Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 18, 1930 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1930
Page 8
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»^ 4 M A - (" t" ?' f «i iJ. v M ^ Holiday Season At this Holiday Season—a .eason sig. n.ficant of service—we express our hope that the telephone haj brought you something of enjoyment and well- being. Through the past year we have tried to umish dependable, prompt, accurate and courteous' service. We face the new year, RESOLVED . . That we will continue our earnest endeavor to carry out our company policy—to provide the most and best possible telephone service at the least cost to the public. MORE BGGSat _ • - * •w COJT ALL- A BALANCtW , RATION IN EVERY PELLET — ^—^ ^^m The new pellet form f te,A "RATION. MASH EGG PELLETS Egg making is It's them to feed this new feed. HenTaon t Every pellet is "RATIONIZED"— guesswork-is 'ileaner' aid' more 7a"ni'ta7v— EsifiS-Ctn^ - every pellet • completely balanced ration. E.P.-2 Kaw Station Cily, IN TFi: GOLDEN BAG ALGONA PRODUCE East State Street 'MILWAUKEE ST PAUL i li Fare A Real Bargain Fares Slashed for the HOLIDAYS for the Round Trip between stations on Ine Milwaukee Road. Spend the Christmas-New Yemr Season with the folks back home With splendid trains on convenient schedules -The Milwaukee Road will serve you well Our local agent will be happy to assist you Wmfo y rr;r Vel Pl8nS f ° rthe h ° liday8 ' ca » °* him for further particulars regarding train serv- «ce and special reduced farea. IMPLEMENTS, CARS BURN IN UKOTA BLAZE Lakota, Dec. i«—Raymond Smith - T - O'clock by the vomi sound of an automobile hdrn, and on looking out a window «aw the Tom Tatnen implement shop* bur«t Into flames. An alarm was turned In, and the fire company worked hard for the r.eat of the night to save adjoining buildings. There was no wind till the fire was under control, when a brisk northwest wind came up and made It necessary to keep on fighting the blaze till morn- ng. The origin of the fire Is not known, buUt ia supposed to have been caused by a short In car wires A car had been driven Into the building In the evening, and the fire apparently started near it. The front end of the building, where the office is located, was not entirely burned but most of the farm Implements, the car, etc., were burned, also about 15 feet of telephone cable, which put phones east of the shop out of commission for the day. 13 at Buffalo Center Rally— Thirteen local young folks attended an Epworth League rally at the Methodist church, Buffalo Center last Thursday evening. After a banquet at 6:30 a program was given, with A. Kenneth Howe ' as toastmaster and pottery as the theme: piano solo. Miss Hendricks; reading, Velma Steinberg; male quartette, Have Thine Own Way; toast, the Raw Clay, Bill Buchanan; duet, the ~, Warburton, H»m- &nd Schroeder, bif i. Coupanger, of BU -,«•».« D .u» ! i!airth shoppers tout week Monday. , «^ r *'iP* M *fcirtUh, who has b««n vf* Jf th , pft «A"<d«la, Is Improvlfit, but, Slowly. . Maty; uic ena, Buffalo Center, is doing {„« housework and helping care for her. The Prlscllla club held a Christmas party at Jrfra. Ro*lfsema's last Thursday evenln* The time was spent at cards and in the exchange of gifts. Mrs. Irene Riddle and the Arnold Sanders, of Lu Verne, also the Alreec Boeckholts, Tltorika, were visitors at Jos. Faulkner's Sunday. i A. B. Buckela' uncle, George Rlnker, of Jewell, died Friday, and the Buckels and Mrs. Pierce left Monday to attend the funeral. Members of the Acorn club have sold ?30 worth of Christmas rtals. Mrs. W. B. Ley, president, had charge of the distribution. The F. Q. Torlnes and Mrs. A. Q. Smith were Fairmont shoppers Saturday. ' . ; The A. E. Buckels were Fairmont visitors Saturday. a , j^if t^uisiilt-imilf UUCCj LIlC Rev. and Mrs. F. O. Johnson; toast, The Potter, Wilma Glorfeld; Instrumental, the