The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 5, 1924 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1924
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. FRTDAY, DECEMBER. 5, SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON International Senior Sun tiny school lesson for Sunday, Dec. 7. Theme: "The Man Born Blind." Le»6on: John 9:13-17; 26-38. Golden text: "One thing I know; whereas I was blind t now I see."—John 9:25. By Dr. A. B. McCormlck. 1 HurliiK t ho hi HI. H.X nmnlhn m his \ iartlily life .U'KIIS wns in nMli- 1 - '• mont, PHIMT in rcmnH' pluros in ! (iiilflf 'O, nr In I'croa lit-yoml iln- j Jonliin. lie iinnli! two or ihr^o! short visits. liowrvt*r, to .Icsui-ith-m. I Olio -wan in October wlion he wnnt ! up to tin* Urn*' of tnhrrnaclps. An- '• nthnr WHfi in Doccinln-r wlifii lit? ! twndod ih\: fc »Nt (if ih.-rtleatlon. On ! H third occnsinii It* 1 raim- tu Urth-! any, li v.ur .Inrusaloni, to rnlHO )/<n-\ aniH from 11n* pruvc. Our losunn j holnngH to Ihn first of thcsr. vinltw. One. wholf chuptt-r is yWon tn Ihr . narrativ of (IK- ln-aliim of 111»- ; blind man of .It ru^abtn. and we . naturally int'fr flint M was ;m ivont : nf more than urdinary iaiporlancy. It. Is lie,' firrti. tiniii a h^llc.yor in j .loans was cunt out of Die. rninnnin-! Ity, the first niptup! b.'-twi-oii tlio| Church and the f-vnagnRiit', : The rabbinl<:al law forhmUt Mm | niminlim,' "1 eyes tipoii thu snvcnth day of the week. TlifV fast him out. rtt^jbly j with violent-)', Imt it sipnifit-d that; In* way put out from their fellow-' Miip and vamM have no morn riyh: in tho eynapoKUf. Havi> you noted tin- Krmvtii of the he^arV fnlth'.' In v. 11 he Rtiitc.- iiis smrtinc point: "The man Hint: is ealliMl .li 'sns." After he had had time to think it. over, and after heftriiif,' the diseu *«sfijn of the Pluiri-: see.-', you will note (ha! he eon-! t lude.s that the Healer Is more than j .iti ordinary man," "IP 1 is a pro- j phet." V. 17. j When the enemies of .K'Mis tried ; 'o prove that .k'sns could not he a : prophet because he had broken the; Sahhaih (as th"y thou/iM. t and that; therefore he w.i« a sinner, the man, who had been blind rose to a hiyh-. '•r fait h. namely. I hat. Je.sns \va'. not ti sinner, v li 1. t And 'because of the very irrea'-y Hess of the miracle that had been ' wrouiiht in him he was nuro that; Jesus had come "from (Jod," V. 3H.! After his e.xrommunlcation Jesus, whom he had not before seen, ; tound him and asked him if ho be.. ; lieved on the Son of •},,-,<]. The man hud an oju-n heart, a teachable •piril. When he knew- that ih<) une who had healed him claimed *o be the Son of God he Immediate-' iy cried out, "Lord, 1 believe." This miracle led one man lo faith > and salvation: it led others to doubt and destruction. The begpar : was williui; to believe, while the 1 1'hurisee.s were unwilling. Tli^ ', blind man looked eaperly for help; and received it; the Pharisees, thought that they needed no help.; He was oncer to learn: they fancied; that they knew all lliinps. <Note! how often they say, "We know.") j Tlu: enemies ,>? (ho Lord -were: an pry with him, and their anpor; blinded th»dr mindp. Their unlove-' THE MAN BORN BLIND. , ... .«> ,., .«, .., 'i. .. . Tliey brinp to (he I'liarlscps him ihnl aforetime was blind. Now it. WIIH lh(> cabhalh on the day when Jesus niado the clay, and opened hin eyew. And Iherefore ihe I'hariseoH abut afdiod lifin how ho receiveii his; sight. And bo MIM unto them, "He put, clay upon nilnn eyes, anil 1 washed, and I see." Some therefore of the T'hnrf- HM -s said, "This man is not from f.lod, because he keupeth not the sahhath. Hut. others said. "How can n man that Is a sinner do undt sipi.