Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 11, 1930 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1930
Page 12
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-*" * AGBFo tt R Magazine Service— Many Advance subscribers take magazines and pay the regular subscription rates for them. The Advance is in a position to offer reduced rates •on clubs consisting of the Advance and any magazine. CLUB RATES .and Vincent at SpHngfteia , ped at Wesley Friday to see MRS. WHIG, OF WESLEY, DEAD; STROKE FATAL Wesley, Deo. 9 — Mrs. Arvina Weig died at her home in cnst Wesley lust Thursday afternoon, She hurt been in failing health Cor some months, and suffered a • stroke at noon that day. Had she lived till Saturday, she would ha.ve been 83 years old. She was born i n Germany, and with 'her husband and children cani In tlio followlnv lablo tho com- '»"'""" ™""° h "f e ^ om , Fort ^s* felno.1 r..ff.,l,,r snbsorlpdon rate of n0 r,lv o/wkeiunm " * ™ 1b« A.lv.im-o anil (ho innB'JizInca list- j .,.,„, whpn sht! ' nl \ )Veil t rrt appears In the- first, column, j ,,,,,, H(?rvicps WDro hcl(| , lt gt oph's oluirch at n o'clock Saturday i linil In Hie second jtuiirH the eliibbiiiw under this offer, Is pay for liofli— coin inn n]> rule, ivlik'li, nil you liavc to „„„ m ^ sa .,., Minn., from Saturday to this week ac- lar Coin- Club- blnrd bliiK Kate Itati American Hoy 91.00 Same, !! .years 3.01) American Cookery .'!.30 American <;irl Jl.SO American l.t'irtmi Weekly il.oO Same \\illi Americjin Hoy and ('Miter's S.30 7.^0 Same wllh American Uoy mid AVoniiin's .Home Coiiipanfon 7.30 7.03 Same with Woman's Home Cnm paiiii'ii __ 3.00 -1.13 American .Morcury 7.110 3.S.") Arena :!..".!> ~.',:.W "Weekly Arirosy (i.OO .1.35 Atlantic .Monthly (i.OO ».">."> Hotter Homes k f;,'irdens Uliio lloolt .Maiiaxine Knobniiin Hoys' Life Catholic llaily Tribune _T American iiS'o Ilcrald-K\iiiiilii Tribune rald _______ Hou inx, December 7, tho annlver- of her birth. Her pastor, tho Goo. F. Wessling, delivered a ;-ci iiK-n and conducted requiem muss, lluruil was made i n St. .luseph's cemetery beside the RIUVQ- nf lu-r husband, who died many Surviving: children a.r'f Schiller, etiHt of Wesley, Slonson, A\V.idcn. GeorK'' Wesley, .Michael, Aber- .loc and Frcil, at home. Tuesday Mrs. Henderson ahd Jimmy, companied by Mrs. John son, drove to Fort Dodge Friday, where Jimmy took further treatment for his eyes. They are Improving. Sr. Mary Longina, sister of Mrs. Paulina Hahlg, and Sr. Mary He- miga, sister of Michael Wlngert, both from Dubiiritie, are visiting the Hanlg and Wlngert families. Mrs. o. M. Huber Is a sister of the late Peter Thissen, Algona, and visiting her are 'her brother and sister, Andrew Thissen and Mrs. Paul Raskopf, Marshalltown. H nrley Haynos left Monday morning for Minnesota, where ho has been given a district as agent for Wallaces' Farmer. Ills headquarters n ro at Blue Earth. /Paul Flaherty has been employed to look after tho Phillips Petroleum station, of which Albert Monson Is mannger. He will remain until March or April. Halph Maddox, high. 'school, teach. or u.t Wesley two years ago, now serving v,i s secon'd year as principal nt Rradgatc, visited Wesley friends Saturday. Kd Studer, Excelsior, Minn., vis- The Iminaculate Concejition of th B. V. M, was observed at St Joseph's church Monday with mass at eight and 110:30 o'clock, a. rh. Mrs. Le 0 Blelch has been engagec as declamatory coach for the hlgl school contestants. Practice wil begin in January. Mrs. Daisy Oleason, who has beer visiting her sister, Mrs. Guy M Butts, returned ?ttnday to her'home at Mound City, ill. The Charles Murphys and Patil cla Miller visited relatives at Web ster City and Williams Saturday- an( Sunday, Sir. and Mrs. Michael \Veig, Aber deen, g. D., camo . Friday morning to attend the funeral of his 1 mother The Harry Brateys entertained the bridge club last Thursday evening. Julius Knnz won high. Mrs. Theron Hansen left Satur day for "Washington,' Iowa, to visit her parents until the holidays. Peter Thissen, who died at Al- Satnrelay was the father-of Mrs. Lawrence AVIngert. IJeKtta Hall, Forest City school principal, spent the week-end 'at borne. STALK FORAGE . i Chilli Ufe Christian He Collier's Cosmopolitan AVllh (iooil ing Country Current Current Current, Current Surprise Honors Kdna Carlson — The young people of the Congro- ,-vaiionai fburi'h surprlsod Kdna I'nrl-on on her 111th birthday annl versa ry last week \Vednesilny. She I is llu- eldest of two chilili-en and j 1'iiK daughtor of Mr. and Mrs. Her-! 