Stowe sisters; toast The Kiln, the Rev. Roy H. Cox, of Manson, who gave the address of the evening. Acorn Club Plans Part)-— The Acorn club met with Mrs. A. Q. Smith last Thursday, 18 women attending. Roll call was answered with parables. A paper was read by Mrs. Claire Frerklng consisting of extracts from Van Dyke's book on his trip to the Holy Land. Mrs. Turley read a Christmas story, The' Shepherd That Did Not do to Bethlehem, by Jay T. Stocking. Gifts were exchanged, with Mrs. Edith Schroeder and Mrs. Louise Johnson as committee in charge. A New Year's day party was planned, to which the men will be Invited. Neighbor Officers Are Chosen- Officers were elected for the Royal Neighbors last week Monday: Oracle, Leona Heetland; vice oracle, Anna Grlese; chancellor, Margaret Faulkner; recorder, Bertha Buckels; receiver, Emma Smith; marshal, Byrd Krall; assistant, May Sturdevant; inner sentinel, Laura CHRISTMAS SEAL CAMPAIGN BRINGS IN S296JO DATE Of the 78fe letters recently mailed with Christmas Seals only 475 had been returned to Mrs. Claude Samson, chairman, up to December 9th and the returns totaled $296.68. There have been requests that the committee In charge of the Christmas Seal campaign establish a booth in the business district where the stamps can be purchased as needed, and this is being considered. No reports had been received from committees outside Algona Chairmen In th e other Kossuth towns are Mrs. H. H. Phillips, Lu Verne, where the sale is being handled by the Campfire girls; outer sentinel, Anna Rosenau; „,...„„, Clemens. The past oracle~ls Grace Bruer; musician, Sarah O'Keefe The installing officer Is Mildred Worley; the manager is Nellie Farrow. Project lesson Given Loaders- Mrs. Lottie Wessel, county H. D. A., gave a lesson on home grounds Improvement to the local leaders of Ledyard and Lincoln township last week Tuesday at Emma Gutknecht's, six women'from Lincoln and eight from Ledyard attending. This was a most interesting lesson, and the women hope to put some of the things they learned into practice next spring. The winter Is a good time to lay plane. S. S. Class Given Party- Mrs. F. G. Torine, teacher of the Methodist Junior Sunday school class, and Mrs. Oran O'Keefe, assistant, had a party for the class last Thursday, 0 to 8:30 p. m., in the church basement. Eighteen boys « «-«••« *»!.•»« e*i »oj Mrs. J. p. Heaney, Ledyard; Mrs. Fred Bailey, Fenton; Mrs. Paul Lonergan, Bancroft; Mrs. W E Ley, Lakota; Mrs. J. M. Dye, swea City; S. J. Rochford, Whittemore; Mrs. Vincent Daughn, Wesley; Mrs. Donald Weir, Burt; and Mrs. Roy Ball, Titonka. Four rural clubs have taken up sale of the stamps in their respective communities. Chairmen of these clubs are: Mrs. Alfred Jer- t t t Clarence and .Edward Mawdsiev In partnership near Bm-t, CT two rr p8ta ^- five «"** »™ «™ onds, and two fourths in a corn show at Dea Moines. ' ft* le« Milter observed „«.» ~ Y~t.r wedd ' n K anniversary, ana neighbors surprised them with a^party at their home south of Al'!•:•• t tt .-•".' : . . Jndffe QMrton was reeleoted president of the state Guernsey-Breeders association. The winter meet- Ings of the association had alwaya been held at Algona, and summer meetings were held at dairy farms owned by members. ttt rt»~f B ; t3 * ntt "* h was elected president of the Rlnguted State bank to succeed Tom Sherman, then with the Milwaukee railroad at Milwau- h!w . Mr> Sherman had continued to hold the presidency till Mr. Mur- wifh ^ ele K tl0 ?' Cl B ' "^ then been with the bank ten years as cashier, we had also just been elected Em-i met county representative in the legislature. Wilfred P. Jones had resigned as a national bank examiner. He had tried to resign twice before, but was not allowed to do so because of in creasing work. ft* i W. I. Branagan, Emmetsburg. observed his 26th year aa editor of the Emmetsburg Democrat, which he still edits, in celebration of the completion of the period a special art IT in** r*6 41 ••-*. _ _ . r * - L^Jln^* .' ' w , f ^; ^*mr* BeKntfto YourKtrte TUNE IN wot, «nr . . Ji «.»