Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 11, 1930 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1930
Page 9
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-•— Iowa in 1928 general merit" In 1928 national rie*«. paper contest conducted by »he School ol . Journalism at Illinois University. ALGONA, IOWA, DECEMBER 11, 1930 J.W. Jartiagi Ci 7 —Ri.1wn.Hl n. I Cunningham, the fanner morn, the federal reserve bom-d nt ngtotl) 'died recently and \viis tit Newell in Bueim VlKt.:i Lnty. Mr. Clinrllngham repi-esom- L Buena Vista county In the 33. It fttl( i S5th -gerteral assembly, wir- g ft* speaker ° f tlle 35th - Artor- ds ho farmed near Crcsco, How- County, and'it was while UHIK aged that the state farm bureau T organized and Mr. Cunnlnff- j'become active In the newly ...tied farm body from the start. [8, served as secretary arid prcsi- 8n t of the .organization and then idle (in active part In the forma- on of the national farm bureau Deration of, which James n. NOW- 1, of Clemens, Marshall county, the' first president. At tlie \tit meeting of the national organ- itlon In Chicago, when everything crude and the object of such Organization was obscure, Mr. inlngham took the floor and KIIVO jrhaps the greatest impromptu art- 533 ever delivered touching ag- iultural problems and their solu- '.thrilled''the audience, The In- llmtton of that address gave the sy-note that was to dominate bar- ny of action and the success •ough the passing years that ims bullded "upon the cornerstone lit lie erected. He served his tie and agriculture ftilthfiilly and Ell nfl a member of the federal re- ve board. In his passing -Iowa turns the loss of a distinguished KOSSUTH 3481 PEOPLE IN 20JEARS Only 370 Added in Last Ten Years, Census Shows. Kossuth Census Report TURNER, Lamonl, De- Itur county,... celebrated his 95th rthday, December 2. Mr. Turner ne to Iowa in 1865 from Virginia, here • he;,was born. He taught jhool In Decatur county when «hers were earning from $1-5 to .a month. While teaching In (rural school he Introduced the Ht kerosene lamp In the neighbor- Prior to the Introduction of I lamp, darkness was dispelled by light, of a candle or a rug dip- In grease. Mr. Turner served years In the army during the ril war and was In General Shern's march to the sea. Although atlvel of a southern state he cast i lot with the people of the north ken Lincoln issued a call for vol- |teers- to save the Union. (Lewis Smith, Algona pioneer, had a hilar history, and would have pn 9'5 years old now''also. He in January, 19.28, following a THE BOARD OF HEALTH warns se who may thoughtlessly let I automobile engine run with the ge doors closed. The operation Ian ordinary six cylinder automo- engine in a garage 12x16 feet, Ith the floors and windows closed, 111 in five minutes generate suf- pent,carbon monoxide gas ..to.,kill fperlon. This gas in colorless odorless and gives no warning Itll'-lts victim falls unconscious, preover the gas is heavier than ' and Is most dense near the floor, kiless the victim Is discovered soon |ter ihe falls he breathes the dens- gas and death is almost In[liable, ;The body has no protection iins{ ,;thls gas nor la there any lication of Its presence. SPECIAL COMMITTEE ap- Mnted at the last session will re irt to the legislature on whether Inew 'State park should be estab |hed "at Spirit Lake. Senator C , Rlgby of Stanwood Is chairman _ the committee, which has not |mounced- ; its decision. The group iferred. this fall with the state ira, of i: conservation after visiting i site of the proposed park. The >perty .under consideration in -des 700 acres on the west side ,' Big Spirit Lake. The tract ex- |nds to the Minnesota boundry, half of It is covered with naive tin ber, I^CCORDING to J. Vandenvicken, IGrundy Center,'"the two Inches I snow which-fell on Monday night "1 early Tuesday morning Novem- f 24 and 25 was {00 heavy to drift snow usually does during a pavy wind. Instead of drifting the find rolled the snow Into balls and •ere were thousands of them on • open fields. Some" of the balls too heavy for a man to lift, timers here don't remember ; we ever had a day here before r hen there was so much rolling jnow." , • [FLOWERS .. .AND rattlesnakes their appearance during the ny days of November, At El • Fayett? county, November !