The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 28, 1948 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
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Wednesday, July 28, 1948
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I \, _** Xew*. Fr«4*rlclu JM, . J«ly *·. INI THE NEWS IMS «T*ty AltccwMM) Except Dorothy Dix Says: Dear Miss Dix: I am the mother j ** MFG. CO i of * 21-year-old girl who has been = j going steady with a young man IKKCltS- - - Whea paid »" | for two and a half years. During all " MMtk. 75 cent.; taw 1 of this time yj-y fcave b,^ , ua r- «·* -U »K»ti-.. ^^reling constantly. Every date is . Washington Daybook Kuanioc Mat* Urges Fre-Mot To 'PLxr Bali' With at i fisht. Don't you think that these ! Bv Tius CO FF1N - ~ - - · - Today In Washington Legislators And Executive Officials Who Feel Pressure Of Lobbies Ought To Cart For Selves By DAVID LAWRENCE Washinfton. July 29 --Congress i taxpayers money. is back her* amid a lot of loos* talk - The private lobbies spend an in- from the Administration about' finitesimal amount of money corn- Know America ] Side Glances r-- tFr*-*r- i two people should separate for good "Washington. July 28--A few days "lobbies." The implication is that pared to the influence »and public ·_p · ·»_-! »v.» *_*. m____B* a*.n-.Ann__L «·.·· »*% *i-*,*-ii"r* - - , , _ . . . . . . _ ---- -- »· M»-. WEDNESDAY. JUI.Y 28. 1848 Bargain Basement Today'i Anniversaries i 1751 -- Joseph Habersham, Georgia ! patriot-soldier. postmaster-general under the first three Presidents, born in Savannah. Died Nov. 17, 1315. 1767 -- James A. Bayard, famed Delaware leader of Federalists in Congress his generation, diplomat. born in Philadelphia. Died with President Truman. Earnestly, the wise old by businew if the misuse of public juries to take the initiative in in- ; Ken- funds by the Administration in dieting public officials who use the ~~ . . . . . . running mate, power which, in turn, encourages long-distance telephones, govern-" --to line up votes for or against 30. 1862. tuckian told his _ __ "Please don't do anything more the private lobbies to organize ia ment stationery and facilities for lM^Edward D Cope among the' than you have to antagonize the self-defense. travel--all at government expense · foremost i-aturalist-entomologists of his age. born in Died there. April 12. 1897. | taking a different attitude towards 1 this boy. but all the reply that I get Evw though the taxpayers did is: 'Mom. ^'^f f^ one ^f^a hav* to t*U out at a heavy loss. ^ "^ ^^ l y ^ v j£ ^[^ they will not be too critical of e. wor _. ied ^^^^^ shc is my on!y ^.^ You can get what you want ' The aspersions cast on "-«.,-,., , U6 -- w n^c up vows iwr or ag_ut_s-. job that ha* been done by the »ar j aug h; er and I just car. t stand from the Democrats without light- have come often from legislators pending legislation. Otherwise, the Assets Administration. After all. seeing her always down-hearted ing a firecracker under their tails." themselves. t " many of the commodities that had and not eating enough, and lying The President smiled ruefully, beaten on any . »^ sold were an actual drug oa awake at night, always down in and nodded for the Senator to go ment they blaze k * Still other* manufac- the dumps because of another quar- ahesd. Alben Barkley. who knov/s Actually the organization of pres- prosecute anybody trying to lobby !L!T* r A «nereencv wartime re! vvith her k° v friend more about the human whims and sure groups would not affect votes for an opposite point of \sew. tured under eroc K . · , J{ can g . vp me gnv advice conviction-i and prejudices that in Congress unless the arguments There has been a Jot of talk about conditions, cost tor more to pro- ^^ ^^ ^ h __ ^ duce than they ever would «*- prcciate it worth in peacetime. L M O With seven months x so to go WAA still has more than 55,000.- M. Mitchel. Cineln- astronomer, observatory founder. lecturer. Union general, born in Union County. Ky. Died ] rx«# tn i QCO * ANSWEH- Perhaps ou ap ru!e Congress tharl any othc , man we re plausible. A lobby may spear- the real-estate lobby. Plainly such in odds and ends to get rid *«?