Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 11, 1930 · Page 14
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1930
Page 14
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Twenty Years Ago Advance, December 15, 1910, A now edition of the Algona cook book was being - published by the Episcopal Aid. Of the edition 600 copies wore bound in board and 400 in cloth, and the former sold at 60 cents nnd the latter at $1. The book was a reprint of a. cook book issued many years previously and only the advertisements were changed. t t t Mrs. H. if. WUIson suffered severe burns when gasoline In which she was cleaning 1 lace exploded. t t t The office of the Moore Bros Coal and Grain Co. at the Iowa Central station was burglarized, t but nothing of value was found by the yegg-men. The- safe Inner door was opened with a crowbar. t t t Alderman IJou-yer's stunt In cutting down Western Union telegraph poles when the company delayed moving them as ordered by tho city council brought action the following das', and 12 men were at work a week later changing the poles to the alleys. Mr. Bowyer had been named as a city council committee to see that the poles were moved. The company promised, but did nothing soon enough to suit Mr. Bowyer, HO he chopped down two poles before he could be stopped. t t t Directors of the fair association chocked the hook* and found a balance on hand of $1SO. T. I 1 . Harrington was secretary and .1. M. Furley, Whitteniore, \va.s president. t t t A new tubular bol'er for the Methodist church way being considered. The church auditorium was too cold for comfort in the winter. t t t A children's story hour was being conducted at the library every Saturday afternoon, and the hour was changed from 2:30 to two hours later. Four story hours were planned for the coming week bti Christmas themes, to be given on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons after school, t t t Captain I>. D. Dodge was 85 years old and a family dinner party was given In his honor, t t t "The Girl in the Kimona" and "The Rosary" were current attractions at the Call Opera House, t t t Cement blocks for the proposed Presbyterian parsonage were to be made during the winter by members of the congreg-atlpn. The work was donated, and only the material was charged for. t t t The- Eminetsburg Democrat said that H. J. Wilson, Algonlan, who had Algona and Emmetsburgr territory for car sales, had sold $1>20,000 worth of care In a year, t t t Potatoes were selling at 55 and 60 cents at Tltonka, t t t Whttetnore was to vote on establishing a waterworks system and Issuing bonds to pay for it. Flowing wells in the north end of the county were running dry because of continued dry weather, t t t A new wnter works system had been Installed at Fenton at a cost of $0000. The well, 250 feet deep, cost $500. A storage tank and mains, with labor incident to in- stallatlon, made up the remainder of the cost. The city had also purchased a hose cart and a quantity of hose for fire protection, t t t Father 1>. M. I>ol>beVst<>in maintained a skating rink for children during the winter, charging only enough to pay for the cost. The first person in th e family secured a season ticket for $1.50 and other members of the family got one for nO cents. The year before Father Dobberstein lost $G on the proposition. The grotto and the lake were then in their Infancy, t t t An exhibit of articles made by the manual training classes was to be displayed in store windows In time grade boys in the upper grades January, Supt, j, F, Overmyer announced, The subject had Just been Introduced to Algona, bxit'had met with Instant favor. At that received training, but with Increases in high school enrollment, this became too burdensome, i and the grade pupils were dropped. t t t George W. Godfrey, 1909 • Ames graduate, was helping the extension department of th e state college at Ames with animal husbandry work, and wns to aid In short course work for farmers to be given in Algona during the winter. Mr. Godfrey was recognized then as an expert In hog and cattle problems. t t t . ^A Skat club had been organized and two rooms back of the Grose real estate office hod