Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 11, 1930 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1930
Page 5
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IBMQER 11,1930. Holl- '"WrtdHorsf, Algona, l2pl3-14FB i. HOUSEKEEPING g. Worster, phone 10ul3 KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALflONA, IOWA Lu Verne, Dec. 9 — MfS., W, A* seek to help Epworth Leaguers to son last week Wednesday. the honor as gran'dad, J. A. Brownell glrl, liorn lost week Tuesday, Patterson, 86, 1$ seriously ill kt the vocations best suited .second child. The other daughter, passed the cigars at Monday's Bo- t>atrlcla June, is now six years old. tary club meeting. ' ' ' • Eveline and Ada McElrea, Dun- The Legion Auxiliary will meet tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. Jos. Wentzel, Irvlngton, Is a mod- leal patient at the Kossuth lion- N. 11., where they will spend the winter. Mr. Tiss is a brother of Airs. Isabella Meiggs, who Is env- plnyod at the Qoeders store. Before going to California two i , i years ago he resigned as Kossuth | f iutcnl A ( *| I district court clerk. His wife was ^me Moulds. ^ Tho new Mrs. R. .1. were en route •,"••• "-.-... --- , cl) . an( j Denver, reaching Los An heen name<1 Barbara Ann.l ^^ Ume t(J HaH f(jr home De . Mrs. Helen Schultz Brewer, much cem ber : 24. They were to spend IIOUSE- roonri! cloae In. - Phono •-... I..IMCIIL in. ine i\.ossuth lion- i»".v«ii HI me uoeaers store. «nn. Jiuitn ouumi./, mcwci, mu<,n ce mt>er i$. rney were 10 »IJ«HU IJUBLUI- u.u o"--."«"i —••« — pttn1 ' . Mac UIIIIKO returned Snndnv from heiml rro '" f° r Rome y ears as Ma- ohrlstm(ls evo on boar (V ship. The manager Is the Rev. Mr. Rine: Attorney B. .T. Thompson, Pw o,t Ommn where ^h^ had Sffi X^f b !' S ma f na , te> ^ ^? 6U vU lrta W ° re gUC8U ° f h ° n ° r ^ *\", ^^ ^\Z° ort'lnsl Oft, 1 , attended to ,ega, bus.no. ^ day. w ,th the W. M. Geerlngs, ^ ^o'^To^SS 0^1^. »« ^ by ^ ^ ^ H"tch|. I retary. The.ife work instl Monrtny. Mrs. H. W. Pletch ,.,.., patient nt the Kossulh i from Saturday to Monday. dny, with the W. M. Geerlngs, ^ erafmon^ accord ng 0 th^Gl^be formerly lived here Mr Qeering Ga ., cUc , wh ' lch annouSnces that flhe 5LTt^^ v ^^ h iK ^j-sr^ Mrs. John Hutchison, Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. Dorweller, West Bend, were out o£ town guests. Dlst. Supt. Lease went to Chicago Tuesday night to attend a 3-day national conference of deans, secretaries, and business managers of Epworth League life work Institutes. The Northwest Iowa; dean Is the Rev. Mr. Hutchison, Methodist pastor at Sheldon, and the business manager Is the Rev. Mr. Riner, of se Is see- Institutes them. Doctor Lease conducts large classes In this subject at the E. L. Institute at the Okobojls every, summer. home with heart trouble fttid the flu. Mrs. Patterson is on© ot Verne's pioneers. WINDSOR RANGE. Phone 732. 8ul3 »0 NOT Disappoint * HIM! I/etna help you Delect his favorite brand of cigar*. led ill the local telephone office. Ethyl auto servicing station. In connection " *•"•' " «"••"•• . i with operation of the station she mm. j.jmyi Morrison returned I A fcalm '° ot next'Sunday even- w ill conduct a Firestone distributing Sunday from Des Molnos, where slip' lnK ' s servlco. • at the, i Methodist Ugency for 18 north Iowa counties, had been since lost Thursday •',! church _ will. )be a group p^ i Sacred \Sho will also deal In automobile ac> Mrs F 1 TCYiiun rpi, , ' 'songs sung by the Isennqrg quartet, cessorlos. M,s. P. K,use, Tltonka, um ier- f ^, pa clty . Thls (lua ^ t ; has al- T . „. shoriv formerly of Emrnets eiuly H,ung several times here. burg ]ms opened a hamburger hi-ep ot the members are brothers. Uhup in the room back of the Bloom Mabel Olson has been here two store formerly occupied by Nick vccks, tho guest of her brother, | Maharas' shine shop. The Interior '«|«. r. is.ruse, Tltonka, under- Went a major operation at the Kossuth Hospital Tuesday morning. Dr. Larry MoHbach, Humboldt, spent Sunday with Florence Nelson. Doctor Mosbach Is a veterinarian. Tho E. C. Hertlgs, Buffalo Center, spent Friday here, calling on relatives and old friends and whopping. Mr. and Mrs. K. 13. James expect tlielr daughter, Mrs. C. K. Nnsby, Ottumwa, next Sunday for. the holidays. The Royal Neighbors will meet tonight at the I. o. O. F. hall at , . jr. II. M. Olson. She has been as- has been repaired and decorated, luting him at his dental office, but and the back room enlarged to give vlll start work Monday at the Iowa room for a kitchen with a large lighway Commission office. Her range. Hamburgers, plate lunches, home Is at Hampton, and she has dinners, etc., are offered. Mr. Shorb i are endless use- [ " 7 | gifts for men, but ;what will he be apt'to make use The 'question can easily answered. »smoker who can't ke use of sortie ar|le in the smokers' t would be hard to Id. * . . . . 7:30.» There will be election of of fleers. Harry Eggcrt and Ralph Falwey left Monday for Chicago, where they arc spending a few weeks witli rel atlveti. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Becker, Bur are parents, of a 9-lb.; boy, :bor Friday. This is the fifth child to the Beckers. done Monographic work. plans to improve the front and win Hulda Moe, who had been employ- dows of the building next spring ed at the Falkenhalner & Haggard but it Is too cold to do so now. insurance offices for several years, l« assisted by his wife. He went to her home at Lake Mills the The D. D. Goodnows, who have day before Thanksgiving for a few made- their home here a year, will months' rest. Her sister Violet, who cate at St. Paul next week. Mr. oodnow, who Is a salesman for The next meeting of the Doan Aid will be held at Mrs. George Johnson's next week Thursday, 10 a. rh. till 4 p. m. ..'..' The Presbyterian Missionary society w|ll meet with Mrs. Rebecca McDonald next week Thursday af- ernoon'at 2:30. ' ; Delia Dnrllne, Emmetsburg, spent the week-end with Mrs. C. O. Simp I We have a very com- iplete line of fresh ci- Igars. Our holiday Iboxes are attractive lin neat special wrap- IpingB. We have his Iparticular brand. [In, boxes of 5 at 25c ; up to boxes of 100. 'How about a, *'' , -. recently finished a business course at Cedar Rapids, is expected Monday to substitute during her absence. Frank Kulaw a.nd his son O. A., both of Ames, were here yesterday, attending to business. They will move to the elder .Kulaw's farm, five miles southwest of town, March 1. Mr. Kulaw sold the farm in 1S112, but had to take It back a few years ago. The son .recently returnee from California, where he had spent six years. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sanders Osage, and their son James, wen home Monday, after a visit witl Roger's mother, Mrs. Lura Sanders son. She is still nurse in palo Alto. Giles Pettigrew, county school _____ _____ „--... Flandreaii, S. D., spent last week Wednesday and Thursday with his daughter, Mrs. A. K. Kresensky. . Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bockes spent Sunday and Monday at Des Mpines. Mr. and, Mrs. G. D. Brundage were ............ ______ Bert Peck, former Algonians now living at Fort Dodge, left Monday for California, where they wll! spend the winter. .There will be a program and a social at. the Hobarton at Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. . next Wednesday. Eunice basket 'school — Bowman teaches the school. Robert, Ill-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. H. \V. Post, has been in bed a week with a. painful attack of Inflammatory rheumatism.. Anna Capesius, employed Vat', the Philip Kohlhaas home, spent Friday vith her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D eter Capesius, near Ottosen. C. R. LaBarre and C. H. Beardsley left Sunday night for Cody city librarian. The'visitors cam last week-Tuesday, and Mr. Sanders attended a convention of ice crean men at Sioux City from that day til Friday. He is in the ice cream bus iness at Osage. F. D. AVilllams, H. L. Gilmore and William Boykeny Titonka .started for Fort Dodge last Thur day to attend ,1 Group 2 banket meeting, but got only as far a Humboldt. The road was slippery, and the hill just southeast of Hum- bokU was so icy that cars could not make it. Mr. Williams is chairman of Group 2. wift & Company, has been trans erred to that territory. \ Mrs. Good ow and her little daughter are at resent at Clarion, visiting the for- ler's parents Mr. and Mrs. H. H. >itze. Mrs. Goodnow is a niece f Mrs. Jj. G. Baker, and the Good- nows had the house just north of t. P. Norton's. Mrs. Charlotte Parsons moved Into the house last veek. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brownell are parents .-of, a 7V& pound boy, born Sunday afternoon at their home This is .the fourth, son for th Brpwnells. The day before his ad vent Mrs. Brownell received wor that her sister, Mrs. L. E.'Evans Kanawha, -had give n birth to daughter, the : fourth girl in tha family. The Brownells have no girls and Mr. and Mrs. Evans have boys. In recognition of his MS* GIFT BOOKS FOR THE EUTIRE FAMILY Everybody reads—so why not a good book, only 75 cents We have just received a fine new assortment. A complete line of magazines and newspapers Most motorists like their cars and anything that will improve it will be welcome at holiday time. We suggest these gifts: Spot Lights Cigar Lighter Windshield Wiper Hot Air Heater Hot Water Heater Anti-Skid Chains In Mokihq GlfTS The Bodge Eight Would Make the Whole Family Happy AUTO BATTERIES FROM $5.00 UP ELBERTGARAGE South of Courthouse. Our Motto:—"We Never Close." He'll u«e a cigar . or cigarette Lighter a dozen times every day Not expensive .either A«k to see them Wyo,, on a business mission. They will return this week-end. Mayor Thos. Carmody, Whittemore, was here oh business Monday. A prominent Bancroft farmer here the same day was Jos. Reciter. '"• Mrs.' '• '"E. 1 'F. •'Armstrong,' Fdrt Dodge, spent Monday and Tuesday with the Dr. R. H. Crawfords. Mrs. Armstrong is a sister ot the doctor. n . Leslie. Samp received word Friday that hu was one of four applicants who had passed the state board tests for pharmacists. Leslie, who is in the employ of the Estherville Drug Co., \yas graduated from Crelghton last spring, and passed the Nebraska test, but did not take the Iowa tests till last month. He is u son of Mrs. A. E. Samp. Mrs. B. B .Harwood, Clarion spent last week Wednesday to Saturday with local friends.. The Harwoods recently moved from Algona to Clarion, where,.they are living next door to B. E.'s parents, Et 1- nUAL- UU»Ji t« --.i ~ * tor,and 'Mrs. Bu.rt Harwood. younger Mr. Harwood's ; as regards poor ' health changed materially since here. ,.