Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 18, 1930 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1930
Page 3
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mmm-:-- KOjiSii-iia.ii ii£: •.;•,(... .18, 1930. ' ipllp^^-^'^™ 1 ™^ ™wBSi!!fSti ;i .K!S5'C ; .'-'»y, ; ,;';-/-"' •' CHRISTMAS I I BT CHRISTMAS bring you all the happiness 7i *^\,.atid pleasure the spirit of the day signifies. A. GUEHL The Tailor Wishing you a real old-fashioned MERRY CHRISTMAS . - —and— HAPPY NEW YEAR \ F. S. Norton & Son "THE BEST IN LUMBER AND COAL" Phone 229. Follow ' : . • The Crowd Christinas Shoppers to t D. JAMES STOBE" i\, " '^J*',,,,.„„ fclii^''- 14 ' 0 '^ ••'' -: ! '^^ science room is being repaired. Miss Horn would appreciate i t if some- >ne would, donate fish or plants. The i-pportci-M regret having over- onkwl Margaret Vigars' name In a report lust week of names on the six week's honor roll. The seventh grade is making pro- 'cts on Mile;, standlsh. ' They gave a program for Miss Wilson's ' normal training girls. Bernard Yeoman has completed a walnut chest which Is ready tor Santa Cluus to deliver for Christmas. The "kiddies" nro working HIGH SCHOOL BOILER BLOWS UP WITH BOOM _ About Uvo minutes after Tommy KU'veiiKon left the holler room Frl- '»'>' "Ho of the boilers burst. A l»"d boom was heard, and In a •wonti windows wore broken, doors thrown open, ashes distributed ' all over the place, „. i, 0 le made in the celling. Then n .shattered boiler lay in the corner. The whole building felt the shook, and teachers were badly frightened. If anyone had wen In the room at the Jlme, he would probably have been seriously Injured. As a result the '-basket ball, boys will have to take cold showers for a while. Monday morn Ing girls were seen huddled in seats in the assembly room, trying to keep warm; but by noon the build Ing was as comfortable* as usual. Two Delmlcfl This Weak— The eight victors in the debate tryouts are greatly pjeased with the bookings for the tirst debates o the season. The first is with For Dodge this week Tuesday; the sec ond with Humboldt this wee! Thursday. Both will be non-dec! slon debates. Our teams plan to ex eel former records and show the surrounding towns how hard Algona can fight. Drclnm Prospers Are Good— There are good prospects for "de- clam" work this year. A. number of new selections have been ordered, and pieces will be chosen in the near future. There was a good turnout for the dramatic and humorous classes, but only a few seem Interested in the oratorical class. Extemporaneous .work will begin soon. Tryouts for all classes will take place after Christmas. Teachers Have Another 1'nrty— The teachers will have one oi their monthly parties this week Wednesday night. Miss Messlnger is chairman of the committee in charge. There will be a roast clilcken dinner, after which a program of Christmas music will be given. Baskets will' be filled and turned over to Miss Bonnstetter, who will distribute them among the needy. Konafe for Christmas' Fund— We, who have warm homes, food and plenty of clothing, do not realize how fortunate we are. Miss Coate has suggested that a contribution box be provided so. all 'those who have money they are willing to donate may place it In the box. The money will be ttirnec' over to Miss Bonnstetter to be used to make poor children happy this Christmas. Grades Give Christmas Program— The seventh'and eighth grades are giving a Christmas program. Miss Coon's room will give a play, Aunt Sabring. Three eighth grade pupils will give a folk dance, and Shirley Ellsworth and Edith Boeder will do a rag doll dance. K088UTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALflONA. IOWA hard on their parts in an operetta which I'o given this week Weclnes children o! the grades at the Is tc day. Th Third ward schoolhouse have decorated their rooms prettily for Christ Inns. Helen Batt, .senior — I would change hard times to good because I think I get the times wors jther high school pupils and the acuity at a party last week Tues- ay evening. v itaptlst Supper Clears $70— The Baptist Aid held a chicken >!P supper and bazaar last week Wednesday evening, clearing about $70, . • Henry Lampn Hr. :„ Hospital- Henry Lnmpc Sr. is In a hospital nt Hampton having his eyes treated. Pioneer Rnn'rroftnr Is Side INDIANS HELP EX-IRVIN6TON BOAT BUILDER end of the deal. The inquiring reporter recently asked, "1C there but one thing In the world you could change, wha would It be and why?" ; Dick Norton, freshman—I .wouli prevent planting shrubbery On the lips of the upper classmen, because