been rented focAclub -rooms. ttt ' r E«l lllmkford gave a talk on pioneer experiences a t a meeting of the newly formed county historical society. His father, J. E. Blackford, In (18,55 was Influenced to come to Kossuth county by Asa and Am brosp Call, brothers of Mrs. Blackford, who were enthusiastic about th 0 country i n which they had set- fed the year before. The trip to Algonn, then a camp of a few log cabins, was made by covered wagon f"om'i Indiana, The wagon whee's wore held on by llnch pins, which \v-nt throuirh the axle, Instead of n burr. The wagon had a pine tar b'ic'tet 'hung O n thlj rear, and the tar WTS used to lubricate the wheels. T'->p first settler they met was Alex Brown Sr,, grandfather of A. J. Brown. They lived in an addition to the Asa Call cabin the first winter, and built their own cabin next spring when the came the Spirit Lake massacre, nnd Mr. Blackford recalled the erection of the stockade, which stood where the Steele clothing store Is now located. A plate on ,the front of the store memorializes the stockade. 3' t t t Two blocks and an outlot were added to the incorporation of Lone Rock. t t f ' The Donaldson brothers of Milford had constructed an airship which flew several blocks In a trial flight carrying a pilot. The was taken ujJ in a wind, which changed its direction, and blew It into, telephone %lfe9, but the pilot Wjis uninjured! hi the crash. The report of the flight does not stats t t-f A joke 'In the .ready-printed Inside pages of the' paper was entitled "In 1925" and purported to be a conversation between the governor and a secretary, In wfilch the governor ordered out the state aviator to catch a orlrHlnal pilot flying over the state. . This Magazine Pal of Boys Boyhood, years are ..formative years when fundamentalV character Is moulded Into the pattern it will maintain throughout life. That. Is why so much Importance- Is placed on factors that govern adolescent boys—their 'companions, environment, reading, food,' etc. At this age is determined whether the boy will. develop Into a cheerful or surly man, generous or selfish, intelligent or dull, ambitious or Indolent. ' School teachers, librarians, Scout leaders, others have found that THE AMERICAN BOY—YOUTH'S COM- PANTION is one of the most favorable Influences a boy can have. Its stories and articles are a force for good—wholesome, alive, Inspiring. The million or so boys who read this magazine consider It their closest friend. They find keenest entertainment, adventure, mystery, athletics, aviation, humor, everything that delights a Hvewlre boy. Sports articles by famous coaches and athletes help, boys win school teams. Professional articles and biographical sketches aid in selecting guide in problems. That boy would have a world of pleasure reading THE AMERICAN BOY — YOUTH'S COMPANION. Make a gift to him. Subscription only $2 a year or $3 for thre e years. Mall order to AMERICAN BOY- YOUTH'S COMPANION, 550 W. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, Michigan. —Advertisment. 13 Board Proceedings November 10, 1930. Auditor's Office, Nov. 10, 1930. IBoarrl of Supervisors of Kossuth county met in regular session with ail members present and proceeded with the reading of minutes of last •regular session and all adjourned sos- sions. On motion by Morris and seconded by Funnpmark that minutes be approved as read. On motion Board proceeded with auditing and allowing of hills. Motion by Funnmark and seconded by McDonald that P. J. Baseman, Chairman of Board of Supervisors of Ivossuth county, is hereby authorized c t S ' e " A aK !' eement witn Hancock Motion by McDonald and seconded by Heiken that following refunds and abatements are. hereby allowed- That road poll tax of Theo. Kenne J.°^i' ear , 19 r 9> , ^"hlttemore Inc., Is being , •• -- • • •...l.fctll.vll^ 111 nerehy abated on account of erroneously charged. That road poll tax of Lawrence Decker for 1929. Irvington township, js hereby abated on account of being paid in IRIIverdale township That road poll tax of Harold Curran, Irvington township, for 19'>7 is hereby abated on account of being paid in Sherman township. That Chas. Fischer Is hereby refunded $76.16 on SW ]-4 Sec. 18. Twp. !», Range 29, on account of error in acreage. That <F. A. Kayser is herebv refunded following assessment on' E l-» Sec. 1S-99-28 on account of not being properly credited with road acreage- Xc road 26c road C0ns e °n» ........... 