««» that I also have, ana that . ui uu»« ^ Jn {rvlng 4o he j p people who of. Most of the items, some 80 per ^ ^^ ^ h P T h Rel made two recommendations F:rst, that the President do' his program 5o a iimple. a Jiird-h;:t;ng story that the pui'iC could easily understand. The Senator put it this way. "Tell your program head the attack but many a lobby a lobby wouldn't be effective un- boil is futsle because it doesn't make less it were able to line up votes case or doesn't have a case to back home. If the real-estate interests didn't maintain a lobby mento. Cal. Died in England, ] April 30. 1940. ' 1859--Balhngton Booth, fcunder of the Volunteers of America, son i of the Salvation Army founder. I born in F^'land. Died in New j York, Oct. 5, 19*0. j - Todav In History . , L t "i P? ut! . on is guaran- here, the landlords might. I: isn't 186£--Historic Burlingame T-eaty J teed^by^he constitution itself. One difficult to organize those whose wjlh china concluded--U S \ be af- -- . nHrv narts '-" j " * "«»»« w "^ »i-»j«^i. -mrj KCI JJIV/K:U;H :n terms of the American 'of the first symptoms of totalitar-, pocketbooks are hkelv to cent, are real estate in sunarj pa. a kic!c Qut o - naving a gr j evanw , joy who left his home to fight for ianism is the effort to curtail the ' fected adversely by legislation. of the country. They constitute and t -ii; n c; their troubles to all liberty and was Rone for one. two. people's right of petition. The leg- The answer to the lobby problem the Ad-ninistration's real problem. wno %VI u j^jen Think of the nurn- three and even four years of war. i^ators and the executive officials is not to cut down debate" or the Thev are factories which were bur- ber of wives you know who arc He returns home and finds he who are subject to pressure by sources of opposition out to make riediy built for specific purposes always moaning over how badly can't get a decent place to live lobby groups are or ought to be _ sure that both sides in a controver- and which cannot be adapted to their husband* treat them, but who His efforts to earn a living and , a' ole to take care of themselves..'sy have access to public opinion. . s-j,,,*,.;-,! us- without never even try to get * divorce. i provide his new family with a There are laws against bribery and The publicity powers of an adiEin- normal ind "f- r '^ f . . ,, ,, T . comfortable way of life are made improper influence. istration holding office here are Urge expense. Besides mai- «' Kiss And Make tp diOicult because o; inflation. This The chief difficulty with the lob- much grea'e' than those of p-ivate them are not suitably located, it From your le'.tt-r I judge that j s the kind of storv most Amen- ' *"' -may be that they will have to be your daughter belongs retained by the government as in- _ lodge and fo does the surance against another war. The original assets of WAA had a to this cans understand It w i l l appeal to by problem is the enormous amount institutions There is no difficulty of public money and influence used j n making the Government's view- and that there i no' joy so much as a good he boy friend, the younc. v.-ho are living with to prevent legislation from being point known, thing they en- these problems every day. And it enacted. Officials of government The existem fight. It existence of pressure groups, . concluded--U. S., Minister to China, Anson Bur-1 Jingame, trusted friend of the.- Chinese, also negotiates treaties j with several European countries i on China's behalf. j 1868--Ratification of 14th Amend- j ment: Citizenship rights not to = be abridged. j 1874--Frank S. Baldwin of Phila- [ delphia issued patent on his! Arithmometer, one of the first. adding machines sold in country.: 1879--Immigrants from Iceland ar- i U. S. FAT. OFF. 7-2S letter she tells Junior she thinks the husband should oos^l the house! Remember how I went for that line?" *****- a ' T «*· · ··· in* nf S28 000 000 000 No-' p e ^ 5 them U P anrf afler the " have of CoiiKrcps to heip Value Ol ^-O, . . i « n n _ n f t A r *»*ir-h f\t\\e»r K^t^-.m^^ -»rt,l * . - K , » f^nrrht fnr /·l/.»