*,,,ol these flits I be weleome* by «ie smoker I SMOKING TOBACCO i In humtdora or tins. rf CHEWIJTO TOBACCO I TOBACCO KOIJCHE8 -CIUABETTE M01BKB8 .; CIOAB HOM»EB8 I"CIGABETTE .CASES I CIOAB CASES I, ASH TBATfS of all W»'>» 1) AS» MANV OTHBB8 [•You must.see our line to fully' appreciate It. and Mrs. F. R. Hopkins, Pipe* PBICES OF THK8K FINE FIVES BANGE FBOM 50c 111* Look them *v«r. Kenneth Moss, night waiter at State's cafe, was called to his home t Greene yesterday morning ' by ew's .of 'the. 'serious illness of W» athpr. Mrs. Jos. Partello, and her son Pe« were guests of Mr. and Mrs.. Shirley. Mrs. Partello. is Mrs. Shir 16 Mrs ttU I.' N; Mellne, Eag\e Grove, came Saturday to care for her sister, Mrs. C. R. LaBarre-who has been confined to bed wltluBaUjblad- der infection. , v. , , C R LaBarre, C. H. .Beardsley, and Harold Palkeniiainer' returned Friday night f rom . Freeport, 111., where they had spent several days on business. ' T \v. Sullivan spent Monday at low City on legal business. His son Wade took him to Emmetsburg Sunduy, and he went thence to Iowa CIS- by train. r 4 Mrs. Walter Shellmeyer, West Ks^rfs^H day with Mrs. Shellmeyer's slate!,I B. Potter, Fort I .. . . Gleiidale, Calif., are parents Delbert Is still the Sieg M. L. for Sir! {Can You think of any gift more suitable for your wife, sister or daughter— than a pair of perfect- fitting, comfortable, stylish ENN A i JETTICK SHOES And their price is so modest—$6-$o .33 .w condition has he Christmas gift sale of men's $1.50 Broadcloth ShirU $1.00 Fancy patterns pre-shunk; all fast colors, Ensdown collar that will not curl, sizes 14 to 17, selling at $1.00. wS, .aid up several week because of an ab- # ; probably HIT a u«w one OlirUtmai Is s roasou lie stIU )K* outo - tll« I oue. And you g«e our - louud nu)'wlier«. gGARBTTES »»ctory (fWt tUwt »"eartou °l «lgttrett«g In »«»* > loUaa> es, or la tl»»«. Whsn i«*ki>* Hauck and Hodges SHOES FOR WOMEN the Swift Plant. _ . es ident ot jullus Kunz, Wesley. I 5 I tue" county fair, and P-_ I ^.secretary, went to ' , nes — t?rf v^ r **? ~* i _ ' the mo*t hke- }y place to yesterday Mrs. John raay from five weeta - fiat . sbe ha d dau g bt er YOU NEED HO LONGER BE TOLD THAT-YOU > ; HAVE AN '.EXPENSIVE *&• FOOT '6 Men's lined Leather Gloves Genuine leather gloves, lined warm wool fleece— Men's Mufflers Fancy Dress Hose Novelty hose, colors and combinations, and a service- giving quality, selling at— 2j5c to SOc Boys' Oxfords $2.98 Give practical gifts. Boys' new style all-leather oxfords atia.98. Men's and boys' Suspenders Choose here from the big stock of the new style suspenders— SOc, 65cto98c Boys' comfort Slippers Fett or Md leather — select the boys' gift here— , o $1.50 Ilayon Combinations 98c The all-in-all garment that goes well beneath the ; new style frocks. Brassiere top, elastic ; knee. Silk Hose Picot Top Chlrtoiis Beautiful sheer with modified curved French heels, full fashioned and picpted tops— new shades— : $1.00 to $1.39 Linen lunch cloths—1 $1.00 Comfort Slippers 79cto$1.50 Ever so comfortable, a very attractive ! gift slipper, all sizes and colors. two children weeks old Chrtetensan store. Curtlgs ties Pierce, 01 "• . wee fc IpTi- ST^-t j*»s* Iff&^uH^^ Melodies Every Sunday Evemng • WJZ Songbird E v«y Boys' djess shirts for gifts .patterns selling Boys' fancy ties in Christ Slippert Soft tan kid uppers, r felt lined- Ladies' Slip-on Fabric Gloves All the leading shades for winter dress wear. 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