by 2 to' 1 in today's - match, and the Blue and JWhite finished!". third with points, one below 1 herebv repealed, to far as th wrsi a?- - Harvard's-.raark. Yale - was - fourth with on e point less than Columbia, scoring i Students Holiday Notes. 1 The alumni, seniors and juniors of the points. ' The records shew 'the tourna I ferts" this ordinance. J Ordained and eea?td too a law In ' 1 councils, this Hth day of December, A. ' 1 D. HfJ5. ' I E. R. WALTERS. President of Etlect ment to have been the closest in the his lyn. Clothing also Will be given out. Commander Eva Booth said today , that her idea, and that of the other army officials, was to give Christmas cheer to all who lack it most, whether so-called tory cf the series. - , - ICounciL Attest: li. J. MARTIN. Cleric lef gf.lect Co-cr.ciL WILLIAM BRAND. I President of Comnscn Council. Attrt: Christmas ia Sowiciley School?. "good' or "bad" characters. She added Driver Takes Desperate Chance to interesting unnstoias programs were that the demand for aid this year had teen 25 per cent greater than that of last 70& 8A2S BT a.l7..lcGloyuGo. 642-644 Liberty Avenue C opposite iKui aicar.) given in the ; various rooraa of th Se- Avert Accident. year, while the hard times had resulted Pittsburgh Central High school, will give an informal dance December 3), la the Pennwood club. Wllkhisburg. In honor of Miss Martha Sand a " and Marguerite Giafey, who are home from Wilson college, to spend the holidays. Miss Given will entertain at a luncheon at McCreery's on Saturday, Engagement Is Announced. SHARON. PA., Dec. 23. (Special.) At an informal party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Krang, 'the engagement of Miss Selma rZ. Franke of Baltimore Md., and Joseph P. Kittridge of th3 place was announced. The date for the wedding has not been set. wickley public schools yeeterday after KOBERT CLAlilv, CTerlt cf Ctiamon Ccuncll. . Mayor's Office, DecerrtVT 16, Ifr8. Approved: GEORGR W. GITTHRIEL Martr. Attef: WALTER R. BLACK, Mayer' Secretary. Recorded In Ortftnance fcook. volime i, page 62, I6th day of DecemLer. J-S. in smaller " contributions than had been received la .other years. T &vert a serious collision with & delivery 'vapon and another automobile, H. noon. In th auditorium the high. Bchool Among the donations received by Miss T. McCurdy of Bsllevie was compelled presented, a cantata. . Booth in behalf of the Salvation Army to drive hi automobile ocr a curoetone is a large 17-room house,, valued at $20,000, Jtnd rain.it the steps of the Firrt National fc.ixik In Beaver street, -.wlckley. at Long Branch. N. J., which will be This is the name they have: yesterday afternoon. Several peufstrlans p t'-rowly t scared beinr hurt. used as a refuge home or orphan asylunr. The donor is a wealthy woman who prefers to have her identity remain Xingsley House Prints Its Own News T im Bin of Resorts The Gazette will fuxxlh. tr cf c&rv, booklets as& folders lsrud Oy the dlffareat &oteU, teaznaaip aad rallroajl enrpad adTr-tl4 belotp lso all laX-rrrnaUoa m to rata, routes. ch.4nle, etc. XvSriam 3BAJ be salt ltlLr 1& person or Ty mail. The car was but slightly damaged and fr. 