*/w will be an appeal to" the patriotism departments and agencies are for- O n the other hand, cannot be end : i riA l e »« United States to found a . Shelor-f-ilhprt W^Hincr I of CoiKrc?s to help the veterans bidden by law to lobby for or' e d bv legislation In one wav o r 1 colon - v here. oiic-ui \jmjcri rr cuuiug , or ^ by legislation. In one wav or against pcndins legislation, but the ! another citizens will organize in ' 189 °--50 years ago* Ponce. Puerto ~"~ .,_. t K _ t ',,. m , would · Bone a f t e r each 0(her hammer and who fought for democracy " ,, ,,.,, ^ ... body expected mat amoun^ *ou ; tcnRs _ n d ^.^ ^ ^ m ^^ ^ d Second Senator Barkley. politely Department of Justice under the labor unions, manufacturers as- be realized through sale o^ tnem j nsu ] t i n g things they can think of. but in plain language, told Mr. Democratic Administration does sociations. investor Americans In All Saints Church . and it wasn't. The actual cash ret }, e y jjj ss an d make up. and that's Truman that he ought to play ! not prosecute such offenses. , turn so far has been in the neigh- ; all until the next time. ball Vith his Congressional lead- ' ?*ot 50 long ago a House com- | their influence felt at the polls . ' 1 uncovered flagrant e x m p l e s : notwithstanding any laws that may ' Miss Mary Madeiyo. Gilbert. Oberholzer -- Davis Friday evening at 8 o'clock'! borhood of $4.000.000,000. That is! If your daughter really wanted Barkiey commented that surrenders to groups and * under Gen. Tulles. I :*:i?-5 i*_«iry j'laaeivij (jfiioert. i *mj*. ^..uaj cvciiiii^ : trade bodies, and they will make 1914--Austria - Hungary declares; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Earl ^ * parsonage of St. PaulVl war on Serbia--beginning World j Gilbert. East Third street, and Rich- ' Lutheran church. Mye-sville. Mis'l War 1. ' ard Scott Shelor. son of Mrs. Maude | Helen Louise Davis, daughter oil · " r ^.lter Scott Davis and the late f s. Florence Mowrey Davis, R. D I Greencastle. Pa., and Byrorf | Lovell Oberholzer. son of Lestei I Abraham Oberholzer and Lulu ila | Lovell Oberholzer. Shady GroveJ were married by Rev. _ _ __ j ^_^ af ^ .^f,* ^^., , valll ,, ,j, ,, a-,1,,,, tu[ . .^ j mond L. Markley, pastor of thcl lv given away. Under the law cit- | all the money that thousands upon ' »'ho was ignored both by Frank- " sum. t^ere is talk of more legis'- ; Jtantly i.i.orm'ed'on "current"issues. ] 1942--Americ'aTplaneT'ratd "s'uda I ^Giv^-n IP marr^ge bv her father 1 MyersviUe Lu t- he ^« charge. There i« and states could obtain certain [ thousands of people par to go to Iin Ro ^evelt and Harry Truman. jaUon to restrict the lobbies. What the presence or absence of lobbies Bav Crete ! the bride wo^eT----- ----- ^: were no » ne ndant» an * the single 10 this manner, see a prize «£,. ' g ° " , ^ *?%LTM t ^^^ TM± ^^^L^f ZZ£ «TM^?^ TM'TM the ,eas: difference ; 194 4^Americans trap a large body ^uTen^it"w^ surplus property in They to ask in Dear Miss Dix: I am a divorced I atcd by President Truman's failure * n " ir the bar of justice those of- , i n the enactment of ! to consult him on the civil rights , ftcsals who lobby with the use of , (Reproduction li~h message. (Reproduction Rights Reserved! carried a receive donations of equipment and, woman . 25 years old. and have a ! '·---~~- -.-^ _,. _ supplies for institutions engaged m i mtle sir! 2 years old. My husband At the time. Senator Barkley ' I ·,, \V.T¥.r_.rlTAro l-H !~HV_ ..^.r- "P1-.-.-..-1 the training of veterans. i deserted me before my child was ! snorted. "\Vc could have at least · A-^A · TT tJlfll» ctlll ; AJ.O1 St OJLlllCl J born. I know a man. who is very ] tolcl nim his timing was bad. He · ^. ^ j good in every way and who could i s c n t the message up just at the ' I |ffrl KV \ 1'TTIV ' 111 ill-».C» TTAr.a ! give my little girl and me a won- - «TM5. several^ Southern states were j VrfJLM^U. J_*^ _rU.JLIl^ j 111 \_/lie J-^^C Frederick Chapter, No. 347. Worn- j derful home, but I do noUove him holdin K primary campaigns. The j _. --._ »*--,« ,.