• P., M., tion WHO, trtrr DIRI DolUr" COAL ... *>'<•'1 4 I- ' TODAf ite Ma "Mw* BMrt PM »JMto». •WACQAL 1DY. •IC'V /JL^ ..M*A. f - — -~_ . Shumway SHUJWAY • - -* ".o i'ciiuu u. special edition of the Democrat was published on book paper, with halftones of Mr. Branagan, J. W. Hlnch- on, editor for 24 yeare'with I M ton . H. Crawford, J „_ ^^ i¥A10< .rt-lH CU 4 genson, -Union township M & club; Mrs. John Rich, Four Corner M. & D. club; Mrs. Scott Moore, . . oore, Cresco M. & D. c)ub . and Mrs c ,, f . ford Benschoter, plu m Creek Social and Literary club. All rural schoo] teachers were sent stamps for sale by the children In some cases these have been returned without sales. Reports have not yet been received from others. The county committee consists of Mrs. Samson, chairman; E. J McEvoy, treasurer; and Mrs. Elinor T. Button, Earl Sprague, Esther Keneflck, Antion- • • •» ^-J* 1 " WILH J,, j\l Finnell of the Algona Courier) and Thos. J. White, editor of the Whittemore Champion. ttt The •VVhlttemorc Champion reprinted a story from its issue of I January 26, 1893, telling of the opening of the Call opera house The clipping said: "The opening of the new opera house in Algona promises to be a grand event in the town. The managers are sparing no pains or expense to make the occasion a memorable one. On Thursday, February 9, appears Frohman's 'Glorl- ana' company, which played 150 nights at the opening of the Schllter wwf T? 1 the °P enln & of the World'e Fair. The'sale of seats will We will have a car of Iowa's Best cpal on track December 22. This is a large lump coal and we truly believe it is the best in the Iowa fields. Place your order now, as it will all be sold from the car. Botsford Lumber Co. „ _ nnnr M- J< P001< Phone 25« Alrona, low*. ' „_ _. .*_,£, 44 n^wn wu^a and girls attended, only one member of the class being absent, and that one because of sickness. Other Lakota. The Roy Farringtons, Montgomery, were dinner guests of Mrs Farrington's parents, Mr. and Mrs' A. Q. Smith, Sunday, and all went to Buffalo Center in the afternoon to attend services at the new Meth- odlst church there. The Rev. J. J. Share, o f Humboldt, who gave the address, was formerly pastor at 'Buffalo Center, and he performed the marriage ceremony for the Far- ringtons. Mrs. E. R. Worley and Mrs. Richard Hamquist entertained the Dorcas Sunday school class at the Worley home last week Wednesday evening, 17 women attending. After a business meeting, Beth Hamquist and Donald Worley gave declamatory contest pieces. The rest of the evening was spent at visiting. A week ago Saturday evening someone stole a spare tire from the Gillian car while it was parked south of the Savings bank. The car ^i „ "• ".""OUUK, Antionette Bonnstetter, Mrs. L. w. Keith Ella P. Thompson, and D. E. Dewel." ALGONIAN'S NEPHEW FROZEN TO DEATH IN NEW MEXICO The Estherville Daily News recently ran a story reported by Lois Inman, of the Estherville Creamery formerly employed by the Algona Cooperative creamery, which con- cernea Guy R. Miner, a cousin of Miss Inman. - Miner was frozen to death one night last month In a blizzard in New Mexico, which us- XT ,,1 nJ ° ys a warm winter climate Mr. Miner was trying to reach town for repairs for his stalled car when he was overcome by the cold. He covered but one mile of a three mile trip to town. A man who stayed In the car was found next morn, ing in a critical condition. Miner — * •*•«*** *3u.