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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
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Thursday, June 11, 1970
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Isn't This a Bit Dangerous? CttablitlMd 1M3 Published f very Evening Except Sunday by the OMAT SOUTMVN HINTING AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY MO I^PaMckStrMt,rrtd*rick M«wyland21701-MiMi* Ana Cod«3IO, 662.1177 OauifiMJ Adv»rti»ing Office Open · A.M. To 5 P.M. Weekday* Saturday a A M. T« 2 P M. Kton* 662-1162 SUBSCRIPTION KATES Single copy, 10 eenH. By mail, payable in advance: one month, $ 1.75; three month*, $4.50; six month*. SB.SO; one y»ar, $16.00; by motor route or carrier, 42 eont« weed; $ 1.75 month, $31.00 yr ftUmb»i Audit Bureau of Circulation--Member Of The Attociated Press The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for publication of all the local printed news in this newspaper at well at all AP news dispatches. Second Class Postage Paid At Frederick, Maryland PAGE A-4 THURSDAY. JUNE 11, 1970 FREDERICK, MARYLAND Polit-Caused Inflation? Is the Democratic Party in control of Congress deliberately seeking to increase inflation as a means of retaining power in the fall elections? All of the evidence indicates this as being a political reality in this election year. The most astute political analysts *believe that contrary to popular belief at the moment that in all probability economic questions and not the ' Vietnam War will be the crucial issues in the November elections. Despite all of the anti-war hysteria, there is every indication that President Nixon will have achieved his objectives in the Cambodian invasion and withdrawn U.S. troops on schedule long before election day. A finger pointing in this direction is the fact that he has pledged the withdrawal of another 50,000 American troops from South Vietnam by October. The President is a keen student of politics. In picking October as the target date for this major withdrawal, he was certainly not unaware of the fact that that month is just short of the crucial fall elections. But the constantly accumulating inflation which is eroding the savings of the American people and bringing real suffering to the aged and those on fixed income is something else again. And in accelerating this inflation nobody is more guilty than the Democratic Congress. A day by day analysis of the passage of bills on Capitol Hill demonstrates clearly that Congress is exceeding the requests of the President and the Budget Bureau in virtually every appropriation authorized by millions of dollars. Paying lip service to the sacred theory of economy and the "hold-the- line" policy enunciated by the President when he took office, they are throwing into the nation's economy billions of dollars more than he recommended for the operation of the government during the next fiscal year. Typical is the fact that they have authorized the creation of 95,769 new federal jobs, the majority of them at high-paying levels, although the President called upon all departments to cut rather than increase personnel. This one item on nearly 100,000 new federal jobs will cost the American taxpayers no less than $750 million dollars in the next year. Under our system of government such a spendthrift Congress has the President over the proverbial barrel. True, he has the power of veto. But under the Constitution, he can only veto an entire bill. He has no power to reduce specific items in an · appropriation measure. The result is that the President must either sign these grossly inflated appropriation bills or make it impossible for federal departments to meet both their payrolls and material costs. The net result of this wasteful and extravagent appropriation of unrequested billions by the President is that the budget for the next fiscal - year which he estimated would show a surplus is now indicated to disclose a deficit. It is an appalling fact that in the past 10 years of unparalleled prosperity in the United States when we should have been reducing the national debt that the monetary policies followed by all administrations have increased it by one third. And now the President has had to follow the pathway of his predecessors in calling upon Congress to again raise the national debt ceiling. ~ These billions which the Democratic Congress is pumping into the nation's economic blood stream have had the effect of so increasing the amount of money in circulation that inflation instead of being retarded as both President and Congress announced as their objective has been greatly stimulated. And part of the reason for the recent worst break in prices on the New York Stock Market in a decade is the feeling of the business and investment segments of our economy that efforts to curb inflation are not only failing today but giving every indication of being even worse in the months lying directly ahead. One of the reasons why the dollar won't do as much for people as it formerly did is the fact that people won't do as much for the dollar as they once did. It is elemental that in a sound economy the better life can only come from greater productivity. But this productivity gap is the critical question not only in the losing battle against inflation but in the fact that we are experiencing a minor recession which could easily worsen into a serious depression. Unless America's labor productivity equals the higher wages it is both demanding and receiving the effect could be as dangerous as a camel's kiss. The Commerce Department reports that as of June 1 union workers' wage rate increases covered by major 1970 new contracts are averaging 17 per cent more than those granted by the same industries in 1969. In spite, however, of billions upon billions of dollars of capital investments for new and better tools and in spite of all of the automation, the output per man in American industry fell last year and was lower than it was in 1961 or any year since. As long ago as 1968, Chairman William McChesney Martin of the Federal Reserve Board warned Ex- President Johnson, "our national productivity rate of