-;ii h^M itsiiyjy f am iiy. as well as his. are ali '. hot neads in the South seized on butcher-boy · r - ms ceremony of the Lutheran | : accessories | church was used. : tQ.a=---T,_. TI Q ;_.,,,f» »-K ^ fi,. '· ~ nosegay of white j The bride wore a pink'erabroid-1 194D-The ^ S Senate ratified the, rose s. ered dress and a corsage of mixed 1 .Ji: ^ Secuwy Charter. j Betty Lee Cecile. of Frederick, j summer flowers. She is employ; IS,/--Failure o. Congress to pro- was maid of honor. She was attired i ed at the Norman Melius Wav- ! - v i d e administration funds ends t jn an aqua suit and carried a nose-! side Market, * Wayside and Locust ; industrial sugar rationing con- . gay of mixed flowers. i streets. Hagerstown. The groom, z · trols. , James Earl Gilbert. Jr.. brother } veteran of over three years serv-l Moose, will hold Baltimore. July 28--Dr. Theo- j i Today's Birthdays Cumberland. July 2S 13ft--Joseoh Cranston Williams, general man- ! refreshments will be served. ; ing a man I don't love? F. W. B. message might have been digested former Miss Neidig. daughter of! 1--Alpine Bov the I'-year-oM Wo I without a rebellious burp. i the late W.'C. Neidig. of Fred-i gelding which bolted into the rail : comec · A t this meeting o f t h e Demo- erick. ' . _ . _ _ _ - comet ^ meeting of the Demo- ericK. and ;n : liprl T Aorir--f ;^ VT; ^ - ·. · -- ·««" ." EN S! S ^fs'le^°lr"ertck war ! ANSWER: At 26 years of a g e vou ' cratic Presidential" and Vice-Presi- ; It is the younger Dr. Woodward riJt^S? but'^an "£"£ Jg ! ^dnarfesTanton Charles Geisler. treoerich. w a r , arr eH1| ^^^^ _ u t _ i__".;__ ' rfpntial nominee. Mr. Truman drop- who discovered the value of chloro- ' left eye ! t - inarles ; Stanton. tn R n r k l p v t h n t hp w--n« mVCCtin aCainst tvnhoirt «JIA-I i--_ i · -r-_l i ^ ^ . . . . °^ the Civil AerOl Bro^!. popular actor- j ment at 203 East "**»** street comedian, born in Kolygate, Ohio, veteran, entered the l. S. Veterans ; * « Hospital at Perrs' Point today after j "·"° "^ arrangements had been made v«-' S P°» ! " b v terday through his attorney to a long period of life Don't ' P ed a hmt to Barkley that he was mycetin against typhoid when, re- · former member Aeronautics Adminis- it he was mycetin against typhoid when, re-i 2--That t--o tra-k v P ft^;n-^-= - --.erouauiics _.anunis- , the fact presenting the University of Mary- I examined the hor^ brfore tte 4« ' ^°^TM V i.l Brazil - born in Med + ^ - -hrnn^n n^ a - t ornev E · - vou do n ot love. So manv women ' tnat his own w h l t e House cli ^ ue land School of Medicine, he accom- Saturday and found him fit tn «,,, f °^' ^-f 5 " I 5 vears . a g°. SS J.SS.V his a ad°mi^ce: TM^^TM* »'^- ^ , ^anS^ ^ 1 ZS$? t JZ£ : feTm^ Geisler had been charged here " e '°" es ^- Thc ' *TM' » . ^ome . « ou arrangements had. been made yes- ^^ ^ -^-ing - n»«_ whom ; ^»£«^ ^te" SlcS the Armys scrub-typhus to ?et outside advice. ! team into the jungles of Malava , cnargea ner«, ~- TMTM-.», ;"- "»"';' ""'" B: = and said rather" wistfully that he on its medical-history-making ex- with stealing a watch from a : « »««J J»«n "Tindrrn »nrt ih«'· wished he had a chance to S et P^'tion xvhich the university Ipon- corpse and his case was continued ie " es ana tneir ctniclren. and thev , . . . . _ . _ . . ° ..... . J * ' around like Senator Barklev. sored. Dr. Woodward is assistant pro- turday and found him fit to run. , 3--That the same erinarians. checked again yesterday, and saw parent change" in the dition. I of the bride, Frederick, served as j ice in the U. S. Army, receive^ ! best man. i his basic training at Camp Bland^l ·ly after the ceremony, · in S- FIa -- transferred to Came held at the home 1 Shelby. Miss., served overseas with which the couple ! the 65th Division, and later with wedding trip to ! the 381st ^ p - Railroad Security '. Unon thei-- re-!- PatroL Tne Patrols guarded gov- an anart- I emment supplies ia transit to pre- j vent theft from railroad cars. Ke is noxv employed as an ammunition | handler. Letterkenny Depot. Chambersburg. Pa. After a -week's wedding trip. I ! during which they will visit *-J Mrs. J. Hickman Ganley and j sister af the groom. Frances Ober' I daughters Lucille and Cornelia. | holzer. DesMoines. Ia., and uncles. Personals children, and they pending treatment. State's At- marry men who bore them to death torney Edwin F. Nikirk gave per- . If you mnrr' this man. you will eSTke 0 hospLr a wner7^ e wa: ', ^to^t oTaT^ l^ ^ ^^^^^^ · ^ ? ^^ -^ **^ \ ^ TM^TM^^ treated last year for war-incurred