The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 12, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1934
Page 3
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SUNDAY,-AUGUST «, 1*34 • THE PARIS NEWS, PAGE THREE NOTED AVIATR1X KILLED IN OHIO RACE CRASH MAIL GLIDER LANDS AT CAPITA* t, M 5? + £ 1 ce * " arre!! M»ra?is <«n»et), co-holder of the women** refueling endurance flicht record was Killed at Dayton, CX, when her light biplane plunged to earth during the 50-mHe feature race of the nation*! women's air meet Th« ruin* of the o!an« are shewn. (Associated Press Photos'* 'OTHER GIRL' DEFENDS ACCISED SLAYER One of the three mail-carrying gliders which made up the first "»ky train" is shown as it landed in Washington after a trip from New York. Other gliders landed in Philadelphia and Baltimore. (Associated PrM» Photo} Crain J r| Bto> of East Aurora, N. Y., defended Robert Edwards. 21-year-ofd Edwardsvitfe '" McMillan Rites Set M Veteran Employe of Paris Company Mad I/on^ Illness Dallas for Store School BRIEFS About Town ANTLERS WOMEN TO PLAY BASEBALL j M. B. Mills., familiarlv known as; -»-v i f T» w-»i . ! as "Cap"* died at the Sanitarium 1 Funeral for Paris Physi-| of Paris Saturday after a three! cian to Be Held Sunday Afternoon moruhs illness, The funeral of Dr. J, L>. McMillan who dJed Friday shortly before i The funeral service "will be held j at 3 o'clock Sunday aftornoon at ! First Christian church, of which { h\ i was a member. Tlie minister,] th~ Rev. P. F. Herndors, \vili offi- I Rev. Charles j ,. . •« *. i. i « I eiate. assisted by its at; his home, r--i!l be nesti _ __* , , . ,,. T. TaI!v T Jr., 01 Firsr Cousrresra- • Sunday afternoon at Z o'clock a* tiona! church.' Burial at i Central Presbyterian church con- j Evergreen'• cemetery. dr.cted by the pastor. Dr. F. I-. j liis widow and one sun, EUgar Wear, assisted by Dr. Jap Manton • ^a!. sur vivc beside five brothers. 01 Dallas and burial sviil be -niade j p ^ j.- at >,j j ^- ^Ii!ls, ali of it Evergreen cemetery. Pal'bear- { f-«, 4 . - uianv vears mace >us horut c-ans of the La:nar County Meai-{ . .,-."- , < . ,,, . , ,, fiii- i'urijr, having been In empiuy • cai society ".ml be hoiv-rarv pall- . . _ . ,.r... - r "jot the Pans Muiins: company icr , bearers. John Duncan McMillan, son of; j€>hii Edward and Mary Ann Cameron McMillan was born iit Santa Rosa, Kia.. and oa.'MC *viJh his j mot-her to Texas in 1SS1 I Z-'S years. ; Paul Denison, i^. T. FcUy, Henry i ..raves, J. B. Brown. Joe Howard < Bell and Robert Eudy will be ac- 1 pallbearers, and employes of ; iS. Okla., — Actively i co-operating with their president, I -Mrs. C. C. Stephenson, and Mis* j Mrs. Kuth Harkey of Ca<Jdd~s j Ruth Armstrong social welfare di- j department store, is visiting in | rector of the FERA, Tvomen of the New Xork and Atlantic City. [ Lnlon ^Missionary Societies, r JLake Bast>ctt, manager of il*e repre- four protestant churciies. resb;.