three per cent compared with wage raises averaging seven per cent will lead to an eventual depression unless checked." Now we are faced with wage boosts averaging 17 per cent so far this year and, again according to the latest Federal Reserve Board figures, a factory productivity rate of only two and one-half per cent higher than last year. · It is ultimately impossible for American business to pay more to produce less. There is no way on earth to sustain higher wage rates without increased productivity. The economic imbalance has been stretched to the breaking point. And the entire process is self- destructive. Meanwhile the Democratic Congress instead of making good on its pledge to cooperate with President Nixon to curb inflation and prevent a recession is blithly exceeding his budgetary requests by millions of dollars in every appropriation bill passed and hastening the day of reckoning. And they are secretly hoping that their contribution to the constantly expanding spiral of inflation which is progressively chipping away at the foundation value of the American dollar will pay rich dividends in the fall elections. Other Editors Speak On Law Enforcement An old Proverb says that a fool, among other things, may be known by his anger without cause, his speech without profit, his change without progress, and his inquiry without - object. Today some of the theories being advanced for "watching" and "containing" law enforcement would suggest that, in addition to these quirks, fools may also be known for their lack of commonsense and judgment. Crime terrorizes many communities throughout the country In some area, people are afraid to be on the streets, particularly at night. It would seem, therefore, that preventing crime and helping police to bring violators to justice would be a primary and reasonable concern of all citizens. Unfortunately, the light of reason blinds some people. Groups have been established to gam "community control" over police departments. Some, receiving financial support from well-meaning but misled organizations, have set up "police watching" programs. Some spokesmen advocate that each city ghetto be given public funds and authorization to form its own racially segregated police force. Others say college youth should not be subjected to contacts by police officers, and that only specially trained, highly paid, unarmed, elite police forces should be used to handle civil demonstrations. If these ideas and techniques seem half- baked, it is because they are. But the intent of those who foster such schemes is clear. They want to negate the rule of law. To do this, they must first create public distrust of and ill will toward those who enforce the law. "Police watchers" and self-styled law enforcement reformers have no place in our society. Their altruistic mouthings are a front and a sham, for they have already prejudged law enforcement as an enemy to their nihilistic cause Their real objective is to intimidate and harass police They care nothing about public protection and orderly due process. They seek special privileges \vhich place them above the law and commit abuses which encroach on the right of others. Civic-minded groups and individuals who are fed up \vith gimmicks and attacks against our established principles and lawful processes should rally to the s u p p o r t of law e n f o r c e m e n t . O u r s y s t e m o f government provides adequate and proper safeguards for remedial action against indiscretions of policemen. Certainly, we do not need to resort to sidewalk kangaroo courts made up of militants and malcontents who cannot even discipline themselves Further, we should remember that frequently those who defy the law are prone to criticize and attack agencies charged with enforcing it. -- John Edgar Hoo\er, Director (Reprinted from the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, June 1, 1970) TIMELY QUOTES I'm going to hang my record out for everybody to see Then it's just a case of seeing who gets knocked down and dragged out -- California Gov. Ronald Reagan, on I he mining campaign for re-election. yesterday Letters To The Editor VOTERS LEAGUE URGES CITIZEN PARTICIPATION To the Editor, Sir: At this time of year, it is clearly visible that the County Commissioners h a v e the responsibility of formulating a budget for all county services. The difficulty of this task is appreciated by the League of Women Voters and others who observed the month of budget hearings. While the assignment of budget priorities is the duty of the Commissioners, the citizens of Frederick County have the important responsibility of making their concerns known. If this obligation is not fulfilled, the public is failing to act positively in the determination of how public money is allocated for the services they desire. Effective c i t i z e n p a r t i c i p a t i o n in government is not limited solely to voting for candidates at election time. The League of Women Voters of Frederick County shares the concern of many citizens about the restrictive budget tentatively proposed for our county library services The following is a copy of the statement made to the County Commissioners, May 25, urging their reconsideration for funding this valuable service w h i c h s u p p l e m e n t s t h e educational needs of all citizens of Frederick County Shore Our Bounty To Prove Americanism Editor's Note: This is the last of two pri/e-winning essays in the recent contest sponsored by the Jefferson Ruritan Club's Patriotism and Citizenship Committees on the subject, "I Am An American- How Should I Act To Prove It?" Today's essay is by Miss Susan Setters, 12th grade winner, a senior at Brunswick High School. AH Americans have been given the privilege of living m this great country of boundless freedom But, in return for this gift, we, as Americans, have an obligation to our country, to take care of this precious heritage Littering along America's once scenic highways and dumping waste into the nation's streams is certainly no way for one who calls himself an American to act Many, however, take for granted that just one paper cup thrown out of a car window, adds