It tickles the girls. Mary Hutchlns, junior—I would change the color of my hair, because I do not like to have people call me "Blondle". The English teachers are much ileased with the quality of • work that has been turned In by students. Miss Uenaud's home economics classes will make Christmas candy next week. John Simpson, senior—I would change my seat in the physics class. Hoys In !t U. It. Squads— Lylc Raney, junior — I would change my looks so I would be good- looking. Virginia Good, sophomore — I would change my looks, because I am so homely. BANCROFT H, S, GIRLS LOSERS IN B, B, GAME Bancroft, Dec. 16—The » Bancroft girls lost a well-played basketball game to Lu Verne last Thursday night. The first half was ragged but Bancroft came back in the last half with a determination to win. THe last quarter thrilled the entire crowd when Bancroft rallied and rolled in three baskets in less than a. minute, bringing. her score within five of Liu Verne's. The opponents then scored and when the whistle blew the score was 26-17. Superintendent Moore, Laurens, was referee. The next game will be with Ringsted Thursday, evening. .Tohn Nommers Is seriously 111 at lis home. Other Bancroft News. J. -D. Brophy, Chicago, spent last week looking after real estate Interests In this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miller took him to Algona Sunday evening to catch a ..train for Chicago. Marvin and Alva Burgese left Wednesday for Webster City to visit relatives. From there they will go to Bonton, Minn., and spend the holidays -with 'their parents. Mrs. Will Cook returned to her home at Burlington Friday after several weeks with her mother, Mrs. Mary Tjattlmer. A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCoweln last week Wednesday. The baby was named Robert Frank. The Enos Kohnkes drove to Wahpeton, N. L., last week Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Kohnke's father. Mrs. Arthur Muth returned to Swea City Saturday after a week with her sister, Mrs. Eugene Erickson. Coach Harold Pohlman was referee at the Renwlck-Wesley basketball games at Wesley Friday even- Ing. The Gco. Hess family, Carroll, spent the week-end with Mrs. Hess's parents, the John Bernhards. A choir has been organized in the Baptist church and meets each Monday evening for practice. Mrs. Tuttle, Cedar Falls, was a business visitor In town this week. Mrs. .Toe Jenks and son Kermlt were In Fort Dodge this week-end. Mrs. C. E. Bryden will entertain the W. F. M. S. Friday afternoon. Lyle Dickey, Amps, spent the week-end with Bancroft relatives. Tltonka defeated the St. John's basketball team Friday evening. RIN6STED BANK PAYS BACK 74 PERCENT IN DIVIDENDS Ringsted, Dec. 9 — R. H. Miller examiner in charge of the Ringsted State bank, has announced that a final dividend of 24% will be paic soon. Ths will bring the total paic back to depositors up to 74 per cent, which • is one of the larges returns made by closed banks in this territory. Irvlngton, Dec. 1C —Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Blythc left for their home at Wahkon, Minn., this week Monday morning after several days with the David and Roy Blythe families. Arthur Is in charge of a boat building shop at Vlneland, an Indian trading post 30 mllea from Wahkon. He starts .Work December 20, and hlg crew consists of Indians. Mrs. Blythe has been chef at the Vineland restaurant, which opens for summer business in March, and closes in the late fall. Arthur Is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs David Blythe. Mrs. William Spurgeon to Osage— Mrj3. William Spurgeon recently moved to a farm near Osage, and the Charles Rutledges are occupy ing the buildings on -the Bedell farm till March 1 when the O. Mil lers move there. On March 1 the Ed Dltsworths will move to farm near Burt, and the Ray But terflelds will also move near Burt The T. E. Wlckwlres are moving In.March to a farm near St. Bene diet. The Robert Skllllngs arc p'anning to move this week from the farmers elevator house to Mrs harles Sankey's house. Club Members Exchange Gifts— The embroidery club met las .veek Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Sumner Parsons. There was a large attendance. A small Christmas tree had been erected and cleco- rated by the hostess. Gifts were exchanged; The history of the song, "Silent Night, Holy Night," was read by Mrs. Allie Brown. A social hour was enjoyed and refreshments were served. Ards Off for Vacation- Mr, and Mrs. James Arc! left early last week for'Mississippi and Oklahoma. It Is reported that they will also go to California