111:111 I'arison. prominent farmers; n-.,:-th of ^'esley. Oanies occupied | l! ! .e evening, and lunch was served.! _ "!'',«•?",? Ah ' S ' Sih ' S SK ' nV W1V " le i LalU>trl - nt '°- 9-Tlwt corn stalk ,.i,.«n-ups wno S p ( ,n Pl ,n.,! the |); ,,-ty. I>;lsUlro (](H , S not n|a ,. e U)(> u '" r iUUl h ' H slst '" r ' - Mr «'!Pi-odnctton is indicated bv the X.»ter. lh , !lttt%r of ltlirrillo ! vcmb(?r (pst cow . )(w(li ; ^ ir ' ni :i vwt -' . „,! t er pomts. i.ii'e Kvcnls History f.i<cr:i(iiri! Iteailinu 1 Dairy World JJfilinoaliir Dos M nines Itcuister Des 31'oincs Tribune Etude Farmer's Wil'o (I yrs.) farm Journal Field and Stream Forbes .Muuaxine (Twice a month) 7.00 Forum and Century 1.30 Golden Hook 3.00 Good Housekeeping 4.30 JIarper's liaxaar (i.OO Harper's Mauaziue (i.OO Jilburty 1.30 McCall's .'!.()() Mid-Week I'ictorial 0.01) Ration 7.00 Raturo 3.00 Open Itoad (for boys)._. :t.OO Outlook 7.00 Patlifluder :!.(><) Physical Cull lire 4.50 Pictorial llcylew 3.00 Plain Talk (f.OO Police Gazette (i.OO 'Popular .Mechanics 4.30 Popular Sclcuco -1.30 Headers' Digest 5.00 Jledbook 4.50 Reliable 7'oultry Journal (8 years) S.OO Review of Reviews 3.00 St. JficlKil/js <j.OO 'Science and Invention fi.OO j-i. s. Class Meels— adult Pias.s uf the Methodist uiKlay sciioul I, nl.ls i; s monthly '.K-i;i.i moeUng xv ith Mrs. Ruth |i im . •'•n ibis wi.- 1; Tuesday cvenini;. Sun. '••iy morniiig si'i-vici's were well at- .'inlc'.l. and the Uov. Mr. Moore • lH)k:> (i n ••.!„;>• in I'iirist." a pro-' 'iiriMma.s sermon. ],ast week A\'(>(1- ' ifsdi-y five "leains' 1 of two persons: ;:rn. engagcil in ;i drive for sc- : uring pledges toward the yearly; udfj-ev. The of fort was cncourag- : ingly success!' ul. Doctor r.case, di's- : !ri:-l .sii|ici-inu'iKl(.'iH, assi.stf;i j n the! work. ; tester. The three hlprh herds were not allowed in corn, but were fed legume bays and balanced rations. Will Chrislonson, Fen ton, nine grade Guernseys, averaged 647-lbs. milk, .12.2 Ibs. butterfat. and three cows cm the honor roll. Last fall last week "Wednesday, the Rp.v. Jtr. Frorking officiating. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Jake Risius, sister of the bride and brother of UK- groom. They will live on tho farm owned 'by the groom's father, .T. K. Ki.slus, who expects'to move to I'uffalo Center. I'nrly Honors William Meyers— A. neighborhood surprise party was given a week ago Friday night in honor or tho Wm. Meyers, northeast of town, who arc moving to a farm near Swea City which they I purchased last year. The lloyors lived in ,'Lakotn. at one lime. Besides h!« farm job Mr. Meyer has been engineer for tho Ben Farrow threshing machine fora number of years. To Dedicate a >'ew Cinireli— , . . ---• - i Thp neu- Melhodi.st church at But'-I •his <M.nvs ran m corn l, llt this fall j ftilo Center will be dedie,tn Si.mlnv u-ci-o K,ven the yard for range and ,, ml a number from I.akcUi p"n to naa<labiSinCrC;iSCil M __ Scientific American ____ Scrlliner's Short Stories __________ _ Time True Story _____________ ^Wallaces' Fanner ______ Woman's Homo Companion __________________ 8.00 World's Work __________ 6.00 ti.OO «.<IO 7.00 7.00 J.SO 8.00 0.03 -1.03 1.13 :!.',(."> 3.03 5.03 4.:iii •_>.S(I 4.SO (>.(>,"> 4.:!0 2.SH :i.so 2.SU 4.SO 3.SO 2.80 4.15 C.Oo 4.05 . B.30 C.03 (i.05 .6.55 8.80 2.95 2.SO 5.05 The Messrs. Ben Hopkins. Kmil \Vestcr. Harry Dralcy, \Vm. Sturdi- v.ini. .|,,I,,i .