-terian, Christian, Bap- I Roosevelt Hotel in San Angelo. | lis * a nd Methodist. are laying I has returned home after a. bric-f j r-ians TO play baseball next ITri- | visit with friends in Paris, iay in the first of a series nariiy features ^nich thev i Additional office space has been ! ^P'-'^-sor. ; provided at the JLansz*jrd r*it*t«.rt"; Proceeds of these features ara | Service on North Main street by i r -° t>e used in purchasing- mate- l the construction of another j ! " :a:S T -° enable the social welfare ; office adjacent to the present one. j Director TO open a sewing- room, I ' ! " n ^ creating: an employment: pro- I The Y. W. A. of First Baptist | ; 91 ,-;.J in4er l ** FERA - >^o definite j churgli \\-i\l • i:?eet Monday evening [ ?^,°," J ^ Tias ^ 2X °" ^ n a ODn fsrence ! at TTSO o'clock in the secretary's ; .^/^ J-.-ursday. me project wfll 1 office in the church, according to j ^ 5 / as ion^- as material is I an announcement made ' Saturday, i -•'•' r '- j I ^.Tr I I-f th •-• v s n t. Lillian. Groves •Thile playing: the j other day fell from the top of his ' playhouse and broke his arax just i above the wrist COURTS Forr ToT\-son received its first bales of cotton Friday, It was brought in by -i. F. Henderson and a. fetv minutes later zhe second j ^vas brought in by J. K ^- premium ^ras made un the business men for Henedrson ! for the first bale. The Ught showers that -can^e | here th-5 other day • stopped the fires that burning: off all o? the meadows and pastures around here. A new- F. E. R. A. project is being- worked up here in Ft. Towson to do such things as gravel- IiA.MAR COTJXTT COURT C. A. Marrin, jud^e- Probate j The will of G. %V. Parsons was admitted to probate and Clarence E. Parsons was appointed execu- ling all the streets, cleaning the city park, making a better JUSTICE COURT Effie PobtJins, charged -with | possessing liquor for sale, waived j ^ examining trial before- Justice of s the Peace J. A. Johnson and bond i aJ370u:n - ?*4.14 block. was set at S750. ] j. u. Todd to Rozell S j lot 11. block 2. Falrview Sffis Simpson, to i-ero; S:rcpson 1325 "E.. Baltimore street, Ft "Worth, Texas, 1-3 interest in lots 3-4-5 and 5. section 5-1-23 containing 234.57 acres, amotrat 5400. Trustees of ^egro Methodist Episcopal church, Idabel to Fannie Kclan, lot 4, block 3, west; sida addition. Idabel, amouni. $40. 3>inah Gaffneary and. Sana Gaf- frseary to R. L. Balrd, east .$3 ;east. northwest 3-10-25;- I^ioenses f ?<i Henry McEv;-ln and Miss Lilty ; — Mae Goforrh. rd E. jlahas and 3-iiss 1,-e- 1 r?. J. M. Cornelius is in charge promotional phase of the BUSTER McCOLLUM \ Pat \Vamer. Mrs- Turner j can and several other members of j I The local relief organization have [ __; ir *- ^^ ^ 2inime } been called by district supervisor! 0 '""" a * u -^-P'-re. 1 Kinney Graves to attend s. meet-J : I ing at Caddo Monday. i Ft- To>VSOn Schools swimming pool and other odd 3obs \ i if r^^ ^^^ arnTfr-r! ro-a.-r> '. ~——---i ^. _^LH^^iQ, , Bar!" Crawford and Miss Mar- j .ret Town, j Byrop, Small wood, and Miss Mil- •' around Mrs. R. TV. Karkay and daugh- } ter Rollienell are visiting her 1 mother in Antlers. ..