will never be cood because it will "as. coders a prct t shrewd msi - , _______ *r ____ -- . Dr. Fred L. Adair of fbe TJniver- j John J. Lodden. Mrs. Lodden was i Locust str eet. Hagerstown. .,, ,, .. r t j. - *-- -mat. me nui "Dewcy Expects. . ." -- Ken fessor of medicine at the Univer- i red from racin= i . . . . That the horse had been bar- sity of Chica S°- Darned obstetrician- i formerly Miss Kay Ganley, of Mon' - gynecologist, born in Iowa. 71 years ago. I Anamosa,,' rovia. j Twelve-year-old Patrick Sbipley, The wedding of Mrs. Lulu Maude iter of 3vlr. and ?.Irs. mental dijorder. not be sincere. has it figured out that thc special medical work session will last at least three Marshall College Fought North Africa Epidemic Fifty Years Ago Ixtcal Items From The Columns Of The News. July 23. 1S9S. -"* «».«* -piucuiii; j ;-- j.nat witne^es ax*a Ishlp Ha/? **S"Senate GOP whip believes , Although he had seen a few cases ' found the horse's tack in'«ood con- -,- _, . mgrcss may go on to as late [ of Rocky Mountain spotted fever dition after the soill " Today s Horoscope cp^»r»nri \vf»flr in ^*r»tomV»»i- ' While int^rninff at T7niv«»rcTt-v- Wr\cr_ i lTl n v . n ^, n _ : -» ^? *- .- ' Ilere JS another * T H E ANNUAL TOURNAMENT: and picnic in the Manor woods, j ! Dear Dorothy Dix: What is your , · opinion of a husband who goes) i into a closet and shuts the dnor. or . ^ a ^9°"5 j else into ·locks himseit in. octore he opens - - · - - -.._. -^ his billfold? | campaigns begin for sure, in most' glimpse of scruo typhus in the . which is expected MRS. W. O. D. Poole, this citv. tooJ the bathroom where" he ' as the seconci wcek in September. ' while mteming at University Hos- 1 Flanagan said his findin^ will '"If in before h" ooens ^ ai is the timc whcn the Poetical '· pital. Dr. Woodward got *his first ; be turned over to the - - n i.i. utioie ne opens, ________ _____ ___ ....... _ ·: ______ , ,,,. ---- . ____ . ___ . . , ' . . . ··»·" x»ci tu uic states. West Indies, xvhere he landed Dec- in Baltimore to consider the It may be wishful thinking, but ember 7. 1941. when the Army He said he will is another strong character, j with more subtlety than that of i yesterday, and given more to scien- i ^ u - tific methods, capable of carrying 5- t - lmore j carriers in Washington today for ! a two-day trip to Atlantic Citv. N. J. j.r u:bailm f Wa11 . pr _ - - - usbaum of V. alkers- onjy attendant ANSWER: Surely something must · Wherry figures that Governor | was setting up bases there. r e c o r n n e n d t o " out di{Scu lt researches to the ulti- of the commission that better" agree- ! mate er ' d - There may develop a vein the A few months later Dr. Wood- ; ment be set up between Maryland °* cunr *i n S an ^ sometimes, cupidity. Congres- , ward, captain in a laboratory unit i and other states regarding the re- of the first American contingent. I porting of barred horses. to find a (Dr. W. E. Trussell. veterinarian be ^ e ^ strictly under control, if Francis Smith delivered the cor- cu i ous thing 3S locking himself in ' "You and I know." the aggressive ' reached North Africa _ onation address. Rain fell so a closet to keep his wife from find- Nebrasksii barked, "that he would typhus epidemic raging. Upon the ' at the Charie-Town W~Va'"-ack present heavily that the dance had to be : n , out how much he h a _ jn hjs have one heck -' - "-- '-'-' : * : ~ -' "-- ^ "- - - - - - -- - ^ abandoned. billfold. It is such a preposterous al! t h c bo vs and a keen sense of rivalry, and some jealousy. These latter traits should , - - , . frlenas f TM m vacationing in *ew York. Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Jame« of near Jefferson are receiving couple left ; or a congrarulations on the birth of a j vania and upon place in the United Brethren par-' sonage on July 24. at 7.30 t. m. | Rev. J. H. Schmitt officiated. Their ivas Mrs. Mary Barthlow of Frederick, daughter of the groom. The bride was attired in an aqua dress wixh accessories of yellow. After the wedding the 122 of a time lining up invitation of the French scientists , said Sunday that he had barred 3 saying. 