-\me.sbiiry, \'igg o Kill- .shnlni. llalvnr l-'io n ,, ami Lester (.case atti-ndcd a. 1-ast Alasters' .Masonic hamiuct at Corwith last week Tuesday evening. .It. was held in the lH..s!;nn:nt of the '.Methodist ehui'cli, and was preceded by a progrn m " o f spcecbcs. t'!ub Plans Clirls Mrs. Henry U. Xtmly ri.:l, last w plans were mad party, 10 I,,, K iv bury's Tiun-Kday, ' dniis 1'iirly — ft entertained the ,,ek Thursday, and for ,., Christmas .-n at .Mrs. Ames- Ijeccmber is. Mrs. n'eich S av ( . the U-sson, ,, n and Vii'torian poetry, and oimcluded by reailing "Hie Walton's I'rayer," by James \Vhitcoinli Uiloy. MllsIs in The Jorge,! ami Kilas Skow ram-. iiies attended a district meeting of llio CongregiUlonal cburclics of lirllt, (Jarner, liuffalo Center, "Wesley, and Forest city, at Hritt Frl- day •jiltefiiodn.. A Bnmiuct wa.i ' held in the evening. Young people' of the. five churches participated: largely in both events. ion. 1-eo .tternha.nl, naiHM'oft, istered llolsteins, three dry iwd 8113 llw. milk and 30.0 Ibs. but-1 Icrfat, with five cows on honor roll, j .Sloiiteiiliiiric & ."Jones, Lone Rock, I 1-1 grado Guernseys, three dry, GI2! lli.s. milk, 2S.X Jbs. butterfat, n cows i on honor roll. The .'i',l-l cows on the! test. 117 oC which were dry, aver-j a god 3!M lli.s. milk, 1«.4 His. butter-i fat, 2:! cows in honor roll, six of; which made over 50 Ibs. of butterfat. ! Throe cows were sold for beef. Five j member.'! were feeding silage, 13 lo- ! gnmo bays;, •>'< low protein concen- i (rates, and ten high protein concen- I tratcs. \-i Tlie high eow was a grade Hoi- stem, owned by Leo Berniiard, with an average of 1443 Ibs. milk, . r i!)2 HIM. butterfat. This cow is the only one left of the original herd of eight cows starting the test three years :igo. The others were sold as unprofitable. The second high cow was a grade Guernsey owned by Stoutenbm-g & Jones, and.third high was a grade llolstein owned by W. J. Uourne. Separator losse.s amounted to $U'.Cfi. The high two-year-old was a registered Holstein owned by Henry Lampe, with 27 days credit at an average of ]0ii6 Iks. milk, 4.1.2 Ihs. butterfat. All cows in this association are milked twice daily. All rows on honor roll produced -JO or more Ibs. of butterfat. Morning-side college) will in-each in the morning .and the Rev. Mr. Share in (lie afternoon. The Uev. Mr. Shjirc, now of Humboldt, is a former pastor. The Rev. Mr. Howe i.s tho pro.sont pastoi-. Christmas Finns Arc T>ai(l— Me.sdame.'! Kakin and Delia. Smith entertained the Methodist Aid last week Wednesday at the Needham home. Plans were made and committees named, for the annual Christmas party to bo held at thei chin-ph December 17. AH members and friends will be invited. Home Kroiii Wnsti!ng(nii— Harry itoe returned from Spokane, Wash.', Sunday via Albert "Lea and "Hob" Clemens met him there and made the, rest of the trip via automobile. Mrs. Moe and the children remained with the- sister who is ill. Mr. Moe plans to return for Christmas. T.edyard V. IJ. Women Meet— i Twenty members of tho "Ledyard j township woman's Farm Bureau | held their annual Christmas meeting i at John Hoelland'H Friday after-1 noon. A program of music and j readings was given and feifts exchanged. At I end Independent oil Julitis Studer and Simon Hirner atlende,! an Independent Oil Men's convention (it Omaha last week Tuesday and Wednesday. They are secretary and president, respectively, of the K. and H. (ICussuth and Hancock) Oil company. A1 ' ( ' mls s ' ! ' t( Bemember that every price In either column above In- ClUdeS the Advance for Onejsh L . attended year. TlliS Ol'fcr is Open tO both new and old subscrib- ->iissmm,r v Meet- meeting of the State. ^xi-cutlve committee- O t: 'Woman's n . lis - si( ' n; "T work ,,r t i, e congreg.i- lional church. . .Mrs. John Wortiiiiin Dead— I -Mrs. John Wortman, of George, I died at her homo last week Monday I following a .stroke. She had been sick for more than two years, and :was 09 years old. Hv.s. Wortman |wa.s the oldest of three sifters, 'one : of whom is Mrs. Charles Wortman, j Swea City, and the other Mrs. i Henry Wortman, also of George. ! She is