27c road consl road . consl ........... 270 road That M C. Mead is hereby allowed refund of taxes on H-K 2-36 on account of open ditch right-of-way. NE 1-4 NW 1-4 22-97-27 N °$ NW 1-4 NW 1-4 23-97-27 ....... 162 and County Auditor is hereby author- Ized to issue refund warrants. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by McDonald that W. H. G rover is hereby allowed Soldier's Exemption for 1930 on personal property Portland township, in sum of SoCO.OO. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Morris that Heiken be appointed as a committee to make repairs on E.-K. Jt. No. 4, Dr. 31, SO, S2, S5, 110, 125, 139, 1G6 as per requests. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and seconded by McDonald that Funnemark be ap'- pointed as a committee to make repairs on Dr. 99 as per request. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded with the Auditing and Allowing of bills as per Schedule of Claims hereinafter written: SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS COUNTY FUND Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., service tel. Hutton & Jenks, printing ballots C. M. St. iP. & Pac. R'y Co., freight ; C. M. St. P. & Pac. R'y Co;, freight J. J. Anderson, att. board of health meeting Peter Looft, att. board of health meeting Chas. A. Ttohlin, att. board of health meeting J. E. Kelley, attend, board of health meeting- H. C. Allen, serv. as clerk of Lu Verne twp Frank Devltt, serv. as trustee of Lu Verne twp. G. F. Chambers, serv. as board' of review Frank clapsaddle, serv. as board of review ,. C. H, Rlggert, typewriter ... . Lottie J. Kaln, labor In Treas. 78.60 70.00 3.C5 8.43 8.00 8.00 4.00 8.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 30.00 office ...... .............". 64.50 C. A. Samson, assisting sner- Acres-BIackmar Co., supplies. J. W. Neville, supplies POOR FUND Northwestern 'Bell Tel. Co., 87.00 346.80 18.35 tel. service 1799 Dr. P. E. Walley, mod. aid; ,,°™d. $15 no t allowed Moore & Moore, coal 680 Frevltt Grocery, provisions ... 3028 F. S. Norton i& Son. coal ... . 10.92 J. W. Neville, .supplies 4.00 ROAD CONSTRUCTION iFlUND Palo Alto County, bridges 375.00 ROAD MAINTENANCE 1F1UND C. & N. W. iRfy Co., freight .. 5.37 Standard Oil Co., -gas and oil 30.85 L. H. Junkermeler, dragging.. 34.88 L. D. Potter, dragging 14.81 Buffalo Center Lbr. Co., supplies 3i.oo John Wilson, tiling 49.50 Chas. H. Chambers, road work 5.00 Harry Helmke. road work .. . 31.87 Frank Gronbach, road work . 5.40 Sharp Brothers, road work . . 145.55 Bert Godden, road work 44.94' Joe iGreenberg, repairs 45.70 F. S. Norton & Son, supplies. ^OSo Glbbs-Cook Tractor Co., sup- Plies 524.70 Wm. Bunkofske. dragging ., . 16.50 DRAINAGE (FUND Kossuth Co. road fund, labor with grader 350.00 Dr. 67— N. S. Jenson. labor 400 Dn 156— Kossuth Co. Road (Fund, labor with drag line 20000 Dr. 377— Kosauth Co. Road Fund, labor with tractor and srad- er 5000 RESOL/VED: That County Auditor Is hereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as shown by the "Schedule of claims" hereinbefore written as per vote on each Individual bill. Ayes: All. 12 o'clock noon. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Morris that 'Board proceed with the official canvass of election ' returns. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Heiken that further canvassing of election returns be continued to one o'clock p. m. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. to meet In court room. Court Room, 1 o'clock p. m. November'10, 1930. Board met pursuant to adjournment with all members present, and on motion by Morris nnd seconded by McDonald Board proceeded to can- TOWNSHIP- JUSTICE OF THE PEACE Aleona _ ^\-. c . Danson _ ,, , L. A. Winkel 5"" al ° - .H. A. Jennings Burt \V. J. Davidson ,,_„ t'. E. Householder °"°""" - .Earl Miller vass the votes of the General 'Election held In Kossuth county on the 4th day of November, A. D., 1930, with the following results: For United States Senator L. J. Dickinson received 2822; Daniel F Steck, 2540; Arthur A. Wells, 20; t, E' IMckelberg, 3! for Governor, Dan W Turner 32S7; Fred R. Hasemann, 1676;' John M. Smith. 