before return- in™ here. Mr. Ard is depot agent. H. Stephens, Goldfield, is taking his place. •yons are located, o stay indefinitely Herman plans and Kenneth may also find work there and re- lain. Mm, George Scuffham drove to "'ort Dodge last week Wednesday vlth the Clark Scuffhams, and was Iso there shopping Saturday with 'Irs. John Bockes and with Mrs. Jockes' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis stumbo. David McLean, who with his sis- er has been employed at the Ed dawdsley farm, recently went to Algona to live. The sister is In ill icalth, and recently went to Ro- hester, Minn., to go through the llnlc. Mabellne and Paul Miller have recently been on the sick list. Others are Hi with hard colds and flu. No other cases of scarlet fever have jeen reported. Several of the Mun son family of 13 are recovering. The Missionary society meets this Friday afternoon at the church Mrs. Schlchtl Is leader, and Mesdames Ray and Albert Butterfleld are hostesses. C, M. Cox, Osage, spent last TJrtirsday night with his parents Mr.' and Mrs. J. M. Cox. They will .move to a farm near Austin Minn., March 1. The Rev. A. English preachec Sunday on, "Have Faith in God,' Mark 11:15. Ethel Ett»ll«h and sang, "No Disappointment til Heaven." ' A now scale has been Installed afc the farmers elevator, and the MA' scale which Is smaller, will be tniwn. to Rich Point and installed* • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton. and Cecil and l>ewls plan, to leAVn' early this week for Illinois to yltett relatives. * i ELECTION ON PAVIK8 BONDS IS HELD IN CLAY COUNTT Elections to vote on bonds 'tori* paving are being held In I<rt»m:; counties not yet bonded. Clay eottljtjr was to vote yesterday on a $l,278i(MM> : bond issue, and petitions for an elec-.; tlon are being circulated In Einmet and Palo Alto. The suggested bond issue In Palo Alto is $«50,000i There Is approximately • that amount of bonds now outstanding in Pato Alto for the paving from Emmet*-, burg to Mallard. Senator Dean. member of the state highway com* mission has been holding meetings in all three counties. Up to jr««: terday 83 counties had Voted bond*. Kossuth's .million and a half In. 1919 was among the earliest. BEAD THE WANT-ADS. Christinas Program Planned— A Christmas program will be given by Sunday school pupils ait the • church Christmas eve. A special offering to buy new song books will be 'taken up. Other Irvington Jfews Herman and Kenneth Lyons, who for the last three years have been making their home with .their sis^ ter, Mrs, George Scuffham, left re cently for Ames where the J. W I HAPPINESS A/I AY the glad year you have given us through your patronage be returned to you in the form of a glorious Christmas. Bolsterd Lumber Co. M. J. POOL, Manager. First Girls' «. B. Practice— The first basket ball practice for girls took place Monday. Practice Monday and Friday will be the rule for a few weeks. Then teams will be chosen and a tournament held. It-Is hoped that a number of girls will enroll for practice. Girls Begin A'olley Ball- On Monday, December 8, the first game of the girls' volley ball tournament took place, with Irma Dee Phillips and Esther Nelson as captains. Teams were chosen and called 1 and 2 respectively. Esther's team won the first game. Debate Work Is Progressing—. The debate people are working hard under the direction tit Miss Plaehn. A practice debate was held at Fort Dodge Tuesday. Miss Plaehn is expecting a debate with Humboldt at Algona late this week. Bead Irvlng's English Stories- Miss Krampe's English, classes are reading Irving's Sketch Book. The pupils are much Interested in Christmas stories about old English customs. Christinas Program for Mother*— The children at the Congregational church are giving a Christmas program for the mothers this week Wednesday afternoon. Kiddles' Itoom is Decorated- Miss Wallace's room Is beautifully decorated with Christmas decorations. Tree at the Buptlst Church— The teachers at the Baptist church are getting a Christmas tree ready. Scarlet Fever Cases Kcportea— Two young pupils at the Baptist church are out of school with scar- Riiptisf S. S. Plans Program— Plans are being made for the annual Christmas program of the/Baptist Sunday school. This year's program will be given 'Christmas eve and will consist of recitations, dialogs, children's songs, and choir selections. At the close will be the Christmas tree with treats for the entire Sunday school. Mali Service is Improved— Another star route was started Tuesday between Lake Mills and Bancroft. Mail will arrive at 12:15 p. m. and leave