The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 11, 1967 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1967
Page 11
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Carroll Road Priorities Under Study The Carroll County commissioners and the planning manager met with State Roads Board officials in Baltimore this week to discuss priority projects for the next two years. The meeting was the first regional meeting held with State Roads Board officials with Carroll, Frederick and Howard County delegations attending. George A. Grier, c o u n t y planning manager, said that Carroll will submit its requests lor priorities in writing next week and that no definite decisions were reached. However, a Mount Airy bypass and the obtaining of the right-of-way for improvement or stretches of Routes 26, 30. and 240 were selected as priority projects which should be submitted to the commission at a meeting between Grier, the commissioners and Ftate legislators on August 9. Grier said that the planning and programming committee of the State Roads' Commission is presently forming and discussing a 20 year needs study A new state law requires that beginning in 1958, revised needs study be submitted by all counties every two years. Grier feels the committee will provide a much needed coord'- nating and expediting agency within the commission Peace Vital, Sen. Smith Warns GOP State Moves To Eliminate Title Scandal Sfa/p Colleges Ask $7.6 Million Budgetary Hike ^ BALTIMORE ( A P ) -- Citing rising enrollments and four other factors the trustees of Mary- lands' six state colleges asked Friday for a budget more than $7.6 million above what the legislature allotted last year. The four steps called necessary by the trustees included--Providing each of the colleges a small computer and other date processing equipment vVASHINGTON (AP) - The nation's only woman senator ad- ised Republicans Friday to nominate a 1968 presidential candidate who promises to end "the increasingly unpopular war in Vietnam." Sen. Margaret Chase Smith of Maine, who has supported the generals and the admirals in their campaign to expand the bombing of vital military targets in North Vietnam, told the Repuplican National Committee: ' "We have had a Democratic | administration for nearly seven years now and it is bogged down in an increasingly unpopular war and apparently incapable of either winning that war or bringing the fighting to an honorable conclusion." She said the people want a president like Dwight D. Eisenhower who can bring paaca, "give us physical security at home instead of wrath, crime on the streets, massive defiance of law and order, and tolerance of traitors, and give us tax cuts instead of tax raises." Mrs. Smith's call for a peace candidate fund members of the national committee generally keeping themselves flexible to back the man who demonstrates before next year's Miami Beach, Fla., convention that he 1 has the be?' chance of defeating !Johnson Mos^ membe-s sa'd tha' whv 1 they called "frustration" over the progress of th" Viptnam war i mav make itself felt in th-»t | cho'Ce. i --Establishing graduate prop rr am ! i at Bowie, Copo'ng an^ Frostburg state. Morgan and' Towsnn already have giadjate schools. -- Beginn np a D r ngrim a ; m-jH at brining the libraries of all the colleges up to standard^ recommended by the American Library Association. --Raises for faculty members Banging from a $400 annual average for assistant instructors to a $2,400 average for professors. This would put professors in the $13,000 to $19.000 range. ANNAPOLIS (AP) - A special Legislative Council committee proposed Friday a new law aimed at blocking a repetition of a title-escrow scandal which hit Prince Georges and Montgomery counties last year. The committee, composed by members of the legislature and the State Bar association, called for making title insurance companies financially liable for ac- tions of their lawyers authorized to sell title insurance on funds changing hands in real estate settlements. Other recommendations included requiring lawyers to keep in a separate account funds received in real estate settlements and requiring mortgage lenders to have loan funds available at real estate settlements. Interest in new legislation war created after 70 homeowners in Montgomery and Princa Geor ges counties were faced with possible double mortgages on their property when title lawyers failed to use settlement funds to pay off prior mortgages. 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