20; Wm. Patten, 2: for Lieutenant-Governor, Arch McFar- w 1 "™ 2 !. 41 ,' T 'J 1 ' Osborne, 1713; Henry W. Nuhring, 20; Albert Gerling, 4; for Secretary or State, G. C. Greenwalt, g21; Mrs. 'Flora Cotton Etter, 1606; Hawes Yates, 20: Walter Swezey, 2; Wright, IS; Robert'Anderson, °2; for Em* s £ rerT ott ,? tat , e IRtoy E - Johnson, 2? 03 '. -B. J. RIegel, 1694; Harry L Goodwin, 19; for Attorney-General H?r n T IF ! etC S, er ' 2703; George iFinch, 1656; John T. Christie, 15; for Secretary of Agriculture, Mark 'G Thornburg, 2774; F. J. 'Underwood, 1628- George H. Darrington, 16; for Superintendent of Public Instruction Ag?4?. Samuelson. 2741; E. J. Oilman, nl ' , °Ir Railroad Commissioners, Charles Webster, 2575; iFred P Woodruff, 2546; M. P. Conway, 1655; M. J. Kinnelly, 1644; Morris T. Hidy 14- A G. 'Krlnglock, 12; f3r Judge of Su: preme Court, E. G. Albert, 2557; Edgar A Morllng, 2702; John -M. Grimm, 2533; John W. Anderson, 1688; G. A KInderine, 1649; John 'F. Porterfleld, JS!l : ™ r Representative In Congress, Wth District, Fred C. Gllchrist, 2966 Paul Anderson, 1564; A. L Moen 8' for Judge of the District Court, i4th District, James DeLand, 2,699; George A. Heald, 2399; scattering, 2; to fill vacancy, Fred C. Lovrien, 2,638; for State 'Representative, «5th District, J. H. Jensen. 2020; A. H. 'Bonnstetter, 2667; for County Auditor, Bertha E Johnson, 3366; scattering, 4; for County Treasurer, H. N. 'Kruse, 3284; scattering. 1; for Clerk of District Court, Clark Orton, 3155; scattelng, 1; for sheriff, L. E. Hovey, 2829; Tony I Goeders, 2275; for County Recorfler. Laura Paine, 2754; J. J. Dooley, 2155- for County Attorney. Gaylord D. Shumway, 3133; for County Corner, Leon M. Merrltt. 30S3; scattering, 4: Supervisor District No. 1, F. J. IBal- geman, 61S; John P. Mersch, .465; District No. 3, Olaf Funnemark, 513; Wm. Cosgrove, 442; District No. 5, P. J. Heiken, 526; scattering, 2; Constitutional Convention, for 1924, against 2113. CONSTABLE TOWNSHIP TRUSTEES TERM BEGINNING TOWNSHIP CLERK Fenton I_IIII~Jacob Hengel -,„,... ., W. A. Cameron Garfield ..John Faber German Grant _. ".IIIH"~s. J. Chrlstophel Greenwood __ j. H . Sheridan -,. , Chris Behrman Harrison ...Joseph M. Dyo „ . J. L. Vaux Hebron Wm . Franke Irvington Ledyard .11113..ZI.lRobt. Womack _ , , Oliver Marquis Lincoln Leonard Christ Lotts creek Lu Verne IlllHIiC'onsuello Hanna Plum Creek Ed Hopkins 'Portland Prairie ..ZI"IIH~;;;E. F. Rahm Ramses' Riverdale Seneca __II"I""">lartln Larson bherman Spring-field ~.I""I~i;B. F. Sharp 0 Lars Loge Swea R . H \Valker Union Wesley ~";i_Ii;i;™;ihno Geerdes TVhlttemore M. P . McDonnell ___._. „.. On motion Board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. November 20th, L. T. Griffin C. C. Wright W. 'H. Rlcklefs W. H. Stewart Fred Lavrenz Bert Galbralth Wm. Burt Fred Flalg Rasmus Olson Juki.' Keller Wm. Blomster Ernest Nimz Harry D. Mussman Henry Zingg Grover !R ! entz A. Sanders Lela Gardner Wm. Eich I. 'P. Howard J. R. Weir Sim Leigh Frank Rotterman J. C. Johnson Wm. Knight Adam Luchsinger 1931 Will Schram Lem Marlow Harry Sabln J. P. 'Peterson G. B. Johnson Herman Harms C. K. Rlppentrop Frank Jacobs Chas. Kollasch Chas. A. Rohlin Thos. Berg Henry Weber Geo. D. Moulton James Warburton Geo. J. Winkel Frank Clapsaldle H. Bailey W. H. Schwietert Isadore 'Meyer J. S. Freerk H. 'Borman L. C. Gast H. J. Kohlhaas John Haas O. A. Jenson A. L. Cruikshank Olaf Flora FT. F. Schultz 1930. 