at 4:05 p. m. accord- Ing to the schedule. This, with the other star route, gives Bancroft the best mail service In many years. Ready for Last Minute Shoppers let fever. Other School News. Instead of the usual Mother's day booklet It has been decided that this year a kiddie booklet containing children's Christmas storiee and poems will be written by pupils. The "Joy Book," as it has beeri named, Is about six by eight inches and has 20 pages. Along with the Stories and poems are eight linoleum cuts made by students. Every class in the high school, and eighth grade, Is represented. Mr. Bonham has divided College Students Coining Home- Ruth Adolphson, who Is attending the Northwestern Bible School, Minneapolis ; Doris Hutton, Minnesota university; and Agnes Olson, Gustavus Adolphus, St. Peter, Minn,, will be home this week-end for the holidays. Public School plans Program — The pupils of the public school will entertain a large crowd at a Christmas program in the school auditorium • tomorrow evening. A feature of the program will be an operetta by the seventh and eighth grades. Andy Dcitering Car Wrecked — John Poth and "Andy" Bettering drove to Fort Dodge Sunday to get the latter's car which had been wrecked last week Wednesday night, Arnold Deltering substituted for "Andy" on his mail route Thursday. - • Girl is Hit by Auto- Agnes Chriatensen was struck by a car last week Monday morning when going to school. She was injured about the head and legs, tmt has Improved nicely and was able to return to school this week Monday. Financial Secretary is Named- Mrs. Charles Baker has t>een appointed financial secretary of the Woman's Catholic Order of Foresters to .fill In the vacancy left by the death of Mrs. W. B, Qulnn, Men's Imported Press Gloves $1.98 Men's Silk Frog Pajamas —— —$1.98 Men's Jersey Coat Sweaters-j»__ : ^-____-$1.98 Men's Fine Cashmere Hose _49c Men's "Slik Fancy Plaid Hose 25c Men's Silk Mufflers __-• _•__98c up Men's Fine Silk Ties— ,_49c and 98c Men's-Cigarette Boxes. Match Holders _98c Men's Fine Handkerchiefs IQc, 25c, 49c Men's Union Suits, heavy weight $1.89 Men's Christmas Suspenders _. 1 _69c Bryilen speaker at Titonka-— The Rev, drove' to the _ the basket bail men into three squads. The junior high boys practice from 4 to 4-30 P. m.; the "A" squad from 4-30 to 6:30; and the "B" squad, which has had less experience, from •6'30 to 8:3y. The squads may be chattgid from time to time. MrfLjohnson's pupils in Physics have been taking standardized testa. They were sent to Iowa City to be scored. The state board of education is trying to develop a test which Is suitable for all schools. Emory Grosenbach, sophomore— I would change my seat in school, so i could see Miss Coate without craning my neck clear out into the aisle to get around the person m "Helping Boys and Girls to Live." Clarence Coiilon Baby Dies- Word was received here Monday that the year-old baby of the Clarence Conlqns had passed away. The child had never been well. Hhfumatism Afflicts Mrs. Johnson- Mrs, Alma Johnson is seriously 111 wit)i rheumatism. She has suffered from this ailment for years but now Is confined to her bed. Sophomores Hosts at Psrty^ The sophomores entertained the ar, versatile Jrvington student, was recently given the extra duty of making Christmas tree because of illegal cbew- had to atop drawing one aay te^t week to BERG i*A ' •YEIJUOW PENdE with the BAND Boys' Fancy Golf Hose .„, 25c Boys' Aero Goggle Caps $1.25 .Boys' Gauntlet Gloves __J_98c BoysV2.piece Flannel Pajamas— —98c, $1.25 Boys' Plain and Fancy Sweaters——$1.25, $2.49 JBoys* Smart Christmas Ties — 49c Boys' Plain and Fancy Hankies 5c and up Little Boys' Chinchilla Coats $4.79 Small Boys' Bathrobes at —— .—i—-,98c All kinds of Boys' Mitts -.,.-.. 25c up Boys* Boots, Scout Series and Airways— 25c Boxed Holiday Handkerchiefs --——^——25c up Boxed Holiday Stationery — — — „..— . : ---- 25c up Girls* Rayon Garments — — — -— L— _ -25c» 79c Girls' Bayou Pajamas --------- —- .- :-— ±— ^»1.98 Girls' Jersey Bloomers — ,-— -— . ---- — -- •-,— -r,89c Little Girls' Chinchilla Coats ____________ Girls' Heather Gauntlets ----------------- — *»c Fancy Boxed Perfumes.-. ------ — . ------ - ---- -— 85c Gay Modern Scarfs _______ - ...... — — 69c, $8.98 Modern Designs in Beads ------------ 49c and 98c fine Hosiery at --------- 19c and 49c pair SIX SHOPPING DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS Practical Home Gifts Ombre Single Two-Tone Blankets $4.98 Save on These Toys Arcade Iron Toys —— T -, —;—g5c, |9c,

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