{{? ui is trill 3 i occur Friday, February 3 at 2 p m., when pne box and a number of choice seats will be sold at auction and the purchasers will then be entitled to first chance at the plat" . M ttt A c«8hler of a Corwlth bank had embezzled funds by forging paper and the supreme court had just held that the holders of the forged paper could not recover the sum from the bank. The bank had gone Into receivership, and the court decision left $30,000 to be distributed to de™""*"~ The bank paid out 90 per jOstcopathjc _.._„„ Eye, Ear, Nose, and ] Office over Hub Re cr Office, 187; , '_•• . Osteopathli Physlclal I Recta, dteeasos^ndC^I Office phone 70. ALGONA, IOWA —_ 'Iclan niul Surgeoa. Algona, Iowa. Banker lonandcr, Bancroft, was scheduled to kill a pair of his buffalo, and he was to use the hides for robes, and freeze the meat for winter's use. The buffalo herd on the »E. A. D. ADAMS Dentist Office in First National Bank „, ^Phones; Office, 20; res., 25-wT BK. H. Jt. 0180K Dentist. i located over Chrlstennen Ston'l PHones: Business 166, Residence fl|| Algona, Iowa Lenander ranch was one of the , i_ «»«Ao uue 01 me ± h I S ^L* 0 ™ count y '«r ™ny on. ner was a nephew of Mrs. H. E. Miner of Algona. When he was a young form the H - near Fenton. ° f the anlm als was kiled the meat sold at auction for the benefit of the Red Cro» during the World war. An attempt to reestablish saloons in Dickinson county failed, and Algona's wet fishermen were contemplating fishing at more choice locations ln the future _ said., \yE ARE now starting in Qn our 1?th the recreation business in Alcona We MEBEY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAE BB, C. B. SCHAAP / Dentist i "Hsated in former Dr. W, B, Klhl office, over Chrlstensen Bros, i Phone 133, BE. H. J. THI8SEN Palmer Graduate Chiropractor i Thirteen year's, successful pracUn'J Office over State's Gate, Gopher Bounty $76. Garner, Dec. 9-Boys have lected $76.50 from the county year as bounty at Iflc a crows at Sc each. col- on mild blizzard the Wednesday with two inches of snow ttt Four Corner* The Four Corner M. & D. club will meet this week Thursday wl h M« Loyd Potter, and roil call wfll be answered with the singing |M| AMERICA'S LONGEST ELECTRWED RAILROAD belongs to the Interstate company. Tires were stolen from a car back of ths Ley garage while the Tamen fire was in progress last Thursday morning. Mrs. Harry Moe has written her husband that her sister seems to be improving. Mr. Moe will leave again lor Spokane, Wash., Saturday for Christmas, and if the sister con. tinues to improve Mrs. Moe will return with him. The Moe children are attending school at Spokane while she is there. The Isenberg quartet, of Grant township g ave an excellent musical program at the Presbyterian church a week ago Sunday evening. The Christian Endeavor young folks gave the program last Sunday evening. Emory Smith was leader at an | Epworth League meeting Sunday evening. The subject was Organizations Helping to Make the World a Better place to Live in. Special music and discussion of the topic made an Interesting program. The F. o. Johnsons and Mrs. J H. Warburton attended services a the new Methodist church at Buf falo Center Sunday afternoon. Th church was dedicated that day The pastor, the Rev. Mr. Howe, i s a for | mer Bancroft boy. Theodore and Rose Dorenbush Center, were guests &' e snging Christmas carols by members. Lhl ' ist mas grab basket will be JltJ um cttntj ua.sitt*c Will •] Power.| ma! " Mature of the program. t „ The Larkin club met last me ast week Wednesday with Mrs. Everett With- was looted The Hub Tinn j^o-h-wi * _.