'McCurdy experienced riothlnsr vroraa than a srvers thiUng up. Gazette Times Pattern The first issue of the Klngsiey House Cews from the new print shop recently Another acquisition of value to the army !s a new home for young women. Chocolate established, was circulated yesterdav. a site for which ha3 been purchased in Several of the older members of the Los Angeles, Cal. The building . will be Boys' club will have a chance to larn erected at a cost of $35,000. 9t 46' Billets1 printing. Both the Klngsiey house papers, the News and the Record, will AUGUSTA. GA. ''rr OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. SALVATION ARMY FEEDS 6,170 come from the House Dresses, and n K i t Nip'' effort will, be made to secuiV outnidf work. The News contains, items of in This is, the way .they look: Poor Get Shoes and Baskets of Food terest to the clubs and classes connected with Kln&s!ey house. The price is 1 cent .Tomorrow. lb (0 a copy. TWO CRUISES TO TH1 One thousand baskets of food, each enough for six persons' dinners will bo r-"D r "' 4J f 'MiSrl AUGUSTA GA. Most masnineentiy turaiBted Winter Resort Hotel la America s Idoal winter climats. TJnexciled cu'-Ri".. Splendid or. chcsUrtL, Golf, riciiny, driving, motortns, c Write for bookie. l!w York office, 2 Si Flfh Av. MAEEIAGS LICEIISES. The foUowin marriage licenses were Issued Weekly Irora. New Tctk, foHy-flve htUf by twia crew 8. rt. "Bermuiian. -Tort nightly to Rermada ct 7Cmm In rVbra&ry and Iarch by S. - 8- "Zrlni'lad. given to 1,000 poor families In Pittsburgh bv Lhe Salvation Army tomorrow morn WEST jtesterday. wiat I-ee Wallace ...............Mi Keesport ............ ...MK.ee3port This is the mark on the boxt ing. Each basket will contain a pamphlet is.sued by the bureau of health, giving instructions on tho prevention of tuberculosis. At the Salvation Army Industrial Home for Girls In Bellevue a dinner will be given to about 40 girls. ' wmm Anni Carney Wiliiard F. Gosnll... k Cnl Hom9teBd Louise C tuhlTnler .Carnegie ...Coneauf-ill HOTEL BQN AIR, Hoy Pffieli NVili V. Garlhan Thirty poor children wni receive a at the Slum settlement in Wyiie ave .. . Munhail AVCbSXA. u.i. Now open. Eairycd and remod Janitd K. T.'ug'in. ....... lella richalt nue, and 100 homeless men will be given a dinner at the Diamond sauare shelter. Hhoes for 150 poor children were bought eled; now acconmoiiaro 400. Xxcatd ia New S. iH. "Guiana" and ether taasr fortnirbtly for fet.- Thuraa, fit. Croix. 6t-Kt;4. An tig u. Doralaica. Gsadaioopw, lisj-tinique, . HI. Lucia, Larbadoea aal Denierara. For lUiiitrat(S pamphlet, ;am(i to. writ X. H. O I TEKB BJXK7 E & CO., Ari. 'Sueboc S. S. Co Ltd., 29 Broadway. New Tork. - ARTHUR AKERN. Sj.Qn-fcec, Canada, or J. J. McCormick, v Pmitbflcld -; Flrat KaUocal Lanis. JiJ Fitth Ava. KU-harii K. l-indsay.... Pittaburgh ..rittuburgh .............. Hideiburg Br!1geviil Erad-iock ..North Braddx;k TVIN-SCKZV C2U1SINC STEAMSHIr OCEANA Leaves New York Janus ry 234 February 27ta Trty year encrirae fs ce riaciag aa4 crraauctirf crolaea caattrea . tfftcie: suaaftiaaK. w'Dy Cost, tlZ cd cr Oltvc K. Stewart nt&dl eouta, aa xcellent climKt tor northern tourUtg. All ott:do.:T sports. Best with money subscribed by the pupils or Forest K. Dominic l'Torwe P. Thompson. soif coarse ia souta witu compiteiy 4Uid. clubhcus. 