'Now here ' at the Pasteur Institute at Casa; the horse from that track became THE STORE OF THE UNITED performance because it" is "so futile s a httle ten-point program I want blanca. he was assigned to the a vitamin deficiency makes it sub- NewSDHBer Groim Merchants Company on West All' for no wife can make her husband you :o follow -' What is more like- mstitutite for co-operative studies ject to periods of bl'ndne^ } Z^, ^ " ""jp " split dim* unle^ Iy is lhal the Govemor will issue and invesigations. ,- 1 ~~ % DISCUSS Restriction ] Mother and son have returned J Announces Engagement i home and are doing nicely. j Mrs. Eleanora Bowman, of this ; Mr. and Mrs. Roland Long, of i city, announces the engagement of Saints street was broken into and give her even a ...... ,,..._,robbed of S2.64. The cash \vas he is willing to do FO a s!atement saying that he respects To these studies went much o f : r« f\ p T p ~,7,__in a money bag. , She would have to'be a feminine ' the Judement and experience of the the credit for the control of the ; **' W * ' ' AjC «-« NUMEROUS CANDIDATES FOR Joe Louis and able to slue h?m into Re P"*»cans in Congress, and ex- typhus among the American troops Blast Truman Again - - ·- ·' -J - --'-·at is right for and Captain Woodward was cited! ^ Mayor and Council have lined: unconsciousness before she went up" in Brunswick. J. L. Jordan through his pockets, and few wives was nominated'for Mayor at the . are physically able to do that, citizens" convention. R. T. Ault. | thoueh I do not doubt thst many the incumbent, is an independent a wife of a tightwad has wished candidate and Christopher Smith that she had the ability to do it. has announced himself. iRei'ased Dy The Be!f Svndicaic. ITJC ) THE BOARD OF ALD£R-.IEN ~ ; ~-passed an ordinance fixing the JhxtenSlO-1 Specialists tax lew for 1898 at SI per S100. · 4 TT , ,, ~ , This is a reduction of 10 cents. Are Heard By leachers made possible bv an increase of ,, ,, , $440,070 in the taxable basis. - C o l l e g e Park July 2, ,^--Four ,_,,_,,_ ,,-_,,,,_ , _ _ ,, t-mversity of Maryland extension MESSRS. J. KNiGHT MacDOIS-, specialists s ALD. Thomas Anderson. Madison sta' e ~~ them to do what the country." (Copyright, 1948. by Globe Synd ) for his part in them, ceived the Order Entries Made By Plaverounds Children Aiaouite from the Sultan of Morocco. Awarded Typhus Medal He also re- ' Wavhington. July 23 ;? of Ouissam lican : Baltimore. July 28 .f~--^The board j ' of governors of the Maryland Press i ·Association and representatives of "°^ ^^J the state's daily newspaoers will · B °8?*-? f Balil j the^ Freaenck Memorial Hospital, j James G. Kreimer. of Washington, r. and Mrs. Joseph P. Marmor. j Miss Bowman has chosen as her East Third street, h?d as their i matron of honor, her sister. Mrs- house guests recently Mrs. S. A. j Maynard Ausherman. of Mi. Pleas- imore. acd Mrs. Mar- j ant. She will have ss her brides- e n t r i entered by i As a result of his work in Africa rsd: ~ . _,, _ , ---·»-«_ ,,,_,.-.._,». i^i^-vA v*-v^(ji* ^ vi, ^~LIJucviio nd.? i'dzorri 1 " · , Captain \\ oodward was sent to the House majority leader Halleck of ' mended that restrictions on publi- ventlon of th e Maryland Phar- iTMan. his brother. James G. Kreimer. European Theater as a member of Indiana and Ohio's Senator Taft. : cation or broadcast of c-ime n~srs' maceutical Association held at the;Jr., Baltimore. Miss Bowman will " the United States Typhus Commis- .chairman of the Senate GOP Policy ; r.ow in effect in Baltiino-e ci'-'be I vind obona. Braddock Heights. j be given in marriage by her broth- f , h . . . , . . sion and Played an active part in committee, were orepared to take" -ratfe anol'cable ·hroi^hn-f AT-^Mr - and Mrs - Victor Hess and er - John E- Bowman. U. S. Arrnv. of -he mumcipal _ plays, ounos in the control of the Naples epidemic a fresh pokc at Vn/messa °e Mr l^nd app " caole ^^ughou. Mar3-; Mn Ross Wil]hid ^ of Dayton o ..Miss Bov.-man attended school in n *»l. - ln 3944 and later in th * Aden Pro " Truman delivered vesterdav in an Glenn Ja-nes nrprfrt-n- «-- -,-! Mr - and Mrs - B - M - C 13 * and son Washington and was previously em- 130. tntries tectorate typhus outbreak. ^ra/- i s ^ -.I*..- , " . . . «««»""=5. t"- c * j " c '"- 01 me; ·!,,,,_,;_. nt T . T_ : --_ -,-., !