Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 18, 1930 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 18, 1930
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c*M weather per- ALGONA, IOWA, DECEMBER 18, 1930 14 Pages IN EAR STRIKE IVERJ93KPAY illy Accept 54 Per Gent Increase Over 1930. I somewhat mutinous crew ot as iota <who gathered at the court 'for' the annual county as- jors'' meeting Tuesday morning •"home that night apparently , though at least one that they would have to ; at too small pay this winter, main bone of contention e pay to bo allowed for mak dut the new data sheets. These ffor much work In addition to 'assessors have herotofor had board has ottered the same i last year, plus an additional • cent for assessing real estate, an additional 40 per cent ot [total for filling out the data At this rate an assessor .'assessors have heretofore had $154 this time. ^Assessors Ask More Pay. ne of the assessors objected liously; • among them Wash i Whlttemore, and Henry Nel |Wesley. . Once a strike seemed when most of the as Irs put down their . sacks and that they were going to them right there, imty Auditor Bertha E. John(laid the board would meet again but that she understood the if pay was settled for good, •aS'the board is concerned. She [•called the assessors' bluff by all who refused to take out cks to file resignations, so could be appointed, assessors who had been hold[out then reluctantly took up sacks again, though one or '^.hem made.lt plain that they under protest. ';••'....!„ .. (Oppose County Assessors. i assessors adopted a resolution ling - the county assessor sys- [proposed by the joint legisla- Icommlttee and the state board asessment and review, as an- In .Sunday's Des Moines •..'Under this system, if there will be an all-year assessor, with assistants, 1 make assessments for the county, doing away with the : and -township assessors. assessors also agreed to see .representatives and senators them to oppose the county >r, system. The legislators falso be asked to father a bill hlng a penalty to failure to [ppll tax«s by April 1 of y the nt year, At present poll taxes pllected with other taxes a year 1 they are assessed, [ L, Tinley, field man for the board of assessment and re- and A. H. Chrlstensen, an- 1 field mail, explained the new Sheets and answered ques- In the afternoon they left [ttend a similar meeting in Ida Schedule of Pay Given. names/'and location of the , with the amounts allow- for their work last year, B. H. Beardsley. $400 t, R. E. Goddard 104 . P. Cunningham ...... 8S n, John Dempsey ., 68 , H," P. Gutknecht ...... 92 a, Leon Worden 4& I 'Rock, Glen Sharp 3« Jterne, D. C, Bills T2 i City, Mrs, Clare Eriekson 144 " a, John E. JCe« ? 2 Ihno A. Gerdes 9" HQre, y, w, BJlbert 84 Townships. Ray E, Hansen 152 '>• F. Hawcott 132 Ejleanor Poster • 140 iO. w, Berggreji 93 Fred Wegenep 1*8 Henry Klepper Herman pbpen . Paul Selberg ,., 93 ,. 13G ,. 120 .. 124 «n, A, J, Seller 172 John B. Smith 104 «* W. H, Patterson 124 eek, Andrew Elbert ... 140 e, A-fL, Bosworth .,.., 128 f. Creek, H, McDnroe D12 », P,,gweitert 112 lN. L,u,d.wjg 472 Henry-Pps Church Christmas Programs to Start Sunday Afternoon RELEASE $232.000 " " "' ' ' '" ' FIRST LUTIIKRAN. The following First Lutheran Sunday school program will be'giv- en nt 7 o'clock Christmas night: K. S. Orchestra—Gertrude Nelson Kenn Bnklcen, Orvllle Bakken, Rob- cj't Monlux. Onening song, Hark! the Herald Angels Sing! Scripture reading and prayer Rev. C. 15. Otsson. Song, When Christmas Morn is Dawning. Recitation, The Cherry Tree Carol Andrew Monlux. Dialogue, Who'll Go With Me to Bethlehem?—Lynette Mahan, Elglna "talhoun, Betty Brown, Elme;- Mc- Nah, Donald Clapsaddle, Orvllle Bakken. Six recitations—Merry Christmas, -oren Bakken; I've a Little Piece Peterson ; Davidson; Christmas Day, Marvin Callioun; Maxine Johnson; Evelyn Crapson. Luther's Cradle Hymn, to Say, Dale Curtis thrlstmas Bells, Doris Song, boys. Dialogue, What Do You Want for Jhrtetmas?