— — _ X+ V M ; illllMe1 ' 8 were parents of Mrs. Evelyn Moore,. Germania, Mnnf ^ SUlt agalnst A1 *°na 'or JLT..Sf^ h all f ed * ^ve eied when she tripped on a sidewalk. t t T Hajrry Treraaln, then operating ALGONA PABLOE WM. A. BARRY 1. W. FOX Veterinarian West State, Street, Algona. Phones; Office 475-W., res. 4754 > CONTRACTOM Sixty persons were entertained at Mr. and Mrs. Noble Mitchell's Friday evening, and "500" furnished entertainment. The high score was won by Mrs. Everett WUham; consolation, by Tom Reid, salad, cake, and sandwiches served. the Fruit were Grace Walker visited the William '"'•""• part of last week and then friends near Burt and at Algona. A Christmas program will be given this week Friday afternoon by the school children at the Union District No. 7 or Arthur Cruikshank schoolhouse. This will be especially for parents who have children in the ffl 0 , 0 •_ Mrs ' E " A " Oenricfe is teacher. Friends Witham's gathered last week at Everett Wednesday U Advance Want Ad*i for Quick Results i - —^..vv*, rv«?ic? 6«^SCS a Henry Patterson's a week ago Sun day. They are brother and sister of Mrs. Patterson. Rose works on the staff of the Buffalo Center Tri I bune. Ledyard township's Farnj Bureau —„ — M w r» ^*i*j*4^ «r Jt- itl /^l ;£>Urea.U meeting in January w lll be a joint meetings of men and women at Al- b«rt w^ D *.= ._. ft noonda meftl with program fol Thavea went to ,. ^.v.n, ^ rr cUJltJSUiiy evening to surprise him in honor of a birthday. Supper was served A large number of relatives and friends gathered at John Sabln's Sunday for a surprise dinner Jn honor of his birthday. Amoag guests vvere the William Draytonsf the William Riches and George Rich the Jack Lights, Burt, Mrs. J onn ' Rich, the Arch Walkers, and the John Gettmans. A Christmas program will be given at the Union District No. 6 school this week Friday afternoon. Irene Mitchell is teacher. This wUl ae the last day of school before the Christmas vacation. Mrs. Edith Rich, got faorae laat week Wednesday, after a week with lira, Herman Lindeman at Dakota Sity. Mrs, Lindewan ferovsht h2- an,d attended a ~ at Mr*. the Radisson hotel at Minneapolis* waa a visitor that week. Wade Sullivan was critically in He -suffered an attack of tonsilltis.' which developed Into pneumonia ttt 17 Mn 1 ^"!?*? V ° terS a PP rove <J ROOD bond Issue for a waterworks Oi "**» ttt.. Judge J. N. Weaver, former Al- gonian and prominent at Sioux City died Christmas day. Judge Weaver began the practice of law at Hum- ooldt, and afterwards came to Algona, where seven, years later he was elected to the bench from this county. A Sioux City paper said he died in poverty. He moved to Sioux City in 1886, and during the Civil war served in the Seventh Iowa Infantry. Thos. Donovan received the biggest Christmas present Jn 1910 when Vl td t\n Mfi«4-n •»*•_ '_ a »'»_. an Six •H. B. COWAN General Contractor. , Estimates Furnished, Phones: Business, 639-J; re*, M' ' T *£Zll? INSIST ON GRENADIERS NOBTOST MACHINE WOBM Machinists and Weldern. i Service ptock on Piston Rings, Pl» -I and Bearings. West of Courthouse. Phone III PRODUCE SWIFT t COMPANY Cash Buyers. Poultry, Eggs, and Hides, Matt Lamuth, Mgr. .phone 264. ^ -•***+•***? j** VB»V>*A,V #**• J-i'JU hie parents, Mr. and Mrs- B. Donovan, gave him a deed to 80-acre farm Christmas day. a ix other sons had been'given 80-acre farms before. PerspnaJ property accompanied the gifts -in each instance. C, M. Cafly' died at the home of hJs son, M. M. Cftdy. Four children survived, F. A. <Ja<ly, Spencer TO "° Goddard, Pancroft, - KOSSUTH C0PNTY JBK*"— INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over J15,OQO,000 worth of InsurwW In force. A home company, S»* « J, O. Paxson. Secretory. 1 AlOONA JN8DBAKCK AGENCV 0!i B. £« Barre AI Reliable Ins, Service Phone 66, TI^I i i « i'. m u • — • pity Property Loans. Farm Insurance. 10 '" 1 ' '"• statl JO*! OBEKNUISBV New and used Auto Part* Tires and Accessories Hides, Fur and Wool *• _._.. TA^A , , . Cady, Waaon CJty, afld M. M. Cady' who was Algom'9 ?treet commig- for yeare. t t t l,eo B. steb- A. y, R«ed and s. turkeys, B quarter* , blpe, S. N. J. you insist upOR . R CQAJ. you not only are saving money b « toil u4 rouble as well. You need use less of GRENADIEU 3^ ^ ^ coals which means that only by Aatfa9r|ze4 n asslwance ol servi . daWM .Coil ,<&, Ko»»uth County State Bank OFFICBB8

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