Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 16, 1970 · Page 63
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 63

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 16, 1970
Page 63
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Page 63 article text (OCR)

We've lost sight of education's goals By Oft. MAX RAFFERTY If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: "There's no 'modern' education no 'old-fashioned' education, no 'conservative' education, no 'liberal' education. There is only good education and bad Comment of an Educator education." Comes now a word of confirmation, blown along a wandering wind from overseas and sporting a London accent. One of the wire services reports a study by Prof. Sir Cyril: Burt showing that English school children in 1914 scored higher in every category of scholastic achievement than did their counterparts of 1965. Ana on the same tests, too. Here's the way the generation gap shaped up: 1914..1965 Reading ioi.4 96.7 Celling 94.6 Arithmetic 103.2 95.5 Oh, I know. The argument has always been: "But back in those days, the less able didn't stay in school very long. So the ones who took the tests were a select group compared to the school children of today. It's a rigged comparison." Sorry. It won't wash, as the English say. The kids tested in 1914 were just 10 years old; so were the ones tested in 1965. And while I'm sure a lot of teen-agers weren't going to school in pre-World War I Britain, I'm \\ equally sure they were enrolled when they were 10. I'm almost as sure incidentally, that American test figures, if we had them, would show similar results. How now, then fellow educators? After 56 years of new ideas, new techniques, new ANSWER TO TODAY'S PUZZLE HOI-1QH0 mmsiau ts&mf-mtss SHU e sauinora aaQra ratiaia QFj raiacio r^iiwd raKmraH HOB roomsc* iannas QHHH mmwwci anemias 0HGJi=iBia UHHR anaa ura uraaotm psychologies of learning, why should the horse-and-bnggy kids of Grandma's day show up so well and our own progressive, permissive swingers show up so sorrily? It's even worse than the cold statistics show. Hear Sir Cyril further: "A comparison of essays written by average school children in 1914 and 50 years later reveals more obvious Signs of decline." Bear in mind that the England of those dim dead days— before the "Guns of August" ushered in our current century of wars and wickedness — was a land of startling extremes: stately homes and ghastly slums, magnificence and squalor, the very rich and the abysmally poor. Where does this leave the e d u c ational environmentalists, who swear so confidently and so copiously that culturally deprived children cannot learn as much or as well as their less disadvantaged peers? Surely the welfare state which Britain has become since 1945 has less abject poverty than did the Britain of a half-century ago. Surely, too, the cockney youngsters of 1914 had less food, less medical care, less of everything than do their grandchildren. Yet they could read, spell and cipher today's crop of scholars right off the map. How to explain tt? In part, it's a failure of will and nerve. School in those days was a hair-raising competitive proposition. It was survival of the fittest, root hog or die. No one expected to enjoy himself in class. It was more like going to the dentist; you knew it was going to hurt, but you also knew the alternative was a whole lot worse. So you went and you endured and you gritted your teeth. And you learned. Somewhere along the long line since 1914, between the Hq?~ r -v?irs and the dry-rot of depressions, we lost sight ot the re i nature of education. It's not fun and games. It's not intended to entertain or to divert. It's far too important to be watered down DAY CARE SCHOOLS For Parents Who Cere! Seottidele—7ll4E.O«lcSt. 947-5072 Tempe—116 S. McClinteck 944-1 SO* Phoenix—10889 N. !9Ave. 997-4445 Phoenix—4415 W. Themes 272-1422 Phoenix—13424 N. 32 St. 992-4740 Glendale—6804 N. 47 Ave. 934-7771 Flagstaff—2212 E.Ceder Av*., 744-0144 Mesa—425 N. Extension M. 949-9*11 and gussied up and made palatable for a generation wiich prefers a placebo to a physic, even as all generations would have chosen to their disaster had they been allowed to do so by their elders. North Mountain MANOR ftesf>Hoffl« typt eort! Private Room COCA w!thl«tli,mo. WVV Ph. 944-2413 Advice from Madame Nina: "My husband looks much younger than I do." Dear Mme. Nina: I suppose you'll tell me that a million women wish they had my problem ... a handsome young* looking husband. Actually, I'm three years this fellow's junior but sometimes I think I must look like his mother. Every morning I seem to find another 'wrinkle. Cnn you help? Losing Ground, Dear Losing:: Take heart! There is now a new-type cream, called Genava, created by my famous Nina laboratories. With it, your skin can start looking j younger and younger instead of older and older. The ingredient^ of Genava, a substance new to cosmetics, stimulate your own skin cells to increase moisture. This' "plumps up" your cells (the secret of a young girl's natural complexion). In clinical tests, small wrinkles and lit- tie crow's-feet disappeared, and even the deepest wrinkles snowed great improve- Madamg Nina ment. This was the report of a noted dermatologist who tested the ingredients of my Genava. 'And ail my friends say the same. P.S. Not one million — twenty million women wish they had your problem. C Madame Nina of Paris, three times winner of the French Tl "Honniur au merite" medal for her cosmetic contributions. Jj You can get Genava at SKAGGS DRUG CENTERS ALL EDITIONS , Saa., Aog. M, ivn The. AfIzona Republic niyhfflimy my waist nchw f I lost Undies from my hips I lost 4Jnches from my thighs says Miss Sheryl Conroy Shiryl Conriy fen Jeter LOST: I" from.wiist lOSTi i" from stomich IOST: 2Vi* from hips IOST> 7" from »hi|l» TOTAL: Otryfi Clint LOSTs 1" from waist tOSTi 2V4" from stomach J-OSTi 1" from hips LOST: 2" from thighs TOTAL: IV4" Tonlfirnt LOST: 1V4" from waist LOST: 2Vi" from stomach LOST: V4" from hips LOST: 3" from Ihigns TOTAL: t'/i" LOST: 1" from waist LOST: 1" from stomach LOST: 1V4" from hips LOST: 3" from thighs TOTAL: 6 1 /j" . s 1 i£P e ?° nalized! Ea ? woman's measurement different from any other woman's. Call Eileen ONE SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY TREATMENT IE/ 4^^^ Miss Ei '^\, ileen Feather, One of the Nation's Leadlni Fiiun Aufhoritin PHONE MONDAY FOR YOUR FREE PERSONALIZED FIGURE ANALYSIS-NO OBLIGATION! PHOENIX Call 264-6501 ALTO • SAN EILEEN FEATHER SALONS 1970 SCOTTSDALE Coll 946-5391 • VAN NUTS • SAN DIEGO • SANTA MARIA • SAN JOSE c • NAVWAU • PLEASANT KILL • SACIAMENTI • UNI • TUCSON* -Solon hours 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturdays to 1 p.m.- Beautiful floors on a budget 'Santa Cruz' vinyl Corlon® Call Penneys and well send you a decorator. Free. 5 49 ^•^ sq. yd. installed Armstrong presents this look of elegance, 'Santa Cruz' Ung to»Hng, easy to cor. for, y,t inexpensive. The unique design of 'Santa Cruz features thou.and, of dissimilar shaped vinyl chips tightly compacted to form a softly variegated allov.r floor effect... adds a rich luster ,T fur rashmgs and accessories. Many lovely colors to choose from ... toos celery loma be,ge, blanca white, sierra olive, tierra tan, mayan orange, antiqua gold. Call or come in and see for yourself. Here's a page from one of our books. We'll sell you everything on it from cookie jar lamp to sofa. 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