—Robert Gronwall, John Ipongberg,' Carl Spongbei'g, Rena Bakken, Hazel Johnson, Lucille Caloun. Dialogue, Little Gifts for Jesus, -ois McNab, Eunice Johnson, Four recitations Friendly Vord, ... George Peterson; Robert My Gift, Verona Hagg; Elon Hovey. Solo, Gerakllne Peterson. Playlet — Then Mother Dreams of- Christmas, Gertrude Nelson, Violet Norman, Robert Monlux, Robert Sellstrom, Margaret Johnson, Vivian Bakken, Gerakllne Peterson, Verona Hagg, Maryllnd Norman, George Peterson. Song, The Christmas Story, girls. Dialogue, Class Four. Four recitations — Doris McNab ; December, Kenneth Bakken; Real Queer, Ronald Davidsqn; Christmas Time, Maxine Brundage. Dialogue, Tommy and Ted, -Rph- ald Davidson, Kenneth Bakken. Dialogue, Christmas Lights, Geraldine Gronwall, Violet Hanson, Richard Sjogren, Raymond Johnson, Geraldine.' Peterson, -Gerald ; Qron- wall, Marylind "Norman,' "" Quentiii Nelson, Richard' Norman, Vivian Bakken. • Song, I Love to Hear the Story. Dialogue, The Christmas Bells, Dorothy Norman, Dorothy Brown, Betty Brown, Maxine Brundage. Recitation, Christmas Gifts, Violet Norman. Two-Act Play, What's Christmas? — Robert and Palmer Sellstrom, Margaret Johnson, Aria Bakken. Solo, Violet Norman. Song, choir. TRINITY EVANGELICAL. The following children's Christmas program will be given at the Trinity church Christmas eve at 7:30: Song, children and congregation Come Hither Ye Faihful. Song, children, Oh, How Joyfully! Responsive reading, pastor and children. Recitation, The Old, Old Christmas Story, Alice Geilenfeld. Song, children, Christmas Day, So Dear and Holy. PART I— PEACE LOST Recitation, Qn This Eve of Joy and Gladness, Ruth E. Hoelter. Song, children, Come and Christ Larson, Arba Dee Long, Mrs. H. Hutchlns, Hubert Deal, Donald Stoflc, WlUard SSelglcr, Mrs. Bowon; torch hearer, John Spencer. The mu.Mic: Prelude, Mrs. Sylvia Gunn; processional, Holy Night; Christmas carote; Anthem, Sec, Amid the Winter's Snow; solo, Josephine Chubb, Luther's Cradle Song; quartet, We Three Kings of the Orient Are, R. J. Keen, Doctor Schappe, D. K. Steele, and D. P. Smith. Solo, Doctor Schappe, Oh Holy Night; anthom, Arise, Shine, Thy Light Has Come; solo, Mrs. A. R. Michel, Josu Bambino; recessional, Silent Night; postlucle, Mrs. Gunn. METHODIST. A Christmas cantata, "The Greatest Gift," by Petrie, will be given next Sunday evening at 7:30 p. m. at the Methodist church by a chorus of 2S persons under direction of Mrs. R. P. Norton. Solo parts will be taken by Mrs. Raymond Anderson, Alberta Grosenbach, a Miss Wilson, Edward Genrlch, B. A. Thorpe, and M. M. Morrow. Others taking part will be Ruth Messenger, Gladys Rising, Marguerite ChHstensen, Margaret Lease, Mary Elizabeth Foster, Adrls Anderson, Helen Morrow, Gertrude Morrow, Bernice and Esther Dearchs, Vela Johnson, Mary Harris, Ha Mae Leffert, Valeria Pickett, Gertrude Long, Theo Gaskell, Albert Eckberg, William Kaln, Ralph Goodenow, Emery Grosen- sach, and Richard Norton. Miss AVil- son, who has one of the solo parts, won second in a state Atxvater-Kent audition contest in 1028. The. Methodist-church will recognize Christmas with a pageant, The Lighten Highway, at the church at 7 o'clof-]; Christmas eve. The cast is mn.'\-i up of members of the church and Sunday school under the direction of Mrs. Raymond Anderson. PRESBYTERIAN. The Presbyterian Christmas program will be given at the church lext Wednesday night at 7:30. It will be the pantomime, -Even Unto Bethlehem, with characters as fol.ows: prophet, Edward Ostrum; chroniclers,. -,-Evelyn • ; Smlth,- —Riith Muckey, 'Joseph' and Mary, Child, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Harris and daughter; three wise men—Theodore Powell, Elbe Van Dorston, Paul Maon; four shepherds—Richard Vohs, Claire Blossom, Dwight Hardgrove, Herbert Butts. BAPTIST. The Baptist church and. Sunday school will have an old-fashioned Christmas entertainment with tree, treats, and a program by the little ones Christmas