^i«-.r__^ ,- «,- T-.T 1-- -_ ^-r^ Nelson. Louis and Harry Xix- dorfi. Frank Guy Thoujas. Dr. Ira J. McCurdy and Alliene Williamson will camp along the banks of the Shenandoah river, near Harpers Ferry, during the next week. ding a here. Prof. the necessity ers to improve their pastures He dealt also with development of the soil for farm crops. Dr. Joseph B. Shaw, professor of judged bv :"-.rce Warren R Evans. W. Jerome Off u t t and Herbert L Strawsburg. Charlotte Koontr ^ t \r A '-'·- Josepn a. inaw. professor o: ·«:» ur.ario.te tvoontr supe: I WCnfy jeOrS AgO da =ry husoandrj-. explained the re- of art-; and craf:^ in the city 3Uca.I Items From The Columns Of The News, July 25. 192S. THREE UNITS OF THE MARYLAND National Guard left here this morning to 50 into summer cent development of da:ryoe. He encouraged the instructors to emphasize the need for sufficient vitamins in the diet of the cattle. Dr. A. L Bruckner, director of the livestock sanitation service. -.larCo of the =how and -,\a- ?.-:s:cd by p'aysrour.d in- struclor* Winner^ ir, the various clasjin- catlon^ were freehand era von draiv- i"s, *r.*t. Nathan Seweil. second. . , . . cainp at Camp Ritchie. They f cvi .« w ed t.,e current developments Joain Hsrrman third Janet K^rt- He were Company A. Capt. Guy Anders cornnsaiidtng: Headquarters Company, Capt- Philip Wine- brensr commanding and the Band Section in charge of Warrant Officer Henry Keller. CHICKEN THIEVES HAVE BEEN busy in the vicinity of Braddock Heights. The henneries of Jess Young and Guy McDevitt were raided and about 250 taken. THE ANNUAL WATER BATTLE and barbecue of the United Fire Company will be held Thursday. The water battle will take place ^ at the new Stonewall Jackson bridge near Church and Bentz streets. A REWARD OF $100 offered . in J= v tock sanitation Prof. Guy Gren^-cr spoke or. thc .Tonnn Hart nan: f-rchar.d chalk dra-Aing. firsi. , , . ·nai. second. Janet Hart- of farm rncchamcs m , n :h j rd Buf , rfv sh . . ^- y ^«, ?*° Jt W f S pain: n!rta «"- fir «- ^than ScweH. .-?doS inlhe^tl^ ^S ^ ^ ^ **^ n^ .St-'K-T 3:ready ^TM^^^ r ^TM ' Sewell third . T oann Hartnian int- Takoina Park Asks End ^oS^^ c"i J 7 h Vrd" il j« n n chickens Qf Police Service Har:mp:v ?nger pn:ntm:.. l^i. Norm?'! Gcuker ?oco:id Nancv .koaia Park. July 2. *-Tak-' Gefcber! "hird .Torrx-CoPiter.doc'- Park oSc-.als toaay asked thc orated plates fir«=' Cat'i»-'no En^ic .gomery County Com-r.issicn- Fr . con ^. . Tcann Hai-tman"^. r d"Fl3- to Discontinue county police finished the war with the rank lieutenant colonel. Dr. Woodward, who returned to Baltimore and rejoined the faculty of the university, was invited last winter to jotn the Malayan expedi- ! non and the University of Mary- ' land requested to sponsor it. The; expedition left early in March and i returned about thc middle of June, i And it was under his care that the ; typhoid cases were treated with thc new drus; and cures effected. Three cases have aiso been successfully treated in Baltimore; through knowledge gained from . the expedition. ; Dr. Woodward lives with his wife and four children, three boys · and a girl, at 1 Merrymount Road. in Roland Park. Mrs. Woodward is , the former Dr. Celeste Constar.ce · Lative. of this city She was cradi:- ! ated from the university in the ' same class \\ith Dr. Woodward. ! ' Jockey Killed James said he interviewed edi- i Creagerstown tors of weeklies and daily news-1 John C. Post and thc Town Council, in a letter to the iilla Carbaush. DFED A deed i £ ommissioner s. recommended that clerk's office f o r ' t h e sa j e of : h e i S 1 *^ 1113 -' turn over 10 Takoma Properties 354-53 West Patrick! ***TM-TM** ' Social Situation Situation. You mention, while talking to a friend who is visline in your city, that you want to take was recorded in t h e , h i r n to iuncn or dinner during h i s j Jockey Benny Lcggett (above"* was fatally injuied at the Cumber- papers in ail sections of the state ', and found them "100 per cent opposed" to extension of the Balt:- : r=.ore Supreme Bench rule. ! and Mrs. G-eo. H. Willhice of Etzler---Widmann j Miss Mildred Ruth Widmar.n. Col; lege Park, daughter of Mrs. Mil jred |S. Halpin. formerly of Frederick. ', now residing in New Jersev. be- .carne the bride of William" Leon Etzier. oi Sykesville. Saturdav afternoon at 4.45 in All Saints ~Epis- Philadelphia. July 28 ·?