*?" And there was a division HUIOIIK ihem- They say therefore unto the blind man »(;ain, "Whnt sayeth thou of him. In that he opened thine eyes?" And he said, "II" is a prophet." They Haiti t he reft ire unio him. "What did he to thee? how opeui'd he thine eyes?" He answered them, "I told you even now, und ye did not hear; wherefore would yo hear it apuin? would ye also become Ids disciples?" And they reviled him, and said, 'Thou are his disciple; but we are disciples of Moses. We know thai Coil hath spoken unio Moses: hut us for this man, we know not uheneo he The man answered and nald unto them, "Why. herein is tho marvel, 1 iiat yo know not, whence he is, and yet' he opened mine eyes. Wo know that Cod hearoth not sinners: but if any man he a worshipper of (lod, and do.hhs will, him he heareth. Sincn the world be^an It was never heard that any one opened the eyes of a man born Mind. "If this man were not from Cod. he could do nothing." They answered and said unto him, "Thou wast altogether born In sins, and dost, thou teach us?" And they cast him out. JO-HUH heard that they had cast hhn out: and finding him, ho paid, "Dost thou believe on the Ron of Cod?" lh' answered and paid, "And •who is he, Lord, that I may believe on him?" Jesus said unto him. "Thou hast both seen him, and hn It is that speakcth with thee." And ho said, "Lord, I believe," And ho worshipped him. OUR BOARDING HOUSE - LE"f see WIU BE AS-ftte UOQUE UE-RE \^ A GEM -nuV "GOOV VS?tEKi"DS,GO liJ. AXVD-TA9r[fe SOME VJikJE vjnW ME,'" (> MAKJO^ WVVEA-TMEP?! EGAX >,^1 VOlLL PU"T" "TROE •FERV/OK' IKi vScrf vu6^»Js -Tu ' PAPTTOV CA9 =.iOS, MOB BACK fFTVV SCEKSES, Avj'-rae*J 1 NAARC^ ivl A<5 / ARMV \ . J 1 \ V(AVE A QQlCK C^AIAGE fcc-r-Too!- I'M BPOTO'S ALL WRitJG -W' PLAV, EXCEPT UlUEkJ I TAKE tw PART OF * POE~C A CV-TiZEtJ, A <50CTfa<5AVER, AM' A COUPLE O" SENATORS l -y (SEE, ILL MEV/ER LEARM TtA\c, C.PEECV* or KARC AM -TOiJv's!^ MAVBE I CAV.\ COT \Tc,\\ORT Avi'5AV ( * i fiAAf REMlk\t>5 ME OV ^ <3TORV ABOUT PAT" AKi' MH<E| non nnd Mr. und Mm, Win. Dtlliy ot Mound Hldgo. Mr and Mrs. Billy Smith nnrt Clcnild took Tlianknglvlng dinner with tliolr slstor, Mrs. Ilurnctt, in Hutchinson. Mr. and Mrs. Stolnbnch attended tlm funonil of tho llttln Koualn hnliy lit 1'artrldgu Tlnirsd.ty niorn- liif.*. Mrs. ltllpy Clnrk rntnrni»d from lndluna Friday mornlni?. Mr. nnd Mrs. Clm«. Uoland nnd pons friini Moscow Kunsus nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. J. IVCrconson and dniiRh. lor» of I'nrlrldRo visited Mrs. Hurt Hodgson nnd children Friday. Mrs. Kre<i Renner of Oklahoma Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Will Hodtison. T,miles aid mot Willi Mr». l>ean Wednesilny aflcnioon. They plm, ned n social to bo Riven at tho church Thursday evening, Decom- bor tho 18th. Aid will meet at the homo of Mrs. Nelson Smith In Jan. uary. Mr. and Mrs. Carl O'ltere, Mr- and Mrs, Kalph Ulxon, Mrs Moullon and Illanche visited Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Smith 11m day oveningand llstoned to a rtullo concert. Tho Schwlnt children and Irene Myers have been out of schol this wook on nccount of chicken \mx. Mrs. Hlchard Dade's brother, Mr. Frank Dlttmor fi'imi .Montnnit, Is visiting thorn. Iloutonnleres of real flowers are worn on tho nhnuldor ot the evening frock by the smart I'nrlslen- In aimwc; iiif; ui!v..i';!seinents, lileasn mention the News-Herald. Junior Song Birds Learn Playwriting Tho qloe clubs of Liberty junior M.ih Hclmol nro learnlnp; how' to write one-act musical plays. Miss May Donjour Is hel;'lii(! tho young , folks and when the compositions are' finished she will select tho best two nnd these will bo worked up and projctitnd In chvs. Tho plays aro to bo workfld out and set to : ittslc, learned during t:.i year In tho music classes. . k ' "Rs (lint were learned before this year may also bo applied nnd any of tho music memory selections that can bo used. Striped or plaid voile mskes very attractive nlRht gowns either In cotton or the silk woaves. ly dispositions, their arrogant pride their stubborn wills involved them in spiritual blindness nnd brought them tu the verge of destruction. ZENITH Sylvia entertained at 7 o'clock dinner Friday, Misses Cleo and Leona Simpson, and Messrs Edgar Wright and Lee Nelson. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ora Thomas and sons, Lelauil and Adrian took dinner with the laler's mother, Mrs. U. A. Sims in Stafford. Mr. Clayton Cooper of Zenith and Mrs. Williams ot Hutchinson were married Friday. Mae Ran spent. Thanksgiving ; vacation with her parents in Haven, i Mrs. llartnctt and daiiKh- j ter Mnrcille and Dolores Volker ' spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. .1. 13. Hartnett and children. ! Gladys Thomas and Anna Rain- I say visited Fairvlew school Friday, i Mr. and Mrs. Weslle Zlllor of Fairview, Okla., spent several days with the former's sister, Mrs. Maggie Volker. Gladys Thomas is staying with Mrs. Bert iMcComh while Bert Is away. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Clothier and children and Max and Bonnie McCoomb spent Sunday at Ora Thomas'. Leona Stewart, Mabel Smith, Gladys Thomas, Fern May Cecil out settliiR subscriptions Junior class Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson and children of Pretty Prulrle spent Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Hob Henry. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Browitlee of i and Francis Chiles and Clem Ful ler were for tho eveniiiR. Mr. and Mrs. Sam McComh and son Bert left Tuesday mornlnsr on No. 9 for various parts in California, Bert also Intends to visit the Catalina Islnnds. Mrs. Hamel of Sterling Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. P. W. Nlchol nnd husband in Zenith ( this week. Mrs. Bert McComb and children spent Thursday and Friday In Wichita with her mother. A large crowd attended the funeral of Fritz Volker Thursday. 51r. Volker has been in poor health for several months, Mr. McKeou and Mr. Hawkins of Topeka visited chapel at Zenith Wednesday morning. Mr. McKeen spent the rest of the day at Z. 11 .S. Miss Irene Morton of Sterling visited Loin and Josephine Fee during Thanksgiving-vacation. The Sophomore class was out getting subscriptions for their papers Monday evening. S Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gordon are j enjoying rides in a new 1!>I4 model I sedan. j 'Mies Vivian Moffette upent Thanksgiving with her parents in Sterling also Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Nlchol spent tho week end In Sterling. ' Mr. and Mrs. Cooper spent Thursday in St. John. Mrs. Ora Thomas and children, Gladys and Loland spent Thursday evening with Mr*. Geo. Cooper. Myrtlo Richardson spent from Friday till Sunday with .Mrs. Mng- gle Volker nnd children. POPLAR There will he preaching services at Poplar church Sunday morning. Rev. Uailther Is helping with a. revival near Arlington this week. Mise Bthel Slegrlst from Belle- front and the Rowley children were guests ot Mr. and Mrs, Geo. Segrist Thursday. Miss Marie Segrist and Mr. Philip Dade surprised their friends by the announcement ot their mar. riage which took place In Wichita last April.' Jilrs. John Nafzinrer went to Haven Thursday lo visit an aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Hartley Clark guests on Thanksgiving day we! Mr. and Mrs. Albert Chase and A' and Mrs. Jess Duby ot Hutch. The Famous Oriole Terrace Orchestra -of OrtoU Terrace, Detroit, Mich. Maksrs of Brunswick Records, Pleyed Entirely With IS TRUt<TONK Band Instruments and Saxophones Six famous Brunswick Record OrcbeitTM nee Buascher Band Instruments and Saxophones •xcluslT.Iy. Five of Victor's celebrated Record Orchestras end five preat Columbia Record Orchestras use Buescher Instruments exclusively. 