survived by two sons, Walter | and Harry, and a daughter Freda. i Tho.se from here attending the fun- i eral were tho I. E. Wortmans, E. A. j Wortmans, Jerry Ukenas, John Frei ark and Gertrude Wortman. Note—1. AVhcro n maculae Is offered for more than one year the Advance is Included for only one year. 2. Subscribers >vho do not receive mall at any Kossiilh or bordering- posto/flco must add 50c to the price In each column. These are only a few of the many hundreds of publications of all hinds in our list. If you do not see what you want, write for it. We have it. We meet or beat any price offered on any magazine by anybody. OTHER COMBINATIONS We hare them—scores of them—all there are, offered by anybody. We just can't •«t them out in our linjited •pace here. Ask us about any combination you have in mind. Twelve Attend Federation Meet— Hesdame.s Steve Powers, W. E. U-y, W. E. Gutknecht, Delia Smith, .f. If. Warburton, E. J. AVoodworth, John Smith, I. E. Wortman, Harvey Hot Lunches Being Served— The domestic science class of the high school has taken over tho work of preparing hot lunches for the .._ , „, pupils who must take their noon} Johnson, Guy Beemer, Gdorge'lie'eV- meul at school during cold weather. | land and Hansen attended the county Federation club meeting at the Legion hall in Algona last week Tuesday. The Algona Woman's club was hostess, and 320 women attend Teachers <„ County Institute- Besides teachers i n the city -schools, some rural teachers attend-' ed the Institute nt Algona Friday: Alary Kent, Erma Ward, Eisenbacher, Dannie Cruise, Auxiliary \Vill Tie Quilts— The Legion Auxiliary meets in the Legion rooms this week' Thursday will be served; tied. Hrs. evening. Two (|uilts Refreshment* w ill be Ann JCunx, hostess. Two \Vesleyans Are Sick— Carl Johnson, member of the city council and sexton of Evergreen cemetery, is reported sick. Mrs. Cornelius Nelson is laid up with flu. FILL IN THIS OKBEll AM) MAIL TODAY I'. 0.... Date ADVANCE ALGONA Gentlemen— I enclose $ , f or which •end me the Advance one year (or credit one year If I um already taking It) aud I lie following 1 magazines: _ Tours truly, Sole—Would you like to send one r m»n magazines for Christmas! m ew do It M'e wUI credit your *ut>*trljitlon one year aiararlne or magazines y«« MI. And why not me A0>4un» iU*J/ m a Cnristmu* ffntl ttuU/ & v** ytau to any Kog or Other Wesley News. Tlio Methodist W. F. H. rt. met with Mrs. Raymond Hansen Friday afternoon. Mrs. Gordon C. GIddlngs presided, and also led devotions. Hrs. Hutchinson gave the lesson. The Aid met with Sirs. John Amesbury last week Wednesday after- norm, Hrs. Benton, assistant hostess. Lunch was served, and about $7 taken in. Fifteen cents each Is asked for lunch. The John Amsburys were at Al- Bona Saturday. Hrs. Amesbury is recovering from an attack of lumbago. Hrs. Gordon Glddings was a n Algona visitor Monday. Arthur \Vara and his daughter Nellie, .Algona, visited 'Wesley relatives last week Wednesday. » The son bor/i tw o weeks ago to Mr. and Hrs. Anthony Seller, Sexton, and who Is a grandson of jthe Matt Lauxcs, Wesley, wus christened John Francis a t tho St. Bene diet Catholic church liust week Sun day. Mr. and Hrs. John Hutchison attended a gathering at the home of bis parents In Algona last week Wednesday evening, in honor of John's New Zealand cousins, the Misses ilcElrea. Mr. and Mrs. Le o Bleich visited the family of her brother, Mark Smith, at Harcourt, Sunday, and stood sponsors at the christening of the Smiths' two-weeks-old son Vincent Kay, John Elcbters, Nellie Frlmml, and Otella HUdman visited /the ed. The newly organized county chorus sang three songs, and Mrs. Elinor Sutton talked on welfare work, and Hrs. Frank Griffith, Fort Dodge, on delinquents. County 4-H Committee Meets- Emma Gutknecht and Mrs. J. H. AVarburton attended the closing meeting of the year for the members of the -4-H club county committee at Hrs. Paul Kriethe's, Hurt, last week Monday afternoon. Others attending were Mesdames Dittmer, Funneinark, Patterson