^ , lizabeth TValker of Ss- J dred Williamson. vannah Tenrs,. is visiting Mr. and Ivy C. Suddeth and Miss Mil- [ Mrs. TV. A. HalL ! <ired McCIure. ~ | Mrs. E. E. Castleberry and 1 MARRIAGE iTCEXSE ..laughter Jean of Oklahoma City \ ANTL.ERS.—Carl X. Baker, and ; arc visiting Mr. and Mrs. T. H. j M:ss Zadie Ciark. T^'rlgnt City: | i Hopson. Mrs. O. B. Medford is reported cent ouera- TAJLIHENA WATER IS FOUND SAFE 1 5Joss - Broken Bo L-ynn. La^wson and .Miss Joyce r>en- i son: vrniis Johnson and Miss Ger- | trtrds 'Watson. Tom: I>;ck Pannell ! arid Miss Opal Shouits. Broker. } ! Bow; Walter Thomas and Miss i ] Gera.!dine Shlpp. Broken Bcw: ! Kurnett Galioway arid Mrs. Jams] H*. had hclri the post ef dean of the ot the I.j3mar County M«?'UcaI society and head of the .?.:n'ff of rrrar hosplta.!. IFfss tvi^o^"- forTnprl" M!^ EiSa Ball. an<i th*ir three rh'udr-n. { T^"* \"-— *"' JCoy D. McM«l!;in. :>Ts>s Kuth M--- I '' >r ^ f r ^ !n , a ^^^ ITiUar; of Austin a;id >T;. Ii s McMIllssu survive. : • - -.. .< -^•, ~ = ' *. , -.T? '-.-a ^ done- on th« " & | school bui'dins: ^ince last "ear and 1 the appearance? have been ^rn- Txcsidents of \Vnrd - are a<kc*i | Lfttle B?iiy Grovet= «o^ c f M-= i TO have all rubbisli and trash c-.-:- | abreast of his p AUTOMOBILES T> F _ S: ,. ;s:ne . Che JIXA.— Water from I^ke e town's water supply, Frank Wocten, was pronoi:-ce<i safe fo irDC-s-?s after hisrh test ret lr ' ! ~ r ere received by Robert activitt--?? -svere ro;r!^ la Ken -«vas recoveroa. let couo=. Ford \ T^-V r. — ,. - : ou^Tomr T~ ]S\ • •**. - _ ~~ ~ ~ -*. ." *. " ' rj»or— ;.-Ti err j- ii ^ orci ^e-Isn. Idabel: i A chlcrinaiirsg- plant, recently Frank TTooten.. Plymouth sedan. I purchased by th- city, has been! Isabel; E. C. BoyVe. Chevrolet : shipped from Xew Terk and is ex-jtrurk. "vVIcJnta. Kansa-, • ? w-ek. It will be ir-s-al;ed imr-edi- i REAL ESTATE TRANSFEKS j areiv - * Wllllani "Wallace- In San Antonio ~5? GUNTER AH >£c-isrn ^: I»ci2itfes Cool Open Air Roof Garden WHHF-H FAMOUS B PATTI.- McS Bapt-^t ^ r».s;..-:r oC and Dr. JTaj Bu-kn^r Botihani Niiif lo Fare Van AUlvne Suutlav 1 ON"J?%?>5. — The 'oca; Red R!V«*T VaHey 5ea=r:]« played > cxh:Si:lon jr3!K<: a: :h?r !o?-3: j l Th::r.<d.ay TV::;) a team from ; Th« Rev. S. R- Sr?:; h«» Kir?«t church here, <! -TTSO-^orator. M:s? i : ~t~.} \\fb:> of jl nd Jo^oah Bar- j — trfa>wror. ; Scout News director of j t> 1 -' 1 ^^ "\l"ell and bis father on r'-.g-i-ti r-:-s in Hasr {way ^', a.bout I'" 1 miles rr>r:h of | i headquarters j !""arts was found Saturday i" i c:ump of "woods near Frcadv-,-; i"~ had been stolen from 3t. cast the to 2 hi f •-•iii'-Jj "the oM son;:. You TUi \v t « Mt>+>t r>* * ..- '* r- I ^ \ ^ . » , _ * ' - • ^* »5OiV * i t * v nri'-'c ^ r *" T"i !"• ^ * ^T T-»i —.— ClrcvTOlct sedan he!< G-. B run son. of C":T:-?-:r.5. i t\>-vvi; ; \\;is stoic" Saturday ai'Ter"'-- 1 ""- • have ! fr<.>r.i :t5 parkincr place 5-: 1 ':'" -.•;" j he cotirt-hou^e. Mr. BrUT-?or: r-^- * x>\_/ N V r: ^•^ :najiy i^onhaTrt ;>lr<j« Va.r. Al*> h<Tf. sr»<J j* is paid this wi*; ^^5 H C of tbe o**t?^r^Tii3iT*sr sr;i*n**^ \i*> ^**^son. ^ 3TS 5ti'in<3*E s* tH*--* t of the pcr"rnt;*Hr- c»-3ursm .