eve at 7:30, the Lord be Praising. Questions and Answers, pastor and children. . Song, children and congregation, Hark, the Glad Sound. PART II— PEACE PROMISED Recitation, Rita Will, Through the Darkness of the Ages. Song, children, Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates, Questions and Answers, pastor and children, Song, children and congregation, Comfort, Comfort Ye My People. PART -III— PEACE INCARNATE Recitation, Edwin Hoelter, Past and Cone's the Time of Waiting. Song, children, Come Hither, 'Ye Children. Responsive reading of Christmas BANCROFT GAS WAR IS ON; GAS IS DOWN T014 CENTS Bancroft, Dec. 16—A gasoline war was started in Bancroft last* week Wednesday morning when Mr. Guide, of Mayer & Guide, started selling gasoline for 14c a gallon Gasoline dropped in Minnesota several months ago and only recently In several northern Iowa towns. The Oscar Kinkade trucks have been hired to do the Tiauling and some GOO gallons are brought down from Minnesota daily. The Phillips Petroleum, Standard Oil, and Champiin Oil companies all cut to the new price Monday morning. wood, "w, j>. vaske n, It. A. Bftrslou , 'Peter . ,..., —„ Hunehey .. 112 i Phrls. JpaW 148 .... 128 A. 5ujg)Jwr r< ;,T,,; '.'.'.'. 140 .... 148 ,,,. 148 allowed this by adding 64 flowed i Song, children, As Each Happy Christmas. Song, Ruth Will and Lois Dubbe. Recitation, Esther Gellenfeld, All Hall! He Comes! Song, children, Silent Night, Holy Night. PART IV— PEACE PROCLAIMED Recitation, HuWa Zimmermann, Long Ago the Star Did Vanish. Song, children, We Hail Thee with Rejoicing. Answers, pastor Questions and an Song! W children and congregation, O Jesus, King of Glory. Short address by pastor. Song, children and congregation, To Ue a Child of Hope is Born. Prayer; Lord's Prayer in unison, closing stanza. CONGREGATIONAL. The Congregational Sunday Olfto for the King," members, and a iltil IOWA STATE BANK TO PAY DIVIDEND OF 10 PER CENT / At a meeting of the board of directors of -the Iowa State bank last week Tuesday a dividend of 10 per cent was ordered. This bank was opened two years ago last March, and already its footings exceed a million dollars. F. D. Will iams is president; N. A. Smith and H. R, Cowan, vice presidents; H. L, GHmore, cashier; P. G. McMahon, assistant cashier; directors—Messrs. Williams, Gilmore, Smith, Cowan, P. Haggard, J. C. Mawdsley, J. F. Overmyer. Pays $50 for Whiskey, But Is Hijacked A FTER PAYING '$50 for a case of good whiskey', a Livermore man failed to receive the liquor, when a new method of hijacking- was perpetrated on him. A well-dressed man approached the Livfiijtoore man, and said his car had*t>roken down In the * country with a "load of whiskey, and he wanted to get rid of the load. If the Livermore man would give $50 for a case he could then get someone to take care of the car without suspicion. The Livermore resident was given a sample drink, which evlr dentiy pleased, and then -paid over the $50, after which the two got Into the car and drove - out into the country. They came to the agent's car, and both got out. Then the bootlegger turned on the Livermore W»n. and, draw- Ing a gun, said that gentleman would be permitted to return to town If he moved -quickly enough. The Mvermore man compiled, and the agent went his way. It is said that ajj ettpri was wade to pull the saj»e •"••"* on an, Algora garage W« that the latter, totted to FARM BUREAU REELECTS ALL 6LBJ1FFICERS Ledyard Wins Prize for. Traveling the Most Miles. The annual county Farm Bureau meeting took place Tuesday at the K. C. hall. By noon the hall was fi'.led practically to capacity. The Baptist AUl served a plate lunch. President F. L. Ryerson, Burt, kept the program moving in accordance with schedule. Nearly every number on the advance program was presented. Edw. Droessler, Bancroft, had a table near the door and registered arriving Farm Bureau .members. This was to obtain figures for the ?5 prize offered to the township delegation reporting