1932 Andrew Hanson K. iG. Ewoldt Chester Robinson Lawrence Thorson P. M. Chrlstenson. Geo. Schaller Ubba Winter Ell Anderson A. A. Fangman Peter Looft H. O. Larson Henry Eischeid Aug. Gutknecht Paul Hertzke Albert Potratz G. F. Chambers Roscoe Mawdsley E. B. Dittmer Geo. Cink Ed. Droesslcr John Frideres O. R. Jenson John P. Borman G. B. iRIisk J. H. McGregor A. M. Gustafson H. J. Sherman Frank Ludwlg TOWNSHIP ASSESSOR E. P. Hanson Geo. P. Hawcott M. N. Phillips M. L. Johnson L. B. Hollister Mike Wagner J. Boekelman Ray 'B. Hail. L. 3. Kockler J. J. Anderson .. H. C. Lunnlng F. J. Gilmore Geo. Hasge Bert Coder John IKohlwes H. C. Allen Walter Klamp E. O. Mann iG. B. Ludwlg Jr. John Hellman J. Borman Chris Nelson E. C. Green Ray E Hanson R. IP. Hawcott Eleanor Potter O. W. IBerggren Fred C. Wegener Henry Klepper Herman Ubben Paul Selberg W. P. Vaske L. A. Barslou Peter Selvlg A. J. Seller John E. Smith W. H. Patterson Andrew Elbert A. L. Bosworth H, McEnroe D. P. Schwietert J. N. Ludwlg Henry Fox Wm. Runchey Chris IDahl L. A. Johnson Fred E. Dutton O. L. Thorson W. C. Nelson Fred Dlekman W. F. •Relmers November 13, 1930. Seneca Township, T. , November 13, 1930 Board of Supervisors of Emmet and Kossuth counties met pursuant to Call of County Auditors with all members present Emmet County: R. S. Bryan, H. K. Bonnicksen. KossuTJi oCunty: F. J. Bal&eman. Olaf 'Funnemark. P. J. Heiken, Chas Morris and W. E. McDonald Motion by Morris and seconded bv 'Funnemark that H. K. Bonnlckson of Emmet County, act as Chairman of this meetlntf. Ayes: All Motion by 'Balgeman and seconded by Morris that C. S. Pearson, Dtputv Auditor of Kossuth County, act as Secretary of this iin'i-tliit'. Ayes: .All. , Motion by DulKemaii and seconded 1 by Heikt-n that Tina) estimate of A ' R. 'Eno is hereby allowed on K -K Jt' ™Si -'. " nd ""V"^ da >' ^ December.' 1930, at 2 p. m. is hereby fixed as time for heaniiH- on said final estimate at EstherviUf, Iowa. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and st-condtrd by Morris that Supplementary Report of A. E. Michel. Engineer, is hereby accepted Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded py Bryan that Lafe Simmons is here€/ , aw S/; ded contract for repairs on Main Tile Line on E-K Jt. 2 as ptr terms of bid. Ayes: All. On motion Joint Boards adjourned to December 3rd, 1&30, at 2 i> m in E#thervllle. Iowa. H. K. BtONNICKSON, O. S. iPEARSON. Chairman. Secretary. Chas. Haas S. A. Butcher W. J. Bourne Henry Nelson , Wash Harris 'BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Auditor's Office, Nov. 20, J930, Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County met pursuant to adjournment with all members present except Funnemark. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Heiken that Resolution be adopted In regard to constructing railroad crossings on Right of Way of Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway Company at Southeast and Southwest corners of Sec. 13, Twp. 99, N. of Range 29 without expense to Chicago Rock Island & Pacific R'y Co. Ayes: All. (See IRteeord for Resolution.) Motion by McDonald and seconded by Morris that application of Jacob Johnson for cancellation of town taxes on tract of land in S 1-2 SE 1-4 Sec. 35-06-27 is hereby disallowed on account of action taken by Town Council of Wesley to have a part of .said land set out as agricultural tracts. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board met pursuant to adjournment with all member present. Motion by Morris and seconded by McDonald that assessments on . Secondary Road districts be confirmed as reported by Commissioners on following Secondary Road Districts: 6493-102-105-113-115-118-121-130-138 - 140 -1-14 -H5-14a-U7-14S-149-161-152: except NW 1-4 Sec. 32, Twp. 98, Range 29 in Secondary Road District No. 150. (See Record for "Resolution). Further hearing on Secondary Road ICO continued to December 18th, 1930, at 1:30 p. m. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Morris that County Auditor and Chairman of Boai-J of Supervisors are hereby Instructed to Issue duplicate Primary Road bond No. 1432 for $1,000 bearing date of J«Jy J, mo. due May 1, 1«4, on account of original bonij being lost or destroyed and Indemnitj Bond for $2,000 i« hereby approved Ayes: All. Motion by iFunnemark and seconded by Heiken that C. 