10 downtown schools. Principal: Graham of the Grant . school reported a pathetic case cf seif -sacrifice. Tony Moses, Ml r i Manasses Ptuillnbergr, UizIk Wl3lcy , A109 M-ns "" Kronteoac Hotfl. Tfcouad newsboy, had no money. - Ho went out ..Pittsburgh ..fittaburgh Wilmercllng ..Pittsburgh and sold papers, saved 15 cents, and Isia.nds, JN. X. urned it all into the Subscription. John I.,, Kniroa F. llani.a , Charles filter ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. &utterii'a .....McKeesport Margaret l. McLaygTUln HE MAY BE TRAIN'ROSBER. Oarles Eirkel FittsburRh Scad or wtw TMvmwtmk Wak 4a-acrifciaf ifta aa4 ackar crataaa ta tke Qrfem, Jae4.tcfrasa, ate Embcr-Amerlcin Line 41-4 Bmawtr. Kw Y.ic V d Sophia L. Klein...., Going to Earopi w Fittsburph 4 Man in Jail Said to Be Perpetrator Wansw Alien ntteburh HOTEL TRAYMORE Miu-i Allen Pittsburgh Her.ry a. rurcell Plttebursrh of ?40,000 Hold-Dp. y ST. PAUL, MINN., Dec. 23. George T. Myrtle I. Kverhart PittsburKh FallWlntsrSiirlnSumnBr First National Ba1c. Cor. fth A.. & Trotxi St. J.' J. IZcCorrulck & Cx. let Stni:hSei4 tet. Uertliua .Sarl- a Ttq-: Co., Hi Ffth Ava. Lot&a lluetr Co, 11S KmlthCald St. Frackhauser, alias Ed Smith, alias Frank William J. Augensteto Library Anna Stevens Fair Haven Russell C. Ltfco..... .CoraciX)iie Ilauser, believed by . James Murnane.-Ber- H O T E L DENNIS Safety Steadiness Comfort . on the Hamburg "American Line Hancborj drrect, S. 8 Pretoria, reem-fcer 15. Gitr&Jtar, Napie, Geao "ri Azores, 8. 6. Hamburg; J&uofcy . Varis raltvrn No. S102. MISSES' TUCKED SHIRTWAIST. All Seams Allowed. Alice C. Jerome ..Coraopolis tillon expert, to be the man who, with a companion, re-bbed the Oriental limited This is ths Chance for You to Get Acquainted ZATEK ttmkt are the brand new sensation of thechocolate-Ioving worldl ; Made of real, solid, dcli-ciously flavored chocolate. The daintiest morsel for after ; luncheon or dinner. Smooth and velvety. ;): Wrapped in foil jackets - q utte the - thing for pocket - to - mouth service for busy folks. To be had wherever sweets . are soli. In fifty boxes at 30c and 50c Or ia odd quantities, as you will! Wiliiain Taylcr PlttshurgJi U beaatifulhr situated, dlM-stly fadsc tlx eceta, and is open tie atir year. train on the ureat jvorthern-railroad near part Vet , FitUbursa Notwithstanding all that has been said Rondo, Mont., on- September 19, 1907,, of Bot and cold sea wtr la private Dtas. WALTER J. BUZBT. Paul C. Weuer rittsburgh aoout 3w,t, is unner arrest .at.; Moor- Irene E. Miller..... ....Piubursh head. MiM. Rewards agfrreEAtinE- S13.W0 John J. Anderson .......Dunlevy have been oiterea ror nis capture aadcon- BILTMORE, N. C. uora iau Dunlevy John A. McOonnel! .........New 8heffiell viction. . . After the robbery two men, said to, be Oria E. Tustla ....Clinton French Line CAMPAGNIK ORKEHALE TH AN 3A TI,A rt-TlQtt. IJIKECT LiT.'E TO HAVilF PAK38 (FRJLNCXT ) esliicif arery Tburlay at 10 A. M. Prc-m Pier 42 2.rh Tiir, foot Ucrm ac 1a frTveaca.Ic. I. BreiAjra..-..JJi. M Tji Ixrraice.. i FTja Jan. It La Toura'r...Jcn. r;l- lrrait.a...aa. U Twin p-rw 3tP-arB.ru. nEXKKAL AUKXCT, J TAI E PT "N. T. Plrtt Kationcl Bark. Tif:h ae- toii V-v4 rt. Raymond A Vhlttorr-b Co.. J Stattb-nM at- Ctioa Fvii?, iiAk. Fnck taii- William G. Chess..., .Crafton the bandits, were arrested in - Spokane where they broke Jail .March 20.,t Since RENltWORTH-IB 11 .. ..t 1 IT T .Crafton John A. ErickHon.... Munha.; mXTMORK. 