-• 3 Plnney ran Jnto a rattlesnake h five young snakes ea^h about I foot long. He succeeded in killing (he old analfe aid four of the young >»es, the fifth, petting away. Mr, Plnney receiving a bounty of $2,50 •n the five sqakes. The old snake 1 nine rattles and a button, which "'•' make ' hei' nearly ten years I ho IT. S. Department ot Com- mcrce has Issued a pamphlet giving results of the population census taken in Iowa last spring. Copies were recently received by Kossuth newspapers. A table giving Kossuth's population by towns and townships Is published in today's Advance. As will be noted In this table the county gain in the last decade was only 370, but in the last 20 years it was 3481. The table gives the ^population figures for the lust three censuses. It is somewhat surprising to learn from another table ' in the census pamphlet that In the decade following 1900 the county sustained a considerable loss In population. The total for 1000 was 22,720, but this shrank to 21,971 In I19UO, a loss of 549. _ Big Gain from 1890 to 1900. There was, however, a remarkable • gain in the decade preceding- 19.00. In 1890 the population was only 13,120, whereas In 1900 it was 9GOO larger. In other words there was a gain of nearly 75 per ceni. From 1920 to 1930 the gain was only 1.5 per cent, while from 1910 to 1920 It was H4.2 per cent. The foregoing figures show that population growth or loss is Irregular. The present population figures will stand as official for a period of five years. In 11.935 a state census will be taken. The federal government takes a census every tenth year and the state takes one half way between. In order of population Kossuth towns now rank as follows: Algona 3985 Bancroft ; 854 Swea City ,. „ 695 Whittemore 604 Burt 580 Lu Verne 570 Titonka .' 473 Wesley 462 Lakota 409 Fenton 381 Ledyacd ..,.-,.,...-.-. ...,„......-. -0H Lone Rock 159 Greenwood Leads Townships. Greenwood, with 1387, has the argest population in /the county. "VVhittemore is next with 1325; Ledyard with two towns, Ledyard and Lakota, is third with 1207; Harri son fourth, 1254; Burt fifth, 1182 Buffalo sixth, 1128; .Fenton seventh 1073; Wesley eighth, 1058; and Lu KOSSUTH COUNTY Algona township Buffalo township Tilonka town IIIIII"! Hurt InwiiNhlp ~_~ " Burt town Lone Hock town, totnl.. In Burt twp. IIIIII""" In Fenton twp. Cresco township Eagle township ...II" Fenton township ..IIIIII Fenton town Oarflekl township .III German township "" Grant township __IHI Orocmvootl township Bancroft town .. "" Harrison township Swea City tswn . Hebron township .. Irvington township Ledyard township ...HI Lakota town I Ledyard town Lincoln township I Lotts Creek township ~.~~ """ Luverne township IHH Lu Verne town, total IIIIII In Kossuth Co In Humboldt Co. """ Plum Creek township..! '""" Portland township Prairie township HI Ramsey township ...IIHI Riverdale township IIIIII" Seneca township. I Sherman township _ ~ Springfield township- Swea township Union township IIIIIIIH""" Wesley township IIIIII""" Wesley town ; IIIIIIIH Whittemore township II. Whittemore town 1910 s«,-i32 ~3/jsiT 25.0X2 .173 1,182 r.NO inn 30 123 fi59 3S4 1,073 381 601 061 402 1,387 854 1,254 B95 508 782 1,297 409 245 544 082 932 570 411 159 478 651 725 554 573 509 ' 541, 466 601 590 1,055 462 1,325 604 3,724 S31 41S 3,301 020 11)3 54 139 . 60S 335 1,153 391 633 650 371 1,484 902 1,266 691 475 742 1,213 ,472 240 500 . 752 1,040 610 496 114 448 507 711 031 582 563 497 434 5J8 622 1,040 444 1,385 618 _2K!m_ 2,9Ts~ 791 27S 1,059 495 502 284 873 211 071 028 336' 1,417 830 901 402 499 699 1,066 ' 436 222 .429 694 833 501 334 117 . 425 . 