The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1968 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 21, 1968
Page 16
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Morch 21, 1968 " ^ InWIIttlltlHIItHIHIKItNIHIIIHIIWIHtHllimtHIHI Evelyn nniitniinitmniiiitfiitHHiiiHiiiii Miss Kenyon Of Algona To Wed This Summer At the nurses' station on the flfst floor is a cupboard which is kept locked and only the R.N.s ate permitted to open it. Recently, one of the R.N.s who was comparatively new here had oc- cation to open the cupboard. One shelf was labeled, "Death Book and Spirits". The humor of the situation was so great she told a few of us about it and we had the best laugh. Now "death book" needs no explanation as it is a record of the deceased, but "spirits" 1 will explain covers liquors prescribed by the doctors for certain patients and consists of wines, whiskies and such. In fact, in a certain place in my room I have a bottle of rye, sealed, and kept just in case the time might come when 1 need "spirits", too. It was purchased for my mother under orders of Dr. Cretzmeyer and was beneficial. This is half of the second bottle she required, and since I am not a "party gal", this will remain undisturbed. I hope I never need to use it. So don't rush to call on me, you men folks, who like a nip now and then. The bottle remains SEALED and don't try to fool me with pretended ailments I - o Speaking of drinks - I had' a card from Lizzie Post a few days ago showing the Busch Bavarian Pavilion and lagoon with its pleasure boats, built near Los Angeles. She had taken a ride on the lagoon, said the temperature was 80-85 and when she comes home depends on her sister, Tracy Kelley, who went with her to visit their sisters Helen Zittrltsch at Gardena and Kate McMurray of Glendale. I am amazed Tracy has been content to stay away from home so long. That was one of Lizzie's worries - that Tracy would want to come home too soon. - o - Pearl Phillips was the first to report seeing a robin, March 9. Hazel Burns was second and I'll bet it was the same bird. They live in the same general vicinity - not far from the fairgrounds. A day or two later, Thelma Sires reported having seen three in her back yard. Isn't this the most wonderful and unusual winter you ever experienced ? Would that all were like it, and for moisture, gentle, ground-soaking rains which are said to be needed. - o I came so close to winning the 5th race Monday I nearly had heart failure ] Number 9 was a close second until the very end, then dropped back to 3rd and I don't remember the winning number, but 9 stood a very good chance. - o - For heaven's sake, HOW many more times must that TV cable thing raise its head ? In a way it doesn't matter to me for I am one who WILL NOT pay one red cent toward it. For those who want it, ifs O.K. with me, but there are so few programs I care for, Pll spend my money on other things. Of course, I know it is optional, and I am certainly willing to cooperate with those who are in favor of it. one of the guests, Pve been told, but since I was less than a year old, I can't remember the others. I only know about the whole affair from mother. Of course, each motiler took her off-spring's high-chair. I can remember how grown up I felt when my high-chair was lowered to a youth's height. They tell me I was trained to excuse myself when I had finished eating, but I got a little muddled and always said "Scuse a please me." - o - Cats have nine lives they say. I don't know how many I have, but Pve used up a few. The greatest hazard was going down cellar with a lighted lamp and since I seldom went there, had not been told the bottom step was out and Dad hand't gotten around to fixing it. When you step on something that isn't there, ifs a queer sensation, but I managed to keep my balance, whirled around on one foot, landed sitting in the conveniently close coal hod, still holding the lamp like the Goddess of Liberty, and unhurt except for a twinge in my right ankle. With hours or practice, I couldn't do it again 1 - o Then another time, a board Governing half of the unused cistern outside, broke when I was standing on it to look through the dining room window opposite to see how I could get to goal, and down I went into the other half of the cistern in the cellar. Fortunately it hadn't been used for some time. Grandma called from her bedroom window, "Where are you? Did you fall out of the upstairs window?" "No", I yelled back, "Pm in the cistern." She and mother came to help me free myself from cobwebs. - o- ACTION But enough of accidents. Pm still here after all those years, and I hope I never have more spills. Pd probably break in a thousand pieces as they say arthritis makes bones become more brittle than normal. I'll cross my fingers and hope for good luck. Well, short legs kept me from being a tree climber which was probably a good thing, and a relief to my parents. - o Another sign of spring. Ahuge night crawler was seen by Mrs. John Schimmel sticking his head out of the ground to be immediately pounced upon by a bird who pulled and pulled to devour him. I am surprised the worm was out. I was under the impression it took dampness to make them come to the surface, and there surely has been little of that to lure him. In fact, everybody wants rain. Remember that old radio routine of "Amos and Andy" and one part of the routine was "The early bird gets the worm." Then some more dialogue and "Who wants to be a worm" - Pve forgotten the between lines, but it drew a