*tnd N hnvr jstr«;ij:th*r:«d their hi i Thf C^ri^ I -'I f.Vt>-d."S •-• -ar within C-? r:;^-;'fv:. :o find it rttissir^. j ; S-'«!~ : crowd •not b«-f l>«irsbjj'n hay it Van Al^tynr I Mrs*. < *!« TT-.y. VISITING IN coi NTY I T:-O i«j-.^. U<lcn Norrel! of Par;*, j rr-".>r nip S. -with her intar.t tlau^hiT ?,;-;.. vijijtmc h^r pftronTs. Mr. an-.] i uis C^c-lc a: Kurd's A<-a- ; ~^-,^ Tl»nec liquor raid« st.- ! i da> afternoon by city a^~d fUXlA. didn't tuait until it < rained to build tKe ARK N OAH T S foresight kept faim higfe and dry from the la»h of the «lem«trls. Yoisrs will, too, if yon hee<i this warning; .... PREPARE FOR FALL AND WINTER NOW! It rs an old, old story, but Hxznf s lay-Away plan makes it easy for you to do this, fcecavsse "we have no iron-clad roles .... oar term* of payment are arranged according to YOUR own personal needs. Come in, let «s explain no'wr easy ft is for you to be ready wi>err you need the merchandise you KNOW vcuVe gom^ to need. Thank You, Friends rs ^aid muc Century of F'rc-c- rul \\vre \%eU on h» World's Fair. d un!«! Ses»trmb<-r -i,5»Nj on the b,i,-.t; .undrr^s of jn» k '.'»r<I bat:rri^«i, nruJ o?h«r jr»?trt!«. .v,,n: »o ^x'y.ros*. o»r apprc-iation for th»a ; , nf ; 10 thank ynu for a!l Oir hrit* you stro t:n t « v. <* v (H t«rfl ; . u«i ho A jhy- c \\ Wv»tn tirv« it \\'.\l t:*kc t<* \x in th<« free trip. <'Ijat**fully yoi STANLEY SHANNON LEON HODGES i Bin H AIVMVERSARV I IS FETED SATURDAY :h:;e;h birthday sn- j i rt f«v.-. : 'y ;:;^r:er ni j \. I,. \ of Givers-, ^r-^s ; AT^I ^-MJshtr;- a n , . j Jr. of rr."5y. | " >f ARKET BUYS 20 HE A!) OF CATTLE . ; j . NOW TO r r>T\Tf: t>F hereby sr-v,^ .-r.tnr:.- of :h,- MOM.1V; T. { CI:.\SKI> ! ,^ that Let- nt;ir!Cn: Thc of hv law. Our THE FIRST XATK'NAi, HANK or PARIS, By Morris Mcmuis:. Trust Offi- ,\t , «, :i \ s n r s? , coar.ty. IIc> kccr*^ on zvtstiire urit:! road,^ ;J;- r.or:h part er i^o c hcrd of breeding ?"t'>ck. <" n< i c??i*ary to buy ^orrtt STI order to mur? t^o t!c' htsh quality Tsirut at ttt; Tto «iid Sa*.urvis> t*t«i !"• for NOTIiH All wat«»r biii.H rf-mainin^ UNPAID after tbt* l*Th of th<" month, art* «Ubjort to iM-injc cut off «itbo-nt t»nhtcr notk'w, Work*. . . . 7s the time to Use Our LAY - AWAY PLAN New fall raerchandise is in the house now with more arriving daily . . and everyone should know that the choice selections in any store are the first selections. Shop Hunt s. you've never seen so many real honest-to-gooci- ness values in good practical, needed merchandise you're sure to want. * BLANKETS soft * YOUR neu- fa*? j. + VicN! You <hoi:'d buy your fall suit h:* --"ur suit •>•;': ce raid for when von .,-,,„»•»» CHILDREN'S WEAR, you're sure to *•*'.!*!* ni;iny t:!;n,^5 tor inc kidvli^s "A'hcn ^ch^o' 5T/.rt>. n^hi ^^\iv, too! I::,:r:dr;rd> of other irerns tha 1 Canted within .1 fe v v we^k 1 - ro ft r.O' 1 *' miiv on our !v - Par <r Small Amount Dotcn on Anything in thr House —BVH ffoW /t /or l*o« I'nfi/ W'anled' THE BEST AT POPUlfiR P »*C^

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