the largest mileage. Ledyard ^township, with a mileage of '545, won, with Lincoln, 294, in secc-nd place, Grant third with 210, and Union fourth with 200Vi. Tax Expert Speaks. The forenoon program consisted principally of reports of officers and committees. Shortly after 11 o'clock, O. L. Tinley, representing the state board of assessment and review, spoke on tax assessment questions, particularly with re- spnct to new requirements. Mr. Tinley had been sent to Al- srona to conduct a meeting of the aisessors of the county. W. C. Dewel spoke briefly on writing Farm Bureau news . for the Exchange page which appears in the 'ast issue of the Advance every month. Reports on today's Exchange page written by Mrs. E. B. Dittmer, , Portland township, *and Mrs. George Harner, Swea township, were held up as models of reports of township Farm Bureau meetings. . The principal events on the afternoon program were election of 6f- - jCanS*-"..!. crrani for Iowa" by Addison Parker, Des Moines lawyer who keeps in close, touon- with Farm Bureau work. Mr.' Parker devoted his remarks to a broad outline of Farm Bureau objectives. . Officers Are Reflected. All officers were reelected except Hugh Raney, Algona, who after three years as secretary asked to be excused. A. E. Clayton; Cresco township, was named to succeed him. Reelected officers are: Mr. Ryerson, president; Geo. W. Godfrey, Irvington township, vice president; C. C. Scharlach. Algona, treasurer; Mrs. Paul Kriethe, Burt, girls' club chairman; Mrs. Harriet Warburton, Lakota, woman's chairman, As winner of a recent boys and girls' essay contest on why farm parents should belong to the Farm Bureau, Bruce Clifton, son of the Burt Methodist pastor, was announced, Mary Ford, Bancroft, and Mabel Gustafson, Burt, were runners-up. Ledyard 'township was announced as the only standardized township in the county.. To be standardized, a township must meet a number of requirements, among which is GO'% of the farmers holding Farm Bureau membership. Ledyard reported 81 per cent membership. Kossuth F. B. Has 845 Members. During the present year 150 new members have been received. In a membership campaign this fall 159 more were signed up for 1931. The present membership total is 845. Mrs. Ellsworth Richardson, of Albia, on heV way home from a Farm Bureau meeting In. Emmet ,county, was in the audience and was called upon for remarks. Sh^ responded happily. ' Mrs. Richardson was re cently awarded a distinguished ser vice medal by the : American Farm Bureau Federation, and she was the first woman to achieve such a distinction. ' , The Isenberg and Link quartet from Swea City sang and had to respond to, repeated encores. An other popular musical organization was the Rev. Mr, Frerking's or. chestr.a.-of 15 Lakota b'oys and girls. Plum Creek; was awarded the flis- tlnction of haying the best record book in the county. THREE STAR ROUTES MEET ATlAKOTAPQSTQFFICE Lakota, Dec. 16 — Lakota's. new Star mail ro.ute service went Into effect last week Monday. 'We now have five malls daily; Two from Garner, with Mi-, Boger as carrier; two from Ejjtherville, with Harry Bauman as carrier; and one from iiake Mills, > with Erbin Simon as carr}er. This arrangement makes Lakota the distributing center for a large territory/ .The three carriers cover neai^y 500 miles a day. Godfrey in Geo. W. Godfrey spoue at a Fort Dodge Farm, Bureau meeting Monday, and w«W flajted for other such meetings tWs week at Creaco and Sao City, lie i? to wide demand as a speaker. . _ S ANT^gL^ip^.person ,. greefr'ipM[|es on Alg streets SaJu|j6^aiid next wee.k - H. II. Ml'.'er, examiner-in-charge t ot the County Savings bank, an-' noinifOH that checks for the fourth •in per rent dividend have arrived. Depositors' 'may obtain their •rhecks at the receiver's office over the towa State bank. Distribution begins today. This releases $137,000 tor addition to the circulating capital of the' community, and the release was timed tor the Christmas season. Altogether, banks