big laugh. - o - - o - Earl Rich accuses me of having said something in this column about him feeding the birds. I don't recall it, but it is possible for during the winter once in awhile the feeder gets empty not often, for it is well looked after. Before we had the feeders, Mrs. Gilles used to take the spare food we didn't want, bread, cake, cookies, and she called it "feeding the chickens" as she had been used to having a small flock at her home in Swea City. When she was no longer able, Henry Hartwell took over, but the little chore became less and less as the feeders were then put up. It has been a long time since Earl has done the Job (if ever, for I don't recall asking him). But 11 I did, is there any reason why he should be made fun of or "kidded" about it ? Wouldn't YOU do a little chore like that ? » o March 14-The birthday anniversary of Zada Branson, long deceased. She was one year old and tier mother had Invited a few mothers and their infants to celebrate the day. it was, my flret social activity, and I'd give A tot it pictures of us had been tftkao, Lucille Crow was I feel like a mermaid. I was in the new tub this morning. It is really quite a deal. The seat is level with the tub side, then when one sits on it and swings around to be lengthwise in the tub, water is run, the seat goes down, the water is run to whatever level you want, then when the bathing is over, the seat comes up to tub top level, and there you are. It reminds me of the car Evalyn McDougall had. We'd ride backward a few inches, raise it a few if wanted and go foward, as we were both "shorties." We were like a couple of kids. - o - With so many travelers in this vicinity, how about this Patient to doctor, "How many major European cities in 21 days am I good for f ISU Awards To Two Students In This Area Iowa State University has announced the names of 465 outstanding high school students who will be admitted "With Recognition and Award" next fall. Each of the students will receive $100 on enrolling at Iowa State in the fall. Those selected rank either first or second in their Ugh school class or are in the top 3 percent of their class. Students from this area receiving the awards are Tom Jones of Algona add David K. Smidt, Lakota. PATRICIA KENYON Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Kenyon of Algona announce the engagement of their daughter, Patricia, to Gary Bleichner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bleichner, Chaska, Minn. Both are seniors at Mankato State College. A summer wedding is planned. i OTTOSEN I i i I By Mrs. Donald Usher | iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Alton Mitsven of Bode was a Sunday dinner guests at the Percy Watnems. They were all supper guests at the Allen Watnem home. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wehr- spann were Wednesday visitors at the H. E. Olson home, Webster City. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Watnem were Saturday afternoon visitors at the A. L. Kingery home, Humboldt. Mrs. Essie Cooper entertained at a canasta party Tuesday. Mrs. Edward Zinnel and Mrs. Earl Olson were special guest players. A pot-luck birthday supper was held at the Victor Meyer home Friday night for Mr. Meyer. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Meyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meyer and daughters and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer and Eldon. Plum Creek Report The Heart Drive has been completed in Plum Creek township with $71 donated. Workers in Plum Creek township were Mrs. Walter Bleich, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schmit, Mrs. Willis Etherington, LuVerne Hoover, Mrs. Patricia Gilbride and Mrs. Cecil Long. KQSSUTH COUNTY'S FAVORITE NEWSPAPERII AHS hats are off to sophomore Diana Levy for being elected FHA State Projects Chairman at the FHA State Convention Friday in Des Moines. She gets to go to Miami Beach, Fla. this summer for a nation-wide convention. Diana will either go by bus or plane. . . .but definitely not by HondaI - o - Spring basketball started last week for next year's seniors and juniors. . . .with the exception of three sophomores. There will be two returning lettermen. "Billy Joe" Betts and "Cassius" Rc- gert. - o - Speaking of basketball, beware of Dave Lowman. . . .IN THE SHOWERSI I - o - Summer driver education classes began last Saturday and will continue each Saturday. Veteran driver Steve Mueller will finally get his license. Let'shear it for Ferd. - o - Girls who wanted to cheerlead next year had to sign up last week. Try-outs will be given in the near future. We all wonder if the "bunny" signed up. - o - Last Thursday, an assembly was held and the guest speaker was Mr. Dexter. Mr. Dexter brought a group of singers (?) to the program and we heard new and innovative sounds. Students were asked to give their opinion of the program. . . .zap pow! - o - That AHS carnival is really going to be something. A clown will be present to sell 400 helium- filled balloons. Dean Teeter was appointed the Job by the student council. - o A new rule was posted. IF CAUGHT WRITING ON DESKS AND WALLS, THE PERSON MUST SAND 25 DESKS. Then there's the old rule of going to study hall at 7:30 a.m. for not wearing a belt. But isn't that breaking another rule of being in the school before 8:20? Last Friday another assembly was held with guest speaker Wiley Mayne. He presented the "warehouse" with the U. S. flag. A question and answer (?) period was held at the end of the program. - o Famous