49S 616 575 60S 540 535 399 563 557 1,055 457 1,112 518 FOOTBALL TITLE BY CLARION > AHiona's unexpected tie football P!im« against Eagle Grove on ThutiUsgivine (lay resulted in a tie' with Webster City for second place in the North Central Six assocla-j tlon. Ciarlon won the title with! five victories and no defeats. The final standings tire: Won Lost Tied • i.'larion Algona Webster City Hampton Mumboldt ISagle Grove 1000 j 000 The Thanksgiving tie was a surprise to the conference, for Algona had defeated Humboldt by a top- heavy score and Humboldt had previously walked away with Eagle Grove. The condition of the field and the cold day ar e In part blamed, but at that Algona should have defeated Eagle' Grove easily. Reporting the result the last Clarion Monitor said, "Eagle Grove, downtrodden all year, came back to uphold its tradition of being poison to football teams from Algona and held the northern team to a ie game. This meant the same as a victory for Eagle Grove." Marion has now won two of three 'legs" on the football cup, while Al- ;ona has won one. A- victory in the league next season will give Clarion has now won two of three trophy, but Algona will have, to win twice more to keep .it. Algona won permanent possession of the Verne ninth, 932. All of these townships contain towns. O£ townships without incorporated towns Irvington is largest in point of j opyiation, with 782. The township, however, includes two vil- lagas, Ivvington and Sexton. Pral- ri3, which includes the village of fit. Benedict, Is next largest, with 725. Garfield. and c«rman Tied. A curious fact Is that Garfield and German are tied with populations of C61 each. Other purely agricultural townships rank as follows: Lotts Creek 682 Swea^ ..... .„._ 601 "Union 590 Riverdale 573 Seneca 560 Cresco 559 Ramsey 554 Portland '551 Lincoln 544 Sherman 541 Hebron 508 Plum Creek 47 Springfield 466 rant 402 Eagle 384 Algona gained only 271 In the ten years preceding 1930, but in the 20 years following 1910 the gain was 1077. • LAKOTAN'S CAR ALMOST HIT BY TRAIN WHEN IT SKIDS Lakota, Dec. 9—The E. R. Wor- leys narrowly missed a serious accident on a trip to Mason City Saturday. The. car skidded on the Icy road on a hill the other, side o£ Forest City;- and turned around anc went down the hill where It was stopped by railroad tracks to one side of the crossing. Mr. Worley backed up, turned around and started down again with much the same result. A flat tire, supposedly caused by striking the tracks, was discovered .and the Worleys just hat time to get the'car off. the track to allow a, train to pass. Good Gifts for CHRISTMAS & FORMER LEDYARD BOYJSMABRIED Leclynrd, Pee. !)—Cards hav-2 been •eceived announcing the marriage of a former Ledyard boy, Milton Thompson, now of Sioux City, to Hazel Quick, of Mornlngside, Sioux City, The marriage took place'No- vember 27 at the home of the brides parents at Sioux City. Milton grew up here and was graduated from the local high school, where |he took an active part in declamatory contests, music, and athletics. Tie attended Morningslde college three years and is now employed in the office of the Simmonsen first trophy offered by the league, are busy ones. FENTON HUNTER FINED $125 FOB KILLING FIVE PHEASANTS Hunters suffered last week in Justice Hutchison's court, when three paid fines for offenses. Lawrence Swift was arrested in Portland township, where tie was found hunting without a license, and he paid a ten dollar fine and costs Monday. Carl Dreyer, Fenton, was fined a like amount, when a laoded gun was found In his car, and Oscar Leudke, Fenton, was fined $1125 and costs and ted his gun taken from him when he was caught with five pheasants. He was fined $25 and costs for" each bird. All fines were paid. Justice Hutchison will retire from office January 1, after more than .20 years,.and he is finding that his remaining few weeks ei inpany. He also has charge flfc i hoys' club at East High, I'ity. O no night a .week, and. h« wi. member of Sigma Theta Rho, UM'iiity at Mornlngside. His fnts are Mr. nnd Mrs. Georg* Thompson, of Ledyard, and bll: 1'ather is a rural mall carrier The new Mrs.