3f. C. Munhail Kiister? Hansen. John Clakey 30 hours fmcn JJew fork. Pittsburgh a!Vi-.m r.v Vajdrbilf w tamo us eaiate. AI iearl Mitcliel! Pittsburgh ari. O.i . ste3 Packet Co. JAMAICA PANAMA CANAL (COLON) to the contrary, tho shirtwaists of French lianiie. caahinere, silk, heavy linen, Tn-r'nrwicad cotton and messallne are still tu popular everyday attire for the school girl. The fullness of both the front and .Hc;t of tie Illustrated model is put into narrow tucks, bot-. portion? being attached to a tucked shoulder yoke. The rather close-fitting sleeves have two Kroup? of tucks above the wrist, which is iiiihhed with a narrow ruiiie of plaited r..ouHsellne. The waist closes through the center-frort box-plalt with small brass butt'vas. The oattcrn Is in 4 sizes 14 to 17 jours. For a rniKs of 15 years the shirt waist reauirea 3w yards of material Hi litres vide, 2Vd yard 27 ir.rhes wUie. ? vftrds 6 ir.thes wide, or 1 yards 42 inches wio. with i yard of edging. To Hetsre Gaiei Tlmen Patterns. Bend 10 ccY.'ts, together wltVi number of Twnttern. eize wanted (sive aeo if for a ways Ope a. Naw i-.a.cagvrtnt. Ideal climate. Elmer H. Furlc' ...Wilklnrtmr jean ai. mgnoergcr... ...Wilklmib-jrg 717 E. Oblo atret. Ai:teDf. ThPodor Baker ..Pittsburgh Li ill o Kcie Bellevue DARDADOS WINDWARD ISLANDS DAYTONA, FLA. then they have been hunted throughout the country. . German Pre3 Club AnniTersary. The" German Press club will celebrate Its twenty-second anniversary , on Wednesday, January 13. by hcldinir a banquet at the Allegheny Tomer hall. South Canal street. Invitations havo been sent to representatives of all the German societies in the county and to prominent German-Americana in -the profession rd and commercial. life of the city. 5. W Mueller, president of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company, who Is the honorary president of the dub, will he tr : :-i'.::.J-i.. ...... ,:;-'''-' .... '-. -- "''"-:-,. TO'JRS. ZATEK CHOCOLATES In large, flat plcs 5o anj l(Vs "Alvxiys it c Red Wrapper ZATEK COMA 2Bo Btrcsn lienry ,c. se'.K , Oakdale Effle E. Cumminp , Venice Kerry F. McNeill Swissvalft Nanle Maloncy Br&dclock William H. Oiikey, jr..... Munhail AROUND THE nRiP?ITi SETLX TOrilS TO THIJ WTT 1XDIES. fnd or rail for b9okU FIRST NAT'L, BANK. Ht infth Aver ue. J. J. ilcCORMICK CO. E6 Envlthneiid ?t. EATMONU. & WHITC 5Z2 Saii.ii- - 2 eld h. Pi'tstcrh. 6ANCEPJRON ic FOV, 2 5-tat Ft, K. T. Ltltte L. iloke Buena Vista HOTEL .BENNETT DAYTONA, FLORIDA NOW OrS Msuerrt. first claw. homeU'': private bath; whn asrvtce. jcorthrn cookie; garftsa; circular. A. H. and B. LAUK, F.9. . '.- '.. : Ruswell Stilus .s."Willctnsbur FENNSiLVANIA CSOCOUTE CO, Wi.i.iis ""vorld cnuiscs By S. S. ARABIC. t.i. JTeh 4. Vet. It, 19 TOVH3 TO 'JTVS. tS5 CP WIXJUAM M. HKLL Tlnaaa Vrv t JMi, C fclAiUi. CtU. il. I'eESl-j Lippincott ...Wilkinsbun? famuel W. CaWwoll.4.B ...pitts'jurrh thud's, garment), and your name and r.dd piaiiv written, to The GAZETTE V&JZS, PiiUh.vsb, rk. .... Kfna .tl1 isit..,...,J!Ji.,,...,v..ittiburtb.

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