Last Line: "Do v you think Iowa should be an 18 state ?" Is Elected Members of the Towers Residence Association at Iowa State University, Ames, have elected house officers to serve during the spring quarter of 1969. Only student from this area named to serve is Mike Boekelman, Algona. UDM WANT ADS PAYOFF FIVE GENERATIONS On Mr. Jeff Hoffman's 91st birthday March 4 in Boone there was a family reunion when five generations were together. Mr. Hoffman's daughter, Mrs. Dollie Mickle, Boone; his grandson, Junior Walters, Missouri; his great-grandson, Edward Walters of Nebraska, and great-great- grandson, one-year-old Edward Walters represented the five FOR PLUMBING HEATING COOLING INSTALLATION - REPAIR OR REMODBJiG WE'RE AT YOUR SERVICE Phone 295-2104 LAING Plumblnff-ttoaHng-Coollna 12 No. Dodge, Algona Planned Security Would you like to see your family security picture in concise graphic form? Take advantage of my personalized Planned Security insurance service. See LOUIS H, REILLY 115 W. Nebraska - Algona, la. Phone 295-5256 NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Life Insurance • Group Insurance Annuities • Health Insurance Pension Plans Dial home-850 or less! Call the home folks for 85f or /ess (3-minute station rate to phones nationwide). Additional minutes each 26jz! or /ess. Call after 7:00 p.m. weekdays—or all day Saturday and Sunday—for the best long distance bargain ever. Northwestern Bell Impala Sport Coupe (foreground), 4-Door -Sedan, Station Wagon Announcing the beginning of the end of a great sale. March 31st is the last day of your Chevrolet dealer's Impala V8 Sale. So Hurry, With the sale about to end and spring about to begin, there could hardly be a better time to buy America's most popular car. Today through the 31st you can still buy a new Chevrolet Impala V8 Sport Coupe, 4-Door Sedan, or an Impala Wagon-specially equipped with popular equipment—at sale savings. What's more, three additional popular packages of equipment are also available at sale savings. The more you add, the more you save. AT SALE SAVINGS EVERY SALE CAR HAS: Whitewall tires, front fender lights, appearance guard group (includes door-edge Be smart. Be sure. Buy now at your Chevrolet dealer's. Ask your Chevrolet dealer about his Golden Anniversary Truck Sale, KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY guards, color-keyed floor mats front and rear, bumper guards front and rear on coupes and sedans, front bumper guards on station wagons), PACKAGE NUMBER 1 HAS: The big Chevrolet 327-cubic-inch 275- horsepower V8 engine plus Powerglide Automatic Transmission, PACKAGE NUMBER 2 HAS: Power steering and power brakes. PACKAGE NUMBER 3 HAS: Power steering, power disc brakes, and the Comfortilt steering wheel which adjusts to individual driver preferences. It could be a great summer. 14-0115 ™ ^^™ W IV ^^ ^^ BT ^ WHY a OUTDOOR GAS-FIRED BARBEOUE ADDS TO THE PLEASURE OF Outdoor Cookm £«** YT*. *S* I —»«i 1^ jj—WB £.*• PM"*5c FREE Gaslight Installed With Each Gas-fired Barbeque Sold — See Us Today! •••••••••••••••• ENJOY COMPLETE TEMPERATURE CONTROL With a Charmglow Grill, you can control Ihe heat more pre- ciiely for cooking varloui mean to lull individual taite—much belter than railing or lowering the grill tuch at on the ordinary barbequo. •••••••• ENJOY THE CLEANLINESS OF CHARMGLOW There'i never any dirty charcoal or toot with a Charmglow Grill. The permanent Charm-Roki need no replacement or cleaning. After uie, a few mlnutei of burn- Ing on high heat cleani it. •••^•MMMBB ENJOY THE ECONOMY OF CHARMGLOW With a Charmglow Grill you no longer have to buy charcoal, lighter fuel, or other expeniive •xtrai. ENJOY THE SPEED OF CHARMGLOW Whenever the ipirit movei you, (utt itrlke a match, turn on the gai control knob and light Ihe grill. In mlnutei you have a beautiful bed of hot coali ready to cook whatever your heart and taite deiirel ENJOY "CHARCOAL" FLAVOR With a Charmglow Grill, natural meat juicei drip on to healed Charm-Rok and create the aromatic imoke and "charcoal" flavor aiiocialed with outdoor cooking. ENJOY COMPLETE FLEXIBILITY You can cook a complete" meal on a Charmglow Grill. Wonderful steaks, chopt, hamburgeri, hot dogi, turkeys, fiih, lobster -you name ill There It no limit to what you can cook on a Charmglow outdoor gal-fired barbequel ENJOY THE RELIABILITY OF CHARMGLOW With a Charmglow Grill you can cook under weather conditions that would be impoiilble with an ordinary grill. The rotating Pit allows you to control the wind, and a ihort lummer ihower will no longer mean wet charcoal and delay. ENJOY THE EASE OF COOKING WITH CHARMGLOW A Charmglow Grill does not need wadded paper, fanning, blowing or bellows and no potentially dangeroui lighter fuel. Charmglow it ready to go when you are. Juil ten mlnutei of heating, and put on the iteaksl r.,i "ENJOY THE NUTRITION OF YOUR STEAKS With the preclie' control • poi- lible on a Charmglow Grill, the meat can be leared fail on high heat, then by turning the heat down, cooked to juit the "right" amount of doneneis for you, Thii preiervei the nutritional natural juicei for your benefit "A COMPLETE LP & NATURAL GAS SERVICE" ENJOY THE FUN OF COOKING ON A CHARMGLOW Now your cookouli become all funl You have all the ipeed, control and convenience of modern gas cooking. Charm- glow relieves you of preparation, work and men. All you do is light It and cook I 108 SOUTH HAU ALGONA, IOWA PHONE 295-3554 North Central Public Service Phent 295-2484 Algeni

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