-Thompson is a graduate of Morningslde college and prominent In church . and social circles. The couple are at home at IKi^i Garreton Ave., Morningsld*^. Sioux fitly F. L. HOPPE The .lolly Auctioneer — who never fnils 'to hold a crowd. Hda had 19* years of experience in stock and farm males. Prices reasonable. Satisfaction guaranteed. Give me ., a. trial. Phone 705-J, Algona. 51U MONEY to LEND on Good Milk Cows If you have the cows now, or if you want to buy cows, we are in a position to accommodate you. C. R. LaBarre , PHONE* 65 v Office First door north of Iowa State Bank. , #695? COMPLETE &V MS* MJHT •QV CDHMtTt MEN A man's hobby or sport is bis weakness. Give him the things that makes his pleasures more enjoyable. :.-.:. Gifts that are practical, useful and long remembered. You'll find such at Gambles. ' . WATCHES Ladies' Wrist Watches _ _ . - - $12.50 and up Gents' Wrist Watches _____--_ $10.00 and up Pocket Watches --..- $15.00 and up Cheap Watches .____-------- $1.50 to $5.00 J LEOISIATURE will be ... . -„ with a budge^ layout for the Iwo years pf governmental opera- wn, following July, 1931. The bud- »t has. been" prepared by Oscar Person, director t»f the budget, in '•ordancjj vdtbMJie ]aWi from the ' ~gs filed wit* him' by the state •tments,, Thei total Is. more $35,000,000 "for The new blen- ™ Period, ;or,H7,T7«,70Q for each : the yearn.* the ooji- .nfl other o£ Storm of grief during ie last w«ek in of tteb were broken, allow all the $99.50 CBMPLBTI I For Motorists Car Heaters Auto Trunk. .... .'•>.*•' Seat Coven ' Wrench Set .9*M Battery Spotlight Auto Robe tf .4* Radio Cigar Lighter •*• Tire Chain* Jack Auto Clock •!.»» Auto Ash Tray Trouble Lamp .•§• Flashlight h»4- alj trong cayp ' IJsh to - ^ Wyes.''About 8,000 tt8b. Tyere, lost, mostly ^P- T^TESsrwr—wjriw s.*'n" *" . « FOUNTAIN PENS I A full line of Parker Pens and Desk Sets-^wh*t could make a Jjetter present. , fft^P*^-^ 1 Parker Lifetime Pew — - ——; f5,QO to $7,W | Parker Desk Sets _-.--.----- --""" fl'OO an up I DECORATIONS—A large Kne of room and tref decorations. •sasre^^ii^ Lusby's Drug & Jewelry Storfe For Hunters Shotgun Gun Case Hunting Coat.... .«.»S Shell I>JX Hunting Cap .22 Rifle.......... •4.4B Lunch Kit Thermos Bottle ' Camp Cot .»».« Tent Sporlmeu's Boots.$*.X5 Camp Stove Shells For Golf ers... Fishermen Golf Bag.......... »a.«t Golt Balb Begumer'iGolf Set M .9f Casting Rod South Bend Reel. .M.f* Tackle Box Minnow Pail 41.49 Landing Net Bait Assortment South Bend Line • : ; ..V;-TENNIS, Tennis Racket Racket Press, *»• Wilson Tennis Balls For Children Sled. .....-,•. ;.......»•• Wagon Tricycle.. •».« Doll Toy Dog, .....«•• Caterpillar Tractor Dump Truck,....,. .<•• Pop Gun Army Tank.......01.79 Sandy Andy Steam Shovel 999 Toy Electric Iron Tinker Toy... ..*M Croquet Set Gifts Women Appreciate Radio Waffie Iron...... .t4>9f . Electric Iron Electric Toaster.. .ta.M Electric Percolator EJec. Corn Popper tl.M Electric Curling Iron Card Tables... 9M Golf Clubs Tennis Racquet., ,•1*79 FOB CHILDREN r? * '„?", A Gift for the Whole Family ... a new radio, What could they enjoy more. Every new improvement is embodied in the new Coronado. Screen grid tubes — Tone control on both battery and electric eets, Cabinet: of beautifully matched Walt nut Veneer — with extended front panel of Hawaiian Koa. All Electric — 8 Tube» — 3 Screen &AO CO Grid, Complete..,....,, .....* .^?F*»«W Battery Set <— 2 Screen Grid Tubes ~ with Extra Heavy Battery Equipment, Complete, , CoronadQModel72—AUEJeclric—3 Screen Grid Tubes, Complete Gamble's Play-Boy -r AH Electric — ,3 Screen Grid Tubes — for the Boy or Girl at School«- for th** Invalid — « Radio f or Their Own £4A CA Room. Easy Terms. Complete. ,....^ 1 fJF»«fV An Ai»pre«l«le4 Gift ( , , Cevo Twbe* A, new set of Ceco Tubes . ,, and ypup *»$» ypl pejr?. form like new. They webcKcror you don't flOf, pay, A complete Uoe»t<?ambl«'», JMH,., .7Pv GAMBLE STORES r**jFmmi>mif*wv9 JQ3 West Sta*« Street. AJfi«n» S f fOR WOMEN :^AV FDR CHII.DRI %r-^ :*>&$ "*to'*» ;i i ' :

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