75% of the popular phonograph records of til makes are played with Buescher instrument!. Ask Catalog! Free. Saey to for Interesting colored pictures of the Nation's Record Makers, and Saxophone Cyclopedia. We have every Instrument Buescher maket— every instrument that these great phonograph record orchestras usel Trumpets, Saxophones, big Bueacherphone Besses, Cornets, Drama, Banjoe, Violins and nearly everything musical.] Pay Time Payments DEALER'S NAME AND ADDRESS GO HERB Trumpets '65 » Rorabaugh-Wley's Select Your Own Design Indulge your perional fancy—all pitternl are "open itock" and the same in price Community Plate Club Begins Saturday December 6th. Plan to Join. Men—Make it A Community Silver Plate Christmas, This Year Select Your Own Pieces Club Member, may buy as much Silrerware a* their icrrice demandi Community Plate Club Begins Saturday CHOOSE FROM THIS SHOPPING LIST '•z-i' Teaepooui . . . j ^; Coffee Spoon. . . ' . 1 •'Clock Tea Speon. Deaiert Spoon. . . . Table Spoon. . , Bouillon Spoone Soup Spoon. Iced Tea Spoon. Orange Spoon. . . ^, Dinner Forks . .'\ . Deuert Fork. . , . Oyster Forks . . . Individual Salad Forks H. 11. Dinner Knivefl H. H. Dessert Knives Hultrr Spreader. . . Preserve Spoon . . Berry Spoon . ' . . Baby Spoon . y. Sugar Spoon •. ' r . . Jam Spoon . . Olive Spoon . . Cold Meal Fork . Butter KLnife . . . Pickle Fork . i . x . Cream Ladle . ^ . Gravy Ladle . . . Pierced Kouud Server Pie Server Pierced Pastry Server , 7 20 6.0« S.SO 7.20 7 00 5 00 7 00 .1' Set of SUfS.M Set of Six 17$ Set of Six 175 Set of Six 7. 00 Set of Six 7.20 Set of Six 7.00 Set of Six Set of Six Set of Six Set of Six Set of Six Set of Six Set of Six Set of Six 10 00 Set of Si* 9.75 Set of Six . Kacli Kach Each Each Kach '•. Kach Kach Each Kai h Each Each Each Each Each FOR ONE WEEK ONLY—JOIN EARLY! > or PAXAOTCI OCSXM —'TtUrXtiam Sie^o (VT»4. 7 , SMUTONOHMai TatXataM la ADA* DESIGN OrMgl Sfiwil I550 GlOSVtNOH DE3ICM -Barter ^reaim J &OQ MANY HOUSEWIVES WILL PREFER A 26 Piece Set $3052 (Correct Service Tray FREE) Ittfifhittt mm nil fari!H5t^^3a^S^SSi5sa5^-^'l CONTENTS 6 TEASPOONS 6 DINNER FORKS ( TABLE SPOONS f DINNER KNIVES 1 SUGAR SPOON 1 BUTTER KNIFE OTHER CHEST ASSORTMENTS IN "ADD A PIECE "CABINETS TO FIT INDIVIDUAL NEEDS a. Our Club Plan Offer Puts Genuine COMMUNITY PLATE Within the Reach of Every Housewife Correct Service Books Free While our liberal supply lasts, "Correct Service for the Formal and Informal Table,** an authoritative book on table appointments, will be^presented witli our compliments to women calleri. A delightfully interesting brochure - edited by tbe social secretaries of Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont and Mrs, Oliver Harriman. HERE, homelovers, is your opportunity 1 Haven't you •lwuye longed to possess enough beautiful Silverware for all occasions ? Or haven't you some dear one [you would love to surprise} Here is the easy way I 1 OIN our Community Plate Club Saturday. Pay 55.00 *' down, tho balance $1.00 per week; you receive the silverware at once. Act now—offer Is for one week only. Community—"The Silverware De Luxe" is justly celebrated both for the distinctive character of it. design, and for its exceptional ability to resist wear. Approved by the critical taste of America and Europe, it it everywhere recognised as the itandard of good taste. YOU PAY THE REGULAR CASH PRICE-AND NO MORE EASY PAYMENT PLAN-$1.00 PER WEEK AFTER FIRST PAYMENT. WOMEN-GIVE COMMUNITY PLATE THIS CHRISTMAS EASY PAYMENT PLAN -$I.OO PER WEEK AFTER FIRST PAYMENT,

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