--While copal church. Rev. Samuel" S . Caught Rifling Desk , Construction Permits 1 Issued At City Hall Several permits have been issued had surprised stealing"s50 froni"a · served as best man. "An "organ recently by the city engineer for , desk in his study, police reported ' c; - tal "was given bv I. L ^ " , . construction arid remodeling work . Police identified " the victim as churc h organist, and Herman in the city, Tt-.omas J. Kemp, has , Robert Winters. 25. and said he Bran °: was tenor soloist. received a permit for a bungalow was killed instantly bv five-bullets - at Xorth Bentr. and Xorth streets, as he tried to flee from the Xew · A "" onnce Engasrejneiit cosi estimated at S7.350. Light Tabernacle Babtin chu~ch '. and Mr? - E ^- Glass. Emmits- Dr J. B McClellan ha= received ! Rev. Theodore Bullock. 39. pas- f^ r . g ' a nT!OU ^ce -he engagement of a permit for a rie\v front and three- ] tor of '-he church, told police he Jf? ei . r da " J Sf)ter. Ryba. to Chester S. story addition at 142-44 West Pat- ' f " :re3 th e shots from a .31 caliber 5T' m * er - Jr · : ° n * f Mr and Mrs. rick street, to cost about S2.000. ' Pistol. Ciester S Shriver, Gettysburg: Charles E Hartman has secured T}lc shooting, according to po- Koute 1. ( i permission to construct a one-story llce ' cli:r ' axed a violent scuffle · No aate ha s been set for the ved' W v.^ L,_, m_ «.. j. wrove i^irae i j^ark three-fourth-? of the oolice *!r*.r fr-.-n -\Tr- Company for the arrest _nd c o n - j , _ x money elected ,n ,n_ Sf. S ' Xv of vicuoa of the pmnies who strip- Tr.e letter s-id a simil.r garaee. S200: Elwood Moore. West South street, stable. S50: C Ber- vn .11^- · - · - · " "-^ *«*.«-ii_7 jnjv«i'=\A afc. me: ^-'Ui-lJUUi - ' __ j r* . - -.-.« m- , - - . , Patrick! Wrong way: Say. "Telephone me. land racetrack July 24. when his n; 1 "^ 5 ?TM^- 1033 North Market welding shop on East Fourth "tree't durin S which thc intruder dropped extended. to cost about SI 200 | an envelone containing the money. -Other permits- Edgar M. Shep- i 4 ,^ ny °f the parishioners hurried file Weather ley. 220 East Sixth street, single | ^ thch ve ^bule at the rear of the, C /AH , nc-r «,^»_ COA-. T-I _____ j -.i- ____ «-._« church auditorium as the last two, _ . ,' A I 1 time DST) Naomi R K e i l - ] a n d we'll make some plans." mount. Alpine Boy," bolted through ' £ ir . ^' enc - O£e 7..',11 T V-..1- . R i h t \vav Sav ' T ' i l or-r n tn,i^h »V,a ,^ f ;^r, _,:j _v"-..* o.i j _ ! bUlld TOOf OV p««l the company's steam shovel while it was parked on the road, lending from Middletown to procedure would be follov.-ed bv Prince Georges county, with the two counties to pay for any help fiven by county police. John J n.?r K a . nd . Mr ' Llovd R. Stun consideration being in ihc neighborhood nf Rtght wa Say, ' I'll get in touch ^ ' r ' w i t h you and v.e \vi!l make some plans." The out-of-town visitor may hestitate to call you. feeling the inside rail about 30 yards out i of the starting gate. The State Rac- ! *! back porch and over cellarway. $300: jsz. Braddock avenue, back ing Commission is conducting an investigation to determine if the SIR.oOn. according to revenue j t h a t if he does so he is asking to be j hor«e blindness caused ih" acn- £tamps ' . 1 entertained. I dent.--iAssoc.ated Press Photo), porch. A 20 per cent decline in national t u r k e y production is estimated for 1948. shots were fired. THREATEXS TO QCIT Tokyo. July 28 ;.JP) -- James S. Killen. head of the allied labor section, threatened to resign today because of ' General MacArthur's statement that Japan's 2.000.000 eovernmcnt workers should not be allowed to strike for higher wages. Precipitation for 24 hour? endin* at 8 a. m. today--.01 of an inch. Precipitation. July to date-- 331 inches. Normal July precipitation. 397 inches: actual. July. 1947 4.35 i, actual. Excess in ] 948 precipitation V. July 1--5.41 inches. Condition of rivers: Monocacy muddy at Buckeystown Dam; Potomac cloudy at KaoxviHe. « -.WSPAPERl .'SPAPERf

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