to the destruction of America's beauty Pollution is one of America's biggest problems Every citizen has it in his power to do something about it stop littering' "I am an American-how should I act to prove it 9 " Take care of the beautiful land God has seen fit to grant us In the United States, we have democratic government Under our present constitution, an American citizen takes the responsibility of voting for government officials It is every American individual's right to take an active part in the government of his land Not every citizen can be the President, but all adults have the r e s p o n s i b i l i t y f o r t h e preservation of democracy and for the well-being of American posterity An American should prove his title by living up to his adult privilege and responsibility to v ote. An American should accept, responsibly, the stint of "jury duly ' Americans should be concerned for the well-being of a fellow citizen by doing one's part to see justice done in the court room This is a basic foundation of American democracy-being judged by a jury of one's peers Certainly, our country has enough problems without the so- called Americans who not for the sake of publicity and those who strike and cause the American economy to suffer There are other more successful ways of social and economic reform than the not or the strike, or the wasteful demonstrations that have occurred in Idaho, burning potatoes-food for America's hungry Our freedom is protected by the constitution This is the p u r p o s e o f a w o r k i n g democracy, to provide each citizen with freedom to erjoy life to the fullest extent "I am an American-how should I act to prove it'-Realize the purpose of democracy, equality for all, and seek logical and more intelligent steps of reform Foreigners look on our country as a land of opportunity and freedom Many wish to become part of us by becoming citizens On the base of our Statue of Liberty, in New York Harber, are written these words from "The New Colossus," a poem by Emma Lazarus: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore " This is an invitation to all people of the world It tells them that Americans are welcoming them to their land, as soon as they see the statue. Every American should be willing to accept these people as American citizens, without prejudice. An American should be proud that other peoples of the world consider us so lucky that they wish to become part of our great citizenry Within our nation, there is much r a c i a l d i s s e n s i o n Certainly, God did not intend this to be so An American should love his fellow A m e r i c a n regardless of color, or creed and he should help to end the ilhberality in our country There are many narrow-minded people in the United States, but one can prove he is a good American citizen by setting an example for those who display bigotry How should an American act to prove it' Take care of aur land, be proud to be part of America, don't take our freedom for granted, but, most important of all, share our bounty with others, regardless of race, creed, or nationality BARBS It never occurs to a fellow that a girl might have a dreamy look simply .because she's tired of him ·s ·* There's nothing like a good yawn to unseat a fellow's lowers. -· * * No one in our house has complained of the heat since we jiggered the o u t d o o r t h e r m o m e t e r so that it shows 10 degrees below the actual temperature. # * * Being good for nothing is what most kids refuse to be The temperature in New Mexico's Carlsbad Caverns is a c o n s t a n t 56 degrees-about the same chill factor present when we arrive late for our place in the galleys. * * * Just think--in less than 90 days it'll be hay fever sneezin'. I am Mrs. Antonio Marallo, president of the Frederick County League of Women Voters, speaking in behalf of the Frederick County P u b l f c Libraries System. The League of Women Voters believes that an informed public is essential to our democratic society To implement this goal, it is necessary that there be easily available a broad spectrum of ideas on which the public may draw The public libraries are the primary source of a variety of information. The Frederick County Public Libraries System is the ONLY county agency which is charged with providing ALL of our citizens with this service, be it pre-school children, those in our educational systems, working adults, the handicapped or the senior citizen The League of Women Voters believes that all citizens should have equal opportunity of access to public educational services. Budgetary provisions are necessary for adequate branch libraries throughout the county and for .bookmobiles to service outlying areas Those citizens who are unable to travel to obtain information should h a v e opportunity of access as well as those citizens who are more affluent To do less would be depriving ourselves of the full utilization of our h u m a n resources The League of Women Voters believes that efficient and economical government depends on adequate financing of its agencies If budgeted funds are not adequate to provide for temporary help in the event of employee illness, is it the most efficient and economical use of public funds for an agency to be forced to shift personnel to meet the need' For example using a bookmobile l i b r a r i a n as substitute help, hampering her w o r k i n h e r p r i m a r y r e s p o n s i b i l i t y . O r w h e n increasing public demands on library services require that a trained librarian, hired at professional pay scale, spend her time doing clerical work because there are no funds for people to do typing and filing Is it the most efficient and economical use of public funds to provide a budget that makes it necessary to cut back by one third on the purchase of books and materials to pay for fixed expensfs, when our current i n v e n t o r y of books and educational materials are already well below standard 9 Even if the anticipated increase of state assistance rises substantially next year, could that money be used to the best advantage if our then current resources have already been further depleted by inadequate funding 9 The League of Women Voters r e a l i z e s t h e a w e s o m e responsibility of our County Commissioners in funding every county agency in addition to other worthy requests, and commends them for their hours of dedication to this public trust My presence here is to express concern for the continued quality of library services to the public, and the danger evident to its e f f i c i e n t o p e r a t i o n b y disproportionate b u d g e t a r y curtailment We would ask that you reconsider what this will mean to our public libraries which are unique in the valuable services they render to every citizen of Frederick County. MRS. ANTONIO MARALLO President League of Women Voters Of Frederick County fit. 6, Tulip Hill Frederick, Maryland 21701 50 Years Ago JUNE 11. 