under Mr. Miller's charge ar e releasing $300,000. The Ringsted State is paying a final ot 24 per cent. This brings the total up to 74 per cent, which is far above the average. The Corwith Farmers Savings is paying a first dividend of 25 per cent, and the People's bank at Humbo.dt, which has already paid 50 per cent, is paying another 10 per cent. A 25 per cent 'dividend will be paid this week-end or early next week by the Burt First National. This will be the first dividend since the bank closed September 3, and will release $70,000. , The final dividend of the First National Bank of Algona is being , r iven out this week and next in the •eceivership offices above the post- office. This dividend ot 4.85 . per cent makes a total of 40.85 per cent paid by the bank. This is above the average for closed banks. The dividend releases $32,000 into the community as a Christmas offering. The receivership office las a limited time in which to Issue the checks, and depositors are urged to call within the next two weeks at the receiver's office. Receiver's certificates,, issued when the bank closed, must be brought to the of- ice and turned in before the checks '.-ill be issued. The Algona office also handled he receivership of the Wesley, Bancroft, and Burt First National 3anks, but the office will be moved January |l to Burt. W. C. Pyle, receiver, will maintain his home res- dence here, however. Dividend checks are not mailed. Sveryone .having a check iiust call for it. • Mrs. A. D. Clark, Though 86, is Still "Life of the Party" COUNTY MOTUAL HAS OHtfitLEVY f^-.'t!;>i The annual meeting of the County Mutual Svlll be held at the court- louse January 13. Secretary Joe Paxson 'and the board of directors are preparing the annual statement 'or stockholders.. An annual 'meeting of the board of directors was held last week Tuesday at the secretary's office, and a 1931 assessment of two mills vas laid. . This is the same as the evy for 1930, and provides one of the cheapest and best forms of fire nsurance, The association now has $17,650,000 insurance in force, an increase of a million dollars during 1930. Josses this year numbered 118, or 18 more than in 1929, but the total for 1930 Is around only $20,000, while in 1929 losses totaled $26,000. Other officers are Harry Bode, Al- jona, president; N. A. Smith, Alrona,. .treasurer; directors — Ed Miller, Elmore, Ed Droessler, Bancroft, Flarry Potter, Cresco township, Jos. Hauptman, Wesley, and.E, O. Mann, Burt. Mr. Paxson has been secretary since 1914, when he replaced Ed Blackford, first secretary. lly Nellie 0. itotvycr. Hollywood, Calif., Dec. 2 — The Wolcotts have gone to Phoenix, Ariz., where they will spend the holidays. If they like it there they will remain for the winter. They thought the higher attitude would be beneficial. Since they sold their home and most of their furniture they had been living in a furnished flat. ' Mrs. Emily C. Dodge and her sister, Mrs. Josephine.Skiff, have been visiting their niece, Marjorie Carlon-Harriman at Long Beach. The three Mann sisters recently entertained at luncheon in their honor at Viola Mann's, and attending were Mrs. Geo. W. Pangburn, Mrs. John Peterson, Mrs, Packard, wife of a doctor formerly at Titonka, a Miss Glen, who used to live with an aunt, Mrs. Mathers, near Irvington, Mrs. A. D. Clarke, Mrs Caudrdy Reynolds (nee May Palmer), Mrs. Katie Jones, Mrs. Jos. Nicoulln, Mrs. C. A. Palmer, and the writer. Mrs. Clarke Still Active. Mrs. Henry Adams and Mrs. A. D. Clarke recently entertained at a buffet luncheon at their home In Westwood in honor of Mrs. Clarke's SGth birthday. Old Algona friends in attendance were the three Mann sisters, Mrs. Lou Quinlan, Mrs. Rachie Stough, Mrs, Nicoulin, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Reynolds, Edith Bowyer Whlffen, Gwendolyn Bowyer Norrie, and the writer. On both these occasions Mrs. Clarke was "the life of the party." My daughters Edith and Gwendolyn, with .the latter's daughter