'Badge Is hereb* refunded J2.00 delinquent dog tax foi 1929, Titonka Inc., on account of be ing erroneously taxed. That taxes of Clarence B. Robinson on E 2-3 Block 35, and West Half of Street vacated in Original Plat of Town of Wesley for J929 be suspended as per recommendation of Town Council. That soldier's exemption of T. A I Trauger on S 1-2 Lot 5, Blk. 82, for 1930 for $500.00, and soldier's exemption ; on Lot 2, Block 1, Call's Park Addi- j tion, of IRIuby Tripp for $500.00 and i $3.000.00 exemption on Lot 7, 'Block 26, Original Plat. Algona, of Leila F Donnell to the city of Algona, Is' hereby allowed. Ayes: All. Motion by Heikeu and seconded by Morris that claim of -F. R. Hopkins for fees In Insanity cases is hereby allowed in sum of $72.00. same being $3.00 commissioner's fees in each case listed on bill as per recommendation of County Attorney. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by 'Funnemark that following resolution be adopted: WHER.HAS, Kossuth County finds It necessary to construct and 'maintain and use a. 10-in. tile drain upon the property of RIght-of-Way of Chicago '& Northwestern R'y Co. one- half mile south of Algona, Iowa. Therefore. Be It Resolved, That F. J. Balgeman, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Is hereby authorized to enter into agreement with C. & N.- w ; J] ?,', y Co - for V cen »e to coastruct said We line on Right-of-way of said Railroad Company. Adoptea^thte Wb day of Motion by McDonald and seconded by Funnemark that further consideration of bids for bonds on Dr 177 Is 1930 eby COI ? tlnued to December 2nd, Motion by Morris and seconded by McDonald that iFunnemark be ap- . Motion by Morris and seconded by McDonald that proceedings in regard to Including of additional territory on Dr. 9 Is hereby dismissed. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and seconded by Funnemark that A. E. Michel. Engineer. Jim Vaux, and Lem Marlow are hereby appointed as commissioners to reolassify assessments on (Dr. 69, report to be returned within 90 days Ayes: All. (Sea Record for Resolution.) • On motion Board adjourned to nine o clock a. m. December 2nd, 1930. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. H. W. Po*t Bray and Transfer Long Distance Hailing Every load insured against loss and damage of an wads. Equip* pedtodoall feindf fa hauling and draying. m This advertisement is intended for farmers who tntend .to hold a public sale this winter ami u ject is to provide a form calling for everything the printer will need to make a good bill and te Interested farmers should clip this advertisement and save it till they need it. When you are fill out this form and take it to your printer. MkUlMiHwl «t,; 1. • Form for Sale Bill and Advertisement 1—It is customary to start out with some reason for holding the sale, such as "As I am about to farming and move to town." Give your reason here: quit 2—Give the distance from such towns as you want to mention to your farm. (Do not sav "FV VQ northwest of Al g ona"-say, "Four miles west att'd one mile north of Algona»j»_____.__„_ miles 3—Give day and date of sale. 4—Give hour when sale is to begin_ . ( 5—What about lunch, if any?_ 6-How many horses?..,. Describe each animal, with weight and age, and if you have any outstanding horses or teams give particulars ;___ ._ 8—How many hogs? DO as yourself r close out, i___ .... .. . •—• »~« »««.«».D Hnajr .nitu wa long bill—the price will be the same anyhow 9—Sheep, mules, or other stock?. 10—Chickens, ducks, geese, etc.?. 1 ' ' I 11-Which do y,ou want to come first-horses, cattle, or hogs?...__^ 12-Farm machinery. Give make and conditoi, Make a complet, HB^ *"^^ob^"a grindstone may fetch a buyer ten miles away 13—Miscellaneous call* 14-See your banker, get the terms, and set them put here, «ow W y mo**,?. - ... 15-How many bills do you want? (The usual number is 100)... wwr . w , -16-,How large an ad do you want? (The usual size t a ™ * -""'" r """*7 W ' w " " Note- Ttte customary ordB1 . _„ _\ Qo x ™ 8ize is o»e-fourth page) __„_„,_.. an, if y * u f Ifo^v"^/**! ** **«'WV#*I **tfo» t»e tf" 6 onca 'f be conai^aWy smaLrV *!t* thw pr ^ nt *»• *W» W « une typ6 ' ™! property to to be^ld! * " 8Hal ****' *8* **»*» WWSW>ent Js no' 17-^your name.____ - , -•^""**^^^~ •?•*»•"••••••, • 18—Auctioneer »—»,^»...,.,,—,„,-.» Remember that from 1 the nprtfa une of pent r, ""' 1 " <r ~ i "'""'-» > » •"»**«n-T-wri-<"rrs-»--"• r ^^ IW< *dvertteejnettt gnd put it wh«rA - «,<-."•- -*.-^~~ 1fW ffJIplp^V , , - \ \,J** ^L^JSam""

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