and Lottie Wessel. At the close of the business meeting Hrs. Ki-iethe served lunch in honor of Airs. Weasel, whose resignation as H. D. A. will take effect January 1. The Wessels will go to California early in January. Johanna lllpjtentrop Js Urlde— Johanna, daughter of the C. J. Rippentrops, and Joe Risius were married at the Presbyterian manse Hears' I!. C. Kir* \Vhistle_ GUK Torino was-awakened Saturday night by a fire whistle, but on investigation found the sound came from Buffalo Center instead of La- kola. The'fire was in the bakery there. Former Pastor Calls Here— The Rev. Mr. Quirin, financial manager of the Methodist hospital at Sioux City, called on friends here last Thursday. Ho is a formei pastor of the local Methodist church. Two Win Declinii Firsts— In finals of the junior high school declamatory contest la.st Thursday evening. Lewis Price won first in oratorical at Lnkota and Victor Thave« first at Grunt. Other Lnkota. The Rev. and Mrs. Johnson attended a meeting of the Forest City ministerial group at Thompson last week Wednesday. Plans for the Brotherhood meeting at Buffalo Center Monday were discussed. Airs. Fred Luiwen, Sibley, who has been with her mother Mrs. John Steenhnrd during her illness, left for home last week AVednesday. Mr. Steenhurd is recovering. Mesdames Oran O'Keefe and E. II. Worley entertained members of the Methodist choir last Thursday at the church. Twenty were present. The Loyd Naus, Titonka, visited at the Milt Pringle's Sunday. Mr. Nau is supply depot agent. Mrs. Nuu was formerly Genevieve Wolcott. » Mrs. Alvina Pierce, Mason City, Mrs. Henry Sanders, Rudd, and Mrs. Kate AVigglns, Osage, visited Sunday with the Harold Pierces. Clifford Buckels took his sister of Odessa to Boone Sunday, and an uncle took her to Ames where she has secured work. The William Schultn's, of Algona, were guests of the Harold Pierces Sunday evening. School was dismissed Friday BO teachers could attend the institute In Algona. . Gifts ». »••!.! II ««' II Ib. II \ ITT .fe SAN1A / Selling men's wear—that's our job. WeV at it all year'round. If you want something ... for a man-—go to a man's store for it A i if you want courteous service, intelligent cooperation from men who krm™ a men's tastes, come to this store. - n ° W otller We have a bright, fresh sparkling line of all kinds of men's wear. We ha^ alert, well-mannered sales force ready to help you select your gifts. Let's^h ^ | Women Find It Easy I to. do Their Christmas Shopping at this Store Buy a Man's or Boy's Gift from a Men's and B.oys' Store..*"'*'., f To the women shoppers of this community this store' extends a most cordial invitation to shop here for "His Gift." We want you to feel at home here—feel free to take as much of our time as you want—ask any questions you desire—either in seeking Gift suggestions or in making your selection. If it's a gift for your father, husband,, brother, or friend you seek—let us be of service to you. This store has catered to the wants of men for these many years, has a man's viewpoint and knows his preference. If you want your gift to please him,buy it at a store where he buys his own things. You will find that our salesmen know the last word in good style, they're helpful with suggestions, courteous, and they will make your gift problems a joyful event. Everything that well- dressed men and boys wear is here, carefully selected for the Yuletide season. Our especially selected Gift Department makes choosing a remembrance for the "Hims" a real pleasure, Stop in and get a look at the many holiday offerings that line our counters, racks, and shelves. . • All Christmas Gifts purchased are placed-in beautifully decorated Christmas boxes. If you wish packages may be left at our store until you call for them. We also will prepare your packages for mailing if you so desire. 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"PIWPWM NOTICE All Chriitma* Goodi will be boxe» with up ext ZENDER & The New Clothes Shop

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