Muriel, are with me, and Gwendolyn and her daughter will remain indef- initely. Edith will return to New York early in the new year. ' Boylcs Have Rooming House. The Mark Boyles, former Whittemore folk who came to California from Des Moines and settled a't Perris, Riverside county, are now conducting a rooming house at San Diego. Cora Setchell, in a recent letter, said she was well, and since last spring had been taking care of a friend who suffered a stroke of paralysis. Mrs, S. B. French and her daughter, Cidney Laird, are located near us in Hollywood. Mrs. French takes an active part in the Hollywood Congregational .church, and helped conduct a bazaar in November. ' Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Waldo are now living at Pomona, and Mrs. Waldo's sister, Mrs. Mary Johnstone,' Minneapolis, is spending the winter with them. The Frank Hendersons also live at Pomona. Cool on the Coast. Frank Grose, after a visit here, left for Washington, D. C., by bus to resume his duties as House doorkeeper. Mrs. Crose is with her daughter Lucille at Glendale. Mary Kain recently called on the Jaspersons at Glendale, and found them doing well. Mre. Jasperson suffered a cut of several inches on her head. We had a fine rain in November, but it was a heavy snow in the mountains, so it has been cold here'. I even read of frost in one place. But the weather has now changed and is delightful. Number 14 TWO ALGONA WOMEN WANT DIVORCES; ONE GRANTED Two divorce petitions were" filed in district court last week, and one divorce was granted by Judge Lov- rlen, after a, hearing last Thursday, to Arlouine Coon from Wade Coon. Mrs. -Coon was given custody of a child, Larry Wade, a year old. She charged her husband with drunkenness and non-support. He agreed to pay $20 a month toward support of the child. . / Nettie Haag brought suit for divorce from Roy Haag, claiming misconduct and drunkenness. The couple were married In 191-0, and have made Algona their home for 14 years. They separated October The petition says Mr, Haag is employed at the C. M. & St. P. coal chute. There are five children ranging in age from 11 to 3, and Mrs, Haag asks suitable support. MRS. GEORGE GALL LOCKED IN CLOSET BY BOLD BURGLAR Last week-Wednesday's Sioux City Journal said: ; Police Wednesday began a search for-the--burglar-who-Tuesday night broke into the home of George C. Call, locked Mrs. Call and a maid in the closet, and at the point of a revolver forced .another maid to accompany him while he ransacked the house. • The burglar obtained $17 from three pocketbooks. No jewelry or 1 silverware was stolen. Investigation showed that the burglar first gained admittance through a basement window, then walked up a flight of stairs to the first floor., Finding the door locked he attempted to.drill the lock out and remove It by taking off the hinges. Frustrated by large night locks he retraced his steps to the window and climbed out. The burglar then cut a hole In a glass window on the south side of the house, reached in and unlocked the window latch, and reentered the •house. He then walked up a flight of stairs-to the second floor, entered the room of Anna C. Nelson, maid, and forced Mrs. Nelson to tell him where Mrs. Call and Anna Ronning, another maid, were sleeping. After forcing Mrs. Call and Mre, Ronning to dress, the burglar locked them In a closet, and then- ordered Mrs. Nelson to show him where the money was hidden. Detectives said the burglar worked two hours. After he left Mrs. Nelson released Mrs. Call and Mrs. Ronning and called police. At the time of the robbery Mr. Call was at Washington, D. C., as Sioux City Chamber of Commerce delegate on upper. Missouri river navigation projects. Kiddies Enjoy Free Matinee TEACHER HERE WINS FIRST IN BOOK TABLOID REVIEWS The Sunday Register's book page announced winners in the tabloid reviews for the year ending December 1, and Ruth Messenger, Algona teacher, carried off highest honors. A large picture of Miss Messenger accompanied the announcement. She won first prize for the best review of the year. The book was "The a<- oJ jieh'm," £y James Branch Cabeli, and alias Messenger" was awarded flO worth of bpoks, pe- sides, she tied, with four other contributors for a flO pri?e f(j r the contributor having the most weekly tabloid prizes for the year. Since five contributory h.a<l two pj&£- winning reviews each, this, prize has been divided and each"?rfjj r*- ceive a $3 book, Jssse, wiU week.,. Tfce Adya^c.