1920 .UP TO AN EARLY hour this morning, the thieves who robbed 'the stores of George Sticksdale and Grayson S t a f f e r of Thurmont, early yesterday morning, had not been caught. Finding no money, the robbers helped themselves to new suits of -clothing and shoes before they fled. x THE FREDERICK COUNTY Cow Testing Association held its annual meeting at the Hotel Frederick Monday morning. A report on milk production in the county revealed that more milk was produced than the previous year, but that the butterfat content of the milk was lower than before. A SPECIAL C A M P A I G N committee has been named to head the campaign organization of the Board of Trade in its transition into a Chamber of Commerce. The first action of the committee was to name a head, C E Cline, president of the Commercial State Bank J. M. Dronenburg was named vice- chairman. A FITTING CEREMONY, a reception for the graduates, marked the closing of the Hood commencement last night. 20 Years Ago JUNE 11. 1950 THIRTY-SIX leading dair: farmers, mostly from the Gla* Valley area, made a vigorous protest i n W a s h i n g t o i Wednesday against any changt in the present law prohibiting importation of milk into the Washington area from outside the Washington milkshed. The farmers were organized by Paul Green, a Walkersville farm supply dealer. IN A TEN MINUTE talk on world conditions, Dr. Reuben Steinmyer, professor of government and politics at the University of Maryland, told Frederick Rotarians Wednesday that if a Third World War comes, it will be fought in the Pacific area and the West Coast of the United States. CELEBRATING THE election of their veteran pitcher, Don Rice, as a City alderman, the Frederick Hustlers will entertain the Army baseball team in their sixth annual appearance at McCurdy Field tonight. THE BRADDOCK HEIGHTS Aquatic Club, boasting a membership of 20 swimmers, is preparing for its first swimming meet to be held in Baltimore July 24 The Club is also planning a water meet and picnic to be held some time in July. Hard-hat Message For Mr. Nixon By DON OAKLEY The Silent Majority has found its voice. But President Nixon ought not to read too much into that massive outpouring of patriotic fervor in New York City in which as many as 150,000 workers and others paraded up Broadway. The purpose, as announced by the Building and Construction Trades Council, was to demonstrate "love of country and love and respect for our country's flag." It was not so much a demonstration of support for the President as support for the presidency, not so much support of the nation's policy in Southeast Asia as support of the nation. It was also an inevitable reaction to the excesses of some war protesters who are experts in the art of losing friends and alienating people. As one worker said earlier, after the violent confrontation between hard hats and long hairs on Wall Street: "If those kids want to be against the war, it's O.K. by me. I might even agree with them But when they spit on the flag and call the President a pig, that's where I get oft." That's what the demonstration was all about. It must be immensely heartening to the President, yet it should also be a sobering reminder to him. Were he to fail the faith of these people, were he to begin hedging on his Cambodian promises and mire us ever deeper in Southeast Asia, he would learn what real dissent is. Infant Mortality Decreases In Norway, of every 1,000 babies born alive, 11.4 die within the first year. In the United States, the rate in 1967 was 20.6 for whites and 38.3 for nonwhites. Many unfavorable conclusions have been drawn from these figures. But you can't compare the United States to any other single country, say Metropolitan Life Insurance statisticians. The rate for northwestern Europe as a whole is 20.3, only slightly lower than the United States. The rates for Germany and France are higher than the U S. figure. Denmark's is much lower, but no lower than Utah's. Undeniably, the high death rate among nonwhite infants is a major U S health problem. However, the infant mortality rate in southwestern Europe is 37.9, not much better than for nonwhite American infants. Portugal's rate is an extremely high 63. Also worth noting is that nonwhite infant mortality in Calitornia, where incomes of nonwhites are relatively high, is only slightly above the white infant mortality rate in West Virginia, where incomes of whites are low. A number of factors influences the rates. For one, America has a high proportion of births to mothers under 20. young mothers have more premature births. Because of intensive prenatal care, America has one of the lowest rates of stillbirths, which means more babies likely not to make it through the first year. The United' States also defines a live birth differently, regarding any sign of life, such as movement of a voluntary muscle, as evidence of a live birth. Some countries require actual breathing by the infant. When the figures for 1968 are in, say the statisticians, they will show a decline of 12 per cent in infant mortality in the United States between 1965 and 1968 compared to a decrease of only 5 per cent for 1960 to 1965. J I (0) 1970 kr NtA, "I'm sorry I can't help you, sir. You'll have to speak to the aide who handles the criticism that the President is too isolated." SPAPLRl .fcWSPAPlRl

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