^ force wee* to catefe jig hag been no Bankers Offer Rewards. At a special meeting and dinner of the county bankers' association at the Algona hotel Friday night rewards of $250 each were offered for the cupture and conviction of one Henderson and one Campbell wanted in connection with recent bank robberiefe hereabouts. Santa Leaves New Still for Sheriff Hovey S ANTA GLAUS, last Thursday night, left an early and unusual present for Sheriff L.- E. Hovey, who, next morning, found a still pn the west courthouse lawn, opposite the sheriff's house. The still now decorates the sheriff's office, Who left the still, and why and how, are mysteries. No one was seen. The still Js a homemade affair consisting of two copper boilers, one bottomless, welded together, and a length of copper tuWng wound to make a coll. Officers are inclined to believe that someone was getting nervous because of the present lack of bank robbers to keep the sheriff busy, and so wante4 to get rid of the etW. Experts at the sheriffs pffioe have estimated the Capacity of the still at a gajlan, j$ hx>ur. ' Sheriff Hovey If mented OB tfce 14 their own O NE _ THOUSAND kiddies, ranging in age from toddlers to a dubious 16 were; entertained free at .the -'Call theater ; Saturday morning, when two hours of comedies selected especially for ' were varied: anmal acts, a wild west act with 'two Shetland pony riders, and other attractions that children enjoy. Following the show each child received a gift. Only one show had been contemplated, but the rush filled the i house 15 minutes before the first show was scheduled to start, so a second show, was; run for the benefit of children who could not get in for, the first. The children, I whq were more than appreciative of the efforts of the shadows on the screen -• to amuse them, laughed and howled aplenty. ATTRACTIVE PROGRAMS OFFEREynHE CALL Holiday amusement seekers "will find dn excellent program at the Call theater for the holiday season. Tonight and tomorrow night the show is "Just Imagine", a story of 19SO. Next Sunday and Monday Will Rogers and Louise Dresser, a new combination, will appear In the old classic, Lightnin 1 ; and next Tuesday and Wednesday comes Joe E. Brown in Going Wild, heralded by critics as the fun show of the season. • -. • ' • ' . • , Christmas day brings Along Comes Youth, to be followed ap- proplately by The Truth About Youth next day. v • A week from Sunday and Monday Marlene Deterick and Adolphe Mefi- jou will appear in Morocco. This picture, which is receiving markedly favorable comment from reviewers, will open at a marvelous Chinese theater at Los Angeles Christmas day • There is a trade matinee, every afternoon at 2:30 from now till New Year's, with, special bargain prices of .10 and 30 cents, LIQUOR FOUND IN CHICKEN HOUSE; SALESMAN JAILED Robert Voigt, Lotts Creek, was arrested Thursday, when two 2- quart jars and, a bottle filled with alcohol, were found buried' in a gunnysack under the floor, of a chicken house on his farm. Voigt, who denied ownership, and said he did not know the liquor was there, does not rent the farm on which he lives, merely having the house and the chicken house. He was bound to the grand, Jury Friday by Justice Hutchlsori^under J1.00& bond, which be could not furnish, and he ie now in jail. He is a salesman for a hog medicine company, is married, and has five" children. The family has applied for county help while he Js in jail. • LIFE TERMS GIVEN THREE BANK BANDITS Robbers Wanted Merer are Sentenced at Allison. . Life sentences for bank robbery- were given to Myron Martin, 31, Fort Dodge, Clarence Perry, 19. Clarion, Harris Damon, llis, Holmes, and Virgil Stuart, IS, Webster City., when the youths pleaded guilty Friday to a recent attempt to hold. up the Austinville bank in Butter- county. , . * Martin and Damon were want**. here for the second robbery of-tlk*, St. Benedict bank. Damon antf.' Martin admitted this robbery and. confessed.to other crimes m eleven., counties of northern Iowa. The pair, with Perry, wer* brought home from San Antonio* Tex., by Iowa State Agents and th«^ sheriff a t Allison, following arreat. there on information furnished by- Sheriff Hovey of Kossuth, and stat*". officials who investigated the Sfc*' Benedict 'hold-ups. Martin 'Was leader of the gang-;. He persuaded Damon, who hall*, from the little-village of Holme*,, west of Clarion, and William. . Brownsfield and Lyle Barton, botht of Webster" City, to rob the St. Benedict bank while he remained, in the background in the getaway car. Brownsfield and Barton, whoc were caught soon after the robbery^ as the result of quick work on th»< part ot Sheriff Hovey and Statai Agent Ray Scott, pleaded guilty? and,were sentenced to life imprlsoih- ment Noveriibe'r 21. A total of seven Kossuth baakr robbers are 1 now serving time. RosenmeyerV . Lyle Bartonr •Wllilam. Brownsfield have been tenced here; Lawrence Degan, „_ fessed accomplice of Hosenmeyer IBS' the Lu Verne bank robbery, is serv~ robbery :in,that state; Walter Baer. confessed robber of the Hardy bank^ suspected > also of having robbed «*•» Wesley 'bank, was sentenced recently for™robbery O f the Meriden* Minn., bank o n information furntate- ed from Kossuth'officers, and IBtth, tin and -Damon. Rosenmeyer and Baer implicate*. H. A.' Henderson, Blue "Tr*!!. Livermore; and .south Kossuth rraf dent at various 'times, as accompUm* In the robberies at Hardy and *m Verne. .Henderson, a married mao., is said to have been distrlbutte* ' agent for a bootlegging ring". Ftt* ' Hwing capture of Rosenmeyer bav disappeared from his Minneaola.. home, and no trace of him has been, found. .,••' NEW TOLL TEST BOARD IS INSTALLED HEBE A new toll test,board, with alt long-distance lines terminating, waa: opened for service here Friday, Da-- cember 12,V according to< K. <R- Hancher, local manager of th» Northwestern Bell Telephone company. This board was provided to- care for the Increasing use of lone- distance service. It will enable em- ployes to test and locate trouble on*, the toll lines much quicker and. more accurately than the old teat-' board, just removed, did. The new: board is equipped t*> handle 72 toll lines into the Algona,. exchange,-' The. installation work was performed ;by the ' Western. Electric company' Installers, W. H. Schultz and, F, J, Cook, under thai. • supervision of Arthur Olson, Watar- loo; > Algona has good direct long-di*^ tance connections to all nearbjr towns and also to Minneapolis, Man- katp, Des Mo}nes, Fort Dodge, M»<» son City, and Sgencey. According to: Manager Hancher, about 400 long- distance calls a day are, handled at ' the local central. lor Auto registration for 1880 closed December l with 7770 cars register' ed in Kossuth. Up to Tu^aj.} " 1700 had been regj^terefl for, but County Treasurer Kruse is < pecting % huge' FU$J ,aj tfee end, ' "• *"' 9WJ* FATHER OF MRS, A, K, CUFF , PASSES AT MINNEAPOLIS Mr, and Mrs. A. K, Cliff returned Sunday from Minneapolis, whef** they had been called last Thursday by the death of Mrs, Cliff's fatf- 13 ' Frank, ft, Dordan. Mr. Dordan been taken- \o St. Mary s Hasp Minneapolis, after a toll last WfsSL" Tuesday in which he suffered *, double fracture pf ft hip v whlcji set at the hospital," He wap "i ently in little danger till Wednesday morning, when' he' suddenly, Death wae caused by blQod